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    07-20-2016, 03:41 PM
    The BMW M badge really doesn't mean much any longer. It's been diluted to the point that when you see it on a car and often on a non-M car it hardly even gets your attention. I mean, they put M decals and badges all over the 2-Series Active Tourer so BMW doesn't give a crap at this point. If you're going to sell out, sell out harder BMW. Make an M version of your new FWD 1-Series sedan. Let's just take a big piss on the M badge while lighting hundred bills on fire? Who cares? While you're at it, put M badges on some Mini Coopers too. Maybe a Rolls Royce M? Maybe start selling M badged toilet paper? That way we can truly wipe our ass with the badge just as you have.
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    07-18-2016, 09:01 AM
    While direct fuel injection brings with it certain upsides such as greater fuel economy and higher compression ratios on pump fuel there are downsides to the technology as well. One such downside is carbon buildup which you see on the intake valves. This is why walnut blasting to clear out carbon deposits is popular maintenance especially considering buildup can and will reduce engine output. Not to mention if it gets severe enough it will cause other problems. Newer motors are better about this (especially engines with dual injection systems where fuel sprayed on the backside of intake valves helps keep them clean) but anyone with a direct fuel injected motor would be wise to monitor their carbon buildup situation. You don't want that much gunk just sitting in your motor, do you? The photo is from carbon deposits removed from a VW TSI engine with 78k miles.
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    07-19-2016, 09:31 AM
    Running 10's in the 1/4 mile by the F80 M3 and F82 M4 platforms has been done over and over. The thing is, the cars doing it are all DCT (dual clutch transmission) models. There is only one exception and that would be this 6-speed manual F80 M3 from TPG Tuning. The car is tuned by Jordan of @RK-Tunes and runs a flash tune along with a BMS JB4 piggyback. The turbos are upgraded to Xona Rotor Green Turbochargers. Fuel is MS109 race gas. The result? Here: For some reason someone thought it would be a good idea to upload a slip at such a low resolution as to be unreadable but here are the numbers: 60 FT - 1.5399 330 FT - 4.5682 1/8th ET - 7.0202 1/8th MPH - 102.23 1000 ET - 9.1173 1000 MPH - 116.52 1/4 ET - 10.8695 1/4 MPH - 129.42 Excellent numbers and some great driving as evidence by the 60 foot, 1/8 mile, and 1/4 mile marks. Will this car be pushed further? Apparently E85 may be up next but with crank hub issues on the motor scaring everyone maybe they stop here.
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    07-18-2016, 10:14 AM
    Many in the Gen V Viper world would have you believe this is impossible. One such group is Calvo Motorsports and their tuner Collin Murphy who states a Motec is the only possible way to tune a Gen V Viper twin turbo. Is that because their Motec based twin turbo kit costs $55k and he makes more money tuning a Motec? The Stage 6 Motorsports Stock ECU tuned kit retails for $19,999.99. In other words, less than half the price of the Calvo Motorsports setup. Is a Motec worth another $35k? It certainly isn't providing double the horsepower: Stage 6 Motorsports hit 1002 wheel horsepower on 93 octane pump gas at only 9 psi of boost. This is tuned using HP Tuners which Calvo Motorsports and their tuner claim can not properly be done: Keep in mind many early on, especially those who were selling Arrow heads/cam kits, stated HP Tuners and the stock ecu would not be able to properly tune a Viper with an aftermarket cam. A&C performance proved that wrong by producing the world's most powerful naturally aspirated Viper and it is tuned through the factory ECU. Pretty much all Viper twin turbo kits use a standalone ECU but this pushes the turbo kit price of entry well over $40k. At less than half that price and with quadruple digit power with stock ECU tuning suddenly the Viper becomes a tuning bargain. Keep in mind HP Tuners is continually evolving as will stock ECU tuning on the platform (just like any platform) which is a good thing. Well, a good thing for consumers and not necessarily the bottom line of certain tuners such a Calvo Motorsports' Collin Murphy. When searching for aftermarket products it is often difficult to separate what is the truth from what is best for a tuner's pockets. In this case, it is definitely possible to produce forced induction setups on the stock ECU as D3PE's supercharger system already demonstrates. It's up to the consumer to decide if a standalone ECU and the features/benefits that come with it are worth the additional cost. Don't let a tuner mislead you into spending more than you need to. Don't dismiss the ingenuity and capability of tuners who tune on the stock ecu either.
