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  • 135pats's Avatar
    01-05-2015, 02:15 PM
    Question for single turbo amigos, or anyone with more knowledge on the subject of crankcase ventilation than myself: Is it dangerous or otherwise unnecessary to have an OCC with a single turbo? The single is going in as we speak, so Iím trying to determine what I can/should get rid of. Any thoughts on how these catch cans behave once you stray from stock turbos? Everything about the stock PCV system is awful, so Iíll almost certainly continue to run Robís PCV valve. Just curios what you all have done with your catch cans Ė if itís just adding unnecessary restriction to the system, Iíll pull it. Itís the BMS OCC, which Iíve been perfectly happy with to this point. If this question is absurd, muh bad. Thanks and Happy 2015 :greetings-waveyell:
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  • dzenno@PTF's Avatar
    01-26-2015, 11:03 PM
    Given recent developments in flash based tuning we wanted to offer our insight into the inner workings of the N54 DME when it comes to boost control tuning or more specifically, PID based boost control. Boost control in the N54 OEM DME as well as most modern electronic boost controllers out there is based on what is called a PID algorithm. PID algorithms aren't exclusive to boost control and are applied to various systems where correction to a signal can be applied by feeding the actual value of the signal through the algorithm and adjusting control for it automatically by comparing setpoint/requested to actual and adjusting the controlling device which in the case of boost control is pulse to a boost control solenoid. Concept of a PID algorithm is quite simple. It is based around knowing two values: 1) Setpoint - in the case of boost control this is requested boost pressure that the DME is targeting for a given Load 2) Actual Value fed into the PID algorithm - in the case of N54 boost control this is the signal coming from the OEM TMAP sensor feeding back a 0-5V value representing absolute pressure DME converts the analog 0-5V signal coming off of the TMAP sensor into engineering units based on the Map Conversion table you can find in your maps. OEM TMAP sensor is a 2.5bar sensor. That means it can read 2.5bar of absolute pressure. This means your actual boost will vary based on your atmospheric/barometric pressure which needs to be subtracted from 2.5bar to understand how much readable range you've got out of your MAP sensor. This readable range above your barometric is what is referred typically as the word we all love and we're here for, "BOOST" (i.e. positive pressure or pressure above barometric). The OEM N54 DME works on the principle of Load based tuning and PID based boost control. Load is a calculation based on various parameters primarily around "boost" (i.e. pressure at the MAP sensor - barometric presure) and charge air temp which in turn calculate into Mass Air Flow (MAF). N54 doesn't use a MAF sensor to meter airflow on the intake side. It calculates/infers it based on other values mentioned. In order to make boost from the turbos the DME regulates boost control solenoids via a PWM (pulse-width modulated) signal pulsing them and allowing vacuum to hit the wastegate actuator. The frequency of that pulse/signal is what is typically referred to as wastegate duty cycle (WGDC). This is where PID based boost control comes in and helps the DME regulate the amount of WGDC applied to the solenoids so that Target Load is hit as required. Very few of us speak about our tunes in terms of target load and it makes sense as most are used to talking about "Boost". While the DME targets a given load and given that Load is defined based on primarily boost+IAT+compressor maps and airflow modelling around stock turbos/intakes/intake pipes it ends up calculating a Requested Boost level. In your Cobb datalogs you can monitor this value by looking at the Req. Boost Abs. channel. You can refer to the Req. Boost Abs. as the DME's Setpoint for the PID based algorithm. When using Cobb's ATR software there is a hard limit at 1.28bar in terms of maximum Requestable boost. If for any reason your car boosts past this level the DME's safety mechanism will kick in to prevent motor damage due to what it perceives as an uncontrollable boost condition for its settings. For a tuner using ATR to get around this issue and provide a smooth tune they need to effectively remove this first DME safety by calibrating tables related to boost control and throttle management. In other words, if at any point in time the turbos were to spike boost and cause it to overshoot target to say 35psi instead of where they've set/expect your tune to be, given how they've set the DME tables up to get that extra 2-5psi out of your car, it ends up being quite unsafe and won't have the DME intervene as it normally should/would. With appropriate PID control and DME failsafes in place the signal to the solenoids is taken way, DME closes throttle causing DVs/BOV to open and vent boost and the DME goes into limp mode. If you've been around the N54 scene long enough or even owned an N54 for while, especially a tuned one, you know that there are countless N54s out there that have had an experience with either overboost (30FE) or underboost (30FF) induced limp mode issues that otherwise could've ended up in a tune that knocked damaging the motor potentially ending in a really unnecessary and expensive repair. Some N54 ROMs, such as the I8A0S and IJE0S, have had support added by Cobb (i.e. race code) so that the full range of the OEM TMAP sensor can be tuned with PID based boost