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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    07-01-2015, 04:57 PM
    Well MMP is hiding out on E90, and posted that he made a whopping 610WHP at 34 psi, no logs posted, not dyno graph posted. This is after testing, and tuning for over a month, with some of the best tuners on the platform lending a helping hand. Needless to to say, we at VTT are not surprised. His data is also very very suspect. He wants us to believe he has less than 1 psi pressure drop across the entire system (not possible), use cheap sensors, get bad data. So for $3799 you get 610WHHP at 34 psi at 12 degrees of timing, and the joy of rearranging your entire engine bay. Or $3998 for Stage 2+, and inlets for 681WHP at 27 psi, and 10 degrees of timing. Hmmmmm..:think: Back to drawing board ole buddy. Hate me for posting this if you want. But this proves just about every argument I tried to make about that set up, and most people called me a hater. I might be abrasive but I know N54 turbo upgrades. Have a good 4th people...:usaflag: Quote from E90: "So I went to the dyno Friday before I installed the new exhaust components and did some tuning with the JB4 on the dyno for about 1.5 hrs. Results were not as expected and basically made 610whp on high boost. for the boost I was pushing it was on the order of 100whp less than expected. I did not touch vanos but I recently got new vanos tables to try out from my buddy Wedge that seem to have a large effect on power so plan on going to the dyno to retest. It may need a design iteration though to change out the turbine wheel if I cant get more power out of the turbos. Its weird because the data shows just less than 2:1 BP at 30+ psi boost, also EGT was between 1100-1150F for all high HP runs WGDC is below 75 even pushing up to 34psi of boost at redline, compressor outlet temp is not super high (i.e. in an acceptable efficiency range), running 9-12deg timing 12.5 AFR. IAT was 100F using small meth nozzle for chemical cooling. compressor pressure ratios were also in check with very little pressure loss (<1psi) through all the boost piping, intercooler, and throttle. The turbos make boost to redline without a problem at all, its just not translating to power on the dyno/in the engine with my preliminary dyno runs. I think vanos has alot to do with it because at higher backpressures due to higher boost, if vanos is not tuned right to minimize valve overlap, you will get alot of power robbing exhaust reversion from the valve overlap period. should have more results soon with new vanos changes but dont know if that will ultimately get me to the 700whp+ mark I need to be (probably not) so like I said may require upgrading the turbine size but wont know until I try more tuning and also try a flash only tune as JB4 was getting some pretty bad oscillations in upper RPM boost control that were difficult to manage on the dyno through just PID gain and FF duty changes. Talked to wedge and we are working out on scheduling a dyno tuning session for the turbos for a flash only tune. I'm looking at adding a mass airflow sensor to my DAQ system to confirm air mass being pushed by the turbos and not just what boost they are making and air intake temp."
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  • jyamona's Avatar
    06-30-2015, 10:57 AM
    jyamona started a thread XDF Progress in N54
    Hey guys, This will be the main thread for discussion on all XDF update releases going forward. As I have mentioned in the past, the XDF's for the main 4 rom types are being hosted on a public GitHub so you can track revision history. The link to the GitHub is here: BMW XDF's To get this thread rolling, I do have some news as well. The knock tables I provided Terry for testing are now available for each rom type. EcuFlash XML's are still planned, but are on the backburner right now and will be completed as time allows. For now, time is being devoted to a few promising table discovery efforts: - possible single bank O2 functionality (two possibilities to test) - changing the upshift / downshift points for AT trans - raising idle (lots of tables, will take time to define in all roms) Stay tuned =)
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-15-2015, 05:15 PM
    N54 turbo inlets. This topic has caused a civil war on the BimmerBoost forums. TFT (Trueform Technologies) weighed in on the controversial topic and posted results with their inlet and charge systems. The numbers they are showing certainly are impressive. How does 670 horsepower to the wheels on an E70 blend with an FFtec inline LPFP pump upgrade sound? No port injection here: Original RB Turbos (cast wheels) TFT Inlet System and Charge System AMS Intercooler, AR Downpipes Tuned by Brian@TFT, via MHD Flasher Regarding the inlets, TFT stated the following: "With the rapid roll-out of these cheap inlet systems put together as afterthoughts hitting the market soon, one can't help but reference the timeless phrase: "You get what you pay for", and while some replica inlet systems might appear similar to the TFT Inlet Systems from afar, the important value is in the details. With that in mind, here is the latest from the TFT 335i - showing how effective, powerful, and issue-free the right parts (and the right combination of parts) can truly become. Next up: custom billet compressor wheels (properly sized of course) and 700whp!" This car is clearly capable of much more. We will see what they hit as the N54 inlet war rages on.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-07-2015, 03:06 PM
    People are already asking about it though so we will start accepting people for open spots. Priority goes to last year's participants. The format will be the exact same except with three commissioners. If you wish to be a commissioner you can apply now and it will be determined based on league votes. Policy changes in the league will be based on commissioner votes. We did $100 last year and it kept everyone involved for the most part. I'm happy to do $100 again as I doubt most will go for more: Payout at $100 would be as follows: 1st place: $900 2nd place:$200 3rd place: $100 Payments through paypal. Address: This is last year's roster and people on it get priority for this year. There are currently three open spots: 1. @Sticky PAID 2. @135pats PAID 3. @chrisisnapping PAID 4. @Legionofboom PAID 5. @Terry@BMS PAID 6. @nafoo PAID 7. @Group.america PAID 8. @zeenon53 PAID 9. @Tony@VargasTurboTech PAID 10. cadillacgrills PAID 11. open 12. open There will be a trophy this year as well that goes to the winner. I'm thinking about making my own trophy. Welding some old turbo on some wood. Something like that. Thoughts?
