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  • xLOGANx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:53 PM
    xLOGANx started a thread Single Turbo Question in N54
    For my power goals I think 600-650 whp would be enough for me.Looking at Doc and VM turbo kits,looks like the VM 6062 might be the kit for me.Also VM sale and what's included with their kits includes more.Doc starts at 6262 which(I'm no expert here) for my power goals will be little laggy. My car is fbo jb5 G5 ISO,stg2 lpfp fuel it,Burger meth kit,e50-e60 ethanol mix. with what I got is this achievable with the 6062 turbo kit?Eventually I'll do PI. Would there be anything else needed when installing a single?i also have a BMS OCC & a Rob Beck check valve for vacuum.From all you experienced single turbo guys that have installed the VM kits just looking to prepare what I need to have it installed or get parts of,ill probably have a pro shop do it.i don't plan on doing this on my back.think it's best to pay some one that does this all the time.
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  • SeanWebster's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:07 PM
    I have a 2009 135i coupe. My cooling fan just died and I see a replacement fan assembly is going to cost me ~$560 from FCP Euro, ECS, and even WorldPac. The price seems a bit ridiculous for just an electric fan imo. So, I was wondering what aftermarket alternatives there are? I see a mishimoto slim 8" fan: I also found this company: But, it only has a positive and negative connection. The BMW's has a sensor wire. Are there any adapter kits or something? Or will I have a code for it all the time if I don't use a BMW fan assembly? Has anyone done anything but stock? I'm in south florida and it gets pretty hot doing back to back pulls, so it would be advantageous for me to possibly "upgrade" now to a better fan while replacing it too. Thanks!
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  • crazylegs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:26 PM
    Hey guys selling some parts I have. Long story short sold E92 purchased an F30 and got T-boned and thrown into ditch by an uninsured driver with a suspended license.... local pickup preferred. NO LOW BALLERS located in Florida. sunrise, davie, plantation, and weston areas MORE TO COME (Wheels, injectors, coil packs) - Vibrant Resonators 1790 New in box - $80 for both MSRP $59.95 each - - Active Autowerke Down Pipes used - $350 MSRP $500 - - Active Autoworker Race IC used - $450 (has some bent fins and a small dent) MSRP $1000 - - Walbro 450LPH e85 Fuel pump (NEW + Longer E85 hose) - $100 MSRP $139.49 - - Procede Rev 2.5 used (vin locked) - $75 (will need too be sent in to unlock the vin) MSRP - $545 (special edition. one being sold is not) - E92 Driver side tail light used - $40 will include other inner side lamp free - E92 Aero rep pre-lci front lip unprimed and unpainted - $50 (fitment is 8/10) - E92 hamman style Mtech carbon fiber front lip - $100 (perfect fitment. scratches underneath not visible once installed. some scratches on top) - F30 JB4 EWG + USB (No harness included) - $250 MSRP $559 - - F30 JB4 Flex Fuel wires new - $20 MSRP $25 - - F30 stock intake snorkel + Filter - $75
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  • bradsm87's Avatar
    Today, 02:21 AM
    I want to change load breakpoints in my Timing table BUT I want timing to pretty much be where it is now. What I need is a spreadsheet where I can copy/paste the old map and breakpoints then a second table on the sheet where I can specify breakpoints and the cell values are formulas based on calculating the new value based on the old and new breakpoints. Anyone keen? I'm going to have a think and a go at it tonight, but I prob won't have any luck. Such a spreadsheet would be handy for changing breakpoints in all sorts of tables.
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  • ajehoti's Avatar
    Today, 01:33 AM
    ajehoti started a thread Replacing engine in N54
    Have a colleague who is replacing motor in his 335i, its a 2007 and he is getting a motor from a 2008 535xi and its auto. His car is RWD and that one is obviously all wheel drive. I was told all you had to replace was the oil pan and transfer flywheel over and what not considering they are both 8-bolt. Is this true and is there more involved, he is trying to buy motor tomorrow. Thanks.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:12 PM
    Welcome DemiDelmon, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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    Today, 12:48 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum ClaireSnod.
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    Today, 04:23 AM
    koss2j, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    Today, 06:49 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum Gracie57T9.
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  • Rob_BMW_PNW's Avatar
    Today, 12:39 AM
    N54 $375 Price is shipped and paypalled OBO
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    Today, 12:49 PM
    1 member is celebrating their birthday on 06-29-2016: -dzenno@PTF (Age: hidden or unknown) Happy Birthday!
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    Today, 11:19 AM
    razvan, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    Today, 11:42 AM
    Welcome Noreen1020, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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    Today, 10:22 AM
    Hey Margot5168: :text-welcomewave:
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  • blisstik's Avatar
    Today, 04:11 PM
    I got the same experience after switching to ADV. I cleared it and it hasn't come back since. But I don't daily drive it. BTW: I did put back pins 19 & 20 on the JB4 large black subconnector.
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  • BostonBeemah's Avatar
    Today, 03:55 PM
    Ill definitely keep you updated. I am currently running the ADV sensors with single bank rear. I got this code immediately after I switched to the ADVs and even replaced my rear sensor with no luck.
