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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    09-28-2015, 11:13 AM
    Hey guys! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We are super excited to announce our new VTT customer appreciation / Bounty / Sponsorship program! :dance: It has become a common theme for people to buy expensive performance parts, and seemingly disappear. This is frustrating for not only the community, but the vendor as well. It seems the only people who speak up, are the unhappy ones. Well we decided to do something about it. Starting today we now offer cold hard cash in bounties to all VTT customers for showing your love for VTT products! The bounty system will work as follows. VTT Customer Appreciation / Bounty program break down Product unboxing: 1. Pictures of VTT product unboxing on social media with hashtags #VTT #VTTO #VTTbounty, and tagging of @vargasturbo. Pictures have to be posted on IG, and facebook. Email us directly with the links, invoice number, and paypal address. We will paypal you the bounty within 24 hours. Product value / Bounty received: $500 or less / $5 bounty $500-$1000 / $10 bounty $1000-2000 / $15 bounty $2000-$3000 / $20 bounty $3000+ / $25 bounty 2. Thread with Pictures of VTT product unboxing on forums with #VTT #VTTO #VTTbounty, tagging of sales@vargasturbotech. Thread has to be posted on BB, N54Tech, and E90. Email us directly with the links, invoice number, and paypal address. We will paypal you the bounty within 24 hours. Same bounty schedule for forums, meaning you can double up if you do social media, and forums! Product value / Bounty received: $500 or less / $5 bounty $500-$1000 / $10 bounty $1000-2000 / $15 bounty $2000-$3000 / $20 bounty $3000+ / $25 bounty Product review: Post a review of your VTT products, and customer service to the forums. Using the same hashtags as above, as well as link to review posted to Social media with hashtags. The review needs to be of installed product, working on the vehicle, including miles driven, initial impressions, etc Product value / Bounty received $500 or less / $10 bounty $500-$1000 / $20 bounty $1000-2000 / $30 bounty $2000-$3000 / $40 bounty $3000+ / $50 bounty Performance Bounty: This program is our way of rewarding customers who are out there with VTT products, racing, and making big power. We are looking for dyno numbers, ¼ time slips, roll racing traps, LEGAL and SAFE racing videos, etc. Program works the same, post the above to social media, AND the forums with the supplied hashtags, as well as tagging us to qualify. All dyno numbers, will have to accompanied with the original DRF, and video of the run, showing the actual run, and numbers on a DYNOJET dyno only. ¼ mile slips will need to have video of actual run with time shown on the same video, as well as the slip. Roll racing, video of race, and trap speed. Again email us with links, invoice #, and paypal. VTT stickers need to be visible on every vehicle either in the video, or pictures posted with the video to qualify. Bounties are as follows Dyno numbers: N54: OEM-Stage 1 450+WHP $25 Stage 2 /2+ 600+WHP $50 Stage 3 700-800 WHP $75 Stage 3 800-900 WHP $100 Stage 3 900-1000WHP $150 Stage 3 1000+WHP $250 New platform record $250 N55: Stage 1 400+ WHP $50 Stage 2 500+WHP $100 (Other platforms to be added) Racing: ¼ slips: 12.0-11.5 slip $25 11.5-11.00 slip $50 10 second time slip $250 New platform record $250 Roll racing: Kill video $25 Kill video while running direct VTT competitor $100 Trophy class win $200 Platform ½ trap record $250 *Please see performance bounty notes below Sponsorship program: You have a car you feel deserves sponsorship, we will offer sponsorship in this fashion. Email us with a description of the car, your plans for it, how active you are in racing etc. If we think you fit our goals for sponsorship. We will grant you a discount code for products purchased. You can also earn the same bounties as everyone else to even further your discount level. Note we do not sponsor show cars, we are a performance company, we sponsor performance cars. There are minimum exposure requirements for sponsorship, which will be discussed on an individual basis. These programs are in place, and active as of today 09-27-15, please let us know if you have any questions! *We reserve the right to evaluate every entry for validity, and deny bounty claims if we feel they are not legit. Performance bounties are for vehicles with VTT turbochargers, and or VTT accessories. Not VTT accessories only. Any race video we feel shows unsafe racing will not qualify, multiple race video entries are awarded a bounty at our discretion. For the strip the first pass at each ET level will be rewarded, then we will not award a bounty until you reach the next tier. We do not condone or support illegal street racing, all performance bounties are to be performed under safe, and sanctioned racing events to even be considered
