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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    03-14-2017, 01:42 AM
    TIME FOR A NEW GIVEAWAY! We're excited to start the next giveaway. This one is to celebrate 1000 VTT Turbocharger sets out there -although in truth we're more than a little late on starting this contest and actual numbers are closer to 1200 BMW turbos shipped. PRIZE: We're trying something a little different this time -the prize will be a cool grand ($1000) off any VTT product. Contest runs from when you read this post until 11:59:59 PM March 28th 2017. We'll draw the winner the following day and announce it after we ping them and get a response... so a couple days later. If you enter, be thinking about what you want so when I message you asking you about your plans we have something exciting to write about. Work with me here guys! GC's: Not a bad thing to save a grand on. RULES: We like keeping these giveaways simple -you want in? Just post in this thread to let us know. Standard VTT contest rules apply (and, like always, are subject to change at our discretion)... choose a forum to post on (we're on all the big ones) and only post on THAT forum. Enter more than once and you're disqualified. Post griping about how unfair life is and you're disqualified. Post using wingdings font and you're disqualified unless you run the forum, in which case you're already disqualified. Only people who have legitimate accounts are allowed to enter. New user? No problem, message me and tell me about yourself but by the time we wrap this up you better have quite a few posts going on. Since EVERY time we do a giveaway we have a few issues with people complaining stating we're hand selecting people to give FREE STUFF to (or a respectable discount), I'm going to tell you exactly how we're going to draw the number in the end. We'll count up the entrances per forum, pick a forum out of a hat, use a random number generator to get a post number.... and figure out which post belongs to which person. If, however, we draw, say, post 133 on Forum X and that happens to be some dude spouting off -in OUR OWN THREAD- about how VTT is his mortal enemy, stole his dog and made his taxes go up.... come on guys, we're gonna draw again and pretend like it never happened. :happyanim: I won't even feel bad about it. It's not hard at all to NOT be excluded, just be reasonable. :thumsup: WHO WE ARE: For those that are still learning about us, VTT was started in 1978 by Ron Vargas (Tony's father). Ron Vargas: Innovator and Boundary Pusher Ron was an innovator with emerging technologies such as fuel injection and turbochargers back in a time when these concepts were not common place. Ron quickly made a name for himself turbocharging anything from cars, boats, RV's, dune buggies.... if it had an internal combustion engine Ron could make it produce more power. Tony grew up in this environment; he was racing shortly after he could walk and learned turbo theory under Ron's watchful eye from the time he was 14 years old until he was 27, when Tony took a break to pursue the production industry. A young Tony Vargas. The cars are different but not much else has changed. In 2011 Ron passed away unexpected and Tony took the company over. Never one to do things half heartedly, once Tony was back in the turbo world it didn't take long before another Vargas was making waves. Love us or hate us, we've broken, held, or at least had respectable performance with nearly every metric of competition out there. 1/4 mile, 60-130, 1/2 mile, stock frame records, factory location twin turbo records... Tony, and all of us at VTT remain fiercely competitive, constantly challenging barriers, each other, and the limits of hardware. We work hard, we play hard, and we love all things turbo/motor related. At I finish up writing this post I do want to extend gratitude to our customer base. I really appreciate getting to know quite a few of you personally -even after the sale is done and the parts are running well, we love seeing a familiar face show up at a race to grab a drink and talk shop. We love hearing about your progress as you get your car dialed in. All of us find some happiness in the whine of a forced induction motor and we get it. Thank you. Tony and son, Hudson. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Best, Chris
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  • bradsm87's Avatar
    03-05-2017, 03:54 AM
    bradsm87 started a thread Custom TCU flashing in N54
