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  • blaster3500's Avatar
    07-31-2015, 06:33 PM
    Looks like a new company based on their Facebook. Hopefully not a repost but here are some pics from their page. A nice cast manifold would be great.
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  • quattr0's Avatar
    07-31-2015, 03:17 PM
    Must be the lucky guy as I'm sure I'm not the few who bought VTT products. Warranty, 1 year, happened to be expired 2 months ago. Now smoke is coming out like steam engine. @ABR advises "we found bank two turbo is leaking oil internally". Ouch! My stock turbo lasted me more than 5 years. This unlucky one not even more than 3,000+ miles. :angry-banghead: I don't daily drive the e90, just bought f82 last October, and never driven it hard. Maybe I should have driven harder ;-)
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  • jyamona's Avatar
    07-30-2015, 12:56 PM
    jyamona started a thread Load by Gear - Teaser in N54
    So, the time has come to fill you guys in on something I have been hard at work on, along w/ martial@mhd ;) Aside from defining new tables and building out the XDF's, some of you know I decompiled the BIN into assembly some time ago in IDA Pro and have been studying it, vs. the logic in "IS" car bins. Well, based closely on the "overboost" feature of the IS cars, I bring to you: Load by Gear, tested and working on my regular old IJEOS 135i! It entails custom logic implemented into my IJEOS bin. I8AOS support will come, but is much harder as it's structure is much different. The premise is simple, you set your Load Target to the lowest load you would like to run (1st gear), and then use the new "Load Target Adder by Gear" table to increase this load for subsequent gears. And unlike the "overboost" feature on 1M and IS cars, load does not decay after 1s / timer. This will allow you to put down exactly as much power per gear that your tires can handle. Here is a screenshot of how I had these two tables set up for testing purposes (intentionally slow / pointless stepped load just for demonstration): Worthless without logs, you say? Ignore the sloppy PID, boost, throttle closures in the tune, it is just a base map thrown together for testing purposes :) There is still more testing to take place, and getting it added to I8AOS will take some time, but I imagine porting to the 1M / IS roms should be much more trivial.
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  • pobudz's Avatar
    07-30-2015, 12:20 AM
    Finally got around to going back to the dyno today. Arizona :( 109F inside the dyno room. New mods since last making 698/660 (~80*F): ADE 800whp FMIC CSF Racing radiator Back to the 3.08, quaife lsd New center support bearing MHD Tune w/ converted Cobb E50 map to get to the gas station, and baseline E85 (some back story on this one) YAY no more mixing! So... I spent the morning prepping the car. I was going to switch to heat range 8 plugs, ngk 6706's, so I put those in. Gapped them at .017. Had some issues with misfiring... car just didn't feel right on the way to the dyno. Hardly got into boost on the drive to the dyno. I get there and decide to swap back to my 5992s (brought them just in case... and I wasn't even a boyscout). I find... this: With the help of a friend, we got the porcelain cleared out with a shop vac by breaking it down using a socket. The little pieces were stuck in the gap between the spark plug base and the nut. Eventually got onto the dyno... ... which was partially broken (no torque read out). So... we focused on just getting the tune done and not on numbers. We got as high as 32psi tapering to 28psi. WGDC ended up maxed out on the 15lb wastegate spring. We ended up sticking with 25psi. I can move to a 20lb spring or get a 4 port mac solenoid according to Jake@MOTIV. I will be trying out the 4 port first. We are also toying with the possibility of a bigger exhaust housing (currently .82, moving to ~1.02) for more air. This is e85 (no mixing), at 110* ambient air: Comparison of the previous runs prior to NoFlyZone (3.46 final drive vs 3.08 final drive): Ended up making the same power, with less boost, on e85. MHD and AEM are working very well together :) The tablet I have works out nicely too... I'll update this thread with GoPro footage later on (Jake dumped some extra fuel in up top :awesome:). Martial discovered a way to convert a Cobb flash. Jake was working with him directly, I guess he ended up flashing my Cobb tune to his car and then pulled it out as a .bin using something else.. MHD maybe. I didn't get details... Talk to Jake @ MOTIV or Martial of MHD if you are curious. The car feels F'n AMAZING. Once I got on to the freeway and started having fun, I realized that EVERYTHING was just so much smoother. I don't know if it was MHD, no more 91, or finally getting retuned in general. HUGE thanks to Jake for once again mastering the art of remote tuning. Teamviewer ftw. Datazap: Sorry... no AEM logs :)
