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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-16-2017, 08:44 PM
    Posting for Rob as he said he is away from the computer until Monday sometime: "All, There are some "new casted" offerings floating amuck with promise of "better flow, better materials, brand new, and best cost". Now it is always great to have new options especially for a better price, but understand that these items are 100% cheap chinese produced "core" offerings. We have considered their usage as well as this platform is evolving into a more competitive environment (cheaper cars, etc etc); but when we already have a "dialed-in" product we wonder if it is worth the potential risks of making a SUBSTANTIAL change to a lower quality oriented direction? All for the end result of selling a product for the same cost, or maybe a couple hundred less, at best. Being a vendor who is ultimately responsible for product quality these are thoughts that are very critical. Additionally even though the warranty is "only" a year we still would like products to last many MANY years. We especially would like to not have product fail due to poor metallurgical or casting quality, and this type of problem is EPIDEMIC. As you may understand we have had these units in hand for a while now as they have been readily available for close to a year. Despite what some vendors may say, such as "we own the design" or "custom made only for us" comments rest assured these exact same units they are utilizing. There is nothing special about them and whoever may obtain them (especially with a large bulk order) and the ONLY customization that maybe setting apart Vendor to Vendor is the differences of the internal wheel machining specifications. These wheel specs however have nothing to do with the overall housing design and quality. Our immediate initial impressions are that they are a certain downgrade- and here are a few reasons why: 1) Highly Magnetic to show a larger Iron content (ie. in lieu of the OE style MHI High Quality High Heat Austenitic Stainless steel)(we have metallurgical analysis underway) 2) Similar to smaller ID manifold/turbine housing dimensions (we have cross sections underway) and certain poorer flow paths per borescope views NOTE: We CERTAINLY are NOT seeing these as larger ID specs!!! 3) Lack of OE style Double wall insulated air gapped (made by Boysen) manifolds for worse heat retention 4) Much thicker casting walls (large OD specs from thicker materials so "looks" a bit larger) and each housing at over 10lbs vs. under 7lbs for OEM Good things we see (with using them): 1) Very cheap to purchase 2) Being new there is no refurbishment 3) Come pre-equipped with "new" wastegates (albeit the worst aftermarket design we have found) Good things we see from their availability (while others use them): 1) Will free up a ton of higher quality OEM cores to use as the base builds Few good links to educate oneself: 1) 2) 3) We are very curious to see how the competition has came up with some of their "conclusions" on these new "core" units being superior. They've come to the conclusion that these are higher flowing and better quality manifolds/housings, but we are unsure how that can be whatsoever on our initial findings. They'd be welcome to post up any data they've found in this thread, whether they do or don't it is not of great concern as we will soon- good or bad. Obviously our perception (vs. that of some of competitors) have come to some very different conclusions here, and of course everything is up for debate but our thoughts are this is a rather risky maneuver to use as a core product for a base build/upgrade... at least NOT without much further due diligence. Even then it will take an awful lot more perks, that we are not even remotely seeing at this moment, to warrant the slight savings of making this change. Rob"
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-01-2017, 03:17 PM
    Getting close to needing some testing of the new app. Who would like to volunteer?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-02-2017, 03:27 PM
    For some reason Yahoo auto-renewed the league and teams. That's ok, priority will go to those who played last year. Ok gentlemen please Paypal $100 to after which you will be PM'd the league link. Payout is: 1st place: $800 2nd place: $300 3rd place: $100 Reserved from past years: 1. @Sticky 2. @135pats 3. @chrisisnapping 4. @Terry@BMS 5. @Group.america 6. @zeenon53 7. @cadillacgrills 8. @Acegp1 9. @BLKROKT 10. @Daily Three 11. @Dave@Fuel-It! Alternates: @Fr3nch @Njz @Toxic 335
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-08-2017, 07:01 PM
    I want to make something clear to some of you. Many vendors, and I'm not calling anyone specific out, make exaggerated claims. There are dynos posted that are inflated and not a representation of what you can realistically expect with their product. Why? To sell things. There are turbo failures swept under the rug. Why? The answer is obvious, isn't it? EVERYONE has turbo failures. EVERYONE. There are even a few I won't name using nitrous to bolster their numbers. The point is, question everything. There are many who know what is going on but who do not want to get into a vendor/flame war. We're here to learn and BS must be called out. Don't be afraid. I'll stand up for you. Just an N54 public service announcement and it is happening on the other engine platforms as well.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-09-2017, 08:22 PM
    This was sent to me as BimmerBoost was tagged by someone named JTswole on IG. Not sure what his username is but it's cool to note that more people are getting the Schrick cams installed and going for big numbers. He ported his head as well. Apparently he wants this to be the baddest N54 around.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-14-2017, 08:26 PM
    So this guy claims but I'm waiting on the slip:
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  • TheAllOriginal's Avatar
    07-04-2017, 03:01 PM
    So apparently Tony has installed the Precision Raceworks coil kit and decided to do a dyno run and gained more power all around. Crazy to see this improvement on a coil upgrade, wonder how the BL coil kit will do ? Good to finally start seeing data on these.
