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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-14-2016, 09:37 AM
    Gentlemen, I can no longer in good conscience allow JerryT (if that person even exists) to advertise here. Why? A multitude of reasons. First, let's start with poor communication. My personal experience is that he never responds promptly and always has an excuse. Even when I would cut him slack and give him notice several days in advance to pay his vendor tab he still couldn't get back to me or pay on time. Speaking of which, who the hell has been paying his vendor tab? The Paypal account isn't under his name. What is his name? I don't know. I received notice from someone a few days ago that sent parts to his address under yet another name. If the guy can't even give you his name and can't set up a Paypal account that doesn't fail payment month after month how confident should you be in ordering? Not to mention people saying parts arrive late or missing. Sure, some guys got their stuff which is why it was difficult to sort out what was going on. What I think is he sent some people the complete kit in order to get away with not doing so for others. It just feels shady. This whole JPWorkz thing just has a bad vibe to it. I told him I would not be reminding him every month to pay his bill as if he was a child so suddenly he puts up a sale. I think this was done because he knew I was about to kick him to the curb so he wanted to squeeze out every last dime he could. I just can't have this going on any longer. We have too many reputable vendors who actually have storefronts and actually tell you their names. It isn't worth the money to potentially put you in harm's way. If you want a solid kit buy from one our vendors and you can be confident that you will get what you paid for and it will arrive when it's supposed to with the parts it's supposed to. Thanks.
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    09-23-2016, 02:49 PM
    Hey guys, We got the white car (6MT) back up and running strong and thought we'd revisit some GC numbers for your viewing pleasure. Car specs: Built Short block Stock head with bad valve guide seals GC turbos BMS DP's Custom Exhaust dual 3" into 4" Shotgun Single Barrel VTT Rear Silicone intake Custom VTT front intake VTT DCI Custom VTT Catch can set up EOS Intake manifold with built in PI Custom LPFP set up 100% E85 for fuel MHD tune by V8bait FLASH ONLY ADE Intercooler AEM AQ1 data logging set up with Dual EGT, Dual BP, Manifold Pressure, FMIC In / out temps 6MT (4th gear logs) Numbers: Now, on to the numbers. Note that we're referencing boost from the AEM logs (screen shots attached) in lieu of MHD reading it in the charge pipe, which isn't accurate. The AEM map sensor is calibrated and tested to be accurate. Datazap of course references the MHD values for those who care. 765 was made on 29.3 psi at redline 740 was made on 28.5 psi at redline 693 was made on 25.4 psi at redline 655 was made on 22.8 psi at redline Dyno Charts: 765 whp dyno: 740 whp dyno: All 4 dynos on one graph: AEM Screenshots: 765 whp AEM Screenshot: 740 whp AEM Screenshot: 693 whp AEM Screenshot: 655 whp AEM Screenshot: These numbers speak for themselves, but any comments from competitors or their pawns about these reaching a bottle neck around 650 whp should be recognized as the marketing gibberish that it is. These turbos are very efficient. 600 wtq at 3500 rpm and no wheel spin on the dyno! Datazap links: 765WHP - 740WHP - 693WHP - 655WHP - MHD Logs: Video: (sorry for poor quality vid)
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-27-2016, 08:51 AM
    Now this is a hell of an achievement. To put it into perspective this is power equal to a built motor ESS VT3 supercharger setup except achieved on a stock internal S65 V8 and with far more torque. Quite simply, turbos are far better for the S65 V8 platform than centrifugal blowers. Why? Greater efficiency and less stress. Rather than manually spinning an impeller and increasing stress on the front of the motor the exhaust gasses are doing the work but you already knew turbos were more efficient. In the S65 V8 application you get the benefit of being able to push harder in the power and torque department on the stock internals. 708 wheel horsepower and 495 lb-ft of torque at the wheels are stock internal S65 V8 records: No doubt 100% E85 fuel helps here as well. The fuel system is upgraded for this of course. What turbos and how much boost? A pair of GT3076's at 11 psi of boost. These turbos obviously can be pushed much harder but the question would be how much further before the engine let's go? Who wants to find out? Just look at the curve. It's a thing of beauty. Yes, it is purposely tuned to not have a huge torque hit down low (they considered other turbochargers for this application) and offer nice and flat torque delivery once spooled until redline. Just imagine what a built motor curve with double the boost pressure will look like. This is also tuned on the stock DME as well which is truly remarkable and shows considerable skill and experience with the factory ECU. The S65 V8 turbo era is officially here.
