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  • ChuckD05's Avatar
    08-26-2014, 03:37 PM
    Custom set of Hybrids that started as RBs but are far from RBs at this time, Tuned by a local tuner from another platform and upgraded rebuilt hybrids by another turbo guy from that platform, done on a dynojet ... Pretty Bad Ass to say the least... Using jb with backend flash obv custom tuning by someone here on Long Island... Funny thing is this shop has no interest in this platform other than this being a employees car and them messing around here and there.... The 587 graph has gotta be the record right? Stock fuel system with a inline pump and I dont think much more than e50 :) Just shows what tuning can be done on the dyno by people who understand tuning in general, which 99% of the n54s dont get done (tuning on a dyno by someone sitting in that car on that dyno) The video i have was sent to me from an iphone to my android to the quality is murdered, but its here, this is a 6m 135i ..... PM or write your email if you want the video but he broke the 565 before i got done writing this so 58x+ is coming soon in higher quality...
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  • Snertz's Avatar
    08-06-2014, 11:57 AM
    Most have probably seen this posted on FB but for those that haven't, here's another option coming down the pipeline. Supposedly hitting the dyno this weekend. Per their posts, production is already in process, will have kits on the shelf ready to ship when it's released.
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  • lamia2super's Avatar
    08-02-2014, 01:24 PM
    saw these posted around the web
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-01-2014, 07:32 PM
    It's that time of year again folks, Fantasy Football! So, rules carry over from last year which means a 12 team league with a live draft. Last year buy in was $30 I believe. We will up it this year to make the league more serious. This was last year's roster: @benzy89 @mantoine56 @tphaeng @E90SoFlo @Hansel22 @bigdnno98 @chrisisnapping @Njz @MAC335 @mjmarovi @nelsonmg Anyone from the above list gets priority for this year. Let's go with a $50 buy in to start for now. I'd prefer to do more but we'll see what people say. $50: 1st place: $450 2nd place:$100 3rd place: $50
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  • VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    08-08-2014, 08:50 PM
    Jumped on the dyno to do a little messing around today, we literally decided to see how much boost we could make with these stock frames. Dzenno was kind enough to send me some maps he called "piston shredders" hahaha. Basically just as much WGDC as we would get, everything else the same as last time, timing, etc. Results were as we assumed a nice bump of midrange WTQ to 644 WTQ, and horsepower basically stayed exactly the same, which is now the standing N54 stock frame WR. Not happy with this or stopping at the map limits, I took our Mighty Vac vacuum pump and literally clamped the gates shut at 30 In Hg. It made the same amount of power, so basically there is nothing left, that's it. Pretty fun testing, Datazap log is there, Shotgun holds perfectly, not a single correction across the board, if the turbos were a little more free flowing, the power would continue to climb. People speak of bang for your buck. Our VTT Stage 2 and Shotgun HPFP kit is the best N54 bang for you buck out there, coming in at $4500 with billet upgrade and Double Barrel kit for power like this. Of course we would NOT recommend anyone run these "piston Shredder" maps or anything like them, but seeing 500-525WHP, and 550+ WTQ is not out of the realm of reality on 100% E85 and an aggressive tune. Pretty cool to see what a full maxed out set of Stage 2's can do on 100% E85. Cheers...:D Datazap log:
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  • j_hynson's Avatar
    08-03-2014, 03:02 PM
    :angry-banghead: I figured I would give the new kid on the block a chance but it was truly a waste of time. After waiting 2 months I FINALLY received the top mount single turbo kit. I would usually just take pictures and leave it at that but this experience turned me to be a whole new A**hole. Yes I know that many people warned me but in my defense it was all verbal discrepancies and nothing visual.. like pictures. To save you the reader time I wont be repetitive unless necessary below. If anyone from ZNS or that represents them has an issue with this post please post up so I can screen shot all the emails, website messages, Facebook messages, and texts for everyone else to make their judgment. (yes it took this many forms of contact to get ahold of these people after a while) Well Now the BMW community will have a full on review of why NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. In June I ordered a top mount single turbo kit from ZNS performance. In the beginning there were no issues with communication what so ever. A guy by the name of Keith would always pick up the phone and answer any questions that I had. As we came up on the 2 week mark that they proclaim to be when the kit will ship out I started to make sure we were still on schedule. Turns out we weren't on schedule and that he needed another week...At this point I called every other day if not every day to make sure he kept my kit fresh in his mind. Week after week went by and it was the same bullshit every time. He would blame everyone else but himself..."oh the fabricator hasn't