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    01-28-2015, 02:19 PM
    Most people will not remember that AMS Performance announced a couple years ago they would be doing a turbo upgrade package for the F10 M5 S63TU engine. This created a big stir in the BMW Performance scene at the time as enthusiasts knew the incredible performance results AMS had achieved with the Nissan GTR. We all know AMS was more than capable of upgrading the turbo hardware at the time but the issue was not the hardware. It was the tuning for the hardware. That is where ESS-Tuning was supposed to come in and provide their tuning 'expertise' with this turbo upgrade. Well, you may have noticed that AMS did not release any S63TU turbo upgrade since this announcement and that ESS-Tuning did not complete any tuning for any aftermarket S63TU turbo upgrade packages. They are not the only ones by the way. Dinan also has yet to come through on F10 M5 / F13 M6 turbocharger upgrades and built S63TU motor promises. So why the big claims and big announcements when both Dinan and ESS-Tuning knew they did not have the capability to tune them at the time? In the case of ESS-Tuning it was likely just a cheap publicity grab designed to get them exposure and fuel their fanboys. In retrospect, it looks downright deceitful and is pretty embarrassing considering they had nothing to back up their claims with the F-Series ECU's just recently being cracked. AMS has their own S63TU tuning solution and will be providing their own tuning for their Alpha 9 S63TU turbo upgrade package. Will anyone even bother to hold ESS-Tuning accountable for tuning claims they could not deliver on? At least one BMW website does not have a short term memory and certainly will. Here is to the future turbo upgrades and quality S63TU tuning options.
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    01-29-2015, 12:53 PM
    LT Motorwerks is a relatively new shop that mostly does work with body kits. They tend to be on the show over go side. As do their customers one of which had LT Motorwerks do the work you will see below on this Porsche 997 GT3. The pictures pretty much tell the story. The owner was a user who goes by the name 'Creaminz' on the forums. In the opinion of this website he is the epitome of (poor) style over substance. He sold this 997 GT3 to a fellow on the forums who did not know what he was getting himself into. He clearly just wanted the money and to move on and that is what happened. Some BMW readers may know of a 3-Series this same Creaminz fellow built which was simply riced out junk in a similar manner to this 997 GT3. He also attempted to sell that car for an inflated price through the forums and we do not know what happened with it and we do not care as it was tasteless. The reason this is being brought to your attention is so you can avoid a situation like this and to remember how cars and shop work are portrayed on forums is not how it always is in reality: Hi everyone, I am a new GT3 owner and new to the forum. Recently purchased a 2007 Porsche GT3 that was a previous forum member Creaminz. This is my first Porsche. I have a small shop in Northern Virginia and was looking for a new shop car. I'm not a fan of the color and several other things so will be changing a lot of things. After actually getting the car in my hands and putting it on a lift I will be changing much more than I originally planned. So now I have made a long long list of parts that will be getting changed. Along with a complete disassemble of the car. I took a lot of pics of the car in its current (delivered) condition and will document the rebuild. I was honestly shocked by many things I found. Here was the car at SEMA And here it is on my lift the other day when I was looking it over and making the list of things needed. I took about 50 pics when it was on the lift documenting a bunch of things that where wrong or just subpar. I messaged the previous owner and his response was that, "the car was fine when I had it" and nothing else. So I have no choice but to make this car right. I will try to post up pics as I have them. Here is just a brief list of some things that will be going on: Custom set of wheels being made now JRZ coilovers Full GMG suspension upgrades (with a proper alignment and corner balance) Custom dyno tune Replacing several other stock suspension parts that have paint over spray on them. The paint job looks like a Maaco paint job currently. Either powdercoating the calipers or going with a new set of StopTechs for front and rear. The calipers are currently 3 colors because they where sprayed on the front and the back are still yellow. They are very ugly. Install proper bracing throughout the car and get rid of the tons of self taping screws and zipties. Full repaint and body work. All of the new panels on the car have waves all in it. So we are going to completely break the car down so that everything is painted. The roll bar is going to be removed and repainted. Going to slightly modify the roll bar so the new harness has a better place to mount. Some carbon fiber parts are being made for the wing, splitters, and other small items. The engine has a rear main seal oil leak so going to fix that also. That's the list for right now. Once the car is completely straight and in proper condition I will look at what I originally had planned for and that is an engine build. But I am not going to worry about that until after the car is in a condition that it deserves. Here are a few pics of the car. I have more but these give you the idea."Custom" BBS wheels...... Instead of having the wheels built proper they just redrilled and changed some barrels up. On the rear wheels they have the huge outer lip that comes out for the widebody. But on the inside the barrel is the size of a normal outer barrel and barely comes flush with the rotor. There was about 6 more inches they could of come inside. Not that I am saying they had to come in all the way. When I first drove the car the steering wheel was shaking like crazy and whenever hitting a bump in the road it was a lane changer. Maybe that is due to the custom BBS wheels or perhaps due to the shock being blown and puking fluid... or perhaps the sway bar end link that is sheared off or the passenger side sway bar end link that is bent..... The seller said, "the car was fine when I drove it all over, it rode like stock". I'm sorry but a John Deere tractor rode smoother than this did when I received it.The calipers where painted and looked like they matched the car in the pics and at the shows..... This demonstrates great quality from a car builder... Um no! The car had no issue is what I was told... Paint quality is on par for a Maaco job.... The widebody kit was supposed to be a Vollkommen Design CF widebody kit. I found out that Creaminz is the owner of Volkommen. I also found out that he bought the kit from Flobmann Auto Design in Germany. The kit was carbon fiber. They cut the cut and extended it several inches. So its carbon where they did not touch it. They hacked the kit up. You can see where they hacked it up. Just not a safe or quality build at all. It is honestly very sad and costing us way more money than planned. I will make sure the car is done right. In the mean time he will be building a 993 RWB. I have plenty other pics but you get the idea.
