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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    07-03-2014, 02:40 PM
    Hey guys, Got back from a couple hours of dyno tuning and came back with some interesting results. This car definitely likes E85... The JB4 now has full electronic wastegate control in addition to the fuel mass control & CANbus, pathing the way for E85 testing. The test car is our 2015 DCT M3, 100% stock with a JB4, with ethanol mixed with 91 octane at 30-50%. I've been running E30 for the last week on a tune that ramps up to around 25psi and I've been very impressed with it. On the dyno today running that same trim resulting in a very consistent ~510whp / ~510wtq results. Although the turbo holds boost to redline it looks like shifting around 6000rpm will result in the best acceleration results as power noses off above that. While I had it strapped down I decided to explore more aggressive power levels. Added a little more E85 and went on an hour long adventure through many different curves and tweaks. Finally arrived at a 28psi peak tune which yielded ~540whp / ~575wtq. I've not tested this much on the street so we'll have to see how viable it is. But this just goes to show you how much room was left on the table for tuning with this platform. This car is an animal.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    06-30-2014, 08:41 PM
    Terry@BMS started a thread Knock knock? in N54
    Who's there? . . . . . . . . JB4 Individual Cylinder Ignition Advance Monitoring <--- Those who have been around awhile will get the joke. ;) Anyway I know the N54 crew has been feeling a little neglected lately considering how much attention we've been giving to the new //M platform, the F30 EWG programming, etc, but don't worry. We've been quietly working on some big things for the N54. For one we finally figured out how to get the JB4 to log timing advance & ignition corrections on cylinders 2-6. As part of this revision we've updated the JB4 interface layout a bit organizing boost, fuel, and timing parameters next to each other. I also expect this will lead to back end flash map improvements, smarter auto tuning algorithms, a meaningful knock light in dash, etc. We're doing development and testing with it now so expect to see regular updates. :music-rockout:
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  • Xearom3's Avatar
    07-08-2014, 10:02 AM
    Hey Guys, Figured I'd share my build/progress in converting to single. This thread will hopefully allow me to share my progress and get any feedback/assistance I might need as I come across different obstacles. The current plan is to go with the following setup -PTE 6266 Gen 2, Ported S cover, T4 Divided 1.00 A/R, 3 5/8" V-band Discharge -twin PTE 46mm Wastegates -custom fabbed twin scroll manifold, downpipe, and dump tubes -MAC solenoid I realize there's other ancillary things I will need to upgrade (I have a list, lol), but the initial project is just get the aspiration conversion done. Don't want to do too many projects at once. Any constructive feedback/criticism is welcome. Here's the pictures! (sorry, some of these were taken through my old potato, i have since acquired a new spud) Getting started with the tear-down... RBs out. They look to be in excellent condition. Such tiny! RB's next to a PTE 6266 JB (not mine, this one is going on a Supra soon) That bottom lip of the flat surface where the exhaust ports are is razor sharp! Cut the crap out of myself on it.
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  • Mybabym5's Avatar
    07-08-2014, 07:55 PM
    Hey guys, had some good races the other night against a well and heavy modded C63 Coupe with the MCT tranny. Races ranged from around 45-180 mph over in Europe.. Sorry for the video quality, Europe is always so dark at night. E60 M5 SMG: -Evolve alpha N stage 3 tune -RPI OEM headers with primary cat delete -RPI GTS Full Exhaust -RPI oil cooler -RPI pulley -BMC drop in filters with RPI scoops -ESS Euro SMG software -Michelin PSS (stock rims) VS C63 AMG Coupe MCT - Eurocharged Handheld loader with V5 tune - MCT TCU tune w/Weistec MCT Valve Body Upgrade - MBH Tri Y Headers, MBH Catless Midpipes, MBH X-pipe - Agency Power 2.75" Mandrel Bent Valvetronic Exhaust - Renntech Dual 82MM Throttle Bodies - SpeedDriven Billet Trans Pan - SLS Spark Plugs (One Step Colder) - Quaife LSD - Carbonio CF Intake Boxes -JL Motoring "Ram Air" CF Intake - Evosport UnderDrive Pulley - MHP 180 degree Coolant Thermostat - MHP Thermalnator gaskets to stop heat transfer from head to intake manifold - Thermal/Radiant Heat wrap of Intake Manifold, Airboxes, Intake Tubes, Intake Y Pipe that connects airboxes to Intake Manifold - Weistec Billet Catch Can - 19 inch Forgestar CF10's wrapped in Nitto NT05 I believe these are all of his mods, he can correct if anything is wrong or missing. My car is currently at 4100LBS, and the C63 according to the owner is around 3850LBS. Here is a combo of the videos in one. I am very happy with how my M5 performed. She has still some power to squeeze out like evolve intakes and long tube headers over my stock decatted headers.. Both awesome NA engines, and was a good time! Camera in M5 in first 2 races. 3rd video is a chase car video.