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    07-09-2015, 12:15 PM
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  • 654's Avatar
    07-24-2015, 02:24 PM
    654 started a thread Timeslips of big singles? in N54
    What are the best timeslips of single turbo cars?
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  • jyamona's Avatar
    07-14-2015, 09:54 AM
    So thanks to this post from TT-Tom yesterday, a few of us went and tried out potential shift bog fixes. I only had 30-40 min to test, but I tried WOT shifting at 4000rpm - 6300rpm and was not able to get the car to bog once. A few notes: I'm running a slightly modified version of an OTS MHD Stg 2 map. The changes I made before testing for shift bog: 1.) Rev Limit by Gear Ceiling: set all to 7100 2.) Rev Limit by Gear Floor: set all to 7000 3.) Load to Torque (1-3): set y-axis last cell value to a load higher than you actually hit (like 230 or 240) 4.) Load to Torque (1-3): set x-axis last cell value to an rpm higher than your ceiling set in #1 (7200 for me) 5.) Load to Torque (1-3): highlight cells 3000-6500rpm by 90-max load (should be 8 columns x 6 rows), and function multiply values by 1.25 You can take step #5 further and smooth these values in, or gradually ramp them. I just wanted a quick test though, and didn't notice any negatives. I will take more time with it in the future. One final note, I was also running the modified knock tables which some have reported to fix the bog in and of itself. I will try to test again with the stock values for these tables. If anyone tests the process above w/ the stock knock tables and 91-93oct please let me know. Thanks!
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  • E602step's Avatar
    07-15-2015, 11:20 AM
    if a 2jz can hit 1k+ hp and rev up to 9k rpm N54 can be there and will get there if people wanna spend the money/ want that. i created this thread because some people are under the impresion that n54 will never pass 7k rpm because its a I6. GO
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-09-2015, 03:47 PM
    There recently has been a lot of vendor fighting and I want to let you know the rules will be enforced no matter if there is any kicking and screaming from vendors. I spoke with Terry regarding this issue and he agrees that N54tech will not be serving as a battleground for this and vice versa: The message to vendors is that they will not be playing various boards or administrators against each other and they will not be allowed to jump from board to board fighting and making threats. The only option is to be professional or certain vendors might end up with no board to post or advertise on at all.
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  • blaster3500's Avatar
    07-10-2015, 01:06 AM
    blaster3500 started a thread VRSF inlets in N54
    I know, I know, another inlet thread. For those that are not on Facebook VRSF posted that they will have inlets for sale shortly. Shipping in 2-3 weeks. No pics yet but aluminum TFT style and $200 without filters and around $265 with. I am curious to see if they are exact tft copies. The more options the better!