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 10:06 AM
    Hearing a lot of haters, and just plain uninformed people talking about "restocking fees" we charge. I will explain what we charge, and its not a "restocking fee". First of all what we sell is not a set of brakes pads, we do not just throw something back on the shelf and charge you 20%. If you buy a set of inlets, install kit, etc etc, you want to return it, if we haven't shipped it yet, no problem. BUT if you order a set of CUSTOM turbochargers built SPECIFICALLY for you, with multiple options EXACTLY the way you ordered them. The process goes like this. We have base parts bearing housings, compressor housings, internals, etc etc. These ALL change, depending on options chosen. Say you order Stage 1's with billet wheel, and thrust upgrade. We pull a set of stock bearings housings, machine them for the thrust upgrade, machine the compressor housing for the Billet wheels, we then assemble your rotating assembly with upgraded thrust parts, and balance, assemble. ALL OF THIS is specific for your set of turbos. This all takes time, and money to do on our end. So you decide you have been waiting too long, and want to cancel, this usually happens after most everything is machined, and balanced, we may be waiting on one part etc. This means we now have to either put that exact combo aside, and hope someone orders it eventually, or we are forced spend time to disassemble, and we then have already machined parts for billet wheels, and thrust upgrade waiting on someone else to order that. If someone orders cast whee stage 1's, the comp housing cannot be used, no thrust upgrade, that bearing housing cannot be used as its cut for the bigger parts. THIS is why we charge 20% if you order a custom set of turbos, and decide you do not want them. YET we have people using this as a discussion point that we are doing something wrong. Lets take Full Race. a company I doubt many people have a bad word to say about. Here is their return policy(below). Custom orders? They are taking 100%, you want to cancel, you get nothing back, thats right zero. Order cancellation on non custom orders? You have 30 minutes to cancel or you pay 20% which is all we charge for CUSTOM orders. Honestly some people need realize this is a business, we are not here to hold your hand, if you order custom parts, and you change your mind, you will pay a cancellation fee because we are spending time, and money on your parts soon after you order them. Simple Something that needed to be said. Have a good Friday people! Full Race return / cancellation policy Return Policy It is the responsibility of the customer/installer to verify the correct size and application of the parts before installation. Only unused, intact, undamaged, and complete merchandise with all components and hardware as originally provided to the customer, will be authorized for return (subject to inspection and acceptance by FRM). Returns will not be accepted without prior return authorization provided by FRM. No returns allowed after (30) days from original ship date from FRM. Authorized & accepted returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge - NO EXCEPTIONS. All custom manufactured parts (i.e., custom manifolds, intercoolers, etc.) are non-refundable. Order Cancellations and Backorders Orders are processed in our system within 30 minutes of ordering. Customers wishing to cancel an order must request via E-mail or fax a request to cancel the order, within 30 minutes of placing it, to avoid cancellation fee. Any non-custom order canceled after the 30 minute period is subject to a 20% cancellation fee - NO EXCEPTIONS No order may be cancelled after it enters shipping process.
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  • 123ersan's Avatar
    09-30-2015, 08:20 AM
    Just wanted to share my experience with this air filter. I had this intake installed on the car same time as fmic catless dps and Vargas stage 1s so was hard to compare the intake to the original air box. Since going for a few runs on the 1/4 mile I wasn't happy with the times and had a gut feeling it was something to do with the intake. I put my standard airbox back on last week to test and see if I could feel any difference and was blown away! The pull lower down has got so much stronger, pulling a lot harder mid range also. There was a horrible rasp under 2k from not enough back pressure in the exhaust which has almost disappeared being fully catless with no silencers. There was also a lot of oil from the filter around the intake pipes which I wasn't happy to see, overall not happy with the afe "enclosed" intake. The filters would get roasted sitting on top of the plenum and would feel the soak even with an upgraded FMIC. I know it's an old intake but for people still running it worth a re think. No logs were made as I had no means at the moment. This is all measured by my very accurate butt dyno.