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  • TVPhoto's Avatar
    07-04-2014, 11:58 AM
    Has anyone heard of ZNS Performance? I had emailed yesterday asking for details, and they replied that the kit is in production. The production takes about 2 weeks.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-12-2014, 07:39 PM
    The N54 moves forward with a new fastest 1/4 mile record. The previous record set by a 6-speed manual E92 335i was set by Vishnu with a 131.99 mile per hour pass. That was done back in May of 2012 so it has taken some time for the bar to be raised. The new record stands at 133.37 but Vishnu's 10.822 elapsed time remains the quickest 335 pass to date. The 2.7 60 foot time with this new record is obviously not going to get one into the 10's. Part of the problem is lag from the from the Precision 6466 turbocharger. This is something automatic 335's will have to figure out how to mitigate. Specs for the 2008 E90 335 on this run are full interior, full weight, over 1/2 tank fuel, and a e85/93 mix. This is on the stock motor, stock automatic transmission, and around 30 psi of boost. This car was built by Proven Power in Florida and tuned by Jake Hershorin of proTuning Freaks. There is room to improve here significantly but the problem of course is the automatic transmission which can not be launched hard and is slipping at this roughly 700 wheel horsepower power level. Congratulations to BimmerBoost member @Ak335i, Proven Power, and proTuning Freaks.
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  • 135idct's Avatar
    07-07-2014, 10:07 PM
    FFTEC top mount 5862, jb4 map2 17psi, i think the throttle closed few times in the run..
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  • Ak335i's Avatar
    06-23-2014, 11:59 PM
    Well its time for part 2 of the build. Transmission, wheels, tires, seats etc. Ill be going the 6mt route as im speed hungry and want a quick fix. As there arent many if not any full thread on 6mt swap overs ill put it all in here. Ill update this with progress from the swap to the other goodies to new dynos and what not. I might have a trans secured, ill find out tomorrow, If not it wont be hard to get one. For the clutch ill likely go with a Spec custom twin disk. ill most likely keep the 3.46 gearing. This will be a little slow to get going as i am potentially moving in the next couple of weeks but as soon as im settled ill get to work. The swap itself shouldnt be terrible, and the coding has been done so best of luck to me haha Before/Now stats 6at 711whp/637wtq Tuned by Jake at Protuning Freaks Goal for now on stock motor after swap is about 730-750whp daily and a kill tune at close to 800whp
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    06-30-2014, 10:06 AM
    Porsche 911 and BMW M3/M4 comparisons are nothing new. The M3 traditionally offered Porsche 911 level performance but at a lower price point of entry with greater daily usability. The Porsche 911 of course offered the Porsche prestige and the driving dynamics of a lighter two seat sports car. Not much has changed although the M car now offers much more brute force than the 911. The power, torque, and performance gap is the greatest it has ever been. Now Car and Driver chose a 7-speed manual Porsche 911 to compare to the BMW M4. The M4 has a dual clutch transmission and this would be closer if the Porsche had the optional PDK transmission. It is what it is though and the BMW M4 simply has the 911 overmatched. It has more power at 425 horsepower (which is severely underrated to begin with) to the 911's 350 horsepower. It has more torque at 406 lb-ft to the 911's 287 lb-ft. The straightline contest is no contest. The M4 runs