• BMW S100RR drift video shows off some very impressive bike control skills

      The BMW S1000RR is a flat out badass bike, hopefully everyone is aware of this. You don't have to go accelerating to top speed speed to have some fun as the video below shows. It's a "Gymkhana" style take with slow motion and running over objects what is impressive is really the level of control the rider has with such a powerful superbike. Said rider being professional stunt rider Jorian Ponomareff so it goes without saying to not try this at home.

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      1. The Ghost's Avatar
        The Ghost -
        Nice! I was hoping would race the R8 at the end of the video.
      1. mkodama's Avatar
        mkodama -
        Having crashed two wheeled vehicles many times before, I have to say that's very impressive.
      1. FRD135i's Avatar
        FRD135i -
        I can't wait to get mine. One I return from a jungle far far away, that is.
      1. LZH's Avatar
        LZH -
        That's some sick riding - I tested that thing before buying my F800GS and I have to say it's one of the most impressive bikes I've ever been on - scary fast.

        Here's a good video of some equally impressive riding skills on an F800 GS.

      1. benzy89's Avatar
        benzy89 -
        Chris McNeil doesn't $#@! around

      1. Conv7ct7on's Avatar
        Conv7ct7on -
        Awesome! Glad to see Jorian on a BMW now
      1. oldgixxer's Avatar
        oldgixxer -
        Im diggin the 70t rear sprocket lol
      1. Baron's Avatar
        Baron -
        I like how the guy in the car has more protective clothing than the guy on the bike...