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  • 1hunglow's Avatar
    07-02-2017, 06:31 PM
    1hunglow started a thread MMP issues? Anyone else in N54
    Saw this on IG- anyone else have problem? 3 sets???
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  • ///MPOSTER's Avatar
    07-17-2017, 12:42 PM
    5 BMWs seized in Catawba Co. street racing bust, citations issued Watch out and be careful for other people while making videos.
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  • LessIsMore's Avatar
    07-14-2017, 02:11 AM
    This morning was able to hit 22 PSI as normal and car was performing fine. After leaving work this evening, it drove fine for a few minutes but then I noticed a loud whining/ moaning sound like a boost leak when the car would try to build boost, and could not make over 3 PSI or so.* I have a known fouled O2 sensor i know I need to replace but been putting off for a couple months. I've been having intermittent O2 sensor faults (2C7B lambda probe behind *** con 2, signal ; 29E0 fuel mixture control ; 29E1 fuel mixture control 2) but that has not caused any low boost or other issues except I will sometimes get a Safety 5 from the bad O2 signal variance. When I first experienced the low boost this evening, i got new O2 sensor codes ( 2C9D Lambda probe heating in front of *** con 2, signal ; 2CA7 Lambda probe heating in front of *** con 2, function ; 2CAB Lambda probe before ***, temperature). When i got home I performed a boost leak test to 12 psi and no leaks. Inspected all vac lines, etc. Drove it after and still only get 2-3 psi boost and whine/ moaning is still there when attempting to build boost. Logs here show a short WOT hit (17_58_58) to show boost rising as normal right after leaving work. Then I got the codes above a few mins later. Then second log (18_05_28) a few mins after that, showing boost only 2-3 psi at WOT. Then a couple from tonight after boost leak test, showing low boost. (21_25_34) shows reduced boost target, and (21_25_49) shows boost target back up.* I am at a loss. Could a failed O2 sensor cause reduced boost? Ive read of clogged cats causing low, no boost, but this was so sudden.* Thanks in advance.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    06-29-2017, 01:29 PM
    Want a little extra security your N54 crank bolt wont back out leaving you with 24 bent valves? Here is an easy, and cost effective way to do that. The VTT N54 crank bolt capture. It slips over the head of the crank bolt, fully encapsulates it, and locks it to the crank hub, meaning it cannot back out no matter what. The VTT-CBC is 100% Billet Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Anodized black to protect it from the elements, and give it a stealth look. While this is not a full fix for all crank hub spinning issues, we have found most of our issues have stemmed from the bolt itself backing out, and this is a great way to keep that from happening. Extremely light weight at only 1.3 Oz's it adds virtually no weight to the crank which is important for balance, and vibration. These are in stock, and on the VTT Website for immediate sale. Price is $99 for hub capture, and all 12.9 hardware needed for install. We suggest using blue loc-tite on your crank hub bolts. As always email any questions to
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    06-30-2017, 05:05 PM
    Edit: Made 910WTQ after a brief cool down..:) Hey guys. Had the car on the dyno again today, with the new cams, manifold, besides everything the same as before. 100% E85, 85% DI, a little PI mixed in, GC turbos, etc Cams are WORKING! The car made 750WHP on about 18-19 psi of boost. It took closer to 22-23 lbs to do that previously. We wanted to push a little bit so put the high map back in, and this is the first time we cannot hook up on the dyno in 4th. Dumped VHT on the tires, and roller. No dice, in 4th gear as soon as it comes on boost, redline instantly. This means we had no choice but to run 5th gear, 1st run in 5th with the higher map it hooked up, misfired at 5500, and I was astounded to see 822WHP/862WTQ. :o Fixed the misfire (plug related) and turned boost up a little, and it put down this run you see 830WHP/902WTQ by far the most TQ ever made by an N54, and honestly pretty unreal. Power was a little less than before, I think this is related to the 5th gear pull. The graph is also not near as pretty because of the slow nature of a higher gear pull. Interesting to note car makes 500WTQ at 2600, and 650 at 3K, it also holds 750WHP to redline. These motors are the real deal! On to the bad news, these turbos are tapped out, they have no business making this power, and they cannot breath up top to feed these cams. If we truly want to test the cams UP TOP, we need to put