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  • ricecrackers101's Avatar
    09-29-2015, 12:37 AM
    Hey guys, what ST kits out right now are confirmed to fit on a 335xi? I prefer a top mount kit. But so far all I have found is the VFF600 kit.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-30-2015, 12:29 AM
    The heads continue to roll at VW with R&D chiefs at Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche joining the recently deposed CEO. Their names respectively are Heinz-Jakob Neusser, Ulrich Hackenberg, and Wolfgang Hatz. They all formerly served at Volkswagen and all are big names who are being forced out over the Volkswagen diesel scandal. More details continue to emerge as to why Volkswagen did what it did by using an ECU 'cheat code' so to speak to beat US emissions tests. The reason is that it would have cost Volkswagen $335 per vehicle to refit the cars with an AdBlue Urea injection system to clean their emissions. Volkswagen chose the software approach to save money instead. That is what brings Bosch into the picture as Bosch supplies the engine management systems that Volkswagen used to skirt the tests. Bosch of course claims they only supplied these systems that could be programmed to beat the EPA for testing purposes. They also claim they warned Volkswagen not to use software that could beat tests. Nobody at Bosch knew what software Volkswagen was using for years? Sounds like Bosch is already in protect their own behinds mode as they supplied the software VW needed to beat the tests. Cost cutting is the cause of this whole mess. $335 times roughly 500,000 affected US cars is $167,000,000. That is not chump change but it sure beats losing billions upon billions. There will be those who point out this software is in 12+ million cars worldwide but again not all countries have the same emissions standards so not all cars would require the AdBlue Urea system. Even if they did we are talking about roughly three billion dollars. Still six times less than what was wiped out from VW's stock in one day. Greed is certainly to blame here. Now what about the other German brands? Audi uses many of the same motors with the same software so they are pretty much screwed too but we all already knew that when Volkswagen itself was caught. Now we see how Mercedes, BMW, and suppliers such as Bosch make it out of this. German magazine Autobild says the BMW X3 xDrive 20d emits more than the legal amount of pollutants in Germany. Autobild's own test is not the same as a test by a government agency and BMW quickly denied Autobild's report. BMW's stock price still took a 10% hit based on the report. There is currently no proof BMW did anything wrong but BMW's stock continues to tumble. You can see how Volkswagen has the entire German automotive industry in turmoil right now. It does not end here. BMW diesels will be scrutinized by government agencies worldwide as will Mercedes. The extent of the role Bosch played has yet to be determined. Volkswagen also needs to make the cars compliant so whether they wanted a hardware solution or not they will now have to shell out for it at a much greater cost. This is nowhere near over.
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  • brusk's Avatar
    09-28-2015, 06:05 PM
    I've had this thunk for awhile and seems to be getting worse. I didn't notice it until the Spec Stage 3+ clutch. My first thought was the brutal break in period that did alot of "jack hammering" when in reverse the the drive line caused a mount or driveshaft issue. I still occasionally get a "jack hammering" affect if I try to drive real slow part clutch in parking lots, get a thunk when shifting fast and now occasionally when a nail the brakes. Car 2008 135i 6MT 32K miles. FBO for 10K and medium abuse. What I've checked so far: Trans bushings are only have 5K on them are E46 M3 and look good. Trans output shaft has maybe 3 degrees of play Drive shaft doesn't have any noticeable movement but the middle bushing can easily be pulled almost to the edge with about 100 lbs Rear End Mounts look good Rear End play - VAC provided Quaife unit has about 5.5 degrees of movement at the pinion/input shaft. I'm noticing that even with the wheels on the ground and ebrake set the axles are still moving but not the axle shafts. Maybe axles are worn? Holding the axle at the Inner CV results in 0 play so the Diff internals seem very tight. Engine Play - Haven't checked yet but going to be replaced the mount with an IS mount. Rear Suspension components are all M3 or upgraded, loosened and re tightened multiple times. Anything sound suspect or anything I can check while its torn apart.
