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    12-06-2017, 04:00 PM
    Carwow got their hands on the new F90 M5 and did some GPS testing. First, keep in mind that these are not real dragstrip times. Secondly, keep in mind it is Carwow who for the life of them can not figure out what a trap speed is. They get a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds and 11.1 seconds for the 1/4 mile. They say this is 'faster' than the Mercedes because they got an 11.2 out of it. It is quicker, not faster. Well, this is just overall poor testing. For one, the Mercedes was tested in different conditions. Two, no trap speeds. Also, since this is not done on a dragstrip we can not compare 60 foot times to see how the launch affected the elapsed time. Why are they not going to the hundredth on the times either? Overall since this is very early in the lifespan of the F90 M5 we are hungry for whatever metrics we can get. Is the F90 M5 quicker and faster than the Mercedes-AMG E63 S? Probably. They are likely so close that if you want to win you need to make sure you have a tune. In that respect, the AMG starts out ahead of the M5 just as it did last generation.
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    12-07-2017, 08:13 PM
    Sport Auto got their hands on two of the world's best track cars and took them to the Hockenheim in Germany for a laptime comparison. You may remember that the Lamborghini Huracan Performante briefly held the Nurburgring production car laptime record. That was until the 911 GT2 RS took the Nurburgring record with an insane 6:47.3 laptime. How do they fare on a smaller track going head to head in the same conditions? Like this: The GT2 RS time is out of this world. It did not just beat every other car Sport Auto tested it crushed them. That includes the Huracan Performante which is the second quickest they have ever tested. Porsche did not pull any punches. They set out to build the world's top track car and they succeeded.
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    12-06-2017, 06:31 PM
    The N54 turbo upgrade market is seemingly flooded with various 'cast' upgrades. It is somewhat tough to sift through all the options and determine which are worth the money and which are just cheap junk made from 'chineseum' material. The MMP upgrade sure looks to be worth the money. Mauricio over at @MM Performance has worked on these turbochargers for quite some time. They are coming together very nicely. BimmerBoost last wrote about this upgrade in July, 2016 where the bang for the buck aspect was touted. Since then the market was flooded with cheap cast options many of which are from overseas. The MMP option sure looks good at this stage: Beautiful, right? So how far away are we from them actually being for sale? The question remains, is this the best cast N54 turbo upgrade option on the market? We will know the answer very soon.
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    12-06-2017, 12:18 AM
    AMS released their upgraded intercoolers for the Porsche 991.2 as if right on cue. With more and more tuning taking place thanks to the ECU unlock the cars are quickly getting heat soaked when pushed. One tuner told Porscheboost they will not offer their Stage 2 tune without intercoolers. Fortunately, AMS offers a solution. The Alpha Performance Porsche 991.2 Carrera Intercooler System features cores 50% larger than stock. The cores are 120mm thick and offer a fin density of 20 fins per inch. They also include carbon fiber intercooler ducts: We do not disagree with any of that and PorscheBoost definitely intends to explore this option for the Project 991.2. We just wish there was more data to accompany this release as AMS provided with their 997.2 Turbo intercooler release. For $2899.95 potential buyers definitely want to see as much data as possible before pulling the trigger. It is certain the factory system is already being overwhelmed with aggressive tuning as PorscheBoost saw in its own testing.