    I tried my first custom TCU flash today. I started with a 7603537 backup file and changed the following: - Changed the last torque breakpoints (450nm on ongoing tables. 498nm on offgoing tables) to 600nm and extrapolated (increased) the shift pressure to follow the same curve. - Changed all D mode shift maps to the average of the stock and Alpina shift points. I find stock D mode shift points a little too high and Alpina a little too low so this should be pretty spot on for me. The thing I have disliked the most about the transmission behaviour is the dead zone during a 1st to 2nd shift. It felt almost like it decoupled in to neutral for half a second then banged into 2nd (not really that bad but that's the sensation). Both target and actual boost also dropped to nothing during the shift. With that in mind, I also did the following: - Further increased M mode 1>2 shift pressure from 270nm upwards - Reduced the "Timespan ongoing clutch transition HS 1>2" at higher torque by 20ms I flashed it and tested it today. Wow! D mode is just perfect and the 1st to 2nd decoupling feeling is completely gone! Next will be to do similar to 2>3, 3>4 etc. TCU flashing still has a long way to come. Most of the difference between stock and Alpina files are not defined in the XDF, some of which is delibrate by RBT Tuning I guess to keep an advantage with the OTS maps. The biggest disappointment is that the torque limiter has been withheld from the XDF and I spend 3.5 hours today trying to find it today without success. It looks like it must use a different conversion formula to other references to torque in the XDF. :( Here's a log showing no loss of boost during 1st to 2nd change. I could probably fish out an old log showing the issue but I've got over 100 logs and can't remember which ones I did a standing start on.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-07-2017, 06:13 PM
    Guys, now that the RB giveaway is over and the winners got what they played for I will do one last big giveaway before moving my focus predominantly over to the Porsche stuff. What would you like to see? What would generate the most interest? Just name it. It's the last one. I think I've given enough, wouldn't you say?
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  • lulz_m3's Avatar
    02-27-2017, 04:36 PM
    Figured it was time for a dedicated Sous Vide thread. I just picked one up last week. Grass fed London Broil/Top Round cut. Cooked @ 133 for 7.5 hours. It was so tender I literally cut it with my fork. Added Worcestershire, freshly chopped garlic and Weber Chicago steak seasoning into the bag. I'm traditionally a BBQ guy, but so far I'm convinced this is my new go to method. My next experiment will be brisket cooked SV, but smoked on my wsm to impart some smoky flavor and crust.
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  • martymil's Avatar
    03-19-2017, 04:02 AM
    martymil started a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    Hows this for an IC, biggest tube and fin that can be crammed into a 1 Series period and some results from the third back to back run at 400rwk on dyno dynamics dyno and the dyno room tipping the temp at 100f And it only weighs 13 lbs
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    02-27-2017, 11:47 AM
    Finally got another motor in the shop car, and on the dyno Friday before we left for the event on Saturday. With a little tuning by none other than our favorite N54 tuning guru Justin @V8Bait the car laid down a more than impressive 847WHP/726WTQ with an astounding 601WTQ by 3000 RPM held to redline, and 700WTQ held flat from 3500-6500RPM. This power, and tq was made with ONLY 25.4 psi at peak power RPM. We also made 776WHP at 21.62 psi boost at peak power! This is a perfect example of why we continually tell people boost is simply measurement of restriction NOTHING else. Remove restriction, and power stays the same or goes up at the SAME boost pressure. This is our closed deck 9.5:1 compression motor, with fully built head, larger intake valves, Manley springs, TI retainers, etc. We are also running the EOS V2 manifold. Full specs below. We took the car out to Shift Sector yesterday, and ran a new N54 1/2 record of 170.49MPH using the 776WHP map with 3 degrees less timing, then we tried to turn up the boost to the 850WHP map, but the we believe something happened to the diff or alignment, the car was all over the track, and very dangerous to drive, so we could not get a full run in. Even with the car near uncontrollable we managed a 168MPH run. We belive the car would have been close to 175MPH with the 850WHP map in it, had we been able to complete a full pass. (Chris will be doing a full Shift Sector post) Breakdown of the car as it is right now: Closed deck 9.5:1 compression N54 short block, forged rods, forged pistons Fully Ported head with oversized intake valves, Manley springs, Ti Retainer, Stock cams VTT GC turbochargers Custom VTT inlets with 6" velocity stacks VTT Double Barrel HPFP system EOS V2 intake manifold with top PI ADE 1100WHP FMIC Custom triple Walbro LPFP set up with Radium Surge tank MHD tuner tuned by V8BAIT 100% E85 847WHP graph AEM Log Grab 776WHP graph AEM Log Grab Logs: AEM 847 Log MHD 847 Log AEM 776 Log
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-08-2017, 11:28 PM
