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  • Slicksilver's Avatar
    02-25-2015, 01:22 PM
    Hello everyone. I’ve been working on a project for the N54 community for a couple months but had not announced it since I wanted to be sure the concept was feasible. I have done enough now to know the concept is good so ready to share my R&D progress with the community. Description It is a TD04L-20T with true 20T native compressor housing. The 20T mistubishi profile compressor wheel is a forged billet wheel with extended tip technology from BorgWarner. The Turbo consist of a TD04 bearing housing modified to connect to stock oil lines, coolant lines and stock turbine housing. The turbine housing has been modified to accept the TD04L turbine and flange up to the TD04 bearing housing. The kit will include upgraded inlet pipe system and also charge pipe system optimized for the high flowing native 20T compressor housing which is over twice the size/flow of stock compressor housing. This will make sure the turbos are flowing to their maximum potential along with the upgraded plumbing for the turbo included. This turbo can push up to 35psi of boost and not sure what the actual WHP will be on the N54, but with proper fueling and meth cooling should be in the 750whp-800whp range theoretically at those boost levels near redline according to estimated compressor map and turbo HP calcs. Schedule Current schedule is to finish development of the prototype set in 1 month and install on my car and test and tune/dyno and then get them on 2-3 beta testers cars by April or May. If all goes well, start selling the kits to you all in 3-4 months and start it off with a discounted group buy of 10-20 kits or so (depends on demand). I have completed my test fit on an N54 motor and finalized the designs for the wastegate actuator mounting and modifications and charge pipe (turbo to IC) design as well as making sure everything is going to fit on the engine. Everything went perfect on the fitup of the turbo to the engine so that’s when I decided it was time to start sharing R&D progress with the N54 community. Testing On my prototype system I plan to do dyno test and tune and push them to the maximum as I will have all the supporting fuel mods needed. I will be doing full logging of course. In addition, I will be doing custom turbo logging never before seen on the N54. Not only will I be logging EGT and backpressure (done before) to check health of the turbine but also I will log pressure and temperature at the turbo inlet and also at the turbo outlet which will tell me exactly what pressure ratios the turbo is working at and also at what efficiency. This compressor logging has never been done to my knowledge on the N54 but is the only real way to understand the compressor health during turbo operation. Quality The turbos are purchased from a large turbo supplier. I bought the CHRA from them to my specs which were basically TD04 bearing housing with 04L turbine and 20T billet 6x6 compressor wheel with extended tip technology from BorgWarner (for more boost, google it). Pics Now some pics to show you some progress
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    03-01-2015, 06:14 PM
    Terry@BMS started a thread New n54 trap record in N54
    I was able to attend a track day at Famoso raceway today. The scheduled start time was 9am but that got pushed back due to a rain delay. It was around noon before we got to do any runs. I decided to race our 135i with the new MOTIV 750 kit today and just go for traps. To that end I ran on the normal 245/45/17 555Rs and just launched the car in 2nd gear with boost capped at 12-15psi. Logs on the dyno looked great fueling wise but as soon as I started doing runs at 26psi at the track, a problem became apparent. The low pressure pump was not keeping up. So I wasn't able to do any high boost runs as I had originally planned. As the day went on fuel pressure got worse and worse. Still, managed a respectable 136.4mph trap speed. I've attached the log of the run so you can see how bad the fuel situation was. It actually did a map4 switched right at the cones so I may have gone a bit faster had the pressure hung on a bit longer. After this run, I decided to pack it up and head home. Only to my surprise, after parking the car, it wouldn't start. An hour of diagnostics later I figured out both my inline 255 & my fuel pump controller shorted out. Luckily I was able to hotwire the primary pump with some spare wire to get the car home under its own power. I've got a Fuel-It Stage3 bucket in the garage that will go in and I'll have to probably order another controller. Anyway next time, whenever that is, I should be able to run enough boost to hit 140mph. I figure it will take 32psi. Then I'll strap on the Hoosier slicks and start working on the launches.