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  • subaru335i's Avatar
    07-29-2015, 10:41 AM
    With all of the awesome progress lately on the N54 tuning/flashing side of things I have gotten extremely jealous :). As most of us know the cobb flashing capabilities are in the stone age in comparison to even the cobb support for N54 (no vanos tables defined even, etc etc). Not to mention how handicapped we are compared to the new stuff that is being added to the N54 xdf's. Cobb has pretty clearly abandoned the BMW flashing game and are just riding on their good reputation now. jyamona suggested putting a list together of people interested in furthering the N55 tuning so someone like @martial@mhd might be interested in adding N55 support to the MHD app (or anyone else with the necessary know how and skills). I would certainly ditch my Cobb and pay for an app or whatever if I could edit and define my own tables and flash the DME over OBD and not be stuck with what cobb decided was "good enough". Chime in here if you are in the same boat and are interested in seeing this progress. Obviously the E9x N55's will be easiest (as cobb already proved they are flashable) but there are certainly a lot more F3x N55 cars out there so the ability to flash those cars at all would increase demand significantly. Thanks guys!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:47 AM
    The more I read about the GT350R the more enticing it becomes. Now, the Stingray is lighter and arguably sexier but the GT350R just has that special something. The flat-plane crank, the high revving V8, the carbon fiber wheels, the track focus, etc., it's like a better M3. Not to mention it is manual only making it a true driver's car as if the options to delete things like the navigation, AC, and rear seats didn't already tell you that. I'm in love with both of these cars:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-28-2015, 07:18 PM
    An interesting photo was posted from a BMW technical document on the BimmerBoost forums that gives a quick and easy overlay of the BMW N54 and N55 valvetrains including their VANOS camshaft adjustment ranges. The N54 and N55 of course are similar turbocharged and direct injected inline-6 motors sharing the same bore and stroke. They clearly are tuned a bit differently (due to the N55 being single turbo for one) and the N55's addition of Valvetronic plays a role. The N55 has a wider range of intake and exhaust VANOS adjustment as well as larger intake valve lift and cam duration compared to the N54 as the tech document highlights. Potentially the N55 can breathe better up top namely with a large turbo upgrade although tuning VANOS as well as Valvetronic is complicated. VANOS alone is a difficult system to tune and we have yet to see aftermarket VANOS cams working for the N54 or N55 motors. An interesting comparison nonetheless.
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  • Jeffman's Avatar
    07-28-2015, 11:54 AM
    I've got a kid in college now so my mod budget is limited... I'm wondering what's the best bang for the buck mod upgrade for an FBO N54 to get to 500 whp/500wtq? From what I've been reading on the forums, the latest developments in inlets and Fuel-It's throttle body injectors (TBI) look to be very cost effective for substantially bumping up power for an "almost FBO" car like mine. I am currently running an E40-E50 flash only Cobb ATR tune on my "almost FBO" (sans kitty less dp) 335xi AT which Virtual Dyno says I'm achieving 400 whp/460wtq at 18 psi max boost. Do you think I can reach 500/500 with just inlets and/or TBI on E85? If so, would I need to increase my boost to over 18 psi, and could I do that flash-only, i.e., which tables in ATR should I adjust? Would I also need an N20 TMAP sensor to do this correctly? Thanks for your input.
