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    04-20-2017, 12:41 PM
    To BimmerBoost's knowledge this is the most powerful E82 1M out there. It comes from Sports Mind in Bahrain which is a Doc Race dealer. The 773 peak horsepower is nice but look at the torque curve. The spool and shape is incredible. This is with 34 psi of boost on VP C85 fuel: Beautiful. It has to be a ton of fun to drive although some BimmerBoost members are questioning the spool. Just an incredibly well done 1M.
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    03-28-2017, 04:22 AM
    CARB (California Air Resources Board) is doing its darndest to ruin performance cars for everyone. What is the problem? CARB is adopting standards for 2025 that automakers believe are far too strict. Why is this a problem? First of all, automakers already stated they simply can not meet the previously proposed standards. Secondly, the rest of the states in the union would be forced to acknowledge CARB's decision. That means even if you do not live in California CARB would still be able to push your state around. Imagine for a moment a new car coming out with a lot of horsepower that is very efficient and meets EPA standards but does not meet CARB standards. Effectively, there would be two sets of emission standards in the USA but the CARB standards could force that automaker to abandon selling the car in the United States or even worse not bother producing it. Want to know what is truly troubling? Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia all decided to agree to CARB's standards. That means many of you are not exempt from California's eco-nazis even if you do not live in California. CARB gets away with setting federal standards as it pre-dates the EPA and a waiver under the Federal Clean Air Act means their emission standards must be recognized by other states. What will happen? Who knows. The Trump administration froze EPA grants to CARB hitting them where it hurts. The Trump administration also cut funding to the EPA. The Obama administration on their way out rushed approval of new EPA standards that align with CARB prior to Trump taking office. CARB blames the automakers: The White House believes California is going too far: As you can see, this is all pretty messy and will involve a lot of lawyers on taxpayer dime to sort out. The best case scenario is that CARB's waiver is revoked effectively neutralizing their power. The worst case scenario is two standards floating around which carmakers simply decide not to even bother with and stop producing performance cars altogether for the US market. Thanks a lot California.
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    04-07-2017, 11:22 PM
    Here it is, the Weistec W.4 AMG M157 5.5 liter V8 turbocharger upgrade package. BenzBoost showed teasers previously of the turbo hardware and a preliminary dynograph. Well, the production kit shows 856 horsepower and 759 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. That is at all four wheels on a 2016 W212 E63 AMG S. Additionally, with 91 octane pump fuel at 20 psi with supplemental methanol injection. The car also has the Weistec 722.9 Bulletproof transmission upgrade: That is a ton of power and torque and keep in mind this is not with the turbochargers turned up as this M157 is stock internally. There will be a W.5 package with forged internals which of course have been available from Weistec since last year. What will this turbo upgrade do with a built M157 and the turbos cranked up? Well, we will soon find out but expecting 1000+ is within reason. As for performance the W.4 was measured at 60-130 in 6.153 seconds: We will have to wait and see on the 1/4 mile times. Overall, Weistec has done a ton of testing on the W.4 upgrade and you can rest assured that it delivers as advertised: M157 W.4 Package The M157 W.4 package is the package for customers seeking the pinnacle of performance and refinement. At the core of the M157 W.4 Package is the M157 W.4 Turbo Upgrade. Taking a giant leap ahead of all other available upgrades, the M157 W.4 Turbochargers completely replace the factory units. They are ball bearing, featuring CNC machined billet aluminum compressor wheels capable of flowing 65lb/min. To feed these monster turbochargers, completely new airboxes and intake tubes are included. The Weistec Turbo-Folds provide significantly increased flow of exhaust gasses compared to the stock turbo-fold. The Weistec M157 True Downpipes perfectly mate up to the M157 W.4 Turbochargers to ensure minimal restriction once the exhaust gasses have gone through the turbine. An Engineered Solution The W.4 Turbochargers are the most capable production turbochargers available for the M157 engine. The W.4 Turbocharger Package which includes our M157 ASV/Water-Methanol Injection System is capable of producing 1000+ crank horsepower (820~850HP at the wheels on a Dynojet Dyno) on 91 octane pump gas. What’s equally impressive is that these numbers are achieved at only 20psi, and 20 psi is only the beginning. The goal of the W.4 Turbocharger Package was to have a complete package that provides amazing gains in power and performance, but does not require race gas, or an iced down intercooler system. Something that can be daily driven, filled up at any gas station, and is within power capacity of the factory engine internals. Control = Reliability While the M157 engine is a very robust engine in factory form, we have seen a couple weak leaks at extreme power levels. The most common is a bent connecting rod. If the engine is producing a sustained 1000 lb-ft of torque (820-850 lb-ft at the wheels) or more, all it takes is one knock event to bend a rod. This was taken into consideration with the ECU tuning for the W.4 Power