Published on 04-02-2011 07:27 PM
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      These records are falling left and right. It is quite surprising that literally days after MHP and Dads63 set the new overall Mercedes record that Renntech has surpassed it. We do not have the full details yet but are informing you of what we know. The car is a CL65 and we strongly suspect it is running some sort of modified/aftermarket turbos. With a 137 it exceeds what all other 65's on stock turbos have done so no evidence suggests this is not an OEM set. We will bring you more as we find out more. ...
      Published on 03-26-2011 04:26 AM
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      The video just went up of the record setting Mercedes 1/4 mile run by DadsC63. Car has MHP mods along with a 125 shot of nitrous. It is surprising to see just how smooth and drama free the launch is. The car pull strong through the 1/4 setting a new Mercedes trap speed record. This is officially the quickest and fastest Mercedes in the USA. Congratulations to MHP and DadsC63.

      Published on 03-11-2011 03:22 PM
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      The C63 in this video belongs to BenzBoost.com member Dodger63. For any who has doubted the performance numbers coming from this C63, this video should provide a very strong reality check confirming the C63 in the video is indeed a strong 10 second car. Modifications are as follows: MHP V4 tune, MHP headers, MHP race exhaust, Carbonio intake, Evo rotors, Braille battery, Sparco seat, and there was a passenger. Vid speaks for itself, check it out below. ...
      Published on 02-21-2011 03:03 AM
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      MHP put up videos taken from the 2/18/11 track rental where many new records were set including the SL65 tune only record and a new C63 AMG record. The first video is the SL65 tune only record pass. The second video is another pass from the SL65 which was the SL65's first pass of the day. The next two vids are from this and the rest feature Dodger63. ...
      Published on 02-19-2011 03:50 AM
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      Well it ended up being 74 degrees but we still had a great day at MIR. DA was +1249' at the time of this pass. 3/4 tank of gas, half 93, half 100 (don't ask lol). Full interior, stock front wheels, borrowed C63 wheels with 18" Nitto DRs and BMC drop ins with our v3 CDT (ECU & TCU Tuning).

      Obviously we left a lot in the 60' and the temps didn't help. I think the car will go 10s@130+ as it sits next rental. First time to the track learning the car and there's a lot to learn I will say that 63s can run all day long 40+ passes and not miss a beat, 65s in this weather without cooling upgrades are meat after 1 pass. ...
      Published on 01-07-2011 10:12 AM
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      A new 1/4 mile record for quickest and fastest C63 and overall 63 amg was set at the MIR dragstrip by dodger63. This is an absolutely phenomenal time and an incredible achievement especially when one factors in this was done all on the motor, no nitrous or other power adder. The modifications are as follow: MHP tuning V3 CDT, MHP long tube headers , modified airbox, and drag radials along with race gas. Congratulations once again to MHP and dodger63 for a stunning new record and raising the bar!

      Published on 12-26-2010 07:04 PM

      MHP is proud to announce it's first Group Buy in conjunction with Benzboost! In order to be eligible for GB pricing potential customers must be members of Benzboost; registration is quick, simple, and allows access to more real world late model MB/AMG tech than any other site on the net.

      MHP S1 package: MHP v3 CDT on sale domestically (U.S. and Canada) for $2295 shipped (Canada add shipping surcharge) for otherwise stock vehicles, modified vehicles can tuned for an additional fee.

      MHP v3 CDT has proven itself at the track, on the dyno and on the street to be the most potent remapping available for AMG M156/M159 variants. Gains are 65-70rwhp/30-35rwtq SAE on 93 octane, 5th gear, 1:1, DJ. ...
      Published on 12-06-2010 04:15 AM
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      Recently, user MikeWads piloted his supercharged E92 M3 into the 10's. We are happy to say that C63 AMG's now join the M3 in the 10's (that was fast) thanks to BimmerBoost supporting vendor MHP. The difference is the C63 did accomplish the feat without nitrous using the MHP S2 package. The C63 belongs to dodger63 and here is his mod list: MHP Headers, O/R Mids, v3 CDT, DRs, front CCW skinnies, CF hood and trunk (-60lbs), Foam Filters. Congratulations to dodger63 as well as MHP! ...
      Published on 10-24-2010 04:32 AM

      These videos are from a private track rental at MIR on 10/22/10. We want to congratulate Boris, BB user djborya, for his 9.5 second pass at 143 miles per hour in his turbo E30. There were several record setting AMG's in attendance as well tuned by BB Sponsor MHP. Enjoy the videos! ...
      Published on 09-10-2010 10:59 PM

      For a while now, boosted E90/E92 M3's have had an advantage over their rivals, namely the C63 AMG's. Recently, an MHP modified C63 belonging to BimmerBoost member Dads C63 has leveled the playing field, and then some. The C63 in question is running an MHP tune designed around a nitrous setup. The trap speed is just 1 mph short of what the fastest E92 M3 has done at the strip but the C63's now have a quicker ET. The 60-130 time is quicker than all stock motor E92 M3's, second only to the G-power Stage III M3. Check out the timeslip as well as the video below. Congratulations to MHP and Keith (Dads C63). ...
      by Published on 03-04-2010 11:31 PM

      As proud new sponsors of BimmerBoost.com we'd like to kick things off with a v3 ECU sale for '08+ M3s (we can do E46s as well, please PM for pricing).
      We believe that objective third party testing (track, race, dyno) is the ultimate measure of how well an aftermarket performance modification works, which is why we'll be heavily discounting the first 5 M3post 08+ M3 ECU tunes.
      In exchange for the discount we ask that the initial 5 customers before/after dyno and/or track test and post the results along with their subjective feedback on the tuning overall.
      Pricing is for stock vehicles, those with mods (ie no cats, high flow cats/exhaust) will be $350 additional. Price includes AM Overnight FedEx return shipping, and our turnaround times are no more than 2 days.
      List price v3 ECU tuning for E9X M3: $1795.00

      Initial 5 customers: $995.00

      All of our software carries a 14 day 100% money back satisfaction based guarantee.