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  • G0TB00ST?'s Avatar
    11-20-2014, 12:12 AM
    So this morning I was on my way to class when this kid in a scion tc past by me. He apparently hit a patch of black ice and lost control of his vehicle. I saw the whole thing coming, but there was nothing I could do to save my car, he smacked into me and sent us both flying off into a ditch on the side of the highway. I will find out for sure if the car is totaled or not in the next few days, but after talking to my body shop (whom I have a great relationship with) they are confident it will be totaled. This really sucks because my car was finally coming together I just installed bc racing coilovers a few weeks ago along with all the other mods done to the car. Thankfully I was not at fault so hopefully everything will be covered by his insurance, but this still sucks:( I really don't know what car to get next... I loved my m3, but I don't want to get another one while I am still in college, this whole thing just sucks I worked hard to get this car and get it where is was and now all of it is gone.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    11-19-2014, 05:41 PM
    Hey guys, As a few of you know we've been fighting a false knock issue with our FFTEC built E92. Apparently the forged pistons or something else in the build has increased the engine harmonics leading to the DME detecting false knock. Typically this would be solved by adjusting the knock sensor sensitivity tables within the flash maps but these tables are not yet defined limiting us to external solutions. We found a short term solution in adding plastic spacers between the knock sensors and the block to "dampen" their feedback. Enough to block out false noise but allow legitimate knock through. This allowed us to 1/2 mile race the car, put down some nice dyno numbers, etc. After a lot of abuse we inspected the plugs which looked perfect. While this spacer method was effective it's crude and not adjustable. Going too thick triggers a "knock sensor too quiet" plausibility code during cruising. So I removed the spacers and started working on an electronic alternative. It turns out the solution is very simple. A 100k trim pot on each sensor signal wire (spots 19 & 20 on the large black subconnector). At 0% lots of false knock. And at 65% no false knock. Use one pot on each bank so they can be independently adjusted. Going too high will also filter out real knock & trigger a knock sensor too quiet code so you'll have to use judgement and trail & error if you choose to play around with this. In a related note I've been starting to wonder if ijeos automatic timing flatline is really just false knock. We'll be doing some additional testing on that front soon and I'll keep everyone updated as to the results.
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  • ABE92's Avatar
    11-22-2014, 10:39 PM
    In preparation for the Single Turbo Kit, I am reviewing the options of going for level 10 6AT build from scratch or a DCT Swap. The DCT swap is ~4k dearer than a level 10 6AT build but the DCT swap will offer faster shift speed and for some odd reason, I have more faith in the upgraded clutch pack from Dodson than the level 10 option. No one have tried it before apart from Gintani's attempt. No update from them as yet. Anyway, I hope you guys could help with the queries below: Level 10 6AT Build - 800whp and 700wtq 1. I am based in Australia so it will be cheaper for me to get Level 10 to build a 6AT from another core instead of mine. Will there be any compatibility issue in terms of software or hardware? Based on the part number from RealOEM, the hardware appears to be the same. I am just worried the TCU in America will be different from the ones in Australia. 2. Have you replace your 6AT with a 6AT from a wreck? Did it work and what's involved besides the manual labour to replace the 6AT? I presumed programming is required to ensure your DME will work with the new 6AT TCU. Will Autologic be sufficient or do I need to go back to the dealer for programming? DCT Swap with Dodson Clutch - 800wtq 1. Anyone with insider news from Gintani on the Dodson upgraded clutch pack? Is it working or not? PM me if you will like to keep it private. 2. For this job, I am thinking of buying a whole 335iS wreck from America or the n54 DCT wreck from the UK. I am looking for someone who's willing to buy the wreck on my behalf, remove and package the parts and organise shipping to Australia. The buyer can use or sell the parts from the wreck and I will have NO entitlement on the wreck or profit after I get all the parts required for the DCT swap. I am willing to reimburse man-hours involved in buying the wreck, organising shipping, the labour involved in removing and packaging the parts for delivery to me. Please PM me if you are interested in the above. Cheers, Alex
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  • Livnpaintball2's Avatar
    11-24-2014, 01:00 AM
    Livnpaintball2 started a thread Motor build time in N54
    I have a rod knocking so it's time for a build! Any tips for me? Parts, vendors, ect?