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    07-15-2015, 04:47 PM
    We have not been on the forums much at all lately, but have received quite a few emails from people about the latest propaganda thread started by our competitor to again spread false fitment issues in hopes to garner market share. I also see he has duped close to 100 people into a group buy for a product he has not even received a single fitment sample for, and now has no hose supplier to even manufacture the hoses for him. We spoke with the supplier who we have worked with for close to a year now, and made a simple request. Compare the RB samples, with our current hoses, if you find them to be the same offering, or close enough to cause an issue, please protect us a valued customer, and refuse to produce a copy. The owner did exactly that, and this morning sent me this confirmation email. "From: XXXXXXXXX Date: 2015-07-15 12:55 To: Rob Beck Subject: Re: Re: Silicone hose help Rob, I will tell you one bad news, i'm so sorry. I think you'd heard VTTO company, they had become our customer one year ago, because your have the same products, so i can't sell these hoses to you. Best Regards" Rob if you want to deny this, I have the entire email chain I can post for proof positive. My suggestion, do not bring it down to that level, just admit you have now lost your hose manufacture due to your questionable business ethics, and look for another one. What we will be doing to remove ourselves from this entire inlet conversation, and provide the highest quality stock location inlets on the market at a competitive price is this. Effective immediately VTT inlets are $399 + $25 domestic shipping +$60 international shipping. (If you on the current RB group buy waitlist, please read below for price matching) We will be be producing 3 sets of inlets. The ones we have in stock right now, will be for Stage 2+ BOV customers only unless you realize they fit great, and don't buy into the hype being passed around, then feel free to use them on your stock frames as close to 100 people already have. For those that do buy into the hype that is out there. We are also producing stock frame inlets with a 1.75" ID for the stock snout, (yes our video proves without a shadow of a doubt the 2.0" fit perfectly with a simple twist of the worm clamp), but once misinformation has been passed around as fact, you cannot undo it half the time You want 1.75", we give you 1.75". These will be offered in both configurations: BOV or Recirc. There will be NO adapters to buy. The PTC heater will fit directly into the rear tube of both types, and will come with an adapter if you do not want to run the PTC. The adapters for recirc will be included with the inlets, no charge. The BOV will have no extra unwanted bungs. We will also be making inlets that fit 2+ with a recirc option as well, but will keep a limited number on hand as we do not see many people going for 650+WHP wanting to recirc. So to recap Styles offered: Stage 2+ BOV - PTC (adapter hose needed) Stage 2+ Recirc - PTC (no adapter needed) Stock frame BOV - PTC no adapter needed) Stock Frame Recirc - PTC (no adapter needed) Price $399 for all of the above EXCEPT for those who were duped by RB, and his group buy of parts he not only has not even finished designing, but he doesn't have a manufacture for. I have taken a screen shot of the current group buy list. I will honor Robs group buy price on the inlets for those people. If you were sucked into his group buy based on false promises, email us at with RB group buy in the subject, and your forum handle in the body of the email. We will provide you with a one time discount code that will get you a set of inlets of your choice for the matched price of the RB group buy, no questions asked. As far as stock, Stage 2+ BOV in stock now Stage 2+ recirc 30 days 10 sets ordered Stock frame BOV 30 days 30 sets ordered Stock frame Recirc 30 days 100 sets ordered The supplier already has our recirc sample, and is working us up our first sample as we speak. This post does not mean we are back on the forums, we will not answering questions in this thread, if you have questions, a direct email is the best way to get a hold of us. If you were part of the group buy list, and want to get the RB group buy price on a set of inlets that will actually be produced in a timely fashion, just follow the directions above, and we will be happy to do that for you. As you have seen before, here is our 2.0" fitment video If anyone who has installed our inlets, and had zero fitment problems in the rear (this fake "squish" being passed around), as we have read many times now, feel free to post pictures here as well. We should be doing an inlet install soon, and we can do the same. As always thanks for the continued support!