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    12-06-2017, 04:41 PM
    Some good natured ribbing took place when Weistec recently ran 10's tune only in their W213 E63 AMG S. APR noticed the run of course and mentioned lining up against an APR tuned RS7. Weistec shot back with asking how big of a head start APR would need. You can read the exchange here: This of course got us comparing times for both platforms for fun. The truth is the German mid-size sport sedan class is more similar than it has ever been. The RS7 and E63 both have similar 4.0 liter turbo V8 motors, both are all wheel drive, and both weigh about the same. It is important to note that the RS7 does have a significant tune only lead. APR gets 10.4 @ 132 with just their Stage I tune out of the RS7. The truth is the top 1/4 mile car from the previous generation with just software alone was the RS7. It's ironic that the machine with the smallest engine in the class topped 5.5 liter and 4.4 liter rivals from Mercedes and BMW respectively. The C7 RS7 looks like it will still be the tune only champ compared to the new F90 M5 and W213 E63 S. Weistec had a good response: With upgraded turbos the RS7 does not stand much of a chance. Speaking of which, why is the RS7 seemingly stuck tuning stock turbochargers? There still is little in the way of results for 4.0 TFSI's with aftermarket turbo upgrades yet the car has been on the market for years now. The M177 certainly looks like it has the edge when it comes to the aftermarket in that respect. We will see what happens and you can count on BenzBoost, AudiBoost, and BoostAddict to bring you all the tuning developments on the respective engine platforms.
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    12-07-2017, 07:53 PM
    Simply excellent work here from Renntech who released their Stage I ECU flash tune for the M177 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 in the 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S. The gains are huge with the tune producing 773 horsepower and 778 lb-ft of torque at the crank. For those who want to see a graph with output at the wheels (like this website) Renntech provided the data from a Dynojet: The car is very strong stock on 93 octane pump. That is 595 horsepower at the wheels. Considering the factory rating is 603 horsepower Mercedes-AMG is clearly sandbagging and heavily. The horsepower and torque gains on the dyno are great but how do they transfer to the road? Well, very well: 0-60 comes in 2.79 seconds. 0-100 in 6.61 seconds. The 1/4 mile takes 10.88 seconds at 129 miles per hour. Keep in mind these are GPS figures but the car is stout. It is knocking on the door of 130 traps with just a pump gas tune. Here is how the Renntech numbers compare to stock: Performance Tests: Vehicle Upgrades 0-60mph 0-100mph 60-130mph 1/4 Mile ET Trap Speed W213 - E63 AMG S Sedan Stock w/o Launch Control 3.63 sec 7.96 sec 9.40 sec 11.76 sec 122 mph W213 - E63 AMG S Sedan Stock w/Launch Control 3.20 sec 7.30 sec 9.13 sec 11.24 sec 124 mph W213 - E63 AMG S Sedan Rt ECU Upgrade w/Launch Control 2.79 sec 6.61 sec 8.27 sec 10.88 sec 129 mph *If not otherwise noted, performed on non-prepped asphalt and with OEM, Street-Legal and/or Non-Performance tires. Data measured with Racelogic Performance Box. Take a look at the video below to see the car in action with launch control. The new E63 will be a stop light terror. For more details check out the product page:
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    12-08-2017, 09:03 PM
    Is anyone keeping score of how many people have been scammed or stolen from by Dime Racing up to this point? BoostAddict is doing its best but admittedly there are so many horror stories to sort through it is tough to keep track. The latest victim to come forward is Meister Werke Design + Technik or MWDesigntechnik. What happened? They ordered a very expensive Super Trofeo Race aerodynamic kit for their Huracan for roughly $30k. They were strung along and never received the kit. The money was taken of course. This comes in the wake of Dime being sued by multiple parties, Brian McLevis' Huracan horror story, ripping off Deeds Racing, oh and the Vehicle Virgins Huracan horror story. These guys sure love taking advantage of Huracan owners, eh? Easy targets with money so it makes sense from the scammer perspective. If only someone had warned people? Oh, that's right, BoostAddict did. It's a shame to read that yet another person was taken advantage of:
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    12-06-2017, 08:33 PM
    Congratulations are in order (again) to PorscheBoost member @NJ-M4 who seemingly doesn't do anything other than set records with his Porsche 991.1 Turbo S. Just last week he ran a 9.6X pass setting the overall quickest US record and a 147.12 trap setting the fastest overall US record. He managed to improve to 9.496 on a 1.449 60 foot: The mods are as you remember: Mods (chosen and installed by AIM Performance): ESMotor 71mm VTG Turbos ESMotor intercoolers AIM Lightweight Exhaust ESMotor headers IPD Plenum IPD Y pipe meth kit Lightweight Tecnocraft seats OZ Wheels Cobb tuned by @Emre@Esmotor The weather obviously helped with the density altitude at -519 feet below sea level: Is there anything left in it? We'll see but running mid 9's on the stock internals and stock transmission is quite simply incredible.