control and the DME safety net entirely in place. It is only available with AccessTuner Pro (ATP) software and only by request to Cobb from a licensed protuner shop. Even with the above race code in place going past the limits of the OEM TMAP sensor with flash only tuning carries an extreme level of risk for a motor. N54 is a stout motor that we all know can take quite a beating but that hasn't prevented engine failures in the past due to various reasons but also due to poor and unsafe tuning. If you're running a flash-only tune on your N54 today, with or without the N20 3.5bar capable TMAP sensor, the hard limit is in place for the readable boost range of 2.5bar absolute (~21.5-22psi at sea level) inside which the DME's boost safety mechanism works. This is also the range in which PID based boost control has authority to adjust your boost. If your tune is pushing past 22psi rest assured that even though some tuners love throwing the word PID in their descriptions that PID simply doesn't exist and is virtually eliminated. Why? As mentioned before, PID based boost control revolves around knowing the actual boost. If you're seeing boost flatline in your logs at ~21psi it is at that point that PID based boost control and safety has basically gone out the window for your car/DME and all you're left with basically is the wastegate duty cycle which is mapped based on what is now a really skewed MAF calculation. Can you make power in this way? You sure can, but so could the old versions of popular piggybacks before CANBus days. There will always be multiple ways of making power on any given motor. We've also shown that pushing past the TMAP sensor limit is quite doable setting a former N54 HP/TQ record on a beta Stage 3 VTT twin setup. However, the difference at least with us is that we explicitly stated that such tuning is not recommended and WILL NOT be provided for any customer car given boost control safety mechanisms aren't in place. We are not ones to hand responsibility of appropriate tuning and throw risk into customer hands or make them stare at a boost gauge in hopes that they'll react in time to save their motor from uncontrollable boost spikes. It is also why we recommend going with an external form of boost control when tuning any car past its OEM TMAP sensor as there simply isn't any other proper way of doing it and certainly no way of using PID based boost control. Dyno glory numbers and tinkering are always fun and certainly help marketing buzz but its one thing to make power and another to do it with appropriate safety and control in mind. Bottom line is, if you see anyone claiming PID based boost control while going past the TMAP limit you can refer them to this thread and let them know they're missing a key piece of information to claim effective PID based control. You can also ask them what happens if your wastegate actuator sticks (not uncommon especially with wear on the turbos) or a boost control solenoid fails in the open position or when the car is already tuned to the edge at altitude and you drive down to sea level with the same map and heavily overboost. Not pretty, potentially very costly, irresponsible and just plain unnecessary given how far the N54 has come.
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  • GiveEmTheDD's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 04:40 PM
    Hi everyone, The last 24 hours has been crazy, but the results speak for themself. Yes, you read correctly, my car just made 607awhp/618AWTQ. Background: Over the last year or so, I have been fortunate enough to dedicate some much needed wrench time to my e92 n54 AT 335XI. Back in Nov, I was finally able to get my car to the track, and cut the XI record, running an 11.363 1/4 mile. My mods at the time were: FBO, e40 fuel, RB Turbos and some outstanding flash tuning my BQ and WedgePerformance. At the time, Rob@RB, BQ/wedge, and myself were thrilled with the results, but in all honesty I wanted to hit 10s. Since November, I was searching for more ways to get more EFFICIENT power. I happened to stumble across a post in a 335 facebook group, someone had posted a dyno graph showing standard RB turbos making over 600whp, what made it even more astounding was the power was all the way to redline. After doing some research, and poking around some other boards, I found a few threads talking about the results. Honestly, I was shocked with the comments from board members and a few vendors. I saw words and phrases that essentially were calling the dyno and owner a fraud, fake, "we tried that already it didn't net much" and standard RBs can't make that power. Nevertheless, I was still curious, so I found Brian May's # and left him a voicemail. He gave me a call back about a day later, most of the stuff he was going over, honestly was way too advanced for me to fully understand, but after we spoke, I did some math on my own and it made sense. I had stayed in contact with Brian over the next few months, and we finally nailed down a shipping date to get me the 1st set of inlets. In anticipation for the new inlets, I figured my RB turbos, although nothing wrong with them, could use a "refresh." I was hearing exceptional feedback on Robs VSR balancing, and after speaking with a few board members who were using some of his billet wheel options, I contacted Rob about giving my RBs a refresh. I let Rob know I was planning on running Brian's inlets, and was very anxious to see what a fresh, updated (15T billet wheel, Vsr balanced, clipped, thrust upgrsded) RB could do. Fast forward to last weekend- Both Brian, and Rob delivered ahead of schedule and I was able to get the entire