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    10-13-2016, 12:10 PM
    Hey guys, We took the car that we just ran 169.9 mph in the 1/2 mile AZ NFZ roll race to the 1/4 mile track (SAC) and ran 11.04 @ 136 mph. We were having fun on our way to get into the 10's until Tony broke a drive shaft. :rofl2: We have pics vids and some vbox data below. Couple things of note; this is the same tune we ran our best speed at NFZ with, same car (no hardware or software changes). Out of curiosity we weighed the car (with Tony in it) right before the races and it rang in at 3710 lbs. These things are NOT light weight. 11.04 @ 136.46 mph run Vid: Broken Driveshaft Vid: (don't do this at can hear Tony say we thought it was the transmission) Car specs: Built Short block Stock head with bad valve guide seals GC turbos BMS DP's Custom Exhaust dual 3" into 4" Shotgun Single Barrel VTT Rear Silicone intake Custom VTT front intake VTT DCI Custom VTT Catch can set up EOS Intake manifold with built in PI Custom LPFP set up 100% E85 for fuel MHD tune by V8bait FLASH ONLY ADE Intercooler AEM AQ1 data logging set up with Dual EGT, Dual BP, Manifold Pressure, FMIC In / out temps FULL WEIGHT (3710 lbs with driver) Log links: AEM: MHD: Final Thoughts: If there was any doubt that the GC's can put down some serious horsepower, we have the trap speed, we have the car weight, a simple horsepower calculator (like... or will show we're putting down some serious real world power. No other twin turbo offering on the market comes close.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    10-04-2016, 03:17 PM
    Had a chance to get the 135i back on the dyno for a few runs just to ensure everything is running fine post MT swap. The car is running a MOTIV 750 kit, JB4 controlled port injection, and straight E85. On the back end flash I decided not to check off desensitize knock sensors since the car has plenty of power for what I need anyway. The negative trade off is probably around 20whp at higher boost levels. But on the plus side it's probably a bit safer this way. Considering its on an older stock motor that's not a bad thing I guess. Also tested out the NLS on the dyno which itself worked pretty well. I ran it at 12psi (wg spring) then again at 23psi just shifting leisurely. Something did come up I am concerned with though. With the 3.15 gears in 5th at around 6950rpm it's only doing around 165mph at least on the dyno. The gear calculator says it should be doing 170mph so maybe the dyno speed is just off... I'm targeting a 170mph+ trap and was hoping I could do that in 5th. Are you really fast MT single turbo guys having to shift to 6th in the 1/2 mile?
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  • DOCRace's Avatar
    10-21-2016, 03:10 PM
    Fellas, I have been working on this so don't think it has been forgotten. The first couple manifolds that were built went to Tony Vargas and the DOC Race shop car. We both have confirmed that it does make more power than the factory manifold which was my biggest concern entering into this. I'm just not a fan of performance parts that only look cool with no real testing. My second concern was looks. How do we get away from that hidious factory looking manifold? You can have the cleanest engine bay but then the factory intake just kills it. I went to town on design with the knowlege I have of building a bunch of 2J intake manifolds. My undertstanding of what actually works and what just looks good. There were a couple limitations on these motors that I encountered. First one was that the oil filter housing is smack dab right in the way of where that first runner should be. The problem with that is now we have the front runner having to be offset just slightly which makes that runner just slightly longer than the rest. Now there are a couple ways to see this. That front runner is just slightly off so for normal car you "probably" will not see a difference or see any damage. The way I see it is if you are trying to tune a 1000hp car you want everything to be perfect. Hell if you are tunning a 600hp I would want everything to be perfect. I've never build an unequal length runner intake manifold and I will not start now. So option 1 is to offset the front runner, very simple to do and would make things "look" normal but may cause engine damage. 2nd option is to offset all runners which as you guessed is 6 times the amount of work compared to option 1. What did we do? Of course we offset all 6 runners to keep them 100% equal length. We used 2" tubing which is what is used on our 2J manifolds that makes 1000hp all day. On top of that I have designed a plenum with volume to support well over the HP range that anyone will need. This is what I have come up with if you haven't seen it. So where does that lead us? Why aren't these being offered to be sold? After making the first couple manifolds I have realized how complex these need to be to be done right. Offsetting all runners is very time consuming but is necessary in my option. These things aren't currently offered because they would end up costing somewhere around $3500. I just don't even want to be a part of