Package as they can make far more power and torque than a stock M157 engine can handle. Boost is controlled and tapered up to the peak of 20psi as RPM’s increase. This creates a broad torque curve that remains under 800 lb-ft (at the wheels) while allowing power to continually increase towards redline, minimizing stress on the rods as well as the rest of the drivetrain. With a fully built M157 and other supporting upgrades, expect to see significantly higher power numbers as the Turbochargers can flow enough air volume for 1400+ crank horsepower! Key Features: Ball Bearing Turbochargers Removed Restriction of Stock Turbo-Folds Weistec M157 Airboxes with Turbo Intake Tubes Greatly Increased HP and Torque Improved Throttle Response Eliminated Top Speed Limiter Optimized Fuel, Spark and Boost CNC Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel Upgrade 65lb/min Compressor Flow Improved Airflow Aggressive Exhaust Note Free Flowing Exhaust 1000+HP Capable
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    04-06-2017, 04:22 PM
    TPG Tuning recently ran an incredible 140+ mile per hour pass in the 1/4 mile with their F82 M4 shop car. That led to BimmerBoost wondering how they were solving the problem with the S55 engine's crank hub spinning. Well, they are not solving it. Mitigating it is perhaps a better term but the root of the problem is the design of the crank itself. BMW went cheap. Too cheap. Especially for an M car when they decided to put the timing and oil pump gear on a separate piece instead of integrating it as in the S63 V8 design. As that engine goes into a more expensive car BMW did not go as extreme in cutting costs. Also, it is not like this is the first time BMW has screwed up on a BMW M motor but in the past there were real solutions. There is no real solution for the F80 M3 and F82 M4 and there likely never will be: Basically, to do this correctly and fix the problem you need to re-engineer the crank design. That is not cheap. Can it be done? Yes. Is anyone going to do it? Probably not. Even if they do will people line up to buy it? The final cost likely makes it not worth the investment. At least TPG Tuning feels that way. Other solutions have been tried. Gintani's approach was a one piece crank hub: This piece was tested on Maximum PSI's car but the crank hub spun. Gintani believes they did not torque the piece correctly but whatever happened the crank hub spun. Speaking of Maximum PSI, they are trying a different approach now. They are going to drill the crank: Is that going to work? Who knows. We will have to wait and see. You may be asking, how did TPG Tuning have success and how is their motor holding together? Well, they are using a one piece billet crank hub design but with some additional changes: There may also be a bit of luck involved but their motor is holding together for now and the crank hub is not spinning. It is not like they are not beating on it either. The problem is really for everyone else modifying the platform. The crank hub just feels like a ticking time bomb and as power is added the issue is only compounded further. TPG Tuning also is not offering their pieces to the public: It is not hard to relate to TPG Tuning. The BMW tuning community is hypocritical. They want fast cars yet are not willing to put in the work to get there. Those who do put in the work are chastised if things do not work out as planned. It is like dealing with a bunch of spoiled brats. Especially when it comes to the M3 world. This is all very unfortunate as the S55 was such a promising platform. There is no need to write it off completely as cars are making big power but if in the back of your mind you know a failure is coming at some point how can you really enjoy it? Enthusiasts just have to hope someone figures out a solution someday. BimmerBoost would like to thank Jason @ TPG Tuning for his time and to wish TPG Tuning good luck on their goal of breaking into the 9's on the S55 platform.
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    04-14-2017, 04:24 PM
    This is glorious and well deserved. Remember when Pure Turbos released their excellent M177 turbo upgrade for the W205 C63 platform and an idiot by the name of @1fastc63s started running his mouth about how the dyno numbers are fake, Dime's turbo upgrade is better, and proceeded to challenge everyone on Instagram to race in order to prove it? Well, he got his wish. Oh boy did he get his wish. Let's start with a DME Tuning tuned C218 CLS63 M157 with two passengers pulling the Dime turbo upgraded W205 C63 S M177: Well, that did not work out as planned, did it? Now to truly highlight the insecurity and immaturity of this kid with the C63 S, here he is getting pulled by an F82 M4 on the factory S55 turbochargers and a DME Tuning ECU flash tune. The beatdown is so bad he tilts the camera down and refuses to provide the rest of the footage: He mad? He mad: Way to go winner!
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    03-31-2017, 08:41 AM
    Doc Race's top mount N54 manifold is popular for several reasons. One, it is a quality piece that actually fits the way it is supposed to. That is kind of a good thing to have so you aren't hammering your manifold to get your hood to close. Also, they have experience doing turbo manifolds for over a decade now. Their piece simply works well and produces great numbers. Let's take a look at the dyno runs: Here is the breakdown: 14psi on map1 20psi 28psi 31psi At 31 psi you see 738 wheel horsepower on the Dynojet. Also 695 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. The graph is not exactly the highest resolution but it is a good looking curve and the manifold works well at various boost levels. Just a solid product as to be expected from Doc Race.