finished it" or "we are waiting on these coolant lines" (when you can pic this shit up at a local parts store). \ I would use every method to try to contact these people stating that I needed a phone call, pictures or something...Until I threatened them with something like fraud I wouldn't receive a phone call. The messages were always short, unrelated, and full of shit. The time finally came around to where I received a tracking number... Friday (august 1st) I FINALLY received the package a month and a half later that schedule. The parts were Packed very very well. Everything individually wrapped in bubble wrap and the packing peanuts around them. It took me almost 30 minutes to get it all unpacked for inspection. I saved the Manifold for last...which was my mistake... I pulled the manifold out of packaging and inspected it. I wasn't sure if I was seeing things or if this fabricator really sucked that much dick at fabricating. Not one weld was back purged, The head plate was warped from lack of stabilizing the plate when welding it together. The welds looked like complete and total shit on the outside. Supposedly the welder had been doing this for 25 years...Yeah first manifold I ever built was better looking and I was in high school. There are areas where you could see he blew through the metal and patched it. Yes he blew threw schedule 40 301 stainless. He didn't cut the pipe right so there were patch pieces all over the manifold. I had this looked over by a material joining engineer at work and he literally looked at it and just said "no" and handed it back to me. I called this D-bag and told him everything and he acted like he cared but his actions showed he didn't...once again claiming he would do stuff and never did it.. been texting him all weekend and nothing has been done. If there are ANY questions about what happened please feel free to ask and I will answer I will post pictures in a not by a wall plug and my laptop is about to die. Sticky can you make this where I can edit it? my house is a little far from where im at and Id like for the pictures to be in OP
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  • fastgti69's Avatar
    08-18-2014, 08:16 PM
    Had a great time last night meeting some new people in Mexico. It was an impromptu meet so I didn't get to take any footage from my car :(. We are going to set something up in the next couple of weeks. I'll be ready with mounts and cameras etc. White e92 M3 6speed Active Autowerk level 3 SC kit Laguna Seca e92 M3 6speed Gintani Stage 2+ Red e92 M3 DCT Gintani Stage 2+ All M3s are running 91 octane and Meth. I am running e40 blend 100% Meth and Map 7 23 psi. They are very, very quick. Surprised me more than I thought to be honest. Everytime we started second gear rolls, they would get a good jump and I would play catch up. It would be hard for me to catch up though. 3rd gear rolls though I would move out pretty well, once I hit 4th gear It was over. Everyone seemed to be in the 580-600whp region. I dynoed 627 whp on Map 7 with this trim. That flatline shift bog aflatau really really hurts, it's not even funny. I've notice if I switch at 6800 rpm, it does not bog. I will have to do more testing. First and second race is Second gear roll. Red Vs White M3 Third race is Second gear roll Red M3 Vs Me. Spun pretty hard and once I hit third gear I guess it kicked me into map 4 Fourth race is second gear roll Red M3 Vs Me. I didn't realize I was kicked down to map 4 in this race lol so yea 12 psi run. Fifth race is third gear roll Red M3 Vs Me. Map 7 23 psi Good run here. Last race is all of us, second gear roll just for fun lol. There are more runs and vids from the other guys. I wish I had more to post up. Looked like the level 3 AA kit seemed to be the fastest of them all. In the end, we all had a blast. Nobody cared who's car was the fastest. I can't wait to hang out with these guys again.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    08-11-2014, 03:55 PM
    Hey guys, Was able to hit up the dyno this AM to see how the 6465 is doing. Overall I wound up a bit disappointed with it. I kept the fuel, weather, car, etc, similar to to the previous 5862 dyno with the only change being the turbo and boost profile. That means race gas, single CM10 nozzle, cutout open. Same ST back end flash. With the 5862 maxed out running 12psi WG springs it was able to make 28psi tapering to around 25psi at redline. With the 6465 maxed out running 15psi WG springs I was only able to make 29psi tapering to around 27psi at redline. I was expecting to at least be able to hold 30psi to redline. I did some basic diagnostics on the dyno to verify the MAC solenoid was operating properly, tested with the filter off to eliminate a possible restriction (more on that later), tried higher and lower advance curves, tried different AFR profiles, etc, and basically none of it improved the situation. Granted these runs are being done in 4th gear on an automatic which is fairly short as you can see in the log. Still it should be able to hold more boost. I'll continue working on it. Now I'm starting to wonder if the 5862 with a 15 or 17psi spring would produce the same power with less lag. During one of the filter off runs the turbo somehow managed to suck in the WG wiring and ate around 5" of it. lol. I didn't see any physical damage and power was not effected on subsequent runs. So it's probably all chopped in the intercooler. Will have to go hunting around for it. Thank god this is an eBay motor.
