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  • Chris@CKI's Avatar
    07-21-2016, 11:15 AM
    Iíve been meaning to write this for a while but i've just been super busy. A lot of people donít understand our CAM timing or how to actually adjust the VANOS systems. To me its one of the most powerful tuning parameters we have and its very underrated and overlooked. I am not going to lie I didnít know much about it until I started researching and playing around with different comboís. Truth be told that once I had a better understanding I quickly realized that all the VANOS maps Iíve seen are not optimized for most big power set ups. We have been relying on COBBís work way back when before turbo options were really available. When you research cam timing for FI engines you will read No overlap, No overlap! Which is not a valid statement for a few reasons. A cam has a gradual incline/decline as part of the cam profile. So by removing overlap completely you have just moved maxed lift way past the 90* mark on the down stroke which also means you are leaving it open even longer on the up stoke. Why is this bad? Because you are now wasting approximately 30* of useful stroke. The first 30* of crank travel is less than 1mm of cam lift. This puts max lift (9.7mm) at 120* of the 180* stroke. So if you discard the first 15-30* of cam lift by moving it into the exhaust stroke that moves max lift closer to 105-110. This also closes the valve 10-15* sooner on the upstroke creating a more efficient cylinder fill. For the exhaust if you ever look at measured cylinder pressure about 80% of cylinder pressure is dissipated in the first 100* of travel. So opening the exhaust sooner can be more beneficial since the cylinder is no longer producing power. This will reduce overlap and close the valve sooner on the intake stroke which will also lessen EGR and reversion. Back on topic, Who wants a free way to keep valves cleaner longer? Knowing what we know now we can use this to our advantage like most OEMs are now doing. Doing so we just have to remove all reversion into the intake. Reversion is the backwash of exhaust into the intake port of the head. This is used as part of EGR and emissions. By partially filling the cylinder with burnt gases the amount of fresh air you can actually ingest decreases. This makes it act like a smaller displacement engine which increases fuel economy. Less fresh air=less fuel to hit a given target. So it is important we try to keep overlap to maintain some fuel economy. The gunk we see in the intake ports is a mixture of oil and carbon, hence the term ďcarbon build upĒ. If we eliminate one of those ingredients we can decrease this gunk by a large margin. Some of us have blocked the ports in the head so that only the carbon is getting in the intake but it doesnít accumulate because there is no oil for it to snowball with. Same thing if we go the other way. If we allow only oil and no carbon then then the oil will continue to flow into the cylinder and not increase in viscosity by adding a solid into it. By going full retard on the exhaust cam and opening the intake only when the intake event starts to happen we eliminate any reversion into the intake. However we still have it through the exhaust. This serves as many benefits. One being that reversion through the exhaust only you increase combustion temps which help clean and burn off carbon and creates a better more complete combustion. This is how all OEMs are doing it now for DI engine. Iíve been running it this way for months although my ports are blocked and I run PI. I was more or less doing it for drivability and function. There are several other cars that are now running it with stock PCV system and no PI. Iím not waiting 40-50K miles to see how it turns out, In theory it works and in practice it works for other engines. There is nothing to lose by running it, it will just build a bigger data base to go off of in the future. So whats the magic numbers? Stock values Modified values
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  • Kommodore's Avatar
    07-21-2016, 05:24 PM
    I've been messing with my car, doing what I can, trying different tuning solutions for a long time now. There is constant tweaking. At first, it was fun. Going through the process, learning a lot of things along the way, helping others do things with their cars, etc. Eventually however, after all of the bolt ons & upgrades are done, you kind of want something that just works. For my particular situation, the ST is not yet an option, but it will be next year. Until then I wanted something that I didn't have to mess with in the interim. After not really getting what I wanted with other tuners, I decided to bite the bullet one last time and go with Twisted Tuning. If this didn't pan out, I was just going back to my PPK and wait for my ST opportunity. Not interested in going for a canned flash with messed up knock tables or a JB4 that would take a lot of tweaking to get right. Weirdly, there are few people on this platform I have dealt with who don't seem to be inconvenienced by you breathing in their general direction. Maybe they are jaded. Perhaps, they've dealt with a great many typical BMW owner. Justin's customer service on the other hand is exceptional. In fact considering what the e-tuning service cost I didn't have super high expectations in that regard