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    04-12-2017, 10:41 PM
    "Ask any racer. Any real racer. It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning." Everyone remembers that quote from the first Fast and the Furious movie. You know, the movie that was about street racing and the scene that surrounded it? Well, something happened to the franchise. It shifted focus from car racing to action scenes. This was good for the box office but there is little remaining for car enthusiasts. The reason the Fast and the Furious originally appealed is that chase scenes, races, and awesome cars were the focus. The vehicle action scenes almost seem forced in the later movies. Bloomberg posted an excellent piece detailing how things changes. Let's just take a look at a few of their data points: You can read the full (and very well done) article here: At least there is room for a new movie or even franchise that is more centered around cars as the Fast and the Furious moved toward big budget action scenes and Hollywood starpower.
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    04-21-2017, 06:31 PM
    When you can no longer option your BMW M car with a manual transmission and an automatic is the only choice the conversion of the M brand from roadcourse to dragstrip will officially be complete. That is exactly where we are headed according to BMW M's VP of sales and marketing Peter Quintus. We already know the next generation F90 M5 will be available with a ZF automatic gearbox. Why? Because the unit is already tried and tested with the Audi C7 RS6 and RS7 which are all wheel drive models. The M5 going to all wheel drive puts more stress on the drivetrain and with all that twin turbo V8 torque a stout gearbox is needed. Why spend the money to develop a new dual clutch for the all wheel drive system when you can just plug in ZF's solution? That is exactly what Mercedes-AMG did with the W212 and W213 generation 4Matic E63's. Fine, they are cutting costs. No surprise there. However, the manual looks like it will follow the dual clutch out the door. That is not good: He also says the manual gearboxes can not cope with the torque which is a joke. He also takes a shot at American manual gearboxes which seem to have no trouble with big torque: Awful shift quality? Based on what? Also, how is the ZF automatic any lighter than a good manual gearbox? It isn't. It is heavier. So what the hell kind of logical argument is that? What this comes down to is that M is moving to all wheel drive to put the torque down and if the next generation M3 and M4 are all wheel drive they will simply plug in the ZF gearbox rather than develop a dual clutch. The DCT is still the enthusiast and performance choice and the manual is obviously the choice for driver interaction. Oh well, this is the new M. Source
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    04-11-2017, 03:12 PM
    Talk about some pretty impressive hardware! Evolve took their tuned F10 M5 to Vmax event which is essentially top end racing. Their ECU tuned F10 M5 did not shy away from some stout competition and it did incredibly well. C7 Audi RS6. The all wheel drive wagon gets the F10 M5 as it just goes WOT off the line but the M5 runs it down and passes easily. Just a much stronger top end pull: Next up is a tuned W205 C63 AMG S. The C63 just is outclassed: Now we get to the good stuff. How about a Pagani Huayra? The odds of ever seeing one are slim let alone getting a run with one. The Huayra features a 700 horsepower AMG M158 twin turbo V12. Yes, it can be tuned although this seems to be a stock example. It is blistering fast in stock form and only weighs 3064 pounds. The M5 and the Huayra are door to door but then the Pagani starts to edge at higher speeds. The BMW sedan really hangs in there well against an incredible exotic: Next up is a Lamborghini Huracan. It just does not have the top end pull to compete: Finally, a Porsche 991 Turbo S. The Porsche just rockets off the line and has a huge lead. The M5 has to run it down but begins to close the gap. It actually manages to catch up and pass. An event like this where the M5 can really stretch its legs is well suited to its strengths.