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  • 7plagues's Avatar
    09-30-2015, 12:43 PM
    Hey guys, Been doing some experimenting and updates to my car, so I also needed a way to do logs easily and mount my tablet so I'm not *swerving* all over. This is a typical CD tray mount a cheap one that holds my Nextbook 8.1(size of IpadMini or Lenovo Mixx2) easily in the CD tray...but I wanna see my radio and not have my vents blocked....Well shove that mofo into your dash and twist like you would a CD tray. BEHOLD! $10 mount.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    09-30-2015, 03:38 PM
    A VERY large order of VTT inlets is set to arrive to us on Friday. The batch includes 1.75" Recirc 1.75" BOV 2.0" Recirc 2.0" BOV As well as the option to directly run the PTC in the inlet, or use an adapter and get rid of it. Place your orders now on the website for immediate shipping as soon as they arrive!
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  • Stucks's Avatar
    09-30-2015, 11:14 PM
    Stucks started a thread Drag radials in Wheels and Tires
    Whats everyone favorite drag radial for n54 cars? Im looking at the NT05R, NT555R, or the new mt et street s/s. want something stickier than my 285 width nt05s, but also something that wont wiggle around excessively (that floaty, slickwalk-like feeling) at higher speeds.
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  • pobudz's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:06 PM
    pobudz started a thread NoFlyZone Arizona results in N54
    First off, I just love how well of a show Tony @ Omega Motorsports puts on. Such a well run event. I can't wait for it to come back in mid December when its 70* instead of 95*. About the same temps today as the event in March where I trapped 160.9. Jake @ MOTIV has spent countless hours with me since then, on the dyno, going through all sorts of upgrades and changes to my setup. We've got my car dialed in perfectly. Highest trap of the day vs a ridiculous GTR Early run vs Z06, unknown mods (...and time slip printer broken) I didn't get it on my GoPro, but there should be video of a great run between Jesse's Pure turbo M4 and myself. Got to meet him and also watch Steve's wife (Fuel-IT) put down a 157!
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  • sdg1871's Avatar
    09-27-2015, 11:30 PM
    On Sunday, January 20th, my E63 S with Renntech full tune and Renntech sport mufflers (stock cats and stock downpipes and stock turbos) competed in roll races at Race Warz 2 at Pocono International Speedway. All of the roll races in the videos below had a 60 mph start. Overall, I was happy with the results. It was faster than tune only cars but not as fast as cars with catless downpipes or water meth injection. The wins: 1. Dodge Charger Hellcat. Lost badly to my car (4 car lengths): 2. E63 S AMG sedan with catless downpipes and custom tune (2 car lengths): 3. AMG GTS (stock) (1-2 car lengths): 4. Dodge Viper (1 car length) -- 2 wins: 5. Cadillac CTS V (modded) (4 car lengths); 6. E39 M5 (6 car lengths): 7. 911 Carrera S (many car lengths after giving it a head start): 8. and 9. Other wins not videoed: 997 Turbo S (from a roll) and Lexus RC F (from a dig) Losses: 1. 800 bhp water-meth injection, catless downpipes, custom tune, aftermarket intake F10 M5 (23 lbs of boost) (fastest F10 M5 in the New York area) (many many car lengths): 2. JB4, heavily modified M6 with 21 pounds of boost (2-3 car lengths): 3. Cobb Stage 2 tuned 991 Turbo S (3 car lengths) 4. SLS with all Renntech mods including tune and straight pipes (3-4 car lengths): Other losses not videoed: 5. E63 S with Renntech VIP tune and catless downpipes (5-6 car lengths) 6. Modded SL55 (I had mine in manual mode and missed a shift)
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  • tjav8b's Avatar
    09-27-2015, 10:24 PM
    e60 M5 VT-650 - Decatted headers and section 1 f10 M5 - Eurocharged tune, Exhaust e92 M3 VF650 - DCT, Exhaust Runs were from 40mph (First run is an add on. My camera was on the drivers side.)
