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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-28-2017, 03:23 AM
    Hmmm, Terry@BMS care to comment?
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  • Kirk@DOCRace's Avatar
    04-28-2017, 07:20 PM
    Hey all! Waiting on dynojet results but we have some logs and quick video from the customer we wanted to share. Customer is hoping to hit the dyno soon and hook us up with a sweet video. Going for over 700whp, AWD!! This thing will be a beast!!! PSMitty95 on YouTube and psmith95 IG 30 PSI Pull before the retune.. Log from Twisted -
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  • bradsm87's Avatar
    04-25-2017, 07:13 AM
    Hi guys, Clemens at XHP Flashtool has been very generous in providing us with a TunerPro XDF in order to do custom TCU tunes. At least 80% of anything that you'd ever want to change for doing a custom performance tune is defined in that XDF. A few of us recently also defined the torque limit per gear table and not only has Clemens now published this table but also a general torque limit table as well which has saved us testing, more looking and more testing. I can't thank Clemens enough for providing this XDF. We found the torque limit per gear initially from hours or manual searching for known close values and hints at stock values from those that knew the table. Finding anything this way is extremely limited and that could well have been the only thing we could have found that way. Next, I tracked down a comparatively low cost source compared to what people were asking at more mainstream sources, but still pricey for individual enthusiasts to take the risk buying, for two WinOLS OLS files for suspected similar TCUs (VAG 6HP28 and BMW 8HP45) as there is no publicly available OLS for our TCU ROM. These are effectively leaked full map information for the TCUs that they apply to. TwistedTuning generously stepped in and purchased both of these OLS files. This paid off well because it turns out that the VAG 6HP table layout is very, very similar to ours for the most part. I was able to track down a handful more tables that I think will be useful for tuning, based on just an exported map list from the OLS file as these files were not able to be opened with the latest WinOLS demo. If you end up doing custom TCU tunes or receive a custom TCU tune, please consider swinging a small PayPal donation through to Justin at TwistedTuning . We would not have these files without him. The big hurdle/wall that we had ran into was that we can only do so much with an exported map list. There are sometimes 20 or more maps with the exact same name! What on earth does each one do? I was preparing for the worst (flashing and testing every single one to see which gear change it applies to, rinse and repeat). This is where Sticky at has stepped in and put his hand up to make the substantial purchase and provide a WinOLS license for 6HP XDF development. I have just finished getting this set up and I've just gone from insufficient information to information overload! All of those identically named maps now are in separately labelled folders! We now have the axis information and much more. I haven't even delved in to some of the advantages the full version has over the Demo yet either! This has opened the floodgates for moving forward with the 6HP TCU XDF development. Support those that support us! certainly has a great user base and it's always been my preferred forum for technical discussion. There are 2-4 main people playing around with table discovery. Some the odd hour here and there and others more. I believe most of them drive diesel cars and everybody has different priorities of what tables they want to get defined. We're just going to chip away at what we each most want to find independently of each other and share our findings. Here are some of the things I'll be looking at getting defined soon: - Torque re-introduction ramp rate after shift torque intervention. I think slowing the rate of torque re-introduction just a little should do wonders for post-shift timing corrections. I know there are many ways to get around this but some are compromises and I think this will be the best fix yet. - Main line pressure related tables and getting a better understanding of useable limits to shift pressure tables. If there is some sort of feature or function that you think might be controlled with TCU software and you think would be handy to be able to tune, this is the thread to suggest it. We'll be sure to share any updates on this thread and the official community XDF will be coming soon to after verifying a few new additions!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-11-2017, 07:40 PM
    I asked about 20's previously but I'm going to get 21's. Why? Well, 20's come stock and moving up one size really will offer the looks I'm going for. There is no point sticking to 20's as I'll have a separate set of smaller rims for competition purposes. No point in trying to do everything on 20's as it makes more sense to have a set for the street and for the strip/competition. I still want light rims though. I just can't find a lightweight 21 inch set. Suggestions? I contacted Velos but they can't deliver the rims I want in a 21 inch monoblock but instead need to do a heavier two-piece. So they are out.