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  • bobS's Avatar
    11-21-2014, 07:23 PM
    I attended my second roll race this year and had a blast. The slipstream roll race events are a ton of fun and if anyone is on the fence about attending one, I can tell you, when it comes to the car scene, there isn't anything else on the east coast i'd rather do. Car shows, caravans, meets, don't compare, these events are fun as hell and the people there are even more fun. You have cars with 2000-400 hp, all makes and models and people that just want to race and see how their cars compare. I really wish more BMW's would attend so hopefully as people realize there are events like these on the east coast, I'll have some more people to run! My first event I went to was this July and I was able to race a ESS 650+ (ACM r package ) Supercharged M3. He was on race fuel, weight reduction, etc. and I was full weight and 93 pump. I lost by 2 1/2 car lengths and was pretty happy with that result:) I really don't care if I win or lose, I like to see how my car stacks up. I was hoping to run a supercharged M that was close to my kit (E600) but never had the chance to. Fortunately, my second event I attended this November had some more cars in my HP class and I was able to get some vid of the action. A litte description of the vid: My first race on the vid is against a 700 hp+ supra, that smoked me, pretty mean sounding car! My second race was against a 570hp Evo X that actually got a slight jump on me at the cones but I was able to reel him in and get him at the end. My last race was against a buddy of mine with a ESS 595 e92 M3. We were both on race gas, both full weight, both DCT. It was fun to run a car more in my HP range. We ran a total of two times, I got him both times, the first run wasn't on this video but I know he has a vid, it was closer than what you'll see here but my car was still adapting to the race gas. We grabbed lunch, I was confident my car was fully adapted and we ran again. That is the run you see here, one view from the sidelines, one view from my go pro on my trunk. As I said...I really hope more BMW's come out to these events, you get as many runs as you can take and its a ton of fun. Great place to meet fellow enthusiasts!:handgestures-thumb:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:25 PM
    Sticky started a thread ASAP Rep this post in Test Section
    Testing something out, rep this and post in the thread and I'll rep you back.
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  • Abacus38's Avatar
    11-24-2014, 07:31 PM
    Abacus38 started a thread s55 twin disk on N54 in N54
    Anybody wants to guinea pig to see if it'll fit lol?
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    11-24-2014, 10:38 AM
    We finally decided it was time a real intake and charge pipe solution was offered for ALL N54 stock frame turbos. What we have done is design a set of intakes that are a full 2" from turbo, and open up to 2.25" at the filter, these ALSO run in the STOCK location and terminate where the stock inlets do. Meaning, NO relocating of the coolant bottle, NO relocating of the vacuum canisters, you simply pull the old intakes out, and the new ones fit in place, you get to keep your existing DCI, modified stock air box etc. This is most important for European customers with very strict emissions laws, who can be fined, or have cars impounded for modifications as small as intakes, but is helpful for anyone who does not want the hassle of moving stuff around in the engine bay. The prototypes are finished and going out for molding this week. The stock intakes have been proven to be sufficient up and over 600WHP as shown by the Ray Pampena 605WHP dyno video, BUT they are on the small side, and opening up the the intake tract just makes for a more efficient air flow path. We also have finished our silicone charge pipe prototype, this is a full 1.5" from each turbo, and terminates in a 3" outlet to fit most aftermarket intercoolers. This will be compatible with all N54 stock frame turbos as well. We feel the factory charge pipe is not actually a restriction in the system, but a nice silicone piece with no heat soak is a welcome addition. We are excited to bring both of the products to the market, and expect them to be available sometime in the early new year. Pricing will be announced one we calculate production costs, and yes current VTT turbocharger owners will get them at a discounted price..:) We will post pictures as samples come back etc. Thanks as always for the support!
