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    04-29-2015, 02:55 PM
    CAR decided to drag race the Audi RS7 and the BMW F13 M6. Now, the M6 is the lighter car. However, the advantage is in the RS7's court. It has an automatic transmission and all wheel drive so launching it as simple as putting your foot on the brake pedal, other foot on the gas, and then letting go of the brakes. Anyone can do it. The M6 takes a bit more skill and CAR does not seem to have it. Obviously a drag race is all about the launch. The torque these two twin turbo V8's put out is tremendous and the M6 will have traction issues. To get a good launch and actually make this a race the M6 needs drag rubber or at the very least the tire pressure lowered a bit and its tires warmed up to help. Obviously that is not always possible on the street and this result is what most people will see from a stoplight. The RS7 pulling away with no drama as the M6 fights for traction. Unfortunately, CAR provides no data on the trap speed or elapsed times for either car. Jump to to the 1:30 mark in the video to watch the obvious outcome.
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    05-03-2015, 08:11 PM
    Rebellion Automotive is based out of the UK and The Turbo Engineers home is in Germany. It makes sense for these two to link up to provide a big turbo upgrade for the M133 motor. Rebellion Automotive already offers their Stage II turbo upgrade which utilizes a modified OEM housing. What does this upgrade entail? We don't really know as only this teaser photo stating TTE460-R is provided. We do know that Rebellion is now moving to flash tuning. Their previous turbo upgrade used their piggyback box but now with greater ECU control it looks like some more serious turbo upgrades are possible. The Turbo Engineers does some great work so we know the hardware side will be solid. Just take a look at their Audi 2.5 TFSI turbo upgrade work. If the 460 in the TTE upgrade is anything to go by it looks like 460 wheel horsepower should be the target here considering the Stage II Rebellion upgrade that we assume TTE did offers 401 wheel horsepower. Either way bigger turbos are coming to the M133 platform from multiple sources. The more competition, the better for AMG enthusiasts.
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    04-28-2015, 05:40 PM
    The Porsche 991 Turbo S is a fast car. A recent test has the stock 991 Turbo S going 10.6 @ 130 in the 1/4 mile and we consistently see low 10's from bolt on tuned examples. That is not bad at all. The 918 Spyder though is simply on a whole different level of fast. The 918 Spyder is not turbocharged but its electric drivetrain provides a major torque boost. 431 lb-ft to be exact just from the electric motors. Combined with the naturally aspirated 4.6 liter V8 it makes 829 lb-ft of torque. Power is at 887 horsepower with the gas and electric motors combined. The 918 Spyder is considerably more powerful than the 560 horsepower 911 Turbo S. It is also roughly 250 pounds heavier but this difference is negligible at speed. It shows with how the 918 Spyder instantly pulls away. This is what a 145+ trap car with instant torque looks like going against a ~129 mile per hour car (PS guys, don't show your faces and the speedometer on public US roads as it can come back to bite you):
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    04-30-2015, 01:26 PM
    Fortunately nobody was hurt here and it was just an old Mustang anyway (kidding). This foxbody Mustang was torn apart due to a nitrous bottle exploding in the heat. This is not supposed to happen as bottles have pressure release valves but this valve failed. The result of that was an explosion that sent parts of the car into neighbor's yards. Just a reminder to take nitrous seriously. He's lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn't blow the welds on the intake.