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    05-16-2017, 01:14 AM
    Hey guys, I wrote another article for the collection, this one concerning proper blow off valve setup with upgraded turbos. Additionally, we have a couple of videos explaining a little more about surge, wear, and BOV's. Check it out, I hope you guys like it. VTT Turbo Thrust 101: VTT BOV 101: Screenshots of Article: PDF:
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  • Precision Raceworks's Avatar
    05-06-2017, 12:06 PM
    Precision Raceworks is proud to announce the upcoming release of yet another product Plug and Play Ignition Coil upgrade! $479.99 We have data going back over a year on these coils and testing under many conditions. These are NOT an off the shelf coil, they are designed in house and manufactured to our specifications. They look similar to the AEM “Dumb Coils” or the IGN-1 coils as well due to the fact we all based our coil design off the same Mercury Boat coil. There are also CDI versions of this coil (please do not use them by mistake!) While we considered and tested MANY off the shelf coils including the popular LS Truck coil and other smart coils this truly is the best coil possible for your BMW. Coils are all designed with goals in mind, short duration coils have very low ohm loads (<0.3ohm) so they draw current quickly to saturation and discharge quickly making them great for high revolution motors. You commonly find these in your more exotic cars such as Lamborghini’s, Ferrari's, and other high rev sport cars. This is necessary for cars running above roughly 8,000RPM red line. These cars have less time to charge due to the higher RPM and shorter time to discharge as well. In addition they must maintain duty cycles low enough to not cause premature failure due to excess heat buildup. The downside is you get a very short spark duration with very low current output from secondary winding but in this high of RPM that is all there is time for. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have your popular LS Truck coils which have very high ohm loads (1ohm). These coils are capable of great dwell time, great spark duration, and high current output from secondary winding. However with these coils taking so long to charge to saturation by design they would never be able to charge before being fired in a high RPM car such as the ones mentioned above. For this reason these coils are ideal, for lower RPM cars such as push-rod V8’s and muscle cars. We decided with the standard 7,000 red line of the N54 & N55 motors which are generally tuned to a maximum of 7,500 red line the BMW community could benefit greatly from a coil designed specific for them. You are able to obtain the right dwell time to charge the coil while still maintaining a very low duty cycle resulting in extremely long lasting coils (With tuning changes to spark control such as single spark 8,000 RPM can be met with full dwell on race builds). You are able to benefit from extended spark duration ever so slightly shorter than that of the LS Truck coil at the same ideal 3.5ms dwell time your car needs. At this dwell time you put out 2.68x the amount of current the LS coil puts out at 3.5ms dwell. In addition our coils are designed with .5 ohm primary resistance to match the .5 ohm primary resistance of the factory BMW ignition coil that came in your car. To your DME our coil looks exactly like the stock coil. You will get all of the same information the DME monitors just as if it was the factory coil. This also means you do not need additional electronics like you would for running a smart coil such as the LS or other smart coils on the market. Since the ideal dwell for our coils is 3.5ms and OEM coil dwell time is 2.4ms we have teamed up with @Martial@MHD providing all the tables to offer a simple flash solution. This solution increases dwell, disables emissions tables that only limit charge time & generate extra heat in the coil. These changes also decreases demand on components within the DME. By disabling these emission sparks you also extend the life of both your ignition coil and plug. What this means is you get a solution that functions like factory, has very minimal points of failure, is very efficient, but performs as well at idle as it does cranking out 1,000+ whp! Our system resolves misfire issues for both stock and high performance BMW’s. No need for constant replacing of coils due to insufficient design and heat soak found in pencil coils. No more small gaps on your high horsepower race car either. These coils can jump the gap and have the current and duration to eliminate misfires once and for all. We even went so far as to test these coils on a car with 68k on the plugs that had misfire issues in multiple cylinders and found it not only removed all misfires but also resulted in a more smooth and quite idle! So it doesn’t matter if you Race or just Daily commute, this ignition system is the solution to all of your coil frustrations! Production is already in progress and you can expect to see these kits shipping around the end of this month! We will be providing specifications and pricing on our website soon, if you have any questions as always feel free to contact us we are glad to help! Here are a couple teaser pics :) We have had many people contact us wanting to place orders already as the word spreads. We really don't like selling a product until we have inventory on the shelves seems like bad business to us. We expect release date to be around the end of the month based on current status of production. We have an email list to be notified since these will sell very quick, so if you want the best shot at getting a kit out of the first batch please click on the image below and request to be added to our mailing list for the ignition system. You will be notified as soon as product is in hand so that you can place your order. The first batch is being sold first come first serve so get them while you can. If not you are looking at roughly 6 weeks before batch 2 comes in.
