• AWE-Tuning releases CCB (cold cone box) intake for the MKVI Golf R - +17 horsepower at the wheels

    Introducing AWE-Tuning's CCB intake for the MKVI Golf R. This intake fits in the factory location and requires no modification. No CEL is triggered, OEM operation. The airbox itself is fully enclosed and made out of carbon fiber. The airbox mounts using a billet aluminum bracket. Definitely high quality materials employed. The benefits? Throttle response, sound, and of course power and torque. Gains to the wheels on a Mustang MD-500-SE AWD dyno are +17 horsepower at all four wheels.

    Very solid gains although those are with a tune and over a baseline with a Giac Stage 2 tune. Without a tune, the gains likely won't be as large. Regardless, this should be run with a tune to get the full benefit. Looking at the graph, the gains come mostly up top so the intake is definitely allowing the motor to breathe better at high rpm.

    Price? $619.95. Not exactly a VW tuning value but it's difficult to argue with the materials and results. Pictures an dynograph below.

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    1. chrisisnapping's Avatar
      chrisisnapping -
      look really nice. and to be honest prices really are not the far off.

      The weird thing is, this is $20 more than the set up for the TSI engine, and they look nearly identical, except with the TSI you get the breather filter for the CBFA engine code.
      seriously, i think they're using the same image: http://www.awe-tuning.com/media/cata...kit_1280_1.jpg

      On the other hand, this is a big waste of money if you plan going to stage 3 or above on these engines as the MAF part is replaced.