new setup installed in about 20 hours over the weekend, and the rest is pretty much history. Every aspect of Brian's kit fit perfectly, and went in without a hitch, and the turbos that Rob sent were equally beautiful in their own right. I ran the car around town a bit using the same map from BQ/Wedge at the track, and right away I noticed 2 things- the sound coming from the engine bay was intoxicating and the car pulled like an absolute freight train. Extremely anxious to see exactly how much more power we were making, I hit the dyno last night, and well the results are CRAZY. The Green Run- RB turbos, stock inlets (map I ran at track to cut 11.363), e60 fuel The Blue Run- New RB turbos, TFT inlets, SAME MAP as Green run LOL, e60 fuel The Red Run- New RB turbos, TFT inlets, Prelimiary revision by BQ/Wedge, about e60 fuel Sorry guys for the novel, but I wanted to give everyone as much of the story as I could. I want to give a huge thank you to Brian May@Trueform Technologies, Rob@RB Turbo and last and certainly not least Ken and D@ BQ Tuning by WedgePerformance for throwing that preliminary map together for me last night. I will say there is PLENTY of room left in my setup, I don't even think we exceeded 50% wgdc to hit 607 AWHP, and I've got my eyes set on a 10 second 1/4 pass in the near future. Thanks again team
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  • Vertigo's Avatar
    01-07-2015, 11:50 AM
    I wanted to start a thread where all those of us who have decided to go with a single turbo kit can share their experiences be it positive or negative. This includes tuning as well. For example, I am currently running lean everywhere except 100% throttle. I don't believe it to be any fuel system issue as much as I believe it to be a tuning issue as this is occurring at low boost under low load conditions. I want to keep an open dialogue of the speed bumps and how I manage to overcome them. (If I can) :)
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  • SCGT's Avatar
    01-15-2015, 03:55 PM
    The car: 2007 E90, full weight with a 15" subwoofer in the trunk. 105k miles! 6MT, Spec SMFW, BMW 550i clutch BMS DCI CP-e charge pipe with Tial BOV VRSF 7" FMIC 1 step colder plugs Riss Racing downpipes Corsa exhaust Fuel-it Stage 2 LPFP Fuel-it Protoype Supplemental Fueling System (stage 1) Vargas Stage 2+ Turbos (19t/unclipped) E60 fuel First, Tony was awesome to deal with. I ordered some stage 2's back long before they would be ready, and I knew this. Tony kept in contact with me and when the delays came, he with no questions asked if I wanted a refund. He was courteous, no BS, and extremely knowledgeable on the turbo side of things. My background is most recently as a test engineer working on turbine engines; Tony clearly knows his stuff. I will say that I had no issue with the delays as I ordered turbos before mine were completely dead. When the 2+'s were offered as an upgrade, I couldn't say no. Since I like ripping around and am not super concerned with 1/4 mile or trap speed, we decided on 19t compressor and unclipped turbines. If I were to do it again I might go clipped, because spool on these things is fantastic. Second, in full disclosure, I've been working as part of the Fuel-it! team for upwards of a year on the engineering side of things. The car has the Fuel-it! prototype supplemental fueling system on it. I'm sure you guys are going to have some questions on this, as you should. I'm going to be light on details, but on E60 and a solid HPFP (which has over 40k miles on it) we were able to run up to 25 psi while targetting upper 11's A/F ratio. An actual sample from in-tank measured at E62. As far as the tune goes, I went to my standby, Bren of Brentuning. He's been involved in tuning N54's since 2008 (DIMSPort open source back then). He really does have a ton of experience and he's been my go-to since my Subaru days. I told him I wanted something that was fast, fun, but kept in mind my car has over 100k miles on it, and I do like thrashing the car somewhat severely. Using a Cobb V3 and some wizardry, he ended up giving me a map that's running 25 psi tapering down to 16-17 at redline. Timing ramps to 13.5 degrees. The DME is not blind to the boost, but it is tricked -DME won't read above 22.5 psi (although I have one unicorn log that it read 22.6). As far as power output goes, I don't have the holy grail of N54 dynos (dynojet), I use Virtual Dyno. I will say, that I use the same stretch of track, with the same start point, and the same weight for the car (and even endeavor to have the tank within 1/4 tank each time). I did do a 60-130 using Steve's VBOX and with very little idea of what I'm doing (i.e. no FFS, no tailwinds/max acceptable downslope) ran 8.96s. I am 300 lbs. On a stock timing/boost target map, but running all of my mods, I put down 302/292. On my best FBO stock turbo E50 map I was 407/450. My most recent map revision on the VTT 2+'s is 500/555. Anyway, looks like I'm at about 500 whp with lots of torque. When Tony sends the upgraded turbo inlets, we're revisit this and see if we can open up a little more on the top end. I'm sure Bren could have gotten more out of them on a more aggressive map, but that was not my goal. Of course I want it all, but it's gotta be sane and handle daily driving thrashing. Log (I added "actual boost" based on testing): Overall I'm very happy with the results. The car sounds and feels awesome, it's very fast, and it's very responsive -I'm nomally pretty sensitive to turbo lag and really don't like the feel of the average big-turbo car. These spool super quick, so much so that were I to do it again I'd really consider going clipped. The few people that I've had ride with me have normally commented on how different the engine sounds (Bren's VANOS magic) and then that's usually followed by "holy s&%$!" I love it. The next progression of things will be to add inlets, then change to 100% E85 and see where we're at. Thanks! Chris