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  • chrisgarcia800's Avatar
    05-06-2017, 11:38 AM
    Just want to share my experience with Jerry at JP works so hopefully no one else has to go thru the same thing I have had to AKA not have my car operational for 4 months wile waiting on my manifold. 2/4/17 ordered manifold with jerry 2/27/17 was told manifold was almost complete 4/3/17 was told manifold was shipping that week 4/25/17 was told manifold was shipping 5/2/17 5/2/17 was told manifold was shipping the following day 5/3 5/5/17 no response since Thursday and he didn't even give me an updated shipping date. at this point I'm done waiting and plan to take a different route. be careful if you order from jerry you could be waiting a long time and you wont really know when your manifold is going to show up even when he promises a shipping date. screen shots of our conversation if any one would like proof
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    05-11-2017, 06:56 PM
    Hey guys, Had a chance to tune a customer car today running an ACF 6266 twin scroll kit, 50% E85, WMI with dual CM10 nozzles. Manual trans and the usual bolt on mods. Overall a fairly inexpensive and simple setup. Tuning via JB4 and BimmerBoost back end flash map. Running map8 progressive meth safety map with a 65 additive. As you can see the limiting factor was fueling... Port injection in this cars future. Easily another 50whp in this little 6266 G2 and it spools really well. Also the customer did not like the linear throttle mapping we have in our default maps so I gave him a more aggressive non-linear mapping. I'm going to be adding it to the default maps as a map option but if anyone does not like the linear mapping we have now in the single turbo firmware drop me an email and I can shoot over a more aggressive mapping you may prefer.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-10-2017, 09:59 AM
    I love my dog but he is a walking mess. I just can't stand him slobbering all over my seats and shedding all over any longer. Anyone have any solutions for transporting their dog? A crate is not an option.
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  • Dave@Fuel-It!'s Avatar
    05-11-2017, 11:52 AM
    Hi guys, It was recently brought to our attention that a shop is doing "these kind" of installs. Over the years we have been asked plenty of times, "can I run my stage 1 with my stage 2?" Our answer, has always been- NO Why? - Draw too much current and risk blowing your EKP - This is a restriction, not a benefit - The 255 is a lower capacity pump, you don't install a lower capacity inline pump with a higher flowing pump. Consequently, warranties on any Fuel-It! LPFP installed in this manner will be void. Thanks! Fuel-It!
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  • Imran@Evolve's Avatar
    05-02-2017, 11:48 AM
    Follow us as we attend the Vmax 200 event in the UK held at Bruntingthorpe Air Strip against 675 LT, Huayra, Huracan and others. We have another Vmax event this weekend where will be trying out some new turbo inlet pipes on top of the current set up.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-09-2017, 11:31 AM
    Will it work?