that. What I am going to do is have these manifolds casted. I think it is the most economical way. I have can them manufactured faster than they can be sold (seems to be a problem in this market) and there will be no performance losses. In fact because they will be casted I am able to modify the runners to start out as 2" and taper to 2.5" as it reaches the plenum for a velocity effect. This is something that is impossible to do if hand fabricated. I expect there to be an even better performance advantage from the original fabricated design. The manifold from coasting would then be fixtured on a mill to have flat flange surfaces and incorporate factory O-Ring sealing. Here is what it looks like on 3D. So far I have invested a good amount time and funds trying to make this happen and at the same time not trying to let too much info leak out. The majority of R&D has been done and we are just a couple weeks of having a prototype manifold ready to be test fitted on the shop car. Once it has been fitted and I give the OK it's time to have the tooling made so I am trying to get a head count of who would be looking to purchase one of these. The best part of this whole thing is that these manifolds are not going to cost you $3000 haha. I haven't set a solid number quite yet but we are going to be anywhere from $1200-$1500 depending on how many people are in on this group buy and what curve balls I am thrown down the road. It would not require you to put any money down at this point. Once the prototype is fitted and we are good to go on making the tooling I would then ask for a deposit of $500 which is not refundable unless I am unable to deliver on my part. If you are interested please reply to this post with your email address or send an email to Please include if you are interested or ready to make a deposit. Once ready I will inform everyone where and how to make the deposit. This is what will come with the kit: -Intake manifold- options of colors for powder coating. -Bottom mounted port injection with included -6an fuel rail. -3" charge pipe going to intercooler. I suggest going with an AD-Engineering that is setup for 3" outlet. -provisions for map sensor and (2) 1/8"npt fittings Any questions please feel free to ask.
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  • jt0407's Avatar
    10-15-2016, 04:21 PM
    I was on 40 psi on this pass, should be around 900hp. Sticky can we keep this here for the traffic? Lol
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    10-11-2016, 12:01 AM
    Hey all, Sorry for the delay in posting, I managed to accidently drill a nice hole in my hand this morning and that slowed me down from posting. :angry-banghead: We had an awesome time in Gila Bend, AZ for the No Fly Zone 1/2 mile roll race event. It was well put on, everyone got lots of runs in, and we got some solid results that we're very proud of. Cliff Notes: We kicked ass with two 169.x mph passes, both just slightly over what we have heard to be the previous record (Joe Pobuda at 169.1 before). Early afternoon Tony ran a 169.6, then backed that up with a 169.9 at nearly 2 o'clock -very hot temps and a DA in the vicinity of 3500'. Without even getting into it, it shows the GC's to be a serious contender putting down significant power. We do feel that on a perfect day we have more in it, certainly on a cooler day everyone there would have had some faster trap speeds. None the less we're very happy with our results. Logs and a vid of the run below (note that we reference boost from the AEM map sensor since it's calibrated and tested to be accurate). 169.6 mph: 169.9 mph: Datazap (AEM): Datazap (MHD): Video of 169.9 run: The Longer Version (more details): Car specs: Built Short block Stock head with bad valve guide seals GC turbos BMS DP's Custom Exhaust dual 3" into 4" Shotgun Single Barrel VTT Rear Silicone intake Custom VTT front intake VTT DCI Custom VTT Catch can set up EOS Intake manifold with built in PI Custom LPFP set up 100% E85 for fuel MHD tune by V8bait FLASH ONLY ADE Intercooler AEM AQ1 data logging set up with Dual EGT, Dual BP, Manifold Pressure, FMIC In / out temps FULL WEIGHT + Baby seat in back. Previous Dyno: (note the rpm) Run-to Run Details: First Run: Shake down. ~23 psi, 82F ambient, 154.1 mph Second Run: Shakedown II. Stepped map up ~27-28 psi missed shift, 88F ambient, 157.1 mph Third Run: Same tune as second run ~27-28 psi, 92F ambient, me in the car as well (+300 lbs), misfire up top, 158.3 mph, (this the Pure M6 run). In-car dash vid: My camera Vid (just along for the ride): Fourth Run: Added some fuel, changed timing targets, went to 30 psi, 169.68 mph, ambient 92F, DA 3389 ft Fifth Run: Same tune as fourth run ~30 psi, really paid attention to trying to cool the FMIC and radiator down with ice, lowered pressure in tires, 94F ambient, DA 3526, 169.93 mph (vid up above) Sixth through Ninth Runs: Top secret new things we are trying but couldn't quite put it together on the course. Close. We ran a 167.5 with a missed shift that might have been our miracle run that got us in the 170's but alas... it was not to be. Ambient temperature was about 100 million degrees at this