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  • martymil's Avatar
    03-19-2017, 04:02 AM
    martymil started a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    Hows this for an IC, biggest tube and fin that can be crammed into a 1 Series period and some results from the third back to back run at 400rwk on dyno dynamics dyno and the dyno room tipping the temp at 100f And it only weighs 13 lbs
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  • neuroclast's Avatar
    03-20-2017, 11:32 AM
    I recently had my friend (Engineered Mechanic Mike) do a M3 LSD swap into my 335i. I am a single turbo N54 with 6MT, and put around 700hp to the ground. I wanted to do a LSD swap because even with 265 R888R's out back, most of second and all of first gear were useless. I do most of my work myself when time permits, but since this involved shortening the driveshaft and changing bushings I asked Mike to take it on (he is a mechanical engineer by trade, and knows his BMWs!)I decided to do the M3 LSD swap instead of a Wavetrac/Quaife for a few reasons: Way cheaper Reliability & tech of a M3 diff, plus added cooling with the M3 diff heatsink. The new pumpkin is a beast compared to the 335i one. M3 half shafts and driveshaft are way beefier than 335i. No need for DSS axles (save $1000). No deductibles or cores to send in when done. I can resell all my old parts! This wouldn't have happened without the excellent threads by Theconnman2 and GeorgeSmooth on e90post. These guys rock, and hopefully this post adds to their already awesome work. I started by researching all the parts they listed, and then by buying off eBay and craigslist. I also found some parts at online scrap yards, but was able to find cheaper stuff on the other two sites. Any of them should work though, so do whatever you find easiest. Final parts list (for me). Your list will be different!: M3 half shafts from 2011 (right/left). - $359 shipped - Found some that came with the proper bolts and retainers, which saved me $150. If you're getting these pulled for your build, GET THE BOLTS. Your 335i ones WON'T FIT. These are much more beefy than 335i half shafts, so you get a free upgrade here and no need for DSS axles. M3 DCT driveshaft. - $200 shipped - Came with guibo and center bearing. M3 DCT differential from 2008. - $580 shipped - Must be DCT for 6MT cars, as it maintains a (close) to stock 3.15 ratio. Note that these may require special balancing bolts or washers, depending on the paint mark on the differential. I was lucky and mine had a white paint mark, meaning no balancing hardware was necessary. Hardware Driveshaft gasket - 26117507842 - $8.85 Bolts - 26117526322 - $23.64 Bolts - 26117527475 - $33.96 Nuts - 26127536563 - $9.00 Retainers - 33212283013 - $16.68 New differential bushings (not necessary, but a good idea) - Rear PowerFlex PFR5-1226 - $48.99, front PowerFlex PFR5-426 - $50.99. Labor - $600 Driveshaft rework - $100 So my total for parts was $1231, labor was $600, and driveshaft rework was $100. To put one of the other LSD options in comparison, we will just stick to parts/rework cost without bushings. Labor will be really variable. On N54Tuning, the Wavetrac for my car (2009) would be $2694.00. Then you send back the core, and total is $1499+$35 shipping + $85 core shipping return = $1619. So I only saved about $288 to start with, but in the process I got upgraded and beefier half shafts, an upgraded and beefier axle, and a much beefier LSD/pumpkin with heat spreader than the LSD replacements for the 335i pumpkin. Seems like a no-brainer to me. OH, and I get to sell all my old parts and probably get a lot of money back! So now that the costing/parts are done, here are the install pics. We will be doing a write-up soon as well, but this install is a bit more difficult due to needing bushing removal tools and a good way to remove axles (air hammer in our case). Pics: On the "lift" and ready for swapping. Giant nuts on the 335i driveshaft to diff connection. These require a really big wrench. Make sure you measure your driveshaft lengths BEFORE removing anything, as you will need those lengths to have the new driveshaft reworked. Center support bearing unbolted M3 diff/driveshaft on the left, 335i on the right. Notice how much bigger the M3 differential is, and how much more beefy the heatsinks are? Here you can (kinda) see that the front half of the M3 shaft is longer than the 335i one. This is why it needs to be reworked by a professional driveshaft shop. This is after the driveshaft was reworked. The front flange from the 335i is different than the M3, so the M3 front shaft needs to be cut down and shortened, and then have the 335i flange welded on. Here are my lengths, but yours will be different. Do not use these measurements before checking yours personally. Hard to tell here, but the flanges are slightly different sizes. Need to make sure you 335i one is used for the finished driveshaft. These are the two center support bearings. 335i on the left, M3 on right. You will need to put your 335i one on the driveshaft you are having reworked/balanced. The M3 one sits lower, so can't be used or your angles won't be right! M3 axle (bottom) vs 335i axle (top). The M3 half shaft is MUCH beefier. Old bushings coming out... New (stiffer) bushings going in... M3 diff in place. Notice the giant heatsink on this guy. Much nicer than the 335i pumpkin, which you won't get if you just do a Wavetrac/Quaife swap... That's it! The car now gets some traction in 1st, and hooks pretty well in 2nd. Way better than it was before. Also feels substantially better in corners than it did before the swap. I know a lot of people argue that a LSD isn't needed since we have the BMW braking assist to "simulate" a LSD, but to be honest it feels totally different. Well worth the money. Hope this thread helps! Josh