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  • BostonBeemah's Avatar
    09-30-2015, 06:09 PM
    All prices are OBO unless otherwise stated and will be updated when sold! Gonna take time to get all pics up but figured I’d throw this up now. Make me an offer, the worst I can say is no…. Located In Belmont, Ma Stock Parts (OEM) Front plate bracket $15 E82 Pre-LCI Taillights $100 E82 LCI Taillights $200 E82 M-Sport springs $100 E82 M-Sport diffuser $50 E82 BNIB Grey floor mats $50 N54 Stock intercooler $50 M-Sport Shift knob, boot, and ebrake handle $100 N54 stock C@tted downpipes OEM LED License Plate housings/bulbs $25 N54/N55 OEM clutch with 6k miles $400 E82 Seatbelt Butlers $30 BMW Performance Parts E82 BMW Performance Exhaust $450 BMW Performance Shift knob and boot $75 Burger Tuning Parts BMS Oil Thermostat BNIB $35 3.5bar Tmap $75 3.5bar TMAP adapter BNIB $25 BMW N55 C@tless Downpipe $200 N55 Intake with 2 filters $125 Clutch Delay valve BNIB $15 Cowl Filters (2 sets) $40 each Wheel Locks BNIB $25 USB data cable $20 Aftermarket N55 Cobb Accessport $500 Suede M-Sport Steering Wheel $350 E82 Black Grills $50 E82 Modified Stock to “Performance” Exhaust $250 Rieger Matte Diffuser (small crack) $300 Seibon OE Style Single Sided Carbon Fiber Hood $400 Red Cyba Scoops $40 AR Line Lock Kit $300 Whiteline Subframe Inserts KDT918 BNIB $40 E82 Ebay CF Splitters BNIB $50 E82 Ebay Poly front lip $50 Philips XenStart Ultinon D1 6000k bulbs 6k miles on them ($250 retail) $100 LED Angel eyes 6000k $50 JOM Coilovers BNIB $350 PURE E series N55 Inlet Pipe $200 Tow Hook Plate holder $50 Custom Alcantara and Stainless Steel E-Brake handle $75
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-29-2015, 11:42 PM
    Syvecs just continues to roll out awesome plug and play standalone engine management systems. Like their Audi R8 system it offers control for double the amount of injectors as there are cylinders. In the case of the S54 inline-6 that means control for up to twelve injectors. The fueling benefit there with additional injectors makes sense for direct injected applications but as the S54 is not direct injected it does not run into the same style of fuel injection limitations. That said, imagine a set of E85 injectors for example. All kinds of creative fuels and injection schemes can be done with this ECU. It doesn't end there as there are also options for traction control, launch control, rolling anti-lag, flex fuel, transmission control, boost by gear, on the fly map switching, cruise control, datalogging, etc. It seems like it can do everything. The best part is that it just plugs right in. No drama and no issues with the stock DME all while offering much more capability. At £2800 it certainly is not cheap and we will have to wait and see what US dealers ask for it in dollars. Before you even ask, the E92 M3 S65 V8 and then the N54 direct injected inline-6 are up next. Good stuff for boosted bimmers, right?
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  • bradsm87's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 06:32 AM
    Why don't N54 turbo makers use the 15TK31 compressor wheel? It's the newer, more modern version of the 15T. It has a higher power rating, lower surge line, higher choke line and higher boost rating (which almost always means compressor efficiency stays high at higher boost than a compressor wheel with a lower boost rating). It's just a no-compromise better compressor wheel. I understand that The 15TK31 is most commonly available in reverse rotation BUT there is a normal rotation version as well (Used in the TD04HL-15TK31-VFT in the Acura RDX). Sorry to do this publicly but I'll be in the market for new turbos in around 6 months and I want to know that I'm getting something that's at least 10 year old technology.