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  • omar510's Avatar
    11-21-2014, 01:45 AM
    Hey guys, I tried putting my stock .org file back on the car. Took two minutes to write the file. Car would crank but not stock after that. Now I can't connect with my BT cable to either bb flash app or bav tech software. Tried disconnecting the battery and charging the battery fully. I bought two k+dcan cables and neither show ignition in inpa. Can anyone help me get my car started please? Thanks. 2010 135i mt
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  • litxus's Avatar
    11-20-2014, 02:16 PM
    Car is 09 335i N54 auto now about 111k miles. Walnut blast done about 35k miles ago New OEM type Bosch ZGR6STE2 about 5k miles ago New coils about 1k miles ago New injectors 1k miles ago New vacuum tubing about 5k miles ago Car has BB / Wedge flash, but saw no difference in stumble with stock (maybe slightly less). Tried swapping Diverter vales before replacing injectors to new ones and saw no change, car still stumble at low RPM, no issues on idle or at higher RPM. Stutter only when accelerating when cruising and hitting it, more so when there is no gear change (light acceleration). If I go WOT, at times it starts running like crap and starts misfiring along with check engine light. Restarting the car fixes misfiring. Sometimes codes show misfire cylinder 5, 1 and multiple misfires. At this point, I might try swapping DVs again, and next maybe replace charge pipe? It sounds very familiar as on this thread in E90post: Particularly this post: "Mine is is not throwing any codes. From a stop, WOT no problem all the way through. However, when the car is cruising and you do the WOT it shudders/hesitates/hicups, feels thud sounds. But if you just accelerate slowly it's fine, it's when you accelerate fast it shudders again. Any ideas guys.....maybe i just need to live with this....." Any ideas / suggestions welcome.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:15 AM
    So its been 4 weeks+ now with the same issues with posting, you cant edit pics, you are locked out of your own posts, once you make a post its set in stone, the list goes on, SteveAZ voices his frustrations last night as well, I just went to adjust out black Friday post and its of course impossible. You keep saying you are working on it, but its literally been more than a month with the same issues. When are these things going to be fixed?
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  • Hokie_335i's Avatar
    11-23-2014, 02:00 AM
    Hey guys, So my Openflash Tablet won't connect to my car. Every time it starts writing and then says "failure to communicate with DME". I recently blew out a few transistors in my DME a couple weeks ago and replaced those but this thing will not connect at all. It says the same thing when I try to read codes also. Any ideas?? Thanks
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:31 PM
    We have seen various test numbers for both of these cars. We know they are stupid fast in a straight line. The P1 for example does 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and blasts through the 1/4 mile in 9.8 @ 148.9 as tested by MotorTrend. The same source got 0-60 in 2.4 seconds for the 918 Spyder and a 10.0 @ 145.2 1/4 mile time. Those two tests were done on different days and what the numbers establish is that both accelerate at a rapid pace. These supercars are not dragsters. They are built to be the absolute quickest around a roadcourse and McLaren claims its rear wheel drive P1 (which is considerably lighter than the all wheel drive 918) goes around a roadcourse faster than anyone. Well, EVO put this to the test. The test course is pretty tight and fairly short with laptimes just over a minute. Regardless, no