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    12-08-2017, 09:33 PM
    This is the same design that BimmerBoost covered in a previous article. Is this the solution that finally solve the nasty crank hub spinning issue once and for all? Gintani is releasing their crank hub fix kit at $1693. This includes their one piece crank hub, the crank hub bolt, and the crankshaft modifying tool. The real expense comes from the install. Due to the installation difficulty you should budget about two days worth of labor from your shop. Gintani is offering an install special at their location for $3500. Yes, that makes this crank hub solution a total of $5193 installed. It certainly is cheaper than a motor and easier than having to fight BMW on a warranty claim. What is peace of mind worth to you?
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    12-09-2017, 10:42 PM
    All wheel drive obviously adds weight. The main concern for enthusiasts with the first ever all wheel drive M5 is that the car will become bloated beyond belief. BMW assured everyone they would offset any potential weight gain with extensive use of lightweight materials. Well, they did not completely offset a weight gain as the F90 M5 is heavier than the F10 M5 but they at least did a decent job. Keep in mind the G30 M550i xDrive comes in at 4414 pounds. The F10 M5 is a fat pig at 4313 pounds and offers poor weight distribution. The F90 is not improving in those areas and likely will have more weight on the nose. While 4369 pounds is more weight than the F10 M5 the F90 M5 manages to undercut all wheel drive rivals such as the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, Audi RS7, and Porsche Panamera Turbo. Keep in mind these numbers come from an internal BMW document shared by BimmerBoost member @DANKimball. Let's see what independent weight tests show. If you would like further F90 M5 technical details such as the gearing, final drive, transmission codename, etc., take a look below.
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    12-08-2017, 08:41 PM
    If something is not broken, you do not need to fix it. Porsche is introducing a problem that does not need to exist. You may remember spyshots of the 2019 992 generation 911 showing off some of the interior design elements were posted a few months back. Those photos did not capture much of the interior including the shifter. The latest set of photos from Car and Driver do and they have us thinking, WTF? Seriously, what is that? Why does it even exist? The PDK shifter is perfect the way it is. How is one supposed to use the shift lever to change gears now? The only way to do it would be paddles and if the shift lever is nixed this takes something away from the interaction as well as the PDK serving as a manual alternative. It just looks stupid. Not to mention the needless cupholder as if the current cupholder setup being away from the shifter is not perfect as you are not knocking some soda over with your elbow when trying to shift. Maybe Porsche is going to an automatic? What other explanation is there?
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    12-05-2017, 11:51 PM
    Lamborghini finally got tired of feeding us teasers and decided to fully reveal their new SUV. It does not even feel weird writing Lamborghini SUV as it once would have. Everyone including Bentley is in the segment and VAG might as well share their SUV platforms. So what sets the Urus apart from the competition? For one, Lamborghini claims the top power to weight ratio on the market. Does that mean the Urus is light? No, Lamborghini just says it will be under 4850 pounds. To their credit, 4850 pounds is roughly 500 pounds less than a BMW X5M or Mercedes-AMG GLE63. Let's wait for independent weight tests before believing the manufacturer though. What about the engine? Lamborghini claims it is a new 4.0 liter twin turbo unit with 650 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. BoostAddict tends to think it is a revised version of the new Porsche V8 considering the bore and stroke as well as the 6800 rpm redline is the same. It should move well as Lamborghini states 0-60 comes in 3.5 seconds and 0-124 miles per hour flashes by in 12.8 seconds. This will likely be the quickest and fastest SUV on the market when it is tested. Not to mention the best handling. It better be as the base price is expected to be over $200k. One can only imagine what the depreciation on these will be. Will it sell? Absolutely.