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  • prelude2perfect's Avatar
    07-30-2015, 03:30 PM
    I normally stick to N54tech for support with issues like these but I can't find a solution and need more experts to take a look. Here's the original thread: Codes that are giving me trouble: 2A19 Tank ventilation valvel, input signal 2FBC Fuel pressure control valve, signal Car gets a very long crank and runs like crap, idle all over the place, HP F at 2, and now these codes won't clear. Things I've tried: Swapped with known working HPFP Swapped with known working HPF Sensor Checked JB4 connections a million times and took out completely Things I haven't tried: Flashing back to stock Car will work and then these codes come back sporadically (sp?). When I leave the car sitting for long periods of time, I come back and this happens. I keep thinking I fix it and then it comes back later. When the codes aren't present, logs look perfectly normal. What the hell could it be?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    08-02-2015, 09:20 PM
    Some tuners make big claims before a product is actually ready for prime time. You see it all the time on the forums and the hype builds to the point it is a runaway train. Responsible tuners temper these expectations by telling a potential customer it is not ready and some just act like it is ready to continue the illusion of product superiority. It truly is fascinating and interesting how some of these companies leverage forums to not just sell products but buy minds. The idea is controlling what people think by getting them to parrot back the same lines over and over. The danger with ESS-Tuning that a person who goes by by the name RingMeister01 found out the hard way is that they long ago bought and paid for the E9X M3 upgrade market by convincing everyone on the BMW forums they are the best based on sales volume. In turn, their fanboys outnumber the rest. This somehow has been perverted into BMW tuning superiority on every BMW platform that graces the earth. ESS-Tuning may sell a lot of superchargers (the reasons for that we will not go into here) but that does not mean they are a turbo builder. Far from it as a matter of fact. AMS found this out on their own when they dropped ESS-Tuning from their F10 M5 S63TU turbo upgrade project and ESS-Tuning was supposed to provide just the tuning there and not even the turbo hardware. AMS Performance deciding to tune on their own tells you plenty regarding ESS BMW tuning and turbo expertise. The simple fact is they don't have any and when AMS sought them out to tune they had no way to actually tune the ECU. It was BS. They source their turbo hardware from turbo builders but we do not know exactly which ones or if they are reliable. ESS-Tuning does not produce turbochargers themselves just as they do not produce superchargers themselves. They sell a complete 'kit' so to speak and this kit is what RingMeister01 thought he was getting. The problem is it was portrayed to him as ready to go and complete. Based on his experience, it was far from that. After the fact our favorite forum spinmeister Roman@ESS-Tuning stated it was not a complete product but a beta product and Mr. RingMeister01 should have known better: Clever, right? State the product is in beta and that the customer expectations are way out of proportion and he should not expect some complete product. It makes you wonder then why he was under the impression he was getting a complete product ready to go from ESS-Tuning. Is RingMeister01 just unreasonable? Perhaps he's just stupid? Or perhaps the product was misrepresented? Here is what RingMesiter01 thinks: "As if I had time for non-sense but I wouldn't want others to go through this as I did. I initially spoke to Jesse from Pure turbos on getting their kit but as he knows I didn't want to run a JB4 with boost juice to reliable make gains. I wanted a flash tune/turbo package. Jesse was very helpful in educating me on what they were offering and what to expect from their kit. I must say he is extremely knowledgeable and professional. IND working on their S63tu turbo upgrade with AMS was another option. Again this was in its early stages but I sent over a new set of turbos for them to look at for machining, etc. AMS at the time was so busy with whatever other monsters they are creating that they couldn't commit to a lead-time on developing the hardware for our cars. Ilia's plan was for AMS to upgrade the hardware and develop the tune with my turbos on IND's shop car. IMG