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  • psmith95's Avatar
    Today, 01:14 AM
    Well i've been away from my car for about a week but coming back later this week. Unfortunately my mechanic is out of the country until early next week so plan is to continue doing what I had the last few days before leaving and just baby the car until he returns and can take a look. Figured someone on here might have an idea cause i'm kinda lost. So a few days before I left I noticed a clunking noise I could only hear at low speeds. At first thought I engine related but its completely independent of the engine speed. Sound increases in speed as the car increases, and is best heard between 15-40MPH.I'm thinking maybe either drivetrain or transmission? Leaning towards the latter. Weird thing is it's driving totally fine like nothing is wrong other than the noise. I haven't tried getting it into boost and driving it hard since noticing the noise though. Below is a vid I tried to capture the noise. Any help is greatly appreciated
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 01:37 PM
    Hey Sabs1815: :text-welcomewave:
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 02:01 PM
    Keo, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • berns's Avatar
    Today, 03:39 PM
    I hope the E90 will go on to a great owner and someone who's ready to take it to the next level! It will be a seriously awesome package, as not everything on the car is coming off. As for the 1, I'm going with more of a CSL approach. Light weight but streetable, likely some aero with a proper front splitter and rear wing. Many of the parts are swapping over, and some new bits will go on as well to ensure oil temps, IAT's and oil pressure stays safe for the track. The car is currently at BMW getting the turbos replaced under warranty -- figured I'd get that taken care of before I dig into the project. I'll go with a custom tune this time, to better aid the temps as well as push the graph as far to the right as I can with stock turbos. Once the car is fully sorted, I'll look into a small single kit from either Doc Race or Motiv. Talked with a body shop today about a possible 1M conversion as well, maybe just the front, but we'll see about doing the rear too. My ultimate goal is a 265 or 275 square setup, so there's lots to figure out to run that with these poorly designed stock 1 series fenders. More soon!
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  • FRNTHVY's Avatar
    Today, 03:34 PM
    FRNTHVY replied to a thread AD Engineering Review in N54
    I am surprised that Andy has not posted in this thread yet. Is that surprising to anyone else?
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  • bigdnno98's Avatar
    Today, 03:33 PM
    bigdnno98 replied to a thread VTT Shotgun Review in N54
    I love running meth too, for cooling mostly. It keeps the car so consistent.
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  • Beemin's Avatar
    Today, 01:45 PM
    Stick your head out the window or get a friend to help; does it sound like it's coming from one side of the car?
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  • Beemin's Avatar
    Today, 01:41 PM
    LOL perfect!
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  • Torgus's Avatar
    Today, 01:05 PM
    Pretty accurate!
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  • frmtl2_335i's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 PM
    frmtl2_335i replied to a thread AD Engineering Review in N54
    It is really sad that we have such shitty vendors, unprofessional, disrespectful, lying vendors in this platform. Seems like he takes care here and there of small orders, and they people who give him thousands of dollars get ignored. Some of u might not be aware, but andy also has Ken's car for over a year and it's not close to being done yet. Over a year for a built motor, and the 4l80 swap... Does anyone else wonder what is he really doing/not doing? I know other people that have waited 6-7 months for an intercooler, and another guy that purchased a built motor back in january as well, but he is "afraid" to speak up. I have asked for pictures, or proof of what has been done so far and I get ignored, or he says he will send a bunch of pics and nothing. Supposedly my motor was finally going to be assembled and ready to be shipped by end of june. Nothing happened. We set a deadline and it was supposed to ship no later than July 12. Guess what, the night before my "oil pan" had a crack and couldn't finish the build. Two weeks go by, and then all of the sudden, my head that was supposedly done back in may, had some lifters stuck and the cnc head was no good anymore lol. Mind you he said he was working on my engine nonstop to get it out by the end of the week bcuz we agreed if not done that week he will issue a refund. I keep asking for proof, pictures of the "cracked" oil pan, "damaged" head, any work that has been done so far, and I get nothing but more excuses and asking for more time because "other" vendors bail out on him and he gets screwed and delayed. There is a lot more details to the story but I don't have that much time to go over all of it... not sure if I mentioned here that before I sent payment in january I asked how long the process would take, and he said 6 week turn around. I was surprised. I sent the first check, two weeks later I decided to upgrade my stock rebuilt head to a built cnc head. He said my head was almost done and he would have to start with a new core. He asked for more money to buy parts (valvetrain) and I sent the second check. A few weeks go by, I asked for eta, he said march 20th, then nothing happen. Then it was beginning of april, no reason why. No communication for weeks...finally got Todd to ask him to contact me... he said things finally came in and it should ship in may....I asked for pics and he went MIA. I waited, waited, and pissed off at this point, messaged them again, he said he is working on it and should be good to go around Jun 20th, then nothing. That's when he said he needed 3 more weeks, July 12th came around and u can see the excuses I'm getting now up above. Still no pictures, no communication, last week I requested refund, but I'm giving him till this Monday coming up to provide a WORKING tracking number before I file a lawsuit.
