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  • The Ghost's Avatar
    05-23-2015, 12:53 PM
    Continuing from my previous thread, I decided to go back to the dyno to do a few tweaks. My setup is as follows: N54, FBO, 6MT JB4 G5, Custom back-end flash VTT 2+ turbos (20T, clipped) VTT turbo inlets, w/BMS DCI BMS Port Injection kit Split Second injector controller (AIC1-G4H) Fuel-it Stage 3 dual LPFPs e85 Stock exhaust (catted) The only change since last time is I ditched my customer rear inlet, replacing it with the VTT silicone hose. This fits much better and is actually shorter than the one I build by a good bit. I didn't have long on the dyno, so I upped the boost slights (holding 27.x) and added some mid range timing (10 degrees max now). I was very pleased with the results. Here are a few notes: I still have a tip-in rich condition, which I will fix in the PI map Boost is not hitting target (28psi) - I may change the JB4 rpm-based duty bias to see if it will hold 28psi (there seems to be more pwm headway, albeit small) The car kept making power with timing - I think I could run 2 more degrees as VTT did, perhaps cracking 700whp - I decided not to risk popping the motor today :) I'm still waiting to remove the catted exhaust in favor of a 3.5" single Attached are some dyno comparisons: Comparison between my previous personal best and my runs today My maxed FBO meth/e85 car vs. my final tune today FBO map 0 baseline vs. today's final tune Here is the datalog of the last run: Special thanks to Terry@BMS for the extensive support and parts, Fuel-it, and VTT for badass products and killer support.
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  • Fishayyy's Avatar
    05-09-2015, 08:02 PM
    So I met up with Payam (@fastgti69) and his friend Jr. today to get my clutch installed along with a few other things. So to start here is a list of all the parts that went in: -Motiv Twin Disc Clutch (Two 6 puck discs with one sprung disc) w/ SMFW -Rogue Tranny Mounts -Redline MTL Transmission Fluid -Bronze Clutch Fork Pivot Pin from Ireland Engineering -Steel Transmission bolts Some specs on my car: -2008 E92 335i -47.8k Miles -Charge Pipe w/ BOV -JB4 G5 First Impressions: Compared to the stock clutch I would say the peddle pressure is about 25%-30% heavier and for reference Payam's clutch (which I believe is a Spec 2+, could be wrong) was about 50% heavier compared to stock. Both were very manageable weights. Now this was probably the most controversial decision of the day but we chose to install the TOB at the low setting. This worried me because it seemed everyone else was using the high setting, but it turns out that it worked just fine. The engagement point of the stock clutch is pretty high up (I'd say roughly 2 inches of travel to disengage), while the Motiv Clutch on the low setting is about 1-2 inches away from the floor. With break in this will raise higher up and I will chime in from time to time to comment on that. Luckily, on my first try I didn't stall my car, but the clutch definitely has a pretty rough engagement compared to stock, albeit it's obviously still breaking in and it has 6-puck discs. With the stock clutch you could easily keep the throttle steady and slowly release the clutch to get the car to inch forward whereas with this clutch you need to pretty much just release the clutch quickly and let it pop and jerk into place otherwise it will shudder and fight you. This eases up and gets smoother as the gears get higher, but I do expect all of this to calm down with time and miles. Lastly, while the clutch is engaged it is definitely smoother in acceleration and deceleration. Previously, I was having "accordion" issues where I would let off the gas, at almost any given speed, in gears 1-2 and my car would jerk back and forth more so than in other manual cars I have driven. With the SMFW when I let off the gas the car will slow down as expected without jerking back and forth violently which is a huuuge plus in my book. P.S. I'm not experiencing any notable clutch rattle, although it is there, you just have to really listen for it. Here's a few simple pictures of the disc and car: Other Impressions: I'm going to elaborate on these more as time goes on, namely because I haven't had a chance to drive the car hard in the turns, but as for the Rogue tranny mounts, they don't seem to add very much NVH; shifter vibrates a little bit more, but that's no big deal/could be caused by the clutch. I am also noticing a slightly more pleasant shift with the Redline MTL in there. It's not a whole new world type of difference, but it did get rid of pretty much all the annoying and unwanted resistance and notchiness from my shifts that used to be there previously. Payam should be chiming in later on some of the install details and decisions, but for now let me know if you have any questions. Here's to another Motiv clutch! :awesome:
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    05-14-2015, 02:03 PM
    One of our valued customers in the land down under, has posted a review on our facebook page showing off his RHD 135i picking up an astounding 30WHP with ONLY the installation of our VTT silicone inlets, no tuning changes. Add a little conservative tuning to the mix, and that power jumps up almost 60 WHP! This is what he had to say about his experience "VTT silicone inlets made Massive power gains for me taking my N54 135i to 397rwKw with RB's. It's a beast since I installed the inlets. 353 to 375 was inlets only, 397 was new backend and some tuning and a little more boost. The sound is just intoxicating." Awesome work Greg! Glad you are enjoying your new inlets! For us WHP guys that is 474WHP, up to 503WHP with inlets only, up to 532 with some tuning! $499 for 30WHP, requiring absolutely nothing to be touched in your engine, 100% plug and play! Works with EVERY brand of intake box, or DCI on the market. No need to buy what you already have again! No other inlet offers this versatility, plain and simple. This explains why we have sold 55 sets in such a short time...:) If anyone is wondering when we will have more. We ordered 30 more sets, they will arrive in the next 7 days or so. We have 5 pre-ordered leaving 25 sets ready for purchase! Feel free to email us with any questions! Find the review here:
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  • Ingeniator's Avatar
    05-20-2015, 05:00 PM
    Ok here is an Open forum for discussion between Members and Vendors. Lets keep all posts data driven. I would also like to focus on options that will work with stock compressor housing inlets as there are very few turbo options available that would require a larger one. EDIT: Tony@VargasTurboTech could you please send me contact info for the flow tester. I would like to commission a true independent report with the data he has collected from various vendor options.