Motorsports informs me that ESS has a kit ready to go, tune and all. He asks me to get my turbos back from AMS and send them to him for the ESS upgrade if I was interested. Like anyone else here, say ESS and its a no brainer (mainly from their success with the superchargers). The turbos are sent to IMG. I now email AJ for the upgrade details; In the email he clearly states that the kit is ready and the tune I would be getting is specific to the turbos. He also promises that they will be the best solution available. No problems at all thus far and I was really getting excited to be apart of this first kit. I offered to post a review, dyno charts and pilot runs on the forum. AJ then said "We'll give you a really good deal if you would do that for us." A few weeks pass and no word on the turbos (ecu was removed and sent within this period), so I email AJ. "Your turbos are with IMG, they were returned three weeks ago. He definitely has them." -AJ Hmm? Why wasn't I told? I send out a text message to find the turbos had arrived and that I was informed but most likely didn't receive the text from IMG because he was at Lime Rock Park and "there's no reception there, bro." Clearly that was the case as I see posts from him on Instagram all weekend from the track. Anyway... who cares, right? "AJ charged my credit card for your turbos, could you go make a cash deposit in my account for $5,000 tomorrow?" Ok now I'm a tad uncomfortable. AJ and I had spoken about pilot runs, dynos, reviews for the kit on the forum and now I'm being charged retail for the kit and I always thought I'd pay ESS directly. I ask IMG why I was being charged retail when I had already been offered a discount, "cause everything else out there is junk, bro. This is what he charged my card." Ok, I understand IMG would not be aware of my conversations with AJ, so I email AJ directly on the spot. "Your pricing is determined by the vendor, we have nothing to do with that on our end. You must go through one of our vendors." WTF. That awful feeling in my stomach comes over and I realize that this isn't going to be what I signed up for. See now Im in no control what so ever and Im at the mercy of a vendor I don't feel comfortable with and I have no choice but to pay whatever he wants me to, to get my turbos back. I emailed AJ again and bitched until IMG sent me a text "Bro, AJ refunded my card $500." Ok, lets just move forward... The ECU comes back (I must had sent 10 emails asking whether the tune was specific to these turbos and if I could please have CEL, Vmax and cold start deletes, I was assured I would. I didn't want to have the ecu removed and installed multiple times due to the process) and everything comes together at which time I get a text from IMG "car is done, get ready for 550 whp, bro" EXCITED!!! I get to the techs place (who btw is so talented and genuine). I sit in the car and say to myself (knowing how irresponsible and nonchalant this "vendor" is) I fucking bet it goes through cold start. Hit the starter button and of course, its there. I'm sure Vmax isnt deleted either. So lets just drive and see how she performs. Very smooth operation at low speed driving through a residential neighborhood, like stock. The turbos are a little loader but that is probably due to downpipes and BMC filters. I make my way to the highway and WOT. More lag and not much else. Doesn't feel fast or powerful at all. I have been in a lot of M3/4's with ecu flashes and JB4's and this just didn't impress me. I text IMG on my feed back, "Bro, put some good gas in and let it adapt. It takes 80 miles to do so. The set up is so smooth its deceiving." EEERRR....really? A day or two pass and I see this thread and comment that this kit isnt all that. I have every right to post an honest option and review, I always do and without any agenda or with any intention of hurting someone. I always valued the opinion of the members here and considered their experiences when purchasing a product. I wanted to do the same. This is when the truth unfolded. I get a message from Roman, "You aren't allowed to comment on a development project until its completed." Development project? What? Back and forth with Roman I find out that my brand new M4 with 250 miles is a guinea pig for ESS' S55 turbo upgrade. Not a fully develop system as promised but something they were trying to test out. Now I'm furious and text and email all parties. Roman says to me "IMG and Aj said you were aware of this." Motherfookers. Im texting back and forth and clearly I'm upset