through the 1/4 mile in 12.1 @ 119. The 911 Carrera completes the 1/4 in 12.7 seconds at 113 miles per hour. It makes efficient use of its 350 horses thanks to its roughly 400 pound lighter curb weight but even if this was the 400 horsepower Carrera S with a PDK transmission the M4 would still win. This is the largest the acceleration gap between the 911 Carrera and M3/M4 has ever been. Speaking of weight the M4 comes in at 3581 pounds. It just is not as light as we were made to believe. Car and Driver's own weight figures place the F82 M4 30 pounds lighter than a comparably equipped E92 M3 and that sounds about right. BMW did try to make the M4 lighter but it is mostly to mask the added weight of the turbo powerplant and associated plumbing. If the M4 actually hit the 3300 pound figures BMW was throwing around... well, no point dreaming. Also take a look at the front to rear weight distribution figure. BMW no longer is building 50/50 balanced cars in the turbo era despite what they claim. Car and Driver states that the 911 steering is more precise and offers a better feel. They also state the 911 is more fun to drive. Basically, Car and Driver calls the M4 the muscle car to the 911's more nimble sports car character. The handling performance between the two is actually about even with the M4 and 911 both pulling .98g on the skidpad. What is odd though is that the 911 is not equipped with a limited slip differential. Seriously Porsche? For an $85k base price that is asking too much? Really what this comes down to is price for performance. The M4 offers more performance for less money with greater usability. The 911 is the better sports car of the two, no question. It is more fun to drive as well. That said, Car and Driver nails the conclusion. 'The M4 is more challenging to drive at the limit, but it's far easier to drive faster beneath it. It's the quintessential German muscle car to Porsche's quintessential German sports car. Is one design more right than the other? That's a matter of opinion. But it's hard to argue with a car that delivers more performance for less money.' The M car has more of a muscle car character than a sports car character? Welcome to the new M.
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  • SpeedLimit?'s Avatar
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  •'s Avatar
    07-03-2014, 08:25 PM
    We are excited to announce our new Gintani F8X M3/M4 Down Pipes! We have recently finished our first set of down pipes for the F8X M3/M4 and are now accepting pre-orders. Please allow us 2 weeks to fulfill each order before we ship them out. Retail: $1195 + shipping Made in the USA US 304 Stainless Steel Hand TIG Welded Lifetime warranty on all welds Improved throttle and turbo response 100% perfect fitment and space for O2 sensors For off-road use only; not 50 state legal To place your order, please PM or email me with the following information: First and Last Name Email Phone Number Shipping/Billing Information Form of Payment (We accept Visa and Mastercard) Email: Phone Number: 818-787-8260 Website: Pre-Order List: 1. tightie (Installed) 2. Local customer (Installed) 3. Customer from MD (does not want to disclose username) 4. PSI 5. getagripnyc 6. e60cs5 7. mazkingkhan 8. e92motorsports 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Pictures: I will provide more pictures of the down pipes off the car next week.
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  • 930-turbo's Avatar
    07-06-2014, 09:07 PM
    Heres a video of the rematch between me and my buddies gintani m3. The car wasnt running well the last time we ran. gintani m3 is at 570whp and my 335i is at 675whp. Peddled it in 4th gear a little bit.