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    01-27-2015, 05:24 PM
    Say hello to a new vendor and a new tuner on the scene, Miami Tuning Group. Many of you have seen a lot of S63TU tunes have hit the market in short order as F-Series ECU's have been cracked. What will separate these tunes is namely pricing and features. What is nice to see here are timeslips accompanying the dyno chart. How about cracking 130 in the 1/4 mile with just a tune? This is a Florida result so keep in mind the fuel is 93 octane pump. The M6 turns into quite the beast with just a tune so imagine the possibilities with a race gas tune and bolt ons. Regarding the output figures the S63TU goes to 588 wheel horsepower from the stock 524 wheel horsepower. The peak torque figures rises by just under 100 lb-ft of torque at the wheels getting very close to breaking 600 lb-ft at the wheels. You should also notice the torque gains are through the entire curve. Expect to see more MTG over the next few weeks.
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    01-26-2015, 12:45 PM
    The M133 engine just continues to impress and the tuning market for the smallest AMG motor just continues to push forward. Here is an A45 AMG that received bolt on modifications from Rebellion Automotive consisting of their tune, downpipe, and intake. The result? 375 horsepower at all four wheels. The torque figure is what is is really eye opening as the car shows 502 newton meters or 370 lb-ft at all four wheels. That mountain of torque is also available fairly early in the powerband. Rebellion claims they picked up 43 wheel horsepower on a competitors tune but did not provide the graph to support this assertion and they did not name the competitor. Additionally, the claim this A45 AMG put down 312 at all four wheels in stock form but once again did not provide a graph as support. Rebellion is using a piggyback tune and with flash tunes progressing on the M133 it will be interesting to see how bolt on tuning plays out for the M133 from here on out.
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    01-27-2015, 12:10 PM
    The BMW 5 Series GT is a failure. There is no other way to put it. BMW bet against wagons in the USA and thought the crossover and SUV crazy US market would eat up some kind of wagon-sedan-hatchback blend. BMW was wrong but that will not stop them from attempting to force the market to embrace the 5 GT. Germany's Auto Motor Und Sport reports that BMW intends to produce the model again with the next generation 5-Series. The publication also points out the 5 GT is not popular at all in Germany. Where is it popular? In China apparently. As China blocks google access apparently the Chinese population can't search to find out what an attractive BMW design actually looks like. Thanks for keeping this automotive abortion alive China. Source
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    01-30-2015, 12:10 PM
    The BMW E9 is one of the greatest BMW designs of all time if not arguably the best execution of the BMW design language. The car is a classic well known from the beautiful street cars to the infamous 'Batmobile' 3.0 CSL race car with its trademark aerodynamic package. This particular E9 received an S62 V8 swap from an E39 M5 replacing its inline-6 motor. The S62 actually looks comfortably at home under the hood. If anything is going to replace the venerable BMW M30 inline-6 it might as be BMW's S62 V8. What really makes this swap very clean is the use of the E39 M5 dash, transmission, and center console. The Germans at MKO-V8.DE did an amazing job. They managed to cleanly blend the E39 M5 motor and interior details with the classic E9 chassis. Simply excellent work. The only area to nitpick is that the quad exhaust mufflers could be tucked in a little more tightly and that the right side is not quite level. Other than that, this car is flawless and an incredible blend of classic and modern BMW.
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    01-26-2015, 08:23 PM
    Interesting comparison here that we do not often get to see which is the same S63TU equipped vehicle dyno'd with a piggyback and with a flash tune. Obviously everyone knows the F generation BMW's were recently cracked and now flash tuning is possible which is an alternative to the already established piggybacks. This comparison is not exactly perfect and there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, Jailbreak tuning sells flash tunes. It is in their best interest to show a flash tune doing better than a piggyback. Secondly, we do not know what piggyback unit is being used or what map is being used. Results with a piggyback can vary greatly based on the information it is relaying to the ECU so the piggyback numbers are hardly set in stone. What the graph does show is the flash tune appears to be smoother and also it is able to go well past the rev limiter which the piggyback tune can not. The flash provides 36 more wheel horsepower and 32 more lb-ft of torque at the wheels. A higher resolution graph would be appreciated but it is still nice to see an overlay of an F13 M6 with downpipes on the stock tune, piggyback tune, and flash tune.
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    01-30-2015, 01:41 PM
    Excellent stock internal numbers here from a 996 Turbo tuned by Undercover Performance. The car features the OEM K24 turbo housings but obviously with modified internals. Undercover states the turbos are upgraded with their own UC 20g wheels. In addition to the modified K24 turbos Undercover added 1400cc injectors, their own fuel system, intakes, manifolds, and exhaust system. All tuned by Undercover Performance on 70% ethanol and a ProEFI 128 ECU. The result is 776 rear wheel horsepower and 645 lb-ft of rear wheel torque on a Dynojet. On the Undercover 4WD Mustang dynamometer output is 674 horsepower to all four wheels and 629 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels showing how output measurements between RWD/AWD and different dynos vary on the exact same car. A ton of power and torque however you slice it from K24's.
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    01-29-2015, 02:51 PM
    Most M3/M4 owners will opt for large 20 inch HRE wheels. This particular owner cares more about handling performance than looks which BimmerBoost certainly respects. He went for lightweight 18 inch HRE R101 wheels and had IND-Distribution install KW V3 coilovers. Any serious enthusiast will also upgrade the brakes which is exactly what was done here. Brembo's 380mm GT brake kit was installed. 3D Design carbon body pieces complete the look. Blue on gold may not be for everyone but whatever one thinks of the color scheme this car is ready for the track. Thank you @HRE_Wheels and @IND-Distribution for the photos ( @Nate@IND @Ilia@IND )
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    01-27-2015, 06:34 PM
    This may be the first McLaren P1 and LaFerrari comparison test to provide some real data. CAR Magazine put up a pathetic attempt at a comparison between the two last year. Automobile Magazine does a much better job in their write up and data but something still feels amiss. These are very fast million plus dollar supercars that are the absolute bleeding edge of high performance hybrid technology for street cars. That is all fine and dandy but these are not dragsters. Where is the track comparison component? It is somewhat odd we only get 1/4 mile acceleration figure and that some of the other data listed is based off estimates. They did not weigh the cars for example. How much these cars weigh with their hybrid drivetrains and how close the real world weight is to the manufacturer claims is kind of a big deal. We want to see how light high performance hybrid drivetrains can be made. 3150 pounds for the LaFerrari sounds great on paper but it is an estimate. It may way that much or it could be lighter or heavier. The only way to know for sure is to actually test it. Why have a test and omit this? The biggest omission though is the lack of laptimes from a professional driver. Which one of these cars laps a track the quickest? Automobile sort of dances around this stating the P1 sticks with the LaFerrari around Maranello roads. You may know Maranello is in Italy and you may be getting the feeling this was a Ferrari controlled test hence the lack of real data. We do get acceleration figures but considering the article reeks of Ferrari influence and control how much faith do we put into them? Would Ferrari release figures showing anything less than superiority from the LaFerrari? Why is there no video? How were the cars tested? What equipment? Were they tested on the same day? Are you starting to see the problem here? Although this is the best 'comparison' if you want to call it that to date it is still severely lacking. It may be due to Ferrari politics which it probably is. Either way, this is far from over. Ferrari LaFerrari Specifications Base Price: $1.4 million (est) Engine: 6.3L DOHC 48-valve V-12/789 hp @ 9,000 rpm, 516 lb-ft @ 6,750 rpm, plus 161-hp, 199-lb-ft electric motor; 950 hp combined Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic Layout: 2-door, 2-passenger, mid-engine RWD coupe EPA Mileage: 12/16 mpg city/highway Suspension F/R: Control arms/multilink Brakes: Carbon-ceramic discs Tires F/R: 265/30ZR-19 (93Y)/345/30ZR-20 (106Y) Pirelli P Zero Corsa L x W x H: 185.1 x 78.4 x 43.9 in Wheelbase: 104.3 in Weight: 3,150 lb (est) Weight Dist. F/R: 41/59% 0-60 mph: 2.7 sec ¼ Mile: 9.6 sec @ 157.0 mph Top Speed: 217 mph McLaren P1 Specifications Base Price: $1.15 million Engine: 3.8L DOHC 32-valve twin-turbo V-8/ 727 hp @ 7,500 rpm, 531 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm, plus 177-hp , 192-lb-ft electric motor; 904 hp combined Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch automatic Layout: 2-door, 2-passenger, mid-engine RWD coupe EPA Mileage: 17 mpg/18 mpge combined Suspension F/R: Control arms, coil springs Brakes: Carbon-ceramic discs Tires F/R: 245/35ZR-19 (93Y) / 315/30ZR-20 (101Y) Pirelli P Zero Corsa L x W x H: 180.6 x 76.6 x 46.8 in Wheelbase: 105.1 in Weight: 3,300 lb (est) Weight Dist. F/R: 41/59% 0-60 mph: 2.6 sec ¼ Mile: 9.8 sec @ 148.9 mph Top Speed: 217 mph Source
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    01-28-2015, 11:30 AM
    Everyone who has been whining about the C7 Corvette Z06 straightline performance can just STFU already. Seriously, shut up. If this report is true (as it is almost unbelievable) the Corvette Z06 has managed to place itself among the world's most elite performance cars... at any price point. The C7 Z06 8L90 automatic with the Z07 package is reported to have lapped the Nurburgring in 6:59.13. To understand what a sub 7 minute laptime on the 'Ring means let's provide a laptime from million dollar machinery. The Porsche 918 Spyder laps the track in 6 minutes and 57 seconds. That means the new Z06 can hang with Porsche's best for, oh, less than 10% of the money. That is insane! It also places the Corvette Z06 with elite company like the McLaren P1 and even the Ferrari LaFerrari. The Z06 literally can run with the best the world has to offer at any price point. Now, this is all providing the reports are true. All we have to go on is a source that has not provided or referenced any official confirmation. An HD video is supposed to be coming so we will hold our breath before pronouncing the Corvette Z06 as arguably the greatest performance car in all the land.
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    01-27-2015, 02:01 PM
    The McLaren 650S has a revised award winning McLaren M838T 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 motor offering more power. In stock from the 650S is rated as its name implies at 650 horsepower (641 SAE) up from the 616 in the MP4-12C courtesy of new heads, pistons, cam timing, and a revised exhaust system. The result is an incredible 569 wheel horsepower and 451 lb-ft of wheel torque. With the Fabspeed X-pipe and sport cats horsepower rises to 611 at the wheels and torque is bumped up to 514 for a gain of 63 lb-ft at the wheels. When the cats are bypassed using the Fabspeed pipes power rises to 620 and peak torque is at 509. The peak torque figure does not tell the whole story as later on in the curve there are torque gains which provide the power boost. These are very nice gains from exhaust modifications. Imagine adding in a tune and maybe some race gas. 650 wheel horsepower seems well within reason on the 650S with bolt ons.
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    01-27-2015, 01:05 PM
    Big brother versus little brother. V12 versus V10. Lamborghini versus Lamborghini. That is what we have here as our Russian friends managed to pit the Lamborghini Huracan against the Lamborghini Aventador in a standing kilometer drag race. Who would not want to see that? The Lamborghini Huracan is obviously smaller, lighter, and less powerful. The 5.2 liter V10 of the Huracan on paper puts out 610 horsepower which means it gives up just about 100 horses to the Aventador 6.5 liter V12. This particular Aventador features and exhaust and tune said to put it at 730 horsepower which is well within reason. The Huracan does send its power through a dual clutch transmission to all four wheels whereas the Aventador uses an ISR (independent shift rod) unit. Both cars obviously have all wheel drive. The Aventador has more power and torque but it also carries about 650 more pounds of weight. On paper this should actually be close with the Aventador having a top end advantage. The Aventador gets the jump off the line. It holds its lead through the standing kilometer. As expected, the Aventador has the higher trap speeds but the Huracan is very close. With some mild tuning the Huracan can close the gap. 1/4 mile: Huracan: 129.71 Aventador: 131.15 1/2 mile: Huracan: 160.00 Aventador: 161.74 Kilometer: Huracan: 170.23 Aventador: 172.73
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    Yesterday, 05:01 PM
    It is nice having the entirety of F-Series BMW ECU's cracked, isn't it? It seems like every week a tuner is releasing their flash software. Eurocharged in addition to their S63TU flash now offers an S55 flash for the F80 M3 and F82 M4 models equipped with the BMW 3.0 liter S55 turbocharged inline-6. On the Eurocharged Houston Dyno Dynamics the 2015 F80 M3 tested puts down 360 wheel horsepower and 375 lb-ft of wheel torque stock. Note, it is reading more conservatively than a Dynojet and how one would typically expect a Dyno Dynamics to read. When tuned by Eurocharged, output rises to 450 wheel horsepower and 448 lb-ft of wheel torque. Gains of 90 wheel horsepower and 73 lb-ft of wheel torque respectively. For tune only numbers those are very, very nice gains. Now how about when Eurocharged downpipes are added into the mix? Wheel horsepower goes into the 480's along with the wheel torque. Downpipes are providing roughly 30 more horses and lb-ft at the wheels. In addition to the power and torque gains the Eurocharged software removes the speed limiter, increases the redline, and optimizes throttle response. Not bad at all for $1299.99: Tune only: Tune with Eurocharged downpipes:
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    01-28-2015, 02:57 PM
    We spend so much time quantifying cars based on data here and get so caught up in numbers we forget the intrinsic qualities vehicles bring. Ultimately, a car is supposed to serve as transport. There are many reasons for needing to reach a different location and Jeremy Clarkson highlights a very special journey below. Clarkson explains the premise very well and this is quite a touching reminder of what is truly important in life:
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    01-26-2015, 01:41 PM
    We all know the Shelby GT350R is going to be a badass track car considering it improves on the already badass Shelby GT350 with further track oriented refinements. If the laptime being reported is true Ford truly raised the bar for what an American pony car is capable of. 7:32.19 is over 5 seconds quicker than what Chevrolet managed in the Camaro Z28 which itself is incredibly potent. To put the laptime in further context the GT350R laps the 'Ring just ahead of a Ferrari 458 Italia and right behind a Porsche 997 GT2. Pretty good company wouldn't you say? There is no official confirmation yet of this laptime or video evidence. Really, no proof of any kind so everyone is just taking EVO's word for it. EVO is a credible source so we expect an official release supporting their story soon. We do not even have the GT350R full specs yet but what we do know is the GT350R is shaping up to best one of the best American track cars and arguably the best track car value in the world. Source
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    01-28-2015, 12:53 PM
    The Liberty Walk riveted body kits have garnered quite a bit of attention. They certainly are interesting and generate discussion. The design tends to be love it or hate it and it does not work on every car. Here is a good example of that as the Lamborghini Huracan seemingly is better off without it. LamboBoost saw the Liberty Walk Aventador in person at SEMA and that design worked fairly well. The Huracan application just is not nearly as clean and the proportions are somewhat awkward. There will be opinions all over the place but the opinion of this website as that the LB Works widebody kit does not work on the Huracan.
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    01-29-2015, 10:51 PM
    Transmission control unit tuning is becoming just as important engine control unit tuning these days. Especially with dual clutch transmissions in applications with increased torque. Fortunately AMR Performance has TCU software for VW/Audi applications in three stages of tune. The breakdown is as follows: Stage 1 TCU Upgrade: - Designed for daily driving. Firmer shifting patterns. Smoother driving shift points and responsive full throttle. Stage 2 TCU Upgrade: - Designed for daily driving weekend warrior. More aggressive full throttle shift points and firmer daily driven shift patterns. Stage 3 TCU Upgrade: - Designed for the "race" / "aggressive" driver. Severe aggressive and extreme shifting patterns. What Stage someone needs is up to their application. The AMR TCU software is a very reasonable $599.99. We will have to see if their software can accommodate upgraded clutch discs as well. Further details:
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    01-29-2015, 04:01 PM
    AMS Performance offers their M157 tune for both the 4Matic and RWD M157 AMG models. The W212 generation E63 AMG launched with a rear wheel drive M157 drivetrain as most readers know. The facelift of the model changed the styling slightly and added the most notable difference between the two which is 4Matic all wheel drive. The difference in power and torque between the two M157 drivetrains when tuned is negligible. Take a look at this M157 4Matic and rear wheel drive dyno comparison to see for yourself. The traction difference however makes all the difference on the dragstrip. This is not a perfect apples to apples comparison as the cars were run on different days on different dragstrips with different modifications but the AMS tune only RWD E63 went 11.29 @ 126.48. Their 4Matic tuned W212 E63 AMG with AMS downpipes and cat-back exhaust went 10.879 @ 129.21. If the rear wheel drive car received the AMS downpipes and cat-back exhaust (along with some drag rubber) what do you think would happen? In the opinion of BenzBoost it would be very close with it coming down to the launch which of course favors the 4Matic car. From a roll though the ~250 pounds lighter RWD E63 AMG would be favored. Great results here regardless. Owner impressions: “I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with tune in my 2012 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG. It has been nearly six months since the tune was installed and the car has performed flawlessly. There have been zero CEL’s, and driving around town you would never know the kind of power lurking under the hood. The car’s street manners are exactly the same as stock, but when I get in it, there is an impressive surge of power. Speed limits are exceeded almost instantly. A few weeks ago, I brought the car to Byron Dragway and was very satisfied with the results. The Benz laid down a best of 11.2@126 & 11.3@127, both with fairly gentle 1.8 sixty ft times. This was done on Bridgestone summer performance tires. With a harder launch, I think very low 11’s or even a high 10 is possible. Quite amazing for an otherwise completely stock car! Several people at the track, including the announcer, were really impressed. Combined with the fact I still get over 20mpg around town, the car is probably the best “muscle car” I’ve owned. I am very pleased with the whole AMS experience, and can’t wait for some of your new Mercedes products to be released.”
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    01-30-2015, 06:10 PM
    Halltech is known for their intake systems and they have finally released their Stinger CKNZ (Carbon, Kevlar, NomexIII) air induction system for the new C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LT4. The gains are very nice for just changing the LT4 supercharged V8 intake. How nice? How about a gain of 27.2 horsepower at the wheels an 28.3 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. You definitely get your $1300 dollars worth. The power gains increase to 36.2 wheel horsepower with an aftermarket tune. No doubt this will be a popular bolt on upgrade although for a Chevy intake it is on the pricey side.
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    01-28-2015, 11:57 AM
    Going over 200 miles per hour is fast. Going over 200 miles per hour in a 1/2 mile (2640 feet) is ballistic. AMS Performance set a new Nissan GTR 1/2 mile record of 224.327 miles per hour at the recent WannaGoFast standing 1/2 mile event in Florida. This was achieved by their Alpha Omega upgraded GTR. It is also VBOX verified using GPS at 224.91 miles per hour. The specifications for the Alpha Omega GTR are listed below. Congratulations to AMS on a new 1/2 mile GTR world record and continuing to raise the bar. AMS Alpha Omega GTR: Performance Specifications Quarter Mile: 7.700 @ 186.51 MPH *current R35 GTR record (current best MPH: 190.3) Standing Mile: 233mph *gear limited/done at 1250whp Standing Half Mile: 214.04mph 60-130mph: 2.46 Seconds 30-130mph: 3.32 Seconds *current overall record 100-150mph: 2.15 Seconds *current overalll record 0-186mph(0-300KPH): 7.56 Seconds *current overall record 0-60mph: 1.53 Seconds 0-100mph: 2.79 Seconds 100-200mph: 5.42 Seconds 0-200mph: 10.49 Seconds Engine: Alpha 4.0L Big Bore Engine Alpha CNC Ported Cylinder Heads (w/ Ferrea Valvetrain Component Package) Alpha Omega GT-R Custom Camshafts Turbo/Exhaust: Upgraded Alpha Omega Turbo Kit TiAL Q Blow-off Valves Full Alpha GT-R Exhaust System (includes Alpha and Alpha spec components) Fuel: Alpha Fuel Rail Kit ID 2000 Fuel Injectors (6) Alpha Omega Spec Fuel System Transmission: Alpha Omega Transmission Upgrade Package (by Shepherd Transmission) Intake/Intercooler: Alpha GT-R Intake Manifold Alpha CNC Ported Throttle Bodies Alpha Omega Spec. Intercooler System Interior: Full 8 point Roll cage with Swing out door bars and removable parachute assembly Alpha Tillet Seats Alpha Tillet Seat Brackets Exterior: Alpha Carbon fiber 2x2 V-weave Matte Finish Hood Alpha Carbon fiber 2x2 Twill weave Matte Finish Roof Alpha Carbon fiber 2x2 V-weave Matte Finish Trunk lid Super sweet Omega spec Vinyl Decals APR GTSpec Side Mirrors Aerocatch hood pins Engine Management/Electronics: Syvecs Stand-alone Engine Management System Suspension/Rims/Tires: Enkei 18” RPF01 Front wheels with M&H 275/45/18 Racemaster Drag radials Alpha Drag Wheel and tire combo in the rear Alpha Upgraded CCM brake kit front and rear Alpha Drag Suspension upgrade
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    01-28-2015, 09:21 PM
    The KIA K900 is a very nice premium luxury sedan. The thing is, the buying public does not exactly associate the KIA brand with premium luxury sedans. They may have overestimated their position by bringing in a premium car when KIA is primary a volume and value brand. Volkswagen had this problem with the Phaeton as the brand image just could not pull off a premium luxury sedan especially with Audi existing. KIA does not have the exact same problem of competing with an established luxury brand but it does have to contend with Hyundai which has the Genesis sedan. That is really the problem as the K900 is a reskinned Genesis V8 sedan. Making things more problematic is that the Hyundai Genesis V8 costs $51,500. KIA clearly priced themselves too high as they do not have Hyundai's brand appeal and Hyundai itself is not exactly considered a high end luxury sedan producer. Certainly not in comparison to the Germans. We will see if a price cut helps and even Cadillac is not immune to price cuts but selling a $60k KIA was a problem any smart executive should have seen coming. This is likely an experiment for KIA anyway so they are learning just how far they can push their brand. Source
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    01-28-2015, 11:58 PM
    The M133 engine is obviously very powerful but its design does not utilize any bypass valve to bleed off excessive air pressure. When pushing this motor further on top of the already high state of tune from AMG one can run into problems regarding compressor surge. What that leads to is decreased turbo life and possibly early turbo failure. The Weistec anti surge valve is designed to vent excess compressed air to the atmosphere thereby preventing air flowing back into the compressor housing. There will also be those people of course interested in this modification as the air venting to the atmosphere produces a 'blow off' valve sound. Aural components to a car are important and a rev followed by that signature turbo 'psshhh' let's people know the car means business. Ultimately though this is a longevity mod that also improves throttle response. Considering it is a simple bolt on modification with quick installation this is a no-brainer for 45 AMG owners. KEY FEATURES: 100% Bolt-On Solution No Check Engine Light Easy 30 Minute Installation Increased Lifespan of Turbo CNC Machined Aluminum Hard Anodized to Military Spec Engineered and Manufactured in USA $599.99:
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    01-26-2015, 11:23 AM
    We have all known for some time now Audi intended to expand the TT line up to a third model variant. Audi has presented various concepts including an Offroad TT concept and the Offroad variant is what Audi is going to produce for some inexplicable reason. AudiBoost believes the TT Sportback Concept which essentially transformed the TT into a four-door 'coupe' style sedan makes infinitely more sense. Audi already has the allroad wagon in the lineup so why the redundancy? Apparently Audi is banking on crossover mania instead of building a model to go toe to toe with the CLA. The TTQ can be thought of as a Q4 and Audi can not call it a Q4 as FIAT owns the Q4 name. Would it really have killed you to produce a TT-RS Sportback Audi? Source
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    01-27-2015, 11:17 PM
    The Aston Martin Vantage V8 is a bit tough to squeeze power out of. It is essentially a Jaguar V8 with increased displacement and compression. In stock form it is rated at 380 horsepower and 302 lb-ft of torque from the 4.3 liter V8 unit (a 420 horsepower 4.7 liter was introduced in 2008. AMR performance on their Dyno Dynamics recorded a baseline of 306.9 wheel horsepower. The graph states flywheel horsepower although considering the flywheel output is 380 that figure does not make sense as anything other than a wheel number. With the addition of an aftermarket intake and exhaust AMR added their Stage 2 tune for these bolt ons resulting in a gain of 53 horsepower at the wheels for a total of 360. Big gains on the naturally aspirated V8 on a conservative dyno. Video and graph below. The AMS Stage 2 tune costs $1999.99: AMR Performance Stage 2 ECU Software Upgrade (tune) on the dyno. Description: The AMR Performance Aston Martin Vantage ECU Software upgrade utilizes the latest in AMR DFC Technology. Enhancing the vehicle's performance by optimizing the engine control module (ECU) with our custom engineered and designed software. Optimization of the fuel, ignition timing, proper sensor scaling, CAM table(s) and more... give the vehicle a cleaner fuel burn, more horsepower & torque while increasing the vehicle's fuel economy. A noticable feel in the throttle response gives the driver a more "throttle happy" experience. Giving the vehicle a more usable and broader power band and eliminating low end "lag". Key Features: - Advanced Fuel Optimization - Advanced Timing Optimization - Advanced CAM Timing Optimization - Enhanced Throttle Response - Increased Fuel Economy - Broader Power Band Product Link:…
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    01-28-2015, 08:37 PM
    Pathetic. That is what you can say about trying to get hits by putting out a bogus story. You can bet nobody is ever going to take them seriously again. We stated the Z06 laptime seemed unbelievable and as it turns out, it isl. We were holding our breath for confirmation from an official Chevy source and an official Chevy source has commented although not in support of the bogus report: "Simply put, that number is not correct. We accumulated nearly 1,000 miles of testing on the Nurburgring with the Z06. However, as you know, there are very limited opportunities to get a lap on video at the ‘Ring. Both opportunities we had to record a lap on video were rained out. We have decided not to release a lap, as we don’t have the video to back up a time. When we get a chance to run a fast lap for video, we will publish an official time." This continue a string of poor automotive reporting where an unconfirmed report gets circulated as if it was confirmed. Winston Churchill was right. A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth even gets a chance to put its pants on.
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    01-29-2015, 07:14 PM
    The world's most powerful and fastest sedan? That would be the 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat. Dodge obviously raised eyebrows with their 204 mile per hour top speed claim but they have absolutely no problem backing that claim up as you will see in the video below. In fact, they hit a radar verified 206.9 miles per hour although that is with some help from the wind. They go 202.2 miles per hour against the wind which clearly proves the car is capable of 200+ speeds and its 204 mile per hour claim. Simply astounding this level of performance can be delivered in a sedan for $60k with a warranty.