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  • Rob@RBTurbo's Avatar
    07-07-2015, 06:43 PM
    Just wanted to share that a new stock frame stock location inlet option is on the horizon as we have decided to build some new designs to our standards with the following attributes: 1) Larger diameter hosing utilized as far as possible throughout the inlet, and a gradual taper towards the end for the best fitment. 2) Recirculation adapters built in, CNC'd and anodized black for a factory finish 3) PCV heater element adapter built in, CNC'd and anodized black for a factory finish (see pic) 4) Ideal fitment for stock frame turbos as the inlet will taper to 1.75" (fitting all stock frames perfectly-aside for competitive 2+ turbos) 5) Lower price point in the $3xx range.:naughty: We anticipate these will be able to ship within a month as our samples will be sent out shortly. Thanks for your interest. Rob
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  • Rob@RBTurbo's Avatar
    07-09-2015, 09:42 AM
    As posted earlier, we have discussed manufacturing and are under development of some silicone Inlets for the N54. We have decided to put out some pricing on a group buy (something we were asked about over on N54Tech). There will be some delay as we complete our samples and have them form fitted, so the drawback here is they will NOT be available instantly; and expect about a month. We expect NO payments in advance until they are ready for production. THESE ARE RHD Compatible AND will fit ANY N54 (aside for the X6). These should pass smog (CA) visual inspection as they will very closely resemble the OEM pipes (within reason) and they keep the stock airbox location. BUT this no way implies a guaranteed pass. Ultimately we are not responsible either way and this is up to the consumer to decide what risks they may (or may not) wish to assume. We will do a group buy for $279 for 10 slots (possibly more) when ours come in. Add $60 for the "optional" 3 custom CNC anodized adapters. NOTE: Considering that this has grown so large we MAYBE able to make the deal even sweeter. Do not ask right now how much, if any, as we do not know. BUT once we get these samples in the manufacturers hands and they get us the quote per unit, we will beat that against the amount of paid participants in the GB and see what more we can do on pricing. If you set your expectation of no further discounts, then you have no disappointments to worry about :) Add $60 for the "optional" 3 custom CNC anodized adapters. The 3 adapters are described as follows: 1) (1) Custom CNC adapter for the PCV heating element. This gives a nice place for the OEM PCV heating element to be utilized, just as it was from the factory. Some may not wish to use the OEM PCV heating element for whatever reason or possibly even connect it on their own way and to their own liking, thus not needing the custom adapter. 2) (2) Custom CNC adapters for the recirculation for the diverter valves and are standard stock fitment that will be capped (like the stock units) when used with a BOV. These are almost always going to be required for any diverter valve combination. With a BOV application you can just plug them with a blanking cap and clamp as you did your original bungs on your original inlets. Some may not wish to use the recirc bungs and decide to plug the affiliated inlet provisions to their own liking (using their own provided "plugs"- ie. we do not source them or tell you what to use to plug them), thus not needing the custom adapters. 3) All adapters are purchased as a package, and are highly recommended for nearly every purchaser to avoid any headaches or becoming a savvy expert on making things work. If you are not sure if you need them or not, consider it certain that you will need them. The absolute cleanest and most OEM way to do this is to simply order the adapters. WITHOUT THEM YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. 4) Just to note also that IF you do not elect to get the adapters and affiliated clamps with the purchase (for $60 extra), they will be normally priced at $90. So make sure you know what you are saying if you do not want them, as they will not be the same price loosely :) Shipping will also be sub $35 to anywhere in the USA. Sorry we will not be doing International quotes at this time. We do not know the exact box size, the precise weight, insured values, nor if the rates will change in the next several weeks prior to shipment. There will be numerous couriers, services, options, etc… and we will work with you to find whatever which one you desire when the time is appropriate. Ultimately it will cost whatever the amount for whichever option you choose. Thanks, Rob NOTE!!! Due to an EXTREME amount of emails- Firstly: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE read this thread before emailing. At least the first post as we believe it answers everything. If there is something you feel needs answered… please ask and we will answer it in the first post. So please utilize the first post to both of our advantages by getting the information you need instantly. Secondly: Please understand this GB has is for forum members only. You have to take part of this thread, subscribe, etc. This is where you get your updates. We can not give personal updates to every participant. This has grown very large and we do not have the resources to track everyone down via emails and phones. Very sorry for the inconveniences but appreciate the support.