    There are upgrades coming for the ZF 6HP21 gearbox (such as the Nizpro option) but is it too little, too late? BimmerBoost knows of a member who recently completed a DCT swap with upgraded clutches as well as a few other members doing the same thing. Details on the successfully completed swap along with install pictures, pricing details, and the performance increase will come in a later article but perhaps the best option for automatic N54's running too much torque has been around this whole time and provided by BMW themselves. The Getrag DCT unit that BMW sources is used in a variety of models. If you are wondering about the torque handling capability, just look at what kind of torque F10 M5's running upgraded turbos are putting out and how the DCT transmission with upgraded clutches is holding it. Not only is the DCT capable of higher torque capability than the ZF 6HP21 it does not have the same software issues holding it back or internal hardware capability issues. Some upgrades for the AT box only aim at making it not slip at fairly low power levels in this day and age of N54 tuning. In other words, a complete waste of time for people running big boost (or who intend to add power) and concerned with maximum performance. You know, the kind of people who read BimmerBoost. The truth is, the DCT is the best option for high powered N54's. Not only will it hold as much torque as you can throw at it you also get a shift speed benefit. It's quite simply the best performance option and the swap alone will improve performance without you even having to add any power. The E82 1M should have come from the factory with it. If you are looking into something like the Nizpro upgrade by the time you factor in shipping from Australia, part cost, software, install, and shipping you might as well have just swapped in the DCT and had the best of all worlds. Look forward to a detailed article on this swap coming up soon.
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  • idratherbesurfing's Avatar
    02-27-2017, 04:39 PM
    So my car is single turbo it was on the dyno for multiple hours and driven home from the car shop on an open downpipe with zero smoke coming out of the car. All of a sudden one day I noticed plumes of smoke coming out of the exhaust. Keep in mind I'm in New Jersey when I picked up the car the weather was very cold and it has been very cold since so I have not been able to drive the car let alone beat on the car and actually break something. The car does not smoke a single bit on cold startup or warm start up, the car does not smoke just idling, the only time the car smokes is on decel while revving or driving! The car does not idle weird nor does it drive weird as in I feel no loss of power. I will list the things I've done so far to try and remedy this issue. Dual catch can, tapped and plugged head, replaced valve cover gasket, sent out turbo for inspection, and oil change. I will also add my catch cans are full of a yellowish cakey muck that smells of fuel. The smoke is a whitish grayish color, someone told me it smells like fuel not like burning oil. So after I heard that I've decided to go a different route with ideas to fix this. Next up we removed my halltech controller completely including the port injection controller. So my port injection does not work anymore which cancels out the possibility of extra fuel moving through those injectors when it's not supposed still smokes. The car is now solely running on the stock ECU with mhd. Any possibility it has to do with a leaky stock injector? Or maybe my fuel pressure regulator? I'm waiting to do a compression and leak down test just for the hell of it but it's just hard to imagine something's wrong with the motor considering I only drove the car in town a few times not going higher than 4th gear! Please help anyone that has an idea or information I would really appreciate it. My goal is to button this car up 100% so I can sell it. I'm trying to buy a house and I cannot buy a house with this goddamn Money Pit
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  • newb335guy's Avatar
    02-25-2017, 08:46 PM
    newb335guy started a thread For Sale: Part out, moving on. in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Doc race single turbo-ceramic coated PTE Gen 2 6266. everything that I got from Doc Racing goes to you plus I will provide the Hose setup that is in picture to vent back into turbo so you avoid venting to air and having to smell oil. Also Moshomito Catch can setup provided and ADV 02 Sensor (very recommended). Price to sell at $4700.00 We can package fueling into it also. Any questions you can call or text 850-240-0293 This is off of Doc Website: BMW 335i 135i N54 Top Mount Single Turbo Kit Turbo Bearing Ceramic Coating $5,495.00 USD Cpe/BMS Port injection with Split Second AIC controller $800 Stage 3 Fuelit setup with upgraded fuel lines, return line fittings and Hobbs switch $600 DSS Axles $700
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-11-2017, 07:32 PM
    Ok, keeping a black car clean is a giant bitch. You see every smudge. Anyone have any product suggestions? I almost feel like getting that spray on wax stuff and just wiping it down after every drive.