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    12-08-2017, 10:40 PM
    The Corvette Z06 in stock form is very potent with its 650 horsepower LT4 supercharged 6.2 liter V8. The automatic models are quicker than the manual but from a roll shift speed is not as important as top end power as you spend more time in the higher gears. Not that quick shift speeds hurt as this DCT M4 shows. What does hurt is the big wing the M4 is wearing. A ton of drag which does not help performance. Yet, despite the drag, the M4 quickly makes up ground on the Z06 and pulls. The Z06 getting a nice lead partially thanks to the instant torque from the positive displacement blower. What does the Schmiedmann Stage 4 S55 upgrade constitute? Upgraded turbos, exhaust changes, upgraded intercooler, and an E85 tune in this case. As well as an upgraded Stage IV fuel system courtesy of Fuel-It! to be able to run straight E85. A fast M4 for sure and if the Z06 intends to take it he is going to need some upgrades of his own.
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    12-05-2017, 10:21 PM
    The W213 Mercedes-AMG E63 S is a 10-second car tune only. As you know, Weistec released their Stage I M177 ECU tune for the new W213 E63 sedan last week. They did not just dyno it but also took the car to the track. This is the result tune only on 91 octane pump gas: Full weight and street tires. Keep in mind also this run took place at the Famoso dragstrip in California. It may be winter in California but ATCO this is not. Even with 53 degree weather density altitude was 625 feet above sea level for the run. This is obviously just the beginning for the W213 E63 S but it is already showing what it is capable of with ecu tuning. 10.849 @ 126.58 is the quickest and fastest record... for now.
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    12-06-2017, 10:32 PM
    An interesting choice considering everything else that is on the market. Not that the Alfa Romeo Giulia should not be taken seriously as a fun to drive car. Namely the 505 horsepower Quadrifoglio variant which some argue is the best car in its class. BoostAddict feels the Giulia lacks polish. There were several reports that the car went into limp mode during testing. The Giulia also is not available with a manual transmission. The M3/M4 certainly deserve points over the Giulia there plus the M3 and M4 are roughly 250 pounds lighter. Not that the M3 or M4 deserve to be car of the year. Does the Giulia though? When you start to look at everything else available it is tough to make the argument for the Alfa Romeo. Especially with the new RS3 sedan on the market. The MotorTrend Car of the Year panel did not include everything on the market though. This is what they included: Lexus LC500 Tesla Model 3 Porsche Panamera Kia Stinger Honda Accord Kia Rio Honda Civic Type R Very impressive to see the Giulia is able to top vaunted competition like the Kia Rio and Honda Accord. Based on that field the Giulia Quadrifoglio should win once the price is factored in along with the performance. What a lame field though. 