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-17-2015, 12:44 AM
    You may be noticing several S63TU flash tunes hitting the market this month. What will separate them is the quality of the tune, features, and of course the pricing. Eurocharged in addition to the horsepower and torque gains offers CEL (check engine light) deletion, a 300 rpm raised limited, and speed limiter removal. The horsepower and torque gains though are really where it is at and they are massive. On 93 octane pump gas the F10 M5 gains 120 wheel horsepower and 137 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with the Eurocharged tune and downpipes. That makes for a total of 650 wheel horsepower and 608 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on the Eurocharged Dyno Dynamics and that is a night and day difference over stock. A Stage II tune is on the way but the turbos are about reaching the end here. Race gas will allow timing advances but keep in mind the S63TU already pushes 22 psi of boost on higher compression than the S63 on which it is based. The tune retails for $1999 (tell them BimmerBoost sent you, I hear they love that) and the ECU must be sent in if you are not close to a Eurocharged location. Eventually OBD-II flash tuning will come but let's be happy we have flash tuning solutions for the F10 M5 and F13 M6. Further details on the Eurocharged downpipes will come later, contact for any additional inquiries.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    01-13-2015, 09:54 PM
    Second round of fitment samples came back today. Changes to the front intake were perfect, they are both approved for production, and will be done in the next few weeks. We also got our second sample of the charge pipe and this one is what we wanted the first time, extremely free flowing Y merge, 1.5" ID the entire pipe, zero heat transfer. We still have to make a couple changes and get one more sample, but its getting there. You may ask how does it fit, we had custom CNC bungs made that will connect to the turbo outlets using the factory clamps, but we did them differently so they get rid of the neck down inside. All in all, these intakes, and this charge pipe will give the most flow your stock frames can put out, and get it into the motor as efficiently as possibly. Also the shotguns are basically done. We got our custom packaging in, all parts are completed, they have not shipped yet because our harness manfacture put the wrong pins in the male side of the harness extender and they all had to be sent back. Once those are fixed and we receive them, these will begin leaving. As always we appreciate the patience, and support.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    12-31-2014, 11:07 PM
    We are pleased to announce the charge pipe, and intake fitment samples for Stage 3 came into and we are extremely happy with them. They are 100% 4 ply silicone 6mm thick, the intakes are of course wire reinforced and the charge pipe is rated at over 100 psi. With these parts out of the way and the water block final sample to arrive next week, we are finally nearing the finish line. We appreciate all who have remained patient, you will not be disappointed, we are confident this kit will set the bar for N54 performance. Happy New Year!
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  • Rob@RBTurbo's Avatar
    01-27-2015, 03:47 PM
    Here is a reference of the latest development of Standard RB Turbos combined with TFT inlets, allowing unrestricted RB Turbo Performance on our customer car documented here: Datapoints- RB Car (Blue lines) E92 XI/AWD Automatic Transmission in 4th gear. Independent results. RB Standard Turbos with TFT inlets, Billet 15T Compressor, MHI 12 blade clipped turbine, stock charge pipe Boost- Unknown (slightly below 50% WGDC) Fueling/Tuning- OEM HPFP with inline LPFP. E60. Fueling insufficient at this time and to be addressed at a later date. Wedge/BQ Tuning. VTT Car (Red lines) E90 RWD Manual Transmission in 4th gear. Shop results. VTT 2+ Turbos with no inlets, Billet 20T Compressor, Proprietary 9 blade Garrett turbine with a 15* clip, stock charge pipe Boost- ~29-25psi (slightly below 70% WGDC) Fueling- VTT Double Barrel with SteveAZ LPFP solution. 100% E85. Fueling sufficient to max out turbos. PTF Tuning. As you can see the RB car having a very evident disadvantage with drivetrain losses, manages to absolutely destroy the VTT 2+ car at low RPM's and even hang right with them on the top end. The RB car seems to have much nicer results overall considering the drivetrain losses (not even considering the 20% extra WGDC potential in the RB's yet unleashed!!!). Without going too much into the hardware decisions made in each setup, it is fair to say that one is demonstrating a MUCH better curve and response than the other… while maintaining a similar top end at less effort. So sharing this comparison graph seemed appropriate. Thanks, Rob PS. Sorry if the overlay is not of the best quality. We had to have it quickly photoshopped. PSS. Some may take note of the VTT graph NOT being the advertised 645rwhp record. We will gladly redo the overlay if anyone can prove that the 645rwhp RECORD has a verifiable MPH dyno to prove it was in 4th gear (and not 5th); as we could not source that evidence NOR was VTT supportive in providing it.