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  • quing's Avatar
    02-28-2017, 07:07 PM
    Wondering if I can get some help on this issue im having. I get a misfire on cyl5 at wot right after 5000rpm. Trims are all over the place, afr is spiking up and down as well as rail pressure. I have replaced all new index 12 injectors, eldor coils, ngk 5992 gapped at .018, ADV sensors. Been trying to solved this issue for a while but not luck. Tried multiple different tuners as well but always the same issue. Any help is appreciated.
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  • victor247's Avatar
    03-11-2017, 11:54 PM
    victor247 started a thread Possibly blew my DME in N54
    Hi guys. Today I was installed my Jb4, 2 Step and SS AIC. After the install, before stating up the car, I decided to check if the "JB4 connect" was working and sure enough it wasn't. So I connected to the JB4 with the computer and still nothing. So I checked with my Bimmer Boost cable for backend flash and I read my DME, showed voltage and did the full read of the DME but it wouldn't write the ST file and went into recovery mode. So I decided to check with INPA and it read codes, BUT the DME doesnt show up!! Im thinking somehow my DME is shorted out. How could I test it? Is there a fuse I can check? The Red 50 next to the green power wire for the JB4 is good. Does anyone have a schematic diagram? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-07-2017, 07:14 PM
    Fabspeed was not too pleased about the BoostAddict article yesterday which details claims about an upcoming class-action lawsuit. The job of this network is to report automotive performance news and sometimes that news is not positive. The job will be done to the writer's best ability even if that means some people might get upset. To do the job properly both sides should get their say and you, the reader, are left to make up your own mind. Now, that is quite a story and this Sal Pane fellow sounds like he is making life terrible for Fabspeed. BoostAddict did google Sal Pane and, yes, many links about him being a con man come up: There's more: What is the truth here? Well, Sal Pane's name is attached to some very shady and very dirty things. Additionally, if the threats against Fabspeed and the extortion claims are true one would think Sal Pane would face jail time. It also seems that he is a convicted felon. Fabspeed is gearing up their own legal defense. All we know is Fabspeed sells exhausts and has always been easy to work with from this end and provided this network with whatever requests for product information were made. Let's hope this matter is quickly resolved.
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  • csu87's Avatar
    03-15-2017, 02:19 PM
    Well after a long run over there, got the boot. All because I called some guy salty after he bought a 2013 335 for 38k... My favorite touch was when i received an email from the mods that they were going to charge me $15k for having an alternate account. I'll keep you guys posted with how that goes. Guess I'll be more active over here now. Wont miss it since its a joke of a technical forum, although that offtopic section they have is pretty good.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-07-2017, 06:42 PM
    Sleeving the S65 V8 block for greater strength is the approach everyone took early on. An article from VAC asked if sleeves are bad for your S65 V8 engine and if there are any drawbacks. Their conclusion was that there are no drawbacks. BimmerBoost would beg to differ. There are drawbacks especially with flanged sleeves as when material is removed from the block to install the sleeves the rigidity is compromised. That is simply the experience with my own sleeved S65 V8 running high boost and Gintani's experience with various sleeved blocks. The approach taken for the E92 M3 now is going with a high strength chromoly bed plate to brace and reinforce the block while leaving the bore alone. BimmerBoost previewed this bedplate in an article last year and now you can see the finished design and how it compares to the factory. There will no doubt be people saying sleeves are the way to go. They are welcome to try. The factory block without sleeves is currently supporting over 700 horsepower to the wheels. There are obviously going to be upgrades other than just this brace but take into account what AMS says here: What will an S65 V8 do with a reinforced block, forged crank, forged internals, and turbos? Well, we are going to find out.
