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  • jyamona@motiv's Avatar
    04-26-2016, 10:13 AM
    Pos rep for cold brew :) I'm having some myself right now too. You make it in a french press? How long do you let it brew for?
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    04-24-2016, 02:40 PM
    Hey guys, A local customer was generous enough to come out for a few hours so we could poke around under the hood, take some logs, and do a little dyno testing with his new M2. He has around 1000 miles on the clock I believe. Per usual I'll try to keep it brief and to the point: The good: 1) Car looks super awesome in person and really attracts a lot of attention on the road. DCT drives and shifts great. 2) The tuning scheme is the same as the M235 EWG. Meaning our existing F Series N55 EWG JB4 is fully compatible from a hardware perspective. Some minor M2 specific software changes will be added, of course. 3) All of the cool in dash controls we've added to the F Series JB4 are compatible. CANflap works, in dash boost gauge works, map switching works, boost by gear works, 6cyl timing logging works, and it even logs the DCT trans oil temperature. 4) The platform appears to be E85 friendly. More on that later. The bad: 1) This is simply based on my initial few hours with the car. But from a performance perspective, it appears to be basically an N55 with a tune from the factory. It's not in the same universe as the S55 M3/M4 motor and even appears to be a step down from the B58 found in the new 340i. 2) On normal pump 91 octane fuel running its factory 15-16psi boost profile it had fairly significant timing pull and only put down 330whp. Subsequent pulls did even worse as it heated up. 3) We added an E30 mix on the dyno and the factory power jumped up nicely to the 350whp range and it was also more consistent. Even at this power level though the car had a strange behavior where it would momentarily drop boost for no apparent reason, resulting in a noticeable "hiccup" in the dyno chart. Maybe something that will be fixed via a future software update or perhaps related to the E30 itself without tuning in place for it. 4) I raised boost around 3psi just to evaluate it on the E30 mix and the result was pretty respectable power. Around 390whp. Which, is what the normal 335 F30 EWG cars make on E30 at roughly the same boost level. Potential Tuning Gains: E85 Mix: I expect we'll be able to get power up to around 425whp. 91 Octane: There is no power to be picked up via tuning on 91. Just the extra features via the JB4. 93 Octane: I'm hopeful with good 93 octane we can pickup at least 15-20whp and similar torque. Bottom Line: It's a cool little platform. But basically appears to be a more aggressively tuned M235.
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  • Enfiftyfore's Avatar
    04-25-2016, 09:02 AM
    I finally killed my clutch last night so I just ordered SPEC 3+ with steel SMFW (135i). I'm going to replace the pilot bearing and trans mounts with polyurethane as well while I'm there. If anybody has any suggestions or pro-tips, I would appreciate it.:handgestures-thumb:
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    04-23-2016, 11:10 PM
    Hi, I've seen some people have pushed stock turbos to pretty high boost levels in the midrange. Around 24 psi at 3500rpm. Has anyone here tried it? I'm tempted to give it a go for a run at the strip. Tapering down to 17 psi at 6500. 16 psi at redline. Hoping they dont just blow up. Looks like the requirement is E85 at an E40 to E50 level. I have inlets which may also help. What are peoples thoughts? :think:
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  • samacdonald's Avatar
    04-27-2016, 07:34 PM
    samacdonald started a thread MHD vs Cobb in N54
    Since my RB EVO's are going in next week, I thought it was about time to get a flash to stack with the jb4. It seems like there's nobody custom tuning the n54 online who everyone has had great results with and since I live in Southern NH, it makes a lot of sense for me to go to Brentuning, however after contacting them, they told me they only do Cobb tunes and won't convert their base files to MHD unless they we get at least 5 people to get tunes from them. So I'm forced with the decision to either spend the extra $ on a Cobb ap and a tune from Brentuning or go the MHD route. My questions are what are the differences between Cobb and MHD as far as tuning capabilities and although it's probably highly debatable, who is considered the most reliable tuner on the forums right now?
