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siggs229 created the thread BEST BACK END FLASH MAP.
" I know this question has been asked many times in many ways. But I am still not 100% sure which map to use. I have 2008 335xi coupe. I have the newest JB4. I have been playing around downloading different maps. My car has DCI, FMIC, Catless DP's. I sometimes run 30-40% E85 for now until I upgrade to a new fuel pump. My question is which map should I be using ? Also if I run on map 5 is the Fuel back end flash better to run with 30-40% E85 or should I just use the JB by itself ? And any info on why one is better then the other would be greatly appreciated. I know this subject has been asked many times, but I still am not exactly sure which one works the best. Thanks you for any replies!

Rob "

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AdminTeam created the thread fred is now here!.
" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum fred. "

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fastgti69 replied to the thread VM N54 Top Mount ST Group Buy.
Quote Originally Posted by mjmarovi View Post
Congrats on this man! I know you've worked hard to get this kit out!

Any plans on doing a ceramic coating option?

You are running the 700hp turbo now? Or the 800? Any plans on swapping those 4 turbos around on the test car to show difference in spool/power on the different options? Just curious, being a top mount I know it's easier to do than us bottom mounters lol.
Thank you so much man. I really appreciate everything everyone has said. I'm happy I could finally make this a reality and have other people enjoy my feeling as well.

For now I am running the 6465 which is rated at 800hp or so. I don't know if I will be able to swap around between the 4 turbo choices. However, I would say given this outcome running a smaller turbo should result in less lag/ faster spool timing. Of course the power will not be as strong, but the powerband would have nice area under the curve. "

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AdminTeam created the thread We welcome Hellokimi596.
" Welcome Hellokimi596, take a look around, I think you will like what you see. "

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Sticky replied to the thread BoostAddict Fantasy Football no mercy mega high roller no tears domination league 2014-2015.
" We all also need to think of something as punishment for finishing in last place. A forum name change perhaps? I don't know. "

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Sticky updated their status.
" make a thread you retard "

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fastgti69 replied to the thread VM Top Mount ST Dyno.
Quote Originally Posted by bmw335iguy View Post
I'm sure once my car is done there will be videos of my car vs fastgti and as long as he isn't too far behind me we should be able to hear just how loud the open gates are Click here to enlarge
Lmao!!! It will definitely be lots of fun!

Quote Originally Posted by lamia2super View Post
you should really test the car by driving it to Miami, FL and letting me drive it please

LOL, I thought your kit would have been strapped on before mine!! "

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" Anybody Anybody, Bueller Bueller ? "

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" 30 to 40% E85 which is the best back end flash ? Is the pump back end flash better then just using the JB4 by it self ? "

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" What to use ? "

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" back end flashes "

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1StopSpeed.com replied to the thread New 100% Bolt On Go Pro Mount for BMW 1,2,3,4,5 Series cars including M Models.
" I am still waiting for our engineer to finish the final drawing so I can print in plastic and test before we machine them. Once I have the proto type done I will gladly post some pics. "

Today, 10:20 PM

Tzu replied to the thread BimmerBoost Flash questions.
" Nvm went away with restart. Brain fart. "

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MJM replied to the thread BMWCCA - Boston, 2014 Concours d'Elegance Event - Sunday August 10, 2014.
" We now have 43 BMWs registered for the event. We will also be joined by gorgeous 2003 Black Z8 Alpina and an 2014 Estoril Blue M235i. I hope you can join us for this great event.

Online registration closes at midnight on Sunday August 3rd. Please help us host a great event for our members by pre-registering online as soon as possible "

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SCGT replied to the thread Catless pipes and DP Fix--now terrible MPG?.
" You can look at about 100 billion different things with the BT cable/software. Most are not helpful but for some science project troubleshooting things I've been doing.... immensely helpful. Very powerful stuff. I normally only use about 3% of its capability. "

Today, 09:21 PM

Tzu replied to the thread BimmerBoost Flash questions.
" Not to hijack this thread, but I just flashed with bbflash for the first time, and now the traction control symbol is on the dash full time. I haven't tried to clear it yet. Is something amiss? "

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