complaints here about seeing these two heavyweights tested in the same place at the same time. So what happens? Well the heavier all wheel drive Porsche offering more torque beats the lighter McLaren P1 by 2/10's of a second. Now, why is that? The cars are close in performance obviously but the P1 on paper has the advantage. The issue boils down to traction and the 918 offered more of it. McLaren decided to send EVO a new set of tires so they could do the test with the P1 again. This time, the Pzero Corsa tires were replaced with Pzero Trofeo R tires. With the new tires grip and traction were improved and the P1 in similar, but different, conditions improved by over a second over its previous time as well as the 918 Spyder: The McLaren P1 wins but after a tire change showing just how big of a difference a simple set of tires can make. Porsche did not bother sending different tires or a crew to help they simply let their car do what it does. Ferrari apparently just watched both from the sideline. The P1 is the quicker car around the roadcourse although it clearly needs to be prepped to do so. The 918 Spyder by virtue of its all wheel drive seems like it is more forgiving on more courses and conditions. They're both spectacular machines regardless of which gains a tenth here or there. Porsche 918 Spyder specification Engine V8, 4593cc, plus 95kW and 115kW electric motors Max Power 875bhp @ 8600rpm Max Torque 940lb ft @ 6600rpm 0-60 2.8sec (claimed 0-62) Top Speed 211mph-plus (claimed) McLaren P1 specification Engine V8, 3799cc, twin-turbo, plus 131kW electric motor Max Power 903bhp (combined) @ 7500rpm Max Torque 664lb ft (combined) @ 4000rpm 0-60 2.8sec (claimed) Top Speed 217mph (limited)
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:40 AM
    Earlier this year Dodson announced 800 lb-ft of torque capable transmission upgrades for the BMW DCT platform. That upgrade will now be known as 'Superstock' and Dodson is readying another upgrade with greater capability for official release next month at the PRI trade show. The new Sportsman upgrade increases DCT torque capacity to 900 lb-ft. The upgrade includes the following: 8 x Large Exedy® heavy duty, patented frictions 9 x Small Exedy® heavy duty, patented frictions 9 x Large Exedy® heavy duty heat treated & ground flat steels 10 x Small Exedy® heavy duty heat treated & ground flat steels 1 x Large End Plate 1 x Small End Plate 1 x Large Basket 1 x Small Basket 1 x Large Circlip 1 x Small Circlip 1 x Service Tool Aspects of this upgrade are currently being applied in the project M3 which should make for a good demonstration of the capability. Regarding pricing, the Sportsman upgrade costs 4930 NZD or $3842.81 USD. Applications: E82: E82 135i Coupé, USA E82 135i Coupé, Europe E88: E88 135i Convertible, USA E88 135i Convertible, Europe E89: E89 Z4 35i Roadster, USA E89 Z4 35is Roadster, USA E89 Z4 35i Roadster, Europe E89 Z4 35is Roadster, Europe E90: E90 M3 Saloon, USA E90 M3 Saloon, Europe E90N: E90N M3 Saloon, USA E90N M3 Saloon, Europe E92: E92 M3 Coupé, USA E92 335i Coupé, Europe E92 M3 Coupé, Europe E92N: E92N 335is Coupé, USA E92N M3 Coupé, USA E92N 335i Coupé, Europe E92N M3 Coupé, Europe E93: E93 M3 Convertible, USA E93 335i Convertible, Europe E93 M3 Convertible, Europe E93N: E93N 335is Convertible, USA E93N M3 Convertible, USA E93N 335i Convertible, Europe E93N M3 Convertible, Europe F06: F06 M6 Gran Coupé, USA F06 M6 Gran Coupé, Europe F10: F10 M5 Saloon, USA F10 M5 Saloon, Europe F12: F12 M6 Convertible, USA F12 M6 Convertible, Europe F13: F13 M6 Coupé, USA F13 M6 Coupé, Europe
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  • TTFS's Avatar
    11-19-2014, 10:03 PM
