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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 03:39 PM
    The Pure Turbos Stage 2 N54 upgrade sure looks like the real deal. The turbo upgrade is not 'officially' out yet but expect it next month. For now what we have seen is numbers in the 6XX wheel range and here is a preview of the real world capability. BimmerBoost member @pr3ci5n335i in the video below runs his E90 automatic 335i against a 2014 Nissan GTR on E85 with full bolt ons. The 335i is at roughly 25 psi of boost and also has full bolt ons in addition to the Pure Turbos Stage 2 N54 turbo upgrade. He also has the TFT inlets and his fuel in the video is an E50 blend with meth injection. The 335i takes the hit here but steadily pulls the GTR until it shuts down. Definitely an impressive result considering what bolt on GTR's on E85 are capable of. 2010 E90 M 335i: Alpina AT, FBO (VRSF 5" Stepped FMIC, Catless with BMW PE, TFT upper and lower chargepipes, HKS BOV, BMS 2 gallon Meth kit, Stage 1 Walbro 255 inline LPFP, BMS low temperature thermostat bypass), JB4 map 3 80add, BMS E85 Flash using MHD, Pure S2 turbos, APEX Arc-8, no rear seats
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  • spxxx's Avatar
    08-27-2015, 12:53 PM
    A guy who's running one of my E50 maps just did work his first time ever at the track, guess he got misfires and only ran two runs. I think he could get down to a 1.5 60 footer and maybe 11.4 territory with more than 2 runs. That's what 532 wheel torque & x-drive can do on all season tires... 1.6' 60 footer :naughty:
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  • rac's Avatar
    08-26-2015, 03:01 AM
    rac started a thread SMFW + Idle Tables in N54
    My clutch seems to be showing first signs of the downward spiral. So my question is, with the recent idle tables being uncovered, can anyone comment on success or otherwise of adjusting idle up to reduce noise? how much was needed? I'm thinking of going down the path of a 335is/550i clutch + SMFW, especially if i can increase the idle with A/C on so that the noise isn't really that noticeable. i have stock transmission mounts.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-26-2015, 12:54 PM
    So I entered a chili cook off contest set for October. I intend to make the world's greatest chili. To be noted, I've never made chili. Anyway, so far what I plan to do is get high quality beef and have it ground down. This is a good idea I assume? I was going to use kidney beans, add some tapatio for spice, plus diced onions. Maybe a pinch of garlic? I'll top with cheddar cheese, avocado, and sour cream. Should roughly look something like this: Anyway, any tips?
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  • musc's Avatar
    08-25-2015, 09:52 PM
    Hey guys. Tried out the new kickdown table from Jake's XDF update. Set the voltage to 4.998 per his instructions and removed my kickdown blocker. Works as expected. I can floor it and hit the kickdown switch but it still doesn't kickdown. This should be fine for the majority of driving. I actually had a kickdown blocker fail during a roll race. I had the DIY adhesive ones and i guess overtime they became flatter and when I slammed the gas down, it kicked down. Still won the race but what a terrible excuse to have to use. My kickdown blocker broke, bruh. :( As as expected, you cannot activate launch control with this modification. LC only activates when that kickdown switch is activated. I thought about what if we could have the switch has a hand held button? Or is it possible to remap the function of it to another button, like something on the steering wheel? My other thought is, say we could activate the button independent of pressing the throttle. Would the RPMs still go to 5k or do they only go to 5k because we have the accelerator pedal floored. Just some thoughts. Has anyone dismantled one of the pedal assemblies to see what this 'switch' actually looks like? It looks like a pretty sealed unit and Real OEM doesn't show any schematics for it, just the single unit.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 02:38 PM
    That is the current rumor although it is based somewhat in reality. The new G11 7-Series is rumored to get this new 3.0 liter inline-6 diesel with four turbochargers. This would be utilized in a M750d model that would have xDrive all wheel drive and would not launch until well into 2016. That is of course providing the information is accurate. BMW does produce a tri-turbo 3.0 liter inline-6 in the 550d / 50d models. The triple turbocharged motor produces 381 horsepower and 546 lb-ft of torque. BMW is expected to take things beyond 400 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque with this new quad turbocharged motor. It is unknown if this motor will use conventional turbochargers or if there will be some sort compressor spun with electricity to supplement the exhaust driven turbos. It is too early to tell at this time but even if BMW does produce this the chances of it coming to the USA are slim to none. Source
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    08-29-2015, 07:02 PM
    Welcome turkey prostitutes, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • Fishayyy's Avatar
    08-28-2015, 08:21 PM
    Fishayyy started a thread Rear Main Seal/Twin Disc in N54
    So Spec should be sending me my replacement rigid full-face discs for my Motiv clutch and I wanted to get some opinions on a few different things. Last time I swapped my clutch I had a very minor leak on my rear main seal so I wanted to replace it this time around, however I'm not sure if I need everything to be OEM or not. I've seen a mix of people recommend using the OEM seal and others saying that they got one from O'reilly's or one from a 2006 Porsche that seemed stronger. I've also seen a lot of people say that you need the OEM Locktite and others that say you don't need it. So I'm a little lost as to what I should try and what install procedures should be followed. Thanks in advance for the help!