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    05-01-2015, 10:26 PM
    These German vehicles may both have dual clutch transmission and twin turbo powerplants but their execution is quite different. The Porsche 911 Turbo is well known with its all wheel drive and twin turbo direct injected rear engine 3.8 liter flat-6 putting out 520 horsepower for $149,520. The AMG GT S in comparison is a value at $129,900. It does have less horsepower at 510 and slightly less torque from its larger M178 4.0 liter V8 at 479 lb-ft compared to the 911 Turbo 487 lb-ft. Keep in mind though these figures are sent to the rear wheels in the GT and not all four as well as the fact the AMG GT has a front engine layout. The only way to truly know which one is making more power and torque is to get them both on the same dyno at the same time. The paper figures don't mean much these days with automakers sandbagging. Mercedes positions the AMG GT S against the 911 Carrera S anyway based on its price. Keep in mind there is a standard AMG GT coming as well that will be cheaper to combat the Carrera. That means Mercedes is offering close to 911 Turbo performance for close to Carrera S and Carrera pricing. When AMG rolls out their Black Series version of the car then they will truly take the fight to the Turbo and Turbo S. The fact the AMG GT is a complete mismatch to the Carrera and Carrera S and is being matched up to the 911 Turbo speaks volumes. Is it time for people to recognize that the 911 range is overpriced for what it is? EVO takes both cars on the track for a laptime comparison. The 911 Turbo laps quicker but this seems to be predominantly due to all wheel drive traction helping the 911 Turbo put its power down earlier on a tight course. The Mercedes is said to offer greater steering response and chassis dynamics but once again this is not the AMG GT model designed to topple the Turbo. It's designed to topple the Carrera S which it easily does. The 911 Turbo laps the circuit in 1:15.2 which is 1.8 seconds quicker than the AMG GT and this is a lifetime on a short and tight roadcourse. If you expect the AMG GT S to beat the 911 Turbo for less money with less power and torque you are asking too much.
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    05-03-2015, 03:54 PM
    Does this really need to be explained to people? Well, it clearly needs to be explained to some people that parking on the beach is a bad idea. You know, because of things like rising tides and what happens to wet sand under thousands of pounds of pressure. This Scion FR-S owner didn't get it through their head so BoostAddict is doing yet another public service announcement. This Mercedes GL owner apparently thought they were invincible with all wheel drive saving them from any problems on the beach. You can't really use the Mercedes 4Matic if the car is buried in the sand though. You can't make this stuff up:
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    04-28-2015, 09:02 PM
    Well, another day another LaFerrari crash. This one is far worse than the LaFerrari that ended up in a ditch in France with mostly cosmetic damage. Yes, it's much, much worse. What happened? We really do not know other than something bad happened and the kid does not look too happy holding his head in shame. This is one that is not going to buff out and dad might take his allowance away. The poor kid might even have to drive a Porsche 911 to class now. Imagine the ridicule.
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    05-03-2015, 12:21 PM
    Big numbers here from a Sound Performance built E46 M3. This is hardly the first 1000+ WHP E46 M3 we have seen from them as last year an E46 M3 they built running a Precision 7675 put down 1071 horsepower to the rear wheels on the same Mustang dyno. Well they are doing 1000+ with a Precision 6870 on Ethanol using a ProEFI 128 for engine management. Pushing 34 psi of boost results in 1046 rear wheel horsepower and 865 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels: Impressive? No doubt about it. The car has a nitrous kit as well but the nitrous was not used on these runs. Here is the power and torque at the various boost levels: 614whp 506wtq @ 13psi 784whp 625wtq @ 21psi 967whp 738wtq @ 31psi 1046whp 865wtq @ 34psi Here are the build specs: SP Built 10:1 CR Engine Saad Racing Turbo Kit w/ SP 3" Boost Activated Exhaust Cutout Saad Racing E85 Fuel System Saad Racing Intake Manifold w/ LS3 DBW Throttle Body SP Direct-Port Nitrous Kit ProEFI Pro128 Flex Fuel Standalone EMS OS Giken Twin Disc Clutch Yet another 1000+ wheel horsepower S54 from Sound Performance and Saad Racing.