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  • BuiltV10's Avatar
    03-14-2017, 01:10 AM
    Hey guys! I'll keep this short and concise. I'm starting a project build using the S65 platform. My first thought is to build a stroked motor and slap on a nice supercharger to make "big numbers". The problem is, there's a lot of information around about builds such as this and I'm left rather apprehensive. Admittedly, I'm not an expert engine builder, nor am I a physicist or mechanical engineer so bear this in mind when evaluating my statements. I am in no way attempting to be make any statements written in stone. I'd like to hear all of your feedback and thoughts on this matter to try and get a better idea of what to do. Here's where we are at so far: I have the donor car ready to receive the build so at this time all we have to do is do the build. I'm still in the planning phase of this build and the only thing I have gotten is a block. Specifically, I just picked up a block from ebay for a very good price that was hydrolocked. Since I plan to build a stroked engine I figured this is no big deal at all and any machining/sleeves would render this a very usable block. To elaborate on my goals a bit more, I really would like to get at least 700 wheel. My first plan is to go with the PPM stroker kit and a compression of 10:1. I've been speaking with Peter Helmuth from PPM in Australia and he has advised me that he can sell me the same stroker kit they use in their 4.8L race motor. It's an 86mm stroke and a 94mm bore. This sounds absolutely nutty awesome and it's something I'd like to do. He advised me that I don't really need sleeves even with running boosted. Now, this is where my apprehension comes into play. I'm not too sure about all of this. It seems to me that alusil is not exactly the strongest material in the world and sleeves like Darton makes are really great for running in boosted motors. My main concern with sleeves is excessive temperature retention, but again I'm no expert here. Before I tackle the supercharger, I'd like to lay out my stroker build first. Enlighten me, you boosted heathens :music-rockout: I've attached some pictures of the block I picked up. One of the pictures details a repair that was one on one of the cylinders. Everything looks fine here to be a candidate for a stroker build like this. Thoughts on this block? I don't see anything that jumps out and throws a big red flag
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-06-2017, 04:57 PM
    BoostAddict has covered a lot of Fabspeed products over the years. What is marketed is billed as top quality. The product presentation is done well and they provide good videos along with dyno data to support their claims. We like that. What we do not like is what you are going to see below. Why is nobody talking about it? Why is a lawsuit due to poor product quality and poor customer service not being discussed on any of the major forums? Probably because Fabspeed is a vendor on those forums and you will see those who raised questions were banned. Here is an example: Banned for raising questions about cheap Chinese Fabspeed sources. So what is going on? Well, take a look at some of this: Quite a bit to chew on there, isn't there? It certainly doesn't look good. It also doesn't look good that the source ( says a class action lawsuit is taking place. BoostAddict reached out for comment to see how far along this lawsuit is. What is the truth here? Well, we are going to try to find out.
