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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-18-2017, 06:53 PM
    Insane numbers here from an F10 M5 tuned by HC Performance. The S63TU engine has upgraded EFR turbochargers from Borg Warner and a built motor from Bimmer Performance Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Other than the custom ECU flash dyno tune the car has upgraded clutches. The result? 846 horsepower and 772 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with DIN correction: There is more in it according to the tuner but apparently something in the transmission is holding is holding things back. The dyno run is claimed to be at 26 psi but there is no boost graph. Is 900+ whp about to become reality for the S63TU in 2017?
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  • kisarci's Avatar
    02-20-2017, 09:05 PM
    Hey guys, I have installed the ADE PI along with the Haltech PS1000. I noticed my idle psi is hovering around 8psi for some reason when I am connected through the Haltech ECU manager. Anybody know why this is? My live datalog through MHD shows idle boost @ -11 which is the correct value. When I am trying to change my fuel map using RPM on the Y axis and PSI for the X axis, it is all thrown off. So by that I mean for example, when I datalog and check my values around, say 3k RPM @ 10psi boost, on my fuel map through ECU manager, it is actually showing it as 3k RPM @ 29psi boost (11+8+10) I know this sounds confusing as it is confusing the hell out of me. But if you understand what I'm saying, I don't think it's a sensor that's faulty because it shows correct values on my MHD live datalog. Any ideas?
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  • Karura's Avatar
    02-20-2017, 09:04 AM
    I'm just looking into the M3 rack install and people have mixed thoughts, some say that the 335i don't have Servotronic, and some others say that the E92 335is has Servotronic, so I wanted to confirm, does the E92 335is have or not have Servotronic? How do I check whether it has it or not, is it possible to confirm by checking the VIN and packages? If the 335is doesn't have Servotronic, then does that mean the M3 (which is also non-Servotronic) will just be a direct bolt-on? I know a few members on Bimmerboost have done this, and would love to hear your thoughts.
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    02-20-2017, 12:05 PM
    AWSAWS started a thread Cats going soon in N54
    Guys, when going fully catless, do some settings need to be deactivated in the flash tune to avoid throwing codes? I've already got the catless down pipes. Taking out the secondaries. I clear down the current ones with my JB4, autoclear. Thanks
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  • MM Performance's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:46 AM
    I'm posting this primarily to a post I keep seeing recur in various locations online of single turbo kit vs MMP stage 3 twins. So I will give my 2 bits of info here. First of all the stock block is really only good in my opinion for low 700s absolute max 750whp for any amount of time reliabily. The block is suceptible to blown ringlands and bent rods. I've bent a rod at low 600s wtq and blown a ringland at low 700s whp, I did have a fuel issue but it did happen. Also I see many many singles that almost always end up blowing within a year if pushed to 750+whp. There are maybe 1 or 2 exceptions to the rule but almost every engine I have seen pushing big power (750+) blows, and now all those guys either sold their car with new stock motor or got a built engine. I see it on Facebook BMW groups all the time, mainly N5x enthusiasts but also in a couple larger ones also. So if going for the big power be prepared for $7000-14,000 investment in a built engine depending on your goals and options chosen. So to avoid big investment in a stock block I would target low 700s max. MMP stage 3 turbos are a great fit for that. Also all your mods you currently have for stock turbos apply. Install is just like installing stock turbos. And spool is stock like and much better than a single. I have owned a top mount FFTEC 5862 BB e92 at the same time as my stage 3 twins e92 and I loved driving the twin over the single much more. Why I liked about the single was the sound with the open WG dump but power and delivery and fun factor, twins win hands down. My customers have made on thier own cars 711whp at 30/31psi and now that customer is running 32psi and going for 35psi, he likes pushing the limit. Also many others are now running the turbos at that level so they make the power as advertised and see the results for themselves. Someone recently posted on Facebook they made 700whp on e40 with stage 2 LPFP no PI and meth injection on my turbos at 28psi and he was super happy with his results. My turbos have been selling for almost a year and have an excellent track record. I have sold over 70 sets and I take care of every single one of my customers. With the group buy going on I will get close to 100 sets sold total in the next few