and Roman offers to refund me and IMG offers to remove turbos put in stock set and refresh car to stock as long as I delete all posts on this thread. I deleted what I could on the spot and emailed Jason (admin) to remove/clean up anything else. Only a few minutes turned and Roman sends me a lengthily message on how I did recieve what i payed for; upgraded ecu and turbo kit and at a significant discount... $500.. really? If I cooperate I'd get free tune upgrades and if not then ESS will sever all ties with me and stop communication. I send him a text back..."You are so fucked" I did try to suppress my disappointment and the distrust I felt and continue to just get this kit to work. IMG takes my car to the dyno and puts down what you see on the thread BUT when I asked about the dyno and a picture of the dyno, I got a half ass cell phone pic of a 1/4 of the graph and blurry to the point it was hard to make out the numbers. I asked and asked for a full picture so I could see the curves and the crossing point...ect. I just wanted to stay on top of this if I was going to use my car for development. On and on and on I get a dyno file in a format I have no idea to do with (i guess its the dynojet software) wtf am I supposed to do with that? At the end I asked about the new tune I was getting and what was different about it from the Beta file I have now. I was concerned that they were just going to crank up the boost to make numbers on the dyno. I was then insulted by IMG through texts and I just called it quits. I just don't care anymore, $4000 for new turbos, $4500 for the upgrade, $1800 for tune and priceless lies. I would had been fine with everything but just don't lie to me and twist things to make me look stupid. Judge me I don't care, I have nothing else to share here. This is for anyone as a warning- know who you are dealing with, know what you are getting into because if it goes wrong you will be left for dead." This sounds like a guy who thought he was getting a product that works. ESS stating after all of this on the forums it was a 'development project' is obviously to affect public perception of the gigantic mistake of selling a product that isn't ready. Yes, ESS never told him that and told him the exact opposite according to his own words and the e-mail records. Apparently he has the e-mails showing this and I'm sure we would all love to see them but thus far he has not published them. If it were BimmerBoost, we would and we actually have to expose deception. Hopefully ESS doesn't push him around but he seems like a guy so far that isn't responding well to ESS demands. This guy thought he would be getting turbos and a discount to post reviews, dynos, runs, etc., on the forum. A pretty standard marketing practice on forums to get supposedly 'independent' reviews. Unfortunately, a certain ESS cheerleader serving as the middle-man here decided to charge full retail. Why? To line his own pockets of course. Who cares if it works, right? Well, reputable vendors care. Nobody cared here. Get the money and oh well too bad say it's 'beta' if it doesn't work. ESS tried to keep this off the forums but it didn't work: "This is when the truth unfolded. I get a message from Roman, "You aren't allowed to comment on a development project until its completed." Development project? What? Back and forth with Roman I find out that my brand new M4 with 250 miles is a guinea pig for ESS' S55 turbo upgrade. Not a fully develop system as promised but something they were trying to test out. Now I'm furious and text and email all parties. Roman says to me "IMG and Aj said you were aware of this." Motherfookers." RingMeister01 has every reason to be angry. Not only did he not get what he paid for, not only did he pay more than he was supposed to, he is now supposed to shut up about the problems. He finally realizes he is a guinea pig. It's just that he never signed up to be one. It is somewhat interesting as well that Roman@ESS commands him not to speak. Do you see now how certain forums work now? Anything negative is kept off. If you do not shut your mouth you will not get further support. It's not about having the best products. It's about making people think that you do. That is why he was offered a refund and a return to stock if he deleted all his posts. You would think that offer would be on the table regardless as it should be instead of being conditional. This customer chose not to bend over but how many have bent over for ESS? How much has been swept under the rug? BimmerBoost is aware