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  • Darkiedm4's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 04:25 AM
    Since it's been so silent lately why not break the silence with a 100-260kph tacho vid :)
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  • Mrpikolo's Avatar
    09-28-2015, 11:04 PM
    Mrpikolo started a thread E90,E91,E92,E93: Well there goes 55 lbs. in 3 Series and M3
    Total cost: about $150 Total weight savings: 55lbs over 49 series battery Total assembled weight: About 4lbs :dance2:
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:34 PM
    Did a little testing on a local car with our Stage 2 on it. Saw some good numbers, but of course had little nagging issues. First one was, sometimes the boost in the JB would just spike up to 36+ psi, the boost wasn't actually spiking, we put an analog gauge on the car to make sure, but it would trigger the JB fail safe and shut the party down at random. The next one was, the car is a DCT, the tranny got more, and more pissed at the session went on. At this power it it will never rev to redline without shifting itself even, and near the end it was shifting itself regularly at 500 RPM or so.A Graphs are most of the runs of the day besides botched ones etc. Run 001 is a map 7 run for a baseline. All the graphs you see that stop short, are either the boost issue, or the tranny saying to Eff off. In the log 013 screen grab you can see the weird boost spike All in all a decent day, if this guy wants more power he will need a tranny upgrade, but I think he will be happy here, the car is insanely fast on the road with the DCT. We have another Stage 2 going onto the ACF car in Brazil for E100 testing with PI, and the drag strip in a couple weeks, trying to be the first N55 in the 10's! As always thanks for the support!
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  • 7plagues's Avatar
    09-29-2015, 08:08 PM
    Purchased a Cobb charge pipe last Wednesday (9/23) afternoon with 2 day shipping and it finally arrived Monday (9/28) afternoon. THE REVIEW: Upon receiving the charge pipe I inspected the outside, looks nice - good grey color. I wanted Cobb because of the color and didn’t really care about lack of meth bung. Fit and finish looked good, the couplers looked good. I've blown two stock CPs. Upon inspecting the inside lip I noticed some weird stuff going on…Not really ideal for what I thought would be a quality product….owell lets give it a go. First things first, I cleaned the throttle body lip with brake cleaner and then reapplied a thin coat of oil to aid in fit. I gave the charge pipe a push…nothing. I have installed VRSF and BMS charge pipes on friend’s cars so this isn’t my first rodeo. I kept struggling….nothing… No force on heaven was getting it on there, the intake flexed a little and the engine shifted under my force, but Mr. Cobb charge pipe kept resisting my best efforts. So I took sandpaper to it. I figured it had some uneven section or maybe this black sh** on the inside of the lip was giving me issues. :awesome: After many sanding and test fits later, it still wasn’t going on, it was getting closer but no matter how many times I cursed Cobb it wasn’t going on. So I thought maybe I’m being crazy, so I took my stock charge pipe with the crack and pushed it on the throttle body. This took the effort I had been expecting, so I knew I wasn’t crazy. I called Cobb 30minutes before closing time. Matt answered. I explained my ordeal and frustration. He would like me to take some images and send them to him, “they were closing soon, but he was staying late and would get back to me” I send the images with my phone # after I cleaned up some at 5min till closing. Not super quick turnaround but not bad for me having to do this dumb stuff. I wait. Wait. Wait. No answer no response, I call, hey they are closed and when they close calls go straight to VM….. FANTANSTIC…. I receive no call back the entire night. In fact, Matt emails me the NEXT morning saying “Thanks for sending this info over! Let me confer with my colleagues and I'll be in touch shortly!” So I decided to up my game, I got my dremel out and started really sanding it down. Test fitting, sanding more test fit and so on… after bouts of dremel action it got 400grit then 800grit sand paper and wet sanded. :angry-banghead: After removing all the powder coat overspray on the inside, which had some pitting even, and smoothing it down, I finally, after 3hrs was able to get it to slide on... holy mother of god a 20min project took 3hrs. My hands and arms are busted up from trying to fit this damn thing, the charge pipe got scratched up after I gave up trying to protect the finish after the 15th test fitting and decided my arms needed more focus to stop the bleeding. The reason it took so long is I didn’t want to over sand it and create some area that would leak boost…All in all I test fitted that dumb pipe maybe…. 