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  • Artsoasis's Avatar
    04-28-2016, 10:41 PM
    My 335is isn't getting totaled after 14k worth of hail damage. Going with a carbon fiber roof, and a few other goodies. What custom color would you choose if you could pick any color to pain your car. So far I'm thinking: Grigio Telesto Brilliant white Azurite black. I need Three colors by tonight to have color samples tomorrow.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-27-2016, 10:11 PM
    It is good to see more tuned N55's hitting the strip especially M235i models to compare their results to the F87 M2. Both of these M235i's are xDrive all wheel drive models. This pays dividends in the 60 foot but of course the all wheel drive system adds weight. Here is the breakdown of mods between the two cars: 2015 Black Sapphire F22 M235 xDrive AT FBO #11759 - HRE FF15s w/ Continental DWS06 - Pure Turbo Stage 2 Hi-Flo - EnzoPerformance ECU Tune - JB4 OBD2 stacked Custom Boost Map6 - Enzo's Catless Downpipes - GFB DV - ATM FMIC - ER Chargepipes - Tuningwerk Exhaust - Exxon 110 oct 2015 EBB M235 xDrive AT #12126 - 19' Summer Tires - Enzo Performance ECU Tune - ER Catless Downpipes - Fabspeed Exhaust w/ Muffler Delete - Dinan Lowering Springs w/ Supp Handling kit on pump gas 93 The timeslip: The Pure Turbos Stage 2 is providing about another 6 miles per hour of trap speed. It's a very large difference when you take into account where the black M235i xDrive was before the turbo upgrade and bolt ons. Here it is tune only with just a flash and catted downpipe: And now with full bolt ons: This is how the car progressed. 12.736 @ 109.32 - Enzo Tune and catted downpipe 12.492 @ 110.10 - Enzo Tune and full bolt ons 11.759 @ 117.70 - Enzo Tune and Pure Turbos Stage 2 Great performance data for N55 owners.
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  • carcars's Avatar
    04-25-2016, 06:08 PM
    carcars started a thread Rb vs turbotech in N54
    here are some pictures of my turbos rb and new Turbotech I'm riding. PTF deznno then tune tuner.
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  • richpike's Avatar
    04-24-2016, 11:06 AM
    For my 1,000th post (woot :golfclap:), I thought it would be fun to start a new "what was your first car" thread. Year: 1969 Make: Opel Model: GT Color (Ext/Int): Strato Blue/Black Leatherette (vinyl?) Engine: 1.9L 4cyl Transmission: 4-speed manual My first car was a 1969 Opel GT with the 1.9L "high output" :lol: engine. If you aren't familiar with the Opel GT, it was often called the "poor man's Corvette" - it had great styling, but was slower than dirt :D Mine was Strato Blue over black leatherette. 4-speed manual. RWD. 102HP (early model year 1.9L were desirable because in 1971 emission requirements cut the 1.9L down to 83HP). Front disc, rear drum. About 2,000lbs (it was not a great handler on stock 165/75R13 tires, but we upgraded to 205/60R13 Dunlops that helped a lot). The GT was sold through Buick dealers in the US. My dad and I restored the car together. He had fallen in love with them while stationed in Stuttgart. Once he was older (and had some free labor/kids :lol:) he bought three of them - two for parts cars and one to restore. I got it for my 16th birthday in 1994. It was honestly the perfect high school car - manual, RWD, looked awesome, but couldn't get myself in too much trouble. I actually still have the car - it's been in storage for the last 15 years or so. Definitely needs some TLC. Someday I hope to restore it again with my kids. Maybe even drop a E36 M3 drivetrain in it :music-rockout: Here are some pics of what a GT looks like - I'll see if I can dig some up of my actual car. The most notable features on the GT were the "flip up" headlights, the dual rear exhaust and the locking gas cap in the middle of the rear end. A quick video of the headlights in action :naughty: What was your first car? -Rich
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-26-2016, 08:06 AM
    Have you heard of Boba Motoring? They are a German tuner that just kind of goes crazy stuffing a ton of turbo power into older German cars. For example, a MKII VW Golf with a 4Motion all wheel drive system retrofitted to help put down 1150+ horsepower from a turbo 2.0 liter pushing 58 psi of boost. Yep, crazy stuff. They do not just do VW's but decided to go all out on an E30 BMW. They swapped in the S38 motor (the best BMW M motor of all time) and gave it a top mount Precision PT8285 turbo. With E85 fuel the result is 1225 horsepower at 33 psi of boost. And yes, unlike other German tuners they provided the graphs to back up the claims. If the graph isn't enough there is also the car going 9.19 @ 159.53 miles per hour in the 1/4 mile. It helps that it only weighs 2912 pounds but also keep in mind you have to row your own gears. While guys on the forums debate the N54 vs. the N55 or the S55 motor the older M inline-6 engines are blowing them so far away it isn't even a contest at this point. N54 what?