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  • Sticky2's Avatar
    08-06-2014, 10:49 PM
    Saw this guy at the mall and I couldn't help myself. He was so playful and smart I had to have him. Very calm personality too, he quietly chills and likes to explore but never strays far. Going to be a bitch to potty train I can see but what should I name him? Been calling him tank for now.
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  • marcus335i's Avatar
    08-05-2014, 07:56 AM
    marcus335i started a thread Race gas or E85 in N54
    Ok so soon im going to the track and im not sure which route I should go. Ive used a mix of E85 before, 5 gallons E85 and the rest 91, with great results. The car felt like an absolute monster when I used the mix along with meth. When I did that I was at a 51 additive for meth. Now I have an option to use race gas MS109. Now I ask this question because a friend of mine has ran MS109 with a 70 meth additive and had great results but has not used E85. I guess im just looking for some opinions on what might/will have better results. If you've used both your opinion is appreciated.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-01-2014, 09:56 AM
    You know by now that BMW and Toyota announced a technology sharing agreement. You should also know that BMW and Toyota are collaborating on a new sports car. For BMW, that means the next generation Z4 and for Toyota that means a possible return of the Supra nameplate. There are a lot of rumors about what exactly is going to happen but a new report from MotorTrend sheds some light on the subject. The car obviously will be a hybrid which is why the collaboration happened in the first place. Toyota has some great electric motors and hybrid technology which they have experience with from the Prius and BMW does as well with the 'i' brand now. We will see some mixing and matching as BMW's lightweight technology is paired with Toyota's electronic designs that BMW will produce. The expected result is a lightweight 3085 pound car. This is a great weight target for a sports car and especially one with a hybrid drivetrain. Power is expected to come from a direct injected 2.0 liter four-cylinder motor. Let's hope that the motor is BMW's as the N20 is a very strong candidate. This motor of course will be paired with an electric motor or two and the output should be in the 350+ horsepower range. That sounds pretty good with the 3085 pound curb weight making for a car that is fun to drive and toss into the corners. The car may not be rear wheel drive as the electric motor will be front mounted. That means the next generation Z4 and Supra likely will have all wheel drive. So what is the target date for these two cars? 2017. The end result is going to be very interesting to see. Source
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-04-2014, 01:17 PM
    Dodson is tackling the BMW DCT market and is set to release a bevy of upgrade parts for the BMW DCT transmission including clutch pack shims, two different type of clutch kits, frictions plates, and associated hardware. These upgrades will be available for every BMW with the DCT transmission. Yes, that means the E9X M3 and E9X 335 models. It also means the new F10 M5 and F12/F13 M6 models. These models all use a variant of a Getrag DCT box. The physical proportions are the same but Getrag obviously has modified the unit over the years for greater torque capability going from the naturally aspirated E9X M3 to the V8 twin turbo F10 M5. These Dodson parts will have even greater capability with two clutch sets currently listed one for 800 lb-ft of torque and the second for over 800 lb-ft. BimmerBoost will be testing out some of these Dodson parts in the M3. Will Dodson succeed where SSP Performance failed? We will find out shortly but considering Dodson's stellar reputation it certainly looks like it. Pricing has yet to be announced but as soon as the parts are officially available BimmerBoost will of course bring you the details. BMW SPORTSMANS 15 PLATE CLUTCH KIT 800+ FT/LB 7 x Large Exedy® heavy duty, patented frictions 8 x Small Exedy® heavy duty, patented frictions 8 x Large Exedy® heavy duty heat treated & ground flat steels 9 x Small Exedy® heavy duty heat treated & ground flat steels Vehicles to suit: E82: E82 135i Coupé, USA E82 135i Coupé, Europe E88: E88 135i Convertible, USA E88 135i Convertible, Europe E89: E89 Z4 35i Roadster, USA E89 Z4 35is Roadster, USA E89 Z4 35i Roadster, Europe E89 Z4 35is Roadster, Europe E90: E90 M3 Saloon, USA E90 M3 Saloon, Europe E90N: E90N M3 Saloon, USA E90N M3 Saloon, Europe E92: E92 M3 Coupé, USA E92 335i Coupé, Europe E92 M3 Coupé, Europe E92N: E92N 335is Coupé, USA E92N M3 Coupé, USA E92N 335i Coupé, Europe E92N M3 Coupé, Europe E93: E93 M3 Convertible, USA E93 335i Convertible, Europe E93 M3 Convertible, Europe E93N: E93N 335is Convertible, USA E93N M3 Convertible, USA E93N 335i Convertible, Europe E93N M3 Convertible, Europe F06: F06 M6 Gran Coupé, USA F06 M6 Gran Coupé, Europe F10: F10 M5 Saloon, USA F10 M5 Saloon, Europe F12: F12 M6 Convertible, USA F12 M6 Convertible, Europe F13: F13 M6 Coupé, USA F13 M6 Coupé, Europe