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  • Mrpikolo's Avatar
    07-11-2015, 10:48 PM
    Prompted @BMWJunkie thread about making some killer numbers is his 335IS, I thought it would be appropriate to move spark plug talk to a different thread. Most spark plug manufacture's part numbers mean something. Bosch and NGK are among those brands. Each letter and number refer to the construction of the plug in some way. Both Bosch and NGK use a number to rate the temperature of their plugs. For Bosch, the lower the number, the colder the plug. NGK is the opposite. I will be comparing the Bosch numbers in this post. N54 Plug: ZGR6STE2. Multiple nickle-yttrium ground electrodes, single silver tip electrode. Comes with a gap of .7mm(.0275"). On Bosch's temperature scale, it is rated a 6. Turbo Mini Plug: ZR7SI332S. This is the single electrode plug we have been using in place of the factory one(infamous NGK 5992). Iridium tip electrode, binary nickle-yttrium with laser-alloyed platinum inlay ground electrode(commonly refereed to as laser iridium/platinum) . Factory has a .7mm(.0275") plug gap. Bosch rates this plug a 7 on their temperature scale. N55 Plug: ZR5TPP33S. Single tip platinum electrode, mono binary nickle-yttrium with laser-alloyed platinum inlay ground electrode(referred to as double laser platinum). Comes with a gap of .8mm(.0314"). Heat rating of 5. S55 Plug: RB ZMR5TPP330. It's a double laser platinum variant. The M in the part number designates as a motor sports(racing) plug, .8mm(.0314") gap, and it has a heat rating of 5. There are parts of this plug I can not identify yet, as they are not listed on Bosch's numbering system part. I do not even know if the "RB" at the beginning of the part number means anything. A couple things: I think the Mini plug may have been suppressed to the number listed above, much like the NGK one has. It would appear the BMW is using a much colder plug than what the Mini is rated at. They also are not using an iridium type. This makes sense to me, as my experience has been less than favorable with iridium plugs in performance applications. The gap difference is also interesting. Most likely, the combination of heat range difference and platinum vs iridium allows for a larger gap. I can possible get some more information about these plugs when I go to work next.
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  • 5soko's Avatar
    07-06-2015, 08:55 AM
    Some really interesting races here... All mods listed in the video.. Skip to 4:00 mark to see the F10 M5 Jb4 vs the Evolve modded with long tube headers E60 M5
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  • ba114's Avatar
    07-16-2015, 04:51 PM
    ba114 started a thread Aussies on BB in N54
    calling all aussies, where and who are you?
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    07-06-2015, 01:20 AM
    Terry@BMS started a thread 5.86s 60-130 in N54
    Hey guys, Was able to get our MOTIV 750 135i out for a couple passes on the private track. Traction was rough, spinning the tires hard in 3rd gear even with boost capped at 25psi in 3rd, but managed to set a new N54 60-130 WR @ 5.865s. It could be so much faster with better traction. Maybe I'll try letting some more air out of the rear tires next week. Major mods include JB4, PI, 100% E85, MOTIV 750, LVL10 trans, drag radials, and lots of weight reduction.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-14-2015, 03:13 PM
    Impressive power here numbers from the upcoming FSR Motorsport E46 M3 turbo kit. This kit is not yet released and BimmerBoost explored this turbo option last week. BimmerBoost member @6spd_legend has the pre-production kit and his car showed an impressive 720 horsepower to the wheels at 19 psi. Torque is at 538 lb-ft at the wheels and yes this on a completely stock E46 M3 S54 motor: Tuning is done through the AEM Infinity standalone engine management unit. As far as pricing, the kit is expected to come in at $9k and goes up from there with additional options such as larger injectors and upgraded fuel pumps. Further details: We're selling our Pre-Production S54 turbo kit. This kit is dyno proven to make 650whp in current setup. You can add larger injectors, additional fuel pumps or a larger turbocharger to make even more power. The kit contains the following used components: Precision 6466 dual ball bearing turbocharger, Turbosmart Hypergate45, FSR stainless steel tubular manifold, stainless steel dump tube, FSR stainless steel downpipe/midpipe combo that mates to OE exhaust, 6061 AL hot and cold side intercooler piping, Precision 31 1/2"L X 8.0"H X 3 1/2"D Intercooler with mounting brackets, turbosmart Raceport blow off valve, FSR fabricated intake manifold, intake with filter, oil feed and return lines with fittings, black couplers, SS clamps, FSR motor mount w/ bushing, hardware to mount turbo/manifold/intercooler, boost actuated exhaust cutout. You also get the following NEW items: AEM Infinity pkg for E46 M3 (includes AEM Infinity ECU, adapter harness, 5 bar SS map sensor, 150psi fuel pressure sensor, intake air temp sensor, wideband adapter harness, wideband sensor, boost control solenoid), Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) 1100cc Hi Impedance fuel injectors, Walbro E85 compatible 400lph fuel pump (also called the 460/465/485) and Radium Engineering E46 M3 fuel pump install kit. It has been used on our shop car for dyno and road testing so it does show a little wear.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    07-27-2015, 02:08 PM
    AD intercooler showed up this morning. Thing is seriously bad ass. Looking forward to getting it on the car. Hopefully have it up and running this week. While everyone else continues to discuss magic numbers, and HPFP's. We continue pushing things forward in the background as we always do. Enjoy the pictures.
