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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-21-2017, 07:16 PM
    Hot on the heels of MotorTrend's 2017 Best Driver's Car competition comes their World's Greatest Drag Race where they have the contestants face off in a straightline contest. They did make one change though by replacing the Miata (which had no chance) with a Tesla Model S P100D. Racing from a stop is the Tesla's game. It shows as it gets a lead off the launch with the 911 Turbo S hot on its heels. Surprisingly, nobody is able to pass the Tesla in time. It runs a 10.5 @ 125 (GPS time) in the 1/4 mile. This is what happens when you do not have a prepped strip or drag rubber for powerful RWD cars. The rest of the times are below in order of trap speed but as stated believes the Ferrari is a ringer based on real world results from owners.
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  • drepai's Avatar
    09-21-2017, 07:53 PM
    Saw this on Instagram, figured I'd share it here since it's a platform record as far as I know. Looks like a fully built MOTIV long block and a DOC Race 6870 tuned by EMP Tuning. A full graph/logs/specs would be cool.
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  • martymil's Avatar
    09-21-2017, 07:33 AM
    So I've been working on this kit with a very skilled fabricator for JDtuning aka @JD75 The manifold is from Motiv, GTS3584RS turbo and everything else is custom hand made Its been just over 12 months but the prototype is finally finished. Just showing you guys the amount of work that is needed in a RHD version Going to be doing tuning and testing over the weekend and a small video, sounds insane.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-28-2017, 01:44 AM
    Another day, another N54 single turbo option. BimmerBoost is not familiar with You Wish Performance but they tend to produce products for other makes. They entered the BMW market with their top mount N54 twin scroll single turbo kit. It starts at $4599: -Twin scroll top mount manifold -6265 or 6465 Garrett Gtw billet wheel turbo -Turbosmart 40mm wastegates -Turbo down pipe -Wastegate dump tubes -Turbo blanket -Turbo Intake filter -Mac solenoid -Rear oil/coolant block offs -Turbo feed/drain -Charge pipe to intercooler -Aluminum coolant tube -Coolant tank relocation hose/bracket -Hardware/Turbo manifold Gaskets Their kit with a Garrett 6265 was tuned by EMP Tuning and made 622 horsepower to the wheels without port injection or meth at 23 psi: Another option in the hotly contested single turbo market.
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  • Blown6's Avatar
    09-27-2017, 03:18 PM
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  • nikitino25's Avatar
    09-19-2017, 05:27 PM
    nikitino25 started a thread Slower with DCI's in N54
    I recently replaced my homemade Mr5 intake with a new set of dual cone intakes but now my car is noticeably slower. Do I need to reset some adaptations or something? I have full bolt ons with a custom tune, stock turbos and just 93 octane. My tuner said no changes to the tune would need to be made with the intake switch since they are both "upgraded" intakes. The proof I have that my car is slower now (and it's not just in my head) is that the top speed of my car is lower now.....
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-05-2017, 08:22 AM
    The BMW N54 is not what you would call a high revving BMW engine or even a high revving BMW I6. There are numerous reasons for that such as it not being an M engine, being turbocharged, having direct fuel injection, an undersquare design, etc. More revs are very beneficial for those chasing more power especially when switching to a large turbo. Obviously with a larger turbo there will be a spool sacrifice but there will also be much more air moved up top. To really see the full capability a higher redline to take advantage of the torque curve that is now shifted to the right is needed. This E92 335i belongs to BimmerBoost member jt0407 and here are a few of the specs: Supertech valvetrain Schrick cams ported head 5 angle valve job Stock block Extending the redline over a 1000 rpm brings with it fueling issues especially on a direct injection system. He has a Fuel-It! Stage 3 setup with TBI: He claims he hit 8200 rpm there. Just for perspective still short of the stock 8400 rpm the S65 V8 revs to but a good step forward for big turbo N54's. As for the power he is making he says he will get on the dyno soon. It sure will be interesting to take a look at his power curve.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-18-2017, 09:00 PM
    Ok, I keep getting messages, e-mails, PM's, etc., asking me when the new tuning app will be out. The answer? When it's done. But seriously, soon. As in the next few weeks. After the beta period and after many requests were made @trevorlee02 decided to incorporate many things people asked for and he added his own tuning interface along with engine logging. Basically, it is better to get it right with the new features rather than rush it out. Trevor will post some screengrabs as to what it is in store tomorrow in this thread. I just wanted to update you guys so you know it is being worked on and so you stop bugging me :P Every map out there that can be flashed will be able to be flashed through the new app and all cables are supported. Interfaces will be PC with mobile coming shortly after with Android AND ios support. What I can tell you guys is this. The new features will blow you away. Additionally, additional BMW tuning platforms (motors) will be supported and rolled out incrementally. I will not tell you what those are just yet but I think the BMW tuning world is going to get a bit of a shock. Good times ahead :)
