• ESS dyno discrepancy, what is up with it and will ESS respond?

      Now, we have had several discussions about ESS and I feel I was too aggressive in retrospect. However, today, I was reminded why I was so aggressive in pointing out what ESS does regarding misleading people with dyno graphs.

      There was a discussion on e46fanatics regarding a blown motor by VF and ESS got dragged in. Roman@ESS then made this post:

      Now, what is funny about this S54 setup? It is the exact same graph ESS used for an E92 M3 setup:

      I am shocked, freaking shocked, they would actually not remember they posted the same graph for two different setups on two different cars and not realize that they would get caught. Now, you might be asking yourself, does ESS really mislead people this way with graphs?

      Well, I honestly wanted to mend fences with them. I wrote an e-mail to ESS earlier this week thinking that maybe I went went overboard and somehow I was actually in the wrong. This is what I said:

      Now I know, this was a mistake. ESS won't change, and ESS will not come here to address the issue. They will continue to hide where they are protected by the moderation.

      We will never get an answer to why their M3 makes over 600 whp through the stock exhaust on pump gas and 8 psi:

      Attachment 295172

      Independent dynos are not anywhere near this.

      I want to make it clear, there is no witch hunt against ESS. They make a good product, great product even. I considered their product. I recommend their product and vendors here carry their product and should do so with confidence in it. We are proud to have them. However, their marketing is misleading. NO INDEPENDENT DYNO has even remotely come close to their stock exhaust pump gas dynos. They use the same dyno for various setups to try and make their cars look stronger than they are. My friends, that is straight up lying to people and misleading them.

      Once again, ESS makes great products and they are free to address any of these questions, however, Roman refuses to engage in a discussion with me where there is no moderator control in his favor. I think people should really question the integrity of their marketing if they refuse to answer these legitimate questions with such overwhelming evidence of deception. If Roman and ESS won't address this, that should tell someone all they need to know about the dyno claims.

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