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  • ope92's Avatar
    Today, 12:53 AM
    Just got my stockers replaced under warranty, no questions asked. Mods stayed on the car, car didn't throw any codes just rattled a shit ton.
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  • jyamona's Avatar
    Today, 10:10 AM
    jyamona started a thread Raised Idle = 2ADF Code in N54
    Hey guys, I have been running the 960rpm idle across all tables for awhile now, and stumbled across a code (didn't throw a CEL), when checking some OBD readiness stuff. The code is 2ADF: idle running control, speed. It's not a big deal, and it can be disabled, but I'm curious if it is happening to anyone else now. Can those of you who raised your idle, check if you have this code? There are probably some single cell idle setpoints for various things that need to be defined as well to truly fix this, just debating if it is worth the effort vs. disabling the code. Thanks!
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  • lamboworld's Avatar
    08-29-2015, 11:10 PM
    I can't say enough about how happy I am with the tune on this car. I worked with Dimitri in April and May on an E50 tune and I haven't touched it since. I am also using the stock LPFP and no PI. Both of these runs were before they started to put anything on the track and I was able to hook pretty good. It was about 87 degrees when I made both of these passes. They started to put water on the track for the guys with drag slicks but it killed my ability to hook this car up. My Z4 is DCT but I don't like to use launch control. I do the alternate method of pushing the accelerator quickly and pushing down the kick down. This will raise the rpm's and you have to let your foot off of the accelerator when the rpm's come back down and at the same time as the light goes green. It is difficult to do but if you can time it right then you can get great times with the DCT. I feel certain that this car can run in the 11's on stock turbos and stock inlets. However, I probably won't be able to try again because I am going to install Pure Turbos and VTT inlets in the next month or so.
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  • megawatz's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:42 PM
    Make sure that what you're converting is in ft lbs and deg F, not the opposite way (newton meters and deg C). I've been converting my original Cobb tune over to TunerPro to flash with MHD and had to modify some X and Y axis to match, and then convert the n-m to ft lbs as well as C to F. Took me a week of hair pulling, beer drinking, multiple logs, multiple engine codes, and lost sleep over something so simple.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:52 PM
    Do we have any good attorneys on here? Please contact me.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-26-2015, 01:38 PM
    Some heavyweights slugging it out here on the highway. This being a street race there is no doubt some sandbagging going on. The UGR 1R twin turbo built Gallardo is said to be at 1500 horsepower but UGR and its owners are known to downplay horsepower figures quite a bit. The Nissan GTR is a built 3.8 liter from T1 Race Development. The owner says power is around 1200 horses. The C6 Vette features a built 370 cubic inch motor and it is running a Precision PT88 turbocharger. Power output is stated to be roughly 1000 horses but that turbo can support over 1200 horses depending on the application of course. The first run has the trio going three-wide but the Vette loses traction and gets out of it. The GTR and Gallardo are close to one another but the GTR edges the Gallardo out based on the chase view from the Vette. The interior view of this run from the GTR makes it tough to get a good shot of the Gallardo but it appears to pull easily. After the run the Gallardo owner claims to have run a 1250 horsepower boost map. After a little pow wow the Gallardo owner presumably turns up the boost and the three cars go at it again. The Vette is clearly overmatched even with traction. The GTR jumps and the Gallardo tries to run it down but does not catch up although it does pull away from the C6. The GTR certainly appears to be the fastest car of the three. The final run features the Corvette against a bolt on CBR1000. The CBR puts several car lengths on the Vette initially but past 150 the Corvette's aerodynamics help it close the distance. It is a bit too little and too late though as the Corvette has to go high into the triple digits to overtake and by that time the race is over. Definitely some very fast cars
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  • Ksmyth's Avatar
    Today, 10:43 AM
    Hi all, Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been searching like crazy to try solve this issue. Every time I start the latest (v1.2) software it stops working. I've tried FIVE different computers. I even went down to the store today and bought the cheapest, slowest ASUS computer they had. It is an intel atom, not an AMD, but it seems that works for most. Windows 8 unfortunately. The bb_flash log shows this... 5.4219 FTD2XX_NET.FTDI Attempting to load FTD2XX.DLL from: C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\NTWLKBPA.2QZ \BHPHM8ND.G4J\bimm..tion_6163feca8559b1f9_0001.000 0_59ea2ce698cae162 5.4436 FTD2XX_NET.FTDI Failed to load FTD2XX.DLL. Are the FTDI drivers installed? 5.4658 VehicleConnector.MicroCanAPI FTDI driver not accessable 5.4682 VehicleConnector.MicroCanAPI No FTDI devices plugged in Clearly a driver issue. - BavTech software works great. - I followed the instructions on the first page for all five computers. - I even went to the FTDI chip manufactures website and downloaded the latest drivers there. - Tried copying the DLL to the c:\windows\system32 directory. No luck. - JB4 is in map 0 - Order was plug into car, plug into computer, key in, push start without starting (all the lights are on), launch BB Could it be the cable? doubtful give the BT sw works. Could it be my DME? Or am I just screwed until I find just the right "old computer"? Help, please!