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    07-18-2016, 08:50 AM
    This is a bolt on E82 135i from EMP Tuning. Just a full bolt on N54 running E40 ethanol and 17 psi. It goes up against some interesting cars including a supercharged E39 M5 S62 V8 with the ESS-Tuning kit, a bolt on Mustang GT, APR tuned MKVII Golf R, and the new Red Sport Q50 from Infiniti. Let's start with the first run in the first video. The M5 is said to make 500 wheel horsepower which is about the range for a higher boost (9 psi) supercharged E39 M5 with meth. The S62 engine is pretty darn old and outdated at this point and it isn't a powerhouse. Still, a 5.0 liter V8 with boost shouldn't have too much trouble with a bolt on 135i. The M5 gets crushed. Next up is a bolt on 2015 Mustang GT which like the M5 also has a 5.0 liter V8. Unlike the M5 it is not boosted and is running in naturally aspirated form. It does have an E85 ethanol tune. The Mustang does much better than the M5 and it is a close race. Basically, this goes to show that the Coyote engine is superior to the old S62 V8 in the M5. E39 M5 owners will remain delusional and sit on M5board thinking their cars are stronger than they really are. Next up is an APR bolt on tuned MKVII Golf R DSG. The Golf R has a smaller 2.0 liter four-cylinder compared to the 135i and the all wheel drive adds weight. In a roll race like this the 135i has the advantage. It shows. The final run features the new Infiniti Red Sport with its 400 horsepower VR30DDTT turbocharged V6. It's pretty stout as in stock form it puts down 374 horsepower to the wheels which means it is underrated. That is not enough power in stock form to beat a tuned N54 in a lighter E82 135i chassis. The Infiniti is going to need some upgrades and it will be interesting to see how the aftermarket for it takes shape.
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    07-16-2016, 11:51 PM
    Congrats to BimmerBoost member @allmotor_2000 for continuing to push the F10 M5 and S63TU V8 platform. As a quick reminder, this is the quickest and fastest F10 M5 in the world running 9.9 @ 140 in the 1/4 mile. Previously on Pure Stage 2 turbochargers he made 847 wheel horsepower and 862 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Well, now he has another 10 (11 if you round 857.99 up) horsepower and 14 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. He's not done yet either. 28 psi is a lot of boost but somebody has to be the one to crack that 9XX wheel horsepower barrier. This still is a 1000+ horsepower M5 at the crank which is incredible. Looks like he'll be breaking his own 1/4 mile record soon and it will be interesting to see if any more power can be squeezed out or if Pure Turbos has something else up their sleeves for the S63TU.
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    07-18-2016, 11:27 AM
    Well, this is big news in the M156 V8 scene! To be honest, the M156 V8 aftermarket became somewhat boring with no new developments and only superchargers available. That is all about to change with Eurocharged bringing a W204 C63 AMG twin turbo kit to market. You might be saying, didn't someone else try to turbocharge the M156/M159 platform? Yes, back in 2012 World Motorsports talked a bit of trash on the forums about their SLS AMG M159 turbo kit but that project ended with a whimper and has not been heard from since. Eurocharged's twin turbo kit will fit the W204 C63 AMG and they also started to work on an M156 E63 AMG. What are the specs on their C63? As follows: The engine is a built M156 (6.2L). - Custom CP Pistons (lower compression than stock) - Carrillo Rods - Custom ARP Head Studs - SLS Black Series Valve Buckets - CNC Ported Race Heads - 650cc Injectors The turbos are Precision GEN2 PT6062 CEA - Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing - 60mm Compressor Wheel - 66mm Wastegate Outlet - T3 V-BAND Flange - 3" Turbine Inlet Housing Their project car is a built motor W204 C63 M156 making over 700 wheel horsepower on 93 octane pump gas at 8 psi of boost. Impressive considering it is also lower compression than stock. In addition it has the following modifications: Tial WasteGates Tial Blow Off Valves Quaife LSD Custom Intercooler and custom fabricated piping Custom 7 gallon Intercooler Tank that is mounted in the trunk Built transmission rated at 1000 ft-lb. Yes, this kit will be available for stock motor cars although you can not expect built motor numbers. This kit is going to make over 800 wheel horsepower on the Eurocharged C63 but they simply ran out of fuel: They will add two additional injectors and go for 800+ soon. We do not have the dyno graphs yet as they are obviously still working on it and making changes: Regarding other M156 platforms an E63 is being built but a CLS63 will likely work as well. In theory the cars with larger engine bays than the C63 will work. An ML63 for example would be quite interesting to see. More details to come but this certainly adds excitement to the M156 forced induction scene. We should have dyno graphs to share soon.
