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  • frontside0815's Avatar
    Today, 02:55 AM
    Hey guys, since here in Germany we are not having that much guys trying to get around with the different fueling mods for running higher HP Output than what the original DI is capable off, i thought registering myself here is a good idea. I read almost all threads for fueling, wether it is TBI, PI oder the Brainstorming about upgrading our DI System. What came out is, that up to today the PI System isnīt the best, cause it is controlled by an external Controller. Which means on the one Hand, the failsafe cuttings from our original DME doesnīt work concerning shutting down the Injectors from the PI, when there are Problems happening (or too late) and on the other Hand you will have Problems during a shift with manuel Transmission. All of that results in a hyperlean condition, which seem to be the reason for a bunch of engine/Piston damages. What i dont understand is: 50% on the Forums for our beloved engine are having the mods for doing way more horsepower than what the car OEM can do. All of the guys who run more than 500-550HP have to use PI. Are all of the users of PI are having the Problems i described above? I mean i cannot really understand how so much threads about bigger Hybrids/single Turbos come up, when we donīt have a safe solution for fueling? Then another question for PI and the way it works: Is it right that the Injectors are getting fuel from only the lpfp? The question i ask all These things is that i am going to upgrade my Turbos with hybrid TTE550 ones (which are the most realiable Turbos i have ever heard off besides Single). These are capable more than what our DI can do. I will be okay with a number between 500-550HP for the beginning, but i know that i am going to look for Options above that number, since the Turbos are capable of 600HP+... Since i plan track the car quite frequently i am looking for a safe solution. Not a solution which isnīt able to provide safety. Here in Germany we are able to drive 1 hour WOT, which means the stress for the engine is way higher than what most of you guys are doing (drag strips, 3 seconds WOT etc.)... Sorry for my bad english, looking Forward for a happy discussion :) :music-rockout:
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    Today, 05:18 PM
    With all the interest in DI only for the N54 lately we went back to work on a control scheme Tony had been thinking about for a while now. He finally got it up and running today. The control system we're currently developing allows full control of the secondary HPFP (stock location) with the shotgun double barrel set up as the primary pump. This means the belt driven pump is doing all the work during normal driving, cruise, etc, when you want more fuel for big boost the controller simply turns the pump on to supply that needed fuel based on your Boost / RPM table, bring fuel in as slowly or as quickly as you want. This also means if you go into a misfire and DI cuts fuel, all fuel is cut, even though the second pump does not see the DI cut, the extra fuel is only being supplied to the rail, once the injector is shut down no more fuel will be injected into the cylinder. This solves all the current concerns with PI caused engine failures, backfires etc. We will of course do more testing on the dyno and the street before we release this into the wild, but it does mean we made a very large step forward today. Check the vid below.
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  • Evan Patak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:41 PM
    With my engine rebuild/replacement, transmission conversion, and M5 drivetrain conversion nearing completion I took the opportunity to collect some data for the community and weight some of the components which were removed. My wagon was originally a 535xi AT and moving forward can best be described as a manual N54 powered M5. BMW M fan boys: relax. No it is not an M5 but it's composition is more M5 than anything else. The front differential, axles, and driveshaft are lighter than expected but then again, they are not very strong. M5 components show noticeable heft for their added size and strength. The LSD went in before my scale arrived but I would estimate it is +20lbs and the drive shaft is probably around +8-10lbs Once it is back from getting lengthened and rebuilt I can throw it on the scale. I would guess +5lbs ea for the M5 axles. I will try to get my manual trans on the scale to confirm but I heard 98lbs somewhere and that sounds about right after recently spending a lot of time handling the unit. ___________OUT____________287 lbs 127 lbs 6AT (GA6HP19Z) 32 lbs Torque Converter 61 lbs Transfer Case 7 lbs F Driveshaft 30 lbs Front Diff 30 lbs Front Axles (x2) ____________IN_____________133 lbs 98 lbs 6MT (GS6-53DZ) 21 lbs MFactory Chromoly Flywheel 14 lbs Spec Stage 3+ Clutch 154 lbs saved by ditching both the AWD and AT. ~130lbs If you ditch the AWD but keep the same type of trans. I estimate a 40-50 lb weight penalty for m5 components but I should still end with 100+ lbs weight savings. Where losing weight is always a good thing I think this will work against my weight distribution. Evan F Driveshaft and Differential getting weighed. Transmissions LEFT 535xi RIGHT M5 LEFT M5 RIGHT 535xi 535xi Diff M5 LSD and it's huge heatsink.
