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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 11:32 PM
    This will be something we will see more and more of over the coming years and one of the more interesting battles in the BMW performance scene in the opinion of BimmerBoost. We have BMW's newest turbocharged M car going against the M car it replaced. As you well know the E90 M3 comes with a naturally aspirated S65 4.0 liter V8 that revs to 8400 rpm from the factory. It makes much less power (roughly 70 wheel horsepower) than the turbocharged 3.0 liter S55 direct injected inline-6 engine in the new F80 M3. It becomes a complete mismatch when the S55 gets a tune such as the JB4 on this particular car. The thing is, what happens when you boost the older M car? This E90 M3 gets boost for its S65 V8 courtesy of an ESS VT2-625 supercharger kit. The high revving naturally aspirated V8 responds quite well generating in the area of 600 wheel horsepower depending on the supporting modifications, fuel, and tune. It is making this horsepower with far less torque than the S55 inline-6 however. This is a race won by top end power and with a centrifugal blower top end power is exactly what the E90 M3 offers. The F80 M3 comparatively offers much more low end torque and has a curve shifted far more to the left than to the right. It is two different M engine philosophies at work here and both are effective. The supercharged E90 M3 wins this round but as tunes and supporting mods evolve for the F80 M3 it will compete with stock internal supercharged E90 M3's on its stock turbochargers. It will also be interesting how it does against the E90 M3 with turbos instead of a centrifugal supercharger. The E90 M3 only has in the 370 lb-ft of peak wheel torque range compared to the 550+ wheel torque this JB4 tuned F80 M3 is capable of generating. Yet it is where that torque is generated that determines the outcome here. Top end horsepower rules this race. No doubt enthusiasts will debate the approaches here. Both are viable. However, more displacement and higher revs with a torque curve that continues to increase toward redline is hard to beat in a race like this. The older M cars are hardly obsolete. They're incredible. E90 M3 - ESS VT2-625 SC, Akra GT4, 100/91 oct blend F80 M3 - Catless downpipes, full Akra Exhaust, JB4 Map 7, 100/91 oct blend P.S. Iphone videos of races like this make us cry.
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  • GiveEmTheDD's Avatar
    11-03-2014, 11:13 AM
    Hi everyone, First let me give a well deserved shout out to @wedge1967, and @ BuraQ for helping me dial in the car over the last 3 weeks. Little bit of background about the car. 2010 e92 335XI, daily driven. Over the last year and a half i have been building the car piece by piece. I had been working with a well known tuner via e-tune, we made adjustments after every mod, fuel change and most recently RB's. The car felt great with the RBs installed and new tune, I figured with the season coming to a close, i may as well get it to the strip. Honestly, the car felt smooth, and strong (much better than the COBB OTS) and based on prior maps, i expected nothing less. The best run i was able to pull out was 11.9 at about 119 mph. Not disappointed, but i figured maybe something was "missing." In walk Wedge/BQ. I reached out to Wedge we looked over some old logs, dyno etc and the first thing he said was, "We might not be able to do any better, those guys know what they're doing, but we can try!" 2 weeks ago, I road tripped back to the track (about 68 miles, 130 miles round trip) using the 3rd revision from Wedge. The change in results were DRASTIC. The best run of the day was 11.624 @ 121.130 MPH. The car ran fantastic, consistently running between 11.6s-7s all day. Fast forward to today: Made the long trip back, with a few more revisions. Best pass of the day 11.363 @ 122.66 MPH. The car felt STRONG, made 6 passes all between 11.363-11.455. Little background about the car, the only thing that changed on my car is the TUNE. Fuel ratio has stayed the same, no parts have been swapped out, I drive this car daily to work, to the gym, around town using this map. Thanks again @Wedge1967, cant wait to see what we can do next!
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  • BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 06:14 PM
    E90 M3 - ESS VT2-625 SC, Akra GT4, 100/91 oct blend F80 M3 - Catless downpipes, full Akra Exhaust, JB4 Map 7, 100/91 oct blend
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  • Flinchy's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 11:51 AM
    allegedly stock bottom end, no mention of head work, completely changed hot-air-intake.. and somehow 100% E85? ED: looking at the graph, struggling to believe, as it's holding 600whp+ to basically 7k...