of much of it and some of what gets deleted is hosted here for specifically this reason. You as a potential customer deserve to know the truth, don't you? You are not a vendor's pawn, are you? Shouldn't the customers have the power in this relationship? This is the same old story with ESS-Tuning as always but trying to get it out there is the problem. They use their power to pull posts, edit threads, close threads, etc., if they are not portrayed in the best light. It's arrogance, pure and simple. What they should have done is make it a priority to fix the guys car (another tuner offered to fly out to fix it), provide what he paid for, and not charge him a dime for any of it. That would require them going out of pocket. It's simply the easier (cowardly) way out to get this all deleted, spin it, and go about business as usual. They won't be able to delete this though. If they try, the blowback will be bigger than it already is:
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  • BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:50 AM
    Motor Trend compars BMW M3 vs. Cadillac ATS-V Sedan vs. Mercedes-AMG C63 S ATS-V really shines in just about every performance measure. C63S takes home the win due to overall package, ATS-V lacking in refinement. BMW M3 takes third, but by no means does Motor Trend say it is a terrible car. The segment is just full of very capable machines. 3rd Place: BMW M3 It's cliché to say, but this is the best third-place finisher in Motor Trend history. C'est la vie. 2nd Place: Cadillac ATS-V
 This stud athlete is let down by its lack of powertrain refinement and sonic thrills. Cadillac has very little tweaking to do to get things right. 1st Place: Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG 
 An iron fist in a velvet glove. Race mode transforms the beast into an iron fist in an iron glove. Lap times: Caddy ATS-V 1:31.43 C63 1:31.52 BMW M3 1:32.51 Link to full article and more performance data:
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  • Mrpikolo's Avatar
    07-29-2015, 08:53 PM
    This should go without saying: Choose your oil filter wisely. This even includes reputation name brands, such as Bosch. Today, I am going to show you why some things are not always as they appear to be. About 5 or so years ago, Bosch came into the North American market with a new line of filters. These filters quickly went into all the big box auto parts stores. Advertising as high quality aftermarket replacements. What many people may not know, is they are not manufactured by Bosch at all. Bosch filters, at least largely in the North American market, are manufactured by Purolator. I have known this since they first came out. A couple months ago, I decided to go with one. I usually use a Wix filter, but I was feeling a little adventurous. Plus, the Bosch was advertised with a synthetic media, while pretty much all Wix filters use a high quality paper media. A couple weeks later, I noticed I was leaking oil out of my filter cap. No big deal, I assumed I failed at tightening it up correctly. First I took the filter cap off to make sure I had an o-ring on it, and noticed something strange.... Wait... that top piece isn't suppose to be there.... Interesting...Looks to be like my filter likes my cage, and it's slightly distorted After a few minutes with a screw driver, and quite a bit of force I was able to separate the two pieces again. Yup, not only did my filter collapse in on itself, it also decided to get a divorce from it's base. There you have it. After about 2000 miles of driving, this BOSCH filter, which is suppose to last 15k(OE change interval), failed. Thankfully, I had no other issues result cause of this. I replaced it with a Wix filter and am having no issues. My professional opinion: Do not use ANY filter aside from an O.E. manufacture. Mahl, MANN, Wix, Fleetgaurd, ect are all O.E. manufacture lines. Stay away from Purolator, Champ(champ makes a lot of filters. K&N, Mobile, Pennzoil, most house branded, Royal Purple), and Fram.
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  • triggz's Avatar
    08-02-2015, 12:20 PM
    The F80 M3 has downpipes, Eurocharged tune, and DCT. Not sure if he was running race gas this time but I wouldn't be surprised if he was. The N54 has FBO, CM7/CM10 100% meth, no e85, and just installed VTT inlets. The N54 is running a JB4 Map6 and BMS Backend Race Flash via Bimmerboost Flash. The car still needs to be dialed in as boost was off target up top. Also this is a 6AT without the Alpina Flash.
