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fxcppbsu replied to the thread Need help for the first time in 7 years!!!.
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fxcppbsu replied to the thread N54 Customer Upgraded Turbo Compilation/Dyno's.
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Mike@Renntech replied to the thread Renntech BMW N54 Flash Tuning, 100+ wheel horsepower.
" The cobb systems are piggy back units and they do not have as much control as we do and other tuners do that go in to the ECU and tune. We are having to make piggy back units for some of the new mercedes cars do to tuner block on the ECU and they will not make as power as our other ECU's because we can not control as much.

Quote Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
I'd love to hear how they managed to make so much power on a 335is with just software when Cobb's gains were barely noticeable on my 335is. Also, minor correction but you have the 335is listed as 2010-11 but they kept making them until 2013, mine is a 2013.

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SpeedLimit? replied to the thread This is the 2015 F82 M4 S55 twin turbo inline-6 startup and exhaust note sound.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Oh how I love the optimistic faith.

You have to hear it in person is sounds sooooo much better I promise the Easter Bunny told me so.
LMAO...why must we make so many excuses for M Cars these days? I remember first hearing the e46 M3 in videos when we nowhere near the sound tech we have now and everyone still loved the sound. A car is supposed to sound good regardless of where/how you're hearing it. "

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fxcppbsu replied to the thread The world's most powerful E92 M3, BimmerBoost.com Gintani Stage 3.5+ supercharged E92 M3 hits 773 wheel horsepower - Dynograph and video.
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fxcppbsu replied to the thread Need help with a few logs.
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fxcppbsu replied to the thread Evolve Automotive Test/Cat Delete Pipes & Stage 2 Tune: Dyno Jet Results.
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fxcppbsu replied to the thread HOWTO - COBB ATR discussions, maps.
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alex@ABRhouston replied to the thread Favorite whiskey or scotch???.
" I like BT, i think its like bulliare burbon- both decent.

Still like wicked chicken over both of 'em "

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ChuckD05 replied to the thread My Top Mount Single Turbo Build 135i 6AT N54..
Quote Originally Posted by bigdnno98 View Post
With all of these single turbos getting installed, I'm thinking it's about time to start installing wideband AFR gauges in the cabin. It may keep someone from melting pistons in instances like this. It's a little late to know that you were at 25psi of boost with a 20 AFR (just hypothetical) once your pull is done and you're looking at the logs.

its been that time for some time now lol... i am one of the few with one "

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Antoni replied to the thread Foods for the heart health.
" As much I love to eat healthy sometimes the junk food power is too powerful lol "

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cturbos replied to the thread Turbo vs naturally aspirated AMG power - 2013 Renntech tuned E63 AMG M157 vs 2014 Weistec tuned SLS AMG Black Series M159.
" Great race,what headers were used on the B/S? "

Today, 08:31 AM

AdminTeam created the thread togiaytrangtinh1 is now here!.
" togiaytrangtinh1, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

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135idct replied to the thread My Top Mount Single Turbo Build 135i 6AT N54..
Quote Originally Posted by Oilphase View Post
mashalah looking good where did you install it ? hope some where near Kuwait
in shuwaik, dyno street i don't know the name of the shop today ill i go to the shop to solve the boost solenoid problem "

Today, 08:19 AM

Antoni replied to the thread Random WTF?.
" [QUOTE=DavidV;557885]Attachment 37409[QUOTE]

´Merica! lol "

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richpike replied to the thread Torco Accelerator.
" Thanks guys! Very insightful.

-Rich "

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Oilphase replied to the thread My Top Mount Single Turbo Build 135i 6AT N54..
Quote Originally Posted by 135idct View Post
about 6 days, becuz it's the first time the shop work on this car
mashalah looking good where did you install it ? hope some where near Kuwait "

Today, 08:06 AM

VargasTurboTech replied to the thread Possible HPFP upgrade for the N54 and N55?!!.
" Our first plan was to try this. But with so many variables. Will it even flow more, will the dme even control it properly etc. Seemed like an expensive gamble for a lot of question marks. "

Today, 07:50 AM

Tzu replied to the thread My Top Mount Single Turbo Build 135i 6AT N54..
" I don't have a single turbo, but the those wastegates are run in parallel so I would imagine that NJrep335i is correct. "

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