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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:54 AM
    So everyone is always saying you can't compare dyno graphs because of variables, etc, etc, etc. How about this for a comparison. Same Day, Same Dyno, Same tuner, same fuel, two N54's. One car VTT GC, the other X brand Single kit with a 6465BB Twin Scroll single. The Single is running 1 degree more timing up top, boost is almost identical between the two. Both running what AZ passes for E85 which is about E54. 1000 RPM better spool, more power throughout the entire rev band, and the same power up top... Which power curve would you choose, VTT GC's FTMFW? :D
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:29 AM
    Welcome ssapek, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:42 AM
    Grandmaster55, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:48 PM
    Hey Cblaise90: :text-welcomewave:
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  • 135inreag's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:43 PM
    wannaGOFAST - North Carolina 1/2 Mile Shootout - May 20-21, 2017!! is proud to present the North Carolina 1/2 Mile Shootout. This incredible 2-DAY event will be held on May 20 and 21st, 2017 at the Gorgeous Stanly County Airport (<a href="" target="_blank">WWW.STANLYCOUNTYAIRPORT.COM</a>) in New London, NC. Located only 1 hour from downtown Charlotte! Nestled in the beautiful North Carolina countryside this airport will provide a breathtaking backdrop for HIGH SPEED FUN!! Come join us for 2 FULL DAYS of, side-by-side, HALF MILE racing at this rare and exclusive location. All of our participants will be given a chance to take their vehicleís Top Speed down Stanly Countyís 5500 ft runway and race door-to-door against the competitor of their choice!! See what itís finally like to race without the restrictions of speed limits, on what is basically your own private interstate in the North Carolina countryside!! This event is limited to only 135 cars per day and is sure to sell out quick!! So register today and we promise to make your automotive DREAMS come true! Host Hotel Info: All hotels less then 15 minute drive to airport. Best Western - (704) 985-1111 - $84/night, mention wannaGOFAST for preferred rate. Sleep Inn - (704) 983-2770 - $84/night, mention wannaGOFAST for preferred rate. Holiday Inn - (704) 986-2100 - $104/night, mention wannaGOFAST for preferred rate. The event address is: Stanly County Airport 43222 Lowder Aviation Parkway New London, NC 28127 Event Date: May 20 and 21, 2017 Driver's CLICK HERE to register now for the Georgia 1/2 Mile Shootout! Or you can visit for more details! Pricing: Drivers: $250/ea (per day) in advance, or $450 for a 2-Day Pass. All Driver's will be treated to a private catered lunch! Driverís you must Pre-Pay Online! *There is no limit to the number of passes you can make! You will only be restricted by the turnover time that each run takes. Spectators: Adults: $20/ea (per day), or Weekend Pass $35/ea Children 12 and under: $10/ea (per day) The event is limited to 150 cars per day, no motorcycles All driverís will be required to wear SNELL SA2010+ helmets for this event. We take cash only at the gate for spectators. Spectators must provide their own tents and chairs for this event. All speeds will be recorded with a dual-lane speed trap system. DRIVER REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON MARCH 31, 2017 AT 8AM EASTERN TIME!!! ** NOTICE ** All Drivers and Crew must read the event registration waivers, tech sheet, forms, general event rules and rules & regulations. Rules & Safety If you need to contact us please do so by emailing us at or you can give us a call at 850-585-5168 and we will be happy to discuss any questions or inquiries you may have!
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  • TurboTim's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:48 PM
    TurboTim started a thread Help with my single turbo in N54
    About a month ago a 2010 135 fell into my lab with a bad engine. I swapped the engine with intent to sell the car but my CL65 was in storage and I kinda fell in love with this car for a bit. I put some catless down pipes and an MHD tune with E85 blend and that was fun but I have 3 cars with 500-1100hp so I wanted more! I traded some car parts with a friend who was into these for a while and got an On3 single kit with a 61mm billet BB turbo and that is where we stand today. I ordered 2 walbro 450's and I was going to mount those in tank . I am trying to learn about this car as quick as possible but there is so much info on the internet to sort though. I see there is that Bimmerboost app but can I take some of those XDF files and load them with my MHD cable easily? I am also wondering if there is some way of using the ECU to control my turbo? I am still just amazed that it seems like people just throw a tune for close to the mods they have and the ECU just works eventually and can adjust. I heard a rumor that you really cant run one of these motors lean with the direct injection and melt it down. Is there truth to this?