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  • BMWJunkie's Avatar
    07-11-2015, 04:29 PM
    Decided a few days ago that its been long enough and set up an appointment with Eurocharged to finally see what my car is putting down. Over the past few days I was being very nit picky about my car and its logs. Had a few snags and thanks friends in the N54 world was able to get everything ironed out the night before and had great results! Special thanks to ABR, BMS, Steve @ Fuel it, TT-Tom, and Mauricio @ MMP 2013 335is DCT Jb4 G5 ISO with Connect kit MHD E85 high load back end flash with some tweaks AR 3" dogless downpipes MMP Inlets Stage 2 Fuel-IT VRSF 7" FMIC TFT charge pipe and up pipe Tial BOV Delphi Coils with M4 Plugs Side notes It was 90 degrees today in Houston I don't have N20 sensor so I cant request above 21psi Timing was 14 degrees max Same settings I run on the street +1psi
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  • lamboworld's Avatar
    07-03-2015, 04:31 PM
    I am trying to stay within the limits of the DCT, which i imagine can be done with tuning an reduced amount of E85. However, I would like to max what the DCT can handle. I already have TFT inlets to go with whatever turbo I decide to buy. I am really concerned with buying RB's because of all of the smoking RB threads that I have read. So, it seems that my choices are down to VTT Stage 2 or 2+ or Pure Stage 2 (whenever they decide to release). I don't dd my Z4, but I also don't want a setup that I can't dd. I also don't want to give up the quick spool that the stock turbos offer. I realize that I have more lag with hybrids but I still want a quick street car. I will also participate in 1/2 mile events but probably only once or twice a year and 1/4 mile events 3 to 4 times a year. I don't plan on running Meth but I will use fuel up to E50/93. With those goals in mind, what is my best solution? Just the facts and/or opinions. Thanks
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  • blaster3500's Avatar
    07-22-2015, 11:46 PM
    I know some may have seen them on Facebook but here are some pics of another inlet option. Looks like a nice setup!
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  • BostonBeemah's Avatar
    07-17-2015, 01:48 PM
    So most of you know, I have been complaining about my car burning oil for over a year now. Removed the stock turbos when installing the VM single to find that the turbos were in fact leaking so I had some hope. I have been experiencing smoking from my exhaust and decided to investigate what the cause was. I first did a compression test, then a leakdown test to find that everything was in spec (all under 10%, most closer to 5%). The next thing I was going to look at were valve seals as they are notorious on going. Before I even got to removing the manifold, I took the turbo off to find that it was leaking from the turbine wheel. This turbo has less than 1000 miles on it and hasn't been boosted much at all because I installed a clutch at the same time of turbo install and I'm still in the process of breaking it in. For the PCV side of things, I blocked the ports in the head and am running VTA through a modified BMS OCC using A&Ds pcv fittings. At this time, I also replaced the valve cover with a brand new one along with the gasket of course. Have checked my crankcase pressure via a vacuum/boost gauge through a drilled oil cap and the needle doesn't move from 0 in boost, cruising, or deceleration. Really think there is some underlying issue with my car that is causing this and I can't wrap my head around what it could be so I'm hoping one of the intellects on the forum has some input before I burn my car to the ground :violence-minigun:
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  • Legionofboom's Avatar
    07-17-2015, 10:14 PM
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  • idnan's Avatar
    07-17-2015, 07:14 PM
    idnan started a thread Cobb obsolete? in N54
    Sorry for the e90post style topic but I've been away from the n54 tuning scene and everything seems so different from when I left. I've been seen a lot about the MHD flasher but I have some apprehension with WedgePerformance due to him supplying people in the UK with over aggressive maps despite the lowish quality octane (93). Anyway I've got a FBO car with RBs and inlets on the way. I have a Cobb AP and previously used PTF with good results but it seems that the have gone a little quiet in the n54 world. Considering that I'm only on 93 octane with the possibility of connecting up my Aquamist system in the future (maybe even direct port injection) what would be the smartest to go for right now? TIA
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  • JerryT's Avatar
    07-27-2015, 05:16 PM
    Introducing JPworks BMW n54 top mount manifolds T4 divided flange tapped, top mount, made of schedule 10 304l stainless, 1/2" flanges and twin 38mm V-band wastegate provision. Price is $1200.00 Also offering: Down pipe $250 Open dump tubes $150 Thread will updated with pictures daily.
