• 18 people at the BMW plant in Munich involved in stealing parts totaling up to $4 million

      According to thelocal, a German news source, a crime ring operating in the Munich BMW plant has been caught. 18 workers systematically would steal parts from the plant and put them up for sale on online auctions. At least 3 of the now ex-employees are in custody and are likely going to pay a heavy price. It is said that car seats is where the big bucks were at, stealing them and storing them at a warehouse to later sell online. We figured it would be high pressure fuel pumps?

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        But it happened.
        After the car was delivered I went to a upholster (which adress was provided by the dealer) who modified the foam in the driversseat so that the seat hugs me a bit better and keeps me in place.
        Costed 250 Euro, but was worth it.
        Interesting, could we see what was done?
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        Hardly. The guy replaced part of the foam on the sides of the seat in some places for firmer stuff. It holds my body firmer in place when taking corners, bur the seat looks almost stock. I can try to make a picture that shows the difference, but as I said, it is hard to notice.. He did nothing to the leather.
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        These pieces of the chair have firmer foam. It is equally comfy as before, only it keeps me in place better when searching for the 1G cornerspeed boundary Click here to enlarge
        I only had the driversside chair done. My wife does not really want to be in the car with me when I drive like that Click here to enlarge