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    03-06-2017, 01:24 PM
    Hey guys, While I think most of the users here on BB are a little past this, but I wrote an article about how to get 600 whp out of your N54 powered BMW. It's not a DIY but goes over the basics of what it takes to get there from our perspective -I hope some of you find it useful. Screenshots and .pdf attached. I do want to reiterate, there are MANY ways to do this, and plenty of good quality parts out there, not everything that's good got mentioned. If you have questions, just ask, we're always glad to help. Chris PDF:
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  • neuroclast's Avatar
    03-20-2017, 11:32 AM
    I recently had my friend (Engineered Mechanic Mike) do a M3 LSD swap into my 335i. I am a single turbo N54 with 6MT, and put around 700hp to the ground. I wanted to do a LSD swap because even with 265 R888R's out back, most of second and all of first gear were useless. I do most of my work myself when time permits, but since this involved shortening the driveshaft and changing bushings I asked Mike to take it on (he is a mechanical engineer by trade, and knows his BMWs!)I decided to do the M3 LSD swap instead of a Wavetrac/Quaife for a few reasons: Way cheaper Reliability & tech of a M3 diff, plus added cooling with the M3 diff heatsink. The new pumpkin is a beast compared to the 335i one. M3 half shafts and driveshaft are way beefier than 335i. No need for DSS axles (save $1000). No deductibles or cores to send in when done. I can resell all my old parts! This wouldn't have happened without the excellent threads by Theconnman2 and GeorgeSmooth on e90post. These guys rock, and hopefully this post adds to their already awesome work. I started by researching all the parts they listed, and then by buying off eBay and craigslist. I also found some parts at online scrap yards, but was able to find cheaper stuff on the other two sites. Any of them should work though, so do whatever you find easiest. Final parts list (for me). Your list will be different!: M3 half shafts from 2011 (right/left). - $359 shipped - Found some that came with the proper bolts and retainers, which saved me $150. If you're getting these pulled for your build, GET THE BOLTS. Your 335i ones WON'T FIT. These are much more beefy than 335i half shafts, so you get a free upgrade here and no need for DSS axles. M3 DCT driveshaft. - $200 shipped - Came with guibo and center bearing. M3 DCT differential from 2008. - $580 shipped - Must be DCT for 6MT cars, as it maintains a (close) to stock 3.15 ratio. Note that these may require special balancing bolts or washers, depending on the paint mark on the differential. I was lucky and mine had a white paint mark, meaning no balancing hardware was necessary. Hardware Driveshaft gasket - 26117507842 - $8.85 Bolts - 26117526322 - $23.64 Bolts - 26117527475 - $33.96 Nuts - 26127536563 - $9.00 Retainers - 33212283013 - $16.68 New differential bushings (not necessary, but a good idea) - Rear PowerFlex PFR5-1226 - $48.99, front PowerFlex PFR5-426 - $50.99. Labor - $600 Driveshaft rework - $100 So my total for parts was $1231, labor was $600, and driveshaft rework was $100. To put one of the other LSD options in comparison, we will just stick to parts/rework cost without bushings. Labor will be really variable. On N54Tuning, the Wavetrac for my car (2009) would be $2694.00. Then you send back the core, and total is $1499+$35 shipping + $85 core shipping return = $1619. So I only saved about $288 to start with, but in the process I got upgraded and beefier half shafts, an upgraded and beefier axle, and a much beefier LSD/pumpkin with heat spreader than the LSD replacements for the 335i pumpkin. Seems like a no-brainer to me. OH, and I get to sell all my old parts and probably get a lot of money back! So now that the costing/parts are done, here are the install pics. We will be doing a write-up soon as well, but this install is a bit more difficult due to needing bushing removal tools and a good way to remove axles (air hammer in our case). Pics: On the "lift" and ready for swapping. Giant nuts on the 335i driveshaft to diff connection. These require a really big wrench. Make sure you measure your driveshaft lengths BEFORE removing anything, as you will need those lengths to have the new driveshaft reworked. Center support bearing unbolted M3 diff/driveshaft on the left, 335i on the right. Notice how much bigger the M3 differential is, and how much more beefy the heatsinks are? Here you can (kinda) see that the front half of the M3 shaft is longer than the 335i one. This is why it needs to be reworked by a professional driveshaft shop. This is after the driveshaft was reworked. The front flange from the 335i is different than the M3, so the M3 front shaft needs to be cut down and shortened, and then have the 335i flange welded on. Here are my lengths, but yours will be different. Do not use these measurements before checking yours personally. Hard to tell here, but the flanges are slightly different sizes. Need to make sure you 335i one is used for the finished driveshaft. These are the two center support bearings. 