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  • GiveEmTheDD's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:40 PM
    Hi everyone, The last 24 hours has been crazy, but the results speak for themself. Yes, you read correctly, my car just made 607awhp/618AWTQ. Background: Over the last year or so, I have been fortunate enough to dedicate some much needed wrench time to my e92 n54 AT 335XI. Back in Nov, I was finally able to get my car to the track, and cut the XI record, running an 11.363 1/4 mile. My mods at the time were: FBO, e40 fuel, RB Turbos and some outstanding flash tuning my BQ and WedgePerformance. At the time, Rob@RB, BQ/wedge, and myself were thrilled with the results, but in all honesty I wanted to hit 10s. Since November, I was searching for more ways to get more EFFICIENT power. I happened to stumble across a post in a 335 facebook group, someone had posted a dyno graph showing standard RB turbos making over 600whp, what made it even more astounding was the power was all the way to redline. After doing some research, and poking around some other boards, I found a few threads talking about the results. Honestly, I was shocked with the comments from board members and a few vendors. I saw words and phrases that essentially were calling the dyno and owner a fraud, fake, "we tried that already it didn't net much" and standard RBs can't make that power. Nevertheless, I was still curious, so I found Brian May's # and left him a voicemail. He gave me a call back about a day later, most of the stuff he was going over, honestly was way too advanced for me to fully understand, but after we spoke, I did some math on my own and it made sense. I had stayed in contact with Brian over the next few months, and we finally nailed down a shipping date to get me the 1st set of inlets. In anticipation for the new inlets, I figured my RB turbos, although nothing wrong with them, could use a "refresh." I was hearing exceptional feedback on Robs VSR balancing, and after speaking with a few board members who were using some of his billet wheel options, I contacted Rob about giving my RBs a refresh. I let Rob know I was planning on running Brian's inlets, and was very anxious to see what a fresh, updated (15T billet wheel, Vsr balanced, clipped, thrust upgrsded) RB could do. Fast forward to last weekend- Both Brian, and Rob delivered ahead of schedule and I was able to get the entire new setup installed in about 20 hours over the weekend, and the rest is pretty much history. Every aspect of Brian's kit fit perfectly, and went in without a hitch, and the turbos that Rob sent were equally beautiful in their own right. I ran the car around town a bit using the same map from BQ/Wedge at the track, and right away I noticed 2 things- the sound coming from the engine bay was intoxicating and the car pulled like an absolute freight train. Extremely anxious to see exactly how much more power we were making, I hit the dyno last night, and well the results are CRAZY. The Green Run- RB turbos, stock inlets (map I ran at track to cut 11.363), e60 fuel The Blue Run- New RB turbos, TFT inlets, SAME MAP as Green run LOL, e60 fuel The Red Run- New RB turbos, TFT inlets, Prelimiary revision by BQ/Wedge, about e60 fuel Sorry guys for the novel, but I wanted to give everyone as much of the story as I could. I want to give a huge thank you to Brian May@Trueform Technologies, Rob@RB Turbo and last and certainly not least Ken and D@ BQ Tuning by WedgePerformance for throwing that preliminary map together for me last night. I will say there is PLENTY of room left in my setup, I don't even think we exceeded 50% wgdc to hit 607 AWHP, and I've got my eyes set on a 10 second 1/4 pass in the near future. Thanks again team
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    01-22-2015, 11:56 PM
    Put the car on the dyno tonight, for a few runs with the new intakes on. The results were pretty much as expected, we can most likely get more power out of the car, but 640WHP on stage 2's (or RB's), very very doubtful. These results were had with no tuner on hand, Dzenno is Skiing, and made me 2 maps one with low timing and one with the high timing (the same timing we ran last time on the dyno), well due to a miscommunication on my part they were left for IJEOS(shop car), instead of I8AOS for the car these are on. So they were unusable meaning we had one back end flash, with timing set to 10-13.5 up top, which is 2 degrees less then we ran on the previous dyno session records. We also were having a very hard time getting boost smooth in the JB, Terry, and I worked at it for about 20-40 logs, and got it to this level of smoothness, for some reason the PID had to be dropped way down as very small PWM changes were making big swings in boost, even with PID this low boost would still do weird things. It would spool then quickly drop boost, then build it again, which is that little depression in TQ you see from 3500-4250 or so, after that boost would smooth out, and track