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  • BPCMotorsports's Avatar
    10-13-2017, 02:22 PM
    After months of hard work, delays, broken parts, hiccups and other shit, we finally hit our Mark! 1026 SAE RWHP!!!!!!!! Massive shout out to everyone envolved to help us along the way. Were not stopping here either, but finally, we have hit the seemingly unobtainable 4 digit mark! 2013 M5 DCT car SSP 1000hp clutches All done via Flash only, no Piggyback (JB4). 110 Octane, stock fuel system. Methanol injection (M1) NO Nitrous Videos uploading to youtube now, will show soon!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-19-2017, 07:05 PM
    Have had more people e-mailing about this and it's a bigger issue than people talk about. Obviously, port injection is necessary for higher hp builds but how do people control it and what is the proper way to control the injectors? People use the JB4 and Split Second but I don't know if either of these are the proper way to really go about it. Not trying to throw anyone under the bus: This needs to be discussed though: Syvecs seems to be the only solution that has true control right now unless anyone knows otherwise? It just seems crazy to me to pay for a big motor build and run a ton of power only to manage supplemental fuel injectors in a dangerous manner. There may also be better ways to do this without a standalone on the horizon.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-03-2017, 12:20 PM
    This was sent by someone struggling to get a refund. Whether they got a refund or not who knows but basically it came down to give me back my money or I post this on the forums. Unfortunately, that happens more often than you think. Take a look: As for further details:
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  • impuls's Avatar
    10-13-2017, 04:59 PM
    I found a quite old DAMOS/ASAP2/A2L file for something I think is a development version of the MSD80 bin. The addresses in the file not match what can be found in the bin for IA80S at all, but I assume the tables defined there are at least more or less the same that do exist in current bins and the tables have not been re-shuffled completely. Seems my assumption is not completely wrong as I was able to manually define three new (guess quite useless) VANOS related tables, see screenshot and translation of description from the ASAP2 below. Now that the approach principally seems to work I am thinking of partially automating this with a simple program that will: -Read the ASAP2 file. -Display table data in the bin with a user defined offset. -If data does make sense: Write table definition into an XDF. My question to the experts and everybody interested: Do you think it is worth to spend some time on defining more tables and correcting existing definitions? (I am pretty sure that several of them are defined incorrectly) Assuming there are new tables discovered that are useful, do we somehow need to take care of checksums? KF_KASOPT VANOS Exhaus (cold, partially throttled( KF_WASOPT: VANOS Exhaust (warm, partially throttled) KF_ALLW: VANOS Exhaust (Idle + Throttled)
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-05-2017, 10:49 AM
    This is not your typical hybrid S63TU turbo upgrade. What is tentatively being referred to as the Pure Turbos Stage X turbocharger upgrade for the F10 M5 and F13 M6 is a complete turbo upgrade with new housings. BimmerBoost member allmotor_2000 who is gunning for 8's in the 1/4 mile is getting these turbos on his F10 M5. This includes a custom manifold, custom downpipes, custom wastegates, and a custom JB4 BCM setup per-bank for boost control. The turbos themselves are ball bearing Garrett GTX3XXX mirrored units. That means one is reverse rotation. Then of course there are all the custom lines for water and oil. What will all of this cost? What kind of power can we expect? We'll know once it is done. Size comparison to stock:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-27-2017, 09:36 PM
    This is just the beginning. Weistec is expanding its reach into other markets which is a great thing for BMW enthusiasts (as well as those of another make which will be announced at a later date). BimmerBoost knew about this for a while but Weistec was not ready to reveal their entry into the BMW aftermarket until significant development took place. Their first upgrade will be for the F10 M5 and F13 M6 models. They will offer a full S63TU turbo upgrade and you can logically deduce they will be working on the F90 M5 afterwards. You can see their (very expensive!) 3d imaging scanner at work as they map out the engine bay and parts. We're talking about a piece of equipment that can range up to $85k. This is what top engineering firms use. Get ready for some exciting BMW developments from Weistec.