weeks. Options are much cheaper with MMP. Inlets and outlets when sold with turbos are just $100 each my cost, no profit. Ceramic coating is $150 form polydyn 2500F rated MUCH much higher quality than cerakote which others charge $350 for! $150 is my cost for the twins coating and I pass it on and make no markup on it. I am the only one that offers custom WPC treated bearings (more info on my website under the turbos, info and videos Also with WPC I offer twice the normal industry warranty so I offer 2 yrs warranty. The warranty I provide I stand behind it and always put the customer first before profits and treat the customer like I would like to be treated by a vendor. That's more than just words, ask anyone of my customers over the past two years since I started selling Inlets if that's the case. So one comment I see over and over is that there is not enough reviews posted so i have a page that most of my customers have joined and posted on that has all racing videos, reviews and Dyno and many many of my customers are on there and you can ask them questions directly. Here is the link will find on there Dynos for several 700whp+ customers who posted, many racing videos even a video of an mmp stage 3 customer of mine beating an M6 that holds the stock turbo whp record at 780whp and 860wtq and 10.3s quarter mile in a the highway pull, and many other reviews, exhaust sounds etc etc. Most importantly, in my group above, there is a post to a group buy going on right now for $2525 for MMP stage 3 twin turbos but it closes feb 28th so if interested need to act quick for an amazing deal that has never before been offered and probably won't again for quite some time. The group already has almost 25 people. If waiting for a tax refund also I can work with you on that and timing of the payment. Any questions you can post here but for fastest reply email me at and you can also PM me on Facebook (Mauricio Madrid) you will find me in the Facebook group I linked above. Thanks for reading :) Mauricio owner of MMP
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:09 AM
    The built motor era for the S63TU engine platform is getting going thanks to BPC (Bimmer Performance Center). They have a built engine package with some impressive specs that will increase the durability and capability of the S63TU 4.4 liter twin turbo V8. Those looking into this package will be people pushing the motor with turbo upgrades. When over 700 lb-ft of torque at the wheels, peace of mind becomes increasingly important: Some engines will last longer. Some engines will not. There are many factors such as fuel quality, torque, use, mileage, tune quality, etc. If you drive around town with a turbo upgrade getting groceries it is not exactly the same thing as going WOT on the roadcourse for hours of laps. This is the list of upgraded components: BPC Spec Darton Flanged Sleeves – Optimized wall thickness for strength that far exceeds factory Alusil cylinders without compromising block integrity or cooling characteristics BPC Spec Carrillo H-Beam Rods – Rated at 1500 HP BPC Spec Diamond Coated Pistons – Thermal coated crown and teflon coated skirts. BPC Spec Total Seal Stainless Steel Piston Rings BPC Spec Calico Coated Main & Rod Bearings BPC Spec spark plugs They also offer these services: Engine Block CNC Bore & Hone Process CNC Main Bearing Line Hone BPC Spec Optimized Engine clearances Precision Balanced Rotating Assembly Cylinder Head BPC Spec Ported Cylinder Heads BPC Spec Valve seat machining CNC Cylinder Head Resurfacing Now, combining a built motor setup like this with a turbo upgrade is key. We saw the BPC built S63TU motor with their Borg Warner EFR 7163 turbo upgrade put out 846 horsepower to the wheels in an F10 M5 with preliminary tuning. They are shooting for over 1000+ and that is really where the upgraded engine components will be put to the test. How much does this all cost? Well, they didn't tell us. Expect to pay to play. The S63TU platform is poised to have a very big 2017.
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  • Kirk@DOCRace's Avatar
    02-23-2017, 07:40 PM
    Kirk@DOCRace started a thread DOC RACE Shop Update in N54
    I wanted to take a second and introduce myself to everyone. Newest member to the DOC Race Team. I've been around the BMW industry for most of my life, primarily FI and the E46 M3. My current daily driver is Stock 2007 335i 6spd, build thread coming late spring!! :music-rockout::music-rockout: With the increase in business we don't want to lose our enthuisiast first approach or the personal touch. So wether installing the kit yourself on the garage floor over the weekend or taking it to a shop to be installed, we're here to help. I wanted to share some of the projects we are working on and also remind everyone the N54 Turbo Kit is still on sale and in stock! Look forward to working with everyone and stay tuned, tons of awesome things coming down the pipeline this year! Just a few kits in stock We ship on Fridays Never to busy for a 2JZ Twin setup! Guess what this is for? One off setup coming soon for the boss!?!?