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  • musc's Avatar
    07-30-2015, 03:27 AM
    Hey guys. I've been running an ETS 5" FMIC for awhile and have always been impressed with its performance. I have seen it on par with and even out perform friends cars with competitor 6" and 7" units running less aggressive tunes than I. I have always been a big fan of the Helix FMIC and when I went to purchase my first FMIC I was disappointed because at that time they had stopped making them. I even hunted for a few months for a used one with no luck. Helix was considered the best for IAT suppression and was the first with the stepped design for our cars. The ETS has done well even in these 100+F Carolina summer days with no meth but I couldn't pass up the chance to get the FMIC I really wanted. We see a lot of comparisons with aftermarket FMICs to stock. The results of those are going to be obvious. But how about a test vs two quality FMICs? ATM has continued to improve on the initial Helix design. Fit and finish was definitely impressive with excellent welds and a high quality core. Fit was excellent with no cutting required. The J pipe design did place the silicone elbow going to the FMIC closer to the oil heat exchanger than I'd like. I used an extra piece of silicone and wedged it in between the heat exchanger and the elbow. Not sure if any other others have experienced that. The biggest proof is in the logs. I did a 3rd-5th log on back to back nights. Weather was very similar. For the ETS pull it was 78 degrees with about 80% humidity. For the ATM pull it was 80F with about 80% humidity. Same road, same tune, fuel, etc. The ETS pull was 1st of the night. ATM pull was 3rd of the night with with no cool down other than turning around at the end of the road and driving about 1/2 mile. I did this to see how quickly temps would recover. They did nicely. ETS started about 93F or 15F over ambient. In day to day driving I saw (8-15F over ambient when cruising). The end of the pull was 124F for a 31F increase. Respectable IAT suppression. As the logs go on the temps do climb and don't recover as fast. ATM started at 87F or 7 degrees over ambient. The pulls both started within 50 RPM over each other as noted by throttle position/RPM. The end of the pull was 113F for 26F increase. The pull was about 200rpm longer. Checking the IAT at the same ending RPM as the ETS and it was 110F at the same point for a 23F increase. So overall the results were pretty close. The ATM/Helix still has the edge though the ETS 5" is a solid performer. I have noticed that the ATM seems to recover quicker and seems to hold closer to ambient for longer. I didn't log my first two pulls with the ATM/Helix so this was a third pull with little cool down. Lots of back to back roll races in Mexico and the ETS can show some heat retention quicker than I'd like. I have yet to test the ATM/Helix in this situation.
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  • rac's Avatar
    07-30-2015, 08:23 PM
    rac started a thread TTE 550 hybrid twins N54 in N54
    Anyone know what kind of reputation the turbo engineers have in the Audi scene, or any scene? Someone mentioned them in a thread a few days back. Some of us outside the US might need to start taking more interest in European products now due to the aussie dollar going into freefall against the US... RB & VTT have become 25-30% more expensive for us over the last year or so from exchange rate. Some info i have; · Genuine IHI Housings & Components · Latest TTE Billet Compressor Geometry · Optimized Compressor Cover Machining Clearances · TTE uprated waste gate flapper and arm with improved bushing · Oversize Special Curved Clipped Turbine · Reinforced Bearings · Dynamically Balanced, supplied with VSR test report · Plug & Play Fitment · 550 PS Capable · Designed, Machined & Built by TTE in Germany Recon/Upgrade from used turbochargers RRP €1847.90 NET Apparently in early testing phase, something to watch. Pics, latter two next to stock comparison.
