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      by Published on 06-01-2010 01:31 AM
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      Higher res pics of the GTRS3 in white:

      by Published on 05-31-2010 06:35 PM
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      This was originally posted by DLSJ5, putting it up for him as it is excellent info:

      Dyno Results vs. Performance Data & Real World Results

      I'll admit Dyno's don't mean a whole heck of a lot to me in comparison to real world performance results/Vbox data. I know a lot of FI guys here feel the same way I do, we added FI to simply go faster not to compare dyno charts or other car test guesstimates, while they have their use, they are rather boring in comparison to actually driving the car to see where you stand.

      However, over the course of the past several months it seems my Gintani Stage 2+ dyno's have created a lot of questions, at times a bit of drama, along with a few questionable antics, lol. Most had fair questions and let's face it the initial #'s were not stellar, but I feel much of what has taken place was unfair, at times immature, improper and just nasty, but as the cliche' goes "Dyno sheets sell products." So a certain crowd made many attempts to attack my dyno's and me personally, while ignoring the performance results I was getting.

      I've noticed in the Dyno Database here that the boost levels and the fuel used on Gintani Supercharged dyno's have been arbitrarily changed or added, while other dyno results, which IMHO are far more questionable, are frankly just accepted/overlooked, why? I believe in some cases those other Gintani #'s have been changed in more ways than one, simply because of my less than stellar results and how they compare and it's highly inappropriate.

      My initial dyno of 517WHP was not stellar, fair enough, and when I heard the #'s, I was not excited. I expected more especially when you see other vendors had posted dyno's near 600whp at 6-7psi on pump gas! HOWEVER, after I drove the car, did every Vbox test I could, ran a few comparo's I knew the car was performing much better than that 517whp # indicated, and frankly I didn't care anymore about the initial dyno because real world results were more important to me and I was loving the performance results.

      Here's a few reasons why -

      1. The very night I picked up my car, the ...
      by Published on 05-31-2010 05:25 PM
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      So as some of u may know and some of u may not know, my car was updated with the first BMW SW version created to keep tuners out of tuning the s65 DME, ISTA/P version 37.2. BMW had been working on this newest software for almost a year. Basically found out what tools and how tuners have been tuning the DMEs thus far and made ways that locked out all the tools and procedures used by tuners. Ofcourse I didnt know this I just wanted the latest software in my car so that my I drive could stop freezing.

      So after I updated my complete vehicles sw, including DME, i had my car towed to Gintani. They then told me they could not tune the car, that something kept locking them out when writting my tune back to it. I figured it was nothing big and left my car. A week went by and they were still working on it. Another week went by and I started getting scared because Mfest was around the corner, this is when they figured out what was going on and what BMW had done. Luckily ...
      by Published on 05-28-2010 12:51 AM
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      Well, the manifold has been completed. This is one bad ass manifold, half of the manifold was welded when on the car, the other half was welded off the car. Here is the final product. Note, the wastegate design we decided to go with is confidential at this time. Just like the exhaust manifold, we will keep it a secret until it is complete.

      Yes, the manifold is true equal length. Yes, the manifold is for a twin scroll GT35r. yes, the manifold looks like an octopus. And yes, this manifold will cause nightmares.

      Here it is:

      by Published on 05-27-2010 08:23 AM
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      Congratulations to IND for winning first place at Bimmerfest in the modified BMW class.

      This vehicle is simply on another level with the best looking cage and interior of any modified BMW in my estimation. We are talking custom carbon door panels, rear seat panels, color matched cage, etc. The car is not all show and no go featuring an ESS blower under the hood as well.

      Just incredible work IND, please share more details on that cage setup!


      by Published on 05-26-2010 05:38 PM
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      Done by Precision Sport.

      The G-Power SK-II setup runs 9PSI and costs $41k + labor.

      Quick shot of the intake runners before the OEM intake manifolds are removed. These are actually pretty important for N/A, but not so much for forced induction.

      Intake manfold off

      Valve covers coming off to weld oil returns in place.


      OEM fit, no modification necessary for the factory fuel rail.

      Super cold NGK Racing plugs are ready to go in

      Taking bolts off the power steering pump and bracket it rests on

      Bracket in place:

      Next up it was the other bracket for the other charger. . .it's not every day you have to refer to the "other" charger in a kit. We need some sort of area to make the bracket solid, other than solely relying on the vanos bolts to the head.