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  • BostonBeemah's Avatar
    01-06-2015, 05:13 PM
    Has anyone heard of this new fuel FTW Purple that people are using as an alternative to race fuel or e85? The power people are making is pretty ridiculous over their counterparts.. I am also not associated with this site in any way but was just wondering if anyone has run this in their car and what their impressions of it were. Here's the fastest 5.0 NA which was tuned on this fuel. Just sounds too crazy to believe. Btw Sticky don't know if I'm not supposed to link to these sites so feel free to remove if necessary.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    01-22-2015, 11:56 PM
    Put the car on the dyno tonight, for a few runs with the new intakes on. The results were pretty much as expected, we can most likely get more power out of the car, but 640WHP on stage 2's (or RB's), very very doubtful. These results were had with no tuner on hand, Dzenno is Skiing, and made me 2 maps one with low timing and one with the high timing (the same timing we ran last time on the dyno), well due to a miscommunication on my part they were left for IJEOS(shop car), instead of I8AOS for the car these are on. So they were unusable meaning we had one back end flash, with timing set to 10-13.5 up top, which is 2 degrees less then we ran on the previous dyno session records. We also were having a very hard time getting boost smooth in the JB, Terry, and I worked at it for about 20-40 logs, and got it to this level of smoothness, for some reason the PID had to be dropped way down as very small PWM changes were making big swings in boost, even with PID this low boost would still do weird things. It would spool then quickly drop boost, then build it again, which is that little depression in TQ you see from 3500-4250 or so, after that boost would smooth out, and track pretty well to redline. On the previous dyno the Stage 2 record was achieved on 29psi peak to 17.5 psi at redline as that is all we could make. These numbers were achieved with 27 psi peak to 22 psi at redline. We couldn't go any higher as we were getting a LOT of corrections, and LPFP was going nuts, but we can easily hold 25+ psi to redline if we can get the other issues figured out, but BP and shaft speed with those little compressors is going to be up there, and not healthy. If we matched the previous boost in the midrange, and fixed the boost drop off then rebuild issue, the curves down low would basically be identical. As far as LPFP something is really going on there, I will investigate tomorrow, as its pretty scary. With this against us, we still managed to make 576WHP/615WTQ with all these issues, once Dzenno gets back, and we can have a tuner on hand as we dyno, as well as get the LPFP, and boost figured out, the graph will smooth way out, and we have no doubt should achieve 600WHP with a few more psi, and less timing corrections. Either way, the intakes do exactly advertised, offer you much more flow to redline, and a much more flat power curve where it counts in the high end of the rev band. I threw a graph in there against 2+ as well, there really is no comparison, 2+ leaves the 15T's in the dust on about the same boost midrange and 2 psi more up top. All, and all we are happy, and these delivered as expected, once we get tuning sorted, we should have nice clean graph, and right around 600/600. Not bad for a set of Stage 2's...:naughty: Break down: VTT Stage 2's Billet 15T's VTT Silicone intakes VTT Silicone Charge pipe VTT Double Barrel HPFP upgrade Fuel-it Stage 2 LPFP with 450 inline Cobb AP with PTF custom back end flash JB4 100% E85 All runs done in 4th gear Stage 2 Silicone Vs Stage 2 Stock intake Stage 2 Silicone Vs Stage 2+ Data Zap Log Jb Log
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-20-2015, 02:07 AM
    Surprised we haven't seen more talk about this:
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  • Vertigo's Avatar
    01-01-2015, 03:43 PM
    I picked up where he left off! I purchased my 2008 E92 335i about two years ago now with 60k on it. At 66k I installed the JB4. Then ISO and went FBO w/ E85 minus meth until 140k. Being very happy with the car and knowing that I will keep it for the long run I decided to jump all in after my SPEC 2+ clutch gave out in only 7 months! I scored a good deal on a used N54 head that I decided to clean up and send of to get the works done to, full p/p and radius'd, values cut and lapped, balanced new springs, new seals,etc ...(minus larger valves and lighter springs/retainers). Once I got the head back I cleaned up the combustion chambers and sent them off to get ceramic coated along with my pistons. Dirty vs cleaned up combustion chambers: Ceramic: Now began the real work! BMW TIS was used and printed out for all procedures and torque/fastening values (nm/in/lbs/ft/lbs). All Torque to Yield bolts were ordered new and the old TTY fasteners thrown out. I managed to get the car as high as possible on jack stands and get the transmission pulled out. At this point I was torn between going with upgraded twins or an appropriately sized single and wouldn't you know mjmarovi just so happened to be selling his Proven Power Single kit with the Forced Performance HTA3586r Tubro! We worked out a deal and I began pulling my stock parts send his way in the exchange. Just a quick aside... I wanted to give Matt a big thumbs up here as he was extremely professional to work with and I had absolutely no issues staying in communication with him at all with every txt msg, email, phone call. He was 100% honest with me the entire time and I would do business with him again in a heart beat, no hesitation! He even helped me troubleshoot a few issues along the way! Removing the stock turbos: Look at all that space! Valve cover removal: Time to pull the head. Having most of my experience on the Chevy LSX platform I decided to do due diligence on marking the way everything was positioned prior to removal. I love white out :) Notice the special BMW Timing tool used to TIME the cams later on. (Note: This tool will only TIME the cams, you will need an additional special tool that is impossible to find and costs about 1k to INSTALL the cams). I found this out much too late and wanted to bring it to your attention. Heads off! With 140k on the clock the cylinder walls look amazing considering what I've put it through. Look at that cross hatching! Cleaned up head gasket surface: Ceramic Pistons Installed!! Time to re-install the head! Remember that Cam Install Tool I mentioned earlier? Well it allows you to pre-tension the Exhaust Valve on Cylinder #2 and Intake Valves on Cylinder #3 along with aligning the cam bearing shells properly: When installing the cams make sure your rockers are sitting on the valve stems properly: Lets protect the VC from the new single manifold heat: REMEMBER to CLEAN OUT ALL THE HEAD BOLT HOLES prior to installing the new head bolts!!! They must be free of debris and liquid or you could crack you block in half!!! Finally Lets Get some Turbo Pics! HTA3586r!!! Continued...........
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  • HRE_Wheels's Avatar
    01-20-2015, 08:59 PM
    Thank you Richard Le for these awesome photos of this BMW Z4 on HRE S101 from SonicMS! Enjoy!