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  • WedgePerformance's Avatar
    11-13-2014, 09:18 PM
    Just wrapped up a dyno session on my E92 AT over at PSI in Portland. Mods include COBB v3, BQ/WP Advanced Tuning Map, VRSF DP, AFE Stage II Pre DCI, ER CP, FORGE DVs, HPF 7" FMIC, RB PCV, Aquamist HFS4, Factory Catback w/MidCats, FFTEC 455 LPBP. Fuel - E85 mixed with 92 octane. Around E40. 100% Meth flowing @ 800ml per minute. Although there is probably a few more HP in there with E60 but my HPFP can't handle the fuel demand at higher ethanol content with the torque we are making. Dyno room temps were in the low 60's with one small fan. We have made a few torque related changes from the (488rwhp) pull we made on the DynoDynamics dyno. More advance, leaner air/fuel ratios, slightly different torque driver settings to allow for torque to ramp up slower making the car much more drive-able. If I had more time I would have scaled my timing back as the car seems to like 12 ramp to 13. I think I would have made more power as my timing might have been more consistent. Every car is a bit different... and this was a max effort setup and the car delivered 484rwhp. So it's time to back it down to a happy 12 deg where it should still make very impressive stock turbo numbers if not more power. I think with upgraded intake plumbing, upgraded HPFP, and E85 with meth we could see 500rwhp from stock turbos. Do I think it's worth the effort? Nope... RB Turbo's will be next on my list of upgrades. Stock Turbo Dynojet World Record... What's even more impressive, it was done with an automatic... Special thanks to BuraQ... Wouldn't be here today without you bro. <- LOG ->
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  • Sales@vargasturbotech's Avatar
    10-27-2014, 02:57 PM
    Despite our best efforts to get our shop car running properly in time for the event we decided not to run the car at all this past weekend. The #2 cylinder is leaking down over 25% and we will be putting another stock motor in shortly to continue development so we just cruised down to Coalinga to spectate. Here are some photos from the event. Hope you all have a great week! It will be a very busy and exciting one for us as we continue to assemble / ship the Stage 2+ N54 turbos and are awaiting testing of the world's first S55 turbo upgrade :music-rockout:.
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  • quing's Avatar
    10-31-2014, 08:59 PM
    Hello all, I rarely post on the forums but a few months ago after one of my stock turbo went dead, I decided it time to upgrade! I contacted Todd Cope at The Horsepower Barn in Washington for their AD Engineering Single PTE 6262 Turbo Kit. The price was right and it the quality of the kit looks very good so I went ahead and ordered it. It took about three months for me to get the kit but it was due to the carbon fiber intake tube that needs to be custom made from scratch so it took a while but it was well worth the wait. I had Sammy installed the kit for me since he has done a ton of turbo swaps and knows what’s he doing when it comes to BMWs and cars. Two days of hard work and he’s was done with the transplant of my motor. The turbo is in and the engine is back in its engine bay. We quickly put it on the dyno to have Jake at Motiv remote dyno tune the car. There were some issues with my spark plugs and 02 sensors so after a many pulls Jake called it a night and we ended up with 480hp/430tq on pump. Jake said the turbo is very efficient and we still have a lot of room for more power after I get all the little bugs taking care of. Overall I am very happy to get my car back and that everything went smoothly. When I got behind the steering and start driving the car for the first time, it felt really smooth until at about 4k rpm when the wastegate open, the car just screams power. It’s a blast to drive my car again now. My buddy who was driving behind me said my car sounded like a bike, it’s loud. I even let my buddy who owns a c6 Z06 drove the car and he was impress! He’s a BMW hater but after driving my car his impression was he really like it a lot and said it feels faster than when it had it FBO with E85 stack with JB4 and custom tune. He actually wants to buy a 335i now after driving my car. When you put the hood after driving the car hard the engine bay feels a lot cooler after compared to the stock twins. I am still working with Jake to dial the tune to get more power on pump so I’ll update you guys when I make more power. I managed to get a video of the dyno run but no graph :( . A lot of thanks to: Todd Cope and Andy Divers at The Horsepower Barn & AD Engineering Sammy at Sammy’s Auto Services Jake at Motiv
