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BK63AMG replied to the thread Turbo vs naturally aspirated AMG power - 2013 Renntech tuned E63 AMG M157 vs 2014 Weistec tuned SLS AMG Black Series M159.
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BINGO! So basically you made a front page article out a two cars that serve completely different purposes doing what? Racing around a road course? Maybe a salom course, skidpad? Nope, you front paged an article of two cars doing a rolling drag race. So yes it makes PERFECT sense to do a price comparison. Its that pesky little thing called bang for your buck. If you want to race these 2 cars in a straight line and make a story out of it, then if one costs 3 times as much and is slightly faster than yes its completely relevant. Just like it would be relevant if you took them to a road course and the black destroyed the E63. Price would surely be a factor there too, because now you are paying for a purpose built track car that obviously out performs the E class. So yeah bingo.
No idea why you're so fired up. Nobody buy's an E63 for the sole purpose of racing in a straight line on an air strip - it's a performance luxury car that just happens to be rocket ship fast. The SLS Black is a purpose built, street legal race car optimized for track use.They are two completely different cars that just happen to be racing in a straight line. IMO, it doesn't make sense to compare pricing as neither car is engineered, built or sold for the sole purpose of "roll racing". "

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AdminTeam created the thread We welcome anile8-zn.
" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum anile8-zn. "

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DavidV replied to the thread WRECKS.

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mark0006 created the thread 1600HP Audi R8 vs 1800HP Lamborghini vs 1400 GT-R.

This car has been fitted with stage 2R twin Turbo kit from underground racing making 1800 hp on race gas. "

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Group.america created the thread Eurodyne Tuning Software - Purchased.
" I couln't wait for the COBB 996 Turbo S software so to amuse myself and get some nitty gritty testing experience I bought the Porsche 996 Turbo Eurodyne Maestro 7 Tuning Suite.


The car currently has a tune which we thought was GIAC but it appears from my emails and phone calls with them seems to have been overwritten by a higher boost tune that is too strong for my fueling system currently and/or I have boost leak/s [see below AFRs and boost charts off a 3rd gear pull]

My plan is to get everything dynoed here in NY then take it all from there. The car pulls very hard above 3500 rpm but runs very rich 3500-4500 rpm before levelling more normal and safe AFRs at 4600-7000 rpm

On one pull I hit overboost near 1.45 bars and 7300 rpm (which came up on the dash as an over-rev warning). The car is lightning quick once it gets going but feels a little sluggish when it runs rich on that 3500-4500 rpm band. "

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DavidV replied to the thread The new sound of Formula 1....FAIL.
" Dude, I didn't call you names, and I don't like it if you call me names.
And calling me a treeghugger and leftwing nutjob is offensive.
I will negrep you for that.

I'm not sure why you call yourself a "fan of the sport". You seem to know nothing about it at all.
Don't try to pull politics into this. It has nothing to do with US politics at all.
In fact, almost the opposite.
Nowhere in this was the USA involved at all. Your country does not play any role in this sport, you have no teams, and 99.5% of all USA citicens have 0 knowledge of this sport. You're no exception at all.

Sure you're entitled to your opinion, I was not denying you your opinion at all. "

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E90Company replied to the thread Article: So remember how the new 2015 F80 M3 was supposed to be much lighter than the E90 M3? It isn't. Curb weight measured at 3562 pounds.
Quote Originally Posted by bobS View Post
don't turn your e9x m3 in yet.
Shhh don't say that, I need prices to fall "

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alex@ABRhouston replied to the thread STFT Banks 1 & 2 - What is normal ?.
" Ok, you must be right, because your a master BMW tech, right?

Again, this aint a chevy. "

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AdminTeam created the thread We welcome McGuirja.
" McGuirja, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

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onisyndicate replied to the thread Article: Volkswagen is determined to have the world's most powerful four-cylinder - Introducing spectacular the MKVII Golf R 400 Concept.
" I'm excited for this car. 400hp with AWD and 3100lbs low 12s stock! Maybe? Plus it has a True AWD system! Get that and put a fight rice bumper sticker on it and just destroy mostly everything out there!

Question is how much for the car? "

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Scorpion replied to the thread Gif Thread.
" "

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JoshBoody replied to the thread Another single kit in the works..
" Many factors for timing and can't relate with other platforms. These days more efficient engines with DI and chamber designs reduces timing needs... less timing for optimum peak pressure the better. "

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JoshBoody replied to the thread STFT Banks 1 & 2 - What is normal ?.
" Another cause to consider is uneven WGs which will skew trims.

I think ST and LT are both in % (or could be volume)... can't be ms since pressure is also factored. ST is real time adjustment, LT is change to the base. GM ST is similar reference, but can use inj on time since pressure is constant. LT is an average of ST though. "

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AdminTeam created the thread Jc1332 is now here!.
" Welcome Jc1332, take a look around, I think you will like what you see. "

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AdminTeam created the thread NOOOOB: Type-rt.
" Hey Type-rt:


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135pats replied to the thread Article: Tune only W204 C63 AMG vs a bolt on Mustang GT 5.0 'Coyote' from a roll.
" That Mustang sounded incredible. "

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Kidrobot replied to the thread Global Warming Hoax: The largest in the past 100 years.
Quote Originally Posted by mjmarovi View Post
so that people like Al Gore can get rich. That's why. PERIOD.
Call me crazy but I'd say it goes far beyond that. All fanatical environmentalism, along with many other dubious 'for your own good' policies, are a front for things like Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones. "

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mjmarovi replied to the thread Global Warming Hoax: The largest in the past 100 years.
Quote Originally Posted by 135pats View Post
This thread'll be fun. My thoughts on global warming/climate change are below

1. There seems to be a broad scientific consensus that the climate is changing at a more rapid rate than in the past.
2. There seems to be a broad scientific consensus that human behavior has had a measurable effect on this change. There does seem to be a broad causal link.
3. Steps will likely have to be taken to mitigate these changes, many of which are harmful
4. There is NOT a broad scientific consensus that human's are the overwhelming cause for these changes
5. There is NOT a broad scientific consensus that these changes will be disastrous and life altering in the next 50-100 years.
6. There is NOT a logical reason for the United States to bear the overwhelming cost burden of mitigating said changes, as is proposed in almost all UN models and approaches.

OK back to brunch.

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mjmarovi replied to the thread Global Warming Hoax: The largest in the past 100 years.
Quote Originally Posted by DavidV View Post
Djeez man, where did I let you believe I am a global warming fanatic?
I was just stating how non petrol heads look at the sport.

I don't care about it that much at all.
I do not drive a Prius nor am I planning to buy one.
You are totally missing all the points I was talking about.
TBH you did come off that way, and I just really didn't want to hear anything about the environment being mentioned in the same sentence or even conversation with motorsports PERIOD; let alone F1. That's all. Honestly the biggest disappointment for me is that I've never been able to go to a F1 race yet in my life, and one reason I wanted to go was to experience the sounds, and now that I can't do that it fucking sucks...might as well watch from home now as it's only visual now and that's a better from home anyway. "

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