going in. He was very excellent, and patient. What I got was what I felt I would get if I had paid a tuner $1000+. I think the most impressive thing was his ability to do exactly what I had asked without any follow-up questions or constant revisions. You can tell when you look at your logs after doing pulls how they've changed things. If your results are flip flopping all over the place, and the car feels different each time (but not better overall per-se) you get a bad gut feeling that they either don't know what they are doing or are not paying attention to your car. The thing you spend a lot of money, energy, bodily fluids on, and cast virgins into volcanoes for. I did explain exactly what I wanted up front. And, each revision that I did get was a marked improvement. There was no back-and-forth-ness about the process, just consistent progress. Each revision came not long after I sent a log, which was hugely impressive. The only delays really were on my part. Of course, the best part of all of this, is that my car finally feels amazing. How it was meant to be. Spritely, motivated, and smooth. No tweaking or fiddly shit. The mesa of torque you can sit on while banging through the gears with no hiccups, and no hesitation. It's as exciting as it is satisfying. It's not just the straightline performance I was after though, as I like to hang the tail out whenever nobody is around, so I asked for a particular kind of throttle setup that would work for the kind of power I wanted, and Justin delivered something that was easy to deal with, yet still as enjoyable as before. All in all, when the next big upgrade comes around, I am glad I found someone I can go to for tuning services that I trust as a result of this experience. If you're not sure who to go to, I would highly recommend Justin at Twisted Tuning
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  • DOCRace's Avatar
    07-21-2016, 01:08 PM
    Well this is as big as we can go with the current manifold design and location. Took the tapped out Comp 6465BB and installed the PTE6870 which is their newest bad boy turbo packed in a small frame turbo. I got the 1.15A/R which I planned on using with a built motor. Since that might not all be together for a while I was just itching to install it so I did yesterday. Note to anyone wanting to run this exact turbo (1.15A/R) with our manifold: It fits but you might have to trim the engine cover, bend the heat shield, remove some of the factory chassis glue. The housing is huge compared to the standard **66 1.00A/R. I made it all fit without cutting the engine cover and also installed the new DOC Race lava turbo blanket. First off I just want to say there have been a lot of horror stories about Comp turbos. I may have just gotten a lucky one but this turbo has been super reliable. The only thing that did annoy me was there was oil coming out of the compressor housing and made it look bad when I showed people the car. Other than that it made 750whp on race gas. I put a good 10K miles, some race but mostly pump and never had an issue with it other than the oil in the compressor. First impressions after install: At first start up it was a lot louder so I can definitely tell the exhaust is now really moving. Took it out for a spin to burn off all the oil left from handling the exhaust parts and yes, it has quite a bit more lag which is what I was expecting. Got it back to the shop, checked everything again. Also noticed that once I turned the engine off the turbo spun for much longer than the Comp. I would say it spun for almost a good minute. Took it out for another spin. This time took it up higher in rpm and boost logging everything this time. Again, this thing sounds like a different car. Much louder and again more lag. Was able to log a couple runs. A/F was spot on still so I feel safe enough to at least drive around town low boost. 4th gear I was about to reach 20psi at 3850rpm. I wouldn't say that's too bad. With the Comp 6465 I was able to get 20psi by 3300rpm. So forget about all this low boost talk, what does this really mean? I talked to Andy at AD-Engineering and he's going to try to squeeze me in for a tune also adding a couple other things that I will mention later :naughty: AD-Engineering and Horsepower Barn have a few cars going to Shift Sector 1/2mi race in Oregon in Spet. 10-11 which I will be attending as well so we will be seeing some fast BMW's out there. I will keep everyone updated on the tune.
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  • bradsm87's Avatar
    07-22-2016, 03:02 AM
    I'm having trouble getting a smooth 1st gear boost target with boost limit multiplier per gear. I run 160 load target in 1st and the following boost limit multiplier per gear values. It is a very smooth increase slope: Here is a log: As you can see, there is a huge sudden step in boost target somewhere between 2700 and 3000rpm, then the boost target slowly drops off again. The problem with the big and sudden step is that WGDC drops right down when the actual boost approaches the very low target before the step, making it laggier than it needs to be. Load per gear was a lot easier to set up. It's a shame about the big power surge between 1st and 2nd when LPG is used with AT. How are people getting a smooth boost target with boost limit multiplier per gear? Can anyone share their values that work well?