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  • Ingeniator's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:14 PM
    Ok so with the ability to flash BMW's coming to android what Android phone would you buy. I still prefer iOS over android for the refinments but I'm sure I could customize android to what I want so I need the right hardware should I go Nexus6(or whatever the newest one is) Samsung S6/S6edge or the HTC M9. I prefer the smaller form factors but that doesn't seem to exist anymore. But I pretty much need it to be waterproof or have a case that is that I can buy ie lifeproof etc.
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  • ChuckD05's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 12:02 PM
    Has anyone replaced their o2 sensors? If so, where did you find them at the best price? Also has anyone used anything except for the OEM ones from BMW? Any other replacements out there worthwhile? I have an odd 1 point different from bank 1 to bank 2 on my logs last night, and haven't began troubleshooting yet but I am just curious on the o2s because they've been in and out of my car way too many times and at 60k wouldn't be a bad idea to change anyway. Thanks for any help in advance.
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  • 93siro's Avatar
    02-24-2015, 02:57 PM
    93siro started a thread P30FF Code in N54
    Hi, I know search is my friend. But i really need your help to figure this problem out. Im getting p30ff code very often lately. This situation happens only on WOT and in lower rpms. When i floor it sometimes the car pulls just like fine, but sometimes it drops boost and throws p30ff code afterwards. Blamed it on the map at first which was cobb stage 2 fmic and went back to stage 0, thought my meth setup wasnt helping the situation so turned it off as well. Unfortunately this problem still was there but not as noticable as before. It drops boost sometimes mostly when you floor it in higher gears in D mode (car is a dct) and after a downshift, boost drops to 4-5 psi. Could it really be a leak? On part throttle crusing even when it gets 17 psi of boost there is absolutely no sign of boost drop but if you push the pedal further there might be a chance of dropping boost immediately. The nature of having a leak on wot and not getting it on part throttle doesnt make sense to me. Do i have a bad fuel pump? Or should i concern about seleniod valve/actuator/wastegate? Thanks in advance Btw The car is a 2011 z4 35i dct Has intake Fmic CP DVs OCC Aquamist with two nozzles Cobb ots maps
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  • I6+TT=FTW's Avatar
    02-24-2015, 01:39 PM
    Good morning Gents, I figured I would ask you all what you thought, as many of you should be good with money, since this is a BMW forum. I have had a change in thinking when it comes to personal finance/debt/cars etc. Recently got married, and realized all the things I should be saving for, and how having ANY debt isn't a good thing when trying to achieve those savings goals. Still owe 10ish on the 335xi, 85k miles, and am worried that something expensive is going to go soon (turbos alone would be a killer to the budget). If I sell her, I could pay off the loan, and have enough cash to get a cheap suv/truck with a much smaller loan that I plan to pay off ASAP, and eventually have enough cash to also buy a toy. I love the look of the e36 m3 coupes, but am worried if it will ever be as fast as the 335xi? And would a higher mileage e36 m3 just be a money pit MORE so than my current bmw? I've seen some in the $5-7k range, but shit ton of miles. Thanks as always..
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  • 4doorbmwpower's Avatar
    02-28-2015, 03:12 PM
    Pm me for pix of interested $4400 shipped. This comes with clipped billet 20T compressor wheels (9 blade) and install kit with everything needed (even the VTT shirts are still in box) completely maxed out. Still in box from VTT with packing peanuts and shrink wrapped. Keep your cores and avoid the wait (took mine months to get). Build these on his web site and select no cores. These will still be cheaper. I am going a new direction with custom turbos. If no one wants these I will just send back to Tony wanted to give someone the option tho to have them immediately. If you ordered these today they would be just under $5000 dollars and you would owe your turbos. Keep your turbos and save money and time. Ready to ship.