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  • ///MPOSTER's Avatar
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  • Abacus38's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM
    Yup the extra exhaust volume you get from e85 makes a big difference!
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  • Torgus's Avatar
    Today, 11:38 AM
    New format sucks, they never should have changed it. Political correctness with ISIS and other BS. Nice numbers from the Docrace kit!
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  • Blown6's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 AM
    Mid 10s right. No lumpy idle, no e85 needed. Just sticky rears some 93-94 and maybe some downpipes with the tune. Stock turbos. I am sure cts-v is over 6-7k with labour, tuning, drag radials etc....
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  • quattr0's Avatar
    Today, 10:41 AM
    What he's saying is we're fscked as the boot loader is locked/protected w password with encryption that needs quantum computer to decrypt. I wonder if it works like phones where developer would just root the kernel to bypass the boot loader? I know "just root" is not simple but I'm thinking its the same process?
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  • xShadows's Avatar
    Today, 10:35 AM
    I made 560whp on the same boost level, but only pump gas. Major difference is they made almost 100 ft/lbs more torque. Just goes to show up much e85 actually does help on the same kit, same turbo, just different fuel.
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  • subaru335i's Avatar
    Today, 10:27 AM
    That isn't true. As far as I have seen they are still mid 10s car with stock turbos and weight reduction. The few ones in the 9s don't have full interior and have upgraded turbos (Pure stage 2 are $5k) plus supporting mods. AANND they are barely in the 9s at like 9.99 F10 M5's are fast but still its not that easy.
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  • BoostAddict's Avatar
    Today, 09:34 AM
    Price reduced to 21,500obo. Sticky if possible I would like the op edited to reflect that.
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  • Sticky2's Avatar
    Today, 09:34 AM
    Sticky2 replied to a thread AD Engineering Review in N54
    I think you raise issues of importance but I can only find out what is going on and act from there. I don't want to pile on right now with my own billing issues so let's get this resolved and find out what is going on.
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  • Simmi15's Avatar
    Today, 09:13 AM
    Simmi15 replied to a thread AD Engineering Review in N54
    He is referring to his fabricator, Lucas Duke I believe is his name. He is on instagram under @dukefab P.s. Lucas has a badass 2jz TH400 S15 if you take a good look at his instagram, and if you are starting to think he outsources his fabrication, it's not true because Lucas works at the horsepower barn/ADengineering location.
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  • frmtl2_335i's Avatar
    Today, 09:01 AM
    frmtl2_335i replied to a thread AD Engineering Review in N54
    Sticky how is this any different than what JerryT was doing? Taking lots of people's money, cutting communication after he has received payment, saying it has shipped or will be shipped asap, then going MIA.
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  • 1dirty5's Avatar
    Today, 08:22 AM
    1dirty5 replied to a thread For Sale: Fuelit FPR & Return Lines in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Still on Sale ?
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  • vladi627's Avatar
    Today, 07:30 AM
    Glad you posted this Sticky. Planning to get a tune sometime in the near future and BPM was one I was going to look at. I'll admit it, I'm a noob when it come to tuning so it definitely helps that I can come here and find out about these sort of things before wasting my money.
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  • 93siro's Avatar
    Today, 05:25 AM
    93siro replied to a thread VTT Shotgun Review in N54
    Too close? ��
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  • 93siro's Avatar
    Today, 05:24 AM
    93siro replied to a thread VTT Shotgun Review in N54
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  • 0-60Motorsports's Avatar
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