• Why an M3 tuner shootout will never happen - OE Tuning only tuner to agree to third party shootout

      As many of you know, we attempted to get an M3 tuner shootout going. This is now the second time we have tried and it won't be taking place. Why? Tuners aren't interested in putting their products up against one another in a third party environment. Too large of a risk for them and most tuners prefer to battle it out through marketing on forums, not with real results.

      There have been a lot of accusations flying around as of late. A number of them came from Powerchip as well as a community member known as spdu4ea who took great liberty with posting accusations against OE Tuning all over the place claiming proof of dyno manipulation. The problem is, he had no proof, instead providing what amounted to a somewhat educated guess which is dangerous and misleading. Especially considering he later rescinded stating he wished he titled his thread differently:

      Quote Originally Posted by spdu4ea
      I haven't done a great job of staying completely objective (for instance I should have never said "proof of manipulation" -- I should have said "Gintani/OE dyno graph proven invalid"). I don't know who/what caused this extreme irregularity and to stay objective I should avoid speculating.
      We wonder if he will be as aggressive in sharing that no other tuner would meet OE Tuning head to head on the dyno?

      Powerchip used this opportunity, despite there being no proof and only a series of coincidences on a sample size of 2 graphs that could easily have several other explanations, to market against OE Tuning. It is no secret Powerchip continues to attempt to attack their former tuner who somehow was excellent while he was working for them but for some reason now they claim he is not. Jeremy also somehow was able to tune the car that set the fastest lap at Mfest, first E9X to break 130 mph in the 1/4 mile, and also two cars that took 1st and 2nd place in the Ultimate Heist Vehicle Challenge. This crticism specifically came from Mike Benvo at Powerchip. We have to ask, when is the last time Powerchip did anything of merit, anything at all? No SC tunes, no record setting M3's, nothing but typing.

      What is odd is Mr. Benvo suggested and even asked for a test:

      Quote Originally Posted by Mike@Powerchip
      Still waiting for you to accept a day to dyno your car, put the Powerchip file in and redyno your car. What are you waiting for? Let's proceed with the testing. Are you afraid the results aren't going to be what you are expecting?
      Well, we proceeded to call Mike@Powerchip and tell him about the tuner shootout. After a few days we heard back from Mike saying someone else from Powerchip would have to handle this. Matt@Powerchip is apparently out of the country so we asked who at Powerchip would be available and Mike simply stated he did not know who was in charge and he would not participate. Well, it would seem when it actually comes down to it, Powerchip will not participate in any independent testing vs. OE Tuning.

      This really leaves us scratching our heads. Why would the only tuner who agrees to an independent dyno comparison with the rules and testing all established by third parties be the one the competition is accusing of manipulation? Why is the only tuner who steps up to the plate the one that supposedly is doing something wrong? Why? Because there is nothing to hide. Powerchip knows they can not compete with their former tuner and therefore will stick to trying to change your mind on forums instead of with results. It's all a shady game people, that is all this is. They don't want a real test to take place, all that would mean is that all the claims would finally be put to the test. By perpetually putting off a real test they can perpetually make their accusations and claims. Brilliant, right?

      We need you to understand the tuning game is dirty, extremely dirty. The competition is fierce and tuners will do just about anything to alter perception and control your mind. They pay big dollars for control of forums, you see it happen all the time and it's one of the reasons BimmerBoost exists. Information that is potentially damaging on big forums with big dollar vendor contracts disappears if the vendor does not like it. They pay for protection, almost like the mafia. They will bribe former customers to get them to switch, they will download competitors files, they will steal tunes, this all takes place on a daily basis. The majority of tunes out there especially for the M3 originate overseas from a single source. If there was nobody working on the inside we wouldn't even get any decent tunes as no one would solve the encryption. There is a source overseas that provides the base tunes for several of the major tuners you are familiar with today but you won't hear them say it. The difference becomes how the tuners each proceed from there. They get the base tools, it's up to them how they are applied. That is where the tuners skill comes in and a shootout on the same car is the perfect way to see who is the best. Things are not how you think they are if you only go by what is posted on certain forums.

      We invited every tuner as stated. We contacted every single one and here is what took place:

      Active Autowerke - Did not bother to respond.

      ESS - Did not bother to respond, no surprise after what happened previously with them backing out at the last minute.

      Eurocharged - Responded, said they did not want to get in the middle of an OE Tuning / Powerchip fight and that is completely understandable.

      Evolve Automotive - Responded and suggested excellent testing procedures which would be applied for all tuners. Evolve stated they would likely not participate due to issues with getting someone they felt they could trust to handle their tune being based in the UK and not in SoCal.

      GIAC - No response, did not respond the first time, and BMW tuning reputation seems to have taken a significant hit.

      MHP - Responded, will participate in track shootout only as they prefer track results.

      OE Tuning - Responded, participating, ready, and waiting.

      Powerchip - Responded, aware, and Mike@Powerchip stated he has no intention of participating with Jeremy@OE Tuning involved.

      Singh - Responded, said they prefer to do rolling runs to prove their tune.

      Turner Motorsport - Responded and stated they do not believe this is in their best interest which we completely understand and agree with. Turner was incredibly gracious and took the time to respond and ask questions. We thank them for their time.

      So, why is a tuner shootout not in a tuners best interest? Because the battle is being waged for your mind on forums, not in the real world. These forums are the primary way potential customers get information. All that would happen in an M3 tuner shootout is that all the claims would be put to the test. There is too much too lose, the risk is too high. No tuner wants to take that risk, well, except for 1 tuner. We heard previous excuses about bias. Well, the dyno is completely a third party, DC Performance, not affiliated with any tuner. The procedures were suggested by tuners themselves. Completely independent third party handling all details with rules the tuners agree to themselves. Only one tuner stated wherever it is held with whatever rules they are willing to put their skills to the test. Now tell us, would a tuner who needs to manipulate dyno results be the one willing to participate in a shootout? Or would the tuner who is not willing to participate likely be the one manipulating perception on forums? Well, it would seem you have the answer.

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