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      by Published on 03-05-2010 12:31 AM

      As proud new sponsors of we'd like to kick things off with a v3 ECU sale for '08+ M3s (we can do E46s as well, please PM for pricing).
      We believe that objective third party testing (track, race, dyno) is the ultimate measure of how well an aftermarket performance modification works, which is why we'll be heavily discounting the first 5 M3post 08+ M3 ECU tunes.
      In exchange for the discount we ask that the initial 5 customers before/after dyno and/or track test and post the results along with their subjective feedback on the tuning overall.
      Pricing is for stock vehicles, those with mods (ie no cats, high flow cats/exhaust) will be $350 additional. Price includes AM Overnight FedEx return shipping, and our turnaround times are no more than 2 days.
      List price v3 ECU tuning for E9X M3: $1795.00

      Initial 5 customers: $995.00

      All of our software carries a 14 day 100% money back satisfaction based guarantee.
      by Published on 02-25-2010 08:12 AM
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      Done by Former_Boosted_IS at about 15 psi on a JB3 with approximately 700 ml/min of methanol (85/15) running pump gas and a dry shot of nitrous:

      More details on his setup and what went into it here: ...
      by Published on 02-24-2010 08:29 PM
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      Fantastic review done by Former_Boosted_IS

      Before I begin this review, I would ask for an open mind and nothing more. Quite a bit of data will be presented in this review, so I hope we can draw conclusions on the information presented and not urban legend.

      About a year ago, I heard of someone running a 50 shot of nitrous on an N54 and immediately something inside me said “NAWS doesn’t belong on a BMW”. It is almost like we are programmed for this type of a response. Then I heard about OldBooster running a nitrous shot, then Brian355i, then AR Design running a 50 shot of nitrous. OldBooster had made tons of drag strip runs with nitrous and never had a single problem. I then consulted AR Design to find out a little more about what kind of shot he was running. AR Design said they ran a dry shot and Andrew was very fast to share that he thought the N54 responded superbly to nitrous. I spoke the STETT Performance to get their thoughts on nitrous and they believed the N54 would respond very well to a dry shot. I started to really question myself and this whole “Nitrous doesn’t belong on a BMW” concept. Is this idea based on fact or was this idea based on old fashion urban legend? Ultimately, I found myself wondering if nitrous can be run safely on an N54?

      The question of “Can nitrous can be run safely on an N54” led me to a search of our E46 M3 brothers. I found tons of posts about guys running NO2 (nitrous) on E46 M3s for years without trouble. I saw the response from the community was the same as I have seen here… “nitrous and BMWs don’t mix”. I read a transformation over the years among the community. Some started to believe it was viable, while there were always the stubborn group that hung tight to the urban legend. It was very clear that safety cutoffs are critical, but they are also critical in methanol, boost, etc. I was starting to realize that nitrous isn’t taboo and I am sure people said the same thing about methanol years ago. I spoke with a number of friends that have run nitrous for years and they all said the same thing… if you do nitrous correctly, then it is just as safe as any other power mod. For me, I kept coming back to safety. I think the truth finally burned its way through the years of taboo that had clogged up my mind. Nitrous is as safe as the safety cutoffs you have in place.

      If I was to try a nitrous shot, I had a decision to make… wet shot or dry shot?

      Why would you need a wet or dry shot? Well NO2 breaks down into nitrogen and oxygen in your combustion chamber which essentially gives you more oxygen to create more power. Now, you must get more fuel into the combustion chamber with the nitrous or you will run lean. Now, I was debating a wet or dry shot? Traditionally for larger nitrous shots, like 100-200 shots, wet shots are exclusively used, but I had no desire for a large shot of nitrous. Turbod cars are notorious for huge gains on small shots of nitrous. Oldbooster, Brian335i, AR Design, and every other N54 I have spoke with ran a dry shot. The most informed people on the N54 will tell you that the N54 intake manifold and charge appears to be very susceptible to pooling (fuel puddling). Pooling can lead to nitrous backfires and they are not good. I knew AR Design had done some logging on his 50 dry shot and said the A/F ratios never went remotely lean on their testing. There was still one piece of the puzzle here that I needed to look at… I have a Snow Performance water/methanol kit. Basically, if I ran a dry shot with my methanol injection then I would always be adding 116 octane fuel to make for a very safe dry shot in my opinion. Testing would be needed to verify this and I could see where this was going. It was at this point that I decided I would try a dry shot, because I sincerely believed ...
      by Published on 02-23-2010 05:07 PM
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      The BMW N55B30 represents the current workable technical edge of gasoline engine performance and economy. It is a state-of-the-art powerplant available in the 535i GT and soon the 535i from BMW. It is possible, that before long the N55B30 will supplant the N54B30 in BMW’s entire lineup.

      To gain a better understanding of the technical advances contained in this engine, it is necessary to develop a simple example of a gasoline Otto cycle engine. This will be used to help explain the benefits of the technology contained in the N55B30.

      Consider, for example, a simple stationary engine. It is designed to run at peak torque. The engine must start and then quickly hit its optimum RPM. The air/fuel mixture is restricted for starting (for which the amount of fuel to air is increased). This will ‘light’ the engine off and, once started, the restriction or ‘choke’ can be removed. From here, the throttle is moved to provide operation at the optimum RPM. There isn’t much more to it than that. In addition, the valve timing is optimized for the single RPM requirements of the engine.

