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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    09-15-2014, 03:23 PM
    BETA version of the CPE N54 port injection adapter just showed up. Need to order in some injectors and will start playing around next week I hope. :)
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  • natedog7700's Avatar
    09-15-2014, 09:13 PM
    What do you consider a "fast" car now days for a "daily" street-able car?
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  • B00stGeek's Avatar
    09-12-2014, 03:03 PM
    Not my cars, just sharing!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-16-2014, 12:36 PM
    Dinan continues to roll out more of their piggyback tunes for the newer turbo M cars. Their latest Dinantronics tune tackles the new F80 M3 and F82 M4 equipped with the S55 inline-6. The $2499.00 Dinan box raises output on 93 octane from the factory 425 horsepower to a Dinan claimed crank output of 516 horsepower. Torque goes up from 406 lb-ft at the crank to 489 lb-ft for a gain of 83 lb-ft as measured at the crank. Now, we know the M3 and M4 are very underrated from the factory to begin with. How is Dinan measuring the horsepower here? We do not doubt the power and torque gains whatsoever but the M3 and M4 are making close to 500 horsepower off the showroom floor. This is why we want to see output at the wheels, not at the crank. Quoting crank figures with modern turbo cars is a tuner relic. Obviously, the main competition here is going to come from BMS. The BMS M3/M4 JB4 box costs $799.00. BMS has shown over 500 horsepower at the wheels already with this tune. Frankly, BimmerBoost believes BMS prices the F80 M3 and F82 M4 JB4 at $799.00 because if it was any more of a value M owners would probably consider it a 'cheap' piece of a equipment. BMS has room to drop the price but Dinan's pricing means they do not have to. It certainly will be interesting to see some real dyno results as well as real world performance numbers. People buy tunes to be faster. Which piggyback tune is the fastest? Well, we all already know the most expensive tune is not necessarily the fastest tune. Product Description Stage 1 (DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner ONLY) Maximum Power: 516 HP, 489 lb-ft of torque. The DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner is a highly engineered and sophisticated piece of computer hardware and software that enhances engine performance, without negating or voiding your new car warranty coverage and without affecting long term reliability or the functionality of on-board diagnostic systems. It was also designed to be emissions legal in 50 states (E.O. Pending). The ultimate objective of developing this piece of technology was to provide the ability to control every signal entering and exiting the BMW factory Engine Control Unit. These items are unique to Dinan and together they embody the apex of performance engineering in a powerful, reliable, and warrantied package. The Dinan® Difference The biggest benefit of the DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner is our ECU has the… "…capability of setting an optimum target lambda (fuel mixture) as well as correcting short term trim which is the difference between target and scheduled fuel mixture. By matching these two correctly we can reduce knock sensor activity which will make smoother performance, protect the catalyst, increase power and allow us to make it emissions legal."- Steve Dinan The Dinan® Difference is possible by employing a full staff of talented engineers that are well rounded in all aspects of their job. Manipulating these signals with an adept hand all the while keeping an engine running at its best and with the most reliable power is what Dinan is all about. Well Engineered Plug-in tuning devices all have one thing in common, they send a modified signal to the factory ECU, telling it the boost pressure is below target values. This then causes the factory ECU to raise the boost pressure to what it thinks is the correct value. This modified boost pressure signal causes errors in fuel mixture and ignition timing. These errors can cause the on-board diagnostics systems to set faults, but they can also cause exceedingly high catalyst temperatures and a loss of power. In addition, when power is increased, exhaust gas temperature will increase as well and this must be countered with a slightly richer air/fuel mixture. The DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner uniquely has the capability to adjust target Lambda, correct short term trim as well as ignition timing errors induced by raising boost pressure. This enables Dinan calibration engineers to optimize air/fuel mixture and ignition timing at elevated boost pressure throughout the entire gamut of engine RPM and engine load. Additionally, the ability to correct short term trim corrections (the difference between target and scheduled fuel mixture) remain within OEM specifications. This minimizes knock sensor activity, which in turn means smooth engine performance, catalyst