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      Published on 05-01-2014 12:07 AM
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      M5 and M6 owners have been waiting a long time for forced induction options. Some people made some bold claims early on (ASR... cough cough) and the early days of S85 V10 forced induction setups showed disastrous results. The S85 V10 is a very capable motor and the S65 V8 is essentially the same thing with two cylinder missing. If the S65 does well with boost the S85 should do even better. Well, it does as the 646 wheel horsepower dyno on 91 octane from Gintani shows. ...
      Published on 01-04-2014 02:34 PM
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      Last month BimmerBoost posted a teaser article showing a new BMW S85 V10 horsepower record set by Gintani on a stock internal E63 M6 showing the peak horsepower figures. Below, you will find the full Dynojet dynographs in both STD and SAE correction factors. The graphs also show boost figures as well as the air/fuel ratio. The S85 V10 is finally showing what is capable of and keep in mind this is a 9.5 psi stock internal car. There is much more to come from the S85 V10. ...
      by Published on 04-21-2010 07:54 AM
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      Gintani takes pleasure in announcing our supercharger system for the S85 V10. Meticulous testing over the past year has resulted in a supercharger system that will deliver the incredible performance gains that M5 and M6 drivers demand in a safe, reliable package.


      - Vortech Supercharger
      - Water-Air Intercooler
      - Tuned on the factory DME
      - Various Manifold Finishes Available - Black, Red, White, Custom, etc.
      - Available for 91 octane pump
      - Water-Meth tune available as an option
      - 5.5 psi on stock internals, more with water-meth
      - Will be available in Stages I, II, and III.
      - Will be capable of well over 700 horsepower in various stages.