335i on the left, M3 on right. You will need to put your 335i one on the driveshaft you are having reworked/balanced. The M3 one sits lower, so can't be used or your angles won't be right! M3 axle (bottom) vs 335i axle (top). The M3 half shaft is MUCH beefier. Old bushings coming out... New (stiffer) bushings going in... M3 diff in place. Notice the giant heatsink on this guy. Much nicer than the 335i pumpkin, which you won't get if you just do a Wavetrac/Quaife swap... That's it! The car now gets some traction in 1st, and hooks pretty well in 2nd. Way better than it was before. Also feels substantially better in corners than it did before the swap. I know a lot of people argue that a LSD isn't needed since we have the BMW braking assist to "simulate" a LSD, but to be honest it feels totally different. Well worth the money. Hope this thread helps! Josh
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-23-2017, 10:21 PM
    This is going to be ready to go in about a week but the video posted claims 'DCT like' shifting. Based on what though? Because they think it shifts faster? There is literally no measurement of any kind provided to corroborate that and it just seems to be hype: Ok, so the shifts are firmed up a bit (nowhere near a DCT from that vid) but what else? Where is the full control? Programmable shift points and so forth? You can see at the end of the video the car revving out slightly higher. What's the big deal here?
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  • Bob Loblaw's Avatar
    03-02-2017, 02:00 PM
    Possibly a stupid question, but I installed a 4 Bar Tmap sensor, re-flashed with an MHD OTS tune with the 4 Bar Tmap sensor option checked, and afterward kept getting an error code related to the Tmap. I put the stock Tmap back in, removed the 4 Bar Tmap option in MHD and no more error codes. I'm not sure if I had a faulty Tmap sensor or if the issue was with the tune. I assumed I could run an OTS map with the 4 Bar option checked, but just want to confirm if that is actually the case. Thanks.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-04-2017, 07:02 PM
    The year of the N55? Maybe, as the turbo upgrade options are getting very interesting especially with several capable of over 600 horsepower at the wheels. Speedtech's Stage 3 N55 entry promises 600+ rwhp, full boost by 3000 rpm, and a total cost less than $5000. Bold claims but they appear to be backing them up. Let's look at the specs. They use a cast manifold and Borgwarner EFR 7670 turbocharger: Here is what is included: BorgWarner EFR 7670 Turbo Cast Exhaust Manifold (divided for twin scroll) Stainless Steel Downpipe RH Engine Mount Waterpump Mount Bracket Coolant Hoses and Fittings Oil Lines and Fittings Aluminum Turbo Inlet Tube Aluminum Turbo Outlet Tube Silicone Couplers EWG Bracket and Linkage Required Fasteners and Hose Clamps V-band Clamp Ok, so what abou the result? They hit 628 rwhp on a 2014 335i that also has their Port Fuel Injection kit. The intercooler, airbox, and exhaust are all stock: That is a good looking torque curve and it stays relatively flat from 3800 rpm to 6500 rpm. The kit is only available for the F30 335i at the moment and retails for $4600 going up from there with options. Is this the N55 turbo upgrade to beat?
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    03-09-2017, 07:46 PM
    Time to get this going with all the big moves. Looking for 135pats to chime in with what he knows. Romo released and it looks like the Texans are making space for him as they ditched Osweiler. I can't believe the Browns took on that contract. They got a second pick. So, 16 million for a second rounder? It's not like the Browns are going to contend any time soon but wow. RGIII is getting released. Ravens sign Danny Woodhead. Things are getting really shaken up. Should be a fun season.
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    03-14-2017, 03:39 AM
    What's going on over there @DavidV? Doesn't look good with the Turkish rioting. Maybe they should go back to Turkey, eh?
