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Sticky replied to the thread 620 all wheel horsepower G55? Yep. Eurocharged tuned 5.7 liter built motor M113 V8 with Weistec 3.0 liter blower makes for an epic G-Wagon.
Quote Originally Posted by onisyndicate View Post
1/4 mile times and trap?
If I had them I would post them. They are coming I think they planned to hit the strip this week. "

Today, 10:35 AM

Sticky replied to the thread lulz - post em in here.
Quote Originally Posted by DavidV View Post
Anyone can drive a DCT M3 also, so what's your point?
The M3 comes in manual and is rear wheel drive. If you want to compare the skill level required to drive that at the limit vs. a GTR what is the result? "

Today, 10:29 AM

Sticky created the thread Proof that anyone can drive a Nissan GTR.
" So we often joke about the Nissan GTR being a soulless robot. It's an incredible performance car and no real automotive enthusiast will deny that fact. However, there definitely is something to the idea that anyone, literally anyone, can drive the car and that the car's computers do the hard work for you.

The proof is below with this grandma parking her GTR in the handicapped spot. Don't be mad GTR owners, she's the envy of her bingo club and probably the first one to arrive.


Today, 10:22 AM

DavidV replied to the thread lulz - post em in here.
" Mmm, I think this can also go in the Random Awesomeness thread

Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Like I said... anyone can drive it.
Anyone can drive a DCT M3 also, so what's your point?
Cars normally are made so everybody can drive 'em.
It's not rocket science. "

Today, 10:18 AM

Sticky replied to the thread LS2 rx8 build in Aus.
" Where is it at now @RNS-11Z? I may have my first mazdaboost article here. "

Today, 10:16 AM

Sticky replied to the thread LS2 rx8 build in Aus.
" Man why are people always dumping rotaries for LSX's... "

Today, 10:15 AM

Sticky created the thread Comparing the Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0 to the new 991 GT3 - Which is the superior performer?.
" The new Porsche 991 GT3 is more technologically advanced than the 997 GT3 RS 4.0. The 991 GT3 ditches the GT1 based flat-6 for a newer direct injected unit, adds a PDK dual clutch transmission, and also features rear wheel steering. The technology update has come with quite a price but is the new the GT3 a better performance car than the top dog 997 GT3 RS 4.0? The previous generation car is the more powerful one quoted at 500 horsepower but it is severely underrated.

The 991 3.8 liter flat-6 is smaller than the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 liter mill but it revs higher to 9000 rpm. Can the higher redline and quicker shifting PDK gearbox help it overcome its 25 horsepower (on paper) disadvantage? The 991 GT3 not only has less power but it also is the heavier car by 110 pounds.

Well, the new 991 GT3 is not only faster in a straight line it is significantly quicker around the roadcourse. German publication Auto Bild tested both cars on the Sachsenring and the 991 GT3 crushed the 997 GTR RS 4.0. Here are the laptimes:

991 GT3: 1:32.97
997 GT RS 4.0: 1:34.53 min

Just over 1.5 seconds a lap is a huge improvement. The new car clearly handles better but what about the acceleration figures? The 991 GT3 is the superior performer here as well with an 11.37 second 1/4 mile sprint compared to the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 11.75. Acceleration from 0-200 kph favors the 991 GT3 which accomplishes the task in 11.2 seconds to the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 11.8 seconds. "

Today, 09:53 AM

Sticky replied to the thread Porsche 997 turbo humiliating F12, GT-R and 458 italia.
" Somewhere in Poland based on the language. I've never seen hardware like that racing on the streets there.

No GTR and Italia though? "

Today, 09:38 AM

AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at 360.
" Hey 360:


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AdminTeam created the thread We welcome BDelany.
" BDelany, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

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inlineS54B32 replied to the thread This is the 2015 F82 M4 S55 twin turbo inline-6 startup and exhaust note sound.
Quote Originally Posted by SexiPYm3 View Post
As long as the M4 outperforms the old M3, which I'm sure it will do easily, I will settle and just add some mods for a different exhaust note!
I am sure it will outperform the M3, but that's not why I would buy an M3, that's why I would buy a Corvette Z06

There are things that made an M3 special, this was one of the largest (the engine) - they changed direction, and I think that's silly. I understand but I don't at the same time. Just an FYI, didn't neg rep, almost never do that shit. "

Today, 09:28 AM

Sticky replied to the thread lulz - post em in here.
" Like I said... anyone can drive it. "

Today, 09:13 AM

Sticky created the thread Dodge gives the Charger a cosmetic update for the 2015 model year along with an 8-speed automatic for all models.
" Here is your new 2015 Dodge Charger. Well, not exactly new. The drivetrain is the exact same. You have your 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 with an output of 292 horses available in rear wheel or all wheel drive. The 5.7 liter Hemi V8 is rear wheel drive only and offers the same familiar 370 horsepower and 395 lb-ft of torque.