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  • Flinchy's Avatar
    08-21-2014, 10:53 PM
    Flinchy started a thread N54 intake manifold in N54
    So someone posted this on facebook ED: just saw they sell the billet flange for DIY efforts mmm.
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  • Anthony@FFTEC's Avatar
    08-22-2014, 11:24 PM
    We've been pretty silent lately while diligently working to complete production for the MANY bottom and top mount turbo systems which have been ordered over the past few weeks. Firgured I should come on and give some updates as to the status of Terry's engine build. @Terry@BMS has given us the honor and privilege of building him a custom FFTEC N54 Long Rod motor. Short Block has been balanced, blue-printed and assembled in house. FFTEC Spec'd CP Pistons FFTEC Spec'd Connecting rod - Long Rod N54 Rods. OEM block sealer and tooling. Coated pistons. File fitting the rings.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-30-2014, 02:56 PM
    Sorry to put a damper on the parade but the flash tuning capability of the new turbo M models is greatly overstated. A couple of days ago results were posted of a flash tuned S55 inline-6 which is the turbocharged M motor featured under the hood of the F80 M3 and F82 M4. It is true that this car was flashed but after seeing the article BimmerBoost was contacted by a tuner who wanted to set the record straight on what is actually going on. Nobody at the moment has real control of any modern ECU used in the turbo BMW's. This includes the F30 models, F10, F12/F13, F82, F80, and so on. The tricore ECU's in these cars have not been cracked. So what exactly is going on? The tuners claiming the ability to flash are all using the same trick but they are not uploading their own custom tuned software. They are essentially flashing the same files that originate internally from BMW. Some of these files are just press files. Oh, you did not know BMW uses different software on cars they let the press test? Well, namely with the F10 M5 and F12/F13 M6 they do. Why? The BMW press software will allow a higher margin for a CEL (check engine light). That means you will not see any of those nasty reviews saying the cars went into limp mode. This among other things like traction control changes or higher boost itself. Some tuners have even been using the BMW Competition Package software which is not real flash tuning. It is just uploading BMW's own file. If anyone needs proof of this ask for a custom dyno tune for your F10 M5 or F80 M3. It is not going to happen, at least not yet. Tuners can play with the bootloader but if they modify outside of certain parameters the checksum fails. If it fails, the software will not flash. All of the big boys are struggling with this believe it or not. Dimsport which is traditionally the source for a lot of automotive ECU cracks that then spread out (for $ from others) can not flash tune the Tricore ECU's. Some guys may be using this Russian software for the Tricore ECU's to read out of the files but what can they do with it once they do? The tuner that contacted BimmerBoost said to ask the tuners for proof of their ability. No tuner that has contacted BimmerBoost stating they have the ability to flash tune has demonstrated it. So how do you get a dyno graph showing gains with a flash tune? Well, you can run a car until it is hot and then flash BMW's own software that leaked out and once the car cools down showing gains with a handpicked before and after graph. BimmerBoost stands by this report that nobody has true flash tuning ability at the moment. BimmerBoost will also state that many tuners make their living simply flashing factory files from Europe over on US cars at a markup. We will not name who it is that predominantly does this but the readers here are smart enough to figure it out. The flash tuning era of the F80 M3 / F82 M4 and F10 M5 / F13 M6 can not even be stated as being in its infancy as the development is not even that far along. We will see what happens but internal sources at BMW that traditionally have helped can not. You would not either if it meant losing your job.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-16-2014, 12:59 AM
    This is a beatdown. Protomotive builds some spectacularly fast 996 Turbos but there are also some spectacularly fast Nissan GTR's out there. This Topspeed built 4.4 liter Alpha 12 certainly qualifies. Just to give you a sensation of how bit the difference between the cars is the GTR gives the two 996 Turbos (the yellow one is the claimed 1200+ horsepower Protomotive car) a head start and the hit yet runs them down and passes them with ease. The sensation of speed conveyed by the video is astonishing. The GTR makes the two 996 Turbos looks like they are moving in slow motion. Is the Protomotive car really putting out 1200+? Or is the GTR just that much damn faster?