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  • COBB Tuning's Avatar
    06-26-2014, 06:43 PM
    We are excited to bring you our latest product offerings for the BMW N54 1-Series and 3-Series!! With the release of our N54 Catted Downpipes we are now able to offer a Turbo-Back Exhaust and Stage 2 Power Package for all N54 powered 135i and 335i vehicles! Find these parts and more at! BMW N54 Catted Downpipes Features CAD Designed Cast Turbo Outlets for Maximum Flow Dual 200 Cell High Flow Catalytic Converters 3" 304 Stainless Steel Construction Works with Stock or COBB Cat-back Compatible with COBB Accessport OTS Maps Click Here for More Information BMW 135i/135is Cat-back Exhaust Features 3" 304 Stainless Steel Construction CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing with TIG Welds V-Band Clamp Connections for Infinite Adjustability Dual 3.5" Slash Cut Tips Helmholtz Chamber to Reduce Resonance Click Here for More Information BMW 1-Series N54 Turbo-Back Exhaust Includes COBB N54 Catted Downpipes COBB 1-Series Cat-Back Exhaust Click Here for More Information BMW 3-Series N54 Turbo-Back Exhaust Includes COBB BMW N54 Catted Downpipes COBB BMW 3-Series Cat-Back Exhaust Click Here for More Information N54 Stage 2 Power Package Includes COBB V3 Accessport COBB High Flow Filter COBB N54 Catted Downpipes COBB Vehicle Badge Click Here for More Information
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-14-2014, 06:48 PM
    Just a rev video was posted. I'm surprised there aren't more details around on this and why no shots under the hood? Would love to know about the tuning too.
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  • islandroad83's Avatar
    07-18-2014, 09:05 PM
    Hey guys a little new to this logging and wondering if i could get some help going over my log. I am in 3rd gear FBO running 93 OCT and wedge 9.5 deg flash. You can see what I have logged here, I just followed Terry's xml file for the Bav Tech, rather clumsy logging software. I also would of liked to log my LPFP but not sure have to do that via this cable. Also do i need to convert the boost with datazap or any more i should be logging? Thanks for the help.
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  • triggz's Avatar
    06-27-2014, 03:51 PM
    triggz started a thread DefivFAB Lockdown Kit 6AT in N54
    Hey is there anyone with a Defiv lockdown kit on their 6AT? Trying to find some reviews of 6AT owners with it but I can't seem to find any. I know it works well with the 6MT owners...
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  • mjmarovi's Avatar
    06-24-2014, 01:16 PM
    Ok, so I know everyone keeps talking about needing tuning for the TCU in order for these hardware upgrades to reach full potential. So you keep saying you want to see tuning, but what are you looking for in the tuning? I would like to hear specifics. Currently I am working with a transmission company that is doing a hardware upgrade far beyond anything else that has been done. Actually the only thing that has been done is a minimal clutch disk upgrade from lvl10, which by no surprise has not proven to yield much improvement. Right now to get all you can out of a stock transmission you could... 1) Install the alpina TCU flash 2) Install stiffer transmission and/or motor mounts as well 3) Purchase a shimmed valvebody from lvl10 (not the preferred method, but hey, seems to be helping most and without access to the TCU, I guess it's an option to help increase line pressure) 4) Transmission cooler 5) lvl10 super pump assembly. (no idea what this entails or does but it's on their website) Of course you can get the torque converter rebuilt but tons of shops can do that so lets move on. What are we looking for in the tune exactly? What are we trying to accomplish? Is it not possible to change load values now so that the TCU sees full load values? Does anyone know exactly what the Alpina flash does and how it does it? What is keeping us from unlocking the alpina flash or comparing it to a stock flash file? More info on a new 6AT transmission upgrade coming soon!