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    05-01-2015, 07:04 PM
    Great video here showing the difference between a bolt on tuned S55 engine and a turbo upgraded S55 engine. Now, obviously the turbo upgraded camera car is the more powerful vehicle here. We have seen the Pure Turbo Stage 2 S55 turbo upgrade show as much as 630 horsepower to the wheels. The camera car with the turbo upgrade is said to make 590 wheel horsepower. The JB4 tuned F82 M4 is said to be making 520 wheel horsepower. The race initially starts with the M4 opening a slightly lead (got on it early?) and the M3 runs it down and passes it up top. The Pure Turbos Stage 2 F80 M3 is clearly making more power and it shows. Great real world comparison:
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    05-03-2015, 05:40 PM
    The Dodge engineers were not kidding about beefing up the Viper V10 internals to handle aftermarket turbocharging. D3 Performance Engineering already showed us 950 wheel horsepower on the stock internals but they decided to crack the 1000 wheel horsepower mark. This is using their Prospeed Viper V10 twin turbo setup which we detailed last month. On a built motor, this could make much more power. They even have more room on the stock motor depending on how brave they want to get. There is a certain somebody in Florida who pushed 14+ psi and well over 1000 wheel on the stock motor. This turbo kit is not cheap but what other car is doing 1016 horsepower and and 972 lb-ft of torque on the stock motor without breaking a sweat? Video:
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    04-28-2015, 04:51 PM
    Automobile Magazine thinks they have the details on the next generation G20 3-Series which is expected to debut three years from now. The reality is they are just guessing and fishing for hits. That is the same thing their (terrible) renderings are doing. Just randomly guessing based on BMW precedent. Sure, some of it based in reality. Like the idea that there will be a next generation M3. Good stuff Automobile, you can see into the future. They state the next generation M3 will feature an electric turbo (that's an electric supercharger guys) and water injection for 500 horsepower. Ok, some nice guesses there. Might as well guess 503 horsepower, why not? They state the next generation 3-Series will be lower, lighter, wider, and offer better weight distribution with a lower center of gravity. This is all stuff we heard about the F30, didn't we? They do not mention the new B-Series of motors but instead say the current motors will live on. A bit of an amateur mistake there. Plug-in hybrids are expected but BMW is already going that route so that is just a natural evolution. The article is just a bunch of guessing and is essentially content for the sake of content. There is no concrete info from a BMW source, no rendering based on a test mule, nothing. You might as well ignore it. Just like the crappy renderings that amount to nothing more than a blind guess. Source
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    05-02-2015, 11:21 AM
    The MKIV Toyota Supra. A car that has reached arguably legendary status due to its reputation for making big power in the aftermarket. There was a time where the Supra ruled the highway and even today it is still a very potent platform. If you need proof just watch the videos below. This particular Supra is a single turbo build with a Precision 8685 turbocharger plus spray. Is it faster than UGR Gallardos? No, but it does beat a couple in the videos below. It does look like the yellow 2R Gallardo Superleggera is pulling the Supra up top but it simply runs out of space. The first video could be done a bit better as the races against the 996 Turbo and the other Supra aren't filmed from a good angle. The second video offers much better camera angles but only features two UGR Gallardos running the Supra. A very impressive Supra nonetheless.
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    04-28-2015, 07:23 PM
    The turbo four-cylinder performance market is becoming highly competitive. There already is the Golf R and the Mercedes CLA45 AMG. Ford is readying their Focus RS and Honda intends to launch their Civic Type R in the USA. Don't forget about Subaru either. Well, it looks like you will be able to throw Mazda in this mix as well. A Mazdaspeed3 concept is expected to debut at the Frankfurt auto show in September of this year if reports are accurate. There are not many details to go on but rumor has it that a 2.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 295 horsepower will be under the hood. That power could be sent to all wheels courtesy of a new four-wheel drive system. This model is not even confirmed for production so this is all early speculation but things are pointing toward a new Mazdaspeed3. If it is produced the turbo four-cylinder performance market just got yet another contender vying for superiority. It certainly is getting crowded. Source
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    05-01-2015, 06:40 PM