pretty well to redline. On the previous dyno the Stage 2 record was achieved on 29psi peak to 17.5 psi at redline as that is all we could make. These numbers were achieved with 27 psi peak to 22 psi at redline. We couldn't go any higher as we were getting a LOT of corrections, and LPFP was going nuts, but we can easily hold 25+ psi to redline if we can get the other issues figured out, but BP and shaft speed with those little compressors is going to be up there, and not healthy. If we matched the previous boost in the midrange, and fixed the boost drop off then rebuild issue, the curves down low would basically be identical. As far as LPFP something is really going on there, I will investigate tomorrow, as its pretty scary. With this against us, we still managed to make 576WHP/615WTQ with all these issues, once Dzenno gets back, and we can have a tuner on hand as we dyno, as well as get the LPFP, and boost figured out, the graph will smooth way out, and we have no doubt should achieve 600WHP with a few more psi, and less timing corrections. Either way, the intakes do exactly advertised, offer you much more flow to redline, and a much more flat power curve where it counts in the high end of the rev band. I threw a graph in there against 2+ as well, there really is no comparison, 2+ leaves the 15T's in the dust on about the same boost midrange and 2 psi more up top. All, and all we are happy, and these delivered as expected, once we get tuning sorted, we should have nice clean graph, and right around 600/600. Not bad for a set of Stage 2's...:naughty: Break down: VTT Stage 2's Billet 15T's VTT Silicone intakes VTT Silicone Charge pipe VTT Double Barrel HPFP upgrade Fuel-it Stage 2 LPFP with 450 inline Cobb AP with PTF custom back end flash JB4 100% E85 All runs done in 4th gear Stage 2 Silicone Vs Stage 2 Stock intake Stage 2 Silicone Vs Stage 2+ Data Zap Log Jb Log
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-20-2015, 02:07 AM
    Surprised we haven't seen more talk about this:
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  • HRE_Wheels's Avatar
    01-20-2015, 08:59 PM
    Thank you Richard Le for these awesome photos of this BMW Z4 on HRE S101 from SonicMS! Enjoy!
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    01-23-2015, 08:14 PM
    We are proud to announce the pricing for our much anticipated Silicone intake pipes, and Charge pipe for the N54! Prices will be as follows. Silicone intake pipes: MSRP $499 (When purchased with turbo upgrade $459) Silicone Charge pipe with billet bungs: MSRP $349 (When purchased with turbo upgrade $299) Silicone intakes and Charge pipe combo: MSRP $759 (When purchased with turbo upgrade $699) If you want a new DCI filter kit with your intakes add $79. This is two 2.25" filters, and 2 coupler pipes. (Please note we will not be selling filter kits except with purchase of an intake set) Existing VTT Stage 2 - 2+ customers 20% off intakes, 10% off charge pipes, 15% off combo We are not taking pre-orders for these items. We should have Intakes in stock in about 3 weeks, charge pipes in about 6. When they are here, and ready to ship, they will go live on the site. We are making 20 sets for the first run, 10 sets will be held back for current Stage 2 - 2+ customers. If 10 do not come forward to purchase we will put those that remain out for general sale. If we find that demand is greater for the initial batch we will increase the order, this first run is to gauge interest. The intake kit will come with all clamps, and fittings required for installation, and PCV routing. Charge pipe kit will come pre-assembled, you will reuse your stock V-band clamps, and it also comes with one 2.5" T-bolt clamp for the intercooler coupling. Keep in mind other companies are selling intakes and filter combo for $800, these other kits also require you to rearrange your engine compartment, and will not work without their new filters. There is also no other option currently on or coming to market for a replacement hot side charge pipe that will work with ALL stock frame turbochargers. With the VTT kit, if you already spent your hard earned money on a DCI, or upgraded intake box, or system, our kit will work perfectly with that system in place. No need to throw it away, or pull it off the car. Also for our enthusiasts in Europe with the very strict emissions laws, these pipes will fit right up to your stock air box, and be much harder to detect than any other intake system, on, or yet to be on the market. Please feel free to start a list of who is interested, and we can use that to help determine if we should increase the initial order! As always thanks for the support! Please Note: The intakes fit ALL models N54 including RHD, BUT there are a very few models that use plastic retainers on the intakes, and turbo replacement is required to fit new intakes. Charge pipe will only fit 335iLHD for now, we are making one to fit all other models including 135,535,Z4,RHD, etc. We appreciate your patience as we get those done!
