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Sticky replied to the thread Meanwhile in Russia....
" I am never driving in Russia. "

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Quote Originally Posted by Wescuddles View Post
Nicely done. "

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VargasTurboTech replied to the thread Wedge Flash 9.5 deg FBO 93 OCT Bav Tech Cable Log Review.
Quote Originally Posted by ChuckD05 View Post
this is impressive on many different levels...

one being your turbos hitting 29+ psi .... quality lightweight parts make a difference huh
I have to make a few corrections, I just went back and looked more closely at the logs, its was even worse than I thought and the DME still saved it. So it was at 5350 not 5500, boost had tapered from 29 psi to around 25.5, but the AP log is what is scary, Pedal still to the floor, almost 26 psi, 15.4 degrees of advance, HPFP falls on its face to from 2800 to 1600PSI in 64 RPM, and lambda goes from 12.5 to 15.5 to 23.96 in the same RPM window, you can see the misfire in the RPM line on the AEM. How that wizard of a box saved it is beyond me. Also as far as running high boost, you can crank just about any stock frame up in the midrange, its up top where it gets hard to hold it and starts to tear things up with the BP, etc. This tune on the dyno was running like 27 tapering to 17 when it made the 558/619 its making 28.5 - 29psi tapering to about 19psi right now on the street, and the logs are still super clean, none to minimal corrections from pull to pull. E85 is the juice of the gods.

[CENTER]Attachment 39248Attachment 39249

If interested Datazap log of last pull:
http://www.datazap.me/u/vtt-shotgun-...9&zoom=102-257 "

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Sticky replied to the thread Tried Viagra the other day.
" hahah sounds like you had fun "

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AdminTeam created the thread NOOOOB: MaeFFZG.
" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum MaeFFZG. "

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Sticky replied to the thread This is your absurdly awesome 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hemi Hellcat wallpaper.
" The Viper is just overpriced and feels somewhat antiquated compared to the C7. It's an awesome car though. "

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benzy89 replied to the thread BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 S55 inline-6 ECU (engine control unit) already cracked and flashable?.
" Think I know which tuner this is, and they're not in Cali "

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SteveAZ replied to the thread LFPF Install advice ( submersible fuel hose ).
" The Gates 27093 will split as well.

In addition, since you can only put in a 1' section, you'll have to put in an additional union that will create a restriction and become an additional stress point. I'd keep a close eye on it.

Pic of a 27093 hose that failed....

Attachment 39236

and a few pics of the recent build for Peder's (Ocean's) 535 with a Walbro 450 pump that still needs to be tested but is in his possession now. "

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Wescuddles replied to the thread RBs, VK DP's, BMS DCI.
Quote Originally Posted by Xearom3 View Post
Was just trying to be helpful...

As am I. If you're asking ~85% of new I would expect they're perfect. Frankly it doesn't matter if you put obo or not as that price is way out to lunch. It's your for sale ad, you can ask what you want, all I'm saying is your being a little ambitious with that price especially selling a product that isn't 100% perfect. You rarely find brand new open box items for 85% retail... It's a stretch on a product purchased over a year ago with wg rattle. "

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AGP1328 replied to the thread 2015 F-150 Weight and Engine Specs.
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That looks sweet - it's not a Raptor?

Looks to me like a raptor with a grill guard and some bigger tires/wheels? "

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Sticky replied to the thread What music are you listening to.

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Sticky replied to the thread BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 S55 inline-6 ECU (engine control unit) already cracked and flashable?.
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And @Sticky, whats up with calling it an ECU? Its referred to as a DME around these here parts.
I used both terms. "

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AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at LoonyBoyo.
" Welcome LoonyBoyo, take a look around, I think you will like what you see. "

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SteveAZ replied to the thread SteveAZ's LPFP system upgrade thread to purchase 255 inlines, 450 buckets, Etc..
" Nice....glad it all came together for ya!

Thanks again,
Steve "

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" Hey bbbbbbbbbb:


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AdminTeam created the thread We welcome peacefulxy.
" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum peacefulxy. "

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Booyaazaa replied to the thread LFPF Install advice ( submersible fuel hose ).
" Thanks for the info since I'm looking at options to upgrade my lpfp. If SteveAZ comes up with a PnP option that would be ideal. However if it doesn't work I'll probably try the aem320e lpfp upgrade. Just curious how long did your setup run before going bad? "

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Torgus replied to the thread PTF/MOTIV Motorsport/OVERREV Fabrication at UTCC.
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he has the rev limiter where it is for a reason.
Which is? "

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ChuckD05 replied to the thread Wedge Flash 9.5 deg FBO 93 OCT Bav Tech Cable Log Review.
Quote Originally Posted by triggz View Post
I tried Wedge's flash and I had nothing but issues. First, it would limp with a transmission error on normal cruise and the car would come to a stop with the RPM's launching up and down and the car would be lunging forward. He sent me three revisions and the problem kept occurring. On the 4th revision I would hit limp mode going WOT and sending the jb4 into map 4. When I sent him the codes he said it was a hardware error. I loaded up the BMS map which I ran for over a year with NO PROBLEMS and everything went back to normal, no limping, no map 4, no weird rpm jumping and no transmission error. How can it be a hardware error if the BMS map fixed everything. I'm now running Justin's map and it works flawlessly. I had really clean logs with Wedges flash but the errors, limp modes, and poor diagnosis leaves me wondering if this guy really knows what hes doing. No offense to him.
this is the exact same revisions he sends everyone... I inquired to see and filled with very aggressive fuel and 100 percent meth to test and my car flat lines horribly, was curious what he would do next, he sent three files lol all of which causes SEVERE drivability issues some leaving the car un able to accelerate. And now this proves my point, its the SAME EXACT thing he sent you knowing the possibilities. I rest my case for real now. "

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