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  • Ingeniator's Avatar
    11-02-2014, 04:37 AM
    Gents, Starting to plan out the built engine I want to eventually get to 9K but would be happy to see any increase in powerband. I have read through some of the past posts but I wanted a new thread to limit the clutter. Looking for input from @alex@ABRhouston @MikeB@FFTEC @Mike@VAC. others with experience on this kind of thing. So I'm looking at perceived problems. Open DeckI know full sleeves were looked at to fix the open deck. But it is hard to justify the expense with no failures. What I want to know is has anyone looked at a block brace or pinning. Properly done with cylinder honing it may be a good interim step. We already have Iron sleeves. My concern is heat but proper scalloping and drilled holes may maintain enough coolant flow. Valve trainThis is already beat to deathI think. I mainly just want confirmation that the new valves are light weight enough to do 9K. We also need springs that can handle high backpressure but are going to handle the high rpm. Not sure how the current options compare to S54 spring options but it may be a lead. Bottom EndA Blueprinted and balanced rotating assembly will be important but we need to reduce mass but maintain strength not sure how the current parts stack up on this but I want confirmation on what you think the rpm limit will be numbers wise. If we can't get there with current parts what are you thinking we need. Also are we using gapless rings yet. The biggest thing hurting reliability right now on the high boost motors is crankcase pressure. I want to fix that with a dry sump or vacuum pump but reducing blow by is important. AccessoriesNot sure what will start failing at this engine speed. My biggest concerns would be the oil pump and HPFP. I'm planning on dry sump by the time I try and push the redline this much. The HPFP is a question mark? @Tony@VargasTurboTech do you have any input when you were shotgun testing? I think with the oil pump removed and possibly the hpfp you can improve the cam chain setup to make it a little more robust to rpm. Vacuum pump is another one but it isn't needed on a standalone boost control car with manual brakes. I think the alternator may be alright if not the pulley size can be scaled up a bit. Looking forward to what you guys have to say. Thanks
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  • cloakedm3's Avatar
    11-06-2014, 11:49 AM
    the old spec did not want to play with the 6766 very long we put it on the high setting so we will see how it does looks like mixed reviews on what works best
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    11-16-2014, 09:14 PM
    Was able to line up with LongBoarder for a friendly battle of the platforms... The F80 won this round. :)
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  • fastgti69's Avatar
    11-10-2014, 11:36 PM
    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on and posting much lately. Just lurking around reading posts here and there. @Terry@BMS and I hit up the dyno Couple weeks ago right before SS 1/2 Mile event. Did some pulls to see how we stand on this new turbo and how it looks. I did the usual e40 blend and 100% Meth. I really like this turbo, it's not much difference at all from the 6465 in terms of response and spool. Map 7 (23Psi) did 670whp, compared to 630whp run on same boost from the 6465 1.00ar. I was already pleased with the gains there between the two turbos. We decided to slowly turn up the boost and keep testing. At 26 Psi we made 712 whp, topping my previous record of 709whp with the 6465 1.00ar at 29 psi. We decided to turn it up some more, as usual of course ;). At 29 psi we made a solid 753 whp. :music-rockout: We decided to turn up the boost again, but this time a transistor shorted in the DME. That ended the day for testing higher psi with the 6767. Nothing new when it comes to the older DME in the 2007, I was happy to get it working though. A day before SS, I wasn't having a good time. Worked hard to find transistors from a local store, after I luckily found them. Sebastian@Specialty Z helped with the soldering on the DME board, I didn't want to do it myself as I didn't feel comfortable. Anyways, I will turn up the boost and test again soon. This time with the CPE Port Injection and full E85 to test the limits of the turbo and the port injection using high hp applications. Again, this couldn't happen without the help of Burger Motorsports and @Terry@BMS himself. Here is a comparison between my highest three WHP from different testing and turbos. 6465 .84ar @ 26 psi - 669whp 6465 1.00ar @29psi- 709whp 6767 .84ar @29psi- 753whp