point. Overall AZ NFZ Thoughts: We really had a great time, and met some awesome people, although not too many of the hater crowd came over to shake hands and hang out (too bad for you, I had tons of energy drinks, good snacks, and vodka for afterwards). Overall, we achieved what we set out to do; display the significant capability of the GC's, meet people, and have fun. The only down side was the heat, man was it hot. The ambient temps don't really reflect how hot it was on that asphalt -easily felt 105+F out there, not ideal at all for running any good numbers. Weather doesn't play favorites though, so everyone dealt with the same issues... no big deal, but I do expect a better showing from everyone (including us) when the temps aren't so high. Most of the guys that had talked trash were cool, including Omar, and of course Joe Pobuda was happy we broke his record so he can come back and break ours. That's what we're talking about! :) We'll do it again... had a lot of fun and are happy with the results. Chris
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    10-12-2016, 10:00 AM
    Sound like they are using direct injection and port injection like the modded N54's
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  • BerndV's Avatar
    10-18-2016, 11:22 AM
    These wheels weigh 11-12 lbs per wheel. Everything else might as well be made of lead! At $2k per wheel, they are also an unbelievably good deal. I've ordered a set for my E63. Between these wheels and my Girodisc rotors, I will be dropping over 22 lbs of unsprung weight at each corner!
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  • triggz's Avatar
    09-29-2016, 08:37 PM
    M3: E90 DCT ESS 625 Full exhaust Apex wheels with rcomp 94 octane 8psi GTR: Catless dp Catless mid 1000cc injectors 3" intake Ecutek tuned by Linney 93 octane Hellcat: Stock Auto
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-06-2016, 08:08 AM
    Massive numbers here for the N55 on pump gas. ACF Performance out of Brazil is making some waves on the N55 platform. They also are in progress of opening up their US office and distributor network. You can check out which is in the process of being updated. Let's get to the important stuff which is the Stage 3 turbo kit. Here is what is included: -BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger -Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Twin-Scroll with Carbon Fiber HeatShield -Inlet 4" -Stainless Steel Downpipe 3.5" -Turbo Oil lines and block adapters -Turbo Coolant lines and block adapters -Coolant lines and tubes -Extension Harness for EWG and Diverter Solenoid Relocation -Vacuum Lines/Solenoid for Pneumatic DV Conversion -DEI Gold Wrap for plastic parts -DEI Exhaust Wrap for Exhaust Manifold and Downpipe -Brand new BMW Exhaust Gaskets, Turbo gaskets, oil and coolant seals, couplers with SS Clamps. -Bolts, Nuts, Washers and all hardware for assembly -PenDrive with detailed Install Instructions video for DIY users Suggested upgrades: -Additional Oil Cooler kit -TurboSmart DV Upgrade The ACF Performance N55 turbo kit starts at $8999.99 It fits EWG and PWG models and they are working on an X-Drive solution. It is not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for and turbo upgrades on the N55 platform are only getting more competitive. Compare the 17 psi flash tuned number to the 28 psi and 31 psi upgraded turbo dyno numbers: Here's some more pics of the kit: The US location for ACF Performance will open in Hinsdale, IL. If you have any questions, please contact @RicardoACF - BorgWarner EFR 8374 Turbocharger (63mm version): This is one of the best turbochargers available today! Its power capabilities and spool behavior make it the best choice for keeping packaging very compact and reducing the number of necessary components. An integrated diverter valve makes it possible to upgrade to our Stage 3 Kit while still keeping the stock charge pipe design. (Either the stock TIC pipe, or an upgraded aluminum TIC with the stock connections, can be used.) - Handcrafted Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold: Our CAD designed twin-scroll exhaust manifold became a reality through the work of our incredibly skilled in-house welder that used CNC cut flanges to create a state-of-the-art TIG welded exhaust manifold. The thick schedule tube walls and grounded welding greatly improve the durability of the manifold and effectively protect against cracks. - Electronic Wastegate Compatible: The ACF Performance S3 Turbocharger kit enables you to continue using the stock Electronic Wastegate- so, what does that mean? It means that our kit works with any flash tune on the market, including the stock tune- like the Pure Stage 1 & 2 turbos- so you won't be attached to any single flash tuner. Also, who doesn't love the capability of changing maps on the fly using the JB4 as a boost controller, or using our built-in MultiMaps FlashTuneClick here to enlarge? (Which allows you to change flash maps with the touch of an in-dash button.) - Upgrading Is Possible: This first version of our kit was designed to work with the 63mm EFR, and could spool off-the-line even