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  • TwistedTuning's Avatar
    03-27-2017, 10:06 PM
    Twisted Tuning's N54 Direct port Meth Injection Conversion Kit is an affordable and most durable option on the market for your N54 (N55 coming soon) for those enthusiasts that already have a meth injection system (whether in the chargepipe or Throttle body) and want to convert their system over to the PROVEN best method of secondary fluid injection. Link To Purchase: Made from CNC 6061 T6 Aluminum stock machined to spec with tight tolerances. Kit Includes: -Direct Port Plate -Lengthened mounting Studs and associated hardware -Gaskets -Tapped for 1/8th NPT Meth nozzles -6 Hypersonic Meth Nozzles w/holders and checkvalves -Fluid Distribution Block (main meth feed line connects to this to disperse fluid flow to 6 ports) -10 feet of 1/4" nylon hose -Anti-Siphon Solenoid Upgrade -Nine 1/4" push-lock fittings ***For other than 1/8th NPT port tapping please inquire ahead of time by emailing us at: so that we can discuss and try to accommodate your needs*** Direct Port injection is the best way for secondary injection of any fuel. Whether you are using the injection for cooling or for supplemental fueling to the Factory DI system. Direct port injection alleviates the worry for fluid distribution issues well known to the N54. **Nozzle mounting is located on the bottom side of the plate when mounted** **Plate is 25mm in thickness with thick runner bridges which prevents any warping from heat cycling and to promote a constant sealing surface to reduce chances of leaks**
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    04-01-2017, 07:53 PM
    With the 991.2 GTS model Porsche is taking their 3.0 liter flat-6 to a stated 450 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. What the GTS includes is larger turbochargers and new tuning compared to the standard 911 Carrera and Carrera S. The X51 package or Porsche Power Kit can be retrofitted by the dealer but only onto the S model. The 911 Carrera is left out in the cold for some reason (as many people would likely not buy the S if it was available) and the GTS of course has it standard. Let's take a look at the motors: 9A2 3.0 991.2 Carrera Horsepower: 370 Torque: 332 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 13.1 psi Bore x Stroke: 91mm x 76.4mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 Intercooler: Air to Air Turbos: 49mm compressor/45mm turbine 9A2 3.0 991.2 Carrera S Horsepower: 420 Torque: 369 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 16.0 psi Bore x Stroke: 91mm x 76.4mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 Intercooler: Air to Air Turbos: 51mm compressor/45mm turbine 9A2 3.0 991.2 Carrera GTS Horsepower: 450 Torque: 405 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 18.0 psi Bore x Stroke: 91mm x 76.4mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 Intercooler: Air to Air Turbos: 55mm compressor/48mm turbine Now, the engines are effectively all the same thing. Porsche is sharing parts and cutting costs. The only real difference is the turbocharger sizes, boost pressure, and tuning. The Carrera and Carrera S only differ by 2mm in turbo compressor size. The GTS however has a 6mm larger compressor and 3mm larger turbine. The difference on paper between the Carrera and S is supposed to be 50 horsepower: Carrera: Carrera S: It is roughly a 30 wheel horsepower difference which is not huge and easily mitigated and exceeded with minor modifications. The GTS will offer at least this much power and torque over the S. We do not have a dyno of one yet as it is not on the streets yet but expect over 400 horsepower to the wheels. If one is interested in power they should know that the base Carrera has the exact same engine internals as the other motors and can easily handle 450+ horsepower. Frankly, going to a set of hybrid turbos with larger wheels than the GTS will produce a lot more power at a fraction of the cost. How much more? We are going to have wait and find out.
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    03-28-2017, 05:12 AM
    It's time to recognize the S63TU as the king of the BMW turbo era motors. It may be a bit of a stump puller compared to previous generation M5 motors but all that torque sure makes for a package that moves especially with added boost. Which is good because it is moving 4300+ pound cars. It is a bit of a shame BMW does not put the engine in something lighter. Compared to the factory turbo BMW I6's the S63TU is more reliable and easier to hit higher horsepower levels with. We have yet to see what it is truly capable of with monster twins instead of hybrid turbo upgrades. This F10 M5 does not even have upgraded turbochargers but is running a JB4 with methanol injection and a backend flash tune. So how does it do? Incredibly well however the owner tends to do very quick honks and jump early. Whether it is cheating or not is up to you to decide. Run 1: An 800 hp C7 Z06. The M5 gets the lead due to a jump and holds it until letting off. Impressive. Run 2: What appears to be a stock 458 Italia. The Ferrari is demolished. Run 3: A turbo Coyote from On3 Performance. Sounds like it belongs to a girl which gives her bonus points except she gets smoked. Run 4: 5th gen Camaro. Nope. Just nope. Run 5: A Mclaren 570S although the McLaren doesn't seem to be ready. The car runs 135 stock, this race should look different. Run 6: 1100+ HP GT500. They say the GT500 is still looking for traction to this day. Run 7: A 900 hp turbo Coyote. This is the first car to really beat the M5 and pull a bit. They run twice and in the second run the M5 jumps early but the Coyote runs him down. Run 8: Some 1100+ hp 350Z with who knows what done to it. Sounds like an insane engine swap. It's fast. Very fast.