protection and power increase, while this is also required to make the car emissions legal. Dinan engineers have worked for two years on the DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner in efforts to provide BMW enthusiasts with Performance without Sacrifice. State-of-the-Art Hardware The DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner is engineered using the best possible components and advanced hardware. The most obvious and visible component is the elaborate wiring harness. Using OE connectors and an expandable braided wiring sleeves ensures that all visible components appear as if they come straight from the factory. More importantly however it guarantees long lasting and dependable performance due to the use of high heat, moisture and abrasion resistant materials and design. The other hardware element involved is the Dinan electronic control unit (ECU) itself. While its outward appearance may seem tame, the processing power and sophistication held within its internal circuitry is anything but. Capable of delivering signals to various systems at an astonishing 4000 times per second the DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner yields the power to control all current signals delivered to the ECU as well as those developed in the future without a hiccup in performance or reliability. This immense processing power equates to a high degree of engine control resulting in a much lower likelihood of setting a fault. In addition smoother running conditions and superior drivability are achieved, all of which are Dinan hallmarks. Unmatched Warranty Dinan's comprehensive warranty program, introduced in 1997, provides superior warranty coverage to that which you would find elsewhere. If your vehicle is currently covered by the vehicle manufacturer's new car limited warranty, Dinan® products are warranted for the remaining term of the vehicle manufacturer's new car limited warranty. The manufacturer's new car warranty is limited to 4 years or 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers in Canada), commencing on the date of first retail sale or the date the vehicle is first placed in-service as a demonstrator or company vehicle, whichever is earlier. Dinan's warranties are transferable when ownership of the vehicle into which the Dinan® products were originally installed is sold. BMW automobiles can now be performance-tuned without the associated concern of negatively affecting the new car warranty coverage. Designed to be Emissions Legal The DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner was designed and built to be the only tuning box on the market that is emissions legal in all 50 states. At the moment this product is emissions legal in most states – the product is in compliance with US Federal EPA Memorandum 1A, or this product has not been found, nor is believed to be, unlawful for use under the provisions of the Clean Air Act. Currently this product is not legal for sale or use in California, and states that have adopted California emissions standards, on any pollution controlled motor vehicles. We are however in the E.O. process with the ARB and are confident that the DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner will be emissions legal in all states in the near future. Drivability There is more to a tune than just cranking up the boost. Power needs to come on smoothly and in a predictable way to make the car as fun to drive at wide open throttle as cruising around town. It is your BMW, but reborn with new found acceleration and speed. Installation Plug-and-Play installation in two hours or less at any of the 180+ Dinan® Dealers. While firmware is loaded directly on the ECU the model specific software will need to be downloaded into the ECU by an authorized Dinan dealer after installation. Log on to to find your nearest dealer or contact Dinan to make an appointment. Easy To Use Dinan's ECU is Bluetooth® Smart meaning that you can change maps simply via a Bluetooth connection. Just install and you are done! Designed for the Future The DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner was engineered with future expansion of functionality in mind. Boasting the most powerful processing power on the market the DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner can handle more functions and processes than any of its contemporaries. To that end the Dinan performance tuner is capable of interfacing with the CAN and FlexRay communication systems which allow for controlling powertrain functions, among others. This means that when new functions are developed there will be no need for a new box, just a short software update at your local Dinan dealer. Satisfaction Guaranteed Dinan guarantees you will be impressed by the DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner and the performance it provides that we offer a 3-Day return policy. If you aren't satisfied with what the Dinan solution brings to the table within 3 days of install you can go back to your dealer for a full refund (installation labor costs still apply).
