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  • dzenno@PTF's Avatar
    Today, 11:37 AM
    Finally – a real announcement from proTUNING Freaks about the turbo kit and fueling solutions that our own brand MOTIV Motorsport has been working so feverishly on for the last year. In the aftermarket performance world it is often a race to be the first out with a product. While we would like to be able to do that as well as keep focus on our core ideals of quality and race proven power/reliability – we simply could not do so without extensive testing on and off the track. Over the last year we have put over 10,000 miles of daily driven duty as well as multiple practice and national level competition NASA road course events and abuse on the MOTIV Single Turbo Kit. We are not simply a shop that made a one off kit for a customer and decided to put it into production. We have gone through multiple manifold designs and fabrication types, as well as multiple revisions on our final manifold design. Now that we are satisfied with the durability of the kit after being put through its paces we can announce the details and preliminary results as we continue to test the final “all out” performance and stages of power based on fuel setup (OEM, OEM+, and “ALL OUT”). At Bimmerfest East 2014 we put on display some parts from the turbo kit and fuel system. Our goal was to provide staged power in a modular form that allows the consumer to purchase the kits all together or piece by piece. So without further ado – product pictures and results from OEM and OEM+ testing. The “ALL OUT” numbers will be soon to come as we need something to keep us occupied while we finish the final stages of production on 20+ single turbo kits and fuel setups to support your power goals up to and beyond 1000hp. Disclaimer – all dynos read differently – even from one dyno jet to another. Our testing was done on a DynoJet 424x. The month we took delivery of the shop car we through the car on the dyno to get baseline numbers. This specific DynoJet apparently reads a bit lower than the typical one people have been posting up. Bone stock the car produced 257whp and 260wtq. Testing and Results – OEM Fueling – 93 Octane ONLY The OEM fuel system leaves a lot of power out of reach. There are many options when it comes to achieving power beyond what the OEM system can do but many of these are not all that reliable and fall in the category of “but they work”. We feel that things shouldn’t just “work” – they should be designed, tested, and implemented. For those of you who want to make at and above the modified stock turbo housing power – and all on pump gas and stock fuel system – NO PROBLEM. The first set of testing we did was simply using a stock LPFP with a 255 inline pump. The MOTIV 750 kit is capable of running much more boost and can make far more power on 93 octane alone due to the decrease in pumping losses and efficiency. However, the HPFP began dropping fuel pressure drastically as it could not keep up with the demand (in part because the LPFP system was struggling as well). As such – this is where we felt we would stop in an effort to display a conservative showing of what the MOTIV 750 kit could do on a stock LPFP and only 93 octane. Testing and Results – OEM+ Fueling – 93 Octane ONLY After seeing just an in line pump to help the LPFP supply the HPFP we stepped up to the next level of fuel supply using a 455 in tank. The goal of this was to figure out how much further we could push the system before the HPFP showed signs of it not being able to keep up. With the aftermarket low pressure Walbro unit we were able to squeeze a bit more fuel out of the OEM HPFP allowing us to push just a little further. It's always fun to play around and see how the dynamic of the tables in the dme of the car can change with more boost less timing, less boost more timing, different cam tuning, etc. So here is a quick preview of a different profile of the map. Testing and Results – “All Out” Fueling We designed the MOTIV Single Turbo kits to be extremely efficient, powerful, consistent, and reliable. We were quick to learn that the stock HPFP (no matter what LPFP supplied it fuel) would not be enough to even find the limits of our turbo systems on regular 93 octane alone. As such we began integrating our supplemental MOTIV Port Injection fuel system. After enough testing over the previous months we can finally begin to share these results with you as well. The goal of this setup (which we have used on other platforms with great success as well) is to supply the engine fuel while taking the stress off of the HPFP and keeping it within range where the HPFP never drops fuel pressure throughout the RPM range - no matter how much power the car is making. The following were still at low boost but with the MOTIV Fuel System there is plenty of fuel for up to and over 1000hp. We are only just starting to display how much power this kit can make as this is still only on 93 octane and nothing else. The above graphs and comments have left out one major component of tuning so far. SPOOL!! Naturally, larger turbochargers require a greater amount of time to spool up and reach their respective optimal operating range. However, through tuning and an excellent VANOS system that is employed on the BMW N54 Engine, we’ve been able to alter both intake and exhaust camshaft phasing to provide more exhaust gasses into the turbine housing in order to bring the compressor up to speed faster. By increasing dynamic compression and effectively create more exhaust gas volume to enter the turbine housing we are able to speed up the spool. This comparison between an OEM and PTF calibrated VANOS system and its effects on turbocharger spool can be seen progressively in the graph below. At this point we are only starting to come into the MOTIV 750’s turbo efficiency range. The 3586 does not even wake up until approximately 24+psi and LOVES to flow upper 20s and lower 30s. So in two weeks we will be unveiling all of the results. “All Out” on race gas and e85. All out on 93 as far as we can comfortably push it. And even running a JB4 as we have been in communication with Terry for those of you would prefer to run the kit with a JB4 and his back end flash. Just for fun…here is a higher boost pull where I let off at about 4700RPM... We can’t give out too much information in one night!! Stay tuned for the remainder of that dyno pull and many more like it. In the next week or so we will begin taking pre-orders to gauge interest in how many kits we need to keep on the shelves and which turbos will be in demand. While we love people wanting to push the