    Vehicle: BMW E46 M3 6 Speed Modifications: 288/280 Cams Turner Pulleys Carbon Airbox Euro Hearders Stock US Section 1 Rouge Muffler TTFS Air Temp Relocate TTFS Custom Tune 361.7(WHP)@7950(RPM)/264.0(ft-lbs)@4950(RPM) best run Top 3 runs showing the car adapting to the new tune:
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  • MikeB@FFTEC's Avatar
    11-24-2014, 09:01 PM
    Save big this year with FFTEC’s Black Friday Specials! Get amazing savings on FFTEC apparel, single Turbo Kits and more! It can be tough finding the perfect gift for an automotive enthusiast during the holidays, but look no further! FFTEC Motorsports Black Friday Special Sales start today 11/24/2014! FFTEC Grab Bag! Take your pick of your favorite FFTEC Motorsports apparel -FFTEC Flex Fit Hats in red or black (Small/medium and large/extra large) -FFTEC T-Shirts in black or grey (small, medium, large, x-large and xx large) -FFTEC hoodie in black or grey Pick any two different items and receive a free sticker or license plate frame with every order! $40 plus shipping $55 plus shipping with hoodie. Hoodies are made to order and will ship within 3 business days. Amazing savings available now with our first ever group buy on our Bottom Mount Single turbo kits! Take advantage of this special opportunity to get some additional ponies and a great price! 50% deposit required at time of ordering. Each kit is built to order, lead times vary based upon the quantity of kits ordered. Deposits are non refundable once your order is placed. Please call, PM, or email for more information. The Fastest N54 E9X N54 at No Fly Zone 11/15 uses our VFF700 Single Turbo Kit and FFTEC Spec N54 Engine Package. The BMS E9X 335i had a fastest trap speed of 157.XX MPH in the half mile! All VFF series kits feature: FFTEC Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold FFTEC Custom Stainless Steel Downpipe FFTEC Custom 2.5” compressor outlet intercooler pipe (please specify intercooler when ordering) FFTEC Custom CNC billet aluminum coolant pipe FFTEC Plug and Play 3 Port Boost Control Solenoid Precision Turbos (58, 62 or 64mm) Tial 44mm Wastegate. Available in black, silver, red, blue or purple FFTEC Custom CNC Billet coolant passage block off adapters FFTEC Custom CNC Billet Turbo oil Feed Adapter and Teflon Feed Line Oil Feed and drain lines OEM BMW Coolant Outlet Pipe Gasket OEM BMW Exhaust Manifold Gasket Rings Gold insulation and WW neck heat wrap K&N Air filter with recirculation DEI Exhaust Manifold Wrap and Fire Sleeve All necessary silicone couplers, hoses, clamps, fittings and fasteners. VFF900 with 64mm Precision CEA Turbocharger Option A: -Y configured downpipe (easily installs with most popular exhaust systems) -Recirculated wastegate Dump Tube Option B: -Y configured downpipe (easily installs with most popular exhaust systems) -Vent to atmosphere wastegate dump tube Option C: -Single 3 inch v band downpipe (fabrication required to complete installation) -vent to atmosphere wastegate dump tube 1-3 orders: starting at $6821 4-6 orders: Starting at $6721.10 7+ orders: Starting at $6521.10 VFF700 with 62mm Precision CEA turbocharger Option A: -Ceramic Ball Bearing Upgrade -Y configured downpipe (easily installs to most popular exhaust systems) -Recirculated wastegate Dump Tube Option B: -Ceramic Ball Bearing Upgrade -Y Configured downpipe (easily installs with most popular exhaust systems) -Vent to atmosphere wastegate dump tube Option C: -Ceramic ball bearing upgrade -Single 3 inch v band downpipe (fabrication required to complete installation) -Vent to atmosphere wastegate dump tube Option D: -Journal bearing turbocharger (turbo coolant lines not included and required to complete installation) -Single 3 inch v band downpipe (fabrication required to complete installation) -Vent to atmosphere wastegate dump tube 1-3 orders: starting at $6075 4-6 