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-13-2014, 08:04 PM
    This is not the first time we have seen a modified M157 Mercedes AMG beat a Lamborghini Aventador. A Benzboost member who has an E63 AMG S 4Matic with Renntech upgraded turbos has been beating up on just about everything including the Aventador. This CLS63 is not the 4Matic all wheel drive variant however but the pre-facelift rear wheel drive model which is lighter. It does however feature the same basic M157 twin turbo 5.5 liter V8 AMG motor. So how do the Kleemann K3 M157 upgrades show? Very well as the CLS63 AMG is able to open up a small lead on the Aventador. Up top, it appears the Aventador starts to pull but both cars shut down as they approach traffic. Considering the Kleemann K3 upgrade consists of just exhaust and ECU modifications (although further details are hard to find on the Kleemann website which really needs some work) the run certainly is impressive against an opponent like the Aventador with its 700 horsepower 6.5 liter V12. Turbo torque isn't easy to beat:
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  • paradoxical3's Avatar
    09-14-2014, 02:19 AM
    If you have been following my thread ( you will see that I have been trying to build the best all around BMW X1 I can - able to run a sub 12 second 1/4 mile, lap mid-ohio faster than a M3, and retain the luxury and utility of the vehicle for the perfect daily driver. I am one step closer to my goal today as I have furthered my N55 xdrive record with a 11.930 pass at Tri State raceway. This was my first time to the track with the Pure Turbo upgrade and there is at least another mph trap speed in it once I refine my boost targets. I am bumping into the limits of the tmap sensor not being able to read over 21psi, as well as the JB4's 21psi failsafe (I kick to failsafe mode sometimes after shifts due to boost spike). I am guessing I will wind up around 11.7 here. There were a few passes with better launches and higher speed (93mph by the 1/8) but I always hit boost safety during those. Mod list: X1 35i M-sport JRZ RS1 coilovers Pure Turbo N55 Stage 1 BMS JB4 ISO with flexfuel wires BMS Intake BMS downpipe ER intercooler/chargepipe NGK plugs Apex wheels with Direzza Zii 50% e85 mix - I REALLY need a new fuel pump to make this percentage mix stable. Here is the timeslip, a video of the run (against my friend and very fast Camaro SS, also an 11 second car), and my log. I am also proud that this is not just a straight line car! I am very happy with the Pure Turbo setup. I am already 5+mph faster in trap in my first try and it will probably wind up with 6-7mph faster. For the $850 price I got in the group buy, it is the cheapest power available and makes the car a LOT more fun.
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  • lfelunden's Avatar
    09-12-2014, 06:11 AM
    lfelunden has just uploaded Alpina XDF and B3S Biturbo bin! Hi guys. We need more of
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  • SCGT's Avatar
    09-12-2014, 01:43 PM
    SCGT started a thread 100k N54 Oil Analysis in N54
    I've owned the car since 50k, CPO, took over maintenance at ~82k. I started my maintenance with my own version of an oil flush (drain oil, add new, idle until at operating temp, drain & repeat again before putting in Motul). Tuned by Brentuning since I bought it, been FBO, running 18-19 psi and E50-E60 for a couple years. Turbos are original, but they'll a little sluggish and in the past week started puffing some smoke here and there in traffic during deceleration. That will be remedied with Vargas Stage 2+'s soon. The car has always consumed some oil, 1-2 qts is normal for me every 4-5k miles. There are no guarantees but it's nice to see the N54 holding up. I drive the car "in a highly spirited manner" nearly every day.
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  • AlexQuattro's Avatar
    09-15-2014, 09:46 PM
    This is the funiest thread I've seen in a long time. Some moderator on E46fanatics creates a thread saying: I have no idea what he was expecting but of course no one takes him seriously and he ends up banning a guy. HILARIOUS! Cliff notes: pics or gtfo. nudes? Posts pic of friend: Damn, dawg. Looks like she loves food. Can she at least cook? You're going to need another fridge for her groceries. Damn, dawg. Looks like she loves food. Can she at least cook? You're going to need another garage for her to sleep.. Damn, dawg. Looks like she loves food. Can she at least cook? You're going to need deep freezer and a 3 quarter cow. Anyways OP can't put his pants on and says his wife is great and all... more comments. Easy answer, divorce this biatch... You're the man, start acting like it. It is going to cost you more than $200 out of your pocket to have that gal living with you: -Missing groceries (entire shelves from the pantry) -AC cranked at 60 degrees will cost you more -Increased electricity cost from the stove, oven, and deep fryer always being in use 24/7 -Showers - well, that is like washing a car or irrigating the lawn so skyrocketed water bills Chubby fingers make for some great handjobs. Especially when covered in fried chicken grease OP then tries to reason with his wife using suggestions from other posters like getting a seperate fridge for her... And at this point it is clear for everyone that those 2 are not the brightest bulbs... Then OP says this: Quote: Originally Posted by choxor Just hope she doesn't get knocked up while staying with you. Now I had deleted this in