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  • Newguy123's Avatar
    05-05-2015, 05:31 PM
    was a good time and a verrrrry hot day. ran 20-21 psi had slight misfire issues throughout the day.
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    05-12-2015, 10:06 AM
    The Convert started a thread Beware of Frankenturbo in N54
    I recently saw some people posting about 335 stock inlet flow testing results from an Audi company on the other site....Then that company ended up chiming in. It seems like they might start looking into our platform at some point. So, I want to bring to everyone's attention that they are not exactly an upstanding company within the VAG community. See below for reference.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-14-2015, 02:20 PM
    I have to buy a TV today so it gets delivered in time before the Direct TV specials they have going expire. I can't really fit anything bigger than 70 inches. Maybe I could push 75. Suggestions?
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  • Modded335i's Avatar
    05-12-2015, 08:52 PM
    Modded335i started a thread Using MHD to flash in N54
    Hey guys....I just got the MHD app and want to do a flash...which flash is best to work with the jb4 map 7 Mods are... VRSF 7" FMIC JB4 Stage 2 fuel it upgrade LPFP RBs with all options MMP Inlets M2 exhaust VRSF Chargepipe with HKS BOV Mfactory LSD N20 Tmap 3.5 bar sensor Ideally I want to be able to hit 23 psi on E60....even E50 would be fine....could someone put me in the right stated I will be using the MHD app with my android... Thanks!
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    04-30-2015, 06:30 PM
    Hey guys, Met up with a local enthusiast Ash today to tune his new VT2 turbos and inlets. He's also running 100% E85 using a full Fuel-IT system & port injection. He has our canned E85 back end flash. The turbos and fuel kit performed flawlessly with only minor tuning changes needed to dial in boost and the port injection. We decided 600whp was a good stopping point which was around 25psi. I have no doubt there is another 30-40whp in there when he wants it.
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  • djpaulie's Avatar
    05-11-2015, 11:39 PM
    Just wanted to start a build thread and throw in some VM install suggestions for those running slightly different set ups some ways to accommodate different fitment. No, these are not all end product pics. I work long days and worked as I could each night with no sleep on the car, so my brain didn't always remember to snap pictures as I completed various stages of install and repairs. I am happy to send pictures of anything and help with any questions that people may have about install, related repairs, ect. Payam was extremely helpful both before during and after the purchase and install of my kit. Lots of updates and and help, anything I needed or questions I had were taken care of. Big thank you to fastgti69!!!!! Enough cannot be said for this but again huge thank you, I wouldn't buy any other kit IMHO! In terms of the install I ran into a couple small snags that hopefully my pictures and write up can help future VM kit installs to avoid and/or stream line. These are not problems they are just note worthy for saving time to me, may not be so for everyone or even obvious to some but just things I recognized. Installing oil return (just keep playing with it till it fits but on the turbo the fitting is mounted on the motor side at an angle facing down and toward the front of the car, the hard line runs on the block side of the manifold not the opposing When placing coupler from turbo to FMIC pipe... YES it is supposed to be close it is like this on all top mount ST cars there is not a ton of room in our engine bay on that side top accommodate a large single just wasn't developed that way. Don't worry it will work The 90* fitting on the turbo to the mac is in the way of the intake going on, best way I found to do this is install the fitting and line to the mac facing downward, attach the intake tight. Once in rotate the fitting to face toward the wheel parallel to the ground (seems to be where it was most comfortable) Coolant 90* elbow seems to want to kink at the angle you put it on at due to closeness to avoid the kinking i cut the water pump end at an angle to seat it more comfortable and at full flow Run the coolant line before bolting many of the kit items, this will save you time and working with a limited amount of space, you can save the last fitting to the coolant res till later but get the straight fitting on as there is much more room. I suggest a plastic puddy knife for scraping out the exhaust gaskets as they come apart and stick to the motor like glue. If you have sneaking suspisions your oil an gasket will leak any time soon or is seeping, NOW is the time to do it, if you do they sell you the aluminum bolts with it (don't panic when there is 5 long bolts left over, I found no place for them and believe it is for the oil pump as if not full removing the sub frame you may need to remove it due to space restrictions. Make sure you have enough room to work under the car, I did not run into this issue but I can see how it may be one if you are working on jack stands, just be aware more space makes things easier. If you are running a dual 25mm BOV setup this can work the PS bracket will still be used for the coolant res. Mount in the suggested place and get a nylon spacer to get an exact fit without needing to stack washers. Once done a mark off and cutting of the rear bolt hole with make everything fit well. I used the alternator as a mounting point for a bracket made by my good friend TT-Tom Thank you for the help! (also took care of wiring items while I worked!) The bracket was made out of an inexpensive slice of weldable metal and some bending and inner corner welded after being molded to proper angle. Mods/ repairs done at VM install are: Oil filter housing gasket Oil cooler housing gasket Oil pan gasket VM top mount Comp 6467 1.0AR (screamers) Oil and filter change Plugs NGK (gapped to .19) Valve cleaning Forge VTA BOVs BMS PI and AIC controller JB4 w/NLS and 2 Step and MHD flasher (from Procede REV 3) 3.5 bar sensor Below are the pictures that I took, if you read through my hangups you'll see they are simply to offer insight into how it all works out/fits and may help prioritize the install though the install videos posting in the install thread on here are extremely helpful along with pictures as well. I also threw in some of various mods I remembered to photograph haha, not a lot here but it's a start. P.S. Sorry for out of order frustrated from continuously changing it with BB so this will have to do.