orders: Starting at $5975 7+ orders: Starting at $5875 VFF600 with 58mm CEA Precision turbocharger Option A: -Ceramic Ball Bearing Upgrade -Y configured downpipe (easily installs with most popular exhaust systems) -Recirculated wastegate Dump Tube Option B: -Ceramic Ball Bearing Upgrade -Y Configured downpipe (easily installs with most popular exhaust systems) -Vent to atmosphere wastegate dump tube Option C: -Ceramic ball bearing upgrade -Single 3 inch v band downpipe (fabrication required to complete installation) -Vent to atmosphere wastegate dump tube Option D: -Journal bearing turbocharger (turbo coolant lines not included and required to complete installation) -Single 3 inch v band downpipe (fabrication required to complete installation) -Vent to atmosphere wastegate dump tube 1-3 orders: starting at $6075 4-6 orders: Starting at $5975 7+ orders: Starting at $5875 Savings are also available on our FFTEC Twin Scroll Top Mount Hot parts! Don't miss an opportunity to get our hand fabricated parts at a spectacular price! All FFTEC N54 products are built to order, lead times vary based upon order quantity. Please call, PM, or email for more information. -FFTEC Top Mount Twin Scroll Exhaust Manifold -PM For sale pricing! -FFTEC Top Mount Downpipe - PM For sale pricing! -FFTEC CNC Coolant Adapter – PM For Sale Pricing! -FFTEC Wastegate Dump Tubes – PM For Sale Pricing! -FFTEC Oil Drain Lines – PM For Sale Pricing The fastest N54 from BMS at Shift S3ctor Air Strip Attack 7 uses the FFTM! The BMS 135i ran a fastest trap speed of 168 MPH in the half mile! Please call, email or PM for ordering inquiries and be sure to include the following information for an accurate quote! -First and last name. -Email Address. -Phone Number. -Current modifications. -Transmission and Model Year.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    11-20-2014, 09:32 PM
    Hello all you N55 faithful! We are excited to announce our N55 Stage 2 JB turbocharger is finished, and was sent off to its tester today to be ran through its paces. We are very excited for thise new Stage 2 offering for the N55, this brings the performance of a VTT Stage 2 DBB with a price that is much easier to swallow. For this upgrade we were able to keep the stock V-band flange, and V-band clamp! We machined around the existing flange and found a very efficient way to bolt on a much bigger and robust CHRA over stock, this JB option also uses all the same installation hardware as our DBB kits, so you get the same fit and finish the N55 DBB is known for but in a JB package. Some specs on the VTT N55 Stage 2 JB The wheels we have chosen are as follows Compressor wheel: Billet 6x6 Blade design 60.2MM inducer 78MM Exducer This makes the Jb turbo 2mm larger on the exducer than our DBB Stage 2 for slightly more flow. Turbine wheel: 11 blade design clipped to 12 degrees 61MM inducer 54MM Exducer This is 1mm bigger on the inducer, but 1mm smaller on the exducer for very similar flow and performance to our DBB Stage 2. The JB Stage 2 has the option for the upgraded Forge/VTT Billet DV, as well as our soon to be announced N55 waste gate upgrade. In the pictures below the JB sent out has the upgraded waste gate, and Billet DV options. We have no exact date for when these will be released, but with a successful testing program, we should have at least 2 units in stock ready to ship by the middle of Dec. The price for the VTT N55 Stage 2 JB unit be $2599 before options. We are confident this new offering will dominate the N55 landscape just as our DBB Stage 2 has. As always thank you for the continued support!
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  • Legionofboom's Avatar
    11-21-2014, 10:22 AM
    Looking for 1 19x9 +37 and 19x10 +45 Forgestar CF5V Black friday pricing?