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    07-20-2016, 12:12 PM
    Ah, these are always fun. The old M philosophy vs. the new M philosophy. The S85 V10 being the last ground up M engine design (the S65 V8 is based on this design) and a 5.0 liter naturally aspirated ten cylinder beast that revs past 8000 rpm. With the broad and flat torque curve plus high revs it has an incredible top end. The S55 by contrast does not rev as high and its torque curve drops off earlier. However, despite being a smaller 3.0 liter I6 the turbos provide a huge boost. Heh, get it? The S55 is obviously more tuner friendly and in stock form actually makes similar power to the S85 V10. The M4 is also the lighter car here with more torque and it has a DCT dual clutch transmission instead of an SMG sequential manual. What should happen is the M4's torque and shift speed advantage should give it an edge in the lower gears but the S85 will have the top end advantage. That is exactly how it plays out although it sure takes a lot of ground and going into sixth gear for the M6 to show its high speed advantage. It's a good and close run. If only BMW M boosted the S85 V10... but we can dream. E63 m6 smg Evolve alpha n Evolve long tube headers Eventuri intake Supersprint 1 & 2 section with stock mufflers Turner motorsports pulley 93 oct M4 dct JB4 map 2,downpipe and intake 65 roll - 160 + (m4 couldn't hook in second)
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  • DOCRace's Avatar
    07-21-2016, 03:40 PM
    Well this is as big as we can go with the current manifold design and location. Took the tapped out Comp 6465BB and installed the PTE6870 which is their newest bad boy turbo packed in a small frame turbo. I got the 1.15A/R which I planned on using with a built motor. Since that might not all be together for a while I was just itching to install it so I did yesterday. Note to anyone wanting to run this exact turbo (1.15A/R) with our manifold: It fits but you might have to trim the engine cover, bend the heat shield, remove some of the factory chassis glue. The housing is huge compared to the standard **66 1.00A/R. I made it all fit without cutting the engine cover and also installed the new DOC Race lava turbo blanket. First off I just want to say there have been a lot of horror stories about Comp turbos. I may have just gotten a lucky one but this turbo has been super reliable. The only thing that did annoy me was there was oil coming out of the compressor housing and made it look bad when I showed people the car. Other than that it made 750whp on race gas. I put a good 10K miles, some race but mostly pump and never had an issue with it other than the oil in the compressor. First impressions after install: At first start up it was a lot louder so I can definitely tell the exhaust is now really moving. Took it out for a spin to burn off all the oil left from handling the exhaust parts and yes, it has quite a bit more lag which is what I was expecting. Got it back to the shop, checked everything again. Also noticed that once I turned the engine off the turbo spun for much longer than the Comp. I would say it spun for almost a good minute. Took it out for another spin. This time took it up higher in rpm and boost logging everything this time. Again, this thing sounds like a different car. Much louder and again more lag. Was able to log a couple runs. A/F was spot on still so I feel safe enough to at least drive around town low boost. 4th gear I was about to reach 20psi at 3850rpm. I wouldn't say that's too bad. With the Comp 6465 I was able to get 20psi by 3300rpm. So forget about all this low boost talk, what does this really mean? I talked to Andy at AD-Engineering and he's going to try to squeeze me in for a tune also adding a couple other things that I will mention later :naughty: AD-Engineering and Horsepower Barn have a few cars going to Shift Sector 1/2mi race in Oregon in Spet. 10-11 which I will be attending as well so we will be seeing some fast BMW's out there. I will keep everyone updated on the tune.
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    Yesterday, 12:30 PM
    A 600 horsepower F10 M5 sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? Well, that is what this Competition M5 happens to be with its 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque S63TU engine. Is that worth the $142,696 asking price? No way in hell. First of all, the F10 M5 is underrated to begin with and already makes 600 horsepower although this version is slightly stronger. If a few more horsepower matters to you why not just get an aftermarket tune and considerably exceed this output anyway? The F10 M5 does not exactly hold its value once you drive it off the lot. All this Competition Edition happens to be is an M5 equipped with the Competition Package and a different tune for a premium. They might as well call it the Sucker Edition. Arbitrarily limiting this car to 200 units for Europe and offering a couple new paint colors is not how you make a special edition special. Yes, the US does not get this car but gets it own special edition that is basically the exact same thing showing this recipe is not unique at all. BMWUSA will offer 50 Pure Metal Silver M5's. This version also has 600 horsepower and and 516 lb-ft of torque which is an increase of 25 horsepower and 15 lb-ft of torque over the Competition Package. How does BMW arrive at this increase? New software. Why in the world would anyone overpay for BMW software they can flash into any M5? In the old days a special edition from BMW M required new pistons, new rods, a stroker crank, weight being stripped out, fancy air intakes, revised suspension components, new aerodynamics, etc. Now it's just new software with the same old hardware and people eat it up. They'll find 200 idiots in Europe. They'll find another 50 idiots in the US. You can't blame BMW for taking advantage of people willing to piss away over $131k. Munich. The BMW M Division has developed an exclusive special edition of the world’s most successful high-performance business sedan, setting yet another highlight in the current BMW M5 model range. With power output increased to 441 kW/600 hp and a maximum torque of 700 Newton metres, the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” ranks among the most powerful automobiles in the model history of the BMW brand (combined fuel consumption: 9.9 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 231 g/km)*. The BMW M5 “Competition Edition”, which comes as standard with an M dual clutch transmission featuring Drivelogic, sprints from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. A distinctive personalised look, the standard Competition Package and a comprehensive range of optional features render the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”, the production of which is limited to 200, an automobile of exceptionally high value. More power and further enhanced handling characteristics. The familiar 4.4‑litre, high-revving V8 engine featuring path-breaking BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology is the powerful heart of the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”. An increase in boost pressure as well as targeted modifications to the engine management raise the car’s performance vs. the production model by 29 kW/40 hp to 441 kW/600 hp. At the same time, maximum torque has increased by 20 Newton metres to 700 Newton metres. The increase in power output harmonises perfectly with the Competition Package, which is supplied as standard on the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” and noticeably enhances the car’s handling characteristics even further. The Competition Package includes, inter alia, a lowering of the vehicle by 10 millimetres and a firmer setup of spring and damper systems and stabilizers. In conjunction with this modified setup, the specific control setting for the Active M differential fitted as standard on all BMW M5 models ensures