• Evolve Engineering E60 M5 E63 M6 S85 V10 Carbon Intake Official Release

      After 8 months of development and testing we are proud to now officially launch the Evolve Venturi Intake System.Development started from a desire to complete our tuning package which already consisted of our well known Evolve ECU Remap, Evolve Tubular Headers and Evolve Exhaust. We wanted to design a system which gave a positive impact for the whole driving experience. By taking advantage of aerodynamic principles and using computational fluid dynamics to optimise the airflow, we have engineered an intake system which delivers on all fronts - sharpened throttle response, more torque, improving driveability and of course, increased power.

      More power was required but not just at the peak rpm region which is used maybe 5% of the time. Too often we have tried and tested intake kits which seldom increase power and even if they do, it is at the detriment of the low to mid-range torque and throttle response.

      …………… The Most Comprehensively Designed and Engineered S85 Intake System …... in the World


      The hardware consists of a combination of 79 individual high quality components including:

      - Pre Preg Carbon Fibre Housings with Individually Serial Numbered Plaques
      - CNC Hard Anodised Aluminium MAF housings
      - CNC Machined Engineering Plastic MAF bosses
      - CNC Machined Engineering Plastic Secondary Air Flow Breather Adapter
      - Aluminium Hard Anodised Spun Cowls
      - Laser Cut 3mm Brackets
      - Laser Cut 2mm Neoprene lined OEM hose clamps
      - Aluminium Powder Coated Upper Air Scoops
      - Aluminium Powder Coated Lower Scoops
      - Hose Clamps (BMW OEM Norma)
      - High Quality Silicone Hoses
      - OEM Quality Anti Vibration Mounts
      - Stainless Steel M5 Cap Head Machine Screws and Washers
      - High Flow Air Filters and Breather Filter
      - Misc Brackets and Nuts

      Initial Impressions

      Irrespective of our individual thoughts and testing, the most important aspect is how our customers feel after installing the intake kit and how their driving experience has changed.

      Here are some quotes from the first customers from this forum:

      “I don’t think I need to say much more on the sound. It’s Intoxicating”
      “The difference in low end torque is really impressive for a set of intakes”
      “The difference in throttle response and agility is huge. The performance is great, they look awesome and the noise is really special”
      “When pulling hard the intakes open up and sound like a V10/CSL mule”
      “There is definitely an increase in throttle response, which I feel our cars really lack”
      “Definitely pulls harder in the lower RPM’s. For the higher RPM’s, I have noticed more power compared to my Dinan setup”
      “But when I put my foot down it’s like I’ve opened the valve to a sports exhaust”

      The above quotes mirror our initial impressions which still remain after covering thousands of miles in our E60 M5 which gave us a great sense of satisfaction.

      Engine Power

      There were two main considerations to balance when designing the Evolve VAi kit:

      Aerodynamic Efficiency

      For aerodynamic advantages an open system was adopted but not in the "normal" aftermarket method. To ensure a less restrictive design alongside maintaining high air-speeds the Venturi Effect was implemented. This can be clearly seen from the shape of the carbon fibre housing and the location and shape of the air filter. The entire carbon fibre housing is a Venturi where the airflow increases in velocity as the cross sectional area reduces from the mouth (filter opening) to the outlet into the MAF tube. By inverting the cone and placing it on the mouth of the intake, the carbon fibre housing dictates the shape of the airflow. As this is essentially a large funnel - the airflow remains laminar and therefore minimises the drag of the system therefore reducing load on the engine.

      Inlet Air Temperature

      The OEM intake assembly, being a sealed system is very efficient at keeping IATs close to ambient when the engine is under load – wide open throttle driving conditions. However, data logging clearly shows that under idle and slow speed driving conditions IATs will always be high for a sealed or open system. This is due to heat soaking of the intake assembly from engine heat as well as the recirculation of hot air from the breather system.

      To ensure the Evolve VAi open system came as close as possible to the OEM system, two pairs of air scoops and one pair of radiator deflector shields were engineered. On road data logging clearly shows IAT's to be very close to ambient temperatures especially under full load and while the vehicle is in motion.

      Conclusion of IAT and Air Flow

      Increased Engine Performance

      This is clearly apparent through the increase in power under both partial and full load engine conditions especially low-mid (1000-5000) RPM driving where the S85 suffers from inconsistent and weak power delivery.

      Dyno testing, where airflow is equivalent to road conditions confirms the above with increases of 10-15 horsepower (see figure 1.1)

      Improved Drivability

      A result of the Venturi effect is the improvement in air speed especially under transient throttle openings. The direct effect is improved throttle response which makes the engine feel more alive.