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  • psmith95's Avatar
    05-05-2017, 06:06 PM
    Delayed posting but I just got the graphs from the shop that dynoed the car. It's a 2009 335xi running a doc race kit with the pure turbos 6266. Fuel-It stage 3 LPFP, ADE port injection, custom exhaust, etc all the usual good stuff... Tune is MHD backend w/ JB4 controlling boost and port injection. Did these pulls on roughly a E75 mix and running 31 PSI. Was hoping to break 700, but i'm extremely happy with these results as this car is my daily driver and I never originally intended to crank it up that high. I've been driving it for a little under a year as a single turbo and everything has been flawless. This is probably thanks to @TwistedTuning . He has been nothing but great throughout the whole process. Occasionally I would get extremely busy and not get him logs for a few weeks, and it was no issue he was always there ready when I was. In my ownership of this car i've used probably 5+ tuners and Justin has been my favorite by far. One of the best parts is he was explaining every change to me and why he was making them, along with treating my car as though it were his own. Boost is tuned to come in gradually to not shock the t-case as I have no intentions of replacing my drivetrain anytime soon. Drivability is excellent as well regardless of the power/single turbo setup -- again I drive this thing every day as it's the only car I own. Anyways in regards to the tuning/logs I will let Justin handle that end. Below is a vid of two of the runs, and a copy of the graph. Like I said, i'm extremely pleased with these results coming from a daily driven AWD sedan with stock block. Also wanted to give a shoutout to Adam at Tune+ In Lewisville, TX. He was awesome and very patient with me in regards to the dyno. Clean shop and he's working on some awesome projects -- had a 800whp ecoboost 4 cyl mustang in there
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-25-2017, 12:24 AM
    The BMW M3/M3 and Porsche 911 have quite a bit in common this generation. Why? Because both have twin turbocharged and direct injected 3.0 liter six-cylinder powerplants. You can also get either with a dual clutch or manual transmission with power sent to the rear wheels. Let's look over the specifications of the motors: 9A2 3.0 991.2 Carrera Horsepower: 370 Torque: 332 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 13.1 psi Bore x Stroke: 91mm x 76.4mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 Intercooler: Air to Air Turbos: 49mm compressor/45mm turbine Piston Speed FPM: 3759.842 BMW S55 Horsepower: 425 Torque: 406 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 18.1 psi Bore x Stroke: 84.0mm x 89.6mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.2:1 Intercooler: Water to Air Turbos: 51mm compressor/43mm turbine Piston Speed FPM: 4409.449 Obviously, we all know the S55 engine is highly underrated by BMW. Recently, when Porscheboost was doing some testing at VF-Engineering on their Mustang dyno the opportunity presented itself to overlay a stock S55 with the stock PorscheBoost project 991.2. Here is the result, both dual clutch examples stock on 91 octane pump fuel: What is interesting to note is that the spool on the 991.2 Carrera 9A2 is much better than the BMW S55. The Carrera is spooled by 2400 rpm and the S55 has more lag by roughly 1000 rpm. That is significant. You will notice once spooled the curves are fairly similar. The S55 does have more peak torque and horsepower but the difference is not as large as one would expect. The difference in torque is only 3 lb-ft at the wheels. A wash. Not bad for what on paper is supposed to be 74 lb-ft. The 911 is making more torque than Porsche is letting on by quite a bit. The difference in peak horsepower is 15 at the wheels. This is attributed to the S55 making power to 6850 rpm while the 9A2 is tailing off past 6400 rpm. Both torque curves are dropping hard but the S55 maintains a top end edge from 6400-6800 rpm. Revving either engine out to their 7500 rpm redline does not gain anything and short shifting is preferred for maximum performance. It is interesting that the 9A2 engine with less boost and slightly lower compression is so close. It is also interesting the spool is so much better but Porsche likely concentrated very hard on quick spool down low to appease naturally aspirated purists who would complain about lag. The engine comes on strongly and quickly. It is no wonder the 9A2 knocked out the S55 in its category at the 2016 International Engine of the Year Awards. In an ideal world we would be able to toss a Carrera S and a GTS onto this dyno to see how Porsche is really separating their 9A2 motors. We do have Dynojet numbers posted for the Carrera and S but the GTS is the variant we are all eagerly awaiting to see. This is the difference between the turbocharged 991.2 Carrera S 3.0 and the naturally aspirated 991.1 Carrera 3.4: BMW of course has the Competition Package version of the S55 and now the CS version in an even higher state of tune essentially doing what Porsche does in offering the same motor in different flavors. The main difference though is that Porsche changes the turbochargers and not just the software offering greater differentiation and tuning value in this respect. What is clear is that the turbo era is elevating power and torque to heights we have never seen and it will result in a far greater proliferation of tuning for Porsche and BMW models than ever before.
