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  • mmmcookies335's Avatar
    02-01-2016, 10:51 AM
    Replaced my valve cover yesterday, threw the old one away. Realized on the way to work I forgot to replace my RB PCV valve.... dumbass. What was your fuck up of the day?
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 09:32 PM
    VTT is proud to announce our new cast turbocharger samples arrived today. I can say seeing my vision, and direction put into motion, and finally seeing a working production turbocharger is a really great feeling. These turbochargers we hope will shape the landscape of the N54 turbocharger market, and we are happy to share them with you, bringing you a true stock frame location turbo with no compromises. We will be installing, tuning, and testing these in the next couple weeks, and once we have the data, and numbers. We will be making a full announcement thread, with pricing, availability, buy back incentives, specs, as well as our plans for a giveaway. Until then, here are a few photos, we will post some more one we get it on the engine, and installed! Stay Tuned, things are about to get interesting...:music-rockout:
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  • ricecrackers101's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 12:59 PM
    These have been out for a while now. any have dyno results posted yet? only result i've found so far is for a 1/4 mile run. 10.9@133
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  • Sam@ActiveAutowerke's Avatar
    02-03-2016, 03:59 PM
    Hi, my name is Sam Morgan and have recently joined the salesteam at Active Autowerke. Active leads the industry in service and modifying your BMW. I drive a 2008 135i named Nancy. Almost every turbo setup available to the public has been on my car giving me an edge the competitors simply cannot match. You can contact me at Sam@activeautowekre.comor 305-233-9300 ext. 229. Or you canjust call and ask for Sam! I will beglad to connect you with some of the best BMW performance engineers in the country.
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  • jyamona@motiv's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 01:17 PM
    jyamona@motiv started a thread DI Tuning Discussion in N54
    Hey guys, moving the discussion to it's own thread, as it has the potential to be very beneficial :) Here's some data I have gathered, and a peek into some table data as well. As some of you know, the N54 as 3 different injections strategies, illustrated below: Mass Fuel Flow (MFF) into the cylinder is based off three things: fuel pressure, injector lift, and injector opening duration. Fuel Pressure: This is the HPFP rail pressure, essentially. It gets trickier due to the VCV (volume control valve) which is PWM controlled by the DME (may end up w/ a separate thread / topic for control of this). Skipping for now. Injector Lift: The DI injectors are Piezo. This means they have a stack of piezo crystals in them, which when energized, make the injection needle "lift" a certain amount. The amount of lift can vary, based on how much of the piezo stack is energized. From what I have seen, the N54 only uses two variations here, a low energy mode, and a high energy mode. I believe it uses these modes correctly already, so there is probably not much to be gained here. Injector Duration: The SOI / EOI (start / end of injection) is based on °KW, which is the German abbrev for degrees of crank rotation. They treat the full combustion cycle as 720°. To start this off, and keep it as simple as possible for now, I'll stick with single injection mode. Therefore injector duration calculation will be determined by 2 of 3 tables: Start of Injection #1 , then either the low energy or high energy opening duration pressure compensation table. The values for these can be seen below: Units for Start of Injection are X: RPM, Y: MFF (Load?), Z: °CRK Units for Injection Durations (low/high): X: mg/stk, Y: MPa (rail pressure?), Z: ms Do these values seem logical? The SOI seems reasonable to me. The only thing I'm questioning is the injection duration last two columns. Discuss!
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  • neuroclast's Avatar
    01-31-2016, 07:26 PM
    Finally got it all running and no leaks anywhere. Had a coolant leak since I have to fab that line myself, but all taken care of. Car seems fine so far. I've only run it in Map 1 (safety) until I can get some logs reviewed. I've attached them if anyone wants to take a look. Only odd thing so far is it's almost hitting 15PSI, and I have white+green (11 PSI) springs in the wastegates. Not sure what's up with that...