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  • jt0407's Avatar
    Today, 07:43 AM
    jt0407 replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    Why don't you use load per gear or have Justin taper the load up in the RPM? Also, You need a taller tire for traction. Those 17's, aren't going to cut it.
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  • psychosinmylobby's Avatar
    Today, 07:12 AM
    psychosinmylobby replied to a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    But you are implying it though:
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  • martymil's Avatar
    Today, 06:25 AM
    martymil replied to a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    Flinchy read the thread again it was never said it was the best, please stop saying it Judging from the logs I seen from other cars they are the lowest temps I seen so far. If you want pre and post temps buy the IC and test it yourself I rather spend my hard earned on something else. All i can say for now is the fitment is superb, the tolerances and the alignment of this kit is second to none.
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  • hydra's Avatar
    Today, 06:20 AM
    hydra replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    Weighing sub-3000lbs with a 55/45 weight distribution doesn't exactly help either...
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  • Sticky2's Avatar
    Today, 03:58 AM
    Sticky2 replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    3.08 is quite a bit longer and will help traction but the fact remains the n54 struggles with traction. Something to be said for building torque up top.
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  • Evan Patak's Avatar
    Today, 01:08 AM
    Snuck down the street to a local father/son repair shop to have them fabricate a transmission mount. While the wagon was on a lift I snapped a couple pics of the undercarriage. Completed trans support built to connect my oem 535xi Transfer case support mounting points to the 335i trans and UUC mounts. It is just what I wanted: reliable, serviceable, and economical. Strictly business. My pedal trim needed to have a slit cut to allow for clutch pedal travel. A dremel made quick work of that. As you can see the foam piece was already there for the 3rd pedal. I would almost rather install turbos than this center console, I hate it. BEFORE AFTER At last, a manual transmission.
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  • Redbeanbun's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:47 PM
    Redbeanbun replied to a thread Custom TCU flashing in N54
    I would be be happy to test the bin as well ...
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  • psychosinmylobby's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:21 PM
    In to get some fast spooling GCs!
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  • BuiltV10's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:11 PM
    UPDATE I picked up my heads from the machine shop earlier. They were amazed at how straight the heads were. No warpage. Even 02 could not shimmy under anything. Once I got the heads home I sealed them up for storage until my bottom end is done. I've decided I'm pulling the trigger on a 4.8L stroker for this block. Exciting times! I'm still in negotiation with VAC on some of the finer details of the bottom end build. Hopefully I'll get this sent off for getting sleeved and assembled soon. I'll be waiting for my stroker kit first though. The heads still may look a little dirty in some areas but it's just loose debris sealed in by the oil that was put on the head to keep dust and dirt off. A simple wipe will carry it all away.
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  • raffists's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:30 PM
    raffists replied to a thread VTT Giveaway! Enter Here in N54
    Wait... can I be in on this Chris?? If so, please add me! Love the GCs! Could definitely use the dual shotgun :)
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  • Flinchy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:26 PM
    Flinchy replied to a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    Which datazaps have pre intercooler temps? I can't see any I'm not trying to start arguments here and I apologize for bringing up anything advan related, but pre and post is the one true "stfu" data which would bring a lot of people, including myself, around.
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  • hydra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    hydra replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    Don't want to stray too far off the topic at hand Tony, but when I tried 275/40/17 Hoosier DR2s (@20psi tire pressure) the car had shit for traction in 3rd gear, despite doing several rolling burnouts in a vain attempt to heat the tires. Ambient temps were in the 55F range and it was night time so the asphalt had cooled, oh and this was with a 3.46 rear end on a 6MT. Have not bolted them on since installing the 3.08, I'm hoping they should be a lot more effective in the daytime on warmer tarmac... PS - I think you meant 275/40/17 as I don't see a 45 listed for the DR2s?