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  • blaster3500's Avatar
    04-28-2016, 09:24 PM
    I am test fitting a cast single turbo manifold for SPA. It is not a twin scroll manifold but may be divided in the future. I am not an expert on manifolds so any input in welcome. I am not sure if the o2 sensors will be separated enough to work. I have included lots of pictures and will be happy to take more. Hopefully I will be able to have the manifold on the car in a couple weeks. Cylinder 1 Cylinder 2 Cylinder 3 (looking toward turbo flange) Cylinder 3 (looking toward cyl 1) Light shining straight into cyl 3- Possible o2 placement?
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  • mj6234's Avatar
    04-27-2016, 10:09 PM
    In light of recent events, I made a song. Yes I know it is awesome. With so much drama in the Bimmer B Its kinda hard bein Mr. Tony T But I, some how, some way Keep comin up with funky new gear like every single day May I, kick a little somethin for Stick-aay And make a few page hits as I breeze through Two in the mornin' and the forum's still jumpin Cause Tony T is at home I got vendor humpers in the N54 gettin it on And they aint leavin till Tony T is gone So what you wanna do, sit I got a keyboard full of rumors and RB does too So turn off the filters and load the post But we don't love them nubs So we gonna smoke some records today VTT up, all others down while you vendor humpers whine to this Rollin down the street, smokin nubs doh Sippin on E85 and boost, laid back With my mind on my turbos And my turbos on my mind Rollin down the street, smokin nubs doh Sippin on E85 and boost, laid back With my mind on my turbos And my turbos on my mind Now that I got me some sweet drag rims Everybody got their hate, but they run this Now this type of bitchin happens all the time You got to get yours but you just sit and whine Everything is fine when you buyin from the V-T-T I been cultivating turbos that be captivating BB Who listens to the words that I type As I take me the heat from all over the street And get to slappin down fanboys named Lamie He used to be Shiv's main groupie 80 degrees are my post IC IATs Raise up off the V-T-Ts cause you gets no GCs At ease, as I mob the E90 peeps See the tail lights beyotch I'm just Later on that day My homey Stick-ayyy come through with a gang of bans today And a fat ass front page post that made me choke This aint no joke I had to back up off of it and turn my browser down Vendor drama and posts, ya I'm pissed off now But there ain't no stoppin, I'm still posting Jason got some bitches from the E90postin To ban me, and with some drama on top Cause when I bust my motor I'm replacin it with stock But don't get upset bro that's just how it goes I'd don't love your posts, I'm out the door And I'll be...