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  • E92 420's Avatar
    06-25-2014, 11:03 AM
    Hi guys I'm new to this forum so here what's happening I read my ecu using the BB flash ap which went fine. But when I tried to load the bms pump gas backend flash it completed the write and then said bad file PAF Mis match. So I then tried to load my standard BIN and my voltage would not read. Tried to load it anyway and got message saying bad file which you will see in the pic. Then ecu went into recovery mode. Iv tried disscomnecting the battery many times with no luck. Now every time I try to load my standard BIN it gets to the 3rd stage and says in red cannot erase memory. You will see this in the other pic. I'm completely lost on what to do from here. Any info would be appreciated. Just for info when I first tried to write the voltage read 13.837 v I was using a 40amp charger as well, the laptop is acer e1-571 with an i5 processor it's the only laptop I have access to! My car is a late 2006 model 335i with kline ececu any help on this will be greatly appreciated
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:53 PM
    This information comes to BimmerBoost courtesy of one of our tuning vendors. Based on a discussion with the tuner they have stated they have the ability to flash the S55 DME. As you may know, tuning modern turbocharged BMW's through the factory engine computer is proving difficult as BMW has tremendously upped encryption of the engine computers and is cracking down on any internal sources leaking codes to tuners to flash the ECU. Even vaunted BMW tuners with deep pockets such as Dinan are forced to resort to piggyback tuning due to the difficulty of gaining access to the modern BMW ECU's. Tuners with some of the best software engineers in the business such as COBB Tuning have stated that the encryption level of the F30 3-Series ECU is government security caliber. COBB has been working for some time now to try to get access to the F30 ECU and there is no telling if they will be able to. That is why this piece of news comes with some reservations as the tuner did not state how they were able to get access the S55 ECU in the F80 M3 and F82 M4. It certainly would be astounding for a crack to come this quickly as the car just hit the market. BimmerBoost is waiting on further details as the tuner makes preparations to make this software available. As soon as we get the concrete proof rest assured BimmerBoost will bring it to you ASAP.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-09-2014, 03:24 PM
    Interesting matchup here that is great to see as two different M engine philosophies battle it out. The M5 is the camera car but unfortunately a cell phone camera is used by the M5. Still, the video is clear so you can see exactly what happens. The modifications on the M5 are a Stage 2 tune that is not named, downpipes, and a custom straight piped exhaust. The E92 M3 is supercharged with the Active Autowerke Gen 2 Level III supercharger system. On paper this should be a good a race. Depending on how aggressive the M5 tune is along with the bolt ons it can show ~600 whp. Depending on the M3's boost it is also in this range. The M5 of course has much more torque which it also needs to move its roughly 800 extra pounds. In practice it is a good race as the cars are dead even. They both appear to be DCT models so driver skill is not a large variable. A good run from two fast M cars going about their power boost in different ways.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    07-01-2014, 07:46 AM
    Here is a street race for some money between an X71 X6M and an E60 M5. The race is for money although only a $1000 which is hardly enough to even cover the modifications on the cars. The two cars race on a city street with people behind them shutting down the traffic so obviously do not try this at home. The race is from a stop and so in theory should favor the X6M with its all wheel drive against the rear wheel drive E60 M5 on street tires. The X6M features the Active Autowerke ECU tune and also their downpipes. Since this is a money race the E60 M5 modifications are not mentioned. However, with the way the E60 M5 pulls after the launch and the way the power comes on it certainly feels like the car has nitrous. It's definitely modified whatever those modifications happen to be. Take a look and decide for yourself:
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  • R.G.'s Avatar
    07-08-2014, 02:57 AM
    R.G. started a thread E92 N54 Belly pan fabricated in N54
    I had a belly pan fabricated for my E92. Initially problem was my rear diffuser warping from parachute effect at freeway speeds and higher. Had a front pan piece also made while it was being done. Goal was to a address a few issues or improve where possible. 1) Seal the rear bumper 2) Vented engine pan to allow air to escape and minimize engine bay pressure. Better cooling back thru cylinder 6. 3) Vent for IC and radiator air flow. 4) Duct for transmission. allow as much air flow as possible with rear trans vents. 5) Increased size of all stock tire air diverters. Tires amount to approx. 30% of overall drag :think: (might be making that shit up but seems like I read that somewhere). Increased both width and height of stock rubber diverters. 6) Pan has a tiered set up so each section served as a vent for next section. 7) Lightweight aluminum but thicker then tin foil. Some photos during fab. Will get try to get some final pics next time I get the thing on jack stands or lifted. During the whole design one thing came up that some of you can take from this thread. Your stock cowl prevents high pressure air in to the engine bay. Removing it effectively creates a wall of pressure in your bay, that reduces amount of air able to pass through ducts/radiator/IC. The shape of the stock cowl is perfect. Edges are open allowing venting, center high pressure area is sealed. Removing it is counterproductive.
