• Wet nitrous setup testing on Rob Beck turbo upgraded N54 335i - 500 wheel horsepower

      We finally completed the nitrous install on my 335i. The power gains where phenomenal but as people know it is easy to get carried away. We found a medium result between boost and jet size and tuned the car to make 500whp at only 1 bar boost. We saw much higher numbers but at the moment until the gearbox is upgraded we will leave it at that. OB from Chip Logic work was meticulous both in terms of the wiring but also in terms of certain plumbing that was required to make the kit fit as best as possible. Below are some pictures with some explanations for those that are not familiar with nitrous.

      The tank on the left provides fuel to the fuel nozzle without affecting the cars normal fuel pressure. A must for high horsepower application. The fuel line, nitrous line and wiring disconnect under the carpet. I can then lift the whole matt and replace it with a second one for grocery purposes.

      The nitrous solenoids can be seen on the right corner of this picture.

      This is the purge valve for the nitrous. The pipes for this was custom as we wanted the purge to come out at the fog lamp area.

      Jet location with the jet in direct path of the intake manifold.
      My methanol nozzle is also visible but is not in use at this stage.

      The arming switch and purge switch, the rest is controlled by a progressive controller but we have installed as a extra safety measure a switch that allows the solenoids to active only if the overdrive button is pressed. That way I can go full throttle but only allow the progressive controller to do its thing when overdrive is pushed.

      Other than that there is nothing visible in the interior.

      The dyno printer was damaged but someone got a picture of one of our test runs in the early tuning stages, it also turned out the rpm was not set properly as the drop of point is 500rpm higher than it should be. Please keep in mind this was done at 5500ft. Base run on stock boost was 276whp and a average stock 335 makes under 250whp on this dyno. So the figures are comparitave to a Mustang dyno. No methanol was used for these numbers.

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        all automotive imports inc is specifically the one im having issues with
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        How is your car doing and still running N20?