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  • ChuckD05's Avatar
    08-11-2014, 01:24 PM
    Found this somewhere familiar... Poster says the m4 has 2 passengers seems to pull well against c7 but Ive beaten 5.0s with more mods with stockers maxed a bit worse.. so I am not sure what to think there.
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  • richpike's Avatar
    08-04-2014, 08:13 PM
    3-days in jail for speeding. Are you f'ing kidding me? Wow. Not that Virginia was high on my list to visit, but I certainly won't be visiting there now. This quote sums up the article pretty well: -Rich
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-10-2014, 12:45 PM
    Graphic footage so be sure you want to see someone getting hit with a car:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-31-2014, 02:17 PM
    It's time to add horsepower guys. I'm not sure why we're going up as quickly as we're going up as I'm not ready for it. I wish traffic and load would go down a bit but, well, this is the trend: So, I'm exploring server upgrade options at the moment. Please bear with me. Also I hope this is easy on the checkbook as this is getting expensive to run.
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  • Proflyer's Avatar
    07-31-2014, 05:30 PM
    Hi everyone, first post here, new to this car. Yes I did a search, I haven't been under a forum rock for the last decade. I have an 08 335xi sedan. JB4, DCI, 3" VRSF pipes and the VRSF DP fix. I've been running the car with the stock pipes since November with the JB4 and I average 18.5mpg around town on pump gas on tune #1 . Sometimes I play around with e85 and tune 5, but then I've only seen MPGs dip to 17.9 or so. 2 weeks ago I had the 3" VRSF pipes installed and I installed the DP fix a few days later when the CEL came on (surprised me it took that long). It's currently set at "5 o'clock" and the code was cleared using the JB4. The CEL hasn't come back and I do NOT have it set to auto clear, so I 'think' it's set right. Now, my MPGs are around 14 or 14.5 if I baby it. I honestly expected an MPG increase with the new pipes, or at least things to stay the same. This large change has me surprised. I'm curious if I maybe need to use a different tune on the JB4 or if I perhaps need to turn 'up' or 'down' the DP fix? Maybe the DP fix makes it run really rich? I did a search but couldn't really find much, it's hard to search short words on the forums as I'm sure we all have experienced. Thanks all! Great site (and I can even get to it at work) -Pro
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  • triggz's Avatar
    08-18-2014, 02:28 PM
    triggz started a thread 1/2 Mile Trap Record??? in N54
    Does anyone know what the stock N54 turbo 1/2 mile trap record is?