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  • Yournamehere90's Avatar
    08-29-2015, 09:32 PM
    Hey guys, I hope this hasn't been covered but I'm a member of all the major forums and haven't seen this exact topic. Is there a "beginner's tuning guide" for the n54 anywhere? I would like to use mhd to flash tunes I've personally tweaked. From what I've gathered I would use Tunerpro on my PC to edit, and MHD to read and write from my phone or tablet. Correct? I understand the dangers of running a bad tune and I know it's easy to run OTS tunes, but I would love to learn this skill. Thank you for answers in advance.
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  • Malaka1's Avatar
    08-29-2015, 02:03 PM
    Selling a new Bimmertech PP82DSP Amplifier. It is designed to improve sound quality over the factory HiFi amplifier. Retail is $799.00 Asking $625 shipped
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  • Mibugu's Avatar
    Today, 01:11 PM
    Mibugu started a thread For Sale: FS: Cobb AP V3 for N54 in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Hello Bimmerboost, Up for sale is a slightly used Cobb AP V3 for the N54 engine. Included is the accessport unit, OBD cable, carrying case, and additional (blue) faceplate. Sorry, no mounting accessories. Unmarried upon shipping. Price is 550 shipped OBO. Thanks!
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  • berns's Avatar
    Today, 07:01 PM
    Hi everyone, wanted to see if we could get some constructive conversation going about the rev limiter on our car... I'm not sure about all of you, but I HATE soft rev limiters on any performance application. Whether you drag race, autocross, drift or even just want to do some donuts once in a while, a soft limiter that gently hits redline and then closes the throttle plate can be a huge annoyance. You lose your boost pressure and the car bogs down -- in a turn, drift or gunning it to the next cone, or away from it, this can unsettle the car, slow you down and cost you time, not to mention, it sounds terrible. I've looked around a bit to see what options we have. A friend of mine had a 135i with the now totally obsolete Procede, and he was able to set a hard limiter on his car, which tells me this can in-fact be done with tuning. Again, not trying to start a conversation about moving to Procede or anything stupid like that, this is merely an example to show it's possible and it's been done. A thread, with logs, can be seen here on this topic: There is the BMS add-on to JB4 G5 ISO (manual only) N54 cars to activate 2-step and NLS, and that's all great, however, it's only activated when the clutch is disengaged and you're at WOT. What I'm after, though, is a hard limiter in-gear and on throttle -- more brap, brap, brap than vroom-meh-vroom. I just flashed my car with the BimmerBoost/BMS backend flash, and I believe the soft limiter could be changed and manipulated in the backend, through TunerPro or the like? Thoughts? Meanwhile, here's a boring video where you clearly hear the soft limiter at the top of 1st gear in my car, along with a great example of a hard limiter that came on my buddies e36... drool Cheers, Alex
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  • pobudz's Avatar
    08-29-2015, 01:00 PM
    Hopefully I'll see some fellow N5X out on the track. Registration opened today! :music-rockout:
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  • rawad1017's Avatar
    08-27-2015, 02:50 PM
    rawad1017 started a thread S85: Spark plugs in S62, M62, N62 and S85
    Remember when AWD motorsports went 10.50s at 130 with the nitrous m5? I wanna do the same setup they had, when i get my next m6. But they used stock plugs on a 150 shot and while that's nothing to a v10, i don't wanna keep changing spark plugs. And i want to be safe because i race a lot, so i want colder plugs. Problem is this I posted in their thread asking about plugs and so far nobody knows if anybody made a plug with this sensor shit that's 2 steps colder and doesn't cost a fortune. A few people asked ngk and got the "we're working on it, maybe in the future" ordeal. So before i bother ngk about this again i was wondering if anybody' did make what I'm looking for. One dude asked g power what plugs they use and g power tried to sell em to the guy for like 125 a plug lmfao fuck that
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  • SGe92is's Avatar
    08-28-2015, 03:02 PM