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  • JerryT's Avatar
    05-20-2015, 07:42 PM
    I normally build manifolds for local evos and supras, but one of my close friends came to me with his 135i so I thought I would take a shot at it. After viewing several manifolds online for the car I decided on an idea. Space was very limited, so there not really much you can do. I did not think it would be possible for a ts top mount on these cars. Anyways enjoy the pictures. Let me know what you guys think as I am now interested in picking up a 135 myself someday. Jerry
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  • fastgti69's Avatar
    05-26-2015, 02:05 PM
    Sup guys, just got finished getting all the logs and pics sorted out for you all to see. We tested the Fuel-it! Throttle Body Port Injection solution on our STOCK TURBO N54 development car. I am saying solution because it is most definitely a solution. It surpassed my expectations in every way possible. Lets start off with some pictures with the car apart and the TB/PI ready to be installed and put back together after it's done. It is a very clean and easy install, only took about an hour for me. Thanks again to @SteveAZ for this awesome kit, and thanks to @Terry@BMS for letting us test it out! The car is an 07 e90 335i 6MT. It has, BMS DCI, 3" Catless DP, VM Custom CP w/ Tial BOV, Walbro Inline 255, Jb4, BB e85 Flash by BMS. We just filled up from our local e85 station with full e85 in the tank. Along with new TB PI just installed. All runs were done in Map 7, in Mexico. Here are two logs of the car WITHOUT the TB/PI working. You can see HPFP starts falling off mid-range, and picks back up near redline. LPFP is oscillating as well too, struggling to keep demand. Log 1: Log 2 : Now this is with the ground attached to the hobbs switch. These two logs are with the TB/PI working now. You can see a VAST difference in smoothness of HPFP and LPFP. It was unreal to me how clean these logs looked with full e85. Take a look for yourself and be amazed. This is a real solution with real world testing and results, and we could not have been happier. Log 1 : Log 2 :
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  • Cpt_Rum-bo's Avatar
    05-19-2015, 11:29 AM
    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this so it can be moved if necessary. Would like a dedicated place to discuss track day setups and driving. I have a 2010 135i, FBO tuned by myself with Cobb for now. Track day map is E30 detuned to about 370whp. Suspension is stock, tyres are squared 255/35/18 Federal RS-R racing on stock 261M wheels. I've done a couple track days before, this is the first one with the new tyre setup. Extra rubber up front definitely helps with the understeer, but the lack of camber and compression under load of the fronts just does not help at all. I like to make changes one at a time to get a clear idea of the effect, so will be doing camber plates next as that's all my budget allows. Vid of the first session last Sunday with the new rubber:
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  • Cpt_Rum-bo's Avatar
    04-30-2015, 05:10 PM
    Hey, Has anyone ever tried running a mix of E85 and 100 oct race gas? Specifically a mixture that results in 30% E85 and 100 oct race gas. Example a mix of 3 gallons E85 and 5.5 gallons 100 oct?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-23-2015, 06:41 PM
    The network has become increasingly skeptical of 1/4 mile times coming out of the Middle East and specifically the Yas Marina drag strip located in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Recently, a very fast run from a C63 showing an impossible 60 foot time raised eyebrows and Middle Eastern members conceded the timing equipment at Yas Marina was off when this was questioned. This leads to the logical follow up questions of how long has the timing equipment been off for? How many runs are suspect? How is a hot desert environment providing times so much quicker and faster than the rest of the world? BoostAddict contacted Yas Marina and the NHRA regarding this issue. Middle Eastern members state this was just a glitch and the circuit is NHRA accredited. That is not true. Yas Marina has not renewed its NHRA license since 2012. This is the response to BoostAddict's inquiry on the matter from Mark Hughes, the NHRA World Wide Consultant: This response means any run from 2013 on is suspect. We already have evidence the timing equipment is off and the only conclusion one can draw is that without an NHRA license, inspection, and accreditation the playing field is not level and that cheating has been going on. Frankly, it appears the cheating is rampant. As we do not know who cheated, when they cheated, etc., the only course of action is to invalidate all Yas Marina records from 2013 on from when they lost their NHRA license. Until this matter is resolved and Yas Marina again has an NHRA license and has been inspected this network will not recognize any runs or records from the drag strip as valid. When the database goes live on this network, all Yas Marina runs from 2013 on will receive an asterisk next to them indicating them as suspect and invalid. BoostAddict only received a response from the NHRA. Yas Marina has yet to comment on the matter despite being asked the same questions as the NHRA. However, if 'accidental miscalibration' is going on at a strip like Yas Marina with its reputation and resources and it failed to renew its NHRA license we wonder how many other suspect drag strips there are in the Middle East. It is stunning that the Yas Marina Circuit would not value its integrity and reputation higher than this. This issue now calls into question the validity of all Middle Eastern strips and times. It is unfortunate for honest enthusiasts who just want to enjoy their cars to be caught in the middle of this issue. It is simply a result of administrative failure and those who do not have the integrity to compete honestly on the 1/4 mile dragstrip with enthusiasts worldwide.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    05-21-2015, 12:14 PM