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  • ricecrackers101's Avatar
    04-28-2016, 11:56 PM
    I have seen a few AT to MT conversions but I havent seen one the opposite direction. Is this possible? Does anyone know what parts would be required aside from the transmission itself and the shifter
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  • Karura's Avatar
    04-27-2016, 09:07 AM
    Hello, My N54 DCT has had this problem for a while now where it goes into limp mode and power reduction mode comes on while driving on the highway on a hot day, usually shifting around 3-4K RPM, for about 45 minutes or so. It only happens during spirited driving and hot weather/air temps. It seems like the engine malfunctions around 4000-4500 RPM or so after 45 minutes of driving on the highway, and I had it towed to the dealership since I am still covered by warranty. The dealer techs checked it and found that no codes were thrown. I did let it cool down for about 20 minutes at the side of the road before trying to drive again, which immediately after about 2 minutes, went into limp mode, and once again I was faced with a dangerous situation of getting to the side of the road. It's not possible to recreate the situation unless the engine is pushed harder and the outside temps are higher, so I highly doubt that the service techs will be able to recreate the situation. What astounds me is that this is the 6-7th time that this has happened, and every time it was on the highway which is hella dangerous. I'm just making a post about it in hopes that someone may have encountered similar problems and might be able to share some info that may help me. The car is still at BMW and they're going to check it a bit more, and this is the second dealership/second time I've brought it to them under the same circumstances. What could the problem possibly be? HPFP failure? Some sort of cooling issue: water pump failure or thermometer? Thanks for reading my incident and hope to get some insight. Cheers
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  • all4bspinnin's Avatar
    04-27-2016, 02:28 PM
    Hi all, Does anyone have a cobb race code map that allows for over 18.5 psi for an IJEOS car that they would be willing to share? This is for learning purposes as I've slowly begun my own tuning. I hear this code can only be had from a protuner. Thanks in advance
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  • Str8sixTT's Avatar
    04-25-2016, 07:58 AM
    Car is single turbo, everything was working fine. I decide to change turbo and upon starting the car after turbo swap i have the below codes. With both pre turbo o2s connected i have no reading from the sensors. When i disconnect the sensor on the top of the engine closest to me as i am standing in front of the car i then get a reading and also the 2c3f dme code disappears. Does this mean that sensor is bad or from the codes listed is it indicating both pre turbo o2s are bad? HELP!!!!
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  • Alpine's Avatar
    04-25-2016, 05:58 PM
    Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to check out my work in progress. Let me start by saying I'm no stranger to BMW. All of my BMW's have been daily driven and rock solid in terms of reliability. Anyone who says BMW isn't reliable in my opinion either has no imagination outside of Honda/Toyota or simply doesn't know anything about bummers. My first was a 2005 330Ci 6spd Coupe in Alpine White. I got bit by the bug hard after coming from a '99 Trans Am. It didn't have the power by the handling and comfort easily made up for that. I eventually moved up to the E92 chassis with an '07 Montego Blue 328xi 6spd that I drove for 4 years of happy ownership that I supplemented with a 2003 R1150R bike. When I came across my Barbera Red 335 I had spent 4 months looking for the right color combo and options. It didn't have the manual transmission but after doing a little bit of research on the automatic I sealed the deal and took it home. I am the 2nd owner and up until I bought the car it was very lightly driven by an older woman without any mods. The perfect starting point for my project. Over the last 2 years I've been slowly adding mods to make the perfect sleeper daily driven 335 (in my mind anyway). The parts list to it's current state follows below: PERFORMANCE RELATED - BMS DCI - VRSF CP + Synapse BOV - VRSF 7" FMIC - Ar Design Dp's - Cobb AP3 (no longer running JB4+MHD) - Alpina TCU Flash - BMS Cowl Filters - Vibrant Race Cats - Corsa Sport Axle Back Mufflers - H&R Xi Coilovers - Stoptech stage 2 brakes (slotted rotors, pads, Motul fluid, Stainless braided lines) - Renn Motorsport RS-51 19" wheels in satin grey (235/265 staggered Continental DW tires) - Fuel-it! Stage 2 LPFP bucket - Earls Oil Cooler + Retrofit housing and braided lines w/AN fittings - BMS Oil Cooler Thermostat - Turner Motorsports Vent Boost Gauge PRETTY/FLASHY STUFF - Turner Motorsports Black Chrome Kidney Grills - Lux H8 Angel Eyes - Weisslicht White LED Turn Signals front and rear - iJDMToy License Plate LED's - Modbargains Black/White LED side markers - CF Steering Wheel Trim - Valentine 1 Radar Detector + Concealed hardwire/mount/display - Bimmian Color Matched Roundels - Fully re-coded functions myself (Windows, Digital Speedo, Amber LED headlight corner delete, etc) Now on to the real reason this thread exists. As a few of you are well aware, my car is more or less the "test mule" for the new DOCRace Single Turbo kit on Xi. I've selected the 6266 as I feel it's spool is perfectly matched for daily driving characteristics and more than enough power potential for my goal of 600whp on E85 blend and 500-550whp on pump (I feel like this is certainly attainable given what I've been able to research on this platform for the last couple years). As of right now I have plans to add port FI (whether that ends up in the form of EOS or AD-E I haven't decided) but until the shop and I get a baseline for pump gas and E85 mix on my current fueling with this kit, I'm holding off (unless someone wants to chime in and show me the ways of the force like Yoda). Additions I've selected to go along with this install include: - AD-E Motor Mounts - PTF N20 MAP Harness - N20 MAP Sensor While I'm writing this, the car is currently getting a brand new water pump/thermostat, coolant flush, new injectors, and coils (plugs are less than 500 miles old). I'm making sure there are no surprises when we fire it up with the new turbo installed and get it strapped on the dyno. After all the dust has settled, my build will be about 80% complete. All that remains are new bumpers, side skirts, sway bars and possibly different coil overs for full adjustability. Stay tuned as this is where I'll be adding everything going on with the DOCRace install and tuning for my car. Photos follow below of it's current state.