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:54 AM
    Another round in the war of new gen M3 versus previous gen M3. Last month a race was posted showing a supercharged E90 M3 pulling a tuned F80 M3. This of course got fanboys in a tizzy with the latest and supposedly greatest M getting pulled by the car it replaced. Now the F80 M3 in that previous run was not the BMS F80 M3 test car. The car in this video is Burger Tuning's own car and Terry Burger certainly can be more aggressive with his own car than a customer's car as he tests out various tunes. This much is a given. The E92 M3 is running an ESS-Tuning kit which although a solid offering is not the most aggressive supercharged setup available or forced induction setup available. Especially considering this car was in daily driver mode and not kill mode meaning the VT2-650 was more like the majority of ESS supercharged cars and putting out power in the mid 500 range on pump fuel. The F80 M3 wins this round and the conclusion is the same as before: It is two different M engine philosophies at work here and both are effective. The supercharged E90 M3 wins this round but as tunes and supporting mods evolve for the F80 M3 it will compete with stock internal supercharged E90 M3's on its stock turbochargers. We will see more aggressively tuned F80 M3's out there and there are more aggressively tuned E9X M3's out there. Back and forth we will go on the stock internals but ultimately the victor has already decided. Which platform that is BimmerBoost leaves up to you to figure out.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    11-17-2014, 10:11 PM
    Hey guys, Finally got a handle on the false knock issue and was able to strap the car down for a few higher boost dyno runs. We went with a "small" Precision 6266 G2 turbo for to keep low end response strong and I'm really happy we did. This thing drives great with instant torque almost anywhere. The little turbo puts out some decent power up top too. These runs are on 50% race gas and meth. Up next we'll be converting the car over to 100% E85 using our port injection setup and hopefully can squeeze a little more power out of it.
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  • EvanL's Avatar
    11-17-2014, 06:12 PM
    Cold weather has officially set in up here in the Great White North, which is giving my car fits on cold starts with E85 blends. Following off of SAE research presented in 2009-01-0620, approximately 3x the amount of fuel injected during a cold start is necessary when using E85 versus gasoline to compensate for the vapor pressure differential in cold weather. Seeing as the Fuel Open Loop tables are not yet defined in ATR or any of the XDFs I've seen for TunerPro, it appears we're currently sitting at a dead end with respect to fixing this issue with a DME flash until Cobb or someone with major WinOLS skills can crack the table. I can't imagine I'm the only person driving a N54 in cold climates with an E85 blend so the question becomes, what other solutions have been brought to the table to fix this issue?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 08:42 AM
    Seeing what the big magazines pick as their favorite driver's car is always interesting. Last month MotorTrend took their shot at it with a ten car field and settled on the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 as the best driver's car in all the land. Now it is time to get a British perspective on the matter. Autocar decided on a 12 car field. They usually field 10 cars but made an exception in 2014. There are some big name omissions one of which is the Lamborghini Huracan as Lamborghini declined their invitation (the raging bull is afraid?) and the Z28 is absent. Autocar's 12 car field is as follows and ordered by laptime: 1. Ariel Atom 3.5R – 1min 10.7sec 2. Ferrari 458 Speciale – 1min 11.9sec 3. McLaren 650S – 1min 12.9sec 4. Porsche 911 GT3 – 1min 13.1sec 5. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray – 1min 14.3sec 6. Jaguar F-type R coupι – 1min 14.3sec 7. Vauxhall VXR8 GTS – 1min 14.9sec 8. BMW M4 – 1min 16.8sec 9. Porsche Cayman GTS – 1min 17.4sec 10. Alfa Romeo 4C – 1min 17.7sec 11. Renault Mιgane RS 275 Trophy – 1min 19.4sec 12. BMW i8 – 1min 19.4sec This is how Autocar ended up scoring the cars as far as driving pleasure: 1. Ferrari 458 Speciale – 16 points 2. Ariel Atom 3.5R – 19 3. Porsche 911 GT3 – 27 4. Porsche Cayman GTS – 33 5. McLaren 650S – 39 6. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray – 43 7. Renault Mιgane RS 275 Trophy 54 8. BMW i8 – 64 9. BMW M4 – 78 9. Vauxhall VXR8 GTS – 78 11. Jaguar F-type R coupι – 80 12. Alfa Romeo 4C – 93 The Ferrari 458 Speciale takes the victory over the Ariel Atom although the Atom is really nothing more than a street legal go-kart. The 458 reigns supreme but it is interesting to note some of the comments by Autocar on the vehicles. The M4 is said to be somewhat of a one trick pony always wanting to go sideways. Yes, the M3/M4 are more about muscle than finesse now. The i8 is said not to be a sports car and its handling changes based on the charge of the batteries. It is said to be better on the road and out of character in the competition which is a shame. The Corvette feels like it got a bit robbed here. A judge scored it as high as second yet it finishes in 6th place? Another judge stated out of all the cars the Corvette is the one he would want to race on the track. So again, what is with the sixth place finish with all the glowing praise? It is surprising the McLaren 650S gets beaten by a full second by the Ferrari. Especially considering its twin turbo V8 is boosted to 650 horsepower now. The Castle Combe track seems a bit short but Autocar feels it is a good test and a 'fast' track. The 458 Speciale is Britain's best driver's car of 2014 according to Autocar. The full video breakdown is below:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-30-2014, 03:12 AM
    10's are just around the corner for the S55 powerlpant people and that is not surprising. This is the quickest F82 M4 and S55 powered car in the world currently thanks to its 11.18 @ 123.56 pass. TPG Tuning is claiming this is the fastest M4 in the world although an F80 M3 has gone 126 in the 1/4 mile. So, technically, it is the fastest F82 M4 for now but not the fastest S55 powered car as that belongs to an F80 M3. Additionally, TPG Tuning is taking a lot of credit for this while forgetting an F80 M3 has gone faster and I think we all know it is really the JB4 tune from BMS doing the majority of the work here. What readers really should take away is that 10's are coming for the F82 M4 and F80 M3 with the right combination of modifications, traction, conditions, and someone brave enough to use launch control to get out of the hole. The 1.6596 60 foot certainly is impressive as it is without launch control. Modifications are: BMS JB4 with a custom map Race Fuel Hoosier Drag radials
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  • BoostAddict's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 03:43 PM
    Hey everybody, I just wanted to show you guys a diff lockdown brace I produced. I originally built this as a one off for BuraQ back in 2012. The goal was to have an affordable, durable, and easily installed unit. The results worked out as expected, minimized wheel hop and created an overall tighter feeling rear end. The brace attaches to the bottom two differential cover bolts, and up to the subframe. No modification/drilling is needed. The subframes have holes there already. Coming from the 350z and e36 community, it was not uncommon for people to run braces like this with great result. As more people are starting to make big power, I thought it was time to start producing these. The braces are hand made here in the USA out of steel. They are TIG welded, then finished with a black epoxy coating. The Braces will also include 304SS hardware. I test fit every single brace made before coating to ensure fitment. That is a testament to how fast and easy installation is. -Justin Price is $199 + Shipping Notes: 1) 135i Fitment has been confirmed. Also see note 2. 2) Fitment is for large diff cars only at this time 3) For anybody interested in ordering, please confirm that the subframe hole locations are in the same position as marked in red in the picture below. 4) For International Orders please PM me so I can setup a Paypal Invoice and give you a shipping estimate. Install Video:
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  • wtfmarine's Avatar
    11-05-2014, 03:03 PM
    Well that didn't end well lol. Coolant hose popped off. Do real damage. Well I almost shit my pants. I will edit this when I get home. Just waiting for everything to cool off.
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  • boostedmaserati's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 12:56 AM
    boostedmaserati started a thread TPG goes 11.1! in S55
    Unconfirmed fastest time at 11.1. These are great guys and have done lots of work on some of my cars, they are a force to be reckoned with!