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    01-21-2015, 08:48 PM
    Hey guys, Had a chance to get our development M3 strapped down for some preliminary tuning with the PURE turbos. The purpose of the testing was to evaluate the boost control, fueling, and timing, and not necessarily to extract the most power out of the setup. The test car is a 2015 DCT running a JB4, PURE Turbos, ER pipes, BMS meth kit, and K&N drop in filters. The fuel was a mix of 25% E85, 25% 91, and 50% 100. Meth was a 70% mix. There is a lot more than I want to get in to with this post so I'll just throw up a few random notes along with a bit of data. 1) All runs were done using the JB4 progressive meth control which keeps boost at stock like levels UNTIL methanol is flowing. This prevents dangerous tip-in knock and lean conditions that can come along with non-integrated meth kits. And if you ever run out of methanol or got forbid a line comes loose, you don't lose the engine. 2) These PURE turbos spool much better than I expected they would. It's really not that much worse than stock and very similar to RB turbos on an N54 for those of you coming from that platform. 3) Fueling is a major headache. The JB4 is able to alter the air/fuel ratio & fuel trims (within limits) as you can see in the attached dyno charts showing power at various air/fuel ratios. I've found the engine runs much smoother at leaner than I'd expect air/fuel ratios. Like high 12s at higher RPM. If you get it in the 11s it has a nasty misfire/stutter tendency. There is a lot more work to be done on the fueling end and we may also need to tighten up the spark plug gap for these power levels. 4) I've recently started testing a new method for JB4 direct timing adjustment intended for large turbos. It increases the adjustment window an extra 4 degrees or so. I'm thinking it will come in handy for pump gas large turbo tuning. On the current fuel mix & meth at around 29psi I found MBT to be higher than I expected. In the 11-12 degree range at higher RPM. 5) I let off most runs at around 6500-6800rpm but I can verify the turbos hold full boost to redline without issue. I'll wind it out more on the dyno next time around. Up next I'll need to grab some 60-130 times for comparison to the stock turbos! Hoping for 6s! The best our 650whp M5 ever did on a 2% slope was 7.1s.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    01-23-2015, 05:30 PM
    As everyone knows, our new silicone intakes, are in production a few short weeks away, and have already shown great gains. We also made a charge pipe at the same time (which was also test fit with the silicone intakes), to get rid of that terrible stock pipe, with a smashed joining of the 2 banks among other problems it had. For our solution, we wanted to make it as easy to bolt on to any existing stock frame set up, from stock to 2+, while retaining the positive next to impossible to blow off connection of the stock Vbands. What we came up with combines the best of both worlds, and does just that...:music-rockout: We had billet v-band bungs CNC'd that are almost a full 1.5" ID that fit our charge pipe perfectly. These bungs now move the positive O-ring style seal to the OD of the compressor housing outlet instead of the inlet, this allowed us to make it full flowing like the charge pipe, BUT keep the V-band clamps for guaranteed trouble/boost leak free operation. To ensure this the bung extends a full 1.25" into the charge pipe, and has a machined hose bead, coupled with Stainless steel clamp (not shown), and the factory V-bands that will keep the CP in place, and leak free, no matter how much boost you throw at it. Below are a few pictures of how the system will work, and attach to the compressor. We are very happy with it, and coupled with our Silicone intakes will make a potent 3 punch combination for any stock frame turbo car looking to maximize its power! These will be of course offered separately from the intakes, but there will also be a package price for all 3 pieces. We are also seriously considering doing a cold side up pipe, and Charge pipe as well. That way you can run high quality, non heat conducting silicone all the way from the turbo outlets to the TB. If this is something you would be interested in let us know...:) As always thanks for the support!