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-03-2016, 03:43 PM
    This is getting ridiculous. We were already blown away by the Gen V Viper making quadruple digit horsepower on the stock motor this early on in its tuning. A tuner by the name of Unleashed Tuning managed to hit 1002 horsepower to the wheels on 93 octane. Calvo Motorsports has taken things quite a bit further on 93 octane pump gas with 1187 rear wheel horsepower and 1175 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. What allows this kind of pump gas power? It is tuned on a Motec M1 standalone ECU. Calvo's tuner believes they could easily get it over 1200 whp on pump as well but they think they are pushing the motor far enough as is. No knock, no detonation, and no issues with almost 1200 whp on 93 octane pump fuel. The scary thing is it can go further but nobody wants to be the first one to find the limit of the Gen V Viper internals. What can you say? The new Viper is badass.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    02-01-2016, 08:43 PM
    Hey guys, CARB is requiring us to test some of our products on a 2012 335is so we figured why not pickup another DCT model to further enhance JB4 development on that front. This is our 4th active DCT development car but first with the N54 platform. Our 2015 M3, 2015 M5, and 2011 135i are also DCT equipped vehicles. We've got some fun stuff planned for the car too after emissions testing is complete.
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  • jp1's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 04:40 AM
    Hi all, sorry for my first post being a cry for help! Car is a 2007 N54 135i, I've slowly been adding parts as listed to take advantage of the Cobb AP v3 that I have fitted. VSRF catless downpipes Forge Intercooler Forge DVs ( I suspected the stock ones to be faulty) Running 1+ agressive running 99ron fuel in the UK (93 octane equivalent I believe) The problem is that I'm getting some odd throttle behaviour, especially evident if rolling on the throttle to anything that isn't WOT. I'm getting a major surge, boost overshoot and the throttle is opening 100% briefly. Seems ok if I snap the throttle to 100% and hold at WOT for a full gear pull, I guess the surge is being masked by the fact I am actually asking for 100% throttle? I would include logs but apparently need 5 rep to be able to, just as soon as I have that then :P I appreciate any insight you chaps may have
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  • Luke.pitt's Avatar
    02-03-2016, 03:21 PM
    Luke.pitt started a thread Turbo dynamics UK in N54
    Hi thanks for the welcome. Love my 335i, had it for nearly two years now. So far have vrsf downpipes, tial charge pipe, mishimoto intercooler, bms dual cones, jb4 g5 and the exhaust pe mod. Looking to maybe get the stage 1 turbo dynamics hybrid upgrade. Any one here have any experience with them? Thanks in advance.
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  • neuroclast's Avatar
    02-01-2016, 09:34 PM
    Just wanted to give a little feedback on it. Went in with high hopes due to the really good properties of the oil. I was hoping it would be good on my ST setup. Unfortunately there is a TON of valve chatter. Even with the engine cover and cowl back on the car. I'll probably end up swapping it for something else. Any recommendations for a high zinc, good oil to run in a ST setup that doesn't make the car sound like the valves are coming out of the head? :o
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 05:45 PM
    We know the turbocharged 488 GTB should be much faster than the naturally aspirated 458 Italia it replaces. Especially in the 1/4 mile considering the Ferrari now has turbo torque to get it off the line quickly. EKanooRacing took what they say is a stock 488 GTB to the Bahrain dragstrip and here is the result. On a 1.706 60 foot time they managed a 10.372 @ 137.35 miles per hour. That is a very impressive run but this sort of performance should put the 488 GTB roughly even with the 650S from McLaren. So why did we see a 488 GTB lose from a roll to a McLaren MP4-12C which is less powerful than the 650S? Was that 488 GTB a dud? Was the MP4-12C tuned? Is EKanooRacing using race gas? Is the Bahrain dragstrip accurate? All valid questions. We will need to some runs on NHRA certified US strips to put this result in context.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 04:12 PM
    A couple nice runs here from a BMS JB4 tuned F10 BMW M5. The car is running a 50/50 blend of meth injection on 93 octane. It also features MSR intakes and R888 tires for traction. The Mustang GT Coyote V8 is blown with a Kenne Bell twin screw at 12 psi on E85. The M5 and Mustang go at it twice. The first run has the Coyote pulling decisively. In the second run the M5 takes the hit and holds off the Mustang GT. They each get a win which is great but it should have been settled with a decisive third race. Maybe we'll see a rematch? The Mustang gets a bonus run with a Paxton supercharged Gen II Dodge Viper at 6 psi of boost. The V10 is also stated to be stroked. The Coyote pulls it impressively so the Viper might want to run more boost next time. A run between the Viper and M5 would be fun to see as well.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 05:57 PM