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  • capn's Avatar
    08-16-2014, 06:13 PM
    For those who don't know Troy Jeup, he's an M5Board vendor and sources engines/transmissions for E60 M5 and E63 M6s. Here's a seller feedback regarding two members who bought engines from him, basically he's a crook and stay as far away from him as you can:
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  • SteveAZ's Avatar
    08-12-2014, 07:34 AM
    Hey all, Thought I'd start a thread for the Fuel-It! Stage 3 E-Series LPFP testing I'm doing to share data and results. To begin with, this setup is NOT designed for those running stock turbos, nor is it needed for hybrids on an otherwise stock fuel system. This is for those that will be running alternative fueling solutions and need A LOT of fuel. Some key points: The stage 3 bucket consists of two Walbro 450 (F90000267) pumps plumbed in parallel and housed within a stock bucket. In order to reduce heat build up and strain on the stock electrical system, only one pump runs full time and is controlled 100% by the DME. Passenger and driver's side venturi's as well as the stock fuel pressure regulator are fully functional. All the stock plumbing and connections remain untouched. You replace your stock bucket with this one and none of the stock components are modified. The second pump runs on demand as determined by the user's setup. The bucket is a complete drop in and primary pump (stage 2 equivalent) is plug and play. The secondary pump requires an additional wiring harness and trigger (JB4, Hobbs switch...) Again, none of the stock components are modified. Flows as performed on the test bench at 13.5V were: Full time pump >1gpm Both pumps >2gpm *The stock fuel pump is approx. .6gpm under the same conditions. -At this time I am just playing with this setup to verify functionality and reliability. After I am satisfied with the results I will send one out to Tony for testing with the Shotgun setup. Here is some of the testing I've done thus far: Flow bench... Low fuel test... Logs...These were done with the secondary pump kicking on at 8psi and targeting AFRs or 12.2 up top. In these logs I'm also using my E85 CP injection to assist the HPFP and help with IAT's. That system is also run off the low pressure system but has a booster pump to increase pressures for atomization. I'll be adding a bunch of logs in the next few days to compare various setups. The LPFP and misc. The HPFP and misc. And last but not least, a picture of the pump assembly. :D Link to log in the above examples.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-31-2014, 11:40 AM
    We already saw this comparison earlier in the year when Car and Driver compared the F82 M4 to the Porsche 991 Carrera. In that comparison, the M4 came out on top. Let's see what happens when the Brits over at EVO get a hold of both of these cars for a track comparison. This is the big question, does the M4's power and updated chassis allow it to beat the lighter rear engined Porsche 991 Carrera around the track? EVO does the comparison well showing both cars lapping at the same time. This allows some of the trademark characteristics of the cars to show. Namely that the 911 has less understeer on turn in but this is the area that one traditionally has to be careful with a 911 getting back on the power exiting the apex so that oversteer does not bite you in rear end. The 911 handling is definitely tighter. The M4's additional mass shows as it tends to push a bit. The 911's lead built in and out of turns is made up by the M4's power. Finesse versus muscle is what we witness. The tighter the course gets, the more it ends up favoring the 991. Laptimes (for reference a 458 Speciale laps this track in 1:14.2): Porsche 991 Carrera: 1:17.8 BMW F82 M4: 1:19.2 The 911 in this comparison proves it is the better sports car. To open up a gap like that on the M4 even with a huge power deficit shows how impressive the 991 chassis is. If this was a 911 model with more power, it would not even be a contest. The M4 is more muscle car and that is the direction BMW M is headed with their street cars. If you want the cheaper car with more power, the choice is the M4. If you want the better driver's car, it's the 911.
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  • RnmEvo9's Avatar
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  • 5soko's Avatar
    08-01-2014, 04:33 PM
    Had some fun runs the other night in mexico, on the bridge to brisk.. Had a nice HD cam, but the girl didn't know where she should be recording lol Non the less i walked the gallardo each time and pretty good.. In this video i got a small jump.. My M5 has Evolve stage 2 tune, drop in filters with scoops and full RPI exhaust, but she is running like a monster! I drove the Gallardo that night, and man it felt soo freaky fast! I thought i was gonna get walked.. Such a great experience with a V10 behind you and a open top being so low! The e-gear shifts at WOT are harder then the SMG! But also slower to shift.
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  • nafoo's Avatar
    08-12-2014, 03:15 PM
    It truly saddens me that he was suffering from depression when it was his life's work to make people smile. I'm going to re-watch Mrs. Doubtfire tonight! Rest in peace Mr. Williams. Hilarious golf bit:
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  • blisstik's Avatar
    08-14-2014, 05:40 PM
    Hey everyone, just got my Blackstone report. The oil was taken after around 6,000 miles and it has about 96K on the odometer. Car is an E92 2007 N54. Any ideas why iron is so high compared to universal averages?
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    08-07-2014, 07:37 PM
    Hey guys, For kicks we swapped the 5862 Precision turbo on our FFTEC 135i top mount twin scroll over to a 6465 Comp turbo. The new turbo should support another 75whp to get this car up closer to 700rwp. But in the mean time I was able to do a quick spool test. At 3300rpm the 5862 hits the ~17psi target. But the 6465 takes another 500rpm to get there. At 3300rpm it's at ~13psi. Not bad considering our 6466 bottom mount makes almost no boost at 3300rpm. We'll find out if the extra lag is worth it on the dyno next week.
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