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia (Ti) Q2 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia (Ti) Q4 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio DRIVETRAIN LAYOUT Front-engine, RWD Front-engine, AWD Front-engine, RWD ENGINE TYPE Turbocharged I-4, alum block/head Turbocharged I-4, alum block/head Twin-turbo 90-deg V-6 alum block/heads VALVETRAIN SOHC, 4 valves/cyl SOHC, 4 valves/cyl DOHC, 4 valves/cyl DISPLACEMENT 121.6 cu in/1,993 cc 121.6 cu in/1,993 cc 176.4 cu in/2,891 cc COMPRESSION RATIO 10.0:1 10.0:1 9.3:1 POWER (SAE NET) 280 hp @ 5,200 rpm 280 hp @ 5,200 rpm 505 hp @ 6,500 rpm TORQUE (SAE NET) 306 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm 306 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm 443 lb-ft @ 2,500 rpm REDLINE 5,500 rpm 5,500 rpm 6,500 rpm WEIGHT TO POWER 12.7 lb/hp 13.3 lb/hp 7.5 lb/hp TRANSMISSION 8-speed automatic 8-speed automatic 8-speed automatic AXLE/FINAL-DRIVE RATIO 3.15:1/2.02:1 3.15:1/2.02:1 3.09:1/1.98:1 SUSPENSION, FRONT; REAR Multilink, coil springs, adj shocks, anti-roll bar; multilink, coil springs, adj shocks, anti-roll bar Multilink, coil springs, anti-roll bar; multilink, coil springs, anti-roll bar Multilink, coil springs, adj shocks, anti-roll bar; multilink, coil springs, adj shocks, anti-roll bar STEERING RATIO 11.8:1 11.8:1 11.8:1 TURNS LOCK-TO-LOCK 2.2 2.2 2.2 BRAKES, F; R 13.0-in vented disc; 12.5-in vented disc, ABS 13.0-in vented disc; 12.5-in vented disc, ABS 15.4-in vented, drilled, carbon-ceramic disc; 14.2-in vented, drilled, carbon-ceramic disc, ABS WHEELS, F;R 8.0 x 19-in cast aluminum 8.0 x 18-in cast aluminum 8.5 x 19-in; 10.0 x 19-in forged aluminum TIRES, F;R 225/40R19 93V (M+S) Pirelli Cinturato P7 225/45R18 91W (M+S) Bridgestone Turanza EL450 245/35ZR19 93Y; 285/30ZR19 93Y Pirelli P Zero Corsa AR Asimmetrico DIMENSIONS WHEELBASE 111.0 in 111.0 in 111.0 in TRACK, F/R 61.3/64.0 in 61.4/63.2 in 61.2/63.3 in LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT 182.6 x 73.7 x 56.5 in 182.6 x 73.7 x 57.1 in 182.6 x 73.7 x 56.1 in TURNING CIRCLE 35.4 ft 39.0 ft 37.0 ft CURB WEIGHT 3,559 lb 3,728 lb 3,808 lb WEIGHT DIST, F/R 50/50% 52/48% 53/47% SEATING CAPACITY 5 5 5 HEADROOM, F/R 38.6/37.6 in 38.6/37.6 in 38.6/37.6 in LEGROOM, F/R 42.4/35.1 in 42.4/35.1 in 42.4/35.1 in SHOULDER ROOM, F/R 56.1/53.6 in 56.1/53.6 in 56.1/53.6 in CARGO VOLUME 13.4 cu ft 13.4 cu ft 13.4 cu ft TEST DATA ACCELERATION TO MPH 0-30 2.1 sec 1.7 sec 1.5 sec 0-40 3.2 2.7 2.2 0-50 4.3 3.9 2.9 0-60 5.7 5.4 3.8 0-70 7.3 7.1 4.8 0-80 9.2 9.2 5.9 0-90 11.6 11.6 7.2 0-100 14.4 14.5 8.7 PASSING, 45-65 MPH 2.8 2.9 1.7 QUARTER MILE 14.2 sec @ 99.4 mph 14.0 sec @ 98.3 mph 12.1 sec @ 118.5 mph BRAKING, 60-0 MPH 120 ft 122 ft 99 ft LATERAL ACCELERATION 0.83 g (avg) 0.80 g (avg) 0.97 g (avg) MT FIGURE EIGHT 27.1 sec @ 0.66 g (avg) 27.1 sec @ 0.66 g (avg) 24.2 sec @ 0.85 g (avg) TOP-GEAR REVS @ 60 MPH 1,600 rpm 1,600 rpm 1,600 rpm CONSUMER INFO BASE PRICE $40,990 $42,990 $73,595 PRICE AS TESTED $50,035 $51,490 $85,495 STABILITY/TRACTION CONTROL Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes AIRBAGS 8: Dual front, front side, f/r curtain, front knee 8: Dual front, front side, f/r curtain, front knee 8: Dual front, front side, f/r curtain, front knee BASIC WARRANTY 4 yrs/50,000 miles 4 yrs/50,000 miles 4 yrs/50,000 miles POWERTRAIN WARRANTY 4 yrs/50,000 miles 4 yrs/50,000 miles 4 yrs/50,000 miles ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE 4 yrs/Unlimited miles 4 yrs/Unlimited miles 4 yrs/Unlimited miles FUEL CAPACITY 15.3 gal 15.3 gal 15.3 gal REAL MPG, CITY/HWY/COMB 21.7/37.9/26.8 mpg 20.3/33.3/24.6 mpg 15.8/28.5/19.8 mpg EPA CITY/HWY/COMB ECON 24/33/27 mpg 23/31/26 mpg 17/24/20 mpg ENERGY CONS, CITY/HWY 140/102 kW-hrs/100 miles 147/109 kW-hrs/100 miles 198/140 kW-hrs/100 miles CO2 EMISSIONS, COMB 0.71 lb/mile 0.75 lb/mile 0.99 lb/mile RECOMMENDED FUEL Unleaded premium Unleaded premium Unleaded premium