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  • benchi82's Avatar
    07-24-2016, 03:21 PM
    Hello Guys, My Name is Ralph and I am from Germany. I have only registered for open this thread. I am starting with mapping, but boost ceiling is limiting me. So hopefully someone of you could help me with a COBB race code for my ATR. Many thanks in advance. Sorry for my english. Greetings from Germany Ralph
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  • Evan Patak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:45 PM
    N54 Community, Most of my updates are posted in my build log but I figured this was interesting enough and deserved it's own thread. My E61 Build Thread: I also hope this is motivational for those debating whether to pull the trigger on a big project like an engine swap, trans swap, whatever. Go for it! BMW forums are filled with people advising others to "sell your car and just buy a manual one," where the reality is these "advisors" have never done the swap or have any first hand experience with the intricacies of the project, it seems their advice is driven by fear of the unknown. Furthermore, the sense of accomplishment with tackling projects yourself is worth it all by itself, not to mention the knowledge gained or the money saved on labor. *steps off soapbox* So it has been about 4 months since I blew my motor: Prior to my engine exploding I was collecting parts for my AT-MT conversion as well as an AWD-RWD conversion with all M5 components. A blown motor is never convenient but the timing worked out well as I was in a position where I could undertake all projects at once which has certain advantages. My wrenching skills and understanding of the E6X/N54 platforms have been developing and although all of these relatively major projects were beyond the scope of work I had previously done, I felt I could pull it off with ample due-diligence and patience. I mean it's all nuts and bolts right? I don't have plans to take the HP/TQ much past what it was previously (~550-600whp) for my intended use as a daily-driven weapon, that power is ample and it think it is a good range where the stock internal N54 can manage the load/stress. It seems >600whp is where wear and tear are really amplified. My goal was to find a N54 long block with low-moderate (<75,000) miles on it, $2,000 or less was the price I was hunting for. Many people sarcastically wished me luck or simply said that it was not possible; I am a competitive person by nature so this feedback only fueled my interest in succeeding thanks! As all the naysayers would have it, most of the engines that met my criteria were in the $3,000-$4,000 range. The best deal I had found after a month or so of casual searching was a 535xi engine w/76k and a 6 month part warranty for $2,650 shipped from Canada (shipping was $230 or so). Not a bad deal but I passed. I ended up finding an ad on Craigslist for an N54 engine out in Fontana for $800, no picture or additional information listed but after contacting the seller they confirmed with was an N54 from a 2011 335is and had 35k on it. I went immediately to view the engine in person. The engine was complete minus the turbos and had been in an accident where the car was totaled, there was some damage to the exterior components, oil pan, and valve cover. As it was, $800 was still a great deal and if the engine was a flop I could likely part it out and break even financially. Oddly enough the CL ad was posted for over 3 months, there had been multiple buyers but all of them were scared off by the damage. I bought the engine for $800, paid $100 for it to be shipped to my house later that day, and tipped the high schooler who delivered it $40. So $940 shipped to my garage, not bad. After the initial tear down I sold the oil filter housing, wiring harness, HPFP, and i12 injectors for $950 so I know had a free N54 engine. My main concern was the block and head which after examining the damage inflicted to the engine from the crash, should still be good, I confirmed this with some "good enough" leak down tests and continued ordering parts to rebuild the front side of the engine: timing chain, cogs, oil and vacuum pump drive system, etc. All of the other engine components would be transferred over from my blown motor. Rebuild Parts List Chains, sprockets, gears: $170 Oil pan gasket, hardware: $85 Used "eBay 535i oil pan: $220 TOTAL: $475 Since the engine is still out of the wagon and it has not yet been started, ran, or tuned to confirm function, WE WILL SEE if this all plays out or if the joke's on me (naysayers patiently waiting). As it stands now, $465 for an N54 with <35k on it is a deal I am very happy with. On to the pics! Evan Replacement engine home for the first time: Stripping down the engine. Most components were damaged but some were not. A better look at the damage on the bottom. You cans ee the stress cracks in the cog and also the impact marks on the chain and chain guide. Valve cover damage Thankfully it was only superficial to the cover There was some mild contamination inside the engine from the holes in the oil pan + sitting in a junkyard for a few months The rest of the engine looked great internally Peaking up a cylinder Engine stripped down and exterior cleaned There was a broken oil pan bolt which needed to be rescued The as-is leak down test yielded terrible results so I oiled up the cylinder walls and retested. There were some variation with the reading on 2 cylinders but they had audible intake valve leak (inconsistent) and since I can't fire up the engine to get it up to operating temp, possibly clean gunk, and improve valve seat, the numbers were "good enough" for me to continue with the rebuild. 