some bigger turbos on the car. Stage 3 will be back on it in the near future so we have more properly suited turbos for this kind of power. Either way, its fun to see what the N54 can do when its moving some air...:naughty: Highest run was done on 28.8 peak boost, and 20.8 at redline, poor turbos, just can't keep up. 100% WGDC by 6000RPM. MHD read slightly higher as usual, but our AEM sensor confirms actual manifold boost. Quick Break down: Closed deck short block Ported head Stock valve sizes Shrick High Lift cams Fab Factory intake manifold VTT GC Turbos VTT custom intakes VTT Silicone charge pipe ADE Catch can, with custom lines ATi super damper (No Misfires) VTT Crank Bolt Capture Spec Twin disc clutch 100% E85 VTT Double Barrel Shotgun LPS Alpha-Loc Throttle body connection More things I am sure I am forgetting MHD log is here:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-14-2017, 11:37 PM
    This is disappointing considering Nizpro's work was so promising. Just over a year ago Nizpro showed their upgrade cutting 1.5X short times on the dragstrip. Their N54 automatic transmission upgrades were supposed to be out by holiday time in 2016 but that date came and went with no release. Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, they are getting out of the platform: They do not state what the reasons are but their N54 development 335i was put up for sale. That leaves automatic N54 owners seeking big power in a bit of a pickle. Propulsive Dynamics claims to have upgrades but for owners making big torque the minimal torque capacity increase offered that still has yet to be proven on the dragstrip is likely a waste of time and money. There is always the option of swapping in another automatic transmission which is what some BimmerBoost members are doing with the AD-E 4L80 swap. As of right now the most cost effective solution capable of handling the power N54's are making in 2017 is a manual swap. A DCT swap is also possible and becoming more popular although it is more expensive than a manual swap. It does offer quicker shifts and more consistent performance though.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-13-2017, 02:52 AM
    The more I've talked about this the more people have told me coil upgrades have existed essentially forever. Guys have been running R8 coils for 6+ years. Especially European members. My question then is, why are these coil upgrades coming out now? Are the aftermarket coils superior to the R8 coils? I'm just wondering how they differ.
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  • xShadows's Avatar
    07-01-2017, 10:36 PM
    Not many people worry about pump gas and just want to go huge numbers on e85. I'm almost an hour away from the closest e85 pump and it would be just a hassle to have to deal with it. Plenty of people are curious about pump gas results and you don't see them to often. Mod list: JB4 + MHD - Tuned by EMP Ethanol free 93 octane Tuned on 20PSI (graph shows 21.5 but that was a boost spike) DocRace 6266 AD-E 650HP intercooler Fuel-it stage 2 550i clutch MMP Port Injection with JB4 controller Made right at 560whp - It was 92 degrees and 48% humidity out today so I'm sure it could have been better. Datazap link for logs:
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  • mfish's Avatar
    07-03-2017, 10:15 AM
    I just recently starting running E60 in my car. I have brand new Bosch spark pugs torqued to proper specs, Bosch pre-cat O2 sensors about 2 months old, fuel-it stage 2 pump that's maybe 2 years old and has less than 20K miles on it, latest version Eldor coils that are about 1 year old with about 10K miles on them, OEM BMW fuel injectors replaced about 1 year ago with about 10K miles on them so they're probably index 11 or 12. They should be coded correctly as the dealer installed them. All vaccum lines replaced about 6 months ago and every hose clamp on the intake tract is nice and snug. HPFP was replaced by previous owner under warranty maybe 6 or 7 years ago. So hardware should be tip top unless something failed prematurely. I've also tried swapping coils around with no luck either. We've been through several revised custom maps with no success either. I get heavy timing corrections mostly on cylinders 1 and cylinders 5 but sometimes other cylinders too and occasionally at the top of the pull. Then about 2 weeks ago I started getting misfires on cylinders 1 and 2. Shortly thereafter I started getting superknock codes on cylinders 2 and 3. I've also noticed since running Ethanol (but this wasn't the case on 93 octane) that bank 1 is always a hair (0.1 - 0.3) richer than bank 2. And sometimes my bank 1 AFR goes ridiculously lean and the pump pressures sky rocket when this happens. Has anyone had similar experiences and fixed it. I'm just perplexed that with all new hardware this is happening and I'd rather not just start wasting money and randomly throwing parts at it. Logs below. Please help!! 3 upshifts with corrections - super lean AFR during pull - super lean after upshift 1 - super lean after upshift 2 - 3 previous 93 octane logs -