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    04-03-2017, 06:22 PM
    Well, it took a while but the S85 V10 is finally showing what it is capable of with a big blower. Note, this is with a Vortech YSI supercharger. Also note, this is a low compression 5.5 liter S85 V10 stroker build. The green line showing 793 wheel horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque at the wheels is at 10 psi on pump gas and meth. The red line showing 862 wheel horsepower and 599 lb-ft of torque at the wheels is at 12 psi with race gas and meth. They believe they are at about the limit of the blower but the YSI is known for being overspun and still making power. They think they can hit 900 whp with Ignite Red racing fuel and perhaps even more with the billet YSI wheel. Also interesting to note, Gintani usually does not advise boosting S65 or S85 stroker designs at least not with high boost. This is definitely a monster and with a DCT swap will usher in a new era of S85 V10 performance.
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    04-17-2017, 06:42 PM
    We expected a price in the $10k range and that is exactly what Porsche is pricing the 991.2 Carrera S Powerkit at. As you know, the 991.2 GTS models include the Power Kit as standard. What you get is 450 horsepower courtesy of larger turbochargers and new software. Additionally, a new brake cooling system along with the PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust) system and Sport Chrono with dynamic engine mounts are included. The kit will be available for retrofit for Carrera S models at Porsche dealers starting in June. What about the Carrera? It is left out because Porsche does not want Carreras stomping S and GTS models. PorscheBoost has a feeling that as soon as the part numbers get out there some enterprising base 991.2 owners will figure out a way to do the retrofit themselves without Porsche's blessing.
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    04-12-2017, 09:21 PM
    The BMW 335i N54 in the video features an unnamed single turbo conversion kit and is running E85. The Nissan GTR is said to have the AMS Alpha 7 upgrade package which is a fairly mild upgrade considering the car is still on the factory turbochargers. Furthermore, this GTR is on 91 octane pump fuel. It is hardly bringing its best to this fight. The 335i does win and pulls up top but is it really anything to be proud of to just edge a Nissan GTR with bolt ons on pump gas? There will be a rematch with the GTR on E85. Whatever happens, it can always get a turbo upgrade and make this race a waste of gas. GTR - Alpha 7 package, built trans, on 91 pump. 335i - Single Turbo, Full bolt ons, and E85.
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    04-10-2017, 02:50 PM
    Quadruple digit horsepower from the factory is a rarity even in today's golden age of horsepower. We may be at the zenith though if this rumor is true. Apparently, the Demon Hellcat will offer 1023 horsepower on race gas. That is insane. It is also entirely possible. The aftermarket is hitting 1000+ horsepower with the Hellcat. The motor is fully forged from the factory as well. If Dodge goes to a bigger twin screw blower as is rumored, 1000 horsepower on race gas is within reason. Here is the source of the rumor: <blockquote class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-version="7" style=" background:#FFF; border:0; border-radius:3px; box-shadow:0 0 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5),0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15); margin: 1px; max-width:658px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px); width:calc(100% - 2px);"><div style="padding:8px;"> <div style=" background:#F8F8F8; line-height:0; margin-top:40px; padding:31.75925925925926% 0; text-align:center; width:100%;"> <div style=" background:url(); display:block; height:44px; margin:0 auto -44px; position:relative; top:-22px; width:44px;"></div></div> <p style=" margin:8px 0 0 0; padding:0 4px;"> <a href="" style=" color:#000; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none; word-wrap:break-word;" target="_blank">The monster has finally broken cover. Here are the power figures: Power Mode 1: 757hp Power Mode 2: 815hp Power Mode 3 1023hp Now the last power Mode is achieved with only the following parameters in place: 1. Race Fuel: 100 octane or better 2. Crate PCM (crate purchased separately from the car for approximately $3,000) 3. Drag Mode Initiated, allowing higher RPM and broader power delivery in this drag mode... Car will break 9s stock and deep into 8s with few modifications just like the Hellcat has dipped into the 9s quite easily. Driving around town with 815hp from the 6.2L V8 is nuts. STOCK. @dodgeofficial has built a weapon of a car. Internals of the car have been significantly strengthened as is the biggest weakness of the Hellcat, the driveshaft. You will be able to push this car deep into 1000hp easily with the right modifications without the use of race fuel in power Mode 2, just how Hellcat owners have seen 1000whp with their cars. Dodge is one of those companies that listens to its customers and they have literally given us what we all want. I love my MOPAR vehicles just as much as my Italian exotics.....Mopar or no Car baby 🏎💨💨💨💨</a></p> <p style=" color:#c9c8cd; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; line-height:17px; margin-bottom:0; margin-top:8px; overflow:hidden; padding:8px 0 7px; text-align:center; text-overflow:ellipsis; white-space:nowrap;">A post shared by T H E D A R K E S T R I D E (@thedarkestride) on <time style=" font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; line-height:17px;" datetime="2017-04-09T13:12:29+00:00">Apr 9, 2017 at 6:12am PDT</time></p></div></blockquote> <script async defer src="//"></script> Too good to be true? We'll find out soon enough.