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  • A4RingedONE8T's Avatar
    09-22-2017, 09:36 AM
    The concept of this manifold has been on my mind for over 3 years now. I designed/machined the first of these o-ring sealed, direct connect ITB couplers in 2015, in attempts to fab a welded tube runner/sheet plenum manifold for an inhouse project. Fitment and my abilities then could not bring it to fruition, FINALLY the holds have been removed, and the Fab Factory S54 ITB - FULL BILLET - intake manifold is here! Manifold will be available in a few different versions: 1) OEM/NA fitment - will include/incorporate factory MAF and PCV connections ** A full intake can be included at additional cost. E46 S54 & Z3M S54 fitment 2) HPF replacement - connections mirroring the old HPF manifold - ICV/meth/IAT 3) Boost/Turbo - for custom turbo setups 4) 12 Injector ** All manifolds will include 1/8" NPT tapped and plugged ports on each runner for port nitrous or port methanol injection ** Retail pricing for turbo applications will start @ $1,995.00, NA applications @ $2,195.00 First manifolds will be available in approx. 3 weeks. I will be accepting preorders NOW @ presale pricing starting at $1,795.00 In order to take advantage of presale pricing, you must email me directly, and finalize details of your manifold before 10/13 (3 weeks from today). Payment will not be required until your manifold is ready to ship! And now the goods ...
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-20-2017, 11:20 PM
    This is a great comparison from The Tuning School who tried out various fuels and provided great data. They compared 93 octane pump fuel, MS103, C9, E85, VP C85, MS109, leaded C16, 93 octane plus water, 93 plus boost juice, and 93 with methanol. The results are very interesting as VP's C85 ethanol race fuel provides the best results. However, 93 octane with methanol injection is right on its heels. This of course shows what a value methanol injection is: 93 octane pump gas with methanol even tops MS109 race gas and C16 race gas. C16 is leaded and really outdated as a race fuel with modern direct injected motors and ethanol blends. Overall ethanol is the champ here. It is just a matter of availability for most people but if E85 is not available methanol injection is a nice alternative. Just keep in mind that supplemental methanol injection comes with its own pluses and minuses not to mention that methanol is highly corrosive and flammable. It also does not create the same taxing issues on a direct injected fuel system that straight E85 does.
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  • parksjm7's Avatar
    09-28-2017, 11:55 PM
    I posted this thread over on the other forum, but I'd like to reach out for help and guidance over at the experts at this forum and hopefully I won't pressurize my crankcase under vacuum nor boost (or somehow lead to another blown N54 thread). I've had a BMS catch can fitted the way it was intended to by the PCV flapper valve but not catching any oil (I rarely push the car lately), so I read up on how to route the Vacuum side PCV and gave it an attempt to adapt the BMS unit for the vacuum side. ^Sourced some 12AN ID (~.695" inside diameter) hose and 8AN male to 3/8" barb fitting for the OCC outlet. ^ AD fitting with both O-rings transferred and oiled. ^ Sourced an 8AN female to 3/8" barb fitting to fit on top of the AD fitting; I didn't think about the fuel rail clearance issue. While I was able to fit it, I did not like how the fuel rail was touching the metal fitting. ^ So I wound up using the 8AN hose to connect from the AD fitting to BMS CC inlet for now; I'll probably be sourcing two more 3/8" barb to 8AN male fittings to connect the end of this hose to the CC inlet. ^ As far as I understand, the Vacuum side PCV should be more finely filtered versus the Boost side PCV which favors flow. Since BMS is known to be a high flowing can, I put in a tiny bit of steel wool between the double baffle. Thinking of sourcing Copper wool or stainless steel wool in the future for this purpose. ^The OCC outlet with the 3/8" barb fitting will be connected to a 6AN ID hose, which will be hooked up to a 3/8" barb fitting vacuum tee, hooked up to the fuel EVAP line connected to the intake manifold. ^ Updated after install; Vacuum tee is fitted on the 6AN hose then to the EVAP line, then used ziptie to secure for the time being. I found it easiest (without a heat gun) to dremel the stock EVAP hose down the middle then using a plier to roll back the shrinkwrap-like plastic material. ^ Done. - Flapper remains stock back to rear turbo inlet - PCV valve is deleted with AD PCV fitting, connected by AN12 hose to BMS CC inlet - CC outlet connected via AN6 hose to intake manifold EVAP line via vacuum tee Appreciate all criticism and guidance on how I can improve my setup in advance.