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    12-08-2017, 11:13 PM
    This dyno overlay illustrates what BoostAddict preached for years and continues to preach. Boosting a high revving naturally aspirated motor makes for a better power platform. Why? Because it takes less boost (and less heat) to hit higher output numbers and there is more headroom. This is a debate that raged in BMW circles forever as people debated the merits of adding forced induction to a naturally aspirated M car versus tuning one with forced induction from the factory. Just look at how this GT350 Voodoo V8 does with a 2.9 liter Whipple twin screw supercharger at 10-11 psi on 93 octane pump gas compared to a Mustang GT Coyote with a 2.3 liter Eaton TVS blower at similar boost: Night and day, isn't it? You will notice all the gains come up top past 5500 rpm. The better breathing of the Voodoo V8 paired with higher compression and a higher redline give it a power advantage of 149 rear wheel horsepower at similar boost pressure. Not only will the Voodoo V8 pull much harder it can be geared more aggressively due to the wider powerband. It is no wonder BoostAddict absolutely loves the Voodoo V8 and feels it is one of the best V8's ever made. What is there not to love about over 800 whp on pump gas?
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    12-06-2017, 04:11 PM
    When we say Pure Turbos has theirs hands in almost everything these days we are not joking. The Honda Civic Type R is getting attention from Pure Turbos and they are working on a Stage II turbo upgrade for the platform. What will we see out of the K20C1 engine? Well, we will have to wait but considering factory output is 306 horsepower from the 2.0 liter turbo we expect Pure Turbos to push it deep into the 300's at the wheels. You can also expect this upgrade to be a great value.
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    12-09-2017, 09:52 PM
    If you were one of those people wondering when McLaren would release a track-focused version of the 720S, well, here it is. McLaren is not shying away from saying this is the top track car in their history and that means it should have no trouble dispatching even the vaunted P1. Only 500 of these Senna models will be built and if you were supposed to get one McLaren already contacted you. For the rest of us people with the bank accounts of mere mortals we will simply have to watch what the Senna does from afar. What are the big changes? Well, the styling clearly shows you downforce is the emphasis. The wing is not for show. McLaren also revised the suspension, brakes, and wheels. Oh, and how about 800 horsepower? It is also lighter with McLaren claiming it is the lightest car they produced since the F1. Considering the standard F1 weighs 2500 pounds it is doubtful McLaren got the Senna that light. A good bet though is that it is under 3000 pounds. Let's assume that is the case. Less than 3000 pounds with 800 underrated horses and aerodynamics that will have it sticking to the ground means the GT2 RS might as well count the days until its record Nurburgring laptime is topped. Nothing is going to touch this car on the track. No production car will even be close. McLaren is simply increasing the gap between them and everyone else and nobody is going to catch them. Enjoy it while it lasts. This may be the peak for the internal combustion sports car.