    Cadillac announced that they will price the new 2016 CTS-V at $83,995. The 640 horsepower LT4 6.2 liter supercharged luxury performance sedan of course will go directly against its main German rivals. Those being the BMW M5, the Mercedes-AMG E63, and the Audi RS7. Let's look at the pricing of those cars and we threw in a Panamera as well as the soon to be replaced Jaguar XFR: 1. Porsche Panamera Turbo - $141,300 2. Audi RS7 - $108,900 3. E63 AMG S (Mercedes no longer lists the standard E63 on MBUSA) - $101,700 4. BMW M5 - $93,600 5. Jaguar XFR - $83,550 The 2016 CTS-V certainly looks like a value in comparison to the Panamera Turbo but so do the other Germans. Is ~10k less than the BMW M5 enough of a gap? Cadillac should be playing up that not only are they the performance choice but they offer you the most car for the money. We will see how it sells. Cadillac already adjusted CTS pricing once due to simply pricing it too high. DETROIT – Cadillac announced today that U.S. dealers will begin accepting orders for the next-generation 2016 CTS-V, the all-new high-performance sedan that launches in late summer. The 640-hp CTS-V is the second of two all-new V-Series models to come to market in 2015, following the smaller ATS-V coupe and sedan,which launches in late spring. Cadillac’s new 2016 V-Series models represent a significant expansion of the brand’s elite, high-performance line. Not only are the new V-Series cars elevated in terms of performance, they now reach a broader spectrum of drivers by presenting two distinct personalities, size categories and price points. With a top speed of 200 mph and 0-60 performance in 3.7 seconds, the CTS-V is the most powerful car in Cadillac’s 112-year history. The 2016 CTS-V is priced from $83,995. Customers can place orders now with dealers and view additional product information at The CTS-V elevates into the elite group of the world’s highest-performing sedans. “V-Series represents the pinnacle of Cadillac, a brand that now makes drivers’ cars at the highest level,” said Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac president. “The new CTS-V is essentially two cars in one: a luxury sedan with sophisticated road manners and a track-capable sports car with awe-inspiring performance. This type of car is exclusive, the domain of the few who can access this level of incredible capability. V-Series matches or overtakes the finest cars in this elite class, while being more accessible.” Segment-exclusive, third-generation Magnetic Ride Control, the world’s fastest reacting suspension technology, is just one of many standard features and engineering enhancements offered in the 2016 CTS-V. The car includes a carbon fiber hood, Brembo brakes, 19-inch wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, driver-selectable modes for touring, sport and track driving conditions, and performance-oriented, sueded microfiber accents and matte-finish carbon fiber trim. Equipped with a 6.2L supercharged V-8 and an eight-speed automatic transmission that offers full manual control via steering wheel paddles, the CTS-V has more horsepower (640 hp/477 kW) and more torque (630 lb-ft/855 Nm) than the Mercedes-Benz 5.5L biturbo V-8 and the BMW M-series 4.4L TwinPower V-8. The smaller ATS-V launch will precede the CTS-V. Also track-capable from the factory, the 464-hp ATS-V features the exclusive Cadillac Twin Turbo V-6 and 0-60 acceleration of just 3.9 seconds. The 2016 ATS-V is priced from $60,465 and presents high-performance capability in both coupe and sedan forms. Editors’ note: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination ($995), tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment.
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    05-02-2015, 03:48 PM
    Nice runs here from some very fast cars. The SRT Viper of course has the larger motor with its 8.4 liter V10 offering 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque in stock form. This Viper is not stock as it has bolt on mods including a tune which should put it in the ~600 wheel horsepower range. The C6 Corvette features the 6.2 liter LS3 engine. The LS series of course is extremely tunable depending on how far one wants to take it. This Corvette throws a 150 shot on top of the headers and tune. Mods: SRT Viper Mods: Intake tune full exhaust LS3 Corvette: intake headers catback 150shot tune The Viper pulls easily and impressively up top in the first race. The second run is closer but it is due to the 'Vette jumping. Even so the Viper still reels it in and passes. Maybe there is something to having the driver mod?
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    05-02-2015, 11:44 AM
    In just a couple of weeks we will have the official reveal of the new next generation Chevy Camaro in Detroit. Chevrolet is doing a good job keeping interest high with periodic teasers. Last month they showed us some shots of the LT1 engine along with the headers. This month they revealed the hood and a portion of the rear. There definitely seem to be some Stingray inspired angles in the design. Also plenty of aluminum looks to be used in the frame. Chevy states the car will be leaner and will have to wait and see just how much leaner it actually is. If it drops weight and takes handling cues from the C7 Stingray this car is going to be a winner. Sculpted Exterior Reflects 2016 Camaro's New Athleticism 2015-04-30 DETROIT – For the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, the design team set out to create a leaner, more athletic design that complemented the new driving experience. "The Camaro went to the gym and came out with a lithe, more athletic physique for the sixth generation," said Ed Welburn, vice president, GM Global Design. "It's a more expressive evolution of the Camaro's iconic character – and one that complements its leaner size and sharper reflexes." The exterior design vocabulary is defined by complex shapes, which appear to be form-fitted around the mechanical components. Every shape and surface detail is a skilled, artistic collaboration of hand and digital sculpting. Camaro's new design details draw the eye into the design. For example, the new aluminum hood features powerful, smoothly curved sculpted forms accented with sharp creases. As a result, the hood appears to be shrink-wrapped around the engine. Similarly, the new Camaro retains the broad, dramatic rear fenders that became a defining feature of the award-winning Gen 5 Camaro. The design is updated with greater detailing, including a subtle crease running parallel to the fender edge. The effect makes the new Camaro look even lower and wider despite having a slightly smaller footprint than its predecessor. Chevrolet will introduce the all-new, 2016 Camaro on Saturday, May 16, during a special public event at Detroit's Belle Isle Park. Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 115 countries and selling around 4.8 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at