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  • SpeedLimit?'s Avatar
    11-19-2014, 09:22 AM
    This thing is SICK:music-rockout: <strong>
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  • bigdnno98's Avatar
    11-19-2014, 10:45 AM
    bigdnno98 started a thread For Sale: BNIB GTX 3071r $1550 in Buy/Sell - Parts
    FS is a GTX 3071r, T3 .82 AR 4 bolt turbine housing. 0 miles, never used. $1550 + shipping and PP fees.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    11-22-2014, 01:02 PM
    BMW and AMG were right next to each other at the 2014 Los Angeles International Auto Show. Even though the proximity was close the energy between the two was completely different. While AMG had this buzz in the air of excitement with new products BMW could not have been more businesslike. You notice this when the first thing that happens when you walk over to BMW is their security stops you to check your credentials before you are allowed near their precious i8. Relax guys, I don't even want one. Plus I've seen it before the previous year. And the year before that. In the exact same spot next to the exact same i3 with the exact same info... So with three years in a row of the same i8 and i3 and BMW pushing its 'i' brand into the spotlight over everything else it is starting to get a bit boring. Was there anything exciting? Well, not really. Since BMW debuted the 2016 F85 X5M and F86 X6M almost a month before the show there was not really anything new to learn about not to mention the M SUV's are not all that different from the vehicles they are replacing both inside and out. Compared to Mercedes-AMG the display at BMW was boring. While the AMG reps were standing proud on an elevated display singing the praises of their new AMG GT sports car and C63 AMG you did not see any excitement from BMW or their reps. Not a single rep approached me to discuss anything and that may be for the best as what are they supposed to say when I ask where their AMG GT or Black Series answer is? While AMG was debating me, popping hoods, interacting, and engaging with the enthusiasts BMW was making sure no 'undesirables' were getting too close to the i8. Say what you will but you can feel how each company is changing direction not only in their product lines but how they are displayed. Mercedes-AMG proudly showed off having the most powerful four-cylinder motor in the world with their M133 engine display stand and BMW showed off their carbon spoilers from the M Performance catalog on an orange M4. In addition to their 'future is here' display that apparently is the future of the BMW car show circuit for the... foreseeable future. Your current future lacks excitement BMW. It is what it is.
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  • Gmanuel11's Avatar
    11-23-2014, 08:34 AM
    Searched but couldn't find anything related to this. Was doing the install and when I put the lock ring back on and tightened it down, a small spurt of fuel came out of the large vent tube connector. Is this a sign that I did something wrong, or is it from the pressure imbalance between the tank and outside? Don't want to start my car in case I did the install wrong.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    11-20-2014, 10:08 PM
    Well the good news keeps coming for the N55 crowd as we finished another product in our N55 line up the same time as our Stage 2 JB...:) We are extremely happy to announce our BRAND NEW VTT N55 STAGE 1 turbos. When we say brand new, what we mean is these turbos are not built from cores, we went through the process of having N55 compressor housings, Bearing housings, Turbine Wheels, compressor wheels, and internal parts, cast and manufactured, so we can now offer BRAND NEW N55 Stage 1 turbochargers with NO CORE CHARGE! These turbos are exactly the same specs as our previous Reman N55 stage ones which showed a consistent 40-70WHP increase in power, except of course built from brand new parts. What does this mean for our N55 stage 1 reman program? We will still be offering those units but at a new LOWER price and even cheaper core program...:naughty: The prices for our VTT Stage 1 turbos will now be as follows. VTT N55 Stage 1 turbo brand new no core: $1299 (IF you want to send us your core, we will give you back an additional $200 once we receive it! Bringing the price down to $1099 for a brand new turbo!) VTT N55 Stage 1 turbo Remanufactured: $799 with a $200 core That's right $799 for an N55 Stage 1 turbo, with only a $200 core! This now brings the N55 stage 1 upgrade into anyones price range. Having brand new units also means one more thing as well. NO WAITING! Since we do not have to send anything out to be machined or wait on cores, we can keep many units in stock and can ship the SAME DAY as they are ordered. We are scheduled to receive our first shipment of 15 Brand new N55 Stage 1's the first week in December, (these will be included in our Black Friday promotion for even more savings! :scared-eek::dance:) This is something that will surely change the N55 world as now turbo upgrades are truly affordable and available! We look forward to getting these into your hands, of course if you have any questions email for more info. Thanks! VTT
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