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    03-11-2017, 01:14 AM
    BlackJetE90OC started a thread G30/F90: No more DCT for M5? in 5 Series and M5
    Autocar latest article is reporting the DCT in the M5 is being replaced with a 8-speed ZF.
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    02-26-2017, 12:30 PM
    Hey Guys, maybe you have some more ideas, cause i dont really know what else i could do: In December i installed my Stage 2 Turbos (TTE) in my car- since then we are tuning it. First Map was a pleasure, car pulled like a train- but after logging we saw that the rail pressure is diving hard. I thought okay HPFP is still the first one and boost is a little bit too much for the stock fuel system. I changed the HPFP to a new one and logged again last week (after we made some progress with boost curve etc). But again: Rail is dropping, especially in the lower gears. And the Trims are so far away from each other... Also i see my LPFP dropping in lower gears to under 60, sometimes under 50.. I have a Walbro 450 installed in stock bucket from a guy who does it very often here in germany. I will have a look if all hoses in the bucket are ok, but i think so. I know that pressure on the lpfp is not everything, but the target is like 72PSI so i think the HPFP needs the fuel pressurized to 72PSI to work on spot? After looking at my Walbro again my next idea would be changing the injectors. Logs: See the big difference in trims + dropping of HPFP in higher RPM. With more boost the AFR already began to raise over target. Any idea is appreciated!
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    03-13-2017, 08:52 PM
    It seems DCT transmission swaps are all the rage right now. The E60 M5 in particular would make good use of this swap as the S85 V10 was paired to an SMG-III gearbox instead of a DCT which came later and debuted with the E92 M3. Speaking from personal experience, Gintani told me about this swap years ago. BimmerBoost just has yet to see proof of it done. There is an E60 M5 owner who inquired about this transmission swap process with Gintani: That month time frame he mentioned came and went. Speaking from experience, do not count on Gintani to make a quoted deadline. So where are we now in this process? Gintani did not pick up the phone when BimmerBoost called. We do know the car is being wrapped up according to the owner. No doubt if you want to replicate this swap Gintani will require you to bring your car to them. Hopefully videos are posted as well as acceleration results so not only can we see that the swap works but that it provides a substantial performance benefit. Oh, and for those wondering about the difficulty: This swap will likely become a popular option for S85 V10 cars as install details with the necessary software come out. Plus, don't forget BMW did this swap themselves on the E60 M5 CSL.
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    03-08-2017, 10:08 PM
    Decided to post this on the knowledgable forum. Recently had the notorious 07 subframe belt shred issue. Fished everything out my best and threw a new belt on. About a week later the car is now throwing 3100 and vanos codes, along with misfires. I've cleaned the vanos solenoids and cam sensors and it solved the misfires, the vanos codes stopped for a day but are now back. I have new solenoids on the way but honestly I'm preparing for worst case scenario. Looked at a few posts, one where some belt worked it's way into the timing chain. Another, I believe by Milan, in which it founds it's way into the oil pickup tube and threw vanos codes as well. Any insight from another victim on diagnostic order of processes? Going to check around under the valve cover when my solenoids come in. Before I pop it off, can i re use the 2k mile old gasket or will it come off in pieces again at this point? Realistically I'm planning on at least the front crank seal and cam bearing ledges. All thoughts are helpful.
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    03-06-2017, 03:09 PM
    MKIV Supra vs. 335i is always fun to see and this one has a Kawasaki ZX10r bike thrown in for good measure. The 335i is the camera car and it starts off against the bike. Surprisingly, it doesn't have much trouble with it from a roll. The Supra is up next. For some reason, he hasn't mastered the art of going on three honks so the Supra jumps the first race. It takes him a couple tries to understand 1-2-3 go. They finally line up but you can not really hear the honks not that the Supra is following them anyway. They hit it and the 335 pulls rather easily. It sure seems to be running very strong for what is a Pure Turbos Stage 2 setup or maybe the Supra isn't making 700 to the wheels. An impressive 335i for sure.
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