better than the Pure Stage 2 using our latest exhaust manifold design. But if you are a rolling race addict and want to extract the most top-end power possible from your N55, we can offer our kit with the most powerful turbocharger available from the BW EFR turbo line. It is capable of 1000bhp, and we have no doubt that the 67mm will work with the rest of our kit. Also, the turbo is exactly the same for both sizes, so they are easily interchangeable. - Thermal Protection: One of the most challenging aspects of this project was keeping temperatures controlled under the hood. We have restricted the airflow near the manifold considerably with all of our custom plumbing and the massive EFR turbo, as our long-term tests showed some premature wear in the plastic components of the engine due to the higher temperature under the hood. We decided to provide all of the necessary materials to isolate high temperatures inside the exhaust tubes and properly protect all other components. In addition to thermal exhaust wrap, we will also be providing a carbon-fiber heat shield. A view of our test vehicle engine bay (the engine cover doesn't fit perfectly because of the PI used, not because of our turbo.)
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    09-27-2016, 10:54 AM
    With the carbon buildup issue that some direct injection gasoline engines are suffering from (Not sure if later GDI designs took steps to reduce this, like special coatings?) is there any quick and easy way to check the intake valves without pulling so much hardware off. For example, could the silicon elbow be removed from the charge pipe and a bore scope threaded up past the thottle body? Will the TB be closed when the engine is off? (I'm not an expert). I'd like to get mine cleaned if it's needed but I'd hate to book it in and have all the bits taken off to find it's fairly clean. I run meth and an oil catch can. Sometimes E85 mixes.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-28-2016, 06:06 AM
    The N55 motor is coming into its own. After years of hiding in the N54's shadow the BMW N55 3.0 liter I6 turbo motor is earning respect. Just look at what Enzo Performance with their single turbo kit using a Garrett GT3586 turbocharger is getting out of the motor. 632 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque at the wheels: Yes, that is with port fuel injection. Keep in mind this is hardly the end of the line as they are achieving these numbers on 25 psi of boost. Further details below. Sorry for the delay. Just gathering all the bits and pieces of the kit we need to get these rolling out. For starters we have been getting a lot calls regarding how our kit compares to other "bolt-on" stock replacement turbochargers. The very simple response is it doesn't, in anyway. 1. For starters our package removes/disables the electronic waste-gate(EWG), factory Diverter Valve and MAF sensor. Our unique ECU Calibration allows for a CEL Free operation, no drive-train malfunctions, no faults with added use of a TiAL wastegate and an optional TiAL BOV. The ECU calibration allows for a MAFless operation that now uses speed density (MAP Sensor). 2. Our Tubular Manifold utilizes a V-Band flange. Making switching turbine housings possible along with changing complete turbo assemblies, GT30,GT35,GT40 etc. Did we mention our manifold is completely designed and fabricated in house. 3. The Garrett 3586 included in our kit comes alive at 25 psi (it can operate upwards up to 40 psi) 4. All oil and coolant lines are custom assembled in house using only the best AN hoses and fittings. We decided to go with AN due to the reliability and flexibility of changing line configuration depending of vehicle model. 5. At low boost (16-18psi) we experienced 560whp, 26psi psi, 632whp. With proper fuel, ignition, clutch, engine upgrades power levels closer to 750-800hp are completely possible. Our kit will include the following. -3586 Ball Bearing Turbocharger -Enzo Performance Tubular Manifold -Custom Coolant and Oil Lines/AN Fittings -Custom downpipe/Wastegate dump and hardware -Enzo Performance Custom ECU Calibration. -TiAL Wastegate and optional BOV -Custom Charge and intake Piping with High Flow Air-filter. -Hallman-Pro Boost Controller with Vacuum fittings and Lines We are limiting our Group Buy purchase price to the first 20 participants. We already have a few names on the list so please email if you are seriously considering our package. Current group buy pricing will begin at $7685. Expect that number to approach closer to $9650 when the group buy is over. For any questions please give us a call 631-920-6699 or email us today. We look forward to pushing the N55 platform, please join us Oct 2nd Sunday BBQ for a more in depth look into our turbo kit. Recommended supporting modifications. -Port injection -Enzo Performance TiAL BOV kit -Upgraded In-tank E85 Fuel Pump -JB4 For logging and Map switching @info@enzoperformance
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  • UK M3's Avatar
    09-29-2016, 10:32 AM
    As per title. Does anyone know where he is hiding? Need to talk to him ASAP, he knows exactly about what. Regards, Ajj.