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  • ferocity02's Avatar
    Today, 03:38 PM
    Nope, only external leak is from the oil pan and it is very very minor, not even enough to drop onto the ground. It definitely was a lot of oil, enough to make it to the exhaust tips without being burnt, even going through the secondary cats. Since externalizing the PCV it doesn't consume oil anymore. If you ever fix the O2 code issue let me know. I'm considering changing the rear O2 sensors again and seeing if it helps. I used Bosch universal sensors because they are cheap. I should also change the front O2 sensors since they have 91k miles and are nearly 10 years old now.
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  • BostonBeemah's Avatar
    Today, 03:34 PM
    Wow that still seems high. Do you have any external leaks from the VC, OFHG, or turbo lines to name a few??
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Today, 03:30 PM
    I just talked with Tony about this. There is some disagreement with who has gotten proper fitment -WM above has been very patient and fair -appreciate it brother. After talking with Tony, we have another trusted shop doing an install on a RHD currently. If they are successful -we'll post up how they did it, or at least use some of their descriptions to be helpful. If they are not successful -we'll pull the RHD's and issue refunds. It's one thing to have an install be difficult, but if we got bad data, or a unicorn test fit car, the last thing we want to do is set up you poor RHD owners for hours of frustration only to end with something that doesn't fit. Chris
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  • ferocity02's Avatar
    Today, 02:44 PM
    My setup is on post 37, stock turbos, bolt-ons, MHD flash. I also externalized the vacuum-side PCV system through a catch can. This seems to have cured my oil consumption issue where oil was getting dumped into the exhaust... oil smell coming to a stop, oil film on the inside of the tips, losing roughly 1qt every 500-800 miles.
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  • darrylgarland's Avatar
    Today, 02:34 PM
    Any news on a release date?
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  • BostonBeemah's Avatar
    Today, 02:32 PM
    I've had oil consumption issues since Ive owned the car lol Somewhat under control now. Lose a quart every 3k BUT i burn little to none and I collect a lot in my catch cans, specifically the the check valve side going to the throttle body on the vacuum side. For the WGDC, i honestly havnt checked but I am single turbo running the MHD and JB4 so it might be a little different on that front. Whats your setup?
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  • DOCRace's Avatar
    Today, 01:53 PM
    DOCRace replied to a thread Single Turbo Question in N54
    Not at all. Was just letting you know we can set up the turbo kit to however you like. The 6062 sounds like a great choice for guys wanting good spool and still having room on top to play.
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  • ferocity02's Avatar
    Today, 01:49 PM
    Didn't you also have oil consumption issues recently? Maybe that was someone else... Sounds like our SES lights come on at roughly similar times. Do you get random 0% WGDC on the highway?
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  • BostonBeemah's Avatar
    Today, 01:08 PM
    Ive been recently getting these codes as well. Mine seem to pop up when I am part throttle just on the edge of on/off throttle if that makes any sense. The car bucks slightly and if i lay into the gas more, it hesitates then takes off like normal..
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  • alpinedevil335's Avatar
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  • Torgus's Avatar
    Today, 12:25 PM
    Anyone have a special recipe for pulled pork they like? I'm going to cook a 9lb this Sunday as we are having the 4th party on the 3rd. I was just going to follow a random internet recipe unless someone has recommendations(which I would prefer).
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  • ferocity02's Avatar
    Today, 12:16 PM
    Should I be concerned about the 0% WGDC? My front O2 sensors are stock with 91k miles. My rears have roughly 5k miles on them but I am occasionally getting the following codes: 2C73, "lambda probe behind catalytic converter, signal" 2C6D, "lambda probe behind catalytic converter, aging" The SES light for these codes will come on after climbing a hill on the highway and beginning to coast down the other side; it's like clockwork. Then after a couple drive cycles the SES light will go away. I've checked the connection at the DME and the sensors are responsive in INPA. It started when my turbo(s) was leaking oil into the exhaust (bad PCV system I think). I've since fixed the leaking but the rear sensors are still giving me this issue. Perhaps the 0% WGDC is linked to the O2 sensors?
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  • windymissile's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 PM
    So..... The images below are of the outlet fitted to my car as it stands right now. With the steering spindle actually attached at the top. No way in this world they are ever going to fit! They are hard trapped between the chassis leg and the steering spindle. So tight you can't even force your finger between the 2. We debated removing the heat shield on the chassis leg but it wasn't going to make enough of a difference. No amount of tie wraps were going to provide a viable solution. To say I am disappointed after waiting 4 1/2 months is an understatement. My shop have had a nightmare getting them in, to find out that it will have to come out again. It's not a aesthetics or minor performance issue. This is a safety issue and no shortcuts should be taken. Chris has offered all the advice he can and replies promptly and courteously. That being said, I do believe that these outlets should not be sold as RHD compatible. No amount of installation superhero skills will make them fit. They are the wrong shape. Plain and simple. Anyway. Onwards! We have a solution! I believe the OEM outlet is a huge restriction on Hybrid turbos so it has to go. I have not come this far to be defeated 10m from the winning post. I'll post another update with a solution once it's in.
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  •'s Avatar
    Today, 11:17 AM
    Amazing SALE!!! Mike
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