    Many of you do not seem to understand what took place or why. The idea was to give back to the community as we have several times. Additionally, to get exposure for BimmerBoost. This website is not obligated to give anyone any free parts but we have done many giveaways in the past to show appreciation for the userbase. I contacted Rob well before the RB EVO turbos were ready asking if he would like to help the community. Rob graciously agreed to discount a set of turbos but told me the turbos were not out yet and that he had people waiting and already paid up for set. I published information on these turbochargers for the benefit of the community before they were released. We had a contest and the contest expired before these turbos were released. I decided to extend the contest further but the dates I chose still did not align with development. The contest expired before the turbos could be delivered to the contest winner. That was the end of that. Now, some vendors have taken this as meaning Rob did something wrong. He did nothing wrong. He fulfilled the orders of his customers AS HE SHOULD. How you would feel having ordered and paid for a set of turbos only to be informed you would have to experience a delay due to a forum contest? Is that fair? No. Now, everyone had the best of intentions here. It did not work out as planned. That happens sometimes. The main thing is for Rob to worry about his business. That is his priority. Despite attacks and people accusing Rob of doing something wrong he is STILL WILLING to participate in a giveaway. I'm surprised as if I were him I'd tell people to go pound sand after the insults sent his way for doing nothing more than wanting to help. Once again, Rob did nothing wrong. We can revisit this and hold a new contest but the way people are acting is turning me off as well. I proposed a bigger and better giveaway that would include all of our vendors with you, the user, choosing what you want on your car. Unfortunately, some vendors want to do their own thing and own giveaway instead of participating. That is fine. That is their prerogative. However, it does make organizing things difficult. In summation, Rob did nothing wrong, contributed greatly, and did everything he was supposed to do and then some. It is not his fault development time and delivery time did not align with a contest that was not of his making. Everyone simply wanted to help. Nobody deserves any blame.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-04-2016, 04:11 PM
    Things have changed a bit regarding rally racing spectators. Why? Well, take a look at the gif posted below and you will understand why. Back in the legendary 80's Group B days as well as other rally classes drivers would have to contend not only with the elements but spectators as well. This speaks for itself.
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  • Stucks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:01 PM
    Have spoke to a couple people regarding this. Meth is awesome for iat cooling, but port fuel injection is the best for distribution of extra fuel to cylinders when required for higher power output. In the sticky on n54tech regarding port fuel, its stated that if using both together, a smaller methanol injector like a cm3 or cm5 would be required. Anybody try this or used it? According to Terry, there have been plenty of people out there who have run both at the same time. Just wondering how it has worked and if any issues have arisen.
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  • bigdnno98's Avatar
    02-01-2016, 04:14 PM
    A couple races between some local cars. F10 M5 with MSR inlets, JB4 and 50/50 meth. 93 oct and 40 add, on R888. Coyote is a Kenne Bell car with Mammoth return fuel system, e85 and drag radials. Coyote is rumored to be around 700ish HP.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-03-2016, 04:01 PM
    This should not be a shocker as Hennessey often takes credit for the work of others. Don't believe it? Hennessey patted himself on the back for his HPE700 Mustang GT supercharger system when it is really Whipple's blower and design. Just like how the Hennessey HPE600 AMG GT S tune is really Eurocharged's tune. Jerry Thorton at Eurocharged did the custom dyno tune. Hennessey will essentially resell the $2499 Eurocharged M178 tune at a premium. Why bother with paying for the Hennessey name when you can go straight to the source? Anyone?
