• Review, DIY, and quality appraisel of the Arkym M-tech E92 carbon fiber rear diffuser

      This review was done by Former_Boosted_IS who sent it to BimmerBoost.

      The process of modding my car started with performance mods and has worked into many of the cosmetic mods lately. This is the latest of one of those cosmetic mods. I did not like the aggressiveness of the stock bumper at all, so I decided to move onto a M-TECH bumper from BMW. Since BMW allows you to order the bumper without the rear diffuser, I chose that option knowing I would go with a CF rear diffuser.

      The market is filled with a number of options, but many carry the mystique of fitment issues. I spent a lot of time researching the available options and spoke with owners of many of the rear diffuser choices. All the members were very informative and helpful. After thinking about it long I decided to go with the Arkym Rear Diffuser for the M-TECH bumper because everyone I spoke with that had this item raved about their quality and perfect fitment. The look of the Arkym diffuser was also the aggressive splitter style I loved. I felt this would be a great fit for my needs.

      I then had to decide who to order the part from. I have ordered a number of items from Modbargains up to this point and they have impressed me with their commitment to customer satisfaction, so I decided this was going to be the place I ordered the Arkym rear diffuser from. I spoke with Alan from Modbargains and expressed interest in ordering the rear diffuser. Alan talked to Arkym and got the item out to me within a few days.

      In this review, I will give a mini-DIY of this installation (very easy), shipping / packaging, fitment, and quality of the Arkym part.

      Experience with Modbargains / Shipping

      Alan from Modbargains has to be one of my favorite service reps from any of the larger vendors. Alan is always very friendly, immediate in his response, and proactive with his customer service. I sincerely think he wants happy customers and as an avid enthusiast, I believe he understands what it takes. Many of the products he has seen on cars first hand, so his advice has proven to be rock solid through my modding process. When the item was shipped, I had tracking and invoice info normally within 1 day.

      The shipping process on this item had serious problems and I feel I must highlight these issues. Arkym sends the items from the factory simply wrapped in bubble wrap and film, then sticks the item into a throw together box. There are no peanuts or framing to protect the carbon fiber item during the shipping process. We know shipping companies throw these boxes around, so inevitably with this packaging the items will be damaged. Sadly for me, the first two items came to me with box damage and the diffusers were cracked. In Arkym's defense, I don't think they sent the items to me damaged, but their packaging must include some framing or tons of peanuts in that box to protect the item. If they plan to ship items, this is their only way to avoid these issues in the future.

      The positive side to the shipping damage was the customer service I recieved. When the item arrived, I immediately emailed pictures of the damageg to Alan at Modbargains and he assured me it would be taken care of. With both damaged items, Modbargains had worked with the shipping company to pick up the item the very next day. Alan personally worked to make sure my new diffuser would be shipped as soon as possible and on the third try we had a winner. I should note all items did have tracking info, so I could prepare for the install.

      The package arrived in a single walled box that was stapled together. I cannot say that this was the best way to ship the item, but it did get to me.

      The Arkym rear diffuser was bubble wrapped then the item itself was protected well with a plastic.

      Opening the packaging revealed a stellar looking piece. The carbon fiber weave is nothing less than stunning. The craftsmanship is second to none... it really ranks up there with the top quality carbon fiber products I have seen. The shaping is incredible along the entire item with no deformation or checks to the weave.

      Notice the very clean craftsman ship in the exhaust openings and the smooth look to the carbon fiber weave.

      The splitter sections are done absolutely perfectly.

      The edging is stellar as well.

      The shipping and packaging on this item was not good, in fact I would rate it as poor. Once the item got to me undamaged, the Arkym Rear Diffuser was nothing less than stellar. The quality of the item is absolutely off the chart and it was time to move onto the install.


      Ok, there is really no installation DIY. This is a full PNP install. Line up the tabs, press them to lock in place and insert the screws on the under side of the car. I can tell you this is a true PNP installation that will take you no more than 15 minutes. It is a very easy installation.


      Once I got the Arkym Rear Diffuser for the M-TECH bumper on my car, I was simply blown away. The exhaust line up absolutely perfectly. The fitment along all seams was flawless. The transition from the fins on the bumper to the diffuser are absolutely flawless. This is really as close to OEM fitment as you could possibly get. Arkym nailed this item. Have a look at some of the beauty shots.


      Alan at Modbargains came through again in a big way on this item. He assured me perfect fitment and he was correct. His service was prompt, friendly, and trustworthy. He helped through all the failed shipments and retrieved the damaged items very quickly. He always provided tracking info and has been incredibly helpful through the process. I will continue to keep him at the time of the chain for my choices when ordering.

      Arkym in my opinion needs to improve their packaging process considerably. I personally would love to see some protective framing used or peanuts packing the box to protect their items. A fabbed double walled box may be a good idea as well. Either way this needs to be improved to insure that we will get the item safe the first time.

      Outside of the shipping problems, Arkym clearly is the real deal on their carbon fiber items. The shaping and quality are absolutely off the chart nice. The clear coat is US, so yellowing is no concern at all. Their weave was not uneven or checked in any location on my part. The finish is absolutely perfect on the item. The seams are even and clean. The fins align perfectly with the bumper with no exception. The mounting tabs were well constructed and strong. This is a true PNP installation due to fantastic craftsmanship from Arkym.

      The Arkym E92 Rear Diffuser is absolutely a 10 quality part. I cannot say my experience was perfect as the shipping could have been better, but that can be addressed. Other than the obvious shipping issues, I am tremendously happy with the look on my car with the Arkym part and Alan at Modbargains is a huge asset to our community.

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