my comment, I didnt want to come out as some sort of racist as I am not. But she dates multiple black men(maybe one at a time at one point?) But Only black men. Now...I to go about saying this..but I do not want random multiple (any race) of men in my house. Especially promiscuous?.. Um strangers who she wants to do things at my house with. I raised this with my wife, and she says she wont do that...yeahhhhh right LMFAO!!!! More comments... careful you're gonna get robbed. or you will gain another roommate when the guy she is fvcking starts sleeping in her bed. People are really fucking with the OP but he takes it all seriously... #thefattening OP says this: I have told espy (the future roommate) to *S*T*F*U about what Ive said on FB messanger, but knowing these bit&ches, no honor. Most honnest comment so far: I understand she is your wife, the mother of your children, and you love her a lot, but obviously shes a lunatic. Ah well maybe this one: Charge rent by the pound. Better invest in some steel chairs. Orca's are getting embarrassed because people on this forum keep comparing her to them. Then this happens... My wife has these accelerated classes for some medical school stuff on the weekends. I had been showing my friends this thread while BBQ ing and sending out via FB messenger to my other friends and we're all laughing. Wife comes home, a friend takes the whole family to lids, to get my son a early bday present. A Black LA hat size 6 3/4 for the kid. The whole time she looks kind of annoyed. SO I ask her, hey whats wrong? "we have guests, not right now" OH SHIZZ is ringing in my head. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIZZZZ Her friend called her? Told her that I had said something... Friends leave, night is great, we have a TERRIFIC NIGHT, &*(&(*ing TERRIFIC. right after this TERRIFIC-NESS> RIGHT AFTER! "You left your e46fanatics on the screen when I got home. I read EVerything" (OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZ) right after the TERRIFICNESS! "Why do you lie about the king size bed, its a queen" "umm huh?" You didnt get her permission to post her photos like that. I want them taken down. And next time dont let people talk Shiz about me, why the hell would you do that..blah blah blah blah BLAH." "oh honey its just for SHiz and giggle, this is a board of criticism and the biggest haters club in the world," I only saw like two good suggestions in there. is what she said. SO>...............I dont really know what the heck is going to happend. The last 48 hours though has been really good.(phew) Comments: Wife finds OT thread. Gets upset that Mach mentioned King-sized bed when it was a Queen. The lulz never end. Then this freaks everyone out: She's tied to the floor, naked, on her back, both feet, both hands, tied to makeshift posts that are connected to boards which are weighted down with metal. The hands are shot full of nails and her legs are spread as wide as possible. A pillow props her ass up and cheese, Brie, has been smeared across her open vagina, some of it even pushed up into the vaginal cavity. I try using the power drill on her, forcing it into her mouth, but she's conscious enough, has strength, to close her teeth, clamping them down, and even though the drill goes through the teeth quickly, it fails to interest me and so I hold her head up, blood dribbling from her mouth, and make her watch the rest of the tape and while she's looking at the girl on the screen bleed from almost every possible orifice, I'm hoping she realizes that this would have happened to her no matter what. That she would have ended up lying here, on the floor in my apartment, hands nailed to posts, cheese and broken glass pushed up into her pvssy, her head cracked and bleeding purple, no matter what other choice she might have made. I'm trying to ease one of the hollow plastic tubes from the dismantled Habitrail system up into her vagina, forcing the vaginal lips around one end of it, and even with most of it greased with olive oil, it's not fitting in properly During this, the jukebox plays Frankie Valli singing "The Worst That Could Happen" and I'm grimly lip-syncing to it, while pushing the Habitrail tube up into this bitch's cvnt. I finally have to resort to pouring acid around the outside of the pussy so that the flesh can give way to the greased end of the Habitrail and soon enough it slides in, easily. "I hope this hurts you," I say. The rat hurls itself against the glass cage as I move it from the kitchen into the living room. It refused to eat what was left of the other rat I had bought it to play with last week, that now lies dead, rotting in a corner of the cage. (For the last five days I've purposefully starved it.) I set the glass cage down next to the girl and maybe because of the scent of the cheese the rat seems to go insane, first running in circles, mewling, then trying to heave its body, weak with hunger, over the side of the cage. The rat doesn't need prodding and the bent coat hanger I was going to use remains untouched by my side and with the girl still conscious, the thing moves effortlessly on newfound energy, racing up the tube until half of it body disappears, and then after a minute - its rat body shaking while it feeds - all of it vanishes, except for the tail, and I yank the Habitrail tube out of the girl, trapping the rodent. Soon even the tail disappears. The noises the girl is making are, for the most part, incomprehensible. Then OP gets mad at a comment and bans the guy. Oh my.... what the fuck...