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:07 AM
    BimmerBoost and the BoostAddict Automotive Performance Network as a whole takes pride in having great vendors who are enthusiasts at their core. The automotive world is riddled with scammers and this website has turned away and reported on a fair share. Unfortunately, JPWorkz is one that got on this board and never should have been allowed here in the first place. Call me naive but I believe people are ultimately good natured and in this because they love cars. I can not imagine taking in orders and then just blatantly ripping people off for thousands of dollars. How do you live with yourself? Well, perhaps if you have been doing it for over a decade you become numb to it. JPWorks or JerryT introduced himself to me and pretended to offer a complete N54 turbo upgrade kit for a very low price. If something is priced too good to be true, it usually is. I would periodically receive messages telling me this Jerry fellow was a scammer known as Shaudfab. My initial thought was that maybe other vendors did not like someone coming in and pricing a turbo upgrade so low that it undercut them. I gave the guy a chance to prove himself but it soon became apparent a person named Jerry Trance was not reputable and likely did not even exist. The red flags were there after a few months. There is a 48 page thread you can go over and read for yourself but let's summarize things for those of you who don't have buckets of popcorn and hours to spare. I'll start with my personal experience that this guy always had an excuse. He never was able to pay his vendor tab on time. Literally, he never did. When he finally did the payments would come from someone named Anika Briton as he said he had no Paypal account. Huh, what? No Paypal account? Oh, I get it now, he didn't want a payment trail tied to him: Notice the payments cancel frequently as the account never was able to maintain payments. Also notice the dates constantly vary as it was like pulling teeth to get this person to maintain their account. Basically, all he wanted was to pay some money, put up a thread, collect orders, and run away with as much money as possible. Eventually JerryT told me he would pay for a block of time in advance. I took him at his word. Guess what happened? He did not honor his word. Suddenly things got very weird with this Shaudfab involvement: His 'girl' is somehow involved with Shaudfab who is well known as a scammer: Things get very dirty the deeper you look: He doesn't just scam auto parts but everything: Those posts are dated as far back as 2005 meaning this person has been scamming on forums for well over a decade. Not to mention, getting away with it. He has it down to a science it seems. This information is actually common knowledge. People have messaged me confirming all of it but are afraid to take it to the police or have their name attached to it. Just look at this guy: Tracking down information on this guy is actually quite difficult as he has perfected his scamming technique to make sure he can't be found. Well, maybe perfected gives him too much credit: Now we're starting to get somewhere. These fake names keep popping up but they are tied to Bakersfield and a certain address. At the very least there is an address tied to the names. Two fakes names for shipping, but the same address. A place for the FBI to start, right? There are those who defend him saying this is all hate because his 'kit' is priced so cheaply but there sure is a long trail of people saying they got scammed: We could go on, and on, and on, and on... but it's time for this to come to an end. There is simply a constant pattern of missing parts, kits not being shipped, missed dates, broken promises, stolen money, etc. I am not a detective and neither are car enthusiasts on this forum. There is more than enough here for the FBI to do a proper investigation. This forum will gladly provide all the PM's, IP addresses, and e-mails from the JerryT account if asked. What I can say is that no vendor providing so little information about who they are will ever be allowed here again. Those who were scammed, provide the FBI with the information at the following link: Let's finally make sure justice is served and that law enforcement properly investigates. It's the least we can do.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-19-2017, 04:52 PM
    You may remember this 550i from a video earlier this month where it pulled away from a stock F10 M5. Additionally, last month on the dyno with JB4 tuning the car produced 511 rear wheel horsepower and 621 lb-ft of rear wheel torque. Well, with the addition of their BCM (Boost Control Module) BMS is able to increase horsepower to 570 at the wheels and torque to 632 lb-ft at the wheels: That is a big change in power and it is maxing out the 2.5bar TMAP sensor according to Terry@BMS: It looks like there might be more in it. The curve isn't the prettiest and it pretty much is all about gains down low with peak horsepower coming in the mid-range and falling off toward redline. A turbo upgrade might do this car wonders.