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  • sahyoun's Avatar
    05-11-2017, 03:31 PM
    sahyoun started a thread Risks of TBI in N54
    Ive recently hit somewhat of a ceiling with my HPFP pressures just barely above 1500. I want to get TBI to try to alleviate some of the load on the HPFP, but I just wanted to know what risks, if any, are involved. I understand that with any meth/tbi/pi system you run the risk of a hyperlean detonation. I was just curious if that or any other risks are a possibility with running TBI.
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  • robsimon799's Avatar
    05-13-2017, 10:02 PM
    i was at the ATC300 transfer case and i was thinking if i could take the input/rear wheel output shaft and take the clutch out and weld the shaft to the input front wheel shaft or get someone to mill single shaft it will work. i was also looking a e53 x5 front and rear diff with 4.10:1 diffs for the 335xi I'm thinking it will work as well
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-09-2017, 05:43 PM
    It was just a matter of time. Congratulations to TPG Tuning and everyone involved on having the first 9 second BMW F82 M4 as well as the first 9 second S55 pass. This is overall the quickest and fastest F82 M4, F80 M3, or S55 powered BMW. Just a couple of weeks ago TPG Tuning pulled a 10.06 @ 139.41. Before that, they ran a 140.42 trap speed being the first to crack the 14X.XX barrier. Now they topped both of those accomplishments: The mod list once again: TPG Tuning built Pure Turbos Fuel-It port injection Dodson Motorsports DCT upgrade Sheptrans Burger Motorsports HC Performance - Halim Cazimi Driveshaft Shop Evolution of Speed Fathouse Fabrications P&R Engine Where do we go from here? We'll have to wait and see. However, no reason to stop now.
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  • Juan@Big_Boost_turbo's Avatar
    04-28-2017, 06:17 PM
    Guys, We believe we have set a new world record for the B58! 534WHP and 501 FT-LB of torque! Stage 3.2 (5959mm turbo), no PI nor Meth. Thanks Terry@BMS and all team at BMS for all the support!
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  • alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
    05-17-2017, 09:32 AM
    Howdy guys :D We're excited to get built N54's into the hands of more people who are making power. We all know the platform is progressing heavily, and we want to see big cars make big power! That being said, we've come up with an engine program that is designed for YOUR BUDGET and YOUR LEVEL of build. You just want a closed deck? No problem! The Mercenary is for the budget minded/hard core DIY'ers. STARTING AT $1999.95! Need a closed deck and don't want to mess with the crank? We have the Hitman for you ... STARTING AT $3349.95! Do you need a complete closed-deck built bottom end? The Punisher! STARTING AT $4999.95! Of course, we have options with each one as well. JE pistons Pauter Connecting rods Front crank hub and bolt installs Custom coating on pistons or bearings Cylinder heads Head studs Ferrea Valve train Engine assembly Engine installation Just let us know what you want, and we'll do it! Questions? Just ask :) -Alex
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  • TwistedTuning's Avatar
    05-02-2017, 08:41 AM
    Our Blaze cable is a faster, up to 2x's faster, more reliable and a safer way of flashing your BMW. This is an upgraded/enhanced version of the typical K+Dcan cables you are used to seeing. Firmware is modified and other things are modified to give you the best K+Dcan cable experience to date. Cable is switched for those users/owners who want or need double K-Line cross-compatibility for newer models as well as older models such as E46, E53, E39, E38 and etc. PRICE: $45 Price Includes Shipping!!!! ***Read/Write Speeds vary from module to module, but our cable does the task at up to 2x's faster than the other cables on the market*** PURCHASE LINK:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-08-2017, 01:16 PM
