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  • jyamona@motiv's Avatar
    01-11-2017, 04:10 PM
    The time has finally come to share some details on my secret N54 project. It's been under development for many months now, and had no shortage of both hardware and software (mainly software) obstacles to overcome. That said, a major milestone was reached this week so it's time to let you all in! Coming soon to a stock DME near you: Yep, real Flex Fuel. It is a fully implemented flex fuel solution, running on the stock DME! Dial your car in on pump (91-93oct), then E85, set the blending / interpolation curve tables, and be on your way. The benefits here are never having to reflash when changing ethanol blends again (or even worry about mixing the correct blend). Go from straight 93oct to 100% E85 or E98 on the same flash :) This is up and running on a few IJE0S cars now and works flawlessly. There is still some more work to be done, and of course porting to the other ROM types will take a good bit of time. Some hardware details are in need of finalization as well. More to come on those items in the weeks to follow. Some overall highlights and features of this accomplishment: first DME integration with a 3rd party sensor first large scale rewrite and modification of DME logic direct logging of Ethanol Content % in MHD separate blending / interpolation per table grouping seamless blending between maps for any ethanol content I'd also like to give a big thanks to @Chris@CKI for his help in testing and flashing my countless revisions at all hours of the day, and also to @martial@mhd for assembly code and hex conversion help along the way! In case you haven't guessed, this will be a module available in MHD similar to M-Boost. A thread is worthless without pics, right? The log was taken after a fill-up to a higher E content, and you can see the AFR target rising as E% goes up. 2017 is just getting started, and will definitely be the year of the stock DME ;)
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-12-2017, 09:35 PM
    An interesting upgrade option for N54 fueling is Fuel-It!'s bucketless LPFP. They have designed a special pick up that allows for their bucketless design. There are advantages here as for one they eliminated the need to modify the factory bucket and they provide a large increase in flow. Fuel It! describes the premise best: There were concerns regarding fuel flow when almost empty but this video addresses those concerns: Now let's look at some dyno results on an E82 135i N54 paired with their Platinum Port Injection kit: That is a solid 600 wheel horsepower with Pure Stage 2's and the AFR is 11.9:1 on an E53 ethanol blend. Definitely something for those looking to upgrade their fuel system to look into.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-11-2017, 08:22 PM
    Look, the 2JZ-GTE is a great motor. The iron block I6 gets swapped into everything these days. You know what else is a great iron block I6 engine? The BMW S54. Which comes under the hood of the E85 Z4 M so BMW already did the work for you if you want a stout I6 that can take a ton of boost. Ok, maybe this was a base Z4 so the owner decided to toss a 2JZ in there with a top mount single turbo to be different. If you want to be different, swap in a Viper V10 like this guy did. Go with something you can not get from the factory like a V8. Call us purists but if you are going to go with an iron block I6, go with BMW's.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-12-2017, 06:22 PM
    The Active Autowerke Level III supercharger for the E92 M3 S65 V8 is a very solid package. It offers arguably the most beautiful torque curve in the industry and at roughly 9.5 psi of boost will put the car in the ~600 wheel horsepower range depending on supporting modifications. One such supporting modifications is methanol injection which this M3 is stated to have but was turned off for the run. Why was it turned off? Good question. For a run like this you would want it on. The way the GTR gets pulled likely means it is stock. This goes to show how potent the M3 is from a roll with the Active Level III setup. Of course, from a stop this would be a different race but with a blower a top end rolling race is exactly the M3's game.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-11-2017, 05:30 PM
    How the mighty have fallen. Just three years ago Steve Dinan criticized piggyback tuning for BMW's basically saying it was inadequate compared to ECU flash tuning. Just a few months after that Dinan announced development of their own piggyback tuning boxes when modern BMW ECU's proved too difficult for them to tune. We called out Steve Dinan on what felt like hypocrisy. He stated that he did not discount the viability of piggyback tuning but that the current boxes on the market were poorly calibrated. His assertion has not been supported with Dinan's performance results and the competition routinely outperforms Dinan whether it be in flash tuning or piggyback tuning. What is clear at this point is with Steve Dinan leaving the company Dinan is simply trying to sling as many of these boxes as they can. Their Dinantronics Sport piggyback applies to the following