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  • idratherbesurfing's Avatar
    Today, 02:13 PM
    So i am posting this thread for a friend since he does not have a forum account. Trying to help guage intrest in a Titanium Chargepipe option for the N54 motor. It will be just like the other chargepipes on the market available with meth bungs and different BOV flanges. Benefits: Lighter Less prone to heat soak Just a cool piece to personalize your car Price Estimate: $300 Long version $250 Short version Any input would be appreciated :handgestures-thumb:
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  • Enfiftyfore's Avatar
    02-02-2016, 10:08 AM
    I prefaced this as urgent because I have a dyno session today and I want to get this cleared up. The other day I made my first logged pull after installing filling up with 93/E85 after my inlet install. I have not gauged the E85 purity in a while so I am hoping that this is just due to a lack of octane. If the E85 was true at 85% I should be at E60. If the E85 was at 70% (which I am now assuming), I should be at E49. This is Map7 E85 BEF. It looks like octane deficiency to me for the . I would be happy to go stick 3.2 gallons in to make it E60 if that is the case. The two timing drops are probably due to lack of octane, right?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-04-2016, 07:43 PM
    Congratulations to BenzBoost member @charliekay who is so close to the 9's in his supercharged W204 C63 AMG that he can taste it. He upgraded to the Weistec 3.0 liter Stage III twin screw blower and ran 10.22 @ 137.09 which was a considerable improvement from the 10.83 @ 129.22 he managed on the Stage II 2.3 liter blower. Now with different wheels and tires he shaved it down to 10.173 @ 139.18 on a 1.549 60 foot. Obviously a better launch than the previous 1.606 60 foot so the new tire setup is helping. He is just a hair away from the 9's but as @charliekay is an Australian member keep in mind the weather is not doing him any favors right now. In the winter we might see that elusive 9 second pass which is certainly impressive for a stock internal supercharged M156.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-04-2016, 04:09 PM
    Things have changed a bit regarding rally racing spectators. Why? Well, take a look at the gif posted below and you will understand why. Back in the legendary 80's Group B days as well as other rally classes drivers would have to contend not only with the elements but spectators as well. This speaks for itself.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-03-2016, 06:31 PM
    This is some hardware you do not see very often on the drag strip. These cars are more at home on the roadcourse but they certainly put up a good showing in a straightline as well. The hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder is well known with its naturally aspirated 608 horsepower 4.6 liter V8 that revs to 9150 rpm augmented by two electric motors for a total system output of 887 horsepower. Unlike the other two modern hybrid supercars the 918 Spyder sends power to all four wheels. That means the electric torque helps it get off the line quickly and it puts the power down effectively. How quickly does it move? Well, it makes a McLaren 650S look like it is standing still. The 650S is no slouch by the way capable of running low 10's at high 130's in the 1/4 mile thanks to its low curb weight and efficient rear wheel drive layout powered by a 3.8 liter twin turbo V8. The 918 Spyder gets the better launch with a 1.64 60 foot to the 650S Spyder's 1.88. The end result is the 918 running 9.835 @ 144.95 to the Mclaren's 10.912 @ 133.46. The video claims the best time for the McLaren was a 10.3 @ 137.5 from earlier in the day but no proof is posted. It certainly is believable and well within reason. It also means the Ferrari 488 GTB should be a good match for it. Great runs and a well done video with multiple camera angles.
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  • I6+TT=FTW's Avatar
    01-31-2016, 07:28 PM
    To replace the OFH gasket, the 3rd bolt that has to come out is underneath the intake manifold, which is supposed to be removed first. I know with the N52 you don't need to. My mechanic (really experienced porsche/bmw old dude) claimed he could remove that bolt without taking off the manifold. Is it possible??? And if so, how? (he wouldn't tell me haha) Really don't want to take off the manifold, but always willing to buy more tools if it saves me time.
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  • 8900120d's Avatar
    02-04-2016, 06:47 AM
    been trying to get a list of e92 M3 suspension parts that can go on an e92 335i. there seems to be alot of different opinions online. i have access to a m3 complete front and rear subframe (including arms, hubs, discs, lsd (3.15), brakes, ARB etc) for <$2000 which i currently think its more value for money than getting an aftermarket LSD. i know i will have to cut the drive shaft, weld and balance it. i have been told that i shouldnt use the M3 brakes due to differences in the Pump, does that mean i will have to use the 335i hubs? has anyone done this before, would appreciate some advice/information im running 500bhp+ and really need to up the handling, do i really need the complete subframes? it may be cheaper for me to get the parts separately, so if anyone has done this before and could send me a list of parts needed, it would help me get my head around what i need. thanks
    7 replies | 222 view(s)
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