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    06-30-2015, 02:12 PM
    Last week CaddyBoost commented on the spectacularly fast ATS-V test numbers Car and Driver somehow managed to achieve which blew their previous test figures out of the water. It is starting to make more sense as those test figures appeared in this comparison test of the ATS-V versus the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S. If we knew those figures were recorded for this test we would have stated Cadillac may have sent a tweaked ATS-V to Car and Driver. Maybe they changed the software on all ATS-V's. Either way, something happened and the ATS-V is now spectacularly fast. Speaking of which, the C63 AMG S is not recording any spectacularly fast times. At least not in this comparison. Of all the races we have seen between the C63 AMG S and the M3/M4, the AMG takes the victory and somewhat easily. So how is the C63 AMG S only trapping 116 in the 1/4 mile which is a mile per hour less than the M3 and how is it getting beaten to 100 miles per hour and 150 miles per hour by the M3? We can not explain it. Is Car and Driver just throwing together test figures from different days for the cars? That certainly is how it feels. The numbers do not make sense in context. The ATS-V may actually be as fast as they are saying despite the previous slow tests from more than one source but that would mean it blows the C63 AMG S away. It's not even close with their claimed 6 miles per hour trap speed spread. What this network thinks is that the C63 AMG S would be the highway king out of these three. The acceleration numbers are puzzling. As far as the weights there is no surprise that the M3 is the lightest at 3608 pounds followed by the ATS-V at 3800 pounds and the C63 AMG S at 3939 pounds. The W205 C-Class is not the lightweight car Mercedes claimed it would be. In all fairness, the F80 M3 missed its weight target too. The M3's weight advantage pays dividends in the slalom posting the fastest time follow by the ATS-V and the C63 AMG S. The Caddy does record the best skidpad figure at 1.02g followed by the C63 AMG S at .98g and the M3 at .97g. BMW's 50/50 weight distribution is simply a myth in the turbo era. The cars have more weight on the nose and Car and Driver records 52.1/47.9 front to back. The ATS-V and C63 AMG S fair no better with 52.5/47.5 and 54.3/45.7 front to back respectively. Out of the trio the car chosen is the M3 finishing in first place. They comment that it is the lightest and leanest but criticize the brakes which seems to always be a point of criticism on BMW's and BMW just can't get it right. The Cadillac's handling is said to be better and the AMG braking is set to be better yet they still pick the M3 due to it being the better all around package. The Cadillac ATS-V wows with its eye opening (and suspicious) numbers but its overall package and namely the interior is behind the other two. The engine also receives criticism for being 'dull' whatever that means. Its sound is criticized yet BMW is faking their engine sound with synthetic engine noise through the speaker system. The ATS-V is said to be the best handling car offering the best steering feel and brake feel yet it loses out because of the lack of refinement. Cadillac is almost there. Almost. The AMG's transmission is criticized but it's V8 engine is praised despite putting up the slowest numbers. We still do not understand how the most powerful motor out of the group is somehow putting up the slowest numbers when all independent testing shows us it should be the fastest. Something is off here and perhaps Car and Driver got some 'magazine specials' to test. It's becoming harder and harder to trust these test results. Make of it what you will.
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    06-30-2015, 01:15 AM
    Now before anyone takes these results out of context BimmerBoost would like to explain these are low boost shakedown passes. Only 21 psi out of the Motiv 900 kit is hardly pushing it. It is capable of much more. We also expect to see much more out of this car. Over 130 miles per hour of trap speed in the 1/4 mile on low boost on a manual 335i certainly is respectable though. The car was running pump gas, the Motiv port injection fuel system, twin disc clutch upgrade, and tuning through a Cobb AP. Street tires and not drag rubber on this pass as well. The turbo is theoretically capable of over 40 psi of boost but pushing a stock motor to that level is not advisable (that is reserved for Dyno bragging). Let's say with 30+ psi though and some E85 we could finally see some eye opening numbers on the drag strip from the N54. It's time.
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    07-08-2015, 05:59 PM
    Supposedly a late summer release this year but that seems ambitious. They seem to do mostly Mustang stuff and they have a lot of fast Mustangs from what I read. Don't know what they include but is this 'top mount system' but I guess there will be another contender:
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    07-02-2015, 09:50 AM
    Livnpaintball2 started a thread Bedplate question in N54
    I'm rebuilding my N54 and it has been some time since I started this. My question is there is a oil port that mates at the bed plate and block. I don't remember if there was sealant there or it was bare. There is no mention of this in TIS! Help please.
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