VW/Audi models: Make Model Submodel Engine Audi 8V S3 Quattro 2.0T Audi A3 8V FWD 1.8T Audi A3 8V Quattro 2.0T Audi MK3 TT (2014+) Quattro 2.0T Volkswagen Beetle GTI 1.8T Gen3 Volkswagen Beetle GTI 2.0T Gen3 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI 1.8T Gen3 Volkswagen Golf VII Hatchback 1.8T Gen3 Volkswagen Golf VII Sportwagen 1.8T Gen3 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI 2.0T Gen3 Volkswagen Golf VII R GTI 2.0T Gen3 Volkswagen Jetta VI Sedan 1.8T Gen3 Volkswagen Jetta VI Sedan Facelift 1.8T Gen3 Volkswagen Jetta VI Sedan 2.0T Gen3 GLI Volkswagen Jetta VI Sedan Facelift 2.0T Gen3 GLI Volkswagen Passat B7 FWD 1.8T Gen3 At $299.99 it is priced well but at $379.99 the BMS JB4 outperforms it. Let's not forget that APR can flash tune all of these models, offers higher performance options, and now even offers tuning options with a warranty. Dinan will likely not be able to gain much of a foothold in the VW/Audi sector at least not with the performance they are offering and without wheel output dynos or performance results to share. This may appeal to those who really count their pennies. It is somewhat sad to see this from a tuner that at one time developed lofty performance options such as superchargers and 5.8 liter V10 stroker motors for BMW M cars. Max Gains: +30 hp / +40 lb-ft DINANTRONICS Sport is the boost controller for the masses. Its simple design/execution allows for easy installation/removal that can be performed in the blink of an eye and yields results you will be sure to feel, and enjoy, from the start. Coupled with Bluetooth capabilities right out of the box which allows for user-controlled adjustability and a live boost monitor to keep track of the action, its a value proposition that is unequaled in the marketplace. DINANTRONICS Sport plugs into a single sensor which lends itself to a very quick and discrete installation, or removal, should the need arise. Not only does this connection method offer a simplified install but also effectively utilizes the factory ECU, in tandem with itself, in order to re-map boost, fueling, and timing for optimum performance. Once installed DINANTRONICS Sport enjoys connectivity to various smartphone devices courtesy of its built-in Bluetooth Smart system. From the free app, one has the freedom to reduce stock boost for valet duties or crank up the boost all the way up to the "race" setting for maximum enjoyment... or anywhere in between. Regardless of what setting is chosen, there is a power level for everyone. Also, within the app, the end user has access to a live boost monitor which streams boost data in real time to the phone. Not only will you be able to feel the difference but now you can see it as well! Benefits of the DINANTRONICS Sport Performance Tuner: Bluetooth smart (Android and iOS Compatible) Live boost monitor Multiple power settings to choose from (Sport, Sport+, and Race). Units ship pre-set to the Sport+ setting. Valet / parental control modes (-3 PSI) Quick, easy, and discrete installation Automatically detects engine type and loads appropriate mapping (if unit is for multiple engine types) CARB EO submitted and approval is pending 1 year product warranty (does not include consequential damages or labor costs)​
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-14-2017, 03:53 PM
    The Hellcat V8 is an absolute beast as we all know with its 707 horsepower twin screw supercharged 6.2 liter Hemi V8. Making big power and torque is not the problem. Putting that power and torque to the ground is the problem. It does not help that the Challenger Hellcat is a big fat 4500+ pound pig. A powerful pig, but a pig. Owners struggle with traction and the problem becomes worse when the car is tuned as Hellcat V8's are approaching 1000 whp with bolt on modifications. The Dodge Demon is teased as being all about traction and the 1/4 mile. The most logical conclusion is that this means all wheel drive. Dodge is investing a lot of money in an all wheel drive Hellcat drivetrain for the upcoming Jeep Hellcat model and the Durango is rumored to get a variant of this drivetrain as well. Maybe they will adapt it to the Challenger as well? If they do, watch out. The Challenger Hellcat will be a stoplight beast and one of the best performance values in the world. Well, if you are into going straight in a line that is.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-11-2017, 03:06 PM
    This is almost hard to believe but if indeed there is 93 octane pump fuel in the gas tank the result certainly is impressive. The 997.1 Turbo is a 3.8 liter built motor example running 16 psi of boost on just the wastegate springs. The result is 990 horsepower to the wheels in STD correction on a Dynojet. The motor has extensive mods for top end breathing including GT3 Schrick cams, GT3 cup heads, a 991 GT3 4.0 cup intake manifold, and custom headers. As you can see, it is revving just short of 8k rpm: Fuel is delivered by dual pumps and 12 injectors. The fuel system is from SRM (Silly Rabbit Motorsport). The car is tuned on a ProEFI ECU. So what turbochargers are utilized to hit this number at 16 psi on pump? That is a good question.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-10-2017, 04:28 PM