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  • DisCiteFullRetard's Avatar
    01-04-2015, 12:29 AM
    Do what you gotta do sticky. The way I see it, it's almost like you are you are harboring a criminal... I'd say backing him up reflects poorly on you and your forum. Not that I think your forum is a model of democracy or anything. My sole purpose isn't to troll, I just want to read some stuff, but I need to be logged in just to read, which is retarded. If I could read without being logged in, I would have no reason to have an account, and I would have never posted anything, ever. Since I do have to be logged in... Tony's crap is the only thing that agitates me enough to post. He's such a hypocrite and generally bad person I can't help it.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-04-2015, 09:46 PM
    You do not need a ton of torque to lose control of your car. We all like to think of ourselves as badass drivers who can never have too much power but you do not need to have 1000 wheel horsepower or be going hundreds of miles per hour to lose control. This F82 M4 driver illustrates the point perfectly. While leaving Car and Coffee which is a popular Southern California Sunday morning car show where you can see everything from a BMW to a Bugatti this M4 driver quickly manages to lose control when trying to get on it apparently to impress some people who want to see exactly this sort of thing happen. There is a reason they have people hold up signs while you leave saying no burnouts to make sure that testosterone does not overwhelm common sense and lead to events such as this. We do not know what settings the driver had enabled on his M4 but speaking from experience when MDM is enabled it does a hell of a job helping keep the car straight. You can definitely see why manufacturers include traction control these days and why you will not see cars without some form of it despite the idea that people should supposedly be smart of to not need to be protected from themselves. So this guy gets on it, quickly loses control, and instead of staying in it and using the throttle to correct hits the brakes meaning physics being physics the car continues to carry toward the median which he promptly hits and crosses flying into the air. Fortunately he avoided the trees and any oncoming traffic which would have made this much messier. An onlooker exclaims, 'Got that on camera!' rather than 'Is he ok?' as is the social protocol today. Worry more about whether you captured the event than any potential harm to those who participated in it. Likes and views from strangers on the internet matter more, right?
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    01-16-2015, 09:10 PM
    Since our production samples were a perfect fit, we decided to install them on a friends car, along with a set of Billet Stage 2's, the first Production Single Barrel kit, put some miles on them, and hit the dyno soon. We are very pleased to say the intakes fit perfectly, we could not ask for a better fit. The charge pipe took a little adjusting to get it on the car as it is a production sample that is not final, but with these adjustments we were able to finalize the design, and have another sample coming soon to test fit, with that said, it fit very nicely even though it is not final. The Single Barrel, fit amazing as well. Tucked in the tightly you cannot even see it hiding in the depths..:violence-uzi: On first start up, the HPFP was almost pegged at 3500 as the DME had to adjust down from normal idle voltage to compensate for the extra fuel it provides, after 10-15 seconds the DME figured it out and HPFP was rock solid right where it should be. Here are a few pics of everything installed. Take look at how perfect the rear intake bung is positioned to accept the OCC hose, its literally a 2 inch piece of hose, keeping everything as short as possible for the least amount of restriction. All and all we are super pleased with these parts, and look forward to seeing how do on the dyno, as well as getting them into your hot little hands...:music-rockout: Charge pipe and Shotgun
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    01-09-2015, 02:43 AM
    ajehoti started a thread FFTEC VFF900 Kit Review in N54
    Hello all this is Adrijan chiming in from Hoti Motorsports, thought I would give my 2 cents on the FFTEC single turbo kit. I had ordered the kit and had it arrive at my house within three weeks. Had some complications with the holidays delaying packages which hurt for my professional photographer to take good pictures because he had to leave for Vegas so I apologize for that. When I had gotten the kit it looked absolutely fantastic and the manifold is definitely not of light weight and cheap material. Sent it off to get it ceramic coated, I know people vary their opinions on it but I did it because I like it. I checked the kit ad there was a few things missing and I called Mike at FFTEC (AWESOME GUY!!) and he got it overnighted to me and had it the next morning which was awesome. Install: Put the motor on a engine holder and started to undo the belly pan, subframe, loosen the control arm bolts, steering rack, steering knuckle and lower it. Got to everything I could up top including the little things such as the coolant pipe on the subframe etc etc. Removal of the twin system is a pain in the ass especially the rear charge pipe oh my god. We just ended up breaking it off at the tabs and yanked her