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  • BuraQ's Avatar
    11-10-2014, 11:35 PM
    Here are the forewarning tell tail signs of a failing driveshaft on a N54 with DCT 1) "Excessive" vibration when car begins to spool between 2500k - 4000k RPMs 2) A Clacking sound or knocking sound, on launches, or hard acceleration on turns, as though something is slipping and not gripping, coming from the passenger side rear wheel. It can easily be mistaken for a bad CV joint on the half shaft 3) Your car stops moving and you hear grinding noise underneath your car :lol: stop pressing on the gas pedal and just call a tow truck Where does it break ? Here is another view. It is severed within the shaft circular area that houses bearings How many did I break ? 3 Is it tuned related ? Not really, I have witnessed first hand it breaking on an all stock car which was a lease. Yes, the drive was an aggressive driver and loved to spin the wheel in 1st and 2 second. Gears most common for it to make it fail ? 1st and 2nd gears regardless of wheel hop or not. the more torque the quicker to fail Does wheel hop cause it ? Yes and no. Wheel hope is a contributor to it failing, it all depends oh how severe the wheel hop is. The first one I broke was on a wheel hop with no warning signs. The later driveshaft rarely to no wheel hop and it started to fail. Roll racing is perfectly fine starting from 3rd gear. Just keep away from 1st and 2nd gear WOT Solutions ? see posts below as this thread develops for more information (technically I am too tired to type solutions) All vendors can contribute their solutions. However, please respect other vendor' solutions and opinions :) . Just suggest your own products or ideas without have to directly or indirectly involve another vendor. No hitting below the belt, no ear biting, no sucker punches allowed
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    11-05-2014, 11:22 AM
    Tony@VargasTurboTech started a thread 3's a crowd in N54
    Got a lot of construction going on right now and had to move all the motors outside for a the day, seemed like a good photo op. left to right Stage 2+, Stage 3, in house shop project..:naughty:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-31-2014, 07:01 PM
    Introducing the new GTRS4 BMW F82 M4 widebody kit from Vorsteiner. The kit is similar in style to their GTRS3 widebody kit most have seen for the E92 M3. Vorsteiner gives the F82 M4 very aggressive wide rear fenders as they did with the E92 M3 which certainly makes the car look much more aggressive. The photos certainly looks great and the design is solid. BimmerBoost will give impressions on how the kit looks (and the fitment) in person at the SEMA show in Las Vegas next week where the kit will makes its official debut.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    11-13-2014, 05:57 PM
    The BMW S1000RR is an absurdly fast bike in stock form capable of trapping in the tall 140's. Beating one is a very tall order for any street car in stock form let alone tuned. This S1000RR is tuned though by BrenTuning and also features a full Akrapovic exhaust. That should easily push it well into the 150+ trap speed range in the 1/4 mile. Procharged Vettes are of course capable of hitting those trap speeds but require a built motor and a ton of boost. We do not know the specs on this C6 only that based on the result the blower needs to move quite a bit air if the owner wants to run with this bike.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 10:32 AM
    Now this is a pretty big deal. Everyone is obviously aware of Underground Racing twin turbo V10 builds and the absurd amount of horsepower they put out. What makes the magic happen is not just their hardware but sophisticated tuning. Their tuning by John Reed using a Motec standalone in conjunction with the factory DME had no real rival... until now. Syvecs released a standalone ECU that is completely plug in play with Audi R8 and Lamborghini V10 motors. It also supports the V8. Now what is the big deal? Well the big deal is it replaces the factory computer while supporting all factory functions. That means no compromises or loss of creature comforts. Additionally, the Syvecs standalone is capable of controlling the direct injection system. That in of itself is impressive. However, the standalone is capable of controlling 20 injectors in total. That means you can have a direct injection system combined with a port injection system to provide fuel for a big horsepower turbo build. Now you see the big deal? In theory now anyone can put together a turbo kit themselves as tuning options have opened up along with fueling options. Maybe we will finally see what the R8 V8 can do as well now that it can finally have the fuel that has held back built motor turbo setups. Now what about the other features? Here is a quick rundown: - 12 on the fly adjustable maps vis OEM controls - Flex fuel control - Cruise control - Rolling anti-lag - Launch control system which builds boost at the line - Onboard datalogging - Adjustable traction control system vis OEM controls Now that all sounds pretty awesome. What sounds even more awesome is that the Audi/Lamborghini R8 and Gallardo tuning world has opened up and we should see prices tumble. Not to take away anything from Underground Racing as they are the premier option on the platform but competition is a good thing. Well done Syvecs, much respect from the performance tuning community.