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    05-03-2015, 12:05 PM
    Autocar had a chance here to do an excellent comparison. EVO just the other day compared the AMG GT S to the Porsche 911 Turbo. This network pointed out that the AMG GT S is positioned more against the 911 models below the turbo such as the GTS Autocar uses. On paper, it makes sense. The 911 GTS costs $115,195. The AMG GTS S costs $129,900. It is clearly positioned against the 911 'S' models and the standard AMG GT will go against the standard Carrera. With its twin turbo 503 horsepower V8 the AMG GT blows the GTS with its 430 horsepower naturally aspirated 3.8 liter flat-6 out of the water. Just how badly does it blow it away? Well, Autocar had the opportunity to show us with a drag race in the opening frames of the video having the cars set up for it but instead cuts away and does not focus on it. Pardon the pun but they blew it. One has to wonder why they even bothered to line the cars up in the first place. Instead the video focuses on the vehicles on the track. Wonderful, right? Well, not really as there is no laptime comparison. Just like the drag race in the opening Autocar blows it on the track by providing no performance testing data. EVO actually provided laptimes in addition to the typical endless British babbling about the subjective. This 'Head to Head' has no actual head to head competition between the cars in it. Every opportunity to provide it is missed. It's just plain garbage.
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    05-01-2015, 08:22 PM
    Pretty much everyone is aware by now that the 63 AMG models equipped with the 5.5 liter M157 twin turbo V8 are incredibly tuneable. An ECU tune only makes a massive difference in the car and turns what is already an extremely powerful sedan into a torque producing beast. This is a 2013 W212 E63 AMG so it is the rear wheel drive model before the facelift that made 4Matic all wheel drive standard in the USA. The baseline is of a completely stock car without the Performance Package option on pump gas. 447 horsepower to the wheels and 454 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Certainly respectable power. After the Eurocharged ECU flash tune power goes to 583 horsepower at the wheels and torque rises almost 200 lb-ft at the wheels to 651 lb-ft. Yes, almost 200 lb-ft of torque gained just through tuning only on pump fuel. It should be a crime to leave this motor stock when you can get almost another 200 horsepower at the crank with just a tune.
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    05-03-2015, 04:30 PM
    On paper the Nissan GTR has all the advantages here. Don't get the wrong idea, the Audi RS7 is a pretty quick car especially when tuned. We have seen an APR Stage I tuned RS7 go 10.69 @ 131 in the 1/4 mile. On race gas the car has gone as quick and fast as 10.388 @ 133.54. Both cars are very tuneable with their twin turbocharged powerplants sending power to all four wheels. The thing is unlike the automatic RS7 the GTR has a dual clutch transmission. It is also roughly 600 pounds lighter. With bolt ons and ethanol it is capable of more power while weighing less and having the quicker shifting transmission. How does this play out? As it should with the GTR easily putting bus lengths on the RS7. Even if the RS7 comes back with race gas and a more aggressive tune this GTR is still going to win.
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    05-03-2015, 02:14 PM
    Well, that was quick. Last month an APR tuned US Spec MKVII Volkswagen Golf R went 12.011 @ 113.44 in the 1/4 mile. This network speculated the Golf R is an easy 11 second car which based on that result and that ROW (rest of the world) Golf R's have run 11's it is not exactly a difficult conclusion to reach. With the addition of an intake to the Stage I APR tune this Golf R hit 11.962 @ 114.62 in the 1/4 mile. The 60 foot time is 1.778 which is solid but will see improvement with time as well. The fuel used is not specified but this is not a race gas tune. Regardless, yes, the MKVII Golf R is an easy 11 second car with bolt on modifications.
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    05-01-2015, 07:40 PM
    With more 8L90 automatic C7 Corvette Z06's getting out there the stock times are dropping. This is the quickest stock time we have seen and it was done on street tires making this a 100% stock pass. An automatic C7 Z06 on drag radials went 10.384 @ 131.47 to give you some context. This is a great street tire result and even exceeds some drag radial times for the stock Z06. The 1.584 60 foot time is just incredible. Additionally, this is a Z07 package car. With more automatic dragstrip passes it is evident the Z06 is an easy 10 second car in stock form at roughly ~131 miles per hour.