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    10-11-2017, 11:49 AM
    AWSAWS started a thread CO2 intercooler sprayer in N54
    Hi Guys, I've done just 2 drag strip visits this year. I'm hoping I get in another this weekend. Weather permitting. Anyway, on one quite warm day my IATs were getting up to 130F before even making the run down the strip. Purely heat soak in the engine bay. Once moving the meth and air flow quickly drops the temps but in 11 seconds, half the run can be high temps. So for a bit of fun I decide to take on a little project to remedy this. I was thinking of doing an IC water sprayer but as you'll know any liquid on the drag strip is a big no no. So I was also thinking of some water jacket system, maybe around the charge pipe with ice water. In the end I found that I could get a cylinder of CO2 for fairly cheap and refills were not too bad. About $20. Compared to buying bags of ice all the time then there's not a massive difference and obviously a water system requires a good pump etc. The priciest part turned out to be the solenoid and braided steel hose. As CO2 is 850 psi I wanted to use a good hose. In the end I found I could just use good quality meth hose rated for 1400 psi. This is what the system looks like. I'm spraying very little co2 in this test to save it for the track. Anyway liquid CO2 comes out very cold. It'll be interesting to see how it does next year when it's hot again. I currently run the 7" VRSF FMIC and water meth injection. GC turbos.
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  • AWSAWS's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:25 AM
    AWSAWS started a thread GC update in N54
    I got to the drag strip last weekend. Unfortunately I couldn't get my car to hook for a good 60ft but I did trap at 129 at the quarter and 101 at the 8th in a full weight car. This was despite the traction control cutting in in 2nd gear, dropping timing to 0 and closing the throttle. So I should make 130 I hope. I run the car in DTC mode. I didn't think to let the tyre pressures down unfortunately. I ran a pump flash first time. Traction control cut in severely and I trapped only 124 so I decided to go to the ethanol flash and to limit boost at the start. Then I was adding more and more ethanol to my tank after each run. My trims had been going a bit high so I didn't want to add too much which I couldn't remove later. I hadn't done much testing with my E50 flash before getting to the track so it wasn't ideal. I hope to go to the drag strip again this coming weekend. I might just try mashing the throttle this time. I was blipping the throttle up to 3000 rpm and trying to launch from there last time. DCT box. When I used full launch control the car took ages to stop spinning in 1st and then cut the power in 2nd. Complete waste of time.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    09-27-2017, 11:37 PM
    The 2.9 liter Whipple twin screw supercharger is very popular in the Domestic world and also in the Mercedes-AMG M156 market. Weistec for example utilizes Whipple twin screw blowers in their Stage III+ M156 applications which break into the 9's on the stock internals. It will be interesting to see if the third generation supercharger will be utilized although the new casing may pose some fitment issues. Regardless, check out these results on a Mustang GT with no changes other than moving to the new blower: That is an impressive pickup in power and torque from 3000 rpm on. Not only is the Gen 3 making more power it is also running up to 80 degrees cooler. It is much more efficient. The Gen 3 features new rotors with precision, robotically sprayed, conformal PTFE coating that adapts to the application and clearances needed. The rotors also feature a profile change, along with tighter tolerances that minimize power consumption and leakage. The updated rotor housing features revised port timing and bearing shape for increased rotor filling, along with a new, angled rib pattern for a more aggressive look.
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  • 8900120d's Avatar
    10-04-2017, 06:47 AM
    So for the past nearly 2 years i have been working on my 335i slowly (few hours every weekend) building a street/track (mainly track) car. For the first few months i started and warmed up the engine every month atleast. However its been 8+months since ive removed the engine from the car. im in the process of finishing the project off and im making a checklist of things to do before i try to start her up. for those of you interested the 335i started off as a stock 6AT with 64k miles, its still on 64k miles LOL heres what ive been up to for the past two years lol: BMS DCI BIG TOM Intercooler (with custom mounts fabricated) Custom pipes for the BIG TOM intercooler Twin oil coolers (with custom mounts fabricated) HKS exhaust system PURE stage 2 turbos new oil and coolant inlets/outlets for turbos vacuum lines RB high flow oil drains VTT inlets Custom front inlet NGK plugs BMS OCC CSF Radiator ER Charge pipe with HKS BOV Fuel-it Stage 1 LPFP VRSF Downpipes 335is Engine mounts M3 rear subframe M3 Front & rear arms M3 drive shafts M3 propshaft M3 differential M3 Anti roll bars M3 hubs M3 brake calipers & rotors M3 custom propshaft M3 Steering rack M3 track rods M3 spec Stoptech braided brake hoses M3 spec