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    07-15-2017, 03:11 PM
    Very happy to announce the New & Improved VTT Stage 2 and 2+ Turbos! While our new Stage 2 and Stage 2+ turbos have been for sale for a little while, we thought we'd do an official post about them and offer group buy/intro pricing to the first 25 individuals using the code VTTSTG2GB. This is first come first served, once the code is used the full amount of times it is disabled. Let's get into the details: VTT Stage 2 and Stage 2+: Building on the past Our original stage 2 and stage 2+ turbos were known for being work horses; even though they were released when tuning wasn't as advanced as it is today, we had excellent customer provided dynos from 550 whp daily drivers all the way up to 700 whp. Recognizing the stock exhaust manifold was a significant bottleneck, we released the GC family to alleviate those concerns; problem solved. As awesome as the GC's are, they aren't in everyone's budget. Our new Stage 2 and Stage 2+ offerings are the next step forward in output and tuning potential while remaining more wallet friendly. Read on to see what we've done. They're all new Not a used, reworked turbo, the new VTT Stage 2 and Stage 2+ offerings are brand new to you; they utilize a cast one piece N54 manifold (see below for why that's awesome) and our own custom compressor and turbine combinations. Core charge? Done. Want to keep your stock ones? Go ahead, throw them in a box and hold on to them if you want to ever return the car to stock and sell it. We don't use cores for these any more. Brand new product, less money out of your pocket. Win-win. A better design starts in the manifold All current stock frame turbo manifolds choke down to a very tight 1.25” diameter passageway before entering the turbo housing. We found this to be a significant bottleneck at about the 700 whp mark give or take a little, depending on how much you like tons of backpressure in your system. Not going to make 700 whp? It's still a problem; greater backpressure means your engine breaths less easily, making you have to run higher boost for a given power level. Our new Stage 2 and 2+ are new (did we mention new?), fully cast housings that open that diameter up from 1.24” to 1.30”, which is a 5% increase in area. They breath a little easier, which helps eliminate excessive back pressure. Picking the Right Compressor The stage 2 units have a very versatile and high flowing 16T compressor. The Stage 2+ utilize our own proprietary compressor that allows for a little extra airflow over the Stage 2 while keeping spool characteristics spot on for daily driving. Check out a closer view of the Stage 2 below: Highly Efficient Turbines Having a new fully cast manifold that outflows the stock variants won't do you a lot of good if you cram an old outdated turbine wheel in there. Both our Stage 2 and Stage 2+ utilize a 9 blade TD04L turbine modeled after the extremely efficient Garrett GT series turbines. How to choose which one is right for you It's very simple. If you want up to about 600 whp on a stock motor/head; choose the stage 2. If you want up to about 650 whp on a stock motor/head, we recommend Stage 2+. Have a peculiar situation or want our input? Email me and let's start a dialog about how you use the car, fuel, response needs, etc. and we'll get you squared away. Stage 2+ Results: As expected, these perform. Results shown below are on a stock motor, stock head, 100% E85, with peak boost being 26 psi per MHD, and closer to 24 psi actual (MHD reads high). Timing target was 9*. Note that this is down in power; puzzled we did a compression check and got these results from this lovely tired old motor that came to us with a slight miss during idle: #1 : 120 psi #2 : 165 psi #3 : 95 psi #4 : 160 psi #5 : 135 psi #6 : 160 psi So you see this was not a healthy motor at all; cylinder 3 is down over 40%! So all in all, not bad. This is not indicative of the capability of the new 2+ turbos when properly set up and on a healthy motor; the turbos had a LOT left in them, but out of respect for the owner of the already-tired motor, we stopped trying to get more power. To that end, the first Re-released Stage 2 owner (i.e. not the old stage 2 or 2+) that posts a results thread with legitimate dyno that's 600 whp or greater gets a $100 back from us as a tip of the hat. Same story for the re-released Stage 2+, except the power number to shoot for is 650 