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  • kennejp's Avatar
    03-01-2015, 11:20 PM
    kennejp started a thread NGK Spark Plug Advice in N54
    Hey guys. I need some advice on spark plugs....i have ordered the ngk 5992s and was going to gap them to the recommended Specs. My real question/concern is it seems like more people have problems with them then good results from reading threads etc. And secondly its probably a coincidence but seems like most all the blown motors have non oem plugs? Any advice? Btw im 07 335 fbo/ rb turbos(all options)/vtt inlets/e50 fuel/ meth
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  • lfelunden's Avatar
    03-01-2015, 02:05 PM
    I have the following: Vargas stage 2 gtx turbos with 6x6 billet wheels - Highest bid ~$2600 Evoloution Racing Chargepipe with Forge Diverter valves - Sale pending ARDesign Catless downpipes - Sale pending (not sure though) JB4 G5 ISO + BMS meth kit - Highest bid $600 (guy is in Malaysia though) Alpina B3S steering wheel(No airbag) - $400? E92 LCI xenon headlights(NOT adaptive ones) - $500? Again, for people located in Europe who know prices of the tax and as the $-value is going crazy, you can have upgraded turbos for a bargain and within 2-3 days!
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  • Flinchy's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 03:33 AM
    So life's gotten in the way for now, everything's up for sale 'til i get back on my feet The only parts not available are the Chargepipe and Rods.. I believe i still have the factory DV's but possibly not. Prices negotiable depending on what. Buying multiple items (especially if they usually go together) too. 50,000km/31k miles~. Turbos+lines RHD 335. Next to no play, probably needs new seals. $500 oil filter housing/thermostat housing.. $250? can maybe include oil cooler+lines Intake Manifold/Throttle body - $250/$100, $310 together Pistons x 6 $280 Cylinder Head, can include valves/springs/retainers (some locks missing..) $1000 Cams/VANOS stuff - $350 MSD81 DME, matching CAS, keyfob, dash cluster (bonus key fob dock thing) $750 Oil pump (inc chain guide, or not)+pickup tube $100 Block w/crank, bedplate, squirters, vacuum pump - No scoring, good cross-hatch, everything spins freely by hand - $1500 6MT transmission GS6-53BZ/DZ, can't remember mileage i think it was 30,000km? it all spins freely zero bad noises, but would get it checked out/cleaned up. $1500 loads of other parts no pics yet (just ask if you want) full engine wiring loom (labelled) $200 downpipes $350 valve cover $200 injectors x 6 $50/piece (or i'll keep them for our other car at 100k km, they're bound to go eventually) engine mount brackets (2) (the block parts not the rubber parts) $100 Alternator $250 A/C comp $250 PS pump + reservoir $150 Oil Pan $200 Various sensors, solenoids, brackets etc. $??? Air Intake Box w/filter $150 air intake pipes (box>turbo) $100 ($200 box+pipes) Brand new OEM non 135i rear brake calipers (R+L) inc new pads $150 EA, $250 pair Used OEM non 135i (130) rear brake calipers (R+L) no pads $75ea Used OEM non 135i (130) front brake calipers (R+L) no pads $75ea Used rear drivers side (LHD that is) rear wheel carrier, no hub/bearing $150 Used E39 E53 E65 E66 E67 E83 interior mirror $50 Used (30,000km~) BC racing coilovers, one clunky from almost new that doesn't effect performance $800 +probably more
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-25-2015, 04:25 AM
    From the producer of Dredd which was an awesome movie itself:
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  • Ingeniator's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 03:45 AM
    I thought at first it was only blue and black. But now I've seen the same image change colour. I can make it flop it seems by scrolling on this NP article. Vice has a good article also.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 04:26 PM
    You may notice some of the front pages are incomplete or missing articles. The forum software was upgraded so I will have to manually reconfigure some things. On the bright side we should have many bugs resolved. Just be patient as I update the front pages manually back to how they were.