    Are you one of those people who wants more out of their car but is worried something might go wrong and the dealer will void the warranty? APR Plus may be exactly what you are looking for. This is a new program APR is launching with participating Volkswagen dealers. The first dealer is Linden Volkswagen in New Jersey. Basically, you can buy any new MKVII Golf model and include the APR Plus tuning with it. You can even finance it into the purchase at the dealer! Many no doubt will draw parallels between APR Plus and Dinan's tunes for BMW's but there is a difference. Dinan supplements with their own warranty meaning you have to go through Dinan for warranty claims whereas with APR Plus you can get your warranty processed at any VW dealer. This avoids messy warranty situations we have previously seen with Dinan. You can go over the warranty booklet here: APR no doubt will roll out more participating dealers and APR Plus products based on how APR Plus is received. We have a feeling it will do well. More details here:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-10-2017, 01:42 PM
    BMW is pushing X-Series variants very hard. Why? Because BMW car sales are way, way down. BMW is attempting to alleviate the loss in car sales with a gain in SUV sales. The easiest way to do that is to take the Mini platform on which the X1 is based and create an X2 from it. This is no surprise as BimmerBoost reported on the F39 X2 last year along with the front wheel drive Mini based F48 X1. The X2 will likely have all wheel drive and share the X1's drivetrain options which means a B48 four-cylinder but it remains to be seen if a front wheel drive variant is sold in the USA. Whatever drivetrains they offer we at least get to see what the design looks like in concept form as BMW brought it to Detroit. Will the real thing look like this? No. The doors, lights, aerodynamics, exhaust, etc., basically everything will be different. The concept actually looks pretty good but the real thing will be vastly toned down. Will it sell? You bet it will. With huge profit margins to boot.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-12-2017, 10:50 PM
    This is just jaw dropping trap speed out of a Porsche. 296.25 kilometers per hour translate to 184.08 miles per hour. That is an incredibly fast 1/4 mile trap speed. The 8.144 second elapsed time is not too shabby either considering the 997 GT2 is manual only meaning it takes a bit more skill to drive than PDK examples. So what is the mod list? Good question. This is often an issue with these Middle Eastern 'records' from Eaknoo Racing and others. They say it is a ES2XXX Porsche but what does that mean? What are the turbos? What is the fuel? What about the clutch? What about the engine internals? What about the tuning? What about sharing some actual details instead of just posting a pass with who knows what done to the car? It's impressive performance, no doubt about it. It blows what USP Motorsports hit in their 996 GT2 (9.4 @ 153) out of the water. We just wonder why they consistently omit the build specs with these runs.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-14-2017, 12:46 AM
    Pure Turbos is quite simply killing it across a variety of platform. Their turbo upgrades for AMG models in particular are really opening eyes. Pure Turbos announced their Stage I M133 turbo upgrade in October last year and now we have the results to share. How does 442 horsepower to all four wheels on 93 octane pump gas sound? Yes, the graph shows a peak of 435 horsepower and 444 lb-ft of torque at all four wheels but a subsequent run produced 442 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of all wheel torque. BenzBoost already asked @Pure Turbos for the updated dynograph. What is the price of the upgrade? $1394 plus core exchange. In other words, the best performance bargain on the platform. As for the tuning, it was done by DME Tuning. What else is there to say? Pure Turbos is on a roll.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-11-2017, 01:41 PM
    Well, slightly under 800 wheel horsepower but with how quickly things are progressing the ZL1 LT4 will be topping 1000 whp in no time. The reason for this quick development is obviously because the LT4 engine under the hood is also shared with the Cadillac CTS-V and C7 Z06. KP Racing in Texas has the ZL1 at 778 rear wheel horsepower and 838 rear wheel lb-ft of torque on the stock fuel system. The mods are E85, Stage 1 camshaft, Kooks headers, pulley, and a tune. Impressive? Absolutely considering they are still on the factory blower and much more is to come. It's a beast.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-13-2017, 02:42 PM