      A nice rigid piece of billet aluminum and we're set!

      Now a piece up top to tie it all together when the intake manifolds go back on

      View from bottom:

      Now we can put the braces that will hold the intake manifolds in place, and solid.

      Brace that spans the throttle bodies to hold the manifolds up from collapsing on one another

      Don't forget to cap the OEM manifold's oil drains. . .these will no longer be used.

      Before the pretty orange stuff goes on, a quick trim of the body where the passenger side supercharger will sit. This will ...
      by Published on 05-25-2010 01:27 PM
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      Burger Motorsports Nitrous Integration has taken the BMW N54 motor to the next level. This is currently the most powerful recorded N54 powered BMW:

      by Published on 05-25-2010 10:43 AM
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      I really, really like the widebody kit used here. The fenders look more natural than the Vorsteiner kit but it does not allow the use of as wide of tires, running only 315's. Also, not sure how I feel about the vents with the fins. May look better in black.

      The motor is the usual G-power SC setup for both of these.

      by Published on 05-25-2010 08:20 AM
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      We have all seen the spy photos and videos of what is an upcoming BMW Motorsport version of the 1 series. This vehicle will be a great addition to the M lineup as it will be the lightest weight M car available and potentially the greatest drivers car sold by BMW today. The issue with this vehicle being contested by enthusiasts is the potential name of this vehicle. Will they call it the 1M, M1, or 135is? Why is this even a big deal? Well, it is a big deal because what they call it will determine if BMW M has finally completed its downward spiral toward marketing over motorsport.

      To understand why the issue generates such poignant responses it is vital for one to understand what "M1" means to BMW enthusiasts. The M1 represents the only mid-engine vehicle BMW has ever produced. Additionally, it represents the first official M-badged car that was for sale to the public. This was the first M sold and the "M1" designation was not chosen by accident. It was done to denote that this vehicle epitomized what M stood for. It was ...
      by Published on 05-25-2010 06:52 AM

      Video of the Eisenmann X5 and X6 M Exhaust System, by IND:

      by Published on 05-24-2010 06:06 AM
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      News is coming out regarding the Emotion Wheels M3 and it having a twin turbo V8 under the hood sourced from the X5/X6 M. The motor has supposedly been tuned to over 700 horsepower.

      Now, I have several problems with this. First of all, Emotion Wheels does wheels, so who did the work? All the pics show off is their wheels with nothing to substantiate what is under the hood. Furthermore, there is no dyno to substantiate the power claim.

      Here is the website for Emotion Wheels: They do not do tuning, so who did it? What are the details? It seems there is not much substance here.

      by Published on 05-23-2010 02:23 AM
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      Bimmerfest 2010 - May 22nd / Pasadena

      by Published on 05-22-2010 11:35 PM
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      This was a very tough fought battle seeing several lead changes. The number 90 BMW driven by Dirk Mueller and Joey Hand finished in second place and also had the fastest lap of the day for the class at 1:23.714 which was done by Dirk Mueller.

      The back in forth between Patrick Long in the GT3 RSR and Joey Hand in the M3 was incredible. With 8 minutes to spare Patrick Long took the lead. It was a battle down to the wire.

      The number 92 BMW was in third place with a half hour to go but Tommy Milner got penalized and lost tremendous position to the other cars. He ended up finishing toward the back of the pack.

      BMW remains in strong contention for the manufacturer and driver championship remaining in the top 3 and we are not even at the halfway point.

      by Published on 05-21-2010 10:47 PM
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      cp-e has reconfigured the Standback to use the CAN data from the DME in the tune. This was not possible before as the processor that the standback uses was completely maxed out and had no more capability. The chip manufacturer however, recently updated that item and now it has more capability with the same coding allowing Lou, cp-e's genius EE, to add CAN functionality to the Standback. We hooked up the BT tool to my car and he "listened" in on the transfer of the target boost data. He then emulated that process on the standback such that the it can now open a CAN session and request the realtime target boost of the n54 DME. He then spits this information back to the DME while independently controlling the wastegates. THe result is a completely open throttle, a completely happy DME, and COMPLETE boost control.

      Before this the standback took over boost from the DME at boost greater than 5 psi. At values lower than that the Standback gave the car what it ...