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  • Legionofboom's Avatar
    07-31-2015, 06:23 PM
    Looking for a secret awesome HQ (or best quality possible) stream.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-31-2015, 01:05 AM
    If this picture offends you then you somehow wandered onto the wrong website. Our regular readers will understand and even identify with this. Go ahead and laugh.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    07-29-2015, 06:40 PM
    We get feedback like this almost daily, but people rarely post it on the forums, figured I would share a little of it. All work was done by a very high end German shop called EuroWise they could not have been happier with the way everything fit, and performed once installed. If you are considering going with VTT, you can do do confidently! As always thanks for the support! "Hi Tony, Just got back the car recently and took it easy for the first couple of hundred miles. I was able to log some pulls for Dzenno today and I am very happy with how the car keeps pulling up top now. I'll definitely get on a dyno for some 93oct and e50 pulls once Dzenno and I are satisfied with the tunes. I chatted with the folks over at Eurowise for a bit and they said that the inlets fit very, very well. It was a pain, but everything was just right haha. They're also shipping the cores back for me so just let me know if the box is missing any info. Thanks! Bryan"
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  • subaru335i's Avatar
    07-28-2015, 04:57 PM
    Came across this on another forum. It is made by a guy who is big in the subaru community (has made his own full custom ROM for the 16 bit ecu's) but it should be universal if you are just wanting to see realtime ethanol % and fuel temp via bluetooth. It won't plug directly into the ecu to adjust your tune but its not too expensive and seems handy to me! Certainly better than manually testin, guessing, or hoping that what you just bought is really E85. It would at least give you piece of mind if you want to switch to your kill map that you have exactly the amount of ethanol for your tune. It also gives a 0-5V analog output if you want to datalog.
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    07-31-2015, 01:45 PM
    So this is interesting... in the DAMOS, the table "Requested Torque (Driver)" (many of us are unsure of it's exact purpose), it's table data is defined as a % (of torque), not an actual torque value, as it was defined in Cobb and in our XDFs. Also of note, in the DAMOS it is called "relative desired moment at rear wheel", aka. requested torque % to the wheels. This would mean, with our current values, at 100% pedal, we are only requesting 73.8% of torque. The DAMOS calibration for this table is also different, in that it requests a full 100% at 100% pedal, along w/ a different gradient at the various speeds. I would like for you all to test these values and report back on anything you notice. Before / after logs showing requested torque, actual torque, requested load, actual load, boost set point / target, and boost will be very helpful. I think this table may help out low end driveability, as well as maybe even increase top end power :) I am testing as well, interested to hear what you all think. Here are the values to try:
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    07-31-2015, 05:38 PM
    It has been a while since BMW introduced the M6 GT3 set to replace the Z4 GT3. BMW Motorsport director stated the 24 Hour Dubai and Daytona races in 2016 are what they are targeting, "That’s obviously what I think customers would like to run and that’s what we’re clearly aiming at." Those are big endurance races and certainly a good time to make a debut. They are also still a ways off which means testing can continue and the car should be ready to go next year. What BMW is doing is tweaking and testing the car for privateer teams, "That’s the focus of our development program is that we hand over a car to the customers that’s already developed, that not necessarily has raced in the hands of a works effort from our side. It’s competition. But as we’ve said before and I would like to stress again, this is really customer racing. Therefore, for us, it’s not an option to enter a prototype on a works level and compete against our customers or potential customers. This is customer racing and nothing but." Do not expect a factory backed effort with the M6 as you saw with the Z4 and M3 previously. As a reminder the M6 GT3 features a 500 horsepower 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 based on the S63TU engine design with a dry sump oiling system. The power is routed through a six speed sequential manual gearbox. With a dry weight of 2866 pounds it should move quite quickly.
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    07-31-2015, 10:05 PM
    Car started to leak oil near the front passenger wheel slowly Finally got a chance to look under and take some pictures It looks like its coming from the middle of the turbo? maybe turbo seals? Oil is coming from the middle band clamp area (highlighted in red) More info on car Turbos were installed at 45,000km its almost at 60,000km and started noticing the leak 2-3k ago Anything I can try and fix before I have to rebuild the turbos or put back the stock turbos in for now?
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    07-29-2015, 03:30 PM
    Budget: 3,000 bucks. Desire: run 3 monitors for racing simulator. Case only. This doesn't include /steering wheel/ monitors/keyboard/mouse/speakers/etc.etc. Sound will be pushed into surround sound via HDMI off of onboard sound card. Thinking 32g ram, I7 4gig, liquid cooler, and GeForce GTX 980 Ti nice case with cooling, 250G SSD for OS and 2TB for storage. go :music-rockout:
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