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  • 654's Avatar
    09-16-2014, 03:09 PM
    Josh, New stock frame turbo upgrades and actually all new turbo upgrades that are popping up tend to be tuned to around 20psi if not even 30psi. Are you still developing N54 ATR further? What boost can we get to with N54 ATR? I know JB is able to handle the increased boost, but it would be nice to know if ATR will be another option in the future or not. How high boost do you expect ATR to be able to manage? Thanks
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  • continue5's Avatar
    09-13-2014, 05:51 PM
    Hi can one of you please upload a working bin file for the msd80 2007kline with a 6mt transmission ASAP? Trying to help out a friend that flashed the car without saving original file and it rendered his car useless...
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  • Xearom3's Avatar
    09-16-2014, 10:12 AM
    Xearom3 started a thread For Sale: '08 135i - Salvage Part-Out in Buy/Sell - Parts
    As some of you may already know my '08 135i single turbo was wreaked/total'd by a rear-end collision. Since I had just finished my ST build, I really didn't want to let go of it just yet, so I decided to buy the car back so I could pull all my performance parts, and pull the motor/drivetrain for spare parts. Pretty much the rest of the car is for sale. Anything you need, please post or PM and I am sure we can come to an agreement. I really just need to get this car gone. :( Here are the pics.
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  • ChuckD05's Avatar
    09-11-2014, 02:48 PM
    I have for sale a pair of Fresh Rebuilt RB turbos in box straight from Rob. He now includes balancing results for added piece of mind. Again these are not used for 1 mile since his rebuild, fresh and ready to go. I trapped 127 and ran low 8s 60-130 with an OTS flash with these. Cant beat this set per $ spent. These are RHD 335i Turbos... $2700 Shipped, no core charge, zero miles on this set , complete rebuild. PM me if interested and ill get back to you asap. I wont post these anywhere else for a bit to give this board first dibs at these. Thanks for looking. Also please note: There are many new upgrades available for these if you want to contact him directly I can send these right back to Rob if that is something you are interested in. My car is auto limiting the length of its life increasing costs on this car plus the cost to install these, without selling them just doesn't make sense for me right now. Pics from my wife for now:
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  • Spool's Avatar
    09-15-2014, 09:28 PM
    997tts has Proto Tune/Exhaust kit The Vette On Slicks
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  • quattr0's Avatar
    09-13-2014, 10:28 AM
    A 14k miles M5 (low to mid 70s) could be had for the same price or even cheaper brand new m4. ECU tune M5 could reach around 700ish hp. Am I missing something?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-15-2014, 08:57 PM
    Interesting comparison here between the current C7 RS7 featuring the 4.0 TFSI twin turbo V8 and the C6 RS6 which uses a 5.0 liter twin turbo V10. As AudiBoost published in an article last year dyno results show that despite the extra two cylinders and liter of displacement for the C6 RS6 the C7 RS6's 4.0 TFSI actually shows more torque and the power output is a wash. How do the two motors stack up in the real world against each other when tuned? Well, the C7 RS7 makes surprisingly easy work of the RS6 and the 5.0 liter V10 the 4.0 TFSI V8 replaced. There are two runs from a roll in the video below and the newer car pulls easily in each run. Pretty impressive considering both cars feature tunes with the C7 RS7 running an APR tune while the C6 RS6 has a Sportmile Stage 2 tune. The RS6 is the avant model and the lighter sedan would likely do better against the RS7. It would still lose though as by 160 miles per hour the RS7 puts bus lengths on the RS6. Many Audi fans complained about the loss of the 5.0 liter tin turo V10 for the RS6. The 4.0 TFSI V8 clearly is more than up to the task of replacing it.