limits and go with bigger turbos, we do recommend sizing the turbo appropriately for your goals. Having a 900hp turbo is not fun if you only run it at 500-600hp. You will spool slower and have less power under the curve. As of now we are finishing production on approximately 20 kits. We will be offering a slightly smaller option in our 600 kit and two larger options in our 900 kit. The 900 kit can be paired with either a Forced Performance HTA3794 or a PTE6466. The 900 kit will have a little bit of lag but allow for more power on pump gas and even more when pushed all out with our full line of MOTIV horsepower solutions. The kits will retail starting at 7749 and come with all the necessary hardware needed for install. We will be doing an intro special on the first production run of 7600$ SHIPPED in the US. For shipping outside of the US please contact us. Detailed pictures to follow. The kits come with some of the most reliable and reputable turbos on the market. These are not discount turbos. They start at 2249 direct from the retailer. Forced Performance / HTA turbos are world renowned for their quality. In the meantime – enjoy this video and some pictures of the kit in the process of being made. We will begin shipping orders the first week of November. VIDEO:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:56 PM
    If you are looking for a sporty German drop top capable of seating four people here are three very good choices. The Audi S5, BMW 435i, and Mercedes E400 are all worthy choices. The question is, which is the best of the group? Well, Sport Auto fortunately decided to do a comparison with data and even took the cars out of on the Hockenheim course. So how do they stack up to each other? Well, the S5 blows the other two cars away especially the BMW 435i which gets stomped by both the Audi S5 and the Mercedes E400. Keep in mind the E400 is sporting the new Mercedes M276 DELA 35 3.5 liter turbocharged V6 powerplant. This engine offers 333 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. The E400 offers the most torque out of the group with the S5 at 325 lb-ft and the 435i at 300 lb-ft. The 435i trails both the S5 and the E400 by 33 horsepower. What the 435i has going for it is the lightest curb weight but it doesn't matter on the track. It has the slowest laptime of the group. It lags behind the S5 by 3.6 seconds around the Hockenheim which is an eternity. It is also 2.2 seconds behind the E400, ouch. What happened to BMW's sporty character? The S5 is chosen as the best of the three cars and Sport Auto states it isn't even close. The E400 is chosen second and the 435i takes last place. Have Audi and Mercedes really improved that much or has BMW become far too complacent? You be the judge.
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  • Snertz's Avatar
    Today, 10:54 AM
    Anyone getting in on this? opinions? :matrix:
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    Today, 03:30 PM
    Thought you guys might find this interesting. I'll let Payam fill in all the details but he swapped over to a little larger AR with his VM single kit and somehow picked up not only 30whp up top but also improved spool! This is running a basic E40 mix with meth, and our conservative ST back end flash map. Impressive stuff. :eusa-clap:
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  • Torgus's Avatar
    Today, 09:22 AM
    What is the best place to buy an axle for my E92 MT?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:51 PM
    The more things change, the more seem to stay the same. Well, at least in respect to the battle between the Corvette and 911 that has raged for decades. The 1999 model year brought some pretty big changes with Porsche going to water cooled motors and ditching the classic round 911 headlights for a more modern look. The 996 generation upset Porsche 911 purists yet it forced very necessary evolution onto the 911 model line. The current 991 of course is the epitome of this evolution and if it was not for the 996 Porsche may not have even survived. The 991 now is a technologically advanced piece of equipment featuring direct injection, PDK transmissions, water cooled motors, and adjustable suspension. These are things the 993 purists could have never dreamed of the 911 having. The Corvette has also advanced quite a bit. The C7 also has direct injection and offers an advanced 8-speed automatic. It also has stunning good looks and much improved ergonomics. The quality of the materials is also uprated as the C5 in the 1999 did not exactly represent the best effort from GM regarding material quality which was especially evident in the interior. That all said, some things have remained the same and likely always will. The Corvette in 1999 had a larger motor than the Carrera just as it does today. It also is an exceptional value when compared to the Porsche. In 1999 the Corvette cost $38,204.00 making it just over half the price of the Porsche 911 Carrera coming in at $67,881.00. It is this value that put it over the top in this 1999 comparison. The Vette is the faster car even though the 1/4 mile elapsed time is a tenth behind the 911 (due to Car and Driver likely having trouble hooking up off the line). It gets to 100 quicker, 130 quicker, and 150 quicker. The higher the speed the more it favors the 5.7 liter LS1 V8 under the C5's hood. The 3.4 liter flat-6 the 911 Carrera uses it not Porsche's best work although 296 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque is respectable. It would get replaced by a 3.6 liter variant though after a couple years. The full comparison article from Car and Driver is below. The Corvette is still faster than the Carrera today. It still has the larger and more powerful motor than the Carrera. It still is a value compared to the Carrera. Yet the Porsche 911 still remains unmatched in the driving experience it offers.
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  • The Ghost's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:18 PM
    In preparation for future plans, I purchased a JB4 (ISO, FSB) to sit on top of my existing custom ATR tune (e85, meth, FBO, 450whp). My flash boost is dialed-in perfectly (~18.5psi, no throttle closures, solid AFR, good timing). I'm running JB4 on map 3 typically (~60 additive), and optionally on map 7. The question I have is, is there anything in particular I need to do to either my tune or JB4 to get them to work well together? Thanks
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    Today, 02:33 PM
    File Request for WinKFP - Software number 7609274
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