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  • MFactory's Avatar
    06-27-2014, 01:27 PM
    Hey guys, now that we have more concrete details on our welded diff options, I thought that it would be a good time to start making up a pre-buy list :) Terminology (As some people are still confused with all the terms) - Pumpkin/Core/Carrier/Pig Snout: This is the entire unit, the part you see bolted up to your car, and contains everything - Differential Unit/Diff: This is the main part inside your pumpkin that does all the traction magic. OEM is open differential. We are offering a limited slip differential - Ring & Pinion/Final Drive/Crown & Pinion: This consists of the Ring Gear (which is welded on to your oem differential) and the Pinion Gear. We are offering a replacement Ring Gear (which is now bolted on to the differential) and Pinion Gear - Rebuild: As it suggests, rather than you DIY or having another shop do it for you, we are offering our rebuild service if you send us your pumpkin Fitments: - 135i/335i MT Apr '07+ with 3.08 Final Drive - 135i/335i DCT with 2.56 Final Drive (will fit 335d also) What is included: - Brand New MFactory Helical LSD - Brand New MFactory Final Drive (Ring & Pinion) Latest ETA: Aug 30th. This should also give sufficient time to build up the pre-buy lists to get the best discount. Price: (MT) MSRP - $1599.95 + shipping 10+ - $1439.96 inc shipping to North America/Europe/Australia 20+ - $1279.96 inc shipping to North America/Europe/Australia Price: (DCT) MSRP - $1649.95 + shipping 10+ - $1484.96 inc shipping to North America/Europe/Australia 20+ - $1319.96 inc shipping to North America/Europe/Australia Rebuild Service: - $500 if you send us your core. Includes return shipping (+$100 for Canada) - Additional $500 core exchange applies if we ship you a rebuilt core first (subject to availability). Refundable after we receive your old core back To add yourself to the pre-buy list, please let us know :) MT: 1) c0ris07 (from the 1 forum) 2) Sfvalley135i (from the E forum) 3) bmw335iguy 4) BostonBeemah (from the N forum) 5) BostonShant (from the N forum) 6) snaimpally (from the E forum) 7) imske3000 (from the 1 forum) 8) sliderpass (from the 1 forum) 9) fred (from the N forum) 10) Twhill19 (from the 1 forum) 11) kazriel (from the 1 forum) 12)volcom8190 13) john-915 14) smileypete (from the 1 forum) DCT: 1) AForceNinja (from the 1 forum) 2) ST54 3) ucsbshawn (from the 1 forum) 4) e36addict (from the E forum) 5) BMOEW (from the E forum) 6) bmw0bsession (from the E forum)
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  • richpike's Avatar
    06-23-2014, 11:35 PM
    Executive Summary: I'm at 6,500ft above sea level with poor 91 octane. I've always been happy with my Cobb OTS map (Drive Stage 1), but knew there had to be more there. PTF ran a group buy on another forum (PTF - run one here!) and I was lucky enough to get in for $200. Great investment - my only regret is not doing it earlier. Nishan was fantastic to work with, super responsive (it took 12 iterations) and found another 21HP and 33lbft of torque in my car all with a massive increase in area under the curve. Full Review: Car Background: 2010 335i, ZSP, auto, RWD, Cobb V2, BMS drop-in filter and Alpina flash. Roughly 50k miles. We have E85 available, but I didn't want to mess mixing, so we tuned on our 91 octane. Sucking in thin air at 6,500ft above sea level. Purchase from PTF: The purchase couldn't have been any easier. Each of the group buy members were given a unique code, we entered it and purchased our tune. Less than 24hours later, I had an email from my tuner - Nishan. Process: Nishan warned me upfront that my car would take some extra steps because of the altitude. He wanted to fine tune it carefully - something I greatly appreciated and respected. At the time, I didn't realize how many iterations it would take, but I committed to myself to turn around logs within 24hours. While Nishan never committed to turning around the revised maps in any specific timeframe, his response time was incredible. Even though they had a massive group buy they were working on, he