      Now, depending on the method with which the air/fuel mixture is introduced to the engine, the performance and ...
      by Published on 02-22-2010 03:14 AM
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      Audi is out the change the game, of course, with the new RS5. So, let’s take a look at the specifications that have been taken from the “accidentally leaked” brochure of the upcoming Ingolstadt warrior. The wide-bodied two door is anticipated to sport a modified version of the V8 of the now defunct RS4. So, the car will be powered by a 4.2L V8 pushing out approximately 450HP – a full 30HP over the B7 RS4 and the V8 model of the R8 sportscar – coincidentally, about 30 horsepower over the 4.0L V8 of the M3.

      by Published on 02-17-2010 12:33 AM

      "BMW has done a lot of work over the past year to bring its core philosophy of Efficient Dynamics to nearly every vehicle in its lineup. We've seen new hybrid production vehicles like the ActiveHybrid X6 and 7, as well as diesel-powered offerings like the 335d and X5 xDrive35d.

      But for BMW, Efficient Dynamics doesn't just represent alternative fuels. The automaker has implemented technologies like regenerative braking on gas-powered models, as well as a larger focus on using lightweight materials to construct the vehicles in its lineup.

      BMW's latest ad spot shows how these forward-thinking improvements influence its full range of products, and ties it all into the original Vision EfficientDynamics concept car from last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. (We really like seeing that thing in action.) Hit the jump to watch the video."

      I think BMW has definitely upped the game in terms of luxury hybrid vehicles. Their ...
      by Published on 02-13-2010 08:14 AM
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      Ground Control is now experimenting with a modified coilover 'conversion kit' for E9x M3's that actually retains the factory-installed OEM EDC shocks and struts. (which is your only option if you want to keep the factory EDC adjustability intact)

      GC is using a threaded height adjustable collar that is fitted to the body of the front strut housing. Their coilover conversion kit will use linear springs. (not progressive springs like the OE and aftermarket alternatives)

      Very soon, we will know how well this innovative design concept actually works in real world driving conditions. (on the street and the track)

      by Published on 02-10-2010 11:47 PM
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      We are pleased to announce that Powerchip will be giving away a tune for an M3 (E46,E9X), Z3/Z4 S54 M roadster/coupe, M5 (E60), or M6 on

      The tune will be raffled off in a random drawing here:!

      In order to enter, all that is required is for the person entering to post pictures of the M that will be receiving the tune
      in the media section. Then, post that link in this thread to automatically be entered. If you do not have one of the M's mentioned, you are not eligible to win the tune preventing someone from entering solely for later resale. One entry per M vehicle. USA and Canada only, raffle ends March 31, 2010.

      Tune details:

      E60 M5 and E61 M6:

      by Published on 02-10-2010 05:40 AM

      I had to laugh at this thread when I read it on the other forum.

      I would respond but since I'm banned for not being an ESS fan boy I can't. Oh well I do find it funny how PencilGeek steps in to make the rules and tries to determine whats a valid test and what isn't

      Look at his first response. Please someone help me understand wtf is so bad about a custom tune that it's invalid or "meaningless" and why it shouldn't be included in the test. Imo all the test should be done same day, same conditions, same machine and same cars but the two companies should be allowed to tune to the BEST of their ability. If one company can't get more power out of a custom tune then the other companies off the shelf tune oh well then thats too damn bad thanks for playing. I don't think they should be limited to what they can't bring to the table I say " run what ya brung " and of course they should be compared with the AFR's and other parameters to ensure safety. But we know whats gonna happen a dissagreement in what makes a safe tune and what makes an unsafe tune lol. Either way I think its a fun idea minus the restriction. Whats ur thoughts folks?
      by Published on 02-08-2010 05:31 AM
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      To introduce ourselves formally to the n54 community we have decided to give away some great products as a way to support this forum and ultimately the n54 gear heads.

      First I would like to thank the admin of this site - you guys are doing the n54 platform a HUGE service!

      Contest page:!!!

      by Published on 02-08-2010 12:06 AM
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      So just wanted to say a lil something and check in with people, especially people interested in supercharging their M3.

      In the last week i have done alot of hard driving, i am also at 17,500 miles on my car and installed the Gintani kit at 12,000 miles, so got 5,500 miles on car, lots of dynos, canyon runs, track, drag.

      - Last sunday hit the famoso drag. The car performed flawlessly. There was one DCT limp mode and it only lasted for about 20-30 sec...was doing multiple runs in a row on street tires at first and spinning tires ALOT, hit redline in first and second..light came on...rolled down strip and halfway down it the light went off. When the light came in, pretty much the tranny disengaged,so if i hit gas no power was transfered to the transmission. when light came back on car was fine. So after each run i would drive the parking lot for less than 1min then go do next, problem never happend again. And in my opinion it is a good thing that it does that, obviously at the drag tranny get worked hard so its just keeping itself safe.
      by Published on 02-04-2010 05:06 PM
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      Hey Guys,
      I had the day off and took the opportunity to visit cp-e again. I have their BOV and charge pipe and asked Josh to order me another top for the TIAL bov. When I got there Josh showed me their prototype FMIC. He said they're in the process of finishing the first ten units
      by Published on 02-04-2010 01:47 AM
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      Gentlemen, to show our appreciation for the members of our BMW performance forum and commemorate its launch, Burger Motorsports: in collaboration with BimmerBoost will be giving away a JB 3 tune and Dual Cone Intake for the N54 to one lucky winner. This is for the N54 powered 135, 335, 535, Z4, and X6.

      What do you have to do to enter the contest? Simply guess how much wheel horsepower this supercharged BMW M3 will put down on a dynojet:

      by Published on 02-03-2010 05:06 AM
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      Dyno done at GMG on their AWD Mustang Dyno, seems BMW overrated the Hybrid a bit: