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    10-18-2016, 02:53 PM
    Carbon fiber wheels are the new big thing. For years, wheel companies made carbon overlay rims to get the look of carbon fiber but the aftermarket now is beginning to offer a nice selection of full carbon fiber wheels. Keep in mind Ford sells the Mustang GT350R right off the showroom floor with carbon fiber rims. ESE Carbon is a new company and honestly we do not know much about them. There is no feedback to go on but BoostAddict member @BerndV ordered a set for his E63 AMG. We'll see what he has to say about them. On paper the rims are incredible. A 19x9 wheel weighs only 11 pounds. That is significantly lighter than anything else on the market. The wheels are available in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 22 inches. At $2000+ per wheel these are not cheap but it is pricing on par with a set of HRE wheels which are far more about style than substance. Outfitting an all wheel drive car with these rims will make a substantial difference in performance by reducing unsprung weight at all four corners. Now to see people start running these rims and their feedback.
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    10-13-2016, 12:32 PM
    Just a hair from the 10's! That is a bit of a bummer but considering this is not an automatic transmission run but a six-speed manual pass it is definitely to be applauded. Especially considering the very healthy 136 miles per hour trap speed is more than enough to break into the 10's. The specs of the car are below along with more details from VTT: Built Short block Stock head with bad valve guide seals GC turbos BMS DP's Custom Exhaust dual 3" into 4" Shotgun Single Barrel VTT Rear Silicone intake Custom VTT front intake VTT DCI Custom VTT Catch can set up EOS Intake manifold with built in PI Custom LPFP set up 100% E85 for fuel MHD tune by V8bait FLASH ONLY ADE Intercooler AEM AQ1 data logging set up with Dual EGT, Dual BP, Manifold Pressure, FMIC In / out temps FULL WEIGHT (3710 lbs with driver) Hey guys, We took the car that we just ran 169.9 mph in the 1/2 mile AZ NFZ roll race to the 1/4 mile track (SAC) and ran11.04 @ 136 mph. We were having fun on our way to get into the 10's until Tony broke a drive shaft. We have pics vids and some vbox data below. Couple things of note; this is the same tune we ran our best speed at NFZ with, same car (no hardware or software changes). Out of curiosity we weighed the car (with Tony in it) right before the races and it rang in at 3710 lbs. These things are NOT light weight. 11.04 @ 136.46 mph run Vid: Broken Driveshaft Vid: Log links: AEM: MHD: Final Thoughts: If there was any doubt that the GC's can put down some serious horsepower, we have the trap speed, we have the car weight, a simple horsepower calculator (like... or will show we're putting down some serious real world power. No other twin turbo offering on the market comes close.
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    10-06-2016, 08:11 AM
    Massive numbers here for the N55 on pump gas. ACF Performance out of Brazil is making some waves on the N55 platform. They also are in progress of opening up their US office and distributor network. You can check out which is in the process of being updated. Let's get to the important stuff which is the Stage 3 turbo kit. Here is what is included: -BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger -Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Twin-Scroll with Carbon Fiber HeatShield -Inlet 4" -Stainless Steel Downpipe 3.5" -Turbo Oil lines and block adapters -Turbo Coolant lines and block adapters -Coolant lines and tubes -Extension Harness for EWG and Diverter Solenoid Relocation -Vacuum Lines/Solenoid for Pneumatic DV Conversion -DEI Gold Wrap for plastic parts -DEI Exhaust Wrap for Exhaust Manifold and Downpipe -Brand new BMW Exhaust Gaskets, Turbo gaskets, oil and coolant seals, couplers with SS Clamps. -Bolts, Nuts, Washers and all hardware for assembly -PenDrive with detailed Install Instructions video for DIY users Suggested upgrades: -Additional Oil Cooler kit -TurboSmart DV Upgrade The ACF Performance N55 turbo kit starts at $8999.99 It fits EWG and PWG models and they are working on an X-Drive solution. It is not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for and turbo upgrades on the N55 platform are only getting more competitive. Compare the 17 psi flash tuned number to the 28 psi and 31 psi upgraded turbo dyno numbers: Here's some more pics of the kit: The US location for ACF Performance will open in Hinsdale, IL. If you have any questions, please contact @RicardoACF - BorgWarner EFR 8374 Turbocharger (63mm version): This is one of the best turbochargers available today! Its power capabilities and spool behavior make it the best choice for keeping packaging very compact and reducing the number of necessary components. An integrated diverter valve makes it possible to upgrade to our Stage 3 Kit while still keeping the stock charge pipe design. (Either the stock TIC pipe, or an upgraded aluminum TIC with the stock connections, can be used.) - Handcrafted Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold: Our CAD designed twin-scroll exhaust manifold became a reality through the work of our incredibly skilled in-house welder that used CNC cut flanges to create a state-of-the-art TIG welded exhaust manifold. The thick schedule tube walls and grounded welding greatly improve the durability of the manifold and effectively protect against cracks. - Electronic Wastegate Compatible: The ACF Performance S3 Turbocharger kit enables you to continue using the stock Electronic Wastegate- so, what does that mean? It means that our kit works with any flash tune on the market, including the stock tune- like the Pure Stage 1 & 2 turbos- so you won't be attached to any single flash tuner. Also, who doesn't love the capability of changing maps on the fly using the JB4 as a boost controller, or using our built-in MultiMaps FlashTuneClick here to enlarge? (Which allows you to change flash maps with the touch of an in-dash button.) - Upgrading Is Possible: This first version of our kit was designed to work with the 63mm EFR, and could spool off-the-line even better than the Pure Stage 2 using our latest exhaust manifold design. But if you are a rolling race addict and want to extract the most top-end power possible from your N55, we can offer our kit with the most powerful turbocharger available from the BW EFR turbo line. It is capable of 1000bhp, and we have no doubt that the 67mm will work with the rest of our kit. Also, the turbo is exactly the same for both sizes, so they are easily interchangeable. - Thermal Protection: One of the most challenging aspects of this project was keeping temperatures controlled under the hood. We have restricted the airflow near the manifold considerably with all of our custom plumbing and the massive EFR turbo, as our long-term tests showed some premature wear in the plastic components of the engine due to the higher temperature under the hood. We decided to provide all of the necessary materials to isolate high temperatures inside the exhaust tubes and properly protect all other components. In addition to thermal exhaust wrap, we will also be providing a carbon-fiber heat shield. A view of our test vehicle engine bay (the engine cover doesn't fit perfectly because of the PI used, not because of our turbo.)
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    10-18-2016, 02:32 PM
    Isn't the Supra supposed to be the highway monster? This is a very impressive run by a single turbo BMW 335i N54 with a Precision Turbo 6766 single turbocharger conversion. The 335i was in kill mode at roughly 40 psi of boost (on the stock motor) and it shows. The Supra just gets walked. The video is not the best quality but you easily see what happens. This is a stout highway BMW.
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    10-20-2016, 07:03 PM
    The S54 proves yet again what a beast it is. If you are going to call any BMW engine the German 2JZ it's the S54. The proof is in the 902 horsepower and 644 lb-ft of torque at the wheels Dynojet pull from a Maximum PSI turbocharged E46 M3 S54. Oh, and this is tuned on the factory ECU. Fuel is E85 ethanol and it certainly helps that there are no direct injection fuel system limitation, right? Yet another thing the S54 has in common with the 2JZ for those who keep track of those kinds of things. In all seriousness, congratulations to Maximum PSI. This is incredible power on the stock internals and a tremendous record. It is great to see naturally aspirated M engines show what they can do when properly boosted and tuned. Hats off to the best six cylinder BMW engine ever made.
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    10-10-2016, 10:58 AM
    Well, this is pretty nice work wouldn't you say? Just barely short of 700 wheel horsepower on a manual transmission swapped E82 135i N54 with the Motiv 750 single turbo kit upgrade. Additional fuel comes courtesy of port injection which is controlled by the BMS JB4. Additional details below from @Terry@BMS: Had a chance to get the 135i back on the dyno for a few runs just to ensure everything is running fine post MT swap. The car is running a MOTIV 750 kit, JB4 controlled port injection, and straight E85. On the back end flash I decided not to check off desensitize knock sensors since the car has plenty of power for what I need anyway. The negative trade off is probably around 20whp at higher boost levels. But on the plus side it's probably a bit safer this way. Considering its on an older stock motor that's not a bad thing I guess. Also tested out the NLS on the dyno which itself worked pretty well. I ran it at 12psi (wg spring) then again at 23psi just shifting leisurely. Something did come up I am concerned with though. With the 3.15 gears in 5th at around 6950rpm it's only doing around 165mph at least on the dyno. The gear calculator says it should be doing 170mph so maybe the dyno speed is just off... I'm targeting a 170mph+ trap and was hoping I could do that in 5th. Are you really fast MT single turbo guys having to shift to 6th in the 1/2 mile?
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    10-25-2016, 10:21 PM
    We know, we know. The CP-E (Custom Performance Engineering) Atmosphere turbo kit has been stuck in development for a long time. BimmerBoost interviewed CP-E at SEMA three years ago regarding this kit and it was supposed to be buttoned up shortly after that. Well, the timeline did not go as planned but it's coming. Those of you who doubted or looked down on CP-E need to take a step back and realize this stuff is not easy. CP-E should be commended for bringing another option to the market and namely one that can accommodate some large aftermarket twins. Here are the specs on the car which belongs to @4doorbmwpower: cp-e GTX3071R ATMOSPHERE Twin turbo kit, cp-e motor mount, cp-e airstation, cp-e quad exhaust, cp-e fuelbar w/72# injectors, cp-e FMIC, cp-e charge pipe, cp-e custom oil cooler, cp-e custom tuning through COBB APV3, Stage 3 LPFP with Fuel-it ES-7 and ES-3 lines, AEM Fuel Management, Custom Meth kit, Apex EC7 18s wrapped in R888 295s, Stoptech drilled/slotted rotors, M3 rep front bumper, m-sport rear end, Custom M3 side skirts with Carbon fiber splitters, carbon fiber diffuser, Custom smoked Headlights w/ Plasma Angel Eyes, smoked LED tail lights, CSF all aluminum radiator, custom Trans cooler, UUC Trans Mounts, “1000hp” Level10 transmission, upgraded level10 torque converter, DSS Axles, MFactory LSD, DEFIV lockdown kit, M3 suspension refresh kit with ECS trailing arms, Delrin/aluminum bushings, KWv2's. So, yes, quite the mod list. We should see it in action soon as well as CP-E revealing the final N54 kit with options and pricing.
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    10-22-2016, 05:03 PM
    If you thought Sterling BMW in Newport Beach, California was ridiculous for asking $60k over sticker then you might have some trouble articulating how you feel about the $100k+ over sticker Santa Maria BMW is asking. This would be funny if it was not so sad. First of all, why is it Califonia dealers asking these absurd markups? Secondly, Santa Maria BMW is looking for someone so stupid that they can't even add. They say they want a $100k market adjustment yet the asking price is $245,815.00 meaning it is actually a $110k markup. They're looking for someone so dumb that basic arithmetic escapes them. This is just a new low for BMW dealers.
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    10-08-2016, 03:33 AM
    The 991 GT3 RS running from a roll is something we have all seen before. It's certainly a stout car but it is built for the track. The aerodynamics slow it down due to increased drag but the low curb weight (roughly 400 pounds less than the E92 335i), rear wheel drive layout, and high revving 4.0 liter flat-6 make for an efficient package. The GT3 RS is slower than a rear wheel drive Huracan from a roll. It did beat a tuned SL600 from a dig which is something an N54 on upgraded stock housings is capable of as well. What about this particular 335i in the video? It gets pulled right off the line as if it was in the wrong gear or has the stock housing turbo upgrade with the worst lag in the world. It does finally come back strong up top but with all the torque down low the N54 has with a turbo upgrade the driver didn't seem to have it where he should have on the tach at the start of the race considering the terrible start. + Palm Turbos Stage 1 + MHD Mappad by BQ Tuning + Supersprint catback X-Pipe + VTT Inlets + Intercooler från KL Racing + Ultimate Racing downpipes without catalysts + Walbro 455 pump + 200cell Magnaflow sportcatalysts Porsche 911 GT3 RS is stock
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    10-06-2016, 12:51 AM
    All good things must come to an end but fret not driving enthusiasts! Arguably the best all around enthusiast tire on the market is getting even better. Say goodbye to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport and hello to the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S. Michelin seems to be borrowing their naming from Porsche (though notice the 4 and S are separated). Many believe the Pilot Suport Sport is the best tire on the market and it does dominates comparison tests. While it's relatively new it was introduced four years ago. What are the changes? Well, the pattern and sidewall are a bit different and no doubt the composition is as well. Beyond that we do not know much about it other than it is set to be the new all around tire king and it has big shoes to fill. Apparently wet and dry performance is better and the tires will last 30,000+ miles. The tire won't launch until March 2017 and even then it will only fit 19 and 20 inch wheel sizes initially. It will be a while before it fully phases out the Pilot Super Sport.
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    10-12-2016, 05:25 AM
    Getting close to the 11's from a factory 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbo with bolt on modifications is definitely impressive but you already know the AMG M133 2.0 liter is a hell of a motor. AMS with their bolt on Alpha modifications managed a 12.168 @ 114.53. What are the modifications? An Alpha Performance heat exchanger, auxiliary heat exchanger, upgraded air filter and intake, downpipe, and Alpha tune. The total bill for those modifications? $4899.75. Not exactly cheap but there are other value options for the platform. The point ultimately is that you can run 12 flat with just basic mods on the 45 AMG models.
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    10-12-2016, 07:31 PM
    That did not take long, did it? After the leak today BMW officially released photos of the new BMW 5-Series. Somehow, it does not look all that new. It kind of looks like the F10 5-Series and the F30 3-Series got drunk together and the G30 is what resulted. It is not a bad looking car it just does not do anything to push the BMW styling language. It plays things so safe that looking at it produces a yawn. Ok, so the styling is not anything new or exciting. What about what is under the skin? BMW claims the G30 is lighter than the F10 generation but at this point who isn't sick of hearing BMW BS the world about weight loss? This G30 generation 5-Series originally was slated to weigh 500 pounds less than the F10 generation. BMW says whatever they want to in press releases to try to look good whether it is accurate or not. The first US models are a 530i with a B48 engine and a 540i with a B58 engine. An M550i with a twin turbo V8 will come later. As will the new all wheel drive F90 M5. What do you think about it? Let's see if anyone is excited about the new 5.
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    10-26-2016, 06:12 PM
    Now, this is a new S63TU world record and it is incredible that the engine is holding 900 horsepower at the wheels on the stock internals. Ok, 899.98 horsepower to the wheels but maybe we can make a minor exception and round up. The torque figure is impressive but it comes from a reading spike early on. We would need to see a clean torque graph to really know what the figure is. The point ultimately is that this car is making a ton of power with bolt ons, meth back end flash, JB4, 27 psi of boost, Q16 fuel, and a 100 shot of nitrous. It is a 6-speed manual example. It tops the 857 wheel horsepower record an F10 M5 set earlier this year but that car did it without any juice. The S63TU certainly looks to be the BMW turbo engine to tune.
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    10-05-2016, 12:23 AM
    A nice comparison here despite only getting one camera angle. Fortunately, that angle is on the slowest car which is the BMW E90 M3 DCT which is supercharged with the ESS-VT2 625 kit. You would expect based on the (marketing) dynos ESS posts much stronger performance. The car is said to have around 520 whp and it sure looks that way. The GTR just runs away from the other two cars. The Hellcat and the M3 are pretty even but after what feels like a minute it pulls slightly ahead. That 4500+ curb weight certainly hurts even with the insane stock power. Mod lists below: M3: E90 DCT ESS 625 Full exhaust Apex wheels with rcomp 94 octane 8psi GTR: Catless dp Catless mid 1000cc injectors 3" intake Ecutek tuned by Linney 93 octane Hellcat: Stock Auto
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    10-11-2016, 06:21 AM
    Congratulations to TPG Tuning who continues to push the S55 3.0 liter I6 engine platform despite the problems with the engine design. It is only through this kind of work that the engine can be addressed and strengthened to reliably handle this kind of power and torque. And it is quite a bit of power and torque. 745 horsepower at the wheels with a peak torque number of 747 lb-ft at the wheels. What is the recipe? As follows: TPG Built S55 TPG Built Head TPG Billet Crank Hub / Damper Pure Turbos Upgraded Stock Location Twins Driveshaft Shop Axles and Carbon Driveshaft ShepTrans Built DCT Dodson Motorsport Clutch Burger JB4 HCP Tuning Backend Flash Evolution of Speed Intercooler Fuel-It Port Injection The main question here of course is will the TPG Billet Crank Hub hold? The crank hub is the big issue in the F82 M4 and F80 M3 aftermarket and even an issue stock. One BimmerBoost member had this piece fail on him six times. Yes, six. If TPG has the solution then the S55 motor might finally be an aftermarket platform one can modify with confidence. Time will tell. For now, congrats to TPG Tuning.
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    10-10-2016, 05:02 AM
    Here is a Pure Stage 2 turbo upgraded BMW F13 M6 S63TUV8 doing some work. Easy work really as none of the cars in the video pose much of a challenge. That is a testament to how stout this upgrade is and just how powerful an S63TU with a turbo upgrade is as well. Run 1 vs. VTT N54 Not sure you can call this one a race. You can barely see the 335i in the M6's mirrors. Run 2 vs. modded C6 Z06 The mod list on this one is unknown. Not great recording here by the passenger but the M6 decisively wins. Run 3 vs. Renntech tuned S63 convertible with M157 turbo upgrade The M157 is certainly a stout powerplant but keep in mind it is in a very heavy car. The S63 Coupe is already 4700 pounds and the convertible will add a couple hundred to that. The S63 gets on the gas early but the M157 torque down low helps as well. Still, the M6 runs it down without issue and passes easily. Clearly it's a much faster car. Run 4 vs. Pure Stage 2 upgraded F82 M4 S55 Poor filming again due to the M4 being on the driver's side but you can still see the M6 pull ahead. The M4 at least hangs in there decently compared to some of the other cars. There is a final run with a C5 but it's not much of a run at all. Basically, what you learn here is that an M6 with the Pure Stage 2 upgrade is a beast if you didn't know that already.
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    10-09-2016, 04:14 AM
    When tuners announce parts and upgrades, that's fine. AMS is reputable so they are often taken at their word. They announced a bevy of performance upgrades for new turbocharged Porsche models last month including the Macan S and Turbo. They even stated development was already well under way: So these products are well into their development stages yet just the other day this was posted: Big, bad AMS can't afford their own development car and is begging for one on Facebook? Seriously? They claim their products are well into their development stages yet how far is that if they haven't even fitted anything to a Macan? What you should take away from this is that AMS products for the new 991.2 models or Macan S and Turbo are still quite a ways off and nowhere near what anyone should call deep into development. Don't hold your breath.
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    10-21-2016, 07:23 PM
    Sterling BMW is located in Newport Beach, California. There certainly are a lot of posers in Orange County but there likely is not anybody dumb enough to pay an extra $60k on top of the already absurd BMW M4 GTS MSRP. Who in the world would be stupid enough to pay over sticker for a track car that is a performance failure? Let's quickly recap what the M4 GTS offers. A minimal performance increase over the standard M4 thanks to suspension upgrades, aerodynamic changes, a new tune, and water injection. You can literally get coilovers, an even stronger aftermarket tune, and add in your own water/meth system on a standard F82 M4 and outperform the M4 GTS while saving $60,000. The M4 GTS can not beat a single performance car in its price range around the track and several that are much cheaper embarrassingly spank it. BMW did not shave the weight they claimed they would and the car does not meet any of the performance targets they claimed either. The car amounts to nothing more than hype. The M4 GTS is already overpriced at $134,200 let alone with a $60k market adjustment. They adjusted the price in the wrong direction. Good luck finding that sucker Sterling.
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    10-09-2016, 07:36 AM
    Once upon a time a Swede named Gustav headed a website known as M5bored. He would post various race videos as promotion over and over to build up interest and then sell the board. The thing is, fanboys would use these videos as evidence of superiority of one car over another. Without any data you don't truly know what is going on. As is the case in the video posted the other day where the GT3 RS gets a big lead on the 335i with upgraded turbos. BimmerBoost speculated the car was in the wrong gear but some fanboys stated the Porsche is just superior and lighter and blah blah blah. Low and behold BimmerBoost was e-mailed the rematch where the 335i starts in the correct gear. The GT3 RS still jumps but the race goes as it should be this time around: So why is this Gustav fellow at these runway events only posting the videos showing cars in a certain light? Well, in the case of the GT3 RS it is because he is using his friend's GT3 RS to make additional promotional race videos and doesn't want to upset him. It's why you don't see a lot of content showing a different outcome because Swedes are sensitive people. Let this be a lesson in how easy it is for results to be misleading without data. 335i: + Palm Turbos Stage 1 + MHD Mappad by BQ Tuning + Supersprint catback X-Pipe + VTT Inlets + Intercooler från KL Racing + Ultimate Racing downpipes without catalysts + Walbro 455 pump + 200cell Magnaflow sportcatalysts Porsche 911 GT3 RS is stock
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    10-09-2016, 12:53 AM
    Pretty much every BMW blog or website will stay away from commenting on tuner wars. This one doesn't. It does a disservice to the community to sit back while collecting vendor dollars and allow tuners to make whatever claims they want to without backing them up or providing proof which could potentially put your engine in jeopardy if using their product. A dyno graph is often considered proof. The problem is that dyno graphs can be self-serving when coming from tuners. Let's take an example from HC Tuning aka BimmerBoost member @lfelunden: 721 wheel horsepower and 748 lb-ft of torque at the wheels from a bolt on S63TU on meth are very strong numbers. You will also notice it is stated that HC Tuning is making another 100+ wheel horsepower over PP-Performance which previously tuned the car. A 100 whp spread over another tune? Over 100 lb-ft of torque to boot? Tunes can vary but that level of variance is suspect. Was it a canned PP-P tune? Was it a Stage 1 file? Was it even custom dyno tuned on meth? Leaving these aspects out implies that HC Tuning on the same car with the same tuning is getting huge gains making it seem like HC Tuning is far better than PP-P. Maybe that's the case but BimmerBoost would bet money that if you got both Jimmy Pelka of PP-P and Halim of HC Tuning on the same dyno with this same car to do a custom dyno tune the main area of variance would be how far each would be willing to push to get higher peak figures for bragging rights. Now this is where things get interesting. Halim of HC Tuning was puffing his chest out to anyone including Mission Performance on the forums who wrote this in response: Mission states HC Tuning disabled the CEL to hit these figures, lifted one of their files from a car that was later modified, and basically was unsafe in the manner tuned to hit these figures. Now Mission states they re-tuned that car that made the figures 'unsafely' and it resulted in even higher figures: Is it true the tune was unsafe? Probably. Is it true a Mission tune was lifted? Probably. Tuners steal tunes all the time. ALL THE TIME. Some of the most reputable guys in the business have gotten code from others. It's just how it is. Protecting tunes is difficult if not impossible. Now HC tuning says Mission stole his file and worked from that file to hit the numbers they did. So, he said she said nonsense: What is the truth? What tuner do you trust? The answer is, none of them. They are all interested in self-promotion. Mission Performance came to BimmerBoost early on asking to be a vendor and for some help in a tuning situation involving a dispute with GSR Performance/Technik: BimmerBoost helped get the info out there and once we did suddenly Mission Performance became difficult to contact. @lfelunden has been pushing his products on forums (including this one) for free for years. The bottom line is this. Both are opportunists trying to use the forums to convince you to give them money. Don't trust any tuner but trust independent results posted of their tuning. The truth in this instance is left up for you to decide.
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    10-25-2016, 03:01 PM
    A 7:29.60 Nurburgring laptime is very quick by an measures. That is a time only the top supercars not too long ago could hope for. This laptime raises a few questions however. Such as, how did BMW top the ZL1 with their M4 GTS which they claim ran a 7:28 laptime? The M4 GTS squeaked out ahead of the Camaro SS at Laguna Seca but it beats the vastly strong Camaro ZL1 around the Nurburgring? This gives more credence to BMW using a ringer as Sport Auto only managed a 7:37 around the 'Ring in the M4 GTS which is almost 10 seconds off BMW's claimed time. We'll have to wait and see some independent tests to really piece this together but either way the new ZL1 is a big improvement over the previous generation car.
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    10-19-2016, 06:30 PM
    Great news here from @Pure Turbos. First, you will notice the competitive pricing on their Stage 2 'HiFlow' and 'DD' N54 turbo upgrades. What is truly remarkable though is that Pure Turbos is stepping in to help those with failed Hexon turbos by offering a 10% discount for those affected by Hexon's demise. That is not something they have to do and BimmerBoost applauds Pure Turbos for standing up to help the community. Most businesses would just try to make as much money as they could but Pure Turbos is showing respect for the platform and even people who gave their business to the competition. Incredible. Full details below: Dear N54 enthusiasts, We appreciate the support. We are pleased to continue offering the best and most reliable twin turbo upgrades available for the N54 community. We would like to announce new PURE pricing and options. We have sharpened our pencil on N54 PURE Stage2 pricing. Production efficiency has improved with our in-house machine shop and allowed us to offer even more attractive pricing. We have also settled on a hexon hand-out, to help those victims caught in the hexon failure storm. We run larger wheels, so the blown hexon turbos are re-machine-able. Therefore we can offer a 10% discount to those who return hexon cores. This must be done directly with pure. There’s no advantage for us here. It’s simply a nice gesture to help the community. Lead-time: 2-3 weeks. We currently have 22 pending N54 Stg2 orders which are being finished up now. We now have enough parts back in stock to build an additional 100 sets. We are seeing an exponentially increasing amount of new N54 enthusiast owners daily. We see a lot of these new faces jumping to the cheapest option available. Well, that's exactly what happened with the hexon turbo customers. We always recommend choosing a tested and proven product. N54 PURE Stg2 "HiFlow" - $3595 + core exchange Our well known Stg2 option which is documented on many customer’s cars to be capable of 650-700whp N54 PURE Stg2 "DD" - $3095 + core exchange This new option is intended for most customers. It was engineered for 550-600whp max. We have seen as much as 550whp on the stock HPFP only, and an easy 600whp with a meth kit. Based on collective info and our own experiences, above 600whp is the point at which you greatly increase your chance of stock N54 engine damage. This also happens to be the power level that can often result in 6spd Auto Trans slipping and damage. This is why we consider this new turbo option appropriate for most of you. Low mileage engine/trans seem to do better and last longer. But no doubt, 600+ is where the risk substantially increases. For those of you with goals of 650+whp on stock engines, be well aware you are running a high risk of engine damage. Be prepared to possibly spend money on a replacement motor. Commonly $4.5k-$6k for a good used motor installed, and $6k-$10k for a forged motor installed. This is not intended to scare or deter anyone. It’s just something that needs to be said and understood. Have we all seen stock internal N54 engines make 700-800whp? Yes. Do most of those engines die? Yes. Our N54 upgrade turbos have proven to be strong and reliable. The handful of issues we have seen, out of the hundreds now sold, were due to oil contamination. We are finding it is common people wait for their stock turbos to fail before upgrading. Often times, contamination from the previously failed turbos get trapped in the oil filter housing and oil cooler. So make sure to flush all that out before installing new turbos. Feel free to contact us for inquiries: or 760-721-7669 Thank you!
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    10-17-2016, 03:13 PM
    Perhaps stock is a bit misleading here as there a couple things to be aware of. The tires being the biggest change as the car is running Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires. Besides the tires the car is completely stock making this laptime truly amazing. The modification that really seems to make the difference is the driver mod. The person at the wheels is Manuel Metzger. Not only does he drive for Team Black Falcon he was part of the winning team at the 2016 Nurburgring 24 Hours. Suffice it to say, this guy can drive and knows the track. It shows in the 7:22 laptime which is set with traffic. This is an incredible run. We already knew the AMG GT S was very capable in the corners from MotorTrend's best Driver's Car 2016 test at Laguna Seca but to see it perform at this level on the 'Ring is truly spectacular. To give you an idea of how quick this is a Ferrari 488 GTB was timed at 7:21 and the last Porsche 911 GT2 RS (997) managed a 7:24 on a full lap. This is a BTG (Bridge to Gantry) lap but very, very quick and with a tune this GT-S is going to be a monster.
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    10-26-2016, 02:57 PM
    You know how we're told red light cameras are for our own safety? Well, they aren't. The truth of the matter is red light cameras are a huge business and they are forced on us to create a revenue stream. If it really was about saving lives why are private companies bribing politicians to get them installed? That is what Redflex did. Their former CEO Karen Finley was just sentenced to 14 months in prison (should be longer). Why? This is why: In order to get Redflex cameras installed in more locations Finley bribed those politicians she felt would expand and retain red light camera use. Judge Michael H. Watson had this to say: This is nothing new. Companies have always bribed politicians and likely always will. Defense contracts go for billions upon billions of dollars and the defense companies have strong lobbies always pushing for more 'defense' spending. Unfortunately, this corrupt CEO is one of many and the politicians who received the donations should be thrown in jail along with Karen Finley but it won't happen. This system is broken: Source
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    10-19-2016, 01:51 PM
    Very cool race to see here and the S55 ECU flash tuned BMW F80 M3 is going up against very stout competition in the McLaren 650S. To give you an idea of how capable the 650S a BoostAddict member took his stock MP4-12C to the strip which is slightly less powerful and ran 10.6 @ 135. The 650S is a very fast car and considerably lighter than the F80 M3. Even in stock form it should be favored over a bolt on tuned M3. We do not know the full specs for the M3 here but it has an ECU flash and assume downpipes along with ethanol, meth, or race fuel. Are the turbos upgraded? It sure seems like it. The M3 wins the first race. It pulls as the race goes on which just shouldn't happen. The second race however has the 650S get a better launch and it destroys the M3. The slip doesn't reflect the second result as it shows the M3 as trapping higher and being close to even running 10.5 as well: Where is the second slip where the 650S dominates? Conveniently left out.
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    10-12-2016, 05:51 AM
    Over 600 horsepower at the wheels from the OEM BMW S55 3.0 liter I6 turbochargers is great to see. Especially considering this is a BMS JB4 tuned example with full bolt on modifications. Oh, and how about 668 lb-ft of torque at the wheels to go with it? That torque peak comes rather early and then it is a pretty steep decline toward redline. That is the nature of modern BMW turbo motors though. There does not even seem to be a point to revving this car out to 7500 rpm. The factory redline seems to be BMW trying to claim they still 'rev high' more than actually for top end power. BMW M engine design aside these are great results for what amounts to bolt ons with methanol injection on an E30 blend of fuel.
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    10-05-2016, 12:55 AM
    If you are going to buy an Audi to tune what do you get? Maybe the new S4 or S5 with their fancy twin scroll single turbo V6? Do you spend all that money on an RS7? How about a car cheaper and lighter than either with a dual clutch transmission that already has a bevvy of turbo kits available? The 2.5 TFSI I5 may be slightly bumped to 400 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque but the important thing is the A3 chassis gets the highly awarded motor for the first time ever in the USA. It comes obviously as a sedan and with a dual clutch transmission sending power to all four wheels. The engine has been with us for a while winning 7 straight engine of the year awards in its displacement category. That is just frankly remarkable. You want 744+ wheel horsepower out of the motor? It's not going to be a problem. The transmission cooperating will be the problem. A little inside information at APR told AudiBoost that they will be addressing the transmission. Let's not forget APR also has 600+ all wheel horsepower options as well as engine build options for the 2.5 TFSI. The point being tuners already have experience with this engine and it is just a matter of cracking the ECU and TCU which will be done quickly. The Audi RS3 is the lightest turbocharged sedan in the Audi lineup and once again the only 'RS' model other than the TT-RS with a dual clutch transmission. This car is going to be a tuner's dream. About time Audi!
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    10-25-2016, 11:11 PM
    Well, Mercedes-AMG finally revealed the real thing ahead of the LA Auto Show. Everything is as expected with a tweaked M177 4.0 liter V8 providing 603 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque in E63 S trim. This is the most powerful iteration of the M177/M178 4.0 liter V8 architecture. It is even more power and torque than the AMG GT R sees. Why? Because the competition is over 600 horsepower from 4.0 liters of displacement and the new E63 is going to be very heavy with standard all wheel drive. It likely also means greater gains with an ECU tune. Yes, manufacturers pay attention to this and know in the turbo era this matters. Will it be any lighter than the current generation W212 E63 AMG S 4Matic which weighs just over 4500 pounds? We will see. It's hard to trust weight claim figures from any German manufacturer as they continue to exaggerate weight loss figures. The bottom line is the next generation mid-size luxury performance sedan battle will be the most boring of all time. Everyone will have all drive and everyone will have a twin turbo direct injected V8 in the same displacement range with the same turbo layout. Only Cadillac might provide a significant alternative that breaks from this recipe. How will this play out? BMW will likely win if they offer all wheel drive and a dual clutch transmission with a 4.4 liter S63TU V8 on the next generation M5. Audi and Mercedes-AMG are not offering dual clutch transmissions with their top offerings. That means BMW is poised to build a German four-door GTR. Porsche is the wildcard with the new Panamera.
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    10-25-2016, 02:40 PM
    The AMG GT was designed with the Porsche 911 in its cross hairs. It certainly offers quite a bit of value compared to the 911 range which is a bit overpriced. The pricing between the AMG GT and 911 C4S is basically a wash and the difference depends on options. The AMG GT does offer a motor a liter larger and with eight cylinders. It has more power and torque but sends it to the rear wheels. It is slightly heavier as well. Both have dual clutch transmissions. The C4S is all wheel drive and that is the entire difference here. From a stop, the AMG GT just can not compete with the 911's launch. It would be nice to see this race run from a roll but the people at Motorsport Magazine don't seem to know how to do that. 911 C4S Engine : flat 6 biturbo Displacement : 2 981 cm3 Power : 420 PS Weight : 1 510 kg AMG GT Engine : V8 biturbo Displacement : 3 982 cm3 Power : 462 PS Weight : 1 540 kg
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    10-25-2016, 08:33 PM
    This is pretty crazy and just goes to show just how good the 991.2 generation Carrera models are. Who would have ever thought a Carrera S would top a 911 GT3 or a Turbo S around the track? Well, it happened as the latest Big Willow laptimes from MotorTrend show us. Of course, different conditions on different days play a factor but a Carrera S beating not only a 911 Turbo S but the 911 (991) GT3 as well around the track is simply incredible. So we established the Carrera S is an awesome performance value but look at the AMG GT S and and the Corvette Grand Sport. The Corvette is quicker than either for less money. The AMG GT S just edges the Carrera S which is impressive considering the Mercedes is a front engine layout that weighs more. Having a more powerful and larger engine doesn't hurt. The C7 Z06 remains the car to beat with the Huracan right on its tail. It is interesting to note that the 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo edition does very well on a smaller track like Big Willow yet the 2017 standard edition GT-R at Laguna Seca trails the Carrera S. The Nismo package appears to make quite the difference.
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