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  • RSL's Avatar
    Today, 03:57 PM
    Hoping to get some discussion going on the finer points/peculiarities of tuning scaled (3-column) MAP bins. I'm messing with my first one and while it's proving easier than pushing INA0S over ceiling to get 20psi, it brings to light some things your don't see in an unscaled map. For example... I've been trying to smooth out an MAF "dip", for lack of a better word. That's exactly what it looked like to me at first, but all evidence to the contrary. It mostly bothered me since boost control uses it, the dip was smack in the middle of coming up to target and seemed pretty severe. It even fell as boost/RPM increased, but most often, it would stay static for a few hundred RPM and then began to rise again. You'd expect the slope to change as the scaling started reporting lower data, but it seemed excessive. Boost, boost target, WGDC MAF (g/s) (red): After messing with some things, I decided to change my spool mode RPM. It was set for 3000RPM, which also happens to be break points for all kinds of other stuff, so I wanted to push it out of the way to eliminate it as a factor as I moved forward. I upped it to 3300 RPM and, lo and behold, the spot where MAF dipped moved up with it and the start of the "dip" became even more pronounced. The light bulb finally came on. The usual values passed around for 3-column scaling start it ~10psi, so the scaling starts during my spool (somewhere around 2700-2800 RPM depending when I floor it), BUT logs say that scaled boost doesn't take effect until spool mode ends, no matter where that is. jyamona@motiv martial@mhd, there is either an undiscovered MAP (spool) table somewhere or the scaled logic just isn't active during fuel mode 20. Not exactly a crisis, but noteworthy. So, for the time being, I moved the spool mode below the 10psi area (2600 RPM) and the sizeable deviation at changeover to scaled is gone and/or at least in a less crucial area. The "sag" remains due to the scaling and will change with boost/tuning from here on out, but for now, once its hits ~19psi, MAF (purple) comes up and stays pretty linear after that. Maybe everyone knows this already and I'm way late to the party, but I sure didn't find much of anything on scaled maps, so I wanted to get a bit more in-depth discussion going...or at least have a place to post when I get hung up or come across something interesting with it :D
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    Today, 12:08 PM
    Anyone running one of the Motiv kits and water cooling their wastegate? I'm planning on doing this when I swap kits over, but want to see pics of how you guys have the plumbing run. I'd like to buy the fittings ahead of time if possible. Post pics if you have them, or if you've just seen a pic of it post that please. Thanks!
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  • LAUNCHMODE's Avatar
    Today, 04:22 AM
    Hello everyone. I'm the proud owner of an f15 50i msport with allll the goodies but that's neither here nor there. I got jb+ setup (Maf)and installed. No gains outside comfort and Eco pro having roughly the same output as sport/sport + decided to to give racechip a try since it does tap different sensors. But alas I got the exact same results as the jb+ alone being the madman I am...I left the racechip installed(setting b) and also installed the jb+'s back in at the same time set on 11am. I also changed to the x5m air filters and put two cans of torco in 15 gallons(105+ mix)......and I'll be damned. I got 473hp/579 tq using dashcommand through a Carly gen 2 (I spent an hour setting up all vehicle parameters to make sure I am as accurate as possible on this. But if nothing else it can be a comparison because stock I was showing 405 at the wheels. Also I found data online showing that the 8 speed/xdrive setup shows a 19% loss from flywheel to tire so if that is close to correct and my dashcommand is close to correct that would mean I'm making somewhere around 562/689 at the motor?? 5% error + or _ of course.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 02:17 AM
    LAUNCHMODE, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • rac's Avatar
    Today, 06:21 AM
    rac started a thread dwell table changes anyone? in N54
    has anyone tried? i didn't find much searching around. i'd like to do some trial and error with this. have ordered a new set of coils so i don't stress about burning up the old ones while experimenting. but if someone's already done so please share any findings. thx.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 04:03 AM
    Welcome MackSlater, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 11:32 AM
    Hey MartinaKue: :text-welcomewave:
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 02:12 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum ErnestinaI.
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  • sudo4re's Avatar
    Today, 01:40 PM
    I'm curious as to how the Aquamist safeguard works with a N54. When the Aquamist controller detects a fault in the system, does it cut the 5v to the boost solenoids to dump boost or is it the other way around? In other word, is the voltage to the solenoids normally is at 5v and if it sees a 0v signal then the boost solenoids are deactivated and all the boost are dumped. Thanks
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 08:41 PM
    ZoeToro94, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 08:58 PM
    ClariceDav, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 08:38 PM
    Welcome Prototype007, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 09:51 PM
    RicardoNea, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • rac's Avatar
    Today, 10:14 PM
    rac replied to a thread dwell table changes anyone? in N54
    How much did you try changing it and did you try increasing the plug gap with the increased dwell?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 09:36 PM
    Sticky replied to a thread General: Feeling blue in 3 Series and M3
    Trackday at night, that's cool.
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  • Nugs's Avatar
    Today, 09:00 PM
    Nugs replied to a thread General: Feeling blue in 3 Series and M3
    And another track video from last week
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  • idratherbesurfing's Avatar
    Today, 08:55 PM
    Did you have an issue that makes you want to do this?