1% 12% 8% 4% 6% 12% Next up was cleaning the valves 1 2 3 4 5 6 Annie the dog is not amused New oil pan arrived, it is in much better condition than the others Tech Tip: A used subframe bolt works well as a counterhold in the Harbor Freight engine stand. I would still recommend a proper hub counterhold but this certainly helps. Didn't have the proper tool to remove this vacuum pump gear access plug from the front and on my old engine I was able to pop it out from the inside (working by the oil pump) with a long pry bar. Knowing I had an extra one to use, this one got the dremel. Got it! Camshaft lock installed Chainguide mounting plugs removed Timing chain tensioner removed, make sure to pump it a few times to evacuate old oil and also replace the aluminum seal. Hub counter hold and breaker bar with 22mm socket Teamwork Interesting build up, my 535xi engine with 105k didn't have anything like this Vanos sensors removed and cleaned Removing Vanos units Vanos, timing chain, and chain guide removed Vanos cleaned Vacuum and oil pump drive system removed Closer at the oil pump drive damage Bent cog vs new Chain guide damage from chain tension An oversight on my part but there are subtle differences between some N54 hubs and sprockets 535xi cog left, 335is right, the friction/spacer design is also different but most importantly the 335is cogs I ordered would not fit on the 535xi style hub I bought so I ended up running the original 335is hub with new cogs. Workspace N54 guts With frontside components removed I cleaned the engine as much as I could with rags and compressed air Much better now I used my old lower chain guide as it didn't have any damage and installed all new drive components Oil pump in. I reused the 335is pump as it had no noticeable damage and had 1/3 the mileage of my 535xi unit. Drive system in Timing chain and vanos back in Camshaft sensors and timing tool installed Crank hub in Timing chain pre-tensioned Torqued to spec (torque + 180) Oil pump, pickup, and baffle installed and torqued Oil pan gasket Oil pan installed and torqued Inspected and cleaned all pulleys. They collect little mounds of dirt over time so removing that should lighten the pulleys and improve performance right? +5hp? Before/After Installed Belt tensioner installed Had a roque/stripped manifold stud to remove #Tools Hard to reach places and specifc torque angles + low load specs Valve cover on Let's see how well I organized my oem nuts and bolts... Alternator and compressor installed Oil filter housing service. I had a set of new gaskets sitting for over year so this was an IDEAL time to install them, lol. New filter and the BMS bypass valve Gotta love machined metal My low mileage i12 injectors cleaned and installed New set of NGKs needed to be gapped. I have 2 different gap tools and they both suck, this is by far the best way I have found to lower the gap. Delphi coils and plugs installed HPFP, fuel rail, and engine mount installed Starting to look like a normal N54
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-22-2016, 12:24 PM
    A 600 horsepower F10 M5 sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? Well, that is what this Competition M5 happens to be with its 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque S63TU engine. Is that worth the $142,696 asking price? No way in hell. First of all, the F10 M5 is underrated to begin with and already makes 600 horsepower although this version is slightly stronger. If a few more horsepower matters to you why not just get an aftermarket tune and considerably exceed this output anyway? The F10 M5 does not exactly hold its value once you drive it off the lot. All this Competition Edition happens to be is an M5 equipped with the Competition Package and a different tune for a premium. They might as well call it the Sucker Edition. Arbitrarily limiting this car to 200 units for Europe and offering a couple new paint colors is not how you make a special edition special. Yes, the US does not get this car but gets it own special edition that is basically the exact same thing showing this recipe is not unique at all. BMWUSA will offer 50 Pure Metal Silver M5's. This version also has 600 horsepower and and 516 lb-ft of torque which is an increase of 25 horsepower and 15 lb-ft of torque over the Competition Package. How does BMW arrive at this increase? New software. Why in the world would anyone overpay for BMW software they can flash into any M5? In the old days a special edition from BMW M required new pistons, new rods, a stroker crank, weight being stripped out, fancy air intakes, revised suspension components, new aerodynamics, etc. Now it's just new software with the same old hardware and people eat it up. They'll find 200 idiots in Europe. They'll find another 50 idiots in the US. You can't blame BMW for taking advantage of people willing to piss away over $131k. Munich. The BMW M Division has developed an exclusive special edition of the world’s most successful high-performance business sedan, setting yet another highlight in the current BMW M5 model range. With power output increased to 441 kW/600 hp and a maximum torque of 700 Newton metres, the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” ranks among the most powerful automobiles in the model history of the BMW brand (combined fuel consumption: 9.9 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 231 g/km)*. The BMW M5 “Competition Edition”, which comes as standard with an M dual clutch transmission featuring Drivelogic, sprints from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. A distinctive personalised look, the standard Competition Package and a comprehensive range of optional features render the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”, the production of which is limited to 200, an automobile of exceptionally high value. More power and further enhanced handling characteristics. The familiar 4.4‑litre, high-revving V8 engine featuring path-breaking BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology is the powerful heart of the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”. An increase in boost pressure as well as targeted modifications to the engine management raise the car’s performance vs. the production model by 29 kW/40 hp to 441 kW/600 hp. At the same time, maximum torque has increased by 20 Newton metres to 700 Newton metres. The increase in power output harmonises perfectly with the Competition Package, which is supplied as standard on the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” and noticeably enhances the car’s handling characteristics even further. The Competition Package includes, inter alia, a lowering of the vehicle by 10 millimetres and a firmer setup of spring and damper systems and stabilizers. In conjunction with this modified setup, the specific control setting for the Active M differential fitted as standard on all BMW M5 models ensures further optimized