    Tuners using inflated peak figures to market with is nothing new. Often times on forums people just look at the peak figures on a dyno to determine which tune is 'bes' and this is a very flawed approach. Pushing an engine too hard just to get an impressive peak number may look nice on the graph but how nice will it feel when something let's go? There are many tricks tuners employ. One that is popular with a certain tuner is to get the car very hot and induce heak soak for a baseline run. Then the tuner waits until the car has fully cooled down and does a 'cool' tuned run to exaggerate the gain from the baseline. There are many ways to influence dyno numbers such as using different gears or playing with correction factors and VF-Engineering delves into why consistency is important below. Now that we're a forum sponsor, I just wanted to make it known that we're here to answer questions, offer feedback, respond to constructive criticism, etc... Keeping with the theme of the original post, independent 3rd party dyno results are right on par with our advertised gains by design. We've all been personally bothered when you see that the advertised gains for some companies products seem to always be just ever soo slightly out of reach. Understanding that a lot of this is marketing and companies trying to put their best foot forward, we've made it a point to remain slightly more conservative and let the product and customer reviews do more of the talking. Here's a excerpt from something we wrote recently to address how misleading dyno numbers can be within context. (hope you enjoy!) Aside from what people consider to be the more "marketable" numbers, we prefer to use our DynoJet for it's measuring capabilities as it gives us the best ability to overlay multiple runs and look for consistencies or inconsistencies as we push the car in back-to-back-to-back-to-back runs. The purpose of these multiple run-groups is to track the changes as temperatures increase, or as we make subtle calibration changes for fine tuning. As you can see below, the consistency of our HEX Tuning Stage TWO runs in the sequence below is quite impressive.(5 runs in a row with 30 seconds rest, then a 10 minute rest before runs 6-7.) Reading the results.While it's pretty common to see single run comparisons, the more run examples the better. The following plots will give you an idea of how a single run on it's own doesn't necessarily mean much without something to compare it to. Stage ONE - STD Correction | Smoothing 0 - 486HP 529TQ Stage ONE - STD Correction | Smoothing 5 - 482HP 521TQ Stage ONE - Uncorrected | Smoothing 5 - 472HP 510TQ Stage ONE - SAE Correction | Smoothing 5 - 471HP 509TQ As you can see from the 4 variations of the exact same run above, there is a deviation of as much as 15HP and 20TQ just by changing the correction factor and smoothing. When Uncorrected, the dyno is purely displaying the power at the wheels asthey are measured by the machine. SAE and STD Correction will adjust the values based on the the relative air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, etc. at the test site. EXAMPLE: SAE is established at 77°F and 0% Humidity. STD is established at 60°F and 0% Humidity. On a 90°F day in July with 70% humidity, the Uncorrected horsepower and torque will likely read lower than on a cooler day with less humidity. SAE or SAE Correction will equalize the results as if they were measured at their respective temperature/humidity. Generally on a warmer day the correction factor will increase the final results, and on a cooler day the results will decrease. There are plenty of arguments to be made for or against the use of correction factors, but we'll save that conversation for another day. At VF Engineering we prefer to advertise Uncorrected numbers as we feel the results are more accurate when your before and after dyno results may not take place on the same day and under the same conditions.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-12-2017, 06:00 PM
    This news comes from a dealer presentation in Norway and someone supposedly leaked the specs. AudiBoost would feel more confident if someone snapped a few pictures of the slideshow for confirmation but the rumor on the street for months now was that the RS4/RS5 models would share the new 2017 Panamera 4S twin turbo V6. This is a bit of a letdown as the hope was that Audi would create a more highly tuned version of its new twin scroll top mount V6 architecture in the B9 S4 and S5. The Panamera 4S 2.9 liter V6 has mono scroll twins. The 2.9 liter V6 output is higher by almost 100 horses at 450. Here are the basics of what we know: 1. Reverse flow header, integrated exhaust manifold, spray-guided type direct injection 2. Cylinder liner is changed to plasma spray type. 3. Two mono-scroll turbochargers, compared to Audi’s single turbocharger (twin-scroll type) 4. No cylinder deactivation. 5. 2894 cc 6. 84.5mm bore x 86mm stroke 7. Variocam Plus Porsche and some other sites list the bore and stroke as 84mm x 86 mm for the 2017 Panamera 4S however this works out to 2859.5cc. Someone made a mistake somewhere either in the reported bore and stroke or the displacement. Further searching into Porsche press materials shows a 84.5 mm bore which then supports the 2894cc math. Either way, it is a 2.9 liter motor. The turbos are in 'V' of the motor which lends credence to the idea of it being a shortened version of the new Panamera Turbo 4.0 liter V8 which has a bore and stroke of 86mm x 86mm. The expected output for the B9 RS4 and RS5 is 450 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. The RS models are getting a significant torque boost of 36 lb-ft. It is not known if this is through software alone or hardware differences. The transmission is also a point of contention. It certainly would be interesting if the RS4 and RS5 utilized the Panamera's 8-speed dual clutch box. This would be the opposite of what Audi did with the RS6/RS7 compared to the S6/S7. The 'S' models get a dual clutch transmissions while the 'RS' models received a ZF 8-speed auto. Maybe they are flipping the script this time as the B9 S4 and S5 get an automatic? We'll know more details as soon as Audi officially confirms the motor.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-10-2017, 01:01 PM