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  • mca312's Avatar
    10-03-2016, 01:07 PM
    mca312 started a thread High AFR at the track. in N54
    Went to the track yesterday. Did my first run and ran a 12.8 at 112. I launched from idle as I can't do LC without spinning the tires like crazy. 2.2 60' Looked at my logs and my AFR was between 13 - 14 for most of the run. It didn't lock into one value. I'm running the v7.1 Stage 2 map. What can be causing this? Mods are DCI, Inlets, DP, MHD OTS v7.1 stage 2. To be installed, 5" FMIC (IAT's at 170+!).
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  • The Ghost's Avatar
    10-04-2016, 09:58 PM
    I have the following available: Complete N54 motor (longblock)- 2010 model year, 28,000 miles, perfect compression (165-170psi), includes injectors, fuel rails, and all sensors. $3,000 (located in south Texas, but will ship) AD Engineering PCV bypass (sold out online) and AD Engineering Flapper delete; both BRAND NEW in sealed package - $80 15" small brake kit (enables use of 15" rear wheels/tires) - Includes complete calipers, pads, sensors (barely used, 80% left on pads) and brand new rotors in plastic - $200 Stage 2 LPFP (Walbro 450), complete with bucket - $100 Delphi N54 coil, NEW in box (this was my spare) - any reasonable offer 3.08 large diff (stock 35,000 miles) - any reasonable offer E92 N54 exhaust (complete w/downpipes) - free (must pick-up) BMS jack pad adapter - NEW, never used - any reasonable offer N54 6 bolt DMFW - any reasonable offer I have a bunch of good working parts which are free if you buy any of the above (knock sensors, 9 working injectors, etc.) Please send interest via PM or via email: Thanks
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  • Milan's Avatar
    09-29-2016, 12:38 PM
    Well it looks like it's time for my cam ledge bearing to be did the price of these go from ~$60 each to $450 each? What the fuck BMW Anyone got advice on this? Seriously considering selling everything an LS swapping my car lol
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  • ajehoti's Avatar
    10-15-2016, 02:07 AM
    I just got the new VM kit in my car and I have everything hooked up as the images I followed and was wondering why my car won't surpass wastegate spring pressure no matter what jb4 map I use. I have the single turbo firmware and the twin scroll tune. So no matter what it's wastegate pressure I will attach a photo on how my mac solenoid is orientated. Also putting the car in accessory mode and pressing the gas pedal down I do hear it clicking from it but I don't know if that still means it could be faulty. Also I may add I don't have a filter screwed on to the port that vents but was told that's not needed. Thanks
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 01:28 PM
    The Convert started a thread MHD question in N54
    So, I'm getting ready to switch to MHD from the Cobb AP. The AP is still married to the car at the moment, but I want to get my "licenses" purchased so I have everything ready to make the switch. When I connected my tablet to the car I got the error below when trying to access the MHD store. Is this because the AP is still married to the car, or is my cable, also shown below, the problem? For reference, I have used that cable before for connecting to the car to code injectors. Any help is appreciated.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-08-2016, 03:24 AM
    The 991 GT3 RS running from a roll is something we have all seen before. It's certainly a stout car but it is built for the track. The aerodynamics slow it down due to increased drag but the low curb weight (roughly 400 pounds less than the E92 335i), rear wheel drive layout, and high revving 4.0 liter flat-6 make for an efficient package. The GT3 RS is slower than a rear wheel drive Huracan from a roll. It did beat a tuned SL600 from a dig which is something an N54 on upgraded stock housings is capable of as well. What about this particular 335i in the video? It gets pulled right off the line as if it was in the wrong gear or has the stock housing turbo upgrade with the worst lag in the world. It does finally come back strong up top but with all the torque down low the N54 has with a turbo upgrade the driver didn't seem to have it where he should have on the tach at the start of the race considering the terrible start. + Palm Turbos Stage 1 + MHD Mappad by BQ Tuning + Supersprint catback X-Pipe + VTT Inlets + Intercooler från KL Racing + Ultimate Racing downpipes without catalysts + Walbro 455 pump + 200cell Magnaflow sportcatalysts Porsche 911 GT3 RS is stock