30 times. Pros: · Color · It works like a charge pipe after it brings you close to a mental breakdown. Cons: · It’s a Japanese made POS and it fits like trash. Garbage. · It takes wayyy to long to install. · COBB has the worst customer support I have ever seen. · It’s a turd in a shiny wrapper I had to get my car running again and wasn’t going to wait another week for a new one. I have a half mile race this Saturday so I need to get my ducks in order. I suggest people really consider other charge pipes before cobb, this isn’t their first bad review(google it) on a charge pipe. I’m sure an ebay charge pipe no name would fit better and get to you faster. Shipping: 2day air means 3 days. What is comical is I ordered some filters off ebay with free shipping Thursday, and they arrived Monday morning before an item I ordered the day before and paid for faster shipping….Anyway. Cobb has a very small disclaimer nowhere near the shipping options saying they don’t do weekend deliveries. When I emailed them Friday morning asking why it was coming Monday instead of Saturday, I didn’t get a response till Tuesday morning (9/29). Basically blaming me for not creating a user account with them and saying how they are great at shipping (an email oozing with sarcasm). TLDR: Cobb charge pipe fit like garbage, had to go mad scientist on it, customer support was nonexistent. 1/10 with rice. Side note: the oring in the CP is the same as the oring on the oil filter. I've emailed them in-depth on this and their response was don't like it? Return it. So they don't really stand behind their products. No offer to ship new one and me return this one after I get a one they cleaned up or anything just tough luck. In fact he suggested if I was worried about the seal I should do a smoke know cause their brand new CP needs a smoke test to make sure its not leaking.....ffs. Update:just a notice the pipe is holding 20psi peak and seems to not leak, but its a lot of extra work I didnt sign up for.
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  • SoFlaZ06's Avatar
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  • ///MPOSTER's Avatar
    09-29-2015, 09:35 PM
    Oh my love ! You are hot and ready when I'm craving you ! You are my joy when I am alone . You are my desire when I'm with my loved one. You make my mornings sweet and worth waking up to. You make me want to put my face in your box and munch on you . Mmmm mmmm mmm are my world.
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  • E92 420's Avatar
    09-30-2015, 01:44 PM
    Hi all can someone please tell me how to remove the torque converter from the engine please? Does it require a special tool?
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  •'s Avatar
    09-29-2015, 03:49 PM
    Well looks like September is Charge Pipe for the S55. BMS will be releasing their S55 Charge Pipe very soon. It will be offered in Black, just like their intake. Meth bungs will be up top, closer to the intercooler. More details to follow once the order link is up! Should be out next week. Should be well priced as well as with all BMS products! Also note the finish in the pictures is not what the final version will look like. The final version will have the same finish as the BMS intake. Mike
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  • Evan Patak's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 02:56 PM
    Since there are a lot of people on this forum interested in the Hexon RR550s I thought it might be helpful if I shared some videos of the turbos in action. Personally I am very happy with the response-power balance. Yes near instant turbo response like the 488GTB would be ideal but all things considered, this is a hard to beat setup for those who want to build a daily driven weapon like I did. The modest price of the turbos makes it even sweeter, hopefully durability and longevity don't ruin things down the road. My 535xi E61 weighs 4,600lbs when I am driving which is heavy but the performance still impresses people, you lighter 1 and 3 series guys can expect a greater kick in the pants. 535xi E61 FBO + Custom Inlets Hexon RR550s E30 + 91 oct 22psi Map 6 6AT + SAT Flash 500+awhp 500+awtq Hope this is helpful, Evan WOT @2,000rpm in 2nd WOT @1,500rpm in 3rd
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