    Awesome news Audi fans! Remember that sweet twin scroll 3.0 liter top mount single turbo V6 under the hood of the B9 S4 and S5? The 2018 Audi SQ5 will be sharing the powerplant. This means a potential SUV hot rod with some minor tuning. Output is 354 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque just like the S4. The SQ5 also gets the ZF 8-speed automatic and of course sends power to all four wheels. The SQ5 will do battle with the Porsche Macan S, BMW X3, and the Mercedes GLC. As this segment heats up with performance options an RS Q5 is likely not too far off and it will likely share the RS4 and RS5 motor. The more options, the merrier. * The all-new SQ5 with 3.0-liter TFSI® engine produces 354 hp and sprints from 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds * Available for the first time with an adaptive air suspension, which allows for ride height and firmness adjustability, enabling a more dynamic drive * The high-performance, sporty variant rounds out the Q5 family and will be available Spring 2017 With increased power, a new turbocharged V6 engine and a more progressive, sporty design, the all-new Audi SQ5 makes its global debut at the North American International Auto Show. New for 2018, the second-generation SQ5 offers a full suite of available driver assistance systems and advanced infotainment features, combined with a dynamic driving experience, to set a new standard in the luxury performance crossover segment. 2018 Audi SQ5 Featuring an all-new 3.0-liter TFSI® V6 engine, the Audi SQ5 produces 354 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, between a broad 1370 – 4500 rpm range. The eight-speed tiptronic® transmission is well suited for the low-end torque of the turbocharged V6 and its eight gears provide quick, smooth shifts. Every Audi SQ5 is standard-equipped with quattro® all-wheel drive, offering high-precision and dynamic handling through active torque distribution to both axles. As part of the available S sport package, the SQ5 with quattro® sport rear differential can offer an even more dynamic driving experience by actively splitting torque between the wheels of the rear axle, with the ability to direct nearly all torque to one wheel, helping maximize driving dynamics. CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION For 2018, a newly developed front and rear suspension allows for both a sporty driving experience and more comfortable ride for long distances. The new front five-link suspension with lightweight construction offers greater steering precision and excellent handling through optimized steering-rack placement direct at wheel centers. The available S sport package also includes, for the first time on the SQ5, a sport adaptive air suspension, which lowers vehicle height by 30 mm (when in auto mode) compared to the standard adaptive suspension. The air suspension system allows for adjustment of both the ride height and the firmness of the dampers, and is controllable via the standard Audi drive select. Along with the standard four drive select modes – comfort, auto, dynamic and individual – the available sport adaptive air suspension also adds both an allroad and a lift/offroad mode, which raise the air suspension for increased ground clearance when needed. Also available on 2018 SQ5 models is dynamic steering, which offers a variable steering ratio that adjusts based on vehicle speed and the Audi drive select setting. At higher driving speeds, dynamic steering helps to improve straight-line stability, and at lower driving speeds, a more direct steering ratio is utilized to help increase steering response for easy maneuvering. DESIGN The 2018 SQ5 mirrors the Q5’s distinctive Audi “Q” SUV design language, with a flat, coupe-like roof line coupled with a strong, wave-design shoulder line and pronounced wheel arches which emphasize the standard quattro® all-wheel drive. The SQ5 is characteristically recognized by its sporty design differentiators including a platinum gray Singleframe® grille with aluminum optic double horizontal blade bars, aluminum optic exterior side mirrors, and S model rear roof spoiler. Sculpted, three-dimensional LED headlights flow in harmony with the clamshell hood to the wider horizontal rear of the vehicle and LED taillights with dynamic turn signals. The interior offers improved space compared to the previous generation, with more rear legroom and shoulder room, as well as increased cargo capacity with the second row seats folded down. The SQ5 is also standard equipped with a three-spoke multifunction flat-bottom sport steering wheel, sport front seats with available diamond