traction. Furthermore, the steering system with an M specific Servotronic function comes with a more direct control map, providing the driver with more precise response and further enhancing the car’s agility in bends. In addition, the M Dynamic Mode of the stability control system DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) has been further aligned to sporty handling characteristics. As a result, the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” guarantees typical M driving dynamics at the highest level both in everyday traffic and on the racetrack, especially when combined with the optional M carbon-ceramic brake system. Exclusive sporty and dynamic look. The BMW M5 “Competition Edition” signalises its extraordinary potential even when at a standstill. The exclusive body colours –100 vehicles in Carbon Black metallic and 100 in Mineral White metallic respectively – strongly emphasise the BMW M5’s sporty, elegant lines. And the 20-inch, forged and polished, double-spoke M light alloy wheels in a Jet Black finish and with mixed tyres (265/35 ZR20 at the front, 295/30 ZR20 at the rear) underscore the car’s outstanding handling characteristics. M Performance parts in carbon such as the rear diffuser, the gurney on the boot lid and the mirror caps set further dynamic accents. The high gloss black kidney grilles and side gills bearing the lettering ”M5 Competition” add the finishing touches to the car's premium appearance. High-quality ambience with sporty accents in the interior. The interior also underscores the uniqueness of the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”. For example, carbon interior trim strips bearing the logo “M5 Competition 1/200” indicate the model’s high-performance qualities and the fact that the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” is just one of the 200 that have been built. The sophisticated interior ambience is strongly characterised by the full leather trim Merino Black with contrast stitching in Opal White and floor mats in Anthracite with leather Merino Opal White bordering. Inside the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”, both driver and front passenger sit in M multifunctional seats, the comprehensive electric adjustment options of which guarantee a perfect balance between comfort and sporty lateral support. Here too, the white lettering “///M5” embroidered on the headrests emphasises the car’s exclusiveness. Further equipment highlights round off the impressive appearance of the ultimate high-performance business sedan: These include the 1,200 watt Bang & Olufsen High End Surround Sound System, BMW Head-Up Display, Comfort Access, Lane Departure Warning or the optional BMW Driving Assistant, heated seats at the front or the through-loading system. The BMW M5 “Competition Edition” is available from 129,500 Euros
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-26-2016, 03:34 PM
    The other day BoostAddict posted an article regarding Weistec's legal action against Dime Research and Development or Dime Consulting. Clearly those involved with Dime realize the walls are closing in so what are they doing in the meantime while the courts play this out? BS'ing people on forums and trying to do as much damage to Weistec as possible. It's a very simple recipe and it happens more often than you think. Simply offer someone some parts for a discount or free in exchange for posting a thread including a positive review while bashing a competitor. It happens all the time. MHP was the best at this. The owner even asked me directly to create fake accounts for him on other forums so he could do this. When a ship is sinking which in this case it is a company it takes cash to stay afloat or keep the doors open. When HPF (Horsepower Freaks) was in a similar position the owner would go on the forums and post videos of how his shop was filled with cars hoping to instill confidence in potential customers. It's easy to see through the BS though if you have enough experience or have been on the forums long enough. In this instance, it was way too easy: This 'Guilty' fellow posts a graph claiming it is a C63 M177, bashes Weistec, and says how great his tune is. That tune curve looks pretty familiar though, doesn't it? Very similar but not the exact figures yet clearly an AMG GT M178 graph and not a C63 M177 graph. If it was the exact same graph as the graph Weistec advertises with that would be too obvious even to your typical forum moron. Maybe they took another run file or just changed a correction factor? If we had the actual bevvy of dyno run files from the Dynojet software testing we could prove this. Oh, it just so happens we do: That would be runfile 88 from Weistec's ECU tuning. Exact same baseline and the exact same after the tune numbers. Because it's the exact same files. This poor schmuck is either a Dime schill or he believes that is the runfile for his car. Either way the guys reading on forums just assume this is the truth and that they can get the same results as Weistec for less money. If the software is stolen and no development work took place, yep, it's possible to offer a lower price. For those who would like to verify for themselves, here are the Dynojet run files: RunFile_002_stock.drf RunFile_088_Testing.drf As stated, it's a simple recipe. Post a graph, have a few fake accounts chime in where the administration doesn't care because it's too big to care, and you get the desired result which is herding the sheep in the direction you want them to go. Now tell me, who would you trust? The company facing litigation from multiple parties with people involved accused of stealing millions and potentially funneling money overseas that advertises software they did not even develop or BenzBoost? Hmm: It seems not everyone is so easily swayed:
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    07-26-2016, 05:25 PM
    Hey guys, A little good news, around 18 months in the making. We finally received formal CARB approval for our N54 dual cone intake system! This adds to our N55 Stage1 tuner and N18 JB+ that are also 50 state legal. With more products in the process. :burnrubber: CARB Approved Under Executive Order (EO) No. D-744-2 for all 2007-2012 BMW Models Equipped with the N54 3.0L twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder engine.
