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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 09:36 AM
    Hey mad1stgen: :text-welcomewave:
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 09:49 AM
    Welcome ilh, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • ///MPOSTER's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 PM
    ///MPOSTER replied to a thread Help with my single turbo in N54
    Curious as to how many miles since your install and your boost ceiling. I probably drove no more than 300 miles over maybe 2 months and I started to see issues. (I ran about 17 psi) I had stuck values on the rear O2 (AFR 20). Then I would get bumped to safety for bank variance. Restart and it would be fine for a while and then over and over again. I just got tired of it. Also I had issues with drivability in 4th and 5th gear at low rpm. I absolutely could not floor it or even go half throttle without misfire or hesitation. I couldn't believe how much of a change it was with the new O2 sensors. It felt like stock and pulled hard again when flooring it like OEM snails.
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  • Flinchy's Avatar
    Today, 08:18 PM
    Flinchy replied to a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    Oh no don't get me wrong I 100% stand by what I said, I just know it's not going to go anywhere productive with you + others. I love a good forum argument, but not like this :lol: Also, what you call "specialist equipment" I call "standard stuff". It's not expensive. You can build an Arduino data logger <<<$100, the sensors are cheap themselves. It's the bare minimum to sell a product like this imo. It's like a ruler vs a mic, a multimeter vs a scope. And I would like to highlight the irony in:
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  • Flinchy's Avatar
    Today, 08:12 PM
    Flinchy replied to a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    So you're trying to sell a product, what I can only assume is a fairly premium product given that it's a large tube and fin you claim (yes the logs too) to perform exceptionally well.. but instead of providing data to prove it once and for all you'd rather customers provide it for you? I'm honestly confused.
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  • jt0407's Avatar
    Today, 07:56 PM
    jt0407 replied to a thread Help with my single turbo in N54
    Hmmm. My oem 02 sensors are fine, running straight leaded fuel.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 07:34 PM
    Sticky replied to a thread Help with my single turbo in N54
    We have the best members, don't we folks?
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  • terryd5150's Avatar
    Today, 07:23 PM
    terryd5150 replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    You don't like the 3.46 with the 6MT?
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  • Ericbh77's Avatar
    Today, 06:52 PM
    Glad to see her back on the road!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:39 PM
    Yeah it would make more sense but if you have nothing to show...
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Today, 06:31 PM
    Now that I did a little digging. Its not Hexon, its a company that uses to spam us with emails literally 2 times a night. I asked them to stop, and they did haven't heard from em since. I actually searched back through old emails when they still sent them. They actually sent me the announcement, and spec sheet for the N54 BB CHRA's almost 18 months ago, I just wasn't really interested, as I had no idea on the quality etc Nothing is too say they are bad, very high quality stuff can come out of Taiwan if you get the right suppliers. I am questioning these because I just hate when companies claim years of testing, when they have never even installed one set. Why didn't they just buy a couple sets, test the shit out of them, post results along with the sale thread, would make a lot more sense right?
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  • hydra's Avatar
    Today, 06:09 PM
    Wouldn't really say that because there's nothing to bring back at the moment, its all just vaporware.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:06 PM
    So this is like a Hexon redux?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:02 PM
    Sticky replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    Honestly, I think it is a fun thread. It's a good comparison and the more comparisons on the same dyno the better IMO.
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  • dyezak's Avatar
    Today, 05:52 PM
    dyezak replied to a thread 29D1 - Cyl 5 Misfire in N54
    Intake manifold gasket leak? If you have one it'll show as rich under load/boost. If it is another component you can switch components between cylinders to see if the problem follows the part. Injector, coil, spark plug, etc. Just switch Cyl 5 with Cyl 1. If the problem moves to Cyl 1 then you found the issue. If the problem is O2 sensors, swap them and see if the issue moves.
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  • Evan Patak's Avatar
    Today, 05:40 PM
    Believe it or not this is a budget build and although I would LOVE to have a tig welded masterpiece to match my exhaust and proudly support my trans, I have bigger fish to fry and funds can be better allocated elsewhere. Thanks! She is making progress every day!
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  • martymil's Avatar
    Today, 05:38 PM
    martymil replied to a thread Hows this for an IC in N54
    It's all good sticky believe me, it's entertaining for me Love the pre school banter, mine is better, no mine is because it's red and goes faster lol Kids you can't please them all.
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  • Abacus38's Avatar
    Today, 04:18 PM
    Abacus38 replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    They are running a dual iwg ewg setup since the ewg setup cant control boost under 15psi with the steedspeed manifold. The BW engineers stated that they didn't design the EFR turbos to run at low boost. They design them to spool up at as quick as possible so they are prone to overboost if you try to run them on low boost lol.
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  • I6+TT=FTW's Avatar
    Today, 03:53 PM
    It's worth it, plus it's fun. I'm able to get the car washed A LOT faster too. MTM Hydro foam cannon with a costco pressure washer, and the CG MIC_493 Chenille wash mit.
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  • shushikiary's Avatar
    Today, 03:51 PM
    shushikiary replied to a thread Spec stage3+ & steel SMFW in N54
    Me now having used the metal TOB for 1.5 years now.... Its really not all that bad. There's a high and a low setting, which setting you should use depends on the make of your car, Euro or American. Best way to tell is to use which ever side of the TOB matches the height of your stock TOB, and so make sure you check its orientation before you pull the stock one out and use the side on the metal TOB that matches it best. I believe I made a write up on exactly that when I did my review of this exact setup, either on this site or the E90 post site.J I'll admit though that I did also replace the pilot bearing didnt require a press but did require a blind hole puller and was a PITA. Moving the pilot bearing shaft from the DMFW to the SMFW is pretty easy and can be done without a press as well.
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  • ninjacoupe's Avatar
    Today, 03:46 PM
    ninjacoupe replied to a thread Secondary o2 help in N54
    I told him to take that thing out lol... we will get it
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Today, 03:27 PM
    You know I never disappoint...:awesome: Even though this was just supposed a nice fun thread, look at the trouble I caused... Whoops
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  • jyamona@motiv's Avatar
    Today, 03:04 PM
    jyamona@motiv replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    It's just an issue with their IWG turbos. They need a higher psi spring to be able to support higher boost, and then you are stuck with a high base psi. If you run a lower spring, the IWG still doesn't flow enough and you get creep. There are no issues with the externally gates EFR's.
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  • hydra's Avatar
    Today, 02:50 PM
    hydra replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    While you make a valid point above, running low boost might be useful to those running boost/load per gear who need to throttle boost down to ~10psi or so in 1st.
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  • rooringhusky's Avatar
    Today, 02:48 PM
    rooringhusky replied to a thread Secondary o2 help in N54
    Hope you got it sorted, anytime! Ddogrocksolid
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  • BuiltV10's Avatar
    Today, 02:47 PM
    Cleaned up debris that was left all inside. The EGR ports were terrible. I'll be doing an EGR delete and I did not want that garbage still in there. They also checked the heads for levelness and they were of course super level.
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    Today, 02:40 PM
    The Convert replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    4 pages in a day....I feel like I'm so late to the party that I already missed it. :pop:
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  • Abacus38's Avatar
    Today, 02:31 PM
    Abacus38 replied to a thread VTT GC's Vs Single in N54
    I have no idea. The last I checked they were working out the boost control issues. Apparently due the the Gamma titanium turbine wheel you can't run low boost with the efrs. They trying to control boost under 15psi. Idk why though since nobody going to be spending that kind of money on a turbo just to run low boost like that. However Payam will be testing an EFR 8374 setup on his car so we should have some more data on the subject
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