stitching, standard matte brushed aluminum inlays or available carbon atlas inlays and standard stainless steel door sill inlays with S badging. The asymmetrical center console of the interior creates a driver-focused cockpit while a small number of controls with expanded functionality helps bring a greater ease of operation into the SQ5. INFOTAINMENT & DRIVER ASSISTANCE The new SQ5 also offers advanced infotainment options including MMI® touch® with handwriting-recognition technology, Bang & Olufsen® sound system with 3D sound and standard Audi smartphone interface, which provides Apple CarPlay™ and Google™ Android Auto integration. Also available is the Audi virtual cockpit, which helps make viewing and navigating via the large Google Earth™ images supported with 4G LTE (where available) easier on the driver’s eyes. Unique to SQ5, the virtual cockpit features a “sport” display mode, which brings the tachometer and speedometer to the front and center of the display and adds a boost gauge and lap timer. Also available is a full-color head-up display which projects relevant driving information directly in the driver’s field of vision. In addition to infotainment and connectivity features, the SQ5’s advanced driver assistance systems are designed to help drivers navigate the road and traffic with increased confidence. Standard Audi pre sense® city, an automatic emergency braking system, can help detect stationary vehicles and pedestrians, and if necessary, initiate full braking at speeds of up to 52 mph when a potential collision is detected. Standard Audi side assist provides blind spot monitoring via LED indicators on the exterior mirror housing and includes rear cross traffic assist, which supports the driver when reversing out of perpendicular space, and pre sense rear which helps monitor the traffic following the vehicle. Also available is adaptive cruise control with stop & go automatically maintains distance from the vehicle in front, including braking and accelerating. Between 0-40 mph, traffic jam assist combines acceleration, braking and steering guidance, which can help decrease the stress of driving in congested traffic. For more information, please visit Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. Driver assistance system availability and some available options may differ at launch. Driver assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving. See Owner’s Manual for further details, and important limitations. Audi connect should only be used when it is safe and appropriate. Audi connect services and features are optional, provided with the support of authorized affiliated and third party service providers, and may require additional subscriptions with separate terms and conditions. Services are subject to change, and Google Earth and Street view services may not be available after December 2017. Certain services collect location information, see Terms of Service for information about how to disable and for other details.
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    01-14-2017, 03:12 PM
    Well, this is some very fast hardware. Let's start with the C7 Z06 which is an automatic example running a Procharger F1-X centrifugal blower. The F1-X is capable of easily putting the C7 Z06 LT4 motor over 1000 horsepower at the wheels. It's a monster of a blower. Oh, and the Z06 is still on the stock 8-speed transmission. How is that possible you say? Well, a centrifugal will preserve the driveline better than a positive displacement supercharger or turbochargers as there is no large torque hit down low. The more the car revs, the more the blower spins, so the torque is mostly added up top in the rev range. What are the specs on the Hayabusa and the MKII Audi R8? Unknown. They are both turbocharged and those are the only specs provided. A Kawasaki ZX14 with bolt ons is thrown into the mix for good measure. As far as what is the fastest, the Turbo Hayabusa looks to have the strongest pull but the C7 Z06 is also very strong. The turbo R8 fades quickly from both so it appears that is running a fairly mild setup. The Z06 just eats the R8 alive. What is clear is that the LT4 with an F1X is a very stout setup and actually an affordable way to hit 1k hp to the wheels. Edit: Here is another video from the ZX14's perspective:
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    01-12-2017, 07:01 PM
    Jaguar is giving a mild boost to their 380 horsepower supercharged 3.0 liter AJ126 V6 in the F-Type. The 20 horsepower increase create the 2018 F-Type 400. The new model is available in either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive but is only paired to their 8-speed automatic transmission. The new model will only be available for one year. Along with the power boost it gets larger brakes and some aerodynamic revisions. There are some interior upgrades as well such as a flat-bottom steering wheel and contrasting stitching. Honestly, this is such a mild upgrade that anyone with a 340 or 380 horsepower V6 F-Type can just get an aftermarket pulley and a tune and easily exceed this output while saving plenty of money. Jaguar needs to do something a bit more exciting than just give their V6 a slight power bump.