    With modern adjustable suspension systems the software settings for the hardware are obviously very important. How about improving your suspension performance with just some software changes? How about sharing those calibrations as some people share tunes? Imagine a calibration specifically for a certain track. Great for the roadcourse guys, right? Well, DSCsport allows exactly that. They have what they call their DSC Controller in Version 1 and 2 modules: You install the controller and then can download various calibration maps. You can tweak the calibrations yourself as well or go with their OTS maps. How potent are these calibrations? According to DSCsport a stock 2015 Nissan GTR Nismo with a DSCsport V1 controller and their tuning software lapped VIR (Virginia International Raceway) in 2:01.5: For context, a 2:01.5 around VIR is nuts. If you look at Car and Driver's results in the past years Lightning Lap competition at VIR a 2:01.5 puts the DSCsport GTR 42.7 seconds ahead of the Viper ACR. How is that possible? With just some suspension tuning the GTR destroys the Viper ACR by over half a minute? Conditions and driver skill are huge factors but it's hard to believe the DSCsport module makes that kind of difference. EDIT: The full VIR course is not the Grand course which is the full length. That explains the massive time difference. Here is the lap video backing up the time: It would have been great if they did a before/after lap but we have what we have. DSCsport offers these controllers for select Chevrolet, Porsche, Nissan, and Ford models. Hopefully there is more independent testing of these modules and their impact on laptimes.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-03-2017, 01:56 AM
    Get used to seeing this. Electric compressors that will force air into the motor have some advantages namely over turbochargers. Boost in theory will be instant as you do not have to wait as you do with a turbocharger for exhaust gases to spool the wheels. The downside of course is complexity, capability, and cost. What does something like this eBooster flow? We do not know. BorgWarner conveniently omitted specifications only saying that three major manufacturers will be using the eBooster which is expected to provide efficiency gains of 10%. That means this is going to primarily be a fuel efficiency technology and not a performance technology. It would be interesting to see a couple electric compressors used to offset lag from a big turbo setup. An electric compressor does not bring with it the weight and associated batteries of an electric motor. It still feeds an internal combustion engine making it a somewhat natural pairing if the amount of electricity needed is not exorbitant. Mercedes discussed introducing 'electric turbochargers' a couple years ago and it seems now they are finally reaching a production example. BorgWarner’s eBooster® Electrically Driven Compressor Celebrates Premiere - Nearly instant boost and torque for a fun-to-drive-experience - Enables small-engine fuel economy with big-engine boost - Improves performance for combustion and hybrid vehicles Auburn Hills, Michigan, April 28, 2017 – BorgWarner, a global leader in clean and efficient technology solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, debuts its 48-volt eBooster® electrically driven compressor in Daimler’s latest 3.0-liter gasoline engine. The engine will feature the eBooster technology matched with a BorgWarner-supplied turbocharger to improve fuel efficiency, enhance low-end torque and deliver boost on demand without any perceptible turbo lag. “Our market-leading eBooster technology enables 6-cylinder engines to deliver the same performance and even more fun-to-drive experience as a much larger conventional V8,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. “By enabling engine downsizing, eBooster technology improves fuel efficiency by 5 to 10 percent in combustion and hybrid vehicles.” BorgWarner’s eBooster electrically driven compressor delivers boost on demand until the turbocharger takes over, improving boost at low engine speeds and nearly eliminating turbo lag. Featuring a brushless DC motor, durable samarium-cobalt magnets and highly efficient power electronics, the compact eBooster technology offers automakers flexible packaging options and can be adapted to a wide range of hybrid or combustion applications. Mass production of BorgWarner’s eBooster solution is currently ramping up with the innovative system launching first with three global automakers, including Daimler.
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  • dnotorious's Avatar
    05-22-2017, 01:44 AM
    Recently switched my supercharger from ESS VT2-625 to the AA Gen 2 Level 3. Car made around 600whp/400wtq; and ran 11.4 @ 129mph with no launch control and pump gas 94 octane with street tires P4S. Pretty impressed with the switch over to the Rotrex so far and air to air heat exchanger.