    (proper photos will be uploaded this weekend, I only have one crappy cellphone picture of my car at the moment) I will try to be as complete as possible with this AD. Please email me if you are truly interested, I will read/respond much faster there. I still owe money to BMW, the title will be mailed from BMW after purchase and payoff. Jaredn at 2011 BMW 335is Space grey exterior, coral red interior N54 engine 7 speed DCT transmission 61,000 miles See attached PDF for VIN and factory options $37,000 I bought this on 4/2014 with 48,000 miles. I put about 600-800 miles on it per month driving to work, 15 miles round trip. CPO warranty until 1/2017, and BMW service contract until 1/2017. These are both transferable with the car for a small fee to BMW and a notarized form. The car was a single owner lease return from Monrovia BMW. I have only serviced the car at South Bay BMW. When I purchased the car, the exhaust had a slight rattle, so I had it replaced under factory warranty. While it was there I had the steering wheel trim replaced since it was peeling near the radio buttons. The LPFP was replaced early this year under CPO warranty. The car is in excellent condition. Interior is a 9/10, exterior is a 9/10. I daily drive the car, but there is covered/garaged parking both at home and at work. Mechanical problems: 1) None Cosmetic problems: 1) Front bumper cover, two minor scratches and a few rock chips from daily driving 2) Rear bumper cover, small scratch on lower passenger side 3) Drivers rear quarter window, small scratch 4) Interior center console, scratch near coin tray The following modifications are installed on the car, and any factory part that was removed will also be included in the sale. (all modifications are completely reversible, no permanent modifications have been done) All parts are roughly 8-10 months old with approximately 5000 miles on them unless specified otherwise. The only OEM parts that I am missing are the factory 313m wheels, which were sold, and the OEM open differential, which was returned to VAC as a core. Maintenance: • On 8/22/2015 I replaced all 6 spark plugs with NGK 95770 (same as 5992) gapped to .22”, 6 new Delphi coil packs, and two new Bosch primary oxygen sensors. This was done before flashing my new Wedge tune with the MHD app. Not installed: • BMS oil catch can • Vorshlag camber/caster pates with Ohlins install hardware • Swift springs (65mm 9" 672 lb/in) to replace Ohlins rear springs • HRE 448R 19x8.5+35, 19x10+30 – Gloss titanium grey lips, satin titanium grey faces, satin black bolts, satin black inner barrels. Freshly refinished and never mounted. These are not included in the price, but can be installed in place of the BBS CH-R. Performance: • MHD tune by Wedge • Wagner Tuning Evo I Performance Intercooler • AFE Stage 2 Intake - Pro Dry S • ER Chargepipe – OEM DV style • Turbosmart Kompact Plumb back diverter valves • UR Catted downpipes (bought used, ~10k miles) Suspension, chassis, drivetrain: • Ohlins Road and Track coilovers (10k miles) • OEM M3 front and rear control arms • OEM M3 front and rear anti-roll bars • OEM M3 differential bushings • MRF engineering solid aluminum rear subframe bushings • Megan racing rear toe arms • VAC built Quaife ATB differential with factory DCT final drive • West End alignment and corner balance • BBS CH-R titanium grey 19x8.5 +32, 19x9.5+35 (less than 4 months old, ~2,000 miles) • Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/35/19, 265/30/19 (10k miles, plenty of tread left) Interior: • Gladen one 201 speaker system • Gladen Mosconi D2 100.4 amp/dsp • Audio tuning by JTAudio • Kuda dash mount Exterior: • BMW OEM car cover for e92 • Lamin-X “tint” headlight film • Paint matched front reflectors • Tinted side turn indicators • 35% 3M ceramic tint • Ebay painted (black) high kick performance spoiler
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  • Darkiedm4's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:35 AM
    Attended an event in France yesterday. I am happy to say the car performed flawlessly all day in 90F+ weather. Not that I expected anything less :) I ran 24/25psi taper to 22 psi all day long. Find below a few of my videos: F30 335i Pure Stage2 Xdrive 500+ bhp: F13 M6 FBO Remap 715 bhp: Nissan GTR 750+ whp: E92 M3 stock: Audi RS4 stock: 1M Hyrbid Turbos:
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  • megawatz's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:38 PM
    08 335i with a K&N intake on stock map vs 07 Z4M with S54, exhaust, tune, and intake. So, a friend of mine and I took a trip to Mexico recently. Found a nice road with a slight uphill grade (a road that leads to nowhere for those who might bash for running on main roads). Did a 20 dig and launched in first, he shifted a little earlier than I did into 2nd and 3rd, but we were literally neck and neck the entire time until we hit 100mph. I had about 100lbs of extra weight in the car. He weighs about 140, I'm at 200. Both running Apex Arc-8 wheels on street tires. Now I can't wait to make my second trip now that my tune is finally settled. Not much of a kill story, but the fact that we were probably literally thousandths of a second difference was pretty cool. No real numbers were set.
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