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    01-11-2017, 09:21 PM
    The Audi R8 V10 and V10 Plus share the exact same 5.2 liter naturally aspirated V10 motor. Why is the V10 Plus rated at 610 horsepower whereas the standard R8 V10 is rated at 540 horsepower? Because of different ECU software. Seriously, that is all it is. If you have a standard R8 all you need is this flash tune from VF-Engineering and you can easily exceed the output of the V10 Plus. Let's look at the Hex tuning results for the R8 V10: Power goes from 430 at all four wheels to 490 at all four wheels. A gain of 60 all wheel horsepower just by changing software. This is a V10 Plus model: Obviously the gains are a bit lower as it starts in a higher state of tune. Still, VF-Engineering is getting just over another 30 all wheel horsepower out of it. Basically, with VF's software both models will end up in about the same spot exactly as they should. It's a must have especially for base R8 V10 owners. When it comes to ECU Software, Port Flashing is hands down the preferred method of installation. Our HEX Tuning ECU Software for the 5.2L (Gen2) V10 engine found in the 2017+ Audi R8 V10 and V10 Plus is exactly that; 100% Port Flash directly through the OBDII Port with no tools required. There's absolutely no need to remove and open your expensive ECU's as everything can be accomplished with our HEX Flash Cable and a laptop. Switching back and forth between Stock and Performance Tuned Maps takes less than 15 minutes. And the benefits include as much as 60 Horsepower at the wheels! All HEX Tuning Software includes a 30-day money back guarantee. MSRP is $2,995 making it the best bang for the buck currently available for your Ge2 Audi R8. While VF Engineering is not new to the Audi Performance game, we are new to forum, so we are offering all AudiBoost members FREE Next Day Air shipping on all software purchases.
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    01-14-2017, 04:20 PM
    The BMW twin turbo V8's get most of the attention today but the E63 6-Series is a great value. The N62 V8 is a solid naturally aspirated design and in the 2006-2010 E63 650i offered 362 horsepower and 361 lb-ft of torque. The AMR Performance baseline on their Dyno Dynamics shows roughly 270 horsepower to the wheels. Keep in mind the Dyno Dynamics reads conservatively compared to a Dynojet. AMR Performance is able to increase horsepower by 30 at the wheels and torque goes up by 55 lb-ft at the wheels with large gains coming down low from 2000 to 4250 rpm. Getting that much of a torque gain tune only from the N62B48 motor is impressive and something owners will definitely feel. Well worth the $699 asking price:
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    01-10-2017, 05:03 PM
    Nitriding is a process by which a crankshaft is hardened with surface treatments. This is the first time BimmerBoost has seen the process applied to the S65 V8 crankshaft from the E9X M3 but this process is used frequently in the automotive world. This nitride treated crankshaft (on the left) was brought to our attention by @Michael@GermanAutoWerks and BimmerBoost member @The Convert explains the process and result well: Sounds like a good way to harden the crankshaft, right? Here's a slightly more technical explanation: Essentially, quite a bit of heat is used on the surface during the process. There are several different ways crankshafts are hardened including induction and tuftriding hardening. Nitriding offers certain advantages. Definitely something for those looking to strengthen their crank (supercharged cars for example) without buying an entirely new custom forged crankshaft.
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    01-10-2017, 02:20 PM
    The Porsche 918 Spyder represents the new breed of supercars. With all wheel drive and a hybrid drivetrain it showcases what the future of high performance will look like. The Agera R in comparison is a dinosaur but dinosaurs can be fast. There is no comparing the engineering involved between the two here. The 918 Spyder has a 4.6 liter naturally aspirated V8 with 13.5:1 compression that revs to 8700 rpm and makes 608 horsepower. Combined with two electric motors the output is 887 horsepower and 944 lb-ft of torque. The Agera R offers more power at 1140 horses from its supercharged 5.0 liter V8 and 600 less pounds. The power to weight ratio already tells you it will win and additionally this race is specifically tailored to the Agera R's strengths rather than the 918 Spyder's strengths because it takes place in Sweden and is produced by a Swede. The 918 Spyder is given the jump in order to exaggerate the Agera R's pull up top and it opens a nice lead thanks to the instant torque. The Agera R as expected runs it down and passes easily. Running these two from a stop would be interesting to see but it's omitted for the obvious reasons already listed. Taking them out on the roadcourse would be nice to see as well which is where the 918 Spyder truly shines. Swedes gonna Swede.