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    04-03-2017, 11:00 AM
    This is impressive considering the competition is a blown 6.2 liter Corvette LT4 V8 which runs over 130 miles per hour in the 1/4 mile stock. This is of course a longer 1/2 mile race which favors the car with more power. That car happens to be the F82 M4. Fuel-It! has their S55 port fuel injection system on the car as well as Pure Turbos Stage 2 S55 turbocharger upgrade. The car also has a BMS JB4, BMS intake, BMS charge pipes, and an ACF exhaust. The Z06 belongs to BMS and is an automatic with E30, a tune, intake, and 2.3 upper pulley. The run is recorded through the Corvette Performance Data Recorder which unfortunately only offers one camera angle but that angle is enough to show the M4 pull away easily.
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    04-03-2017, 12:40 PM
    GAD Motors does some really incredible builds and Mercedes-AMG work. Recently they swapped a built 5.8 liter M157 into an E-Class coupe effectively creating the monster E63 AMG Coupe Mercedes did not. Not much is beyond their ability so no reason to doubt them here although there are many questions. Unfortunately, getting answers from GAD Motors in Germany is difficult not only due to the language barrier but also because they do not have a strong internet presence. At least they do not in the USA. The dyno clearly shows 922 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque: Monster power and ahead of anything any other tuner has shown despite the numbers being at the crank and not at the wheels. How are they keeping the transmission together? How are they fueling it? What is the M178 fuel system limit? If they are upgrading the dual clutch transmission who is providing the parts and what are their capabilities? Also, what does all of this cost? Unfortunately, answers to these questions are not easy to come by.
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    03-30-2017, 10:51 AM
    The S63TU 4.4 liter M V8 continues to impress. If you want to make big power relatively easily with a modern turbo BMW motor, it's the way to go. The F10 M5 is in the 9's thanks to it and we are regularly seeing 800+ wheel horsepower monsters. This is yet another example. The car has upgraded clutch packs, Pure Stage 2 S63TU turbochargers, and a custom dyno tune: Downpipes Clutch upgrade stg2 MSR intakes charge pipes BMS meth kit JB4 ECU flash 100oct /2 gal of e85/ M1 That's it. The engine is still stock but reaching that edge where one might want to upgrade the rods for peace of mind.
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    04-15-2017, 05:13 PM
    Why is it important to point out that BimmerBoost member @NJ-M4 drives his F82 M4 daily? Because it shows his car is not some fragile dyno queen. He beats on it. He has the TPG Tuning S55 crank hub fix and thus far has not had any problems. Here are his thoughts on the matter: Let's hope we aren't jinxing him here but here is his full modification list: JB4 / Xona Rotor Turbos / Precision Tuning Custom Tune & Flash by Kevin Baldi/ AEM Meth Kit / Dodson Sportsman Clutches / GTS Trans Flash / Akrapovic Exhaust / DSS 1200 HP Axles / ER Downpipes / ER Chargepipes / Maximum PSI Intake / Bootmod3 / HRE R101s / Mickey Thompson 305 ET Street S/S rears and Bridgestone RE71R 275 fronts. He is making 690 horsepower to the tires: Solid power. Also solid track times: Does this mean he is in the clear or that the crank hub is a not a problem? No. Maybe he is just lucky. Maybe it also means that the hysteria surrounding the issue is overblown.
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    03-30-2017, 12:21 PM
    Vendors go about their online business in different ways. Some choose to stay out of it and just let their products do the talking. Others are very loud and constantly involved in social media and forum flame wars touting their product as the best. Often times those who yell the loudest are the most desperate for attention. Take Dime Racing as an example. Yes, the same Dime Racing that Weistec took to court. That matter has since been settled with undisclosed terms but Dime Racing continues to engage in some very shady behavior online. Last year Dime was caught trying to take credit for what was actually Weistec's performance on social media. Before that they used a Weistec dynograph claiming it was their own. Now they are going after Pure Turbos. Why? Because Pure Turbos entered the M177/M178 turbo upgrade market and is showing great results for less money. AMG modding is where Dime operates and a new competitor offering a better product for less money must be destroyed online rather than beaten through honest competition. The trolls were let loose: Pathetic, right? First they claim the Dynojet numbers are manipulated and a fabrication. Clearly someone needs to read the recent BoostAddict article on Dynojets vs. Mustang dynamometers. Secondly, they say Pure Turbos should 'prove it' and race them. Yes, seriously, they ask Pure Turbos to race a customer car without permission for some stupid internet grudge match. Pure Turbos being a responsible and professional company laughs this off and then the troll claims they backed out. Unbelievable. This goes on further where the Dime trolls imply this turbo upgrade will blow your motor. You get an idea of the pattern. The whole reason for this weak trolling attempt is to try to discredit a new option that is showing very well for less money. Pure Turbos is to be commended and let's just say we are all glad they do not race internet trolls in customer cars but instead let the performance numbers do the talking. This type of thing happens more often than you think. In the past, a tuner who took a similar approach was MHP and the owner actually asked BenzBoost to create troll accounts so the owner could go on a certain forum and try to undermine the competition. BenzBoost declined and MHP is now history. This same sort of thing is going on today with Dime having troll accounts on certain forums that specifically attack competitors. We know of a certain tuner that is sick of it and you can probably add @Pure Turbos to that list. Maybe Dime Racing has an M177 turbo upgrade that works now (Eurocharged dumped them due to issues). Maybe their tuner isn't committing felonies any longer. Maybe Rod Shegem ( is not stealing money. What is clear is that a black cloud and negativity seems to follow Dime Racing wherever they go.