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  • ArmadaCT's Avatar
    02-21-2017, 12:57 AM
    Hi all Recently i took my 335 to the dyno to see what numbers it's making. Currently I have an intake and the Turner Motorsport ECU tuner installed. It made 306 hp and 282 tq, a bit disappointing but i know the F30 is known to run around 25 hp less than the quoted 300. The problem is that it turns out my car is running way too lean to be safe on the engine, it made a 14.25 on the Air/fuel to rpm graph, which the tech told me was expected at idling rpm, not under load. Returned my car to stock to make sure it didnt run any codes letting me know if theres a problem with my evap emissions system, nothing came up though. Made an appt with the dealer to make sure there isnt any leaks next week. Obviously step one is to remove the intake, if its pulling in too much air and for some reason the ECU isnt correcting for that by making the mixture richer. Its worth noting that I live at high altitude and air here is really light so tuning is always sort of risky around these parts. That being said though, how do i even proceed with modding? Wanted to at least run FBO with a tune to break the 400hp mark, but if mods result in my car running lean then am i just doomed to run stock forever? Could it be my tune and/or would I be better off with a cobb accessport where i can have someone make a custom map for my setup? Any input on my bombardment of questions would be greatly appreciated! I'm really at a loss here. Many thanks!
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  • alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
    02-21-2017, 12:46 PM
    alex@ABRhouston started a thread Want to Buy: N55 engine needed in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Any leads on an N55 engine? In Houston, can arrange for shipping to us.
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  • SpeedLimit?'s Avatar
    02-22-2017, 10:28 PM
    I wish they ran without passengers but cool to see the Laf putting in timed runs in the wild...
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  • bigdnno98's Avatar
    02-20-2017, 08:26 PM
    bigdnno98 started a thread MHD HELP NEEDED ASAP in N54
    Here's the story. I'm shipping the car to Italy tomorrow. I know they do emissions testing at the port to clear customs but I'm not sure how strict it is. I have a DP fix on the car now. Do I need to flash the car back to stock or will the DP fix work with the MHD map? I can't get the stock BIN flashed back on the car. The car started its life ILA0S. It's updated to INA0S. I have a stock ILA0S BIN but MHD won't flash it. I also get an error when I try to use the revert back to stock module on MHD. MHD says "file size doesn't match" please help!!!!!!!
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  • Enfiftyfore's Avatar
    02-22-2017, 12:08 PM
    Does anybody know if pure is still developing a single turbo kit for the N54?
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  • 4doorbmwpower's Avatar
    02-21-2017, 07:34 AM
    Looking for someone in the Virginia Maryland or D.C. area. PM me for details, right now looks like a new downpipe, may evolve into more parts.
