• Horsepower Freaks RHD (right hand drive) twin turbo S54 (E46 M3) dyno results, also compared to single turbo kits

      We finished dyno tuning the HPF "Right Hand Drive" (RHD) turbo system with some great results. Each turbo system we produce is designed for a specific application. The RHD application was designed for the track / autocross / daily driver and required the use of twin turbos as opposed to one larger turbo as the factory steering shaft and A/C was retained. These GT22 turbos spool so fast that the benefits result from high torque results at very low rpm. The downside is with the smaller turbos, peak horsepower is less than with a comparable larger turbo.

      On the pump gas map, the twin GT22 turbos slaughter our HPF stage 1 LHD kit with the PT67 as the area under the curve is drastically different. However, with race fuel, the PT67 LHD kit makes significantly more power than the RHD twins as the twin turbos are out of breath at 500rwhp. So all in all, the HPF RHD twin turbo system is great for guys that want to track their car and have immediate power all the time whereas the HPF LHD turbo systems are great for freeway pulls and track events with longer straights.

      Right Hand Drive (RHD) E46 M3 Dyno (SAE)

      Right Hand Drive (RHD) E46 M3 Dyno (Uncorrected)

      Right Hand Drive (RHD) vs Left Hand Drive (LHD) - PUMP GAS

      Right Hand Drive (RHD) vs Left Hand Drive (LHD) - RACE GAS


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        It looks like they are either shutting the runs down around 6k or these things just can't keep up that high. The runs stop right after torque and HP intersect. It's a little hard to tell since they scaled the dynos on MPH instead of RPM for some very strange reason.
        I would prefer RPM as well but you still get a nice comparison.