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    03-25-2017, 10:54 PM
    BoostAddict member @The Ghost took his C6 Z06 to TX2K17 and had a bit of fun. His Z06 has upgraded heads, an aftermarket cam, intake, and is tuned on E85 ethanol. The car is in the ~600 whp range and definitely is making efficient use of its power. The first video has the Z06 run a single turbo N54 said to have a GT35R turbocharger. The Z06 dispatches it rather easily. Up next is another Z06 with a cam and bolt ons plus a 150 shot. Surprisingly, this Z06 has trouble until the bottle pressure is up at which point there is a good run between the two. This nitrous setup needs to be dialed in a bit better. A bolt on ZL1 LSA tries its luck next. The driver is either asleep or that car is a waste of gas. The second video below has more runs. First up is a second generation CTS-V LSA with bolt ons on E85. Not much of a race. Next up is a Honda S2000 with a Precision 6766 turbocharger. This is a light package that should be strong on the highway. It isn't. Another 335i joins in and possibly is single turbo. If so, it's time for a bigger turbo or a better setup. A GT350 Mustang tries its luck next. Suffice it say, time for boost. The final run is a ZL1 LSA with bolt ons and it holds off the Z06 when given the hit. A follow up run has the Z06 pull pretty easily. Overall, this is a very stout C6 Z06 for the mods stated.
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    04-07-2017, 04:11 PM
    A blown M3 S65 V8 should not be losing a roll on race to a naturally aspirated S65 V8. That is exactly what happens here though. Why? Well, several factors. To be noted, the supercharged M3 is an E93 convertible which is about 450 pounds heavier than the coupe. It also has a passenger that looks fairly hefty so let's just say the difference is 650 pounds or so. The E93 is also a 6-speed manual meaning it is at a shift speed disadvantage. The E92 M3 DCT has bolt on modifications and some weight saving measures. It belongs to BimmerBoost member @gzim335. He added Gintani E85 flex fuel tuning and says his car is much faster with the higher octane fuel and new tune. It is hard to argue with the result:
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    04-20-2017, 08:52 PM
    This race comes after a race from earlier this month that also featured the BMW F80 M3 Competition Package and Giulia Quadrifoglio except with the W205 C63 AMG S taking the place of the ATS-V. Well, as the C63 was the slowest of the trio anyway the American contender in the segment makes for a good replacement. As a reminder, the ATS-V and its LF4 3.6 liter twin turbo V6 is rated at 464 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque. As crank output in this group does not tell the whole story the ATS-V puts down about 438 rear wheel horsepower and 431 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on a Dynojet stock. Unfortunately, that isn't enough. The ATS-V gets smoked exactly as it should. It is the heaviest car of the trio. It traps roughly 114 miles per hour in the 1/4 mile so ignore the Cadillac test ringers. What you see here is a real world representation and the ATS-V is just overmatched. The M3 and the Quadrifoglio again are close with the Alfa Romeo edging. What about the trap speeds? The French at Motorsport Magazine don't know what those are.
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    03-30-2017, 01:31 PM
    This is the fastest BMW F82 M4 and S55 powered BMW to BimmerBoost's knowledge. Additionally, the first to top 140 miles of trap speed. This is some serious speed out of the platform and more than enough power to run 9's. Yes, the 60 foot is poor but TPG Tuning said the track was in bad shape and they could not get traction. The 2.377 short time definitely will inflate the trap a bit so with traction BimmerBoost would expect that trap to fall slightly: However, the era of 140+ mile per hour F80 M3's and F82 M4's is officially here and it bodes well for the future. They are definitely going to hit the track again and go for that 9 second pass. For now, this is the fastest the S55 has gone and congratulations to TPG Tuning for pushing the boundaries.