    Our awesome test car in Boston running our N55 Stage 2 JB turbo took his car to the track for the first time since it opened last night. He only got two passes before a spill shut the track down. His results? How about 12.18ET at 121.44, with a not great 2.08 60ft. Then on his very next pass he made a few adjustments, and managed an 11.73ET at 122.7, with a better 60 ft of 1.85. This incredibly was done on PUMP gas 93 octane, a single meth nozzle, and 18-20PSI! Shant is really showing off his driving skill here, with near perfect shifts, and NLS shifting on the runs. Video of the run: Keep in mind, our Stage 2 DBB currently holds the N55 1/4 record with a pass of 11.42 at 123.1 with an AT, E50, more timing, and nearly an identical 60ft. The AT alone will make up the 3/10ths of a second difference in the passes, let alone the higher timing. Here is log showing the car running 6-4 degrees of timing and a timing FLATLINE all the way through 4th. What this means is, as soon as he gets some more octane in the car, and can hold timing through 4th gear, this is an easy low 11 second car with at least 3-4MPH trap in it. Lets not even talk about turning up the boost a little bit...:naughty: Bottom line the car has a TON left in it, and its already so close to taking the 1/4 record, well from us, but from an AT! If you want a dyno queen, you have other options, if you want N55 turbos that hold real drag racing records, your only option is VTT! Great work Shant! We appreciate all your hardwork, and nice driving!
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  • rader1's Avatar
    05-18-2015, 05:52 PM
    I participated in Wannagofast's 1/2 mile event at Ingall's field on may 2nd and 3rd. The official results were just posted today and I would like to share them. Some details about the event: Ingall's field is an absolutely beautiful location but not exactly the ideal location to hold a race due to elevation(3800' elavation and 5000' DA during the event) and it's remoteness from civilization. Here's links to the official MPH results Relevant details on the car: 6MT, MOTIV750, MOTIV PI, FUEL-IT! stage 3 LPFP running 23psi. Without E85 and the fact that 1/2 mile is a LONG time to have the car under load we decided to go conservative with power. 23psi put down 580whp the day before the event and made the car not only very fast but very reliable. My fastest trap of saturday was 148mph but by the end of the day I had shift points and the launch down pretty well. Sunday I picked up 4mph to trap 152mph. I'm car 107/108. Just to provide some context Bolt on tune 1M 129mph Bolt on tune N55 335i 129mph Bolt on E50 tune 335is 133mph Tuned F10 M5 146 mph MS109 tuned M4 147mph Various bolt on tuned GTRs 151-155 Various nitrous/blower/HCI C6 Z06s 150-155mph
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  • bertinoj's Avatar
    05-08-2015, 06:04 PM
    bertinoj started a thread Vtt inlet logs in N54
    Here my logs I really don't see a difference tony said my wgdc should drop . he thinks I have a boost leak or vacuum leak. my boost guage reads vac at -21 is that normal ? stock turbos btw
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  • amr_e90's Avatar
    05-19-2015, 08:46 AM
    Alright let's just start this off with me telling you what I have and what have I done , first my car is a 07 6mt 335xI I have just installed Rb turbos/w billet wheel and Vtt inlets . I took it easy for the past 200 miles and slowly started to drive more aggressive on them . So last night I decided to do the first ever pull and out of nowhere the car hit a wall and felt like it popped out of gear . I have manually lowered my FF to 50 so it can't overboost btw I'm only in Map 2 . I have the 3.5 sensor and the latest firmware . Is this a sense of throttle closure cuz I know around 20/30% is normal during wot but mine completely closed . I couldn't do a log since my app has been acting up , just wondering if anyone has input on this or if anyone can give me the exact user adjustments that I would need to change in the interface . Thanks Alex :confused:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-11-2015, 08:46 PM
    The BoostAddict Automotive Performance Network sees a lot of tuning from a variety of sources. Yes, some tuners are better than others. Yes, some tuners live primarily off their image and name, not their ability. Our goal is to inform the people of the choices they have and hopefully they spend their hard earned money wisely. The choices below BoostAddict believes are some of the industries most overrated tuners and that there are better options out there in the aftermarket especially for the money. That said, these 'tuners' somehow remain very popular (although a few eventually reached their inevitable demise). You may agree or disagree and that is the beauty of discussion and opinion. 10. Dinan This one hurts a bit to say as Dinan has done great things in the BMW world. However, this company has quickly gone in the BMW turbo era from one of the most sought after BMW tuners to the most overrated. BMW's have changed. Dinan has not been able to keep up with this change effectively. Just look at their 'Dinantronics' tune for the S55 turbo motor in the F80 M3 and F82 M4. Gains of 20 wheel horsepower for $2499. Are there better options out there? Yes. For less money? Yes. From multiple sources? Yes. That are not piggyback tuned? Yes. This piggyback point really highlights how Dinan has fallen behind. Piggyback tuning indeed dominates the BMW turbo market but Dinan is priced higher than basically every other tuning box option out there. Not to mention Dinan came off as hypocrites when they talked down on piggyback tuning only to do it themselves. The reasons given are nonsense as the actuality of why they went to piggyback tuning is they did not have access to the F-Series BMW ECU's to develop a proper flash tune. With the ECU's now cracked Dinan might as well take their box off the market. Too little and way too late. That might be why Dinan himself saw the writing on the wall and cashed out leaving his own company. 