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  •'s Avatar
    01-21-2015, 08:46 PM
    Gintani is proud to introduce our full F8X M3/M4 ECU tune. With full access to the DME (Engine ECU) and great understanding of it our team has achieved great power and unlocked features such as cold start delete and cat delete. The ability to read/write from the ECU and our vast background in Forced Induction motors has allowed us to fine tune the car to great levels. Allowing the monster to come out when needed while having the comforts of a daily driven car. Our stage 1 tune on a bone stock car produced over 60WHP & 70WTQ on our DynoDynamics Dyno with 91 octane and only a small PSI increase. Much less pressure on the turbo's then a piggyback tune. With better octane fuel and downpipes 100+WHP will soon come. Our tune is a full ECU flash with no piggyback unit/Plug in box. For the past couple years piggyback tunes have grown. Piggyback tunes trick the vehicles turbo's to boost higher by playing with the voltage signals coming from the DME. With no control air/fuel ratios the power spikes up and down the powerband. Careful review of our dyno will show higher numbers while keeping the powerband stock like. Curves up and down the dyno flow almost identical to the factory powerband, achieving great smooth power. After months of dyno after dyno, and track after track our full F8X M3/M4 Tune is ready to go: 91,93,100 Octane applications Fuel Air/Fuel Ratio Adjustments Race Fuel Applications Top Speed Limit Removal Increase RPM limiter Exhaust Valves Fully Open Full Cat Delete Cold Start Delete Fuel Overrun (Catless cars only,dumps fuel for flame/burble effect from exhaust) At this moment in time the ECU must be removed and shipped to us for tuning, or you can come visit us at our Southern California facility. Price: $1299
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  • TTFS's Avatar
    01-19-2015, 05:37 PM
    We were pleased to have this clean F82 M4 brought to us so we could install our Race Pac Stage 1 on it. We are very happy with the results, we have included a few graphs comparing the previous tuner box that was installed on the car with our TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 and TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 with Meth. Vehicle: BMW F82 M4 DCT Modifications Before: Brand X Piggy Back Box Catless Gintini Downpipes Akrapovic Exhaust - Downpipes back Wheels/Tires and Suspensions: 20 inch HRE wheels with Pirelli P Zero tires 275/30/20 Front 295/30/20 Rear H&R Lowering Springs Fuel: 10 gallons of 93 pump gas blended with 2 gallons of E85 All runs were done in All Wheel Drive mode on our DynoCom dyno in M2 Mode. The car has a DCT Transmission and all runs were done in 4th Gear. Graphs: Brand X Map 1 Brand X Map 2 TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 with meth Brand X Map 1 VS TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 Brand X Map 2 VS TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 Brand X map 1 VS TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 with meth Brand X map 2 VS TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 with meth Brand X map 1, Map 2, VS TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 vs TTFS Race Pac Stage 1 with meth Pictures of the Meth set up: Pictures of the Vehicle:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-24-2015, 08:30 AM
    This is not surprising as BimmerBoost last year reported that all wheel drive coming to the M5 is an inevitability. What is surprising is just how quickly things are moving in that direction as BMW is already testing an xDrive all wheel drive equipped F10 M5. This all wheel drive M5 was spotted in Sweden which during the winter as you can see is a pretty good place to test traction. Apparently the front wheels did a slight burnout prompting a photographer to go underneath and see the front driveshaft confirming all wheel drive. All wheel drive is coming because these cars have become so heavy and utilize so much low end torque. The M5 is more about muscle than ever in its history and really is becoming a dragster. Well, the traditional rear wheel drive layout is making traction a problem and considering most owners just want to go fast in a straight line instead of hustle around the track (the old AMG recipe) traction off the line is the point of emphasis. Especially considering that the next generation M5 will likely get a tweaked F10 M5 S63TU 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 with horsepower bumped to the ~630 range. It is unlikely that BMW will release an all wheel drive F10 M5 (although they clearly could) and more likely that this is a test mule for the next generation M5 powertrain which will be very similar to the F10 M5 powertrain. Expect more weight on the nose, more understeer, and for traditional BMW handling characteristics and balance to take a back seat toward straightline performance. It was nice knowing you M.
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  • Zee's Avatar
    01-19-2015, 04:39 PM
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  • DavidV's Avatar
    01-21-2015, 04:10 AM
    1/4 mile drag race video of a rare light-weight Lamborghini Gallardo STS (Super Trofeo Stradale) versus a 2015 BMW M4. The Lamborghini Gallardo STS is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.2 Liter V10 which makes 570 horsepower. The BMW M4 is powered by a 3.0 liter twin turbo 6 cylinder that makes 425 horsepower when stock; however, the M4 is tuned and makes substantially more power than stock. Watch and enjoy the race.
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  • Cortez08's Avatar
    01-24-2015, 01:48 PM
    What is the best upgraded turbo and fuel option for FBO on 93 octane? I do not want to run meth and the car is a daily driver. I see lots of dynos and claims for ethanol whp records but the nearest E85 station is 45 mins away from me. I do have quick access to 100+ octane though. Am i really going to gain much by going to stage 2 over stage 1 twins on 93?