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  • AJustinCarter's Avatar
    07-23-2016, 12:25 AM
    Got the car in February and have had to fix a lot of things, and added some things too. Received the car with VRSF Intercooler, HKS BOV, VSRF Charge Pipe, Niche Wheels, H&R Springs, B/S Lip/Spoiler (IDK What they Are, Haven't looked at cosmetic stuff much yet.) Fuel-It Stage 1 so he said. What I've Done Walnut Intake Manifold Spark Plugs New BMW Injectors (12) Stett Intake Vargas Inlets and Outlets (Silicon) N20 Map Sensor 3.5 Bar TMAP JB4 Bluetooth Kit New Valve cover and Gaskets New Thermostat and Waterpump BMS Oil Catch Can BMS Filters AFE 3 Inch Race Downpipes Brand New Dealer Turbos New M3 Control Arms Full Front Looking to tune @ Markert soon, doing new back tires tomorrow and alignment. Next couple plans are coilovers, new wheels and tires. probably 18's I'll take new pics this weekend sometime.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-25-2016, 03:53 PM
    Many of you have on various platforms noticed the Cobb Accesstuner Race (ATR) Software no longer is available for download. Cobb is busy updating the ATR software and it was supposed to be out in June but it looks like we will be seeing it at some point this quarter. What is the difference? One major difference is that while the software is still free to download users will be required to attend an online course they they pay for. They will then have to pass a third party evaluation to use the software. Why is this? We do not know for sure but it may have something to do with preventing people thinking they know how to tune from grenading their engines as well as emissions training. We will have to wait and find out what the course entails. More details from Cobb below. We recognize that the Accesstuner Race software has been a big part of what makes COBB Accessport tuning solutions so powerful and user friendly for the communities we support. Many have come to rely on this software to help them make small changes to COBB Off The Shelf map files to customize features like launch control, flat foot shifting, or to adjust MAF scaling. Our goal is to continue to offer this type of customization software to our end user community. After evaluating key industry trends and changes in the regulatory environment, we identified the need to update the software and provide expanded training for its use. So, in May of this year we removed the ability to download new copies of Accesstuner Race from our web site, indicated that changes were being made to the software, and it would be available again by the end of June. With that time now here, we want to provide you with an update on the progress of this project. An updated version of Accesstuner will return in the near future, be fully featured, and will continue to be offered for free to COBB Accessport customers. Because this is a powerful piece of software, we have decided that in order to fulfill our mission of delivering responsible and safe tuning solutions, we will require that end users attend a paid online training course and pass an evaluation through a third party educator in order to have access to download this free software (Accesstuner). As you can imagine, implementing these changes and setting up the online training and evaluation process takes time and involves lots of different groups both internal and external to COBB. We’ve been hard at work updating this software while creating a curriculum and bank of test questions to ensure that those who complete the course are able to safely and responsibly utilize this software. Because of the size and complexity of this project, it is taking us longer than we originally projected to complete the launch of Accesstuner and our training program. Our current timeline is for the Accesstuner software and training program to be ready for launch in the third quarter of this year. Once we are a little closer to an actual release date we will provide you with more information about the training process required for an end-user to acquire and use our Accesstuner software. We apologize that this launch has taken longer than we expected, but please know that we are very focused on getting this project completed. In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We appreciate your support and your patience while we make these changes.