further optimized traction. Furthermore, the steering system with an M specific Servotronic function comes with a more direct control map, providing the driver with more precise response and further enhancing the car’s agility in bends. In addition, the M Dynamic Mode of the stability control system DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) has been further aligned to sporty handling characteristics. As a result, the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” guarantees typical M driving dynamics at the highest level both in everyday traffic and on the racetrack, especially when combined with the optional M carbon-ceramic brake system. Exclusive sporty and dynamic look. The BMW M5 “Competition Edition” signalises its extraordinary potential even when at a standstill. The exclusive body colours –100 vehicles in Carbon Black metallic and 100 in Mineral White metallic respectively – strongly emphasise the BMW M5’s sporty, elegant lines. And the 20-inch, forged and polished, double-spoke M light alloy wheels in a Jet Black finish and with mixed tyres (265/35 ZR20 at the front, 295/30 ZR20 at the rear) underscore the car’s outstanding handling characteristics. M Performance parts in carbon such as the rear diffuser, the gurney on the boot lid and the mirror caps set further dynamic accents. The high gloss black kidney grilles and side gills bearing the lettering ”M5 Competition” add the finishing touches to the car's premium appearance. High-quality ambience with sporty accents in the interior. The interior also underscores the uniqueness of the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”. For example, carbon interior trim strips bearing the logo “M5 Competition 1/200” indicate the model’s high-performance qualities and the fact that the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” is just one of the 200 that have been built. The sophisticated interior ambience is strongly characterised by the full leather trim Merino Black with contrast stitching in Opal White and floor mats in Anthracite with leather Merino Opal White bordering. Inside the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”, both driver and front passenger sit in M multifunctional seats, the comprehensive electric adjustment options of which guarantee a perfect balance between comfort and sporty lateral support. Here too, the white lettering “///M5” embroidered on the headrests emphasises the car’s exclusiveness. Further equipment highlights round off the impressive appearance of the ultimate high-performance business sedan: These include the 1,200 watt Bang & Olufsen High End Surround Sound System, BMW Head-Up Display, Comfort Access, Lane Departure Warning or the optional BMW Driving Assistant, heated seats at the front or the through-loading system. The BMW M5 “Competition Edition” is available from 129,500 Euros
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    07-19-2016, 06:41 AM
    The Ferrari 488 GTB with its twin turbo 3.9 liter twin turbo V8 is a big step forward in power (661 horsepower) and torque over the previous naturally aspirated Ferrari V8's. Ferrari rated the 458 Italia naturally aspirated 4.5 liter V8 at 562 horsepower. Dyno results showed less than the claim with 450 horses to the wheels. The 488 GTB makes much more power than this with 535 to the wheels. Whereas the 458 makes only 317 lb-ft of torque to the wheels the 488 GTB produces 495 lb-ft of torque which is a gigantic increase: With a tune from Fabspeed the 488 GTB picks up huge gains with an additional 77 wheel horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Very similar to the gains we saw from Powerhaus Performance and their 488 GTB tune except on a different dynamometer and with less torque gained early in the rpm range. While the 488 GTB may be rated higher than the 650S with 661 horsepower on paper it produces less where it matters. The 650S makes an additional 32 horsepower at the wheels but it has less torque than the Ferrari: The 488 GTB in stock form is actually closer to the 570S in horsepower: It is interesting to note that with a tune the 570S and 650S fall short of the 488 GTB namely in the area of low end torque. It is almost as if Ferrari knew they would have to leave horsepower and torque on tap for tuners to unlock to put it on par with the tuned McLarens. The McLaren motor is actually the high revver whereas Ferrari is offering uncharacteristic low end punch. It is somewhat odd Ferrari overrates the output of their V8's. The 488 GTB also suffers from a 21% drivetrain loss figure as he 458 Italia did before it. Obviously the car is not 'losing' 21% of its horsepower so it is simply overrated by Ferrari as the dyno output correlates to 630 horsepower at the crank. In the turbo era, we are used to manufacturer's sandbagging their output and instead of overrating it but Ferrari is Ferrari. Who would have though the 488 GTB would be a torque monster?
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  • Andrew@activeautowerke's Avatar
    07-18-2016, 04:48 PM
    Our AA Intercooler for your M2 is now available! After a couple months of testing they're finally ready for release. Our stepped core intercooler is available in raw aluminum or black and can be installed at home in less than 30 minutes. We tested it on the dyno back to back to log intake temps and the results are below. The baseline intake temp was 89 degrees and by redline the temp had climbed to 144 degrees fahrenheit. We immediately installed our intercooler and with a baseline intake temp of 96 degrees the temperature only rose to 118 degrees at redline. The stock car saw a gain of 55 degrees over the rev range compared to 22 degrees with our intercooler installed. Ambient air temps were 84 degrees and humidity was 67% here in sunny Miami. We test fit and inspect all units after production before shipping. Before each unit is boxed we attach our signature plaque of authenticity with a stamped unique serial number. We guarantee 100% fit and finish with these intercoolers and they're designed to install quickly and easily. Here's a photo of a raw aluminum intercooler installed on an F32 435i
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    07-19-2016, 08:22 AM
    There are some Porsche purists out there who do not like the idea of the new turbocharged engines for the 911 and 718 models. Porsche is pushing fuel economy and cleaner emissions so turbocharging smaller motors became an inevitability. Does this make the 911 Carrera worse? No. For purists who want the best response and most classic 911 driving experience offered today they need to get the naturally aspirated manual transmission 911 R (and good luck getting one). Those of who are not considered VIP clientele and do not have $200k to blow on a 911 will be better suited with the standard Carrera which starts at $89k although it quickly gets into six figure territory with basic options. No 911 model is a bargain but they aren't supposed to be. MotorTrend tested a stripper Carrera with a 7-speed manual. No fancy PDK and no rear wheel steering. It's as classic as you can get with today's 911 range. How does the car do? Performance wise it is very strong for its rated 370 horsepower. 0-60 comes in 3.9 seconds and the 1/4 mile takes 12.3 seconds at 114.7 miles per hour. The PDK should push the car into the 11's stock which is very impressive. As far as handling the car pulls 1.03g on the skidpad and beats the F87 M2 laptime at Thunderhill Raceway by 1.6 seconds. Why is the M2 being compared and not the M4? Because MotorTrend states the M2 is quicker around the track which is nonsense. A Competition Package DCT M4 will smoke the M2. Then again, a PDK Carrera will be even quicker than this manual version. Overall the 911 is still a 911. Sure, it loses some response and it may not sound quite as good as it did but it still sounds great. They tuned the Carrera for a linear feel and not for a rush of torque like the Turbo. It's a fantastic car.