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    04-11-2017, 01:22 PM
    Almost 700 wheel horsepower here from the S55 motor. This car is on 100 octane race fuel but does not have supplemental methanol injection. The turbochargers are upgraded Pure Turbos Stage 2 S55 units. The result is 683 horsepower and 657 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. In what correction factor you ask? Well, that is not specified. Some of these 'tuners' need to get out of the habit of taking low resolution cell phone shots of graphs and simply posting full graphs with all the details: The F80 M3 also features upgraded DCT clutches and a back end flash to work with the BMS JB4 S55 piggyback. The intake is also upgraded as are the downpipes. Great peak numbers without any methanol band-aids.
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    04-01-2017, 11:31 AM
    Precision Raceworks is offering a group buy on their E-Series Elite Fueling solution. Considering how many BimmerBoost members are pushing the limits of their fuel system, this is definitely something they will want to look into. E-Series Elite Fueling Solution ***GROUP BUY*** This is for group buy with no limit on quantity at a price of $1,899.99 per kit or $2,199.99 with AIC Split Second Controller This is not a Pre-order, all orders will ship within 48hours of final payment We have had many customers wanting to single source a complete package of impeccable quality and a reasonable price. So here it is we are proud to offer the ELITE FUELING SOLUTION. This package contains everything needed to support hybrid twins, big single turbo cars, or any other need for fuel your e-series might have. This group buy will run for 6 weeks only then all orders will be full price. This will not be your typical group buy where you have to wait weeks or months or longer to get your product after the group buy ends. We are not using your money to fund a new product we have hundreds of satisfied customers right now. Final payment notices will be sent out 1 week prior end of group buy and will be due by Saturday May 13th 2017 We will ship all orders within 48 hours of final payment meaning all orders will ship Monday May 15th 2017 and or Tuesday May 16th 2017. You can join the group buy here by going to our website and paying a non-refundable deposit for your spot in the group buy. Share the link spread the word there truly is no limit of the number of kits we can sell. In the event we are up over 100 people we will expedite more inventory as needed. Precision Raceworks is selling the highest flowing fuel kit on the market capable of supporting all of your horsepower needs for a fraction of the cost of similar kits on the market. · This Elite Fueling Solution fits the following BMWs: 2008-2012 E82 BMW 135i & 135is 2007-2011 E90/E91 335i & 335xi N54 2007-2013 E92/E93 BMW 335i & 335xi 2011-2012 E92 BMW 335is
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    04-15-2017, 07:21 PM
    At one point people would have told you this was impossible to achieve. Yet, here we are. @MR747 managed to break into the 9's with his W204 C63 AMG using a 3.0 liter Weistec M156 twin screw supercharger. He did it with a stock internal M156. Note, this is not the P31 option with the stronger factory engine internals. That makes the achievement all the more impressive. Let's go over the mod list Ms109 fuel Stock Fuel system and Weistec stage 3 injectors Front and back seats out for weight loss Stock Bottom End Stock Heads 60mm Pulley IAH rebuilt gearbox Custom Ceramic Coated intake pipes MBH headers exhaust dropped at mufflers A little bit of weight loss but nothing too crazy there. He didn't even touch the heads. A great launch with a 1.565 60 foot deserves a fair share of the credit. Simply a remarkable achievement with more in it if he wants it:
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    03-26-2017, 12:25 AM
    Last month BenzBoost reported that Pure Turbos was working on a turbocharger upgrade for the new 4.0 liter M177 and M178 motors under the hood of the W205 C63 and C190 AMG GT respectively. Well, now we have the results for the M177. How does 634 horsepower and 608 lb-ft of torque at the wheels sound? On pump fuel no less? No methanol, no E85, just what you can easily run every day. The other modifications are downpipes and an aftermarket exhaust. That's it. Considering the heft of the C63 the added torque will be appreciated. Plus, F80 M3's are showing strongly so an M177 turbo upgrade is a good idea for W205 C63 owners who want to easily dispatch tuned competition. As for the M178 under the hood of the AMG GT, results for that will have to wait for now until someone does the upgrade.
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    04-05-2017, 04:41 PM
    This is some big news considering that the new turbocharged VR30DDTT 3.0 liter V6 is proving problematic for tuners. AMS is getting Infiniti USA's blessing (and likely the ECU codes) to tune Q50 and Q60 models creating an Alpha Red package. The AMS products will be offered through Infiniti's motorsport catalog. Furthermore, you will be able to order these products directly through a dealer. Whether that means you can finance the performance parts directly into the purchase of the car is not clarified. It also is not clarified how the warranty will be affected. Considering the factory output of the VR30DDTT and how hard its turbochargers are pushed no doubt one can expect turbo upgrades among the usual bolt ons. This is definitely a major coup for AMS and the Alpha brand.
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