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    01-28-2015, 09:43 PM
    The good news is Honda will reveal a production version of the Civic Type R in Geneva in March. The bad news is that Honda Civic Type R will not be sold in the USA. Why? Because it is based on the European version of the Civic. A Civic Type R with a turbo 2.0 liter motor is exactly the kind of exciting model Honda needs. Making the news more sweet than bitter is that the US spec Civic will get the Type R turbo four-cylinder motor. Whether it is detuned or how much it is detuned is information that will come later. It also remains to be seen how close the US Spec Civic will be to the real Type R variant and if it will actually get Type R branding. At the very least Honda is starting to produce some exciting models again. 28.01.2015 Civic Type R and NSX Supercar Lead Host of Premieres From Honda at 2015 Geneva Motor Show - Honda to unveil flagship performance models with world premiere of production Civic Type R and European premiere of NSX - Production models of all-new Jazz and HR-V to be unveiled, as well as first showing in Europe of FCV Concept fuel cell vehicle - 2015 McLaren-Honda F1 racer showcased ahead of season opener Signalling a new era for the Honda brand in Europe, every model in the range will be new or refreshed in 2015, with many being unveiled in production guise for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Performance cars for road and track, family cars and a fuel cell concept will all feature on the Honda stand. The return of two performance legends Geneva will see the global premiere of the Honda Civic Type R production car. The 'race car for the road' will be the most extreme Type R ever built, with blistering performance and thrilling dynamics that set new standards in the segment. A world-first application of Honda's new 2.0 litre VTEC Turbo engine, aggressive function-led styling and pioneering new chassis technologies combine to deliver one of the most immersive and rewarding driving experiences available in any sector. For fans keenly anticipating the launch of Honda's latest hot hatch icon, a dedicated Type R microsite goes live on 28 January. Here fans can explore and share Type R content, in order to gain access to exclusive snapshots of the performance hatchback ahead of its debut in Geneva: Hot from its global debut in Detroit, the much-anticipated production Honda NSX will make its European debut in Switzerland, twenty-five years after the original. The hybrid supercar has been specifically created to deliver a 'new sports experience', challenging conventional beliefs about the supercar segment. New HR-V and Jazz Production models of Honda's all-new HR-V and Jazz will debut ahead of their market launches later in 2015. The all-new HR-V blends the styling of a coupe with the toughness, space and utility of a SUV in a sporty, characterful and versatile B-segment crossover. Re-entering the segment that Honda pioneered with the original HR-V in 1998, the new 2015 model features eye-catching exterior styling, fun-to-drive performance, class-leading fuel economy and unmatched interior spaciousness. With a sophisticated new look and an upgraded interior, the third-generation Jazz also makes its debut in Geneva. This car has been redesigned from the ground up, building on the strong reputation of its predecessors and featuring a brand new 1.3 litre petrol engine. Looking to the future The Honda FCV Concept demonstrates the exterior and interior styling evolution of the next-generation zero emissions Honda fuel-cell vehicle. The FCV Concept is intended to provide significant gains in packaging, interior space, cost reduction and real-world performance, including an anticipated driving range in excess of 300 miles and a refuelling time of three to five minutes. Iconic McLaren-Honda partnership returns The 2015 McLaren-Honda Formula 1 racecar will also be on show at Geneva ahead of its competitive debut at the season opener in Melbourne, Australia on 15 March. The new partnership aims to create a legacy to surpass that of the original, when four Constructors' World Championships were won in four years between 1988 and 1991. Honda can be found at stand 4250 in Hall 4 at the 85th Geneva Motor Show (3 - 15 March).
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    01-30-2015, 06:35 PM
    Some details have emerged on the next generation R36 GTR from Nissan Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura. Nothing he revealed is exactly earth shattering. The next generation R36 GTR is expected to adopt a hybrid drivetrain. That is pretty much the direction next generation performance cars are all headed. The car also will not be a mid-engine layout as some have speculated. The layout will be a front engine gasoline motor with electric assist. The other detail he provided is that the car will not hit the streets until 2018. Expect the R35 to get some continued tweaks until then. Source
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    01-29-2015, 03:14 PM
    Very nice numbers here for a 2008 WRX STI that is still on the stock heads and cams. The car does feature a built EJ motor and with an FP Black turbocharger shows 380.84 horsepower at all four wheels and 381.60 lb-ft of torque at all four wheels at 22.2 psi of boost. The STI also features an ETS FMIC (front mount intercooler) and 900cc injectors from Fuel Injector Clinic. The fuel used was not specified. Just a solid, safe build and tune.
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