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    07-16-2016, 11:32 PM
    I'm not sure what EVO was expecting here. Maybe they were blinded by British pride? The Jaguar F-Type R simply has no chance against the Porsche 991.2 Turbo S in a drag race. Not only did Porsche bump up the power on the 991.2 Turbo models the car is far lighter than the all wheel drive F-Types. They should have used a Jaguar F-Type SVR with its 575 horsepower supercharged V8 and its lower curb weight compared to the F-TYpe R. Not that it would matter all that much. The Jag is carrying almost 300 extra pounds and it uses an automatic transmission. The Porsche has 30 more horses, an additional 51 lb-ft of torque, and a dual clutch transmission. Factor in the weight disparity and this one was over before it began. It's a rather ugly beatdown. The 911 Turbo S beats the Jaguar to 100 miles per hour by 2.1 seconds. That's an eternity in this type of comparison. The Jag is 1.2 seconds behind in the 1/4 mile at 11.7 seconds. No trap speeds yet again as they just can't figure this aspect out. The Jaguar is a nice GT car. A 911 Turbo rival it is not.
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    07-19-2016, 07:44 AM
    Take a look at this Alpha Performance Mercedes-Benz E550 Carbon Fiber Intake System. It sure is pretty, isn't it? For the suggested retail price of $3995.95 it better be. It also supposedly performs well with AMS claiming gains of over 40 horsepower. At $4k we expect performance and looks. AMS only backs up the looks with their photos but provides no proof of the performance gains. Sorry, that isn't good enough when asking four grand for an intake. This is what they claim: Exclusive Benefits 40+ HP gains 20% increase in intake tubing size 25% increase in turbo inlet tubing Wider and deeper air filter box with a 41% increase in cross sectional area Elimination of the air flow obstruction created by the stock paper filter cartridge A synthetic, multi-layer media filter with a MERV rating of 9 and 41% more surface area than stock Includes Carbon fiber upper and lower air boxes High-flow air filters Carbon fiber cold air intake tubing Carbon fiber air inlets Molded silicon couplers All necessary hardware for installation Detailed installation guide Applications W212 2012-2013 Mercedes-Benz E550 (RWD) W212 2014+ E550 4Matic 4.6L (often noted as 4.7L) M278 Engines Ok, that all sounds nice. However, a company like AMS should know better than not backing up horsepower claims for parts at this point. Where's the graph AMS?
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    Yesterday, 11:31 AM
    Anyone remember when some people said you can't boost the Voodoo V8 because it's compression ratio is too high? Yep, those people are dumb. Not only does the Voodoo V8 make insane numbers when boosted it doesn't take a lot of pressure to get great output. 4.5 psi is barely any boost at all. They could easily crank this up even on 93 octane pump gas. With meth injection double digit boost could be hit but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Procharger PS1SC, 4.5 PSI, and 93 octane: They state they will turn up the boost and see what it can really do. Expect an easy 700+ to the wheels. <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>
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    07-17-2016, 09:43 AM
    There is standard testing many tuners do and then there is running laps on the Nurburgring. There certainly is a big difference between dialing in a setup on the dyno and running WOT (wide open throttle) on a track that is 12.8 miles long. This level of harsh real world testing conditions is difficult to replicate and it is why many manufacturers and tuners have a garage at the Nurburgring. Renntech of course is local to the track and it is great for customers worldwide that their development on the computer as well as the dyno is tested on the roadcourse before reaching customer hands. Check out the video below of Supercars of London sampling the Renntech C63. It's worth it for the beautiful scenery alone. Car Specs: C63 (non S) Biturbo, 700hp, 900Nm (Turbo Upgrade, ECU and TCU tune, downpipes and custom exhaust), lowering springs, RENNtech 20" wheels on Continental Sport Contact 6 tires.
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    07-20-2016, 02:36 PM
    Incredible work here by Car and Driver who manages to deliver the kind of quality Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S review that only they can. This is a one minute review so you already know how much effort was put in but even more amusing is that it takes a fraction of that time to realize they screwed up. You have to watch it to believe it.