HSD MONOPRO coilovers M3 spec Powerflex ARB bushes front & rear M3 spec powerflex bushes for all front & rear arms M3 under body subframe struts (vbrace) M3 Brake Master Cylinder M3 front strut Macht Schnell Solid Subframe bushes Macht Schnell Solid Differential bushes New Brake Hardlines Yellow stuff pads New ARB Links New HPFP New VANOS solenoids New Water pump New Thermostat 3.5bar TMAP RB external PCV System MISHIMOTO secondary OCC FULL under body seal to prevent rust Manual gearbox conversion Manual gearbox wiring harness Parts for manual gearbox (hardlines, pedals, cylinders) UUC gearbox mounts BMW performance short shifter kit Spec Single Mass Flywheel 335is clutch BMS clutch delay valve New coolant distribution hoses New heat shields all round Rebuild M3 brake calipers Custom brake cooling ducts VMR V710 18 inch Alloys Michelin Pilot Super Sports all round Wheel Stud conversion Renown track steering wheel NRG boss Full M3 leather interior ARKYM front lip Real Carbon High kick spoiler i had removed the engine from the car 8+months ago, it made life alot easier when doing the manual gearbox conversion, Pure stage 2 turbos, gaskets, o-rings etc. And i also decided to paint the engine white in order to make oil leaks easier to spot :D Also please note, incase anyone is wondering why i took so long, i had no mechanic experience before i started this project, im actually a software developer lol, but i studied the Bentley manual and researched the forums before attempting anything, everything has been torqued up correctly and triple checked. and all work was carried out on axle stands. This was just a hobby i would work on in the weekends for a few hours. im based in the UK so single turbo and Ethanol wasnt an option, and i personally would prefer twins for the track. So the whole point of this post is to help make a checklist of things i need to do before starting up the engine for the first time as i will soon be fitting the engine back into the car. Heres what i have so far : Diff oil Transmission oil Engine oil Coolant Power steering fluid Brake fluid Bleed brakes Bleed clutch (slave cylinder) charge battery code the car for manual gearbox flash baseline map (MHD) Prime turbos (remove ignition fuse??) Does anyone have anything else to add to the checklist?
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  • Murph335's Avatar
    10-12-2017, 12:38 PM
    Ive been enjoying my car for 2-3 years now. It was built for set it and forget it with good parts and great advice. "RB E93" on google will find my build thread on another forum. Time has come to get some new maps. Cobb seems dropped from the good pro tuners that once were THE go to folks. Since I need some tune revisions. Aside from a power debate. What are some of the FEATURE benefits of switching to a newer flash platform from cobb? (apple user)
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  •'s Avatar
    09-25-2017, 08:30 PM
    No boost leak, 19 PSI with 10-12 degrees adv timing on COBB AP Protuned, stock turbos
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-06-2017, 01:03 PM
    You probably know this Huracan already as the owner went through his Dime Racing horror story and VF-Engineering ended up sorting out the car and supercharging it. Now, you already know the McLaren 720S is a beast in stock form. The Huracan owner meets up with a 720S owner and basically there is a lot of annoying talking before and after they botch run after run. Just run the damn cars. Nobody wants to waste twelve minutes on worthless chatter. They line the cars up from a stop and the Huracan gets a lead on the rear wheel drive 720S before quickly getting off the gas. This certainly makes sense as the Huracan is all wheel drive and the TVS blower provides instant torque. With how quickly the Huracan gets off the gas we do not see much of a race. They go from a roll next and the 720S jumps slightly but then gets off the gas only for the Huracan to get on the gas. Is this the first time these guys have ever raced a car before? They try again and the 720S looks to be in the wrong gear or getting on the gas late. Just do three honks and go people. Also, you have GoPro mounts. WTF are you holding a camera for while racing? This is garbage. They run on busy city streets and the Huracan gets off the gas early once the 720S actually gets going. There is no real performance comparison and where is the supposed data that was going to be recorded? If you seriously think your Huracan is faster do a real highway roll instead of putting out misleading crap like this. Fail.
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  • zeenon53's Avatar
    10-05-2017, 05:43 PM
    I unloaded my fbo 335 last summer by accident (got 5k over book). Bought a lightly used 2012 f150 lariat 4x4 over the winter. First time ever owning a truck....not for me. I need to get back into something fast again. New or used doesn't matter, would like to keep the mileage low though. Been looking at late model used M cars, but not totally sold on BMW. I really want something that has roughly 500whp stock or can get their very easily. I'm open to almost anything. I would be trading the truck in on it unless i find something like an ls swapped rx7 or the like for 20k. HELP ME FIND MY HAPPY PLACE!!!
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