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    05-01-2015, 08:51 PM
    Another GTR on the verge of 7's? Yep. The 1/4 mile record for the GTR currently belongs to ETS (Extreme Turbo Systems) with their 7.492 pass. They also cracked over 192 miles per hour of trap speed. This Iveytune GTR looks like it will be a strong challenger though as it gets sorted. This Iveytune GTR features the following: - Ivey Technologies Stage 3 4.1 liter built motor - Ivey Technologies Stage 5 built transmission. - Ivey Technologies Transmission brace - Motec M1 standalone ECU with custom tuning - AMS Alpha 16 turbochargers and race intercoolers - Boostlogic intake manifold - AMS drag suspension and MT drag radials The car even with the drag suspension and MT drag radials still spins a bit off the line. There is definitely a 7 second pass in it which means the number of 7 second GTRS is set to grow quite a bit in 2015. The GTR keeps putting up video game numbers.
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    Today, 03:43 PM
    Good to have more and more all wheel drive Dynojet graphs for context on the M133 platform. As everyone knows the 45 AMG models are slightly underrated right from the factory and the stock M133 turbocharged 2.0 liter four-cylinder manages 333 horsepower and 338 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. With just a Eurocharged ECU flash dyno tune horsepower jumps up by 43 to 376 and the peak torque increases by just under 100 lb-ft at the wheels. Talk about a major torque jump! At 3100 rpm the gain is 112 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. The area under the curve shows major gains from 1700 rpm on meaning this will feel like night and day. The gains taper off toward redline as the turbo does not look to have a whole lot more in it up top. Great data here:
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    Today, 03:31 PM
    That is what Auto Express is reporting but they may have gotten this one confused. The confusion stems from a DB9 test mule that has a button on the interior for the intercooler. The logical conclusion is that the test mule is turbocharged but that does not mean it is a boosted V12. This test mule has been seen frequently this year. Did Aston Martin really put together a new turbo V12 so quickly? The more likely motor under the hood is the AMG M177/M178 twin turbo V8 that Mercedes will be supplying Aston Martin with. The Aston Martin V12 is expected to live on and maybe it will get a pair of turbos. Right now it is just speculation based on a button in the cockpit. We know for a fact AMG will supply their turbo V8 to Aston which is the major difference here. A turbo V12 sure would be sweet and would offer an incentive over the smaller V8. Source
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    Today, 04:10 PM
    The internet is as usual making a mountain out of a molehill. This is all based on a quote from Cadillac Chief engineer Dave Leone who was asked whether Cadillac planned anything more aggressive than the ATS-V in the style of what AMG does with the Black Series models. He stated, “We might have something down the road that is a little bit more aggressive.” The answer essentially is maybe. Before jumping into hardcore track special models Cadillac needs to bring the V brand up itself. More V models are planned. Cadillac marketing director Jim Vurpillat stated, “There will be eight new entries in five new segments over the next few years, and we can see a V-series in one or two of those.” Expect more Cadillac V in your future. Do not yet expect something like the AMG Black Series lineup from Cadillac. The answer is simply maybe. Perhaps by 2017 depending on how the current model V line is received. Source
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    Today, 03:01 PM
    No prob! Sounds good, let me know if you need anything. Prices are pretty flexible now lol.
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    Today, 02:56 PM
    We're seeing engine failures for a reason. It will do 1000+ but it will take substantial work. The S54 is an iron block monster to begin with.
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  • Alpina_B3_Lux's Avatar
    Today, 12:15 PM
    German car magazines have written (more than one) that the steering of the AMG GT is too sensitive, i.e. hyper reactive which at high speeds makes the car more difficult to drive than the Porsche. They all seem to agree that the Porsche is the faster car but that the AMG offers far better value for money. And that the Porsche offers more day-to-day usability due to its all wheel drive and two rear seats (for dwarves).
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 PM
    The PWM trace is posted there. We might be able to drive up PWM a bit more at say 10psi and then drop it more aggressively as boost gets up to target. As it was it over shot a bit though. I'll play with it more next time I'm tuning that car.
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