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    07-20-2016, 08:57 AM
    While the Germans might be struggling with diesels in the United States the Americans have some absurdly powerful diesel motors. Ford upped the game in 2017 for their Power Stroke 6.7 liter motor and frankly is just on a huge roll as a whole. How does 440 horsepower and 925 lb-ft of torque grab you? It's enough to tow 32,500 pounds with a gooseneck trailer and fifth wheel towing is 27,500 pounds. Basically, you can move the earth. Ford is producing some of the best sports cars, trucks, and engines in the world right now. ALL-NEW FORD F-SERIES SUPER DUTY LEAVES THE REST BEHIND; RAISES TOWING, HAULING, ENGINE POWER TO NEXT LEVEL -Most capability: All-new F-Series Super Duty can tow heavier trailers and haul heavier cargo than ever before, with maximum gooseneck towing capacity raised to 32,500 pounds on F-450, fifth-wheel towing capacity boosted to class-leading 27,500 pounds and conventional towing to class-leading 21,000 pounds; maximum payload now rated at up to best-in-class 7,630 pounds -Most power: 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 turbo diesel boosts horsepower to a class-leading 440 and torque to a class-leading 925 lb.-ft. for all pickup models – from F-250 to F-450; 6.2-liter V8 gas model offers best-in-class torque of 430 lb.-ft. -Most confidence: Class-exclusive smart technologies help make towing easier and enable increased confidence, including BLIS® with trailer tow, adaptive cruise control that works with the heaviest trailers, and Trailer Reverse Guidance to help back trailers up DEARBORN, Mich., July 18, 2016 – Ford, America's truck leader, is taking heavy-duty trucks to the next level with the all-new 2017 F-Series Super Duty – empowering customers with the most towing and hauling capability and the most horsepower and torque of any heavy-duty pickup truck. Super Duty's enhanced capability starts with high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy and high-strength steel that help reduce weight by up to 350 pounds. Ford reinvested that weight savings in more robust components everywhere it counts to give customers more towing and hauling capability than ever before. Foundational improvements for every Super Duty pickup truck include an all-new, fully boxed frame that is more than 95 percent high-strength steel and up to 24 times stiffer than the previous frame to support increased towing and hauling. The all-new high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body is more dent and ding resistant than the previous steel body. "This is the best heavy-duty truck we've ever made," says Doug Scott, Ford truck marketing manager. "We listened to our customers and created the toughest, smartest and most capable Super Duty ever." The future of towing is now The 2017 Super Duty is the undisputed leader in towing, offering available best-in-class performance in all towing categories, plus smart technology no other competitor has to enable greater confidence when towing. Ford F-450 Super Duty SuperCrew 4x4 now features a maximum gooseneck tow rating of 32,500 pounds – 1,290 pounds more than its nearest competitor, a regular cab two-door pickup. Maximum fifth-wheel towing is increased to 27,500 – 2,500 pounds better than the nearest competitor. Maximum conventional towing is increased to 21,000 pounds – 1,000 pounds better than the nearest competitors' trucks and without the need for a weight-distributing hitch. Maximum conventional towing with F-250, with the all-new trailer tow package, and F-350 single-rear wheel are increased to a class-leading 18,000 pounds. Maximum gross combined weight rating for truck and trailer now tops out at a class-leading 41,800 pounds. That is more than half the maximum weight of an 18-wheeler semi-tractor trailer combination on most federal highways. This industry-defining capability is matched by never-before-seen towing technology. Super Duty is the first truck to offer adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support for heavy trailers, allowing truckers to traverse steep mountain grades while maintaining speed – even with a trailer weighing 32,500 pounds. A center high-mounted stop lamp camera provides visibility into the cargo box, which is especially helpful when hooking up gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers. An Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System uses four digital, high-definition cameras to give the driver a 360-degree bird's-eye view surrounding Super Duty. Trailer Reverse Guidance provides visual cues and tips to help ease backing up a trailer. A first-ever factory-available trailer camera can be custom-placed on a trailer to improve visibility backing up. Trailer towing customers benefit from a segment-first in-cab trailer tire pressure monitoring system, accessible from the comfort of the cab while stopped or on the highway. Blind Spot Information System with trailer tow is optimized for Super Duty to include the length of the trailer up to 33 feet long; BLIS® uses radar sensors in the taillamps to monitor areas that may not be visible to the driver. Payload dominance Super Duty can haul more than any other heavy-duty pickup. Maximum payload of the 2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 is 7,630 pounds – more than any competitor, period. F-250 Super Duty boasts the same dominance over its peers; with maximum payload of 4,200 pounds, it can haul more than 600 pounds over its nearest competitor. More power than ever The Ford-designed, Ford-engineered, Ford-built second-generation 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 turbo diesel that powers Super Duty now delivers a best-in-class combination of 440 horsepower and a staggering 925 lb.-ft. of torque. That power is standard for every Super Duty diesel pickup – from F-250 to F-450 – without requiring special tuning or unique hardware. The standard 6.2-liter V8 now offers best-in-class torque among gasoline engines of 430 lb.-ft., with standard 385 horsepower. Both diesel and gasoline engines are backed by the TorqShift six-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission for reliable and efficient cross-country towing. The F-250 pickup with 6.2-liter V8 and all-new TorqShift-G six-speed automatic delivers improved fuel economy and capability for three-quarter-ton Super Duty customers. Ford has redefined leadership in the heavy-duty pickup truck market, delivering never-before-seen productivity for today's heavy-duty truck customer. The 2017 F-Series Super Duty is a purpose-built machine for getting work done faster, smarter and more efficiently. The all-new Super Duty goes on sale this fall.
