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  • _ink's Avatar
    Today, 05:28 AM
    andy_divers do you have the small OCC?? I'd be interested in jumping on that!!
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 05:01 AM
    Welcome Daizz, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 03:43 AM
    Hey denraf: :text-welcomewave:
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  • RSL's Avatar
    Today, 03:40 AM
    RSL replied to a thread Hexon RR600 Hybrid Stage 2 in N54
    Seems pretty clear that some of the additional things won't be possible with the logistics in place, but you could email Wayne through the site and ask if any are in the works or if current purchases will be grandfathered in when they are.
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  • bradsm87's Avatar
    Today, 03:11 AM
    bradsm87 replied to a thread XDF Progress in N54
    My interpretation of LDM in this instance is Longitudinal Dynamics Management which I believe is a separate control box which existed in earlier BMW models before the DSC unit took over the task. It rained today so I quickly took a reference log of unmodified ASR tables. I've flashed the lower ASR limiting gradient but the road is bone dry now so I'll leave it there and hopefully I'll get a bit of rain again for an apples-to-apples comparison. I'm doubtful of this one because in the log, the rate of torque reduction when TC hits hard is around 15Nm per 10ms but the stock value in this table is 0.188Nm per 10ms. I have seen seemingly incorrect scaling in the OLS file before though.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 02:59 AM
    Welcome E82_Chris, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 02:57 AM
    Welcome RosalindaL, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • DKM3's Avatar
    Today, 02:39 AM
    Thanks for the words..
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  • DKM3's Avatar
    Today, 02:38 AM
    Ronin, sorry - I'm trying to sell the car as a whole - I'll let you know if anything changes. Thanks for the interest though!
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  • DKM3's Avatar
    Today, 02:37 AM
    Hey Sticky! Thanks for the words! Happy Holidays!
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  • ///Monst3r's Avatar
    Today, 02:15 AM
    ///Monst3r replied to a thread JP WORKS = SHAUDFAB?? in N54
    I'm normally not one to jump into any of these vendor wars/vendor disputes especially when I haven't purchased anything from them (in this case I did). He admitted to knowing Shaud ,renting from him/family, being asked to make manifolds, and taking it over. What more do you want? If it is his roommate/family or whatever, what that guy did has jack sh!t to do with him. The big problem is everyone is always in everyone else's business, and want to throw a cape on and save the world. It sucks that some people were fucked over by Shaud (it really does) but they are grown men and choose to make the purchase that's not your fight. Only person who should have their hand in this thing is Sticky, not other members, damn sure not competing vendors. It always cracks me up that other vendors always have to have input on what they like, don't like, how theirs are better, mention of their kit, why the cost is higher ect.... In every other thread not pertaining to their products. If you aren't going to purchase, look at it and move the fack on. If you too are a vendor keep making a good product advertise "the right way" and let your product /customer experiences speak for you. Rest assured if the person is unhappy they will speak up and come to buy the better product in the end. What I like about Pure and JPworks is that I have seen neither company push their products or have anything negative to say in other vendors and their customers threads.
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  • bradsm87's Avatar
    Today, 01:55 AM
    Has anyone seen real measured gains from removing secondary cats? The factory secondary cats do seem to do a better job at eliminating raspy sound compared to resonators BUT if there is a real performance gain, I don't mind a little rasp.
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  • jdm5596's Avatar
    Today, 01:55 AM
    Nice prices. Hope some people got some kits
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  • richpike's Avatar
    Today, 01:08 AM
    Great pricing and a beautiful piece of kit. -Rich
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  • RobNyc's Avatar
    Today, 01:00 AM
    Def a nice price!
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  • megaman416's Avatar
    Today, 12:26 AM
    I like your thinking... I'm noticing cars with meth at these power levels are becoming a liability. If it's even used it'll just be for cooling purposes only.
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  • The Convert's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:35 PM
    You have enough now
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  • Str8sixTT's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:06 PM
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  • ms335i's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:57 PM
    ms335i replied to a thread Hexon RR600 Hybrid Stage 2 in N54
    If that is confirmed I will order.
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  • idratherbesurfing's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:31 PM
    Sticky at this point it seems you've talked to JerryT. And he ain't guna spill info on here so you should delete this crap. We already know people on this forum have recently ordered from him, so it's up to them to post info on experience and part quality. Getting updates every 12 mins from Gil Grissom and his CSI crew is getting old. They aren't going to solve anything until JerryT wants info out.
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  • richpike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:23 PM
    Looks horrible. I suggest you just sit it at the curb for the trash. What's your address again? :lol: Very nicely done. I'm jealous! -Rich
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:18 PM
    Sticky replied to a thread JP WORKS = SHAUDFAB?? in N54
    Big f'ing difference:
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  • bmw335iguy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:15 PM
    bmw335iguy replied to a thread JP WORKS = SHAUDFAB?? in N54
    So I'm to believe they both live in Bakersfield, both are making N54 ST manifolds, both have the same unique accent but in no way should that be suspicious that they're the same person. It amazes me how stupid some people can be all in the name of trying to save a buck. "Even if they are the same person at least he's shipping orders out now" that negates any past wrong doing and shouldn't be any cause for concern.:crazy: I don't see how this is any different than ASR. Abid ripped of a couple M5 owners, George Smooth, and whoever else than continued selling n54 hybrid turbos. But that's okay because person xyz received their order. :think:
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  • bmw335iguy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:13 PM
    I'm guessing you know by now Jake works for Motiv, so if you put them out of business he'll be out of a job, lol.
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  • Theduke's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:58 PM
    Was there ever a wiki created on this? Interested in learning more
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  • Stucks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:57 PM
    Stucks replied to a thread Hexon RR600 Hybrid Stage 2 in N54
    ive heard this too. if this is true, this is an awesome idea and will draw tons of customers!
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:54 PM
    MammieCony, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:54 PM
    Personally, I think you have a pretty darn good reputation with your BMW manifolds stemming back to the e36 generation.
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  • steedspeed's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:47 PM
    I said I'm doing this "mostly" because I like John. Coming in a close second is stomping Motive into the dirt and the last reason was that we quite often have draws on Facebook for people to win a manifold. Out of 550 entrants, of which 449 were diesel truck guys, the winner was a BMW guy lol! I kinda took that as a sign. Later on the next draw we only had perhaps 300 entrants and a similar ratio of BMW guys and sure enough Jake Yamona won that draw! I figure I'm being told in no uncertain terms to make the 335. Good to see you have faith in what I'm doing here too. BTW, I was in the BMW world designing and making the HPF manifolds long before I ever made a Diesel manifold.
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  • PLF's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:41 PM
    PLF replied to a thread Hexon RR600 Hybrid Stage 2 in N54
    Damn US CAD Exhange rate..... :angry-banghead: :angry-fire:
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