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    03-21-2017, 01:43 PM
    AWSAWS started a thread Monitor manifold vacuum in N54
    Does anyone know if the manifold vacuum is reported through the ODB port on our N54s? I'm thinking of having a play around with some check valves on my port injection. I want to see what the vacuum is in the various conditions. Idle, on boost, 50% throttle etc...
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  • Aaron's Avatar
    03-16-2017, 03:02 PM
    Finally wrapped up the fabrication work for my catch can. I'll be making a second one for V8bait's car as soon as we find a second set of ADE fittings, but we're having trouble finding them, and I haven't ordered the materials for his yet. But so far it'll be identical to mine, as so far I haven't disliked any of the design aspects. We'll see how it looks/fits/works after welding.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-16-2017, 11:32 PM
    The N55 is having a good 2017 as the amount of turbo kit upgrade options continues to expand. DOC Race is well known on BimmerBoost for their N54 turbo package but also throughout the aftermarket for a variety of platforms. They are now tackling the N55 engine. This top mount kit is roughly 8 weeks away. Pricing is not available just yet but as you can see this takes some skill as it is a tight fit. Let's take a look at the manifold: Looks good, right? Let's look at some more details: BimmerBoost will bring you pricing details and dyno graphs as soon as we have them.
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  • Grand_hustle17's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:11 PM
    Grand_hustle17 started a thread Smoking at start up in N54
    I am getting a very annoying smoking on start up that I cannot seem to figure out... Here are some of the things I did that did not help what so ever lol Valve cover gasket Replaced all 6 injectors 24 spark plugs (they kept blowing out.. now using NGK 5992). 6 Coil pack with all of this the car still smokes at start up, did a compression and a leak down test (mechanic did) all of which came back within spec. I am thinking there is something small that I am overlooking or just don't know but this is driving me crazy. I've thought of valve seal but I thought leak down test would've reveal that issue. I am single turbo and have stock exhaust cats, I am wondering could they just have been bad??... the car only smokes after 3 minutes of start up then it goes away, but once its parked for 10minutes or more there will be a smoking on start up again. consumes oil extremely fast. I am at a lost outside of just replacing the whole darn engine:angry-banghead: lol. and if I see 1 smoke cloud I feed it with a lil bit of fire to help itself :laughing-rofl:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-18-2017, 09:20 PM
    The current S55 motor in the F80 M3 and F82 M4 is a powerhouse of an engine but it suffers from certain design issues. BMW supposedly resolved those issues but the S55 engine is getting a revision and new designation for the F97 X3 M and F98 X4 M models. It is interesting to note BMW is likely to continue with the 'S' designation here for M motors despite saying they will not longer use it. The reasoning in this application is likely because the S58 is a revision of the already 'S' designated S55. If it was a revision of the B58 engine, you likely would not see the 'S' designation. BMW is expected to increase the power to 450 horsepower but we all know the S55 motor already produces more than 450 horsepower. The reason for this increase will likely be to give the motor more torque to move heavier X SUV's which will also be sending power to all four wheels through an automatic. That means a less efficient drivetrain than the dual clutch and rear wheel drive F80 M3 and F82 M4 models. It is possible BMW equips the new M SUV's with a dual clutch transmission but considering that they are going to an automatic for the upcoming all wheel drive M5 and that the X5 M and X6 M both utilize automatic gearboxes prepare to be disappointed. Expect more details as we get closer to the 2019 model year launch.