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    07-21-2016, 02:13 PM
    BenzBoost welcomes EPD Motorsports as its newest vendor and they are starting things off with a bang showcasing what their M133 Stage 3 turbo upgrade is capable of. On their GLA45 AMG project car they managed a world record 100-200 kph (62-124 mph) sprint of 7.4 seconds. That's fast! Also a world record: What is providing this performance? Here are the specs: - Frequency Intelligent Exhaust system - AMS intake - Aquamist Methanol injection system - Willall Racing Intercooler - EPD Motorsports Stage 3 turbocharger upgrade (included water and oil lines) - CSPT Flash tune They are managing to hit an incredible 36 psi of boost with their turbo upgrade. Pictures of the turbo below: Very impressive results for the $3800 asking price for the turbocharger which includes oil and water lines ($900 core charge). Great stuff here and we look forward to seeing what else EPD Motorsports brings to the table.
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    07-20-2016, 09:01 PM
    This is an incredible little Evo here. This is a stock motor Evo 9 with a GT35R turbocharger tuned by Slowpoke Tuning. On E85 it makes 605 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. That is nowhere near the power a By Design Stage IV Porsche 991.1 Turbo S makes. PorscheBoost member @Markblackwell recently went over 144 miles per hour in the 1/4 mile with his By Design Stage IV Turbo S so that gives you an idea of just how fast the package is. Yet this Evo 9 without the benefit of a fancy PDK gearbox goes toe to toe with the Porsche Turbo S. Yes, it is stripped out and definitely lighter but the driver really has to row the gears. A very impressive Evo. Here is its graph:
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    07-16-2016, 11:00 PM
    Very impressive results here from a C6 Corvette ZR1 which managed to top 800 wheel horsepower on the factory LS9 blower. Considering the factory blower is an Eaton roots unit at 2.3 liters that is an incredible amount of power to squeeze out of it. It is considerably larger than the C7 Z06 supercharger so there is also that aspect to factor in. Regardless, the numbers are 809 horsepower and 779 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on the stock shortblock: What are the specs of the Stage IV Advanced Modern Performance package? They didn't share the details for whatever reason. Impressive results regardless.
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    07-19-2016, 03:42 PM
    Prior Design is known for their widebody kits. They definitely catch attention and some are better executed than others. In this instance, the Porsche Macan definitely picks up a bit of aggression with the flared fenders and other body pieces. The PD600M kit consists of the following: PD600M WB Front Bumper PD600M WB Heckdiffusor PD600M WB Side Skirts PD600M WB Front Widenings PD600M WB Rear Widenings PD600M WB Roof Spoiler PD600M WB Front Fenders The result on a red Macan is striking and 22 inch Vossen wheels help fill out the large arches. Is it for everyone? No. But for those who want to stand out, this kit will certainly provide that effect.
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    07-20-2016, 07:59 PM
    Lexus with their 2016 GS F basically gets a sport sedan participation award. This website mocked the GS F as arriving in time to fight in last generation's luxury mid-size sport sedan battle. It honestly isn't even good enough to come out on top with the previous gen cars let alone the current crop of forced induction beasts. Why even bother comparing the CTS-V to the GS F? The Lexus actually would stack up better against the CTS V-Sport and its 420 horsepower 3.6 liter twin turbo V6 except the V-Sport also saves you $25k to boot. If I were Cadillac I'd be insulted that a weak bottom feeder like the GS F is being compared to arguably the best in class CTS-V. Look at these numbers. It's a joke. The CTS-V has almost 200 more horsepower and 240 lb-ft more torque which also arrives a hell of a lot earlier thanks to the blower. The GS F has a smaller 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V8. It isn't even good enough to top BMW's last generation 5.0 liter S85 V10 which has more power at 507 horses (and a better torque curve with higher revs) or the Mercedes-AMG M156 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8. Both naturally aspirated German engines have since been replaced by even more powerful twin turbo V8's. Did we mention the GS F engine is a joke? Especially when you factor in the GS F is the same money as the CTS V. Why would anyone opt for the GS F? Because they like stupid looking boy racer tailpipes and paying more money for less of a car? Maybe GS F owners are scared of torque? The Lexus can't even do a burnout. Which is nice of course so you can take a nap while at the wheel since the car will bore you to sleep. If you want to waste 26 minutes watching MotorTrend compare the two feel free. We have better things to do than entertain the absurd notion of a GS F being competition for the CTS-V.