still turned the maps around in 24-48hours. Very nice! In addition, he's clearly a car guy, even asking for a pic of my car so he'd know what he was working on. Very cool. We started off with a baseline of the map I was already running - the Drive Stage 1 map from Cobb. We then started tweaking off of that. From the very beginning I knew I wanted to do a review of this process, so I found a closed stretch of road I could do datalogs on that always started at the same spot for easy virtual dyno comparison. I apologize up front for not having a "real" dyno, but this was what I had available and I controlled the variables (including temperature) for compares as much as possible. Results: Keeping in mind that I'm at 6,500ft, I ran a Stage0 log to see what my car would be like stock: 241HP 274lbft My Stage 1 Drive map yielded: 282HP 320lbft Quite nice for the Cobb OTS map. A gain of 41HP and 46lbft of torque over stock. This is why I love Cobb :D But like I said, I knew there was more. After 12 revisions, tons of fine tuning and lots of hard work, Nishan's expertise gained me another 21HP and 33lbft and a massive bump in the area under the curve: 303HP 353lbft Final Map vs. Stage 0 (+62HP, +79lbft) Final Map vs. Stage 1 OTS (+21HP, +33lbft) In the end, I'm super happy. My only regret is I wish I had done it earlier. Plus, as I add new parts to my car, Nishan and PTF can finesse out even more power. Bottom Line: If you've been on the fence for a PTF proTune (eTune), stop waiting and do it. You won't regret it. -Rich dzenno@PTF Jake@PTF @nishan@PTF
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  • rader1's Avatar
    07-21-2014, 10:57 PM
    Here is an in car video of the MOTIV Motorsport/OVERREV Fabrication shop car on track at UTCC at VIR. Running on a low boost 93 octane map Ryan Eversley piloted the car to a best time of 1:53 around the track making it the fastest privateer at the event and even beating teams like the Lamborghini super Trofeo team.
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  • GoodToGo's Avatar
    06-28-2014, 11:19 PM
    Here is the situation. I have a n54 FBO 335i, running Cobb Stg 2 + Started having misfire codes and limp mode, generally on bank 2 (cyl 4,5,6). This would usually happen on at least 2 cylinders. Acceleration is jerky and the car lacks punch. I would occasionally get a misfire on a bank 1 cylinder as well. Complete the simple fixes. I change all the bank 2 coils and changed all the spark plugs and gapped them. The old ones looked pretty good, number 6 was a but darker than the others, but that is common for either 5 or 6. I also cleaned the vanos solenoids. I changed the bank 2 O2 sensor today, but issue still isn't fixed. It was a longshot since both banks are lean, but I noticed some sluggish and occasionally erratic reading on bank 2. This didn't fix the problem and I had to dig deeper. Started taking some targeted logs and realized that I was having a lean condition at WOT, sometimes approaching 20 AFR. Bank 2 AFR is always higher than Bank 1, but neither bank is hitting AFR targets. I'm not sure whether misfires are causing the lean condition or the lean condition is causing misfires. Here is the kicker... Even though AFR is high, long term fuel trims are very, very low, between -30 and -45 on both banks. This is counter intuitive. Why would fuel trims be negative if the engine is running lean?? Some other things to note. Car starts and idles perfectly, not a hickup. Minimal fuel trims at idle and most driving. Fuel pressure is good, so I've ruled fuel pumps out. Voltage and grounds have been checked. Timing corrections are minimal to none on these diagnostic logs I took. Never have any lean or O2 sensor codes. Walnut blast valve cleaning was done about 20K mi ago. Here are some graphs. I tried Datazap, but it wouldn't plot the logs for some reason. HELP! Thanks.... Here is a log where I captured a misfire code and limp mode (where fuel mode changes from 2 to 15) Here are a few other before changing the bank 2 O2 sensor Here is after the O2 sensor change
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