      Enhanced Overall Driving Experience

      The enhancement in driving experience comes not just from the improved throttle response and power but also from the by product of such a design – SOUND.
      The carbon fibre housing coupled with the open design gives rise to a resonating and deep induction roar similar to that of a racing V10 engine. However, unlike a simple open cone filter, the Evolve VAi’s produce a refined pulsing symphony under varying engine speeds and engine loads both inside and especially outside the car.

      Dyno Testing Results

      Dyno testing was carried out on our in house Dyno Dynamics DS450 Dynamometer. For the purpose of accurate testing all tests were matched based on:

      - Inlet Air Temperatures through in built IAT sensor in MAF via OBDII
      - Ignition Timing Matched (Ignition timing can vastly change from one run to the next)
      - Engine Temperature (Coolant and Oil)
      - Exhaust Gas Temperature
      - Two consistent runs recorded for each of the below tests

      Testing Procedure:

      - Test 1 : Stock car, stock tune, stock intake system and euro filters (equivalent to charcoal delete)
      - Test 2 : As above plus Evolve Upper Intake Scoops
      - Test 3 : Stock car, stock tune, Full Evolve Engineering VAi Kit

      Crank Horse Power Dyno Dynamics Calculated (Shootout Mode 8)

      Wheel Horsepower Dyno Dynamics (Shootout Mode 8)

      Dyno Testing Conclusion

      Full throttle dyno testing shows that power and torque up to 6000 rpm is increased consistently through the rpm range by approximately 5-7hp
      Between 6000-8250 rpm the power increase is larger at a consistent 10-14hp

      These results are mirrored by the on-road driving experience



      (We would like to thank Randy and Gian for supplying some of the above videos)

      Pricing / Availability / Instructions / Contact


      - 900 GBP (£750 + 20% VAT) UK Mainland and EU Countries
      - 750 GBP (non EU)
      - 1250 US Dollars


      - 20 GBP within UK
      - 85 US Dollars (USA)

      (for rest of the world, please contact us for a quote or contact your local dealer)

      Lead Times

      Due to demand currently 28 working days from placing order and payment

      Instructions Download

      Click Here to Download Instruction Manual


      For more information or to purchase please contact us on:

      T: +44 (0) 1582 584 000

      We would like to make a special thanks to the members for their continued support and enthusiasm.
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        bobS -
        Wow...impressive product, i wouldn't expect anything less. Good pricing too! Nice job guys.
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        5soko -
        Amazing... Engineering Art...Beautiful...Passion...Real R&D... Just a few things that come to mind when scrolling down...

        Congrats on the release guys.. The intakes look amazing, and the R&D is equally as amazing.. I love to see a product with a full and comprehensive release with data.. You guys might be in the only guys in history of the S85 performance products to really show real data for any intake ever for this car, and most of your other products.
        I love looking at each individual piece in this kit and seeing its purpose, and high quality construction. Another amazing and quality product from evolve, so glad to have you guys part of this community, and i hope this to be my first evolve product!
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        Sticky -
        Ok need to clean that post up a bit and then I'll promote it to the front page.

        Tons of data and pics obviously, well done.
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        Formatting, spacing, spelling errors, and video embedding all fixed. Promoted.
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        Thanks Bob and Soko!

        Sticky, you made that look much better! Thanks very very much.
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        Wow, worth the price alone for that sound and the gorgeous construction. The power benefits are a nice plus. Great work guys.
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        Damn, these are some serious guys. And it just so happens that I have been searching for a 2007-2009 E64 M6 Cabriolet, with a 6-speed manual.

        The E64 M6 with a manual transmission is relatively rare. BMW only built 378 units, and two were pre-production so there were 376 built.

        With the top down, I can hear the exotic sound even better at full chat. Was considering Dinan or aFe for the S85, but this is an option I think I will just pulling the trigger on. And will look great with the custom carbon fiber S85 plenum cover. Want to show the 4-time winner of the "International Engine of the Year above 4.0 Liters," sort if framing the engine when I pop the hood.Click here to enlarge

        Evolve is killing it. Great article sticky, love the picures and details!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by deemo319 Click here to enlarge
        Evolve is killing it. Great article sticky, love the picures and details!
        Oh no no, that was all Evolve's work. I just edited it a bit.
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        Thanks for posting and editing Sticky.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Imran@Evolve Click here to enlarge
        Thanks for posting and editing Sticky.
        Just minor stuff guys plus you pay for it!

        Well done as always.