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  • Djkr21's Avatar
    02-23-2017, 02:24 PM
    Hey guys...Unfortunely it is time to let this car go. Car was a blast to drive and deff turned heads and received plenty of compliments! Car has tons of mods, cosmetics, performance, ect... I was going to have a motor built by motiv and throw a doc race single turbo kit on, but I've decided to part ways and move to a different platform. The car will need a motor, as one of the rods let go. Like I said, I was going to throw a built n54 in but things changed.The car has the following: PERFORMANCE: Rb super evo turbos Rb inlets and outlets Vrsf Downpipes Motiv port injection Fuel it stage 3 lpfp Stett chargepipe and tail bov Vrsf 7in intercooler Split second pi controller Kw v1 coilovers New low mileage auto trans Control arms M3 race alignment ...prob more I'm missing COSMETICS: custom vinyl wrap (car is jet black underneath, perfect paint) 18in apex arc 8 with Michelin pss M3 carbon fiber hood Amuse carbon fiber trunk Mtech rear bumper with quad tips Tints all around Vinyled window trim Dtm style headlights M3 front bumper with cf lip Custom brake caliper covers INTERIOR: Black interior with sport seats i drive system carbon fiber wrapped interior trim *car has backup sensors as well Click the link for pics: is ready for someone to take home, it is perfect for someone who wants to drop a motor into something that is ready to go with all supporting mods. Pm me or text 630-400-4363 if interested. Located in Chicago, IL. Price is $14,000 as I have well over $10,000 in mods alone! No low ballers please. Car is in perfect condition. Clean title, no accidents
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    02-23-2017, 12:08 PM
    Now I know this doesn't relate to N54 but have you guys seen this: In this video the car seems to be dynoing around 500WHP, although the article above states that nearly being doubled. It's a pretty spectacular achievement. That this DIY electric matches some stage 2 N54 upgrades. When you think removing all the weight of the engine, transmission and turbo plumbing really does offer room for great improvements. You could say fuel as well but I suppose that's the batteries. I'd love to retrofit an electric engine(s) to my N54 to work along side the ICE. To fill in any areas of turbo lag and to push with the engine for greater acceleration. It must be possible to get alternators and capacitors to do this. I hate the dead feel of a pure electric. It has no sole like an ICE vehicle. Just like the people who drive them :awesome:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:13 AM
    A humbling experience here but a full bolt on Nissan GTR is no slouch. Neither is a BMW N54 with the Pure Stage 2 turbo upgrade. The E60 chassis is a bit heavier than your typical N54 and namely an E82 1-Series variant. Run what you brung though. This E60 belongs to BimmerBoost member @viperware and it is a strong car. His vehicle is a 2010 E60 535i with FBO, JB4, Port Injection, Pure Stage 2, RB Inlets, VTT outlets, and an MFactory LSD. It just wasn't enough.
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  • ArmadaCT's Avatar
    02-21-2017, 03:17 AM
    Selling my Turner Motorsports tuner, had it on for just over a month now, less than 2,000 miles on it! Perfect mod for a smooth but noticeable power increase, geared towards the daily driver who just wants a little extra on their commutes. This chip overrides the stock ECU for optimal integration and doesn't leave any traces when returning to stock, easier to install than other tuners on the market, with only three connections needed to be made. Turner quotes 72 hp and 90 ft-lb torque in gains with this module. Virtually mint condition, only been installed once, works perfectly! Asking $575 shipped, only to domestic us states. Accepting PayPal, so don't forget about that pesky 3% fee. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-21-2017, 07:49 PM
    The reason Teslas are so quick in the 1/4 mile is because they have a mountain of torque available instantly. That is the beauty of an electric motor. The P100D in particular as it is the most powerful Tesla offering rated at 760 horsepower and 791 lb-ft of torque. The horsepower is a bit overstated but the peak torque figure is considerably underrated: 588 horsepower and 920 lb-ft of torque on a Mustang dyno. That is likely over 1000 lb-ft at the wheels on a Dynojet. Compare the P100D numbers to a P85D: The torque and especially the horsepower figures are much stronger but as you can see everything comes down low and quickly tapers off. If 0-60 and stoplights are your thing, nothing is going to beat the P100D in Ludicrous mode.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    02-18-2017, 09:49 PM
    Welcome M157dubai, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-18-2017, 03:16 PM
    Well, a hell of a lot quicker. Which it should be as the McLaren P1 GTR is a multi-million dollar track special with over 1000 horsepower. The P1 GTR takes everything that is great about the P1 and makes it even better specifically to shave time off laps. It's lighter, more powerful, and it is not street legal. The Mclaren 675LT is street legal however and also a fraction of the price. It also offers a fraction of the performance as despite the 675LT being a rocket the P1 GTR trounces it by four seconds (as it should): It does so on a fairly short and tight track as well. A difference of four seconds in that context is a lifetime. You know what they say, there is always a bigger fish.
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    02-18-2017, 03:44 PM
    Hey cruzinspeedy: :text-welcomewave:
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    02-21-2017, 02:56 PM
    Welcome Bjonenson, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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    02-21-2017, 08:09 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum Thisisdudewhoru.
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    02-20-2017, 09:02 PM
    ArmadaCT, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    02-20-2017, 04:02 AM
    Hey Alexx4290: :text-welcomewave:
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    02-21-2017, 12:25 AM
    l3m, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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