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  • manbeer's Avatar
    04-28-2016, 10:30 AM
    I have the oil leak from hell. i mean trails of oil all over the place...and it is from multiple places apparently. its been increasing over time, and everything was literally so filthy that i can't find out where so i began with the OFG and 10 cans of brake cleaner to try and sort it out I was thinking is was the front main seal because i found chunks of belt which lead me to believe that maybe the last owner shredded it and it compromised the seal but after everything it looks to definitely be in the rear by the bellhousing where the majority is coming from. actually if i lay under the car for a bit i can see it drip from the bellhousing. SO...i know the oil pan gasket is common, as is the rear main seal. is there an easy way to tell which it would be since it could just as easily be either? i mean, i have 89k so even though my clutch is fine it wouldn't make sense to pull everything down and not change it. on the other hand if its the oil pan, i would have to buy something to hold the engine since i lent my hoist to a friend like 5 years ago and it has been sitting broken in his yard collecting rust. either way i would prefer to only do what needs to be done and not spend time or money on something that isn't needed . i have a 4 month old keeping me awake and occupied so time is at a premium at the moment
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  • 123ersan's Avatar
    04-25-2016, 04:52 PM
    123ersan started a thread A lil help in N54
    Just installed my jb4 with mhd back end flash. The cars fbo with vargas stage 1 turbos. I know know my hpfp (2nd one) is on its way out putting me into limp but does everything else look ok being a newbie I have no idea what to look for when looking at the graph. Any help/advice would be appreciated
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  • richpike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:02 PM
    Manziel is a disaster. IMO, he was clearly never good enough to be a starting NFL quarterback, but he did have an opportunity to still make a lot of money. Instead, he squandered an opportunity he never deserved and has fallen in to a has been before he ever really made it. And the fact that he's BFF with Justin "DB" Bieber is just icing on the cake. Now he's in a Twitter fight with some Ohio radio personality: What a fucktard. My favorite comment was after the radio guy called him a tough guy - one of the responses was "don't worry - Manziel won't hit you - you're not a girl" :lol: I'm sure they will run in to each other in downtown Cleveland. With Manziel holding a tin cup begging. -Rich
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-27-2016, 12:34 AM
    Some nice runs here from a tune only Gen V Dodge Viper TA 2.0. The videos are high quality HD and recorded by the passenger. Quality runs like this are fun to feature. So how strong is the tune only Gen V Viper? Pretty strong, and just under 600 to the wheels depending on the tune. It's enough to handle this bolt on Cobb tuned Nissan GTR: But not enough to handle the twin turbo Gen V Viper from Calvo Motorsports. No surprise as the Calvo car has over 1200 rear wheel horsepower on the stock internals and traps over 150 in the 1/4 mile: Interestingly an RSI supercharged Gen 3 or 4 (performs like a Gen 3) is about even with the Gen V showing just how much stronger the newest Viper is vs. the past cars: Great runs.
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  • samacdonald's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:32 AM
    samacdonald started a thread Line lock kit in N54
    Since ar design seemed to be the only company who makes a line lock kit for the 335 and are now out of business, does anybody know who else is making/selling them? Or would it be easier just to make my own since they're relatively universal
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  • Enfiftyfore's Avatar
    04-24-2016, 10:55 PM
    Messing around with the gopro tonight and managed a pretty decent 0-60 on street tires with the the good ol 6MT. Map 7, 100oct/E40 and a ton of shit in my car.
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