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  •'s Avatar
    03-16-2017, 01:51 PM
    ORDER LINK BMS Turbo BMW WMI Water/Meth/Alky Injection KitsWater/Methanol/Alcohol injection commonly referred to as WMI allow you to make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas. The effect is similar to running 100 octane race gas or E85 fuel all the time with the additional cooling benefits allowing for more power than you can make on race gas or E85 alone. The key to a safe and effective WMI setup is tuning integration. All BMS kits integrate to the JB4 tuning system allowing for precise mapping based on boost, throttle position, engine speed, intake temperature, advance, gear, and other data elements available to the JB4 through its CANbus system. In addition a pump flow signal is fed back to the JB4 allowing for a safe and smooth progressive boost mapping. If the tank runs empty or flow drops for any reason the JB4 will safely back down performance to avoid knock. In addition WMI can be activated or disabled from the driver’s seat, will automatically disengage during traction control or safety map situations, and WMI flow data can displayed in dash and/or via your JB4 Mobile logging device. BMS kits include a high quality 220psi Aquatec WMI pump (the industry standard), methanol compatible solenoid with filter, compression fittings reducing the risk of dangerous leaks, and all required wiring and mounting hardware. There are two decisions to be made when selecting a WMI kit. Which tank and which nozzles. We offer 3 distinct styles of tanks. 1) 1 Gallon Universal tank: The least expensive option this tank is compact and flexible allowing for a wide range of mounting on any flat vertical surface in the trunk. The tank is clear to allow visually checking the fluid level. 2) 2.3 Gallon Integrated tank: This tank allows the methanol pump to mount to the bottom of the tank making for a clean and fast installation. It’s universal in nature and will fit a wide variety of applications. The larger capacity means more time between WMI fill ups. We offer this tank in both clear and black. 3) 3 Gallons F series Stealth tank: Our newest offering, this completely custom design fits in the hidden trunk cavity found in 2013+ F3X and 2015+ F8X chassis vehicles. The WMI pump mounts directly to the bottom of the tank allowing for a quick and clean installation. The bottom of the tank includes a sump and baffle allowing for consistent performance even as the tank drains. The nozzles are determined by the intended power and how many bungs your chargepipe has. The nozzles are 1/8” NPT and screw in to bungs included on most aftermarket chargepipes. Our "super atomizing" nozzles are provided by CoolingMist and well known for their great attomization and flow characteristics. The nozzle number represents the approximate gallons per hour of fluid when at full flow. Generally speaking running two smaller nozzles is preferred to one larger nozzle for an equal flow to improve fluid atomization and distribution. Below are some general nozzle suggestions but feel free to email us for nozzle advice if your situation is unique. N20/N26: Single CM7 N54/N55 with factory turbo(s): Single CM10 or dual CM5 N54/N55 with larger hybrid turbo(s): Single CM12 or dual CM7 B48 with factory or larger turbo: Dual CM5 B58 with factory or larger turbo: Dual CM7 S55 with factory turbo(s): Dual CM5 S55 with larger hybrid turbo(s): Dual CM7 S63TU with factory or larger turbos: Dual CM10
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  • yalibuda's Avatar
    03-18-2017, 02:03 AM
    HELLO guys I have BT cable n Flash over 40 car by BB Flash. I note one thing that IJE0S DME flashed will be changed VIN code to VF25277. All IJE0S but no changed on I8A0S. Is it anything wrong? or what should I do? PS I have try newest MAP 2017/03/15 merged map. thx
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  • Anytyme's Avatar
    03-20-2017, 03:34 PM
    Anytyme started a thread For Sale: BRIDE RACING SEATS in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Selling Bride seats with seat belts, and all mounting hardware.These seats are super comfortable and the recline and have sliders.Selling because I'm selling my car.