whp in order for us to give you $100 back. (Note: If you think you're the guy to do that, email me, and I'll check it all out, make sure it's legit/you're the first, and get you the money!) Intro Pricing/Group Buy: I know we said we were going to do a group buy, but we came up with something better; intro pricing for the first 25 sets using a simple code on the website. Price is good until that number (25) is sold, enter code VTTSTG2GB into the website and you'll be good to go. With the code, here are the numbers: Stage 2's: Regular Price: $1999 Intro Price: $1799 Stage 2+'s: Regular Price: $2199 Intro Price: $1999 These need inlets; pick up ours for $100 with turbo purchase. (For first 25 only) Stock outlet (hot side charge pipe) will work, but if you want ours, it's $100 extra. There is not a better deal on the N54 market for power per dollar, nor does anyone offer all new units at this time except VTT. Lead Times: We have parts in stock, right now as your eyes are reading these words, to build 15 sets. Those will ship within 2-3 weeks from order. For the last 10 GB sets looking at 30-day lead. That's it! Enjoy, we're looking forward to seeing results for these out on the streets. Chris
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-14-2017, 08:36 PM
    People love to see race videos for real world comparisons but it is also important to note that hardware can vary wildly based on the application. Tuning alone is a huge factor. What we have here is an E92 335i which is the camera car and it is equipped with Pure Turbos Stage 2 N54 turbochargers. It is tuned by someone named Pure_Evil_Tuning who tunes in Southern California. Obviously, this video is posted to show the quality of his tuning. It certainly seems the camera car is running well. The VTT GC equipped car gets pulled which with E85 and Port Fuel Injection in theory should not happen. Both are stated to be at 25 psi but who really knows if that is true. A rematch with more details would be great to see. EDIT: Somebody tried to pass the VTT car off as a GC upgraded car. It is running the Vargas Stage 2 N54 upgrade at 19 psi. Additionally, the car has some compression issues.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-04-2017, 10:58 AM
    So about $5700 in USD: PPM Custom Ultimate Strength Billet EN40B Crankshaft for BMW N54B30 335I Engines. OEM Stroke Material EN40B
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  • langsbr's Avatar
    07-21-2017, 07:48 PM
    I think you need to separate the cast offerings into 2 groups - The "chinaframe" stock replacement style as Frankenturbo calls them, and a "high performance" 2 piece. Currently the Chinaframes are available from: Frankenturbo VTT Stage 2/2+ (new models) There can be varying differences in the manufacturing tolerances and quality but that is not to be debated here. In both cases, they can be considered a stock+ style manifold. Stock/OEM replacement with different machining for different wheels. The only "high performance 2 piece" currently available is: VTT GC VTT GC Lites MMP is coming out with their own "high performance 2 piece" manifolds sometime "soon". They've not released a date yet, but I would think this year, maybe within a few months. Mauricio said he expects improved spool and 850WHP potential from them. While there are a few sets of GCs around now, and we're seeing them trickle in, the MMP Group Buy got them into a LOT of people's hands. I think once the new manifolds are available, I'm sure a number of people will grab them and swap them over, and we'll start to see even more power. The only thing I saw from Pure was the thread from a year ago, and they claimed to never have announced anything. The picture looked quite a bit like the chinaframes though. I think that NOZ ball bearing stuff has a stage 2.5 now (at least they said they did). It has a 19T compressor, but I didn't see the details on the CHRA (TD03 or 4?) or the turbines? I am presuming it's chinaframe or stockframe based on the pricing and stage rating. Vendors - please correct anything I have wrong. I tried not to post assumptions, only what has been publicly disclosed.
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  • jamaViper's Avatar
    07-13-2017, 08:42 PM
    hey everyone I have looked through a ton of threads and tried lots of things to fix this but it's been a solid 3 days of my car being out of action. trying to do the pump flash with the Bimmer boost flash software but it keeps getting stuck here at the calculating time remaining phase.... amd computer and battery is good to go. using Bavarian tech cable. it let me read the ecu and I saved it but won't let me put flash that back on either. it does say it is valid though
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