9. Gemballa What is Gemballa good for other than adding 'Lambo' doors to your 911? Not much. Well, they are good at living off the Gemballa name and providing overpriced body kits and wheels. The company originally was founded by Uwe Gemballa who was murdered in 2010 and this murder remains unsolved. Something bad went down in South Africa. The company went into a freefall after this and the rights to the name were purchased by those who wanted to continue to exploit the Gemballa name. Gemballa back in 2001 actually did some hardcore tuning and challenged for Nurburgring records with their cars. Since then they have become a status symbol for people with more money than brains. If you want a body kit and wheels, go ahead and check them out. If you want serious Porsche tuning go elsewhere. 8. Techart This is yet another German tuner offering more style than substance. Does Techart have some nice upgrades? Kind of, they offer overpriced bolt on packages consisting of exhaust systems and ECU tunes. The majority of the stuff they offer is said to come from various other German sources. Their primary source of revenue is bodykits and wheels. They offer suspension modules, exhaust tips, spoilers, things of that sort. Yes, these parts generally look good. If you consider serious tuning of Porsches body kits, lowering kits, and wheels, then Techart may just be for you. There is also the infamous story of how in 2007 Techart supposedly somehow ended up with some Porsche development motors for upcoming models that were stolen from a Porsche facility. Porsche brought a lawsuit against them and some people ended up in jail. How good does Techart look now? 7. ECU Tuning Group This is by far the least recognizable name on this list thus far and it should stay that way. This is the tuner that advertises by claiming to be the world's number 1 tuner. If you have to tell people you are number 1 you probably aren't number 1. This 'Group' has undergone several name changes. It originally was known as Singh Autosport and owned by a man named Jags Gill. Feel free to decide for yourself if this sounds like something the 'Number 1 ECU tuner' in the world would be up to: "A FedEx package passing through Memphis from England two years ago raised the curiosity of security agents who noticed the sender had spent more than $400 to ship stereo speakers he valued at $281. Now federal prosecutors in Memphis, suspecting a money-smuggling operation, have filed a forfeiture petition seeking to seize the $274,912 in dollars and British pounds they found hidden inside the two Sony speakers. The money and speakers sent from a "Mr. J. Gill" of Middlesex, England, was headed for Singh Autosport, a company in Fremont, Calif., that does not exist, according to state business records there. Also, although the contents were marked as "Sony accoustic speakers Ebay buyer," U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and eBay investigators determined that no one had purchased the speakers through the online shopping Web site. A man identifying himself as "Jags Gill" began calling for the package, but could not provide serial numbers for the speakers. He later provided model numbers and dimensions for the speaker. Meanwhile, a month later in November 2006, authorities in Louisville, Ky., seized $231,891 in British pounds hidden in a table top at the UPS International Air Hub. The money was connected to a "Jaspal Gill" in London and is the object of a separate forfeiture action." Perhaps they mean number one in money laundering? Either way, there are better options out there than somebody that is just reselling tunes from European sources anyway. 6. Horsepower Freaks This one is technically dead. For those that know the story though this tuner went from being one of the biggest tuning names on the BMW forums to a story of a has-been that was completely mismanaged. At one point HPF dominated the BMW forum scene and was involved with BimmerBoost as far back as 2010. Having a giant like HPF on BimmerBoost elevated us and Chris Bergemann the owner always treated me personally with respect. HPF had all the E46 M3 horsepower records and was the king of the S54 platform. Then things quickly started to change. HPF started getting behind on paying its advertising tab to BimmerBoost and one would assume others. HPF still owes BimmerBoost $300 but it just goes to show you how bad things were if HPF could not pay that tiny tab. Chris Bergemann at HPF began to focus on young girls instead of building cars and running his business. He became about image and cheap promotion. There were reports of blown motors circulating as well as people leaving the company. There was a rumor of an employee stealing tons of money in parts and who knows what else. The company shut down with pretty much a whimper as Chris emptied out what he could from the HPF facility. He eventually sold the rights to the name to VividRacing who of course had no problem picking what they could off the bones. HPF is a tale of a spectacular failure and how forum image and fanboys can make you think you're a rockstar and the best in the business. Perception and reality are often very different things and that is true here. 5. RDSport / Racing Dynamics Back in the early BMW E46 days these guys had a following. That has since evaporated because they have done nothing of any merit. Their own website does not even feature the new BMW turbo 3-Series cars including the M3 and instead talks about yachting more than it does tuning. The company was founded in California by Federico Pavoncelli. Sometime in 2003 following a trademark issue Racing Dynamics became RDSport creating confusion as to what parts were the real deal and which parts were knock offs. The last thing they did of any merit was an S65 V8 stroker motor for the E92 M3 years ago but this gained little traction and RDsport was never able to tune it properly. BimmerBoost knows of an early RDSport stroker that received custom tuning and made substantially more power than on the default RDSport tune. Due to the owner being a complete asshat the tuner gave him back the stock RDSport tune and that owner does not even know this to this day. Regardless, RDSport's BMW tuning influence has evaporated and the company might as well not even exist. 