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    01-13-2017, 03:52 PM
    The Bugatti Veyron is well known to everyone reading this. It's a quad-turbo sixteen cylinder all wheel drive monster with 1000+ horsepower. It is available in several different trims and the Veyron in the video appears to be the original/standard 1000 bhp version and not the Super Sport with almost 1200 horsepower. The Rimac Concept One by contrast is fully electric. It has 1088 horsepower 1200 lb-ft of torque from four electric motors. Each motor powers a wheel. The Croatian company claims the Rimac Concept One is the quickest electric accelerating vehicle in the world. Is is quick? Yep. In the video it gets a nice jump and holds off the Veyron before the cones. This is a short race designed to make the Rimac Concept One look good. The Veyron was running it down and clearly would pass and pull. From a roll, it looks like the Rimac Concept One has its work cut out for it. Still, very impressive performance and we'll be seeing more impressive electric performance cars in increasing numbers.
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    01-11-2017, 02:34 PM
    A lot is being read into these spyshots but a Durango Hellcat would be flat out awesome. We know the 707 horsepower Hellcat twin screw supercharged V8 will find is way into a Jeep model and it is not a stretch for this all wheel drive drivetrain to be adapted to the Durango. These spy shots may just be of a Durango with a hotter 6.4 liter naturally aspirated Hemi (photographers say they heard blower wine) but let's hope it's the Hellcat V8. An SUV offering third row seating and 707 supercharged horsepower off the factory floor is something the world needs.
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    01-13-2017, 02:10 PM
    Porsche offers a Powerkit option in their German configurator that is not yet available on the US websites. For 9995 Euros Porsche increases Carrera S horsepower to 450 from 420. This 450 figure is the exact same as the stated output of the new 991.2 GTS models. PorscheBoost would guess that means the GTS models features the X51 option or Powerkit as standard. As a reminder, Porsche offered an X51 Powerkit option for the naturally aspirated flat-6 motors of the 991 and past 911 generations as well. The 991.1 GTS offered the Powerkit as standard. The naturally aspirated motors required a bit more work to massage output by 30 horsepower with new camshafts, cylinder heads, and a revised plenum. This is why the option was $17,800 in the past but now will likely be closer to $10k. What is included? New larger turbos, new tuning, and improved cooling along with the Sport Exhaust option: It is puzzling why Porsche did not cover this in their GTS press release. For potential buyers, the upgraded turbos make the GTS model a 911 Turbo light. With a tune alone, the GTS will comfortably exceed what the S can do with a tune. It's a factory turbo upgrade. For those who plan to just leave things at a tune, the GTS will offer similar value as the 996 Turbo S model offered over the 996 Turbo. The 996 Turbo S came standard with the X50 option which meant larger K24 turbochargers compared to the K16 turbochargers of the standard 996 Turbo. This meant greater gains with aftermarket tuning. The option of course will also be available to Carrera S owners who may want the power of the GTS models in the narrow body without the connecting light strip in the back.
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    Today, 04:22 AM
    Properly sized, twins will never reach the power a single will, and they'll always cost more. I'll agree they'll respond quicker, and arguably be easier to launch, but if the end goal is max power, they lose, every time. Your GC's are pretty much maxxed out, still not even hitting 800. No, a parachute is a safety feature. I guess those features don't make it to your cars. Oh, they aren't fast enough to need it.
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    Today, 01:46 AM
    Not to get poopy, but you have got to know how unprofessional and shady your pecking for info at how they do everything they do in MHD so that you can just copy it and not put in any development work and money yourself is, right? I mean, if you're just going to copy them, at least do it quietly instead of publicly asking them how they did it. I mean fuck, dude.
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    Today, 01:04 AM
    I'm looking for the exact same figures , 500 to the wheels . Even at the price of these turbos are they the only capable of said target? These are my exact wishes for my car , a DD at 500 is more than enough ..... If there are any other suggestions from any one I'm all ears . :happy-bouncyyellow::happy-bouncyyellow::happy-bouncyyellow:
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    Today, 12:48 AM
    Penalized? You get more time to earn more rep and more entries... Also, I'm not putting up money to benefit you solely. It's to get a return as well. You should be thankful as I don't see anyone else putting up this kind of cash for others.
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