• Two modified DCT E9X M3's take on a modified E60 M5

      M3 vs. M5 battles are a ton of fun. Usually because M5 owners have their heads so far up... in the clouds. They tend to think an M3 is no match for an M5 and this is fun to mess with especially with a modified M3. An M5 can be modified as well of course and this video shows how much stronger the top end on a naturally aspirated tuned S85 is (exhaust, scoops, filters, tune) vs. a naturally aspirated tuned S65. Top end racing is where that V10 shines. Time for those blowers on the M3's fellas.

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        i like what your saying...i am ordering a set of apex rears soon what kind of dr's do you have?
        Nitto nt555r, love them..after a good burnout you'll be good for some hard launches without wheelspin