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  • trickcruiser's Avatar
    10-16-2016, 04:26 PM
    Since starting my own shop, my car became less of a priority this year but I am finally getting her back to the track! New this year is a fresh set of RB Evo's and the addition of the MFactory 3:15 LSD. I have to say that I really wish I would of added this diff years ago! It truly makes the car so much more predictable and enjoyable. Last year if I were to roll into 4th at 80 I would break loose. Now I can hit at 60 in 3rd and rip!!! Anyways, to the track, the temps were good for the turbo cars (right around 50) but this made for a pretty slick event with everyone was having some issues with traction. For my first pull I decided to stick with my 28lb map (standard knock sensor settings) and launch in second as I have always done in the past to get a feel for the track. Got out pretty good all things considered and the car pulled well throughout. First pass out in about a year and another 10.9 is a pretty good start! Terry believes that if I were to switch to the desensitized knock settings it would of been good for another 2+ mph trap. The exciting news here was the 108.4mph in the 1/8. I am pretty sure this is the fastest mph in the 1/8 for a N54 to date! It was not the record I was chasing, but I will take it!!! Unfortunately, the rest of the night did not go as planned... After my first pass I was feeling pretty good and wanted to try launching in first to improve on that 60'. After a good burnout I ended up waiting what seemed like forever on the other car. Once he finally staged and the light dropped my car went into a engine temp failsafe! WTF! Looking at the logs my water temp was about 240 but more concerning my trans temps were over 200. So I am not 100% on the exact issue here just yet but am already looking at trans cooler options (again). I let the car cool down and wanted to try at least one pass in 1st. The car jumped out pretty good but traction was def an issue here. Go from 3-4 and get a misfire and shut her down for a 11.5 at like 104... fughhhhhhh... Next trip will be with fresh plugs and coils (again) and hopefully a trans cooler. :drinking: Mods: FBO, JB4/MHD, Super EVO RB's, 100% e85 via Fuel-it stage 3/PI, MFactory 3:15lsd Weight reduction: 150-160lbs - Pass and rear seats removed
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    10-05-2016, 06:54 AM
    AWSAWS started a thread Meth distribution in N54
    Hey! With E85 in many states probably alot of you don't need to run water/meth injection. However for anyone who is, do you see one bank consistently richer than the other? I have dual nozzles and bank 1 is always richer than bank 2. The trims on 1 are consistently lower. I know this situation has been touched on before with port injection meth being suggested. I don't want to argue that it is or isn't. I'd just like to know if other people see the same as me with the charge pipe delivery method. I'm wondering if the inlet manifold design has a turbulent area near cylinders 1 and 2 which causes a vacuum increasing the amount of meth drawn to bank 1. I have seen the improved inlet manifold designs to address that. When I run logs without meth injection the trims on bank 1 and 2 are near enough identical. This will mean that the octane and cooling in cylinders 1,2 and 3 is higher than 4,5 and 6. As I'm sometimes getting a timing drop on cylinder #2 at high rpms (~6000) I'm wondering if too much fuel is getting to that cylinder meaning it can't combust as well as it could with less fuel. I'm not getting misfire codes however. This can't really be addressed in the fuelling tables as I want more meth to cylinders 4,5,6 and/or less to 1,2,3. Reducing gas to injectors 1,2,3 probably isn't ideal. Thanks
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    09-25-2016, 11:32 PM
    Made 4 consecutive 10 second passes today. Best was 10.877. Props to Kevin Baldi at Precision Tuning in Spotswood, NJ. He's the man. Xona Turbos / JB4 / Precision Tuning Custom Tune & Flash by Kevin Baldi / AEM Meth Kit / Dodson Sportsman Clutch Packs / DSS 1200 hp axles / ER Downpipes / ER Chargepipes / Maximum PSI Intake. Runs were made on Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S 305 35 18s.