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  • NniftyFour's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 02:46 PM
    Hey so a friend of mine has a 3/07 E90 he tried to update his map without a charger voltage dropped too low and he got recovery mode. Flashed his original read file, He got a DAF/PAF mismatch for some reason and BB flash app cant authenticate his control module. So I fired up WINFKP and flashed his DME to the newest update. He's back to stock but BB flash still wont connect. When you ID it actually doesn't get a voltage reading or ECU status message. Did BMW block us out in the newer datens? (i'm running at least 50.2, maybe 52 if its out for us but at least 50.2) I did the ZB update procedure in WinFKP and it put the car up to 7611397. The old ZB number was in the 757xxx range I think it was the original plant flash. If someone could post up whatever file I need, I don't have the best Internet speeds here so getting the daten would be a pain. Appreciate it.
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  • ryans13's Avatar
    02-28-2015, 09:01 PM
    I currently have 30BB code indicating DME failure, as well as some codes for injectors 4, 5, & 6. I checked all of the mosfets and they tested fine, but I still had them replaced locally anyways just in case. I put the DME back in and I'm still having the same issue. After I put the DME back in I also checked the relay that's in the ECU box, and it tested good, however when I start the car there is no clicking coming from it at all. I'm absolutely terrible with anything electric, but I thought relays were supposed to click? If they are maybe the relay isn't getting any power or something like that? I don't know what fuses to start checking. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. When this first started, the car started up just fine and after about 5 seconds, it started shaking badly and went into limp mode, and basically pretty much stalled out. It was just really weird because it started completely okay, and just went bad out of nowhere like 5 seconds later.
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  • sonicsonic's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 08:47 PM
    I need to change clutch of my F30 335i xDrive with manual transmission and some modes, but I don't want to buy oem one. I saw some clutch kits from Clutch Masters, but it is only for rwd model. Maybe someone knows a good aftermarket clutch for my car? :) I can't find anything :(
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  • Jeff.GII's Avatar
    02-24-2015, 06:10 PM
    Jeff.GII started a thread For Sale: Cobb Accessport V2 for N54 in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Selling my Cobb AP V2. for N54. Used for about one summer and loved it. I am going a different route with my build and it won't be needed. AP (unmarried) + cable: shipped $500.
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  • JMARS's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:53 PM
    Hey guys! Post up some of your Custom Oil Catch Can setups (Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words). Some of us know we have to do it but are on the fence as far as which setup to use. So we've established that we NEED to plug the PCV ports in the head, remove the Flapper and we've also seen that AD Engineering @andy_divers makes some pretty sweet fittings that make for a super clean install. Try and post as much knowledgable info as you can. Here I'll Start with @robc1976 's: DIY Custom OCC with AD Engineering Fittings
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  • iCstyle's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 09:31 AM
    Hi all! I have a 335i, N54, DCT with JB4 G5 ISO, everything else is stock, and still under warranty. I'm only interested in running normal fuel on map 5, not planning on doing E85 or Meth etc. 1. I'd like to do the backend flash, because I read that it makes the DCT shifts more smooth under WOT, and kickdown should be working better, since with backend flash the DME and transmission knows about the real load. Is this true? 2. I read that using SLD-wires for Vmax will void BMW warranty, because it's detectable. What about the backend-flash, I read it also disables Vmax-limit. Is it detectable by BMW? Or is it fine when I don't hit more than 250 kmh? 3. On daily driving I'm disabling JB4 (map 0), because stock power is fine then and I want to prevent wear and stuff. Is that ok? 4. Now I read that on ISO-boards, map 0 is not anymore real pass-through. Is that true? Is it just the boost that's still controlled by JB4, but targets boost from DME? Is there any measurable in power/boost difference between JB4 map 0 and no installed JB4, like more or less? 5. What about backend flash + map 0? Is it normally usable in daily driving, like stock? Thanks in helping me out with my questions! Greets
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  • capn's Avatar
    03-01-2015, 11:45 AM
    capn started a thread SouthWest: EuroRun 2015 in Regional: Tracks - Shops - Events
    For more details visit our facebook event page:
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 03:22 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum nastygts.
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