4. Mansory This may be the ultimate example of style over substance. Mansory is all about the name and really not much else. How they manage to stay in business in frankly baffling. This network certainly can not explain it. Do they have nice body kits? Sure. For $38k+? Who is buying this stuff? Well, people in the Middle East mostly who think the Mansory name means something. It doesn't. The recipe is rather simple. Do some carbon fiber body kit, call it limited edition, and then get people to line up and pay for it. They claim to have high performance options for everything out there but you never see anything from them. For example, claims of 800+ horsepower twin turbo Huracans yet not a single dyno or 1/4 mile run is available. It is just one of those companies that will tell you they can twin turbocharge your Lamborghini and before you know it you're banging your head against the wall and wondering why you did not go to Underground Racing or Heffner for serious performance that actually exists. 3. Evosport Another tale of failure. This network has considerable experience with Evosport and was at one point threatened with legal action by them. Why? Because BenzBoost brought it to the attention of the Mercedes-AMG tuning world that Evosport was in debt and not delivering parts. As Evosport essentially started MBWorld this information was hidden from their user base with people being banned and posts on the topic were deleted. They could not do the same on BenzBoost. Evosport tried to solicit customers for money and BenzBoost happened to acquire proof. Suffice it to say there was no lawsuit and BenzBoost is still standing while Evosport has shut its doors. If a tuner starts asking you for more and more money and is not delivering, that is a red flag. Trying to punish websites for promoting awareness so nobody is taken advantage of is a pretty bad way to conduct business. That is why they are no longer in business. 2. ASR Engineering ASR Engineering is yet another tuner that doesn't deserve the free press it's getting here but people need to be aware of what they have done. The owner, Abid, may actually have no heart or soul. There are BimmerBoost members he still owes thousands of dollars to that he has failed to pay back for not delivering parts. That's known as stealing. We are just scratching the surface. ASR was allowed to take advantage of people on a certain BMW M5 board by the administrator (Gustav). Unlike that board, BimmerBoost threw ASR the hell out of here right away. So what happened? ASR would go on the mentioned M5 forum and claim big numbers by simply putting a nitrous kit on an E60 M5. The membership was blown away by this 'amazing' tuning for some reason. ASR then announced they wanted to build a twin turbo V10 and suddenly everyone started commenting on how awesome that would be and how ASR would dominate the BMW world with their M5's. Well, tuning a nitrous kit and a custom twin turbo S85 V10 are two very different things requiring two very different skill levels. You should not trust ASR to tune your radio let alone a car. Take a look at the state of one of the M5's sent in to ASR engineering was in when its owner finally was able to get it back. This happened to not one but two E60 M5's. Fortunately the owners could take the loss and move on but ASR and Abid did not even have the decency to put the cars back to stock. That is because many parts were missing (probably sold). Abid is trying once again to weasel his way into the BMW scene and find some people to take advantage of. Do not let him take advantage of you. 1. Hennessey Performance The tale of Hennessey's history is so long and such an epic clusterfuck that we do not know where to begin. It can only be said that Hennessey deserves his own article to detail just what a freaking mess he created and then tried to sweep up. If you want overpriced tuning and to satiate Hennessey's ego then maybe Hennessey is for you. Want a $300k Cadillac CTS-V with 1000 wheel horsepower? Despite the fact there are CTS-V's putting out more power for a fraction of this from other Domestic tuners building superior LSA's and LS9's? Want a stretched Lotus Elise with a turbo V8 for a million dollars? Call up Hennessey. We will delve into the history of selling parts off customer cars, lawsuits, and Hennessey threatening to fight people on forums (seriously) later this week.
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    05-13-2015, 08:46 PM
    For the record I drive a full weight 135i with all the mods in the description. I bought the full Level 10 rebuild including a restalled torque converter. When I first got my transmission back from Level 10, it would sometimes fail to shift correctly. What would happen is that after a shift was initiated the rpms would drop like normal, but then they would climb a few hundred stay there, then eventually fall back in line. A few times the transmission actually refused a shift and over-revved the engine a bit. Here are a few videos where you can see this behavior in action. Note these runs are at 24 and 25psi, but this behavior would happen even at 20psi. This is an image of the log from the race above. Note that duty cycle is requested torque. The scale on that graph is 0-50 equals 0-1000 ft lbs so requested torque gets to around 760 ft lbs. For some reason this behavior has stopped even though I'm now running 30psi. This is the log from the video above. In this pull I had a cylinder 6 misfire, but I believe that it's an unrelated issue. Here is another 30psi log. Hopefully that behavior in the beginning was just a fluke. If this keeps holding up with a full weight 135i at 30psi, then I'd say this is may very well be a viable solution for the auto N54 community. I'll update this as needed.