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  • ///MPOSTER's Avatar
    04-25-2017, 09:45 PM
    Hi, So I had a tail light out and inspection is around the corner. I was curious as to how much it would be and the service advisor quoted $350. I searched and found someone who had success with replacing the Valeo board with a mean-well LED driver. The part is LDD-500HW. You can choose which ever method of connection you prefer but i ordered the one with wires. I ordered 2 for about $20 total after shipping. You can find them here: or here See attached photos as it was pretty simple. Take the tail light off, remove the connections, and attach the new led driver with a no solder method. I am sure I could dig deeper and find the connector mate to the valeo board so there is an actual plug and play, but I didn't do it because it is already late at night.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-26-2017, 11:05 PM
    BimmerBoost member pits200 has an automatic BMW 335xi with the VTT GC N54 turbocharger upgrade. The car has 115k miles on it and has not exactly been babied as it has been tuned for over 100k miles at this point. This is important to point out as the GC upgrade is obviously making big torque but his trans is holding the power at 26 psi of boost. It is running well as the drag race video below will testify to. He knows the transmission is on borrowed time but so far with a TCU flash it's holding together and not slipping. You can read his build thread here if you like. ETS FMIC BMS Filters JB4 MHD Backend VTT GCs
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:02 PM
    We finally got around to finishing up the testing our on S55 Stage turbo's, and the results as we expected. We picked up the Stock motor S55 power record, previous it was 728, we made 734WHP, and 729WHP on two different pulls this am. We also managed to make 762WTQ on a more aggressive throttle map. Also if anyone wants to say glory pulls, here are 10 runs all above 700WHP from yesterday and this am. The 734WHP, and 729WHP runs were made on the E30 OTS BM3 map, no special tuning, the problem is the E30 scaler is too low up top, and even with PI adding a ton of fuel, we are just plain out of fuel. Dzenno gave us a map with better E85 scaler, more aggressive throttle, and 2-3 degrees less timing, it picked up the tq down low, and it pulls clean all the way up every run. The E30 OTS map is prob a little aggressive timing wise for these boost levels so we wont run it there, custom maps are always better for these levels. As you can see car is making 500WTQ by around 3300, and 700 by 3800K. This is a solid 500+ RPM better spool than the other turbos you see on the market. A big thanks of course To Dzenno at BM3 for the help, its fun working with him again! Also to Terry, Mike at EOS, and Bell intercoolers for the great intercooler. Not to mention the owner who let us use his car as a test bed! There is one S55 making more power at 745WHP (11WHP more), which is a fully built motor, fully ported head, 9 second race car, and one car making more Power / TQ at 763WHP/776WTQ (14WTQ more) and its running a 100 shot of NOS. Impressive? We think so...:eusa-clap: We will be getting this car to the track, and 1/2 mile events very soon. Specs are as follows 2015 BMW M4 DCT Dodson Sportsman Clutch upgrade 100% Stock motor Stock Crank hub VTT Stage2 turbos VTT silicone charge pipes BMS intakes Aftermarket downpipes Catless exhaust EOS V2 top mount PI manifold PFS Double Shot LPFP Upgrade VTT / Bell Air to Water intercooler Custom BM3 flash by Dzenno JB4 100% E85 Boost level 34-35 psi Log:
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    04-25-2017, 11:28 PM
    Hey guys. Wanted to post an update and sort of a build thread after the Bimmerboost/RB Turbos Giveaway. My car is an 2007 E90 335xi and I've owned it since Dec 2012 (52k miles). Now at 115k miles it seems as good a time as any to finally upgrade the turbos (especially considering the circumstances :naughty:). Can't thank Rob and Sticky enough for the opportunity. Will be switching over to MHD during this install, with V8Bait tuning it. New Stuff/things pictured: RB Next Gen Turbos w/ High Heat Wastegate Upgrade RB EVO Style Inlets RB Oil Drains New OEM Turbo Oil Feed Lines RB Turbo Install kit RB PCV VRSF Downpipes 034 Motorsports Solid Rubber Motor Mounts 3.5 Bar Map Sensor w/ BMS Adapter Precision Raceworks Relocation brackets (Power Steering and Coolant) esb Special ale from Ska Brewing in Durango, CO Odin - Corgi/Australian Shepard Mix Leia (as in Princess) - Brindle Boxer/German Shepard Mix Important stuff currently installed: VRSF Stepped FMIC Fuelit S2 Pump Synapse BOV and charge pipe PTF E50 Tune on Cobb DCI Stock downpipes As the car sits now: Times at Bandimere are a big kick in the nuts fyi. Best time 13.05 ET 109mph Install should be in the next few weeks. I'll follow up once everything is buttoned up and dialed in.
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