• The BMW M3 is 25 years old

      The BMW M3 has officially turned 25 years old. 4 Generations of cars. Motors ranging from 4 cylinders to 8 cylinders. Coupes, sedans, and convertibles. Manuals, automatics, sequentials, and dual clutch transmissions. An untold number of smiles from the drivers behind the wheel.

      The BMW M3 is a special automobile. It is the car many of us most readily associate with M. It isn't the most powerful M car, the most expensive, or the most flashy. It is the most fun, the best drivers car, the choice of the M enthusiast. It is a vehicle that elicits superlatives across the automotive world and the target many others shoot for but one they haven't been able to hit. The M3 is quite simply one of the greatest all around cars in the world and it has been since its introduction, 25 years ago.

      Cheers to you M3, and may the next 25 years be just as special!

      Press Release from BMW:

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