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  • e92's Avatar
    07-26-2016, 07:01 AM
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    07-22-2016, 02:06 PM
    Many of you have been hearing various rumors about Weistec Engineering and it is simply time to address the topic. Some of you know that Steve Atneyel and Murad Shuqom were previously involved with Weistec Engineering and that Weistec is going through the proper legal channels to address a multitude of issues. What you need to know right now is the following: 1. Steve Atneyel is no longer with Weistec Engineering. 2. Murad Shuqom/Rod Shegem is not involved with Weistec Engineering. 3. Steve Atneyel is a convicted felon. 4. The two individuals named above are involved with Dime Consulting. 5. Dime Consulting has contacted various BenzBoost vendors and attempted to sell products (likely Weistec products) and get money through backchannels. 6. Steve Atneyel and Murad Shuqom allegedly funneled large sums of money from Weistec. 7. Parts were ordered outside the normal Weistec accounting channels. 8. The full complaint against these individuals and Dime Consulting is outlined below. There is much to this ordeal and we will keep it brief and simple as the legal wheels churn. It is necessary to set some things straight and inform the user base as well as vendors to be cautious at this time as those cited in the complaint continue in various nefarious ways to attempt to source funds. This situation began roughly when Steve Atneyel was arrested by federal agents. Yes, it is true that he illegally attempted to sell an AK47 to an undercover federal agent. Supposedly the ATF was tipped off by Andrew Cluck of MHP infamy in an attempt to reduce. You can not make this stuff up. BenzBoost learned the reasons behind why some members were complaining of not receiving Weistec parts they stated they ordered and why rumors were swirling. Well, if someone takes an order and pockets the cash without delivering the product that certainly will create problems. Weistec and their accounting department were unaware of these backdoor deals taking place. Unfortunately, this type of criminal act happens more often than you think in this industry. HPF (Horsepower Freaks) and Undercover Tuning both had employees who did similar things but eventually the law caught up to them. It will be no different here. The way Weistec dealt with the missing orders was to simply eat the cost and give the customers what they stated they paid for despite Weistec never actually receiving the money which was essentially stolen. This is the right way to handle it and BenzBoost was pleasantly surprised to hear this as many companies would not step up to the plate to resolve theft out of their own pockets. Please read the full complaint for further details which should clarify things for those wondering how this will be resolved. There are others affected as well and that is why pages such as exist that attempt to warn people and inform them: BenzBoost would love to delve into this topic further and when the legal action is resolved we will do that. Quite frankly, the full details could fill a novel. Weistec wishes to put this issue behind the company as quickly as possible and it has not affected and will not affect their product lineup or development which moves forward unimpeded. Enthusiasts can look forward to continued quality products and customer service. The formal complaint is below for those who would like to read it.
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    07-23-2016, 11:20 PM
    So went to Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY today for Street Car Takeover. OMG it was hot. I hit the asphalt with a thermometer and it was 149* at one point. So made the first pass with a 70 additive and the DME pulled timing the entire final gear. I reduced it down to a 65 add and the next 2 passes got better. 12.2@114.9, 12.1@115.6, and 12.0@116.5, in that order. Last two passes were 2.0 60' which isn't bad for a DCT car. I didn't use LC at all, the track was super sticky and I was scared to break something.
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    07-25-2016, 01:48 AM
    Hello, nice run from this street legal GAD-Motors C63 5,5 Biturbo AWD, from last weekend event at Magdeburg Airfield, Germany. Car has aprox. 960-980 HP at the crank. Enjoy...
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    07-25-2016, 06:28 PM
    It is easy to make a car look good in computer renderings. That is what we have here. Sure, the M2 looks great with the molded flared fenders, carbon lip, carbon diffuser, carbon spoiler, and other pieces. Where is the real thing though? We have not heard of PSM Dynamics so they seem to be new to the scene. That does not mean they can not deliver but some websites are treating these renderings like a finished product. The fender work if it looks like the renderings is much better than the riveted and unfinished looking Liberty Walk style kits that have been infesting the German widebody market. Let's hope PSM Dynamics delivers. This would make for a far more aggressive M2.
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    07-24-2016, 05:12 PM
    The Golf R has some real competition in the United States and it is from Ford no less. Unfortunately, the Focus RS was not sold in the USA previously and but the European got to enjoy it. Well, now in the USA you can buy a Focus RS or a Golf R and it's time to see which one rules. The Focus RS already beat out the world's best hot hatches in a huge comparison test earlier this year. It is not the fastest in a straight line but it is the quickest around the track and the best all around hatchback. What the Golf R really has going for it compared to the Focus RS is the DSG gearbox option. The Golf R has the smaller 2.0 liter engine compared to the Ecoboost 2.3 liter motor and it is down roughly 50 horses. However, the Golf R in this video is not a DSG car. Can the 6-speed Golf R make up for the power deficit thanks to weighing less? No. However, the Golf R keeps up quite well and in the higher gears seems to mitigate the pull of the Focus RS. A DSG Golf R might be quicker than the Focus RS. As this is Evo no trap speeds are provided which partially defeats the purpose of a drag race. Regardless, the Focus RS is not only more powerful and the quicker car it is also the better driver's car. It's just simply the better enthusiast choice.