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  • 123ersan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:56 PM
    123ersan started a thread Spec stage3+ & steel SMFW in N54
    My 1 year old oem clutch and flywheel has started slipping at 20psi on pure stage 2 and just ordered stage3+ and SMFW. After much research I've found out that the metal TOB is supposed to be a POS and a new oem clutch fork and TOB is the better option? Is this still the case or do I take the risk and put the TOB that spec supplied and reccomends? Any feedback from long term users regarding the stage3+ with the metal TOB or the oem piece? Any info would be great.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    03-19-2017, 12:03 AM
    Welcome slowe92, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • dzenno@PTF's Avatar
    03-20-2017, 10:53 AM
    FAQ: Authorized dealer listing: bootmod3 iOS app: bootmod3 Android app: bootmod3 Web version: :music-rockout:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-18-2017, 07:47 PM
    What is the point of these races? Well, mostly to recycle some content for Youtube views. Obviously these two Koenigsegg models are much faster than the cars they are racing. At the very least you see just how rapid the Swedish supercars are. The first video features a Porsche 997.2 Turbo against a Koenigsegg CCR. The Porsche gets destroyed. The second video shows a Ferrari 458 getting torn apart by a an Agera R. Ok, cool. You know what would have made the most sense? Having the Ferrari and the Porsche race each other. Furthermore, how about finally giving the Koenigseggs sourced by the Swede producing the videos some serious competition? Maybe even, gasp, showing them lose?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:46 PM
    Great news for BMW F87 M2 owners looking for quite a bit more power and torque out of their M2. The chassis of the car is capable of handling much more power than BMW gives it but we all know it can not be allowed to encroach on the mighty M3/M4. Well, in comes VF-Engineering to the rescue with Stage I and II Hex Tuning software. Let's start with taking a look at Stage I on a Dynojet in STD and uncorrected plots: You see a big torque gain before 3000 rpm and gains throughout the curve which level off toward redline. The N55B30T0 is not exactly a classic M top end design but it sees over 400 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with just the Stage I tune. Now let's look at Stage II: The Stage II software picks up 52 peak wheel horsepower but the torque gain is a massive 78 lb-ft at the wheels. The peak torque figure is an incredible 442 lb-ft on the Dynojet. That is something you are going to feel. I can say that with certainty as I went for a ride in VF-Engineering's Hex Tuned M2 and it is very stout down low. It pushes you into your seat right away. Does it pull like a freight train up top? No, but that is the nature of the N55B30T0 engine. The software complements the factory curve and just gives you more of everything including more power in the upper rev range where it is desperately needed. The software is not just about power and torque gains but offers additional features such as a limiter delete, throttle overrun (exhaust burble), start up roar, and an increased power level on the Sport Display. It all felt very OEM and worked perfectly. You wouldn't want a stock M2 after trying it out, let's put it that way.
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    03-16-2017, 07:56 PM
    Mdnole, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    03-16-2017, 03:39 PM
    Hey squantum1: :text-welcomewave:
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    03-16-2017, 11:55 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum AllBoostedEverything.
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    03-18-2017, 12:33 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum tmoura.
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  • synful's Avatar
    03-20-2017, 10:58 PM
    Hello all, I recently picked up an 08 e90 with 130k on the clock. I just had the valves cleaned and new plugs put in and when doing that we noticed that plug 1 and 4 were a little dark. I figure there is some sort of injector or fueling issue going on causing that. I also have been getting a code for Cylinder 1 misfire which I think it related to the issue above. The car also feels slow. Not dramatically but it doesn't have all of its ponys. I have already ordered a couple index 12 injectors and a coil just incase. Wanted to see if yall could take a look at the log I made. Sorry it gets cut off early. I had a DV pop out of the CP really weird being that im at stock boost. If anyone could just take a quick look at the log and tell me if I have missed anything. I think I just need a couple injectors but not sure if its more than that. I have checked the log myself for some reason it looks like it says that my foot wasnt all the way down.... Im almost 100% sure it was. The timing corrections dont look that bad 1-4 were pulling about 2-3 and I have heard anything below 4 is alright. I also have a code for high fuel pressure? It looks like mine is spiking to about 3k PSI or close to it. Im guessing thats all normal. Fuel looks fine to me. Is there anything im missing? Looks to me like 1-4 cylinders all have some sort of issue 5,6 cylinder didnt do any timing corrections at all.
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    03-18-2017, 08:58 AM
    Welcome Precision, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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