out. Undid the manifold bolts and some of the studs came out so I recommend having 4 extra ones just in case for the center 4 for the manifold to mount. Make sure all the fluids are emptied and all the other simple things. After removal of the twins you will see the room in the engine bay is absolutely ridiculous. Cleaned all the mating surfaces and made sure it was all good to go. I installed the coolant pipe, that was a bit difficult to get the silicone pipe on so I went to the store and got a longer hose that was bent a little more out and longer because I personally like it more. The manifold is heavy so an extra hand to hold it is very recommended. I personally HIGHLY recommend this as my tech Ryan did this. Tighten everything in an X pattern and what you will notice going back to the bolts they get loose again. We went over the bolts at least 10 times in X motion and it definitely made a huge difference because you don't have to worry about heat cycling the bolts. Now this bitch part, mating the heavy ass turbo to the manifold and closing the v-band clamp. Definitely recommend another set of hands to hold the turbo and pay attention to the connection. Make sure they are mated very well because it is super easy to have it incorrectly mated and you will be very upset that its not mated right. Then attach motor mount, wastegate, dump tube (if not recirculated). Downpipe. If you dont have an AMS intercooler you will have to trim the charge pipe from the turbo as I did since I have the VRSF intercooler. No big deal it was a super easy mod to make. Connect it all and put her together and fill her with fluids. I put the proper ISO for the singe turbo for my JB4 then tuning was under way from my buddy Justin. Everything was set besides hiccups here and there. After Install: It stank for a while because of the heat wrap since I dunk mine in water to get the extra pull. The car sounded AMAZING!! My BMW PE exhaust was like sex to someones ears. The spool of the turbo and the blow off sound changed completely, its an entire different car!!! There is lag but when the power when it kicks in is unreal. I ran wastegate pressure to log and see how it all went. Turned boost up until I saw fuel trims getting high and backed off until the map is set. The car is a whole different machine and I am definitely in love with it again. The dump tube is the best choice to have done, it definitely screams when boost hits. So all in all besides the simple hiccups that were fixed I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit and the power is definitely there. Thank you FFTEC for all of your help and support. -Adrijan @ Hoti Motorsports
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    01-23-2015, 08:14 PM
    We are proud to announce the pricing for our much anticipated Silicone intake pipes, and Charge pipe for the N54! Prices will be as follows. Silicone intake pipes: MSRP $499 (When purchased with turbo upgrade $459) Silicone Charge pipe with billet bungs: MSRP $349 (When purchased with turbo upgrade $299) Silicone intakes and Charge pipe combo: MSRP $759 (When purchased with turbo upgrade $699) If you want a new DCI filter kit with your intakes add $79. This is two 2.25" filters, and 2 coupler pipes. (Please note we will not be selling filter kits except with purchase of an intake set) Existing VTT Stage 2 - 2+ customers 20% off intakes, 10% off charge pipes, 15% off combo We are not taking pre-orders for these items. We should have Intakes in stock in about 3 weeks, charge pipes in about 6. When they are here, and ready to ship, they will go live on the site. We are making 20 sets for the first run, 10 sets will be held back for current Stage 2 - 2+ customers. If 10 do not come forward to purchase we will put those that remain out for general sale. If we find that demand is greater for the initial batch we will increase the order, this first run is to gauge interest. The intake kit will come with all clamps, and fittings required for installation, and PCV routing. Charge pipe kit will come pre-assembled, you will reuse your stock V-band clamps, and it also comes with one 2.5" T-bolt clamp for the intercooler coupling. Keep in mind other companies are selling intakes and filter combo for $800, these other kits also require you to rearrange your engine compartment, and will not work without their new filters. There is also no other option currently on or coming to market for a replacement hot side charge pipe that will work with ALL stock frame turbochargers. With the VTT kit, if you already spent your hard earned money on a DCI, or upgraded intake box, or system, our kit will work perfectly with that system in place. No need to throw it away, or pull it off the car. Also for our enthusiasts in Europe with the very strict emissions laws, these pipes will fit right up to your stock air box, and be much harder to detect than any other intake system, on, or yet to be on the market. Please feel free to start a list of who is interested, and we can use that to help determine if we should increase the initial order! As always thanks for the support! Please Note: The intakes fit ALL models N54 including RHD, BUT there are a very few models that use plastic retainers on the intakes, and turbo replacement is required to fit new intakes. Charge pipe will only fit 335iLHD for now, we are making one to fit all other models including 135,535,Z4,RHD, etc. We appreciate your patience as we get those done!