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    11-08-2014, 10:36 PM
    GM had a great showing at SEMA with plenty of exciting cars. What stood out though was this beautiful monster. The upcoming 2015 Chevrolet Z06 convertible is a work of art. This particular example has the gorgeous Laguna Blue paint as well as the optional Z07 package. Those are carbon ceramic brakes you see as well as carbon fiber aerodynamic pieces designed for increased downforce on the track. This is one convertible that will be right at home on the roadcourse. In person the Z06 definitely looks more aggressive than the standard Stingray and the wider hips also add sexiness. The C7 design is simply beautiful and the Z06 takes it to the next level. You already know all about the 650 horsepower LT4 supercharged V8 as well as the 8L90 8-speed automatic that is available as an option. GM hit it out of the park with this car especially if the performance is as good as the styling (which it will be).
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 07:32 AM
    Interesting tune only matchup here of the new turbocharged F80 M3 and F82 M3. Both cars of course share the same 3.0 liter direct injected S55 inline-6 turbo motor. The only modification to each car is a tune with the camera car being the F80 M3 with the BMS JB4 tune. The BMS JB4 car is running on Map 7. The ECU Tuning Group car has their tuning solution which they claim adds 89 horsepower and 96 lb-ft of torque. BimmerBoost has not seen any dyno sheets or timeslips backing up their claims as is the general trend for ECU Tuning Group products. BimmerBoost has seen dyno sheets for the BMS JB4 tuned S55 motors and they are over 500 wheel horsepower. Dynosheets are one thing and putting that power down in practice is another. In practice, the JB4 car simply pulls away (although it does start early). One sided race:
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    Yesterday, 10:48 AM
    Finally some independent performance numbers for the new Corvette Z06! MotorTrend got their hands on what is the hottest new performance car of 2015 and came away very impressed. They tested the car and got 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and a 1/4 mile pass of 11.3 @ 126.2. Chevrolet themselves claimed 127 mile per hour trap speeds for the car. They also claimed a 1/4 mile elapsed time of 10.95 for the auto with the manual 3/10's behind this so MotorTrend's numbers are right where they should be based on Chevy's claims. That said, the 8-speed 8L90 automatic will be quicker and faster than this. We expect it to be well into the 10's at over 130 miles per hour especially once owners get them to the strip. MotorTrend is not exactly known for their skill at extracting performance on the drag strip. The car is obviously about more than just acceleration. The figure eight time of 22.5 seconds only trails the million dollar Porsche 918 Spyder. The Z06 sure starts to look like a hell of a performance bargain in that company. MotorTrend states the curb weight is 3533 pounds. This is right at the claimed GM figure of 3524 pounds. Spot on and impressive considering it was expected to gain quite a bit more weight than the Stingray. Weight distribution is 51/49 front to back compared to the Stingray 49/51. MotorTrend concludes with the car being just as fast but more composed and enjoyable than the C6 ZR1. Essentially, it's easier to extract the limits while maintaining confidence. Interestingly, they brought in an automatic Z06 for Randy Pobst to lap around Road Atlanta. Why they did not get this car to test in a straightline only MotorTrend knows. Regardless, Pobst hustles the car around the track quickly. How quickly? A laptime of 1:30.18. MotorTrend did not put the time in context after doing some research that is a very fast time. A Champion Motorsports built 997 Turbo managed a 1:37 to give you an idea. We can not wait to see more test numbers from more sources but suffice it to say the Z06 is the performance car bargain of 2015.
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