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  • MDORPHN's Avatar
    01-20-2015, 02:13 PM
    Having made a series of upgrades to my 2011 1M, I now have RB turbos, lots of brake components (for 1M or E9x M3) and other stuff for sale. Rather than posting up loads of pix, I’ll send pix, pads/rotor measurements, etc. – preferably by text or email -- as requested by interested purchasers. All stuff is in Washington, DC and I’ll favor those who can pick up. No low balls please, but all prices are OBO + shipping. Neil Simon Wash, DC RB Turbos With RB thrust bearing upgrade and 12,500 miles – great shape (run with Motul 300V), no oil use/smoking whatsoever - $1,950 ER Charge Pipe/Diverter Valves Anodize black for factory style diverter valves - $125 Helix/AWE Tuning diverter/blow-off valves - $100 Schroth Profi II ASM 4-point harness (for 1-series driver’s seat only) - used for less than 2 years- $200 Spec. Stg. 2 + clutch with single mass steel flywheel – used 14,200 miles, no signs of abuse/slipping - $350 Walbro GSL392 255LPH fuel pump – brand new - $80 BMS Dual Cone Intakes - used for less than 1,000 miles - $60 Stock and “Hybrid” Intakes – One stock; other hybrid “Mr.Tom” from Helix Motorsports – available with stock or K&N panel filter -$50 (stock); $125 (hybrid) Brake Stuff (1M/ E9x M3) Front rotors: - one almost brand new left front stock rotor (in org. box) — no grazing, cracks, or wear - $150 Rear rotors (three sets): - one with minor surface grazing; no cracks - $75 - one with some wear but no grazing or cracks - $50 Front pads (stock): - 3 sets BNIB - $125/set - 2 sets almost new - $100/set - 2 sets with minor wear - $75/set Rear pads (stock) - one BNIB - $100 - 2 sets almost new - $75/set - 2 sets with minor wear - $50/set PFC pads: - one set front 06 compound BNIB - $150 - one set rear 01 compound almost brand new (bedded-in on street, never used on track) - $125 - one set rear 08 compound BNIB - $125 Other Brake Stuff: - rear caliper rebuild kits (2) - $50 for both - two complete sets of front and rear calipers - one in great shape (new dust boots, etc.) with ss brake lines, the other in need of rebuild -- $275/$150
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  • Sabre's Avatar
    01-23-2015, 08:47 PM
    As the tittle states, I am trying to flash my car back to stock using the bimmerboost app and I want to know if it matters what IJEOS file I use. From the download section i see that there are: - IJEOS_09_bmw_e90_n54_10of2008_PM73_6AT_sport_premium - IJE0S Stage 0 My car is a 6MT, so i dont know if the AT files make a differene or not? Backgorund Someone stole my cobb app while still being married to my car. My clutch started slipping, so I used a local friends Cobb Ap to flash to stock. I ran into issues at first, but eventually the flash worked and i retuned back to stock power, only without cruise control functionality. I want to flash over a stock file in the hopes that it will restore my cruise control. Cobb advised that i should have a back up on my computer, wich i belive are the folowing files: BMW_MSD81_0044CC0IJE0S_1964_enc.rom BMW_MSD81_0044CC0IJE0S_1964_enc.rom_sum BMW_BASE.xml BMW_MSD81_0044CC0IJE0S.xml BMW_MSD81_0044CC0IJE0S.dat BMW_MSD81_0044CC0IJE0S.dat3 From what i read it seems the (.rom) file is what i need, but i have no idea on how to convert it over to a (.bin) file. Any help or suggestion is appreciated!! Thank you!
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  • 925_335IS's Avatar
    01-21-2015, 01:49 PM
    2013 BMW 335IS Alpine White, Oyster/Black interior, 7spd DCT, 29,700 miles. Mods- JB4 G5iso BMS Flash CP-e charge pipe with Tial blow off valve CP-e Intercooler BMS dual cone intakes BMS down pipes BMS oil catch can BMS oil bypass RB PCV valve/cap BC Racing coilovers I also have all the stock parts to return car completely back to stock. All service done at BMW, oil changed every 7k miles. Car comes with 6 year 100k extended warranty. $43,500obo Robert 925-949-6628 text or call. If i dont answer leave a message, I work nights
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-20-2015, 07:00 AM
    Tesla fanboys eat these videos up about how 'fast' their electric sedans are. The Tesla P85D is a very impressive piece of engineering so we can just get that out of the way. It puts down incredible torque figures and has put up a good fight in drag races against the Ferrari 458 Italia and even the all wheel drive Lamborghini Aventador. It gets off the line quickly, we all get that part. It is not going to beat Hellcats though. It is not going to be a lot of todays performance cars for that matter. That is unless their tires go up and smoke and they abandon the run. Is an 11.6 @ 114 anything to be proud of on the dragstrip today from a stock car? Not really. A 10.4 @ 133 on the other hand is definitely worth bragging about.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-23-2015, 12:32 AM
    Canada, eh? Australia Canada Chile Dominican Republic Ecuador France Great Britain India Ireland Jamaica Japan Korea Kosovo Lebanon Lithuania Portugal Russia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka St. Lucia Switzerland United States Venezuela
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