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    04-29-2015, 01:36 AM
    Just thought this was an interesting photo:
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    05-13-2015, 11:31 PM
    So this flow testing was posted on another forum When I saw this thread and was finally able to track down and communicate with the guy who owns the site, data, and machine that tests flow, I sent him the MMP inlets to test. They arrived at his place today and he so awesomely tested them today. This is awesome because it is independant 3rd party testing. So with no further ado, here is the plot of the results A couple things that should be noted. flyboys flow machine is limited by a digital manometer that will only read up to about 32" H2O (1.16 psi). Flow-wise the bench can go up to about 630 CFM @ 16" H20. Because of the pressure reading limitation, once a pressure drop of about 1psi is reach that is the last flow (CFM) data point recorded for that inlet. To get the flow curve out to 350CFM, a 2nd order polynomial least squares fit is used to extrapolate the curve and all the R^2 values for the extrapolated curves are very very close to 1 (like.995 or .999 etc) which means it is a VERY good prediction of the curve projected forward. So to put this plot into perspective and interpret the data into usable terms, let us assume a car is making 450whp, about the limit of proven dynos with stock inlets. If we assume about 10 whp/lbm air then 450 CFM = 45 lbm air moving through the twin turbos at 450 whp. divide by 2 to get airflow to each turbo = 22.5 lbm air. convert to CFM by multiplying by 14.47 = 325 CFM. So some cars make more than 450whp so for simplicity lets compare the inlet flow numbers at 350 CFM since the chart has a nice vertical line there that the curves cross and 350 CFM/turbo is about a car making 480whp or so. Some preliminary conclusions I draw from the data: 1) at 350 CFM MMP inlets are much better flow matched between front and rear inlet vs stock. MMP front inlet only flows about 7% more than MMP rear inlet whereas stock front inlet flows about 100% better than rear inlet 2) at 350 CFM MMP rear inlet flows 4x better than stock and MMP front inlet flows 2.8x better than stock This is alot better than what I had estimated for these inlets. flyboy is the aeronautical engineer that tested these and posts with that name on various Audi forums. ​Thank you flyboy for the great independent flow testing!! Thanks for reading, Mauricio
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    05-03-2015, 07:35 PM
    Anyone watching? In case you are wondering, go Ducks! Quack Quack!
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    05-19-2015, 03:30 PM
    Hey guys we went ahead, and had our inlets flow tested by the same indepent 3rd party as the other vendor. The results came as surprise to the tester but not to us. The results just confirm what we already knew, this inlets work, and they work WELL. On to the results. @1 psi pressure drop our rear inlet is flowing abut 355 CFM, stock flows about 150 CFM, and the MMP flows about 310 CFM. So yes out rear inlet not only more than doubles stock flow it flows 45 CFM more than the MMP inlet. Keep in mind out rear inlet tube is almost twice as long, allows you to run in the stock location, pulls cool air from the driver side, and fits to any air box. @1 PSI pressure drop our front inlet is flowing about 270CFM, stock flows about 180CFM, and the MMP inlet flows about 290CFM. So our front inlet flows about 100CFM more than stock, and about 20 CFM less than then the MMP. This inlet is about 3 times longer than the MMP, has compound bends, and also keeps everything nice and tidy in the stock location. So quick recap VTT Rear 355CFM @1psi pressure drop Stock Rear 150CFM @1psi pressure drop MMP Rear 310CFM @1psi pressure drop +205CFM over stock +45CFM over MMP VTT Front 270CFM @1psi pressure drop Stock Front 180CFM @1psi pressure drop MMP Front 290 @1psi pressure drop +90CFM over stock -20CFM less than MMP Jeff also went ahead and interpolated the results out to 650CFM, and 500 CFM. Our engines will never see 650 on stock inlets, thats basically 900HP worth of flow. 500CFM is about 700HP worth of flow and seemed like a good number. The SIMULATED (as he can not test out that far) results are below. Stock rear inlet at 500CFM has over 11 psi of pressure drop VTT rear inlet at 500 CFM has slightly less than 2 psi of pressure drop! MMP rear inlet at 500 CFM has right around 2.7 psi pressure drop Stock front inlet at 500 CFM has right around 5 psi pressure drop VTT front inlet at 500 CFM has right around 3.6 psi pressure drop MMP Front inlet at 500 CFM has right around 2.9 psi What this all boils down to is this. Both brands of inlets show gains over stock as expected. But with VTT inlets for $499 you get inlets that stay in the stock location, for that price a COMPLETE kit that will plug and play with ANY air box or DCI on the market. No moving coolant tanks, or vacuum canisters, no ingesting extremely hot air from directly above the turbos. None of that, they are simply inlets that work as advertised, at a great price. We knew they would out flow stock with no issues, but that one out flowed a competitors inlet that is half as long, and .5" greater in diameter is a testament to how well our design works. Even the tester was surprised: From an email with the tester: "Just looking at it I would not guess either of your pipes would be capable of flowing more, but one did." We have 30 more sets of these inlets coming in next week, and will be making a modified design for people who want to want recirc stock location DV's, so no one is left out. If you have any questions please email us You can order from the site right now, and they will ship as soon as they arrive! Also we are doing an EXTREME amount of inhouse flow testing out on our turbo test bench, this included inlets, and different turbo combos. Stayed tuned for those results extremely soon! Here is a little sneak peak..:)
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    05-20-2015, 09:02 AM
