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      by Published on 05-31-2010 05:25 PM
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      So as some of u may know and some of u may not know, my car was updated with the first BMW SW version created to keep tuners out of tuning the s65 DME, ISTA/P version 37.2. BMW had been working on this newest software for almost a year. Basically found out what tools and how tuners have been tuning the DMEs thus far and made ways that locked out all the tools and procedures used by tuners. Ofcourse I didnt know this I just wanted the latest software in my car so that my I drive could stop freezing.

      So after I updated my complete vehicles sw, including DME, i had my car towed to Gintani. They then told me they could not tune the car, that something kept locking them out when writting my tune back to it. I figured it was nothing big and left my car. A week went by and they were still working on it. Another week went by and I started getting scared because Mfest was around the corner, this is when they figured out what was going on and what BMW had done. Luckily ...
      by Published on 03-11-2010 01:47 AM
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      So as many of u know I was the first Gintani SCed car. I have now had the kit for over 16,000 miles. Ive been wanting to post this review for a while now, I originally wanted to put it in Bimmerpost but their is too much favoritism there. I just want people to be aware of their options and know this kit is just as good if not better then any of the competitors. ...