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:22 PM
    On the street / roll race car we have 275/45/17 Hoosier DR2's. We have full 28" slicks in the rear our of soon to be race car. They hook up fine we ran them a bunch of times at the strip, but this is not something you would run on the street, or a 1/2 mile event. This person (Milan) is a know it all, and when he talks, he usually shows he knows less that he wants you to believe. Remember his last minute "TX2K" build. Much ado about nothing, he is car is still slow. Ride easy @Milan Here is the set up put on the street car for mocking. The fit but just barely. To get it driveable we did a lot of work to the car they found a home on.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:18 PM
    That's great. Head back over to that world where people might actually care about the BS you spew on a daily basis. Lone hater removed from the thread, long overdue. Ps, show us one of YOUR slips with a 1.1 60ft. I am sure I will be waiting as long for you to bring your slow car to either dyno heads up or race, as we would be for that slip. Don't let the door hit ya on your way out now! :handgestures-thumb:
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  • hydra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:17 PM
    hydra replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    How tall are the 275s in question though, 28"? Its hard enough fitting 26" tall tires on my car... :/
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  • Milan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:48 PM
    Milan replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    I'm not taking it seriously. I'm just providing an objection based on my observations for those who don't want to take VTT word as fact. In other news...if you want straight line traction you need a taller tire not a wider one. We can cut 1.1 60' with 275 radial pros all day in the Corvette world, and that's on IRS.
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  • 135i2's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:37 PM
    135i2 replied to a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    Dear me, the comments are coming from off topic posts from the beginning of this thread. And always from a few. All the datazaps here and on other forums present low IAT supression for this cooler. That is real data. Want some other Only Tony verification, because road logs and dyno testing now seem to mean nothing, buy one and add to the real data. On topic. poop
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  • berns's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:25 PM
    berns replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    No reading or literary comprehension issues over here, but I think you might suffer from some. Show me where Toyo calls the R888r a drag radial, please. It's a track tire, for cars that turn. You guys and your mythical 700hp. Power isn't fun if you're too stupid to put it down. Boost by gear, proper suspension, some research on wheels, offsets, clearances and rubber compounds... It all goes a long way. Hilarious that I legitimately replied to help the dude out, (because he thinks his tire setup is about as aggressive as you can go on a street car with narrow fenders, ha!) and both of you act defensive over big power vs stock twin power. My e46 M3 was making 650whp / 600 lb-ft. You guys assume everyone who doesn't slap a big single turbo on their N54 has no experience putting power down.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:05 PM
    The car is very scary on the street, I drive it with kid gloves these days. Even with 275 Hoosier DOT 2 Drag Radials we cannot hook up at all in any gear under 4th unless we warm the tires. Then its hit or miss if it will hook up in 3rd. If we want to try to launch the car, it takes fully warmed slicks, and a full prepped drag strip, that is the only way. Last time we had it at the strip it was making 100WHP less, and it sheared the Diff input shaft, we have since gone to M3 diffs. We plan to take it back to the strip soon, and drop the car down into the 10's if we don't break anything.
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  • Icewall's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:04 PM
    Icewall replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    You have trouble reading or understanding? He already has drag radials and this is a 700hp car not just fbo. Traction is non existent when you go beyond fbo and don't reduce boost by gear.
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  • bradsm87's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:02 PM
    bradsm87 replied to a thread Custom TCU flashing in N54
    The XDF is here: My car is having diff repairs so I want to be able to test my tuned bin file myself before throwing it up on the web. mfish has been doing some testing. If anyone else wants to test, I'm more than happy to share what I have via PM.
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  • berns's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:56 PM
    berns replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    The point was not to claim that FBO was in any way a comparison for 700hp. That number will always be hard to put down on the street. However, to your point and your situation, you can run a much larger tire than a 265 without doing some gross widebody kit. You could also switch to drag radials if you were so inclined. Just because this thread is about comparisons, doesn't mean every post will follow suit. Good luck with your unusable horespower though. 700hp sounds like a hoot in low gears. :laughing-rofl:
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  • Aces's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:44 PM
    Aces replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    Im at work so I finally read this thread, Milan man your taking this way to seriously. They are different setups with similar boost making similar power. Take it for what it is
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