    Hey guys so we are getting close to 1000 likes on our facebook page, so we decided to do a promotion to try to get some more. We are looking to hit 1250 likes, so with that in mind the 1250th person will get 50% a set of VTT silicone inlets (or that value towards any purchase). I have marked the name down of the last like, and we sit at 943 currently. Once we reach the goal, we will count back, and contact the 1250th person. Edit: With input from a person who already likes the page, we will do two winners now. One for the 1250th like, and one at random from 943 down to reward someone for following us to begin with! We appreciate the support! You can either use this link, or click the icon below! Lets get liking! :dance:
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    05-20-2015, 01:46 PM
    **All testing was done by an independent 3rd party, flyboys4 on the forums. Flyboy is an aeronautical engineer that tests mission system on military aircraft. Big thanks to him for the extensive amount of testing he has done to bring this data to the N54 community Below is more inlet flow testing results to share with you guys. With the recent results provided by VTT inlet flow testing I wanted to post up some comparison plots and tables of the flow test results. Before we get into the results it is important to establish CFM to whp correlation. Its pretty well accepted that 1 lb air/min = 10 whp 480whp / 10 = 48 lb/min 48 lb air / 2 turbos = 24 lb air per turbo 24 lb air * 14.47 CFM / (lb/min) = 350 CFM per turbo rounded up Similarly 830whp = 600 CFM per turbo Also we did some more flow testing on the MMP inlets with the adapter elbows for the MMP TD04-20T turbos which have a larger opening for the inlets (2.25” vs 1.75”) and the results are shown below in the various charts and plots First lets look at CFM flow @ 1 psi pressure loss Some conclusions drawn from these results presented 1. Total flow - At 1 psi pressure loss, VTT inlets total flow is 1% better than MMP inlets with 1.75” elbows but MMP inlets with the 2.25” elbow flow 31% better than VTT inlets. What this suggest is that the majority of the restriction is in the inlet elbow for the MMP inlets and therefore upgrading the compressor cover and inlet elbow is a very good idea for flow into the compressor wheel. 2. Flow matching - VTT inlets are not as well matched as the MMP inlets even at this low level with the VTT rear flowing 31% more than the front inlet while the MMP front inlet flows only 14% more than the rear inlet Next let’s look at pressure loss (psi) @ 350 CFM per turbo or 480whp level. In this table and plot we are only including the MMP inlet with the 1.75” reducer elbow since there are the only ones that fit the stock turbo Some conclusions drawn from these results presented 1. Total flow - from MMP inlets with 1.75” elbows for stock turbos is 4% better than VTT inlets, its not much and generally negligible but still a favorable result for MMP inlets 2. Flow matching – VTT rear flows 70% more than VTT front inlet while MMP front flows 17% more than MMP rear inlet showing that MMP inlets are better flow matched at this CFM level as well Finally let’s look at pressure loss (psi) @ 600 CFM per turbo or 830 whp level. In this table and plot we are only including the MMP inlets with 2.25” elbows for the TD04 turbos since stock turbos can get no where near these CFM levels but TD04 turbos will be be able to flow a lot more CFM. VTT uses his inlets with his stage 2+ turbos with the same 20T compressor wheels as my TD04 turbos but stuffed into the stock TD03-10T compressor housing. Some conclusions drawn from these results presented 1. Total flow – MMP inlets dramatically outflow the VTT inlets by 73% and the stock inlets by 454%! 2. Flow matching – VTT rear flows 71% more than VTT front inlet while MMP front flows 32% more than MMP rear inlet showing that MMP inlets are better flow matched at this CFM level as well One last bit of interesting information to look at. The MMP inlets with the TD04 2.25” elbows were also flow tested with the cone filters installed to see how much restriction the MMP cone filters added to the inlets and the results were surprising. Some conclusions drawn from these results presented 1. Total flow - The inlets flow about 10% more with filters added. The aeronautical engineer that did the testing had this to say about it – “Some interesting results with the filter on the pipes. I've seen similar with intercoolers when I connect the silicone hoses to the inlets, they end up flowing more than without the additional length. I suspect it has to do with the amount of turbulence that is generated near the inlet. In the case of your pipes the filter probably helps smooth the incoming airflow and you end up with more airflow than with the filter removed” 2. Flow matching – The filters actually work to make the inlets more closely flow matched. I also have flow test data results for the MMP TD04 intercooler chargepipe vs stock intercooler chargepipe and the results are very eye opening as well. Will be posting those results in a separate thread. Also some general comments in an email from the 3rd party aeronautical engineer that conducted the testing- "The outlet of the VTT pipe is slightly larger than yours, so even though the cross section for most of the MMP pipe is greater, where the air has to exit is smaller, creating a classic bottleneck. I believe that is the critical feature giving the one VTT pipe an edge. The multiple 90 deg bends on the other VTT pipe are a killer, more than offsetting the advantage that the larger outlet provides. All just my opinion, but looking at the pipes and seeing the results that's how it appears to me. I didn't compare the VTT results to your larger outlet results, but I'm guessing that if I do look your pipes flowed more than either VTT pipe. In summary – both inlet systems are a DRAMATIC improvement over stock. At 300 CFM / turbo (480whp) levels the difference between the inlets is not much but MMP have a slight edge. At 600 CFM/turbo (830whp) levels the MMP inlets with 2.25” elbows have a dramatic flow advantage over the VTT inlets. Either way, with all this flow data, adding upgraded turbo inlets to your N54 should now be considered as the only real intake modification and should be part of the new vernacular “full bolt on” for the N54
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