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  • Aren93's Avatar
    09-12-2014, 07:04 PM
    Guys idk if im posting in the wrong section but I cant find any 3 inch Catless downpipes for my 2012 335i n55. Please if anyone has some advice or any tips for me to why every manufacturer only makes 3 in catted and 4 in catted/catless pipes please let me know. Thanks
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  • TTFS's Avatar
    09-11-2014, 09:34 PM
    We are excited to share with you guys the most recent Tuningtech FS & AA Supercharger kit for the E46 M3. We are still finishing the last steps of the R/D process but, this should be a good example of what you may expect in terms of power gains. As always the Tuningtech FS tunes are done with safety and reliability in mind with our pursue of a perfect tuning for every vehicle under our shield. This is a comparison of our E46 M3 Prima Plus on 93 octane and methanol versus the Prima Elite on E85 octane. Both kits are running the same boost. (9 PSI) I hope you guys are as excited as our team :dance:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-11-2014, 03:47 PM
    I wonder how long this took?
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  • Blue24's Avatar
    09-15-2014, 11:35 PM
    Im selling a n54 longblock that I was going to use to build a nice motor. Sold my car and have a few other things I'll throw in with it. DME ,wire harness and some other odds and ends. Motor has no turbos or fuel system. Not sure what it's really worth so make a fair offer and it's yours!!! Thanks, Donny 631-697-6125
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  • Aren93's Avatar
    09-14-2014, 05:12 AM
    As the title says you guys, would I be able to upgrade my '12 335i stock turbo to a bigger turbo? I haven't seen anyone do it yet except VTT and PureTurbo. But I'm wondering if you just buy the turbo separately like a Garret and take it to a shop and they do the rest of the work. What would it cost including the rest of the parts, if possible? Any info would be great, thanks.
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  • manbeer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:44 AM
    Was out and about this morning and came across a stock looking s5 cruising pretty quick. As luck would have it we ended up at a red light and both took off kind of quick so once we saw that the other was pushing we both hit it. Basically from 50 or 60 until about 120 we were trading places. I would run out of steam at 6k and have him at my back door, then he would nose ahead of me, then i would shift and pull, then he would creep up at the end of my gear. It was pretty even, with him definitely having a bit more upper end pull. I know if we held out he would have eventually pulled on me but we let out around 120-130ish Afterwards we were at another light and he was asking what i had done, he mentioned that he had the s5 with a V8 and had an APR supercharger, which makes sense because i heard the whine. He was like "this kit puts me right around 560hp, so you're not doing bad"! All in all i was surprised by the run, and wishing i had my 135 and not the mrs 93 octane grocery getter Mods are V8baits street eco map, and nothing else
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  • tke344's Avatar
    09-11-2014, 01:18 PM
    Since there isn't any hardware fix yet for the N55 most people rely on their tune to suppress the code I was curious how everyone goes about passing emissions. I'm not too concerned with the visual but in NY and many other states they plug in your car and as long as the monitors show ready and you aren't throwing emissions related codes you pass. You're allowed 1 "not ready" in NY and I believe (hope) that with the Cobb suppressing the cat related code it would only effect the readiness monitor for the catalyst. Does anyone know for sure? I was thinking a stock like tune with the DTC P375C "disabled" should allow all other monitors to eventually go to a ready state. I realize Cobb probably can't comment on this but I imagine I'm not the only one who's curious. It's really the only thing holding me back from getting a downpipe
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  • 135idct's Avatar
    09-13-2014, 10:34 PM
    135idct started a thread car won't start?? in N54
    This code appeared weeks ago 2DED Power management, battery drain, every time i delete it it appears, yesterday the car didn't start just cranking.. what could be the problem?? water pump? :think:
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  • Aren93's Avatar
    09-13-2014, 07:16 PM
    Hey guys I've been told that the 335i with M Sport Package comes with an upgaded intercooler compared to the stock regular package. Is this true? If anyone knows any information on this, that would be great. I tried searching it up and couldn't find any solid info on it.
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