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  • Dream's Avatar
    Today, 06:02 AM
    A short report of our S85. The first test runs have been very successful. The first runs were instantly in the 10s. The car has original weight and no Equipment was removed. 5,7l Stroker Stroker + V7 Supercharger is a very interesting combination at the S85. We have reached 870HP on 95octane with 16 PSI. The HP goal is 1200HP on E85 and a flat 9 on the 1/4 mile. To achieve this, we still have a long way. But it is possible because we have a lot of reserves. :naughty: 870,32HP , 837,16NM Test and Tune - Finsterwalde- Germany 1/4 Mile - 10,707s - 136MPH Pictures say more than words..... Starke-Perfromance & EZ-Performance
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 12:47 AM
    Two all wheel drive German twin turbo beasts here. The Porsche 997.1 generation Turbo model does not feature direct injection or a dual clutch transmission. This particular example does feature upgraded VTG turbochargers and is an automatic model. The RS6 Avant unfortunately is not sold in the USA but they do get it in Australia. Good for them. You should sense no bitterness at all. It is a badass family hauler with the 4.0 TFSI V8, all wheel drive, and 8-speed automatic. The owner says the car ran 11.3 @ 127 off the showroom floor. This is the Performance Pack / Plus edition with 597 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. Considering he is running 10.59 now at 131 it sounds like a tune and some other modifications were made since then. What is incredible is that despite carrying an extra 1000+ pounds the RS6 wins the race: It is very close between the two with the 997 Turbo offering the slightly higher trap speed and the RS6 getting off the line slightly better. Now who else wants an RS6 wagon?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 05:33 AM
    Ok S65 4.0 liter V8 torque jokes aside what exactly is going on here and why? It appears that the tow hook in the rear bumper is being used to tie the M3 to another car that is being towed at roughly 180 kph or 111 miles per hour. Why? Who knows. The only explanation is that this is probably in Russia.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 02:37 AM
    The Vortech V3si is a popular supercharger because it's fairly compact, affordable, and it is utilizes a self-contained oiling system. However, although it can make a lot of power as you see here on this E60 M5 it can also be maxed out fairly quickly as well. On 100% E85 and 8 psi of boost the S85 V10 is taking all the V3si can give it. The result is an impressive 703.8 horsepower and 491.7 lb-ft of torque at the wheels but we know the S85 V10 can make much more power with a bigger blower. As a matter of fact, over two years ago a Vortech T-Trim blower put down 774 rear wheel horsepower on an S85 V10 and this has yet to be topped to BimmerBoost's knowledge. Gintani plans on switching this V3si car to a T-Trim but we already know what it will do. Although with 100% E85 maybe topping 800 rwhp will be possible? It's nice to see Gintani finally utilizing ethanol over C16.
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    Today, 05:39 AM
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  • dovlet's Avatar
    Today, 03:05 AM
    1. Aem fuel pump 320lh 2. Water methanol injection (injecting only water) 3. 420cc injectors 4. 3.15LSD 5. Mechanical transmition 6. Afr 7. Egt 8. Boost gauge 9. Electron fan e60 10. Air intake m62 11. LSD 3.15 PS..."I have already tried DUDMD, RK, TTFS, NickG and they are not able to help me... " (whoever else you've tried that I don't know about advise please...)
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    Yesterday, 10:23 PM
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  • MisterM52's Avatar
    Today, 03:38 AM
    Hi everybody, first time poster and I am in dire need for attention to my issue. I Discovered just now, when Idling with MAF Connected Idle is around 10 - 11 AFR (Both Cold or Warm) If MAF is disconnected car changes a bit and idle is 14.7 - it should be? Leans out totally around 5K RPM to 17 - 19 AFR and boggs down as if no fuel. Got fuel trim errors in INPA mostly noted at idle. There is a bit of noticeable blow by on idle, a lot if I remove my oil cap, its using a catch can vented setup. I hear a ticking or marble type noise coming from the rear or the engine/exhaust side when WOT. I heard this first few weeks ago now I notice it more. I have taken out the spark plugs, they were fouled, and kinda worn? funny as I only have maybe 4000Km on them! less then 1000KM Supercharged. (Comparison with the Spark plugs I took out 2 years ago). I have since replaced the plugs today with the NGK BKR7E and gaped them to around 0.028. Background: I have a custom supercharger (roots type) setup on a M52B28, I have ran it around 5 PSI for a while and only earlier mid year put on a smaller pulley for more boost when the problems started showing. All by which point known has been fixed including some o2 sensors. I have smoke tested my system and fixed many few leaks, and now there is no more. Can anyone direct me to the right path? A Mechanical fault? Is it the Tune? a Bad MAF? (Tested with another one and still same issue). Its remotely tuned, on MS41.0 ECU. Point to note, I drove the car a week ago with no blower on and ran fine with good AFR's.
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