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    01-03-2015, 12:09 AM
    Happy New Year Everyone! We hope that 2015 has gotten off to an enjoyable and productive start for all of you. It certainly has been another interesting week of developments for us at VTT. The production sample pieces for our N54 Stock Frame 4-Ply 100% Silicone Intake tubes came in and the fitment was excellent so they have gotten final approval for production. We expect it to be 2 - 3 more weeks until the intakes are completely ready for sale. There were some fitment issues with the charge pipe so it is not featured in the pictures below and should follow shortly behind the intakes as a revision is already in the works. Weíll share images of the silicone charge pipe when the next sample version comes in. Preliminary Product Details: VTT Silicone intake tubes are high grade 100% silicone that is 5mm thick and wire reinforced. The inlet side is designed to fit with any/all varieties of aftermarket intakes such as DCIís or as pictured with an AFE intake. The turbo side mates with stock as well as our stock frame upgraded turbos. The tube for the rear turbo has a built-in bung which makes it a ďplug and playĒ connection to the stock PCV system; although we highly recommend the use of our upgraded PCV valve and an Oil Catch Can. We will share detailed performance data for the intakes as soon as we can get one of our motors off the engine stand and back into a car for final testing. Pricing information (with a special discount for Stage 2+ owners), ordering and availability details will not be announced until the production units are completed and all of our costs are accounted for. VTT N54 Silicone Intakes1 by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr VTT N54 Silicone Intakes Rear by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr VTT N54 Silicone Intakes Front by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr VTT N54 Silicone Intake Detail byVargasTurboTech, on Flickr VTT N54 Silicone Front Turbo Intake by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr Turbo Inlet by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr Precise Fitment by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr PCV Bung by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr Inlet Closeup by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr Front Turbo by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr Backside-Closeup by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr Backside View by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr Accesory View by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr Above Airbox View by VargasTurboTech, on Flickr
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    01-04-2015, 11:27 AM
    I took the dog and the missus (yes in that order) on my annual down the south of USA 5000 mile jaunt for Christmas and New years to see our crazy FL relatives. Sad news is on the way back in the middle of nowhere I blew the engine and tranny (probably in reverse order) on my 199 BMW 540i so Kars 4 Kids are getting a little donation. Shame because IT IS MY FAVORITE car I have ever owned. It was just a joy to drive in NYC, Hamptons and for highway cruising. This was a car I once drove 8000 miles in 10 days doing Las Vegas - NY - Miami- Dallas - Las Vegas with only 1 oil change and a few tire inflations. As a highway cruiser I have never driven a more consistent or comfortable car. Anyway, thought I would post about that very sad day. :scared-eek: I want to buy an E39 BMW M5 but the missus' accountant says it is lease time for her... ..... meh so thoughts on a $500/month lease for a lady and a NYC DD (the boss lady is cheap when it comes to cars). It must have 4 usuable seats as I have a border collie to transport and it should probably have 4wd this time for NY winters. No SUVs as I hate them MY initial thoughts 1. Subaru WRX STi (then I can get a COBB :music-rockout:) 2. Ford Focus ST 3. BMW M235i - do they come with the X package? 4. Mazda 6 5. Subaru Legacy 3.6 ltr 6. Mercedes C300 or CLA
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    01-17-2015, 11:44 PM
    Our customer @jzeee037 got his car on the dyno today. This is a zero revision tune, I had Dzenno take one of my older Stage 2+ flashes and back it way down as a good starting point. He flashed it in, and adjusted boost targets in the JB himself while on the dyno. He had no tuners helping him out today, as Terry was busy and Dzenno wasn't able to get home in time. Here is the graph, and log. Notice even on this zero revision tune, 12.7 timing up top, ZERO corrections the whole way, and power never levels off, just keeps climbing to redline(we made our 640+WHP runs at 15.5 degrees, and way more boost 28-25 psi boost curves, this was a 21-22 psi curve, it over boosted to 23.6 psi, and made the 550, the lower tq was due to not requesting the big boost down low like we do, he actually tapers up, low boost down low 21 up to 22. He ended up with 558/510 after a little more tweaking of boost with the same 23 psi up top. If he threw in 28 psi down low like we do, and asked for 24-25 psi at redline. I have no doubt he would be looking at 600+/600+. Very solid results for his first time on the dyno, with little to no tuning . Looking forward to some more tuning, and race videos!
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    01-01-2015, 05:52 PM
    Who's got the highest hp e60 m5 ? And what's the 1/4 mile times
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    12-31-2014, 03:10 PM
    Similar to the video posted recently in the r32 but look at this thing skid down the track to the tune of 181mph... and a new record.
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    Yesterday, 02:09 PM
    Most people will not remember that AMS Performance announced a couple years ago they would be doing a turbo upgrade package for the F10 M5 S63TU engine. This created a big stir in the BMW Performance scene at the time as enthusiasts knew the incredible performance results AMS had achieved with the Nissan GTR. We all know AMS was more than capable of upgrading the turbo hardware at the time but the issue was not the hardware. It was the tuning for the hardware. That is where ESS-Tuning was supposed to come in and provide their tuning 'expertise' with this turbo upgrade. Well, you may have noticed that AMS did not release any S63TU turbo upgrade since this announcement and that ESS-Tuning did not complete any tuning for any aftermarket S63TU turbo upgrade packages. They are not the only ones by the way. Dinan also has yet to come through on F10 M5 / F13 M6 turbocharger upgrades and built S63TU motor promises. So why the big claims and big announcements when both Dinan and ESS-Tuning knew they did not have the capability to tune them at the time? In the case of ESS-Tuning it was likely just a cheap publicity grab designed to get them exposure and fuel their fanboys. In retrospect, it looks downright deceitful and is pretty embarrassing considering they had nothing to back up their claims with the F-Series ECU's just recently being cracked. AMS has their own S63TU tuning solution and will be providing their own tuning for their Alpha 9 S63TU turbo upgrade package. Will anyone even bother to hold ESS-Tuning accountable for tuning claims they could not deliver on? At least one BMW website does not have a short term memory and certainly will. Here is to the future turbo upgrades and quality S63TU tuning options.
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    01-06-2015, 02:09 PM
    Grabbed from the GTR forum.....Ouch Owner of the GTR said: "Both race were starting at about 70-75mph.. One was a even start which i walked him pretty bad so second race i gave him the hit.. He took off when i wasn't so ready and wasn't in my prime spot but i said fuck it chase is a a race right? "
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