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  • aliray335's Avatar
    Today, 08:33 PM
    haha awesome man thanks im getting mmp turbos soon hopefully when they get back in stock so im not worried about stock turbos just dont want to blow the motor and im manual trans already with stage 3+ spec clutch and single mass fw il take a look im going to pm you
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  • Jeffman's Avatar
    Today, 08:29 PM
    The power gain is insane...400 HP/520 ft-lb (virtual Dyno in 4th gear...go ahead and download my crazy log posted in this thread). I have no idea how long they would last doing this. The transmission doesn't like it in 4th or 5th gear (slip/error). So I'd like to dial up the boost to just below the transmission crapping out on me. Maybe I should swap the AT for a manual!
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  • jt0407's Avatar
    Today, 08:27 PM
    You THINK it's going on lol. Prepare for at least a few full days, at least.
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  • Jeffman's Avatar
    Today, 08:18 PM
    I understand the "I need to lower my load" comment by Jake a few days ago, above. What's really interesting is my current map is based on an unscaled boost map which was reaching loads of about 200 (target 200-205) at max boost of 22 psi (the unscaled boost limit) and my fueling was easily meeting my lambda targets with trims around 20 max: here's the log, which I also just posted above: So I figured if my fueling is good at 22 psi then I can go a little higher, right? But with my scaled map all of a sudden the 205 load target makes my turbos go crazy. My loads barely reach 170, I can't reach my fueling targets and trims max out at 34 while boost goes to 25+ psi. That's why I've been adjusting the Boost Limit Mulyiplier factor between 1.90 and at least control this crazy boost shown in this log: This is where I am...just trying to dial in a few more psi while keeping my trims in check and not ending up on the side of the highway with a transmission error on my IDrive screen.
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  • aliray335's Avatar
    Today, 08:03 PM
    is there a decent power gain or are the turbos being stretched past their limit
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  • Jeffman's Avatar
    Today, 07:55 PM
    I have no idea how "safe" it is. Only been doing it a few times this past week.
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  • alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
    Today, 07:53 PM
    alex@ABRhouston replied to a thread Motor build in N54
    We've done a few :)
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  • Jeffman's Avatar
    Today, 07:52 PM
    That's what I've been working on. I've lowered the BLM table, BLM ceiling and BLM by Gear (in the MHD folder in Tunerpro) to 1.90 and my logs show my boost in 3rd and 4th gear is limited to 15 psi. Then I raise all these BLM values to 2.0 and WGDC stays at 95+ and boost goes crazy to 25-26 psi again. Then I split the difference and Iower these values to 1.95 and it goes back to 15 psi max regardless of gear in my custom tune. I also selected boost max by gear (AT) in the options section (1st/10 psi, 2nd/14 psi, 3rd/17 psi) and still see these effects. I'm going to reflash my BLM=1.95 without these boost by gear limits in the options tab and see what happens.
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Today, 07:01 PM
    Chris, We maxed the sensor for testing -it's not necessary to run the system there by any means. We have complete control over the pressure, Tony posted the graph showing 3500+ psi as an indicator of system capability -if you want 2000 psi we can do that too. There is what's best for tune and engine longevity, then there is thrashing new hardware to see what we can make it do. That's the fun part of testing. That's one of the funniest things I've learned about Tony when it comes to pushing new products and testing, the man does not hesitate for a second to blow things up in the interest of finding limits. He's not shy. I love it. As for what is ideal in a tuning sense, I would question how you (or anyone, so far) would know what "ideal" is, since no one has done it on an N54 at these power levels -this is the only N54 car, ever, to do this. It's going to take some more work and time, and lots of testing to determine what's good and not good, and that's assuming we figure out how to make this into something that'd be a good production quality system. Anyone saying otherwise is just spitballing at best. I'll make a new thread with some more details in a few days. I think the take home from all this testing is that we can push DI on the N54 a lot further than it has been pushed up to date. If you want to add port injection or meth or water injection or whatever you want, that's way down the line, but it's good to have options. Chris
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  • RSL's Avatar
    Today, 06:52 PM
    RSL replied to a thread Scaled (3-column) map discussion in N54
    Logged today actually, so I could mess with it and it looks like the little MAF hump that's left after spool/pre-scale comes as intake is advancing at spool exit. I'll try retarding it on the main table next one and see if it goes away, but I also changed some other things already. This the low spool mode, I should have one of the early ones and for sure the intake had a giant advance at some point, which it what I dialed back. Heading out to dinner in a sec, will look for it later and might come back with a log if the passengers can stand it :D
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  • Chris@CKI's Avatar
    Today, 06:39 PM
    i think it may have to do with target, actual, and load. You can see my MAF follows boost perfect until my load takes off and my actual boost doesnt.
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  • V8Bait's Avatar
    Today, 06:37 PM
    Probably due to your vanos mapping. Log your intake cam.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:11 PM
    I'll need the luck. Time to get back to work on it.
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