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    07-19-2016, 08:52 AM
    Nice numbers here from a 2013 Nissan GTR with SiR (Spray It Racing) USM turbochargers. We have not heard of SiR before so it was pleasantly surprising to see such nice numbers out of their $3900 USM turbochargers. They state you can get over 900 wheel horsepower out of these turbochargers but considering this is a stock internal VR38DETT car seeing 691 at all four wheels on 17 psi is plenty impressive. Especially if you want to not start breaking things. Specs: SiR USM Turbos ETS Street FMIC Got Boost Intercooler piping Got Boost Flex Fuel kit Injector Dynamics ID1300 cc injectors Aeromotive 325 fuel pumps Got Boost 3″ Intake COBB V3 Accessport with transmission Flashing (Including custom features: ECU Traction Control, Rolling Boost, Map Switching) Full catless turboback exhaust How much further can they push the factory engine? That's a good question. Boost Controlled Performance who tuned the car created three E85 maps and made sure not to go much over 600 lb-ft at the wheels to preserve the factory rods: Strong, safe, and reliable numbers.
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    07-18-2016, 04:41 PM
    Now this is impressive! However, there will no doubt be someone who says a 7:28 lap is the same time the BMW F82 M4 GTS hits so what is the big deal? The big deal is that the Huracan laptime by Sport Auto is an independent magazine time and not a manufacturer time. That means no tuning software games, no special tire games, and no stripping out weight. This is what the production car is really capable of. If you want to know the reasons as to why this is a big deal read last week's article on manufacturers bullshitting Nurburgring times. If the standard Huracan can do a 7:28 what will the upcoming Superleggera version do? We can't wait to find out.
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    Yesterday, 11:52 AM
    PorscheBoost is in love with the 911 R. What's not to like? It's the purest 911 driving experience in the Porsche lineup today. It is also absurdly expensive, very rare, and has the most powerful direct injected naturally aspirated flat-6 Porsche ever built. We can not hate it for being spectacular just because getting our hands on it is next to impossible. Just listen to this thing. Sport Auto in Germany got to play with it and they pushed it on the track, mountain roads, and also ran it to its top speed. They hit 318 kph in 6th gear. That works out to an incredible 197.6 miles per hour. The autobahn must be fun.
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    07-17-2016, 10:24 AM
    A very simple race video here. It is not the best recording but it does show the massive difference between a supercharged 1st gen R8 V10 which makes roughly 650 AWHP and a naturally aspirated R8 V10. The thing is, the naturally aspirated R8 V10 is the 2nd gen car which is much faster thanks to being lighter, having more power, and the addition of a dual clutch transmission. It doesn't matter. The ESS whipple supercharged R8 pulls it easily. Now imagine a 2.9 liter whipple blower on the second gen car..
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    07-19-2016, 07:11 AM
    BMW keeps pushing front wheel drive variants. Many of you will not care as the argument will be what does it matter if BMW keeps producing rear wheel drive cars? Well, it shows this company just no longer places the same value on driving dynamics as they do profit. BMW stated they would never do front wheel drive layouts. They mocked the idea. They made fun of their competitors with front wheel drives. Well, who's laughing now? We are. Building 'M' SUV's is one thing. Putting a BMW badge on products originally designed for MINI is something else entirely. BimmerBoost readers know this site complains and has complained for over five years about this FWD BMW trend. Here's just a few such topics: EMBRACE THE FWD - BMW AIMS TO SELL A MILLION FRONT WHEEL DRIVE CARS PER YEAR OFF ONE PLATFORM SHARED WITH MINI BMW SENIOR BOARD MEMBER IAN ROBERTSON DEFENDS BMW GOING TO FRONT WHEEL DRIVE BY COMPARING BMW TO... MINI? NEXT GENERATION BMW X1 WILL BE FRONT WHEEL DRIVE AND SHARE ITS PLATFORM WITH THE MINI COUNTRYMAN BMW PLANS TO ADD A FRONT WHEEL DRIVE 1-SERIES SEDAN TO THE LINEUP M BADGES ON A FRONT WHEEL DRIVE BMW AND NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE - BMW 2-SERIES ACTIVE TOURER M SPORT THE FRONT WHEEL DRIVE MINI SHARED PLATFORM ERA OF BMW BEGINS - 0 SERIES? .5 SERIES? What is there to be surprised about? This was all planned and we all knew it was coming. Once BMW got a taste of the cash flow by rebadging MINI's as BMW's it was the beginning of the end. This front wheel drive 1-Series sedan will only be sold in China (for now) where car ownership as a status symbol is still relatively new. They will eat up a front wheel drive 1-Series sedan. Those people even buy knockoff BMW's. It's only a matter of time before similar FWD BMW's are sold in the USA. It doesn't matter. The BMW that made fun of FWD and produced driver's cars is dead. It's time to bury it.
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    07-17-2016, 06:31 AM
    Tri-turbo McLaren setups? That certainly will get you some interest. HyperCar Developments is building such a system which you can see a few picture of below. Their solution for big power seems to be leaving the stock M838T turbos in place and then adding a big single turbocharger in the rear of the engine bay. Interesting, certainly. They say they have packages that are good for 1500+ horsepower. The thing is, they only have a dyno of their Phase I package available. There is a video of one of their higher horsepower triple turbocharged packages on the dyno but no graph: Are they getting a bit ahead of themselves? Considering they have only shown 711 wheel horsepower on a SuperFlow dyno which is their Phase I package? Before anyone signs up for 1500+ horsepower out of their McLaren HyperCar Developments they better show they can deliver it. 711 wheel horsepower has been done by others and then some to date. This certainly is interesting and McLarenBoost will be watching closely. Hopefully some results for their tri-turbo packages will be posted soon.
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