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    12-09-2017, 11:12 PM
    AMR Performance recently did a Stage I dyno tune for a W205 Mercedes-AMG C63 S. The S version of course has a more aggressive tune from the factory said to be good for 503 horsepower at the crank. AMR Performance got a baseline of 452 wheel horsepower from the car. The torque figure is 450 lb-ft at the wheels and it is impressive how well the torque curve holds from 2850 from 5000 rpm. So what do the numbers go to after the Stage I pump gas dyno tune? 527 wheel horsepower and 575 lb-ft of wheel torque. The torque gain is massive: It mostly comes down low but there are gains through the curve as the turbos start to run out of breath toward redline. An additional 125 lb-ft of torque at the wheels from just a Stage I tune on pump gas is a very stout gain.
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    12-06-2017, 05:40 PM
    Incredible numbers here. Are you wondering if a 2.65 liter blower is big enough? Well, it is more than big enough to top 1000 horsepower to the wheels. Magnuson was able to get 1152 out of a Camaro SS LT1 with the Eaton TVS2650. Magnuson is showing great results with this blower from Hellcat supercharger swaps to supercharging the LT1 and various other V8's. They claim it is much more efficient of a supercharger: True reliable operating range to 20,000 RPM 33% higher flow than TVS2300 10% higher flow than a 2.9 screw 14% higher adiabatic efficiency at 14k rpm and 2.0 pressure ratio compared to screw 2.9 at the same flow 75F lower discharge temperature at 14k rpm and 2.0 pressure ratio compared to screw 2.9 at the same flow 26 HP less input power required at 14k rpm and 2.0 pressure ration compared to screw 2.9 at the same flow Hard to argue with the result: This setup is still being tweaked as the 8-speed transmission needs to be tuned and they dialed the boost down quite a bit when they hit the track recently. Still, at Famoso in Southern California they were running mid 9's at over 150 miles per hour. They did not post the slips however. As for the other details the motor is built and has an LT4 fuel system along with 8 multiport 65 lb/hr additional injectors. Hopefully they get it dialed in at high boost and we see what it does on the strip.
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  • Rob@RBTurbo's Avatar
    Today, 02:01 PM
    You are assuming the product is made in China. Perhaps it will be in a year or two or three but to the best of my knowledge it is actually manufactured in South America. Some items are Chinese made, but not all, although most all that have any fair market end up getting copied eventually. But when they do, or if they do, it doesn't mean it is the same quality whatsoever. To top if all off it is always very reassuring for the innovators to rethink making items knowing this is the mindset of the platform. Rob
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  • TEC's Avatar
    Today, 11:27 AM
    I don't deny that, However, they are only going to make so much money on this product as its geared toward a small niche group. The cost of producing this item in house would not make sense when weighed against the cost of the machinery to manufacturer the item. It would only make since to do this if you could find someone that could mass produce this item in large quantities for a low price...chinese made. With that said, unless they have a no compete or distribution clause with the manufacturer the manifold is going to end up being wholesaled to others pretty quickly just like everything else we have seen produced for the N54.
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  • F87Source's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:19 PM
    yup another reason why i went m2! I love this car and am looking to equip it in the future with your stage 3 kit or speedtech!
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  • Bowser330's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:18 PM
    Per the link in the above article, bmw’s stated weight of the f10 differed by the scaled weight by 73 lbs, here’s to hoping they did the same thing with the f90! Plus even if it’s close to the same weight as the f10 it’s a huge win because it’s a slightly larger more luxurious car and has awd.
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  • Juan@BigBoost-Billet's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:16 PM
    On the M2 it is a proven race engine as the oil pan and pick up system is made for high G's on cornering, as well as the M235R (same oil pan as S55) However a regular N55 does not have that oil pan and secondary pick up and suffers from oil starvation on the track. The B58 looks very promising and looks like it has potential for racing. I have gone to track days on our M240i and it definitely moves! The oil pan design on the B58 is good for the track and looks like the oil starvation problem is solved on this.
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