• ESS (esstuning) supercharged manual E92 M3 runs the 1/4 mile in 11.9@118, first manual M3 in the 11's

      Prodigymb took his friends ESS supercharged M3 to the drag strip and ran the first 11 second pass for a manual M3 that we know of turning an 11.9@118 mph. Congratulations for running 11's but the car seems to be down on power and has been from the beginning. This is a VT-2 600 with full exhaust and a higher boost pulley so we don't know why the dyno numbers are not over 500 whp. Regardless, congrats to the parties involved for being the first manual to run 11's.




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        that would indicate a boost leak, but im surprised there is no fault code or limp mode though. wouldnt that greatly affect the AFR's and other parameters?
        Yes, but that leak took place after the installation of this new filter.