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    09-24-2016, 04:48 PM
    We all know the Tesla Model S P100D is quick off the line. GPS test numbers showed 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and 0-100 in 6.5. The 1/4 mile trap speed on the VBOX used for the GPS numbers showed 124.5 GPS trap speed timing often inflates trap speeds versus real world drag strip numbers. That is the case here. The Tesla is still fast but on an actual strip runs 10.825 @ 122.93. The Huracan manages 10.843 @ 127.23. The two cars and very close and it really comes down to reaction time for the win. The Tesla is hard to beat right off the line but you can see just how much harder the Huracan is pulling past the 1/8 mile. From a roll, the Tesla has no chance. Certainly impressive performance from the P100D but it is a bit of a one trick pony.
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    10-20-2016, 05:38 PM
    Pic directly from MaximumPSI's facebook page...
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    10-03-2016, 05:23 AM
    I recently replaced my motor and transmission mounts with new slightly stiffer than stock ones. And after that I can feel the motor a lot better, which is a good thing. This however has made me feel that there is a vibration in the motor. The vibration is only present at low load, or when stationary, at a certain rpm. It seems like the lower the load, the wider the range. Also it seems to happen when the engine has warmed up, and not be as bad when it is cold. During cruising, at 1700-1900 rpm, it vibrates, enough for it to be annoying and worrying. Standstill, at 1500-2500 rpm, it also vibrates, even more worrying. As far as I know I have no fault codes. I did however get one fuel related code when thrashing it around a racetrack this summer, but could not reproduce the code. The issue with timing drops while cruising also happens to me, but I also have a front turbo that is smoking sometimes, and figured I'd look into the timing after that is replaced. I also do not have a great rail pressure when going WOT. Injectors are index 8 and 9 I think, HPFP is unknown, probably old. Same for coils and spark plugs. Mods are only catless downpipes, K&N drop in filter and MHD stage 1 at the moment. I was planning on doing the HPFP, injectors, coils, spark plugs and the front turbo soon. But if this issue is related to something else, I'm not too exited about spending that much money, and still have a vibrating engine. Could this issue simply be a dying injector? Any pointers greatly apreciated!
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    09-24-2016, 01:40 AM
    With MotorTrend wrapping up their Best Driver's Car 2016 competition having all the cars together provides for a great opportunity to do a big drag race. They have been doing this every year for the past six years following the competition and who can blame them for the extra content? Obviously, some of these cars are more at home on the roadcourse (*cough* Viper ACR *cough*) than the dragstrip and that should be the focus but this drag race is undeniably fun. While they call this the world's greatest drag race (such creative self-promotion guys) it does not take place on an actual prepped drag strip. They use the tarmac at the defunct El Toro airbase in Irvine, California. This surface does not lend itself well to the rear wheel drive cars and MotorTrend doesn't seem capable of putting on the world's best roll on race to get both perspectives. Ok, ok, enough nitpicking but it is important to highlight the conditions in a drag race. They throw in a Charger Hellcat and cut the Aston Martin (lame) for good measure and we're off. No surprise that on the dusty old runway the all wheel drive vehicles lead of the line. Now, as this is not done a dragstrip do not take these 1/4 mile times as representative of what you can hit on the strip. They are timing the cars electronically and the times are inflated due to this. We have yet to see a stock Huracan or R8 V10 Plus top 130 in the 1/4 mile on the dragstrip. Now, due to the traction issues let's list the cars in order of trap speed to truly get an idea of who is the fastest in a straight line: McLaren 570S - 132.0 Audi R8 V10+ - 130.3 AMG GT-S - 126.7 Viper ACR - 124.7 Acura NSX - 123.6 Nissan GT-R - 123.4 Jag F-type SVR - 122.7 Porsche 911S - 120.5 Shelby GT350R - 118.9 BMW M4 GTS - 118.8 Camaro 1LE - 114.2 The 570S is the real straight line champ and if you actually properly launch it you will watch it destroy an R8 V10 Plus in a drag race.
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