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    07-26-2016, 02:27 PM
    The Competition Package for the BMW F82 M4 and BMW F80 M3 sharpens the car with new suspensions pieces, a new differential, new 20 inch wheels, and new tires. It also increases S55 engine output to 444 horsepower which is just achieved through software tuning. It is worth the $5500 asking price for the suspension, differential, and wheels alone. We all know you can get greater engine gains from aftermarket tuning for less money. Still, the car is supposed to be faster than the standard M4. Look at the results of German magazine testing from Autobild and Sport Auto: WTFBBQ? The elasticity is worse somehow. The standard car in Sport Auto testing shows an advantage to 100 kph and 200 kph. Only in the 0-200 kph sprint by Auto Bild does the M4 Competition Package show an advantage. What is going on here? If we were to guess the new larger wheels are slowing things down a bit and also making traction off the line more difficult. It is likely that warmer weather contributed to the results as well. In equal conditions with equal traction there is no way the Competition Package should be slower. We will just have to wait for numbers from US magazines to prove this.
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    07-21-2016, 11:51 AM
    DOCRace started a thread pic test in Test Section
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    07-23-2016, 09:46 AM
    I have a Schrick intake manifold $950 shipped
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    07-25-2016, 05:44 PM
    Some fun runs here showing a stock turbo E90 335i going up against a pair of second generation LSA CTS-V's with unknown mods. The camera car also runs a stock 2nd gen CTS-V as well as a VVT Stage 1 upgraded E90 335i N54. Here are the specs on the camera car: 2010 Black Sapphire Metallic E90 335i - 435/499 FBO, JB4/MHD, 21psi stock turbos/inlets, E60 Fuel STG 2 LPFP, 3340lbs How does it do? Well, it gets pulled hard by the two modded CTS-V's. The torque difference is very apparent when they go from a stop. Simply too much to overcome on the stock turbochargers. Against a stock 2nd gen CTS-V though the E90 335i makes easy work of it showing just how much faster the modded Cadillac's are. The final run is against an E90 335i with full bolt ons, anti-lag, inlets, VVT Stage 1 turbochargers, and E60 fuel. The E90 camera car makes easy work of it.
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    07-23-2016, 07:54 PM
    Sad to sell my 2008 135i 6MT, but I am moving to the city and no longer need her. All recalls complete and the car is very well maintained. Obviously a long list of modifications tastefully done over the years. Clean Title. No accidents. 48,xxx miles. Paint is 9/10 due to normal wear and tear. No dents. Walnut blasted at 38k miles. NOT interested in parting out, so please don't ask. Recent parts that have less than 1k miles - Inlets/Outlet, Apex wheels, Sumitomo tires, Bilstein coilovers, Brake pads, Hotchkis Sway Bar, Spec 3+ Clutch, Spec SMFW, and Stage 2 LPFP OEM OPTIONS: Alpine White Exterior Black Dakota Leather M Sport Package 6 Speed Manual Transmission Comfort Access Package Aluminum Trim Euro Headlight Switch PERFORMANCE UPGRADES: MHD tune Spec Stage 3+ Clutch and Spec SMFW Hexon Inlets MMP Outlet Boost Concepts Stage 2 LPFP AFE DCI Stage 2 AR Catted DP's N55 Mid Pipes Maddad Whisper Axle Back Exhaust ETS 5" Front Mount Intercooler Evolution Raceworks Charge Pipe Forge Diverter Valves (yellow spring) SUSPENSION UPGRADES: Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers Hotchkis Front Sway Bar and End links Ground Control Camber Plates BMW Performance Front Rotors Cool Carbon Street Pads (F&R) Apex Black Arc-8 18x8.5et45 and 9.5et62 rims with Sumitomo HTRZ III tires (235/40/18 and 265/35/18) STYLE UPGRADES: BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler Scopione CF Splitters Rieger Diffuser Alpine III Angle Eyes BMW Performance Kidney Grilles custom painted Blacked Out 135i rear emblem Suede Headliner A, B, C Pillars Suede Shift & E-Brake Boots Custom BMW Floormats Real Hamann Pedal Set Painted Mirror Caps Removed bars from side ducts in front bumper 35% Tint Rolled Fenders OEM EURO Headlight Switch $21k Firm. Located in Allendale, NJ 07401. Call Jason with questions 551-427-8533
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    Welcome SuzannaVea, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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