What about the SRT model? Yep, it is the same as well with the 6.4 liter V8 with 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Is anything different? Yes, the 5-speed auto is finally ditched for an 8-speed unit across the model range.

The changes are mostly cosmetic with the headlights being updated to trendy LED units. The taillights also get an LED update. There also are new wheel choices. The interior also gets some updates with new trim options, an updated gauge cluster, and a three-spoke steering wheel.

Overall, a mild update that tries to keep the platform looking fresh.

[center] "

Today, 09:09 AM

V8Bait replied to the thread BB Flash w/ an ICOM.
Quote Originally Posted by tacotruck View Post
Hrm interesting. I see it is failing reading which is really strange since even without proper error handling, reading always seems to work ok. I also took a closer look at BB Flash and it turns out it is handling those errors similar to how I described except for some of the timing waits and maximum retries. Those differences wouldn't explain the issues with various PCs and K-Line cars though.

I'll double check the link configuration and some other things to see if I can spot something that might explain these problems.
I've suspected something on the bt cable end dealing with their drivers on different computers, but not really sure, just a wild guess. A port for the normal cable would answer that question I would think. "

Today, 09:03 AM

0-60Motorsports created the thread WPC Rod Bearings Install & Beisan Vanos Refresh.
" Well guys after looking at all the Beisan Vanos refreshes being done and taking part in the WPC Treated Rod Bearings GB I decided it was about time to get to installing these parts to ensure reliability and longevity on my M3s S54.

My car has been having a misfire (causing choking at low rpm take off) http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=472135. This will be the first step. Once we solve this we will start on the Vanos and Rod Bearings.

My car has 64,400km on the clock and the Rod bearing recall was performed at BMW Bahrain at 29,000km on the clock (meaning recall bearings only have 35,400km on them).

Since then I have taken the car out for some track days and some spirited driving. I have only ever used Castrol TWS and change my oil around every 5-6000km. Many will say why change the rod bearing shells. My answer to that is Curiosity, Fun and Boredom...in that order lol.

Here are some pics of the parts.... "

Today, 08:49 AM

Sticky replied to the thread OEM electric connectors.
Quote Originally Posted by xbox_fan View Post
This is the response I got to, buy the whole harness...
Ugh, I see the dilemma. "

Today, 08:49 AM

chrisisnapping replied to the thread Article: Tune only W204 C63 AMG vs a bolt on Mustang GT 5.0 'Coyote' from a roll.
Quote Originally Posted by JonsC63AMG View Post
Like John Force? LMAO! There are cars that have 1000whp there. I just pick wisely. Do you have any clue what a FBO 5.0 coyote runs? Try low 11s@ 120-122mph.
With e85 maybe, pump FBO they seem to be a few MPH slower, but this is still a great race. I could be wrong, I'm a bit new to that community.

Would love to see you run a similarly modded coyote with an auto and torque concertor, maybe a 1 piece drive shaft. The autos make less whp but run a bit quicker. "

Today, 08:49 AM

Sticky replied to the thread Klipseracer.
" Friendly atmosphere we have here. "

Today, 08:39 AM

Sticky created the thread Volkswagen determined to have the world's most powerful four-cylinder - Introducing spectacular the MKVII Golf R 400 Concept.
" Volkswagen is not playing around at least when it comes to turbocharged four-cylinder performance. There is a reason Volkswagen lured AMG's head of engine development Friedrich Eichler away (likely with a wheelbarrow full of money). Eichler is the man responsible for the M133 AMG 2.0 liter four-cylinder in the CLA45 AMG which currently holds the world's most powerful production four-cylinder title at an underrated 355 horses.

Enter the Golf R 400 which previews Volkswagen's hotter EA888 2.0 liter direct injected and turbocharged four-cylinder motor. You guessed it, output is 400 PS (395 horses) placing the Golf R 400 considerably ahead of the 45 AMG models. The new motor also revs higher going to 7200 rpm. This power is sent to all four wheels through a 6-speed dual clutch DSG gearbox.

The 331 lb-ft of torque combined with the all wheel drive and dual clutch transmission make for a quick and likely conservative 0-60 sprint of 3.9 seconds. This time is helped out by the 3130 pound-curb weight which is incredible with the safety standards in this day and age especially for an wheel drive turbo car.

Volkswagen, this is the kind of car you build if you want to turn things around in the USA. This is the kind of car with attitude that will get you noticed. Who is not going to like a Golf that can dust a Porsche 911 right off the showroom floor?

If you built it, they will come. Which considering your track record